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					From: Stein, Jack
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 9:42 PM
To: Johnson, Bob; Smelser, Ron
Cc: Castaneda, Armando; Desgraves, Sean; Dyer, Rodney; Edgecombe, Jason; Rhodes, Terry;
Whisler, Dave; Verner, Andrew; Hatley, Nathaniel; Gortney, William; Hayes, Raven; Edwards,
Travis; 'Andrew Stein'; Plover, Mark; Speice, Bradlee; Barton, Crystal; Colson, Daniel; Wighton,
Shane; Labko, Eugene; Weber, David; Poindexter, Andrew
Subject: Mosaic and PCS status for week ending August 29,2011 – Sept 4,2011

Mosaic and PCS status for week ending August 29,2011 – Sept 4,2011

Major Mosaic and PCS Initiatives:

       Windows 7 – migrate the infrastructure and process from Mosaic Windows XP to Windows 7 64
       Unix EOL – migrate all the Mosaic back end infrastructure from Unix to Linux (file system;
        VLDB servers; printing; Kerberos; MySQL; Oracle; Linux X-Servers)
       Web- continue to support the COE with web based technologies, contents and applications.
       Applications – continue to provide software applications on Mosaic Windows, Mosaic Linux.
       Customer Support – deliver the tools, instill processes and work flows to enable Mosaic and PCS
        to deliver first rate customer support.
       Remote Access – provide the COE faculty, staff and student with resources and tools to remotely
        access the Mosaic infrastructure
       Facilities – provide top notch facilities, hardware and software technology to the Motorsports II
        facility; to the EPIC facility; to Smith facility; to the Duke facility; Server room technology for
        the infrastructure of Mosaic; laptop work areas for students; support the digital display.
       Support Research and Special project for the College

Mosaic and PCS usage status for week ending August 29,2011 – Sept 4,2011 (5 minute increment; max
usage/total number of seats in lab):
                 Duke                  Woodward                Cameron            Smith
                 242 (49/53)           208 (10/12)             213 (18/20)        260 (30/33)
                 323 (25/25)           237 (9/17: Linux)       109 (33/38)        249 (41/44)
                                           (6/17: Windows)
                                       243 (16/17)             113 (14/19)        229 (30/30)
                                                                                  225 (41/43)

                 a.  Student work areas usage in Smith 3 floor corridor and nook areas as well as the
                     Duke 242 lab showing high usage as the academic semester has started.
                 b. Mosaic labs usage is very high, as expected for the start of the academic year;
                 c. Mosaic Anywhere servers usage has leveled off to a peak of 28 out of 85 servers in
                     use on 8/23/11 at about 10:22 pm.
                 d. Linux X-server usage on the compute server has increased considerably; Linux X-
                     Server usage on the general purpose Linux servers has increased (see graph below).
                 e. COEConnect usage for August 2011 has increased slightly –as expected when
                     faculty and staff arriving on campus and classes starting (see graph below).
                 f. Total Work Orders volume in PCS has increased in August. The graphs also show
                     the split between WO for students and faculty/staff. Faculty/staff WO volume has
                     increased (see graph below)
                 g. Customer tickets volume for August 2011 has increased (see graph below for end
                     of August data)
   Migration efforts from Unix to Linux on our infrastructure:
    File Servers:
    a. Here is an update on the migration from Unix to Linux
             Remaining data moves from Unix file servers to Linux file servers:
                  ·     fs-me5            Disk Farm To Be Determined
             Solaris Servers still in use
                  ·      fs-sm3            Printing
                  ·     fs-ece1           Printing
                  ·     fs-me1            Printing
                  ·     fs-arc2           Printing

    b.     Linux AFS Fileservers in production
                        ·    fs-sm6
                        ·    fs-sm8
                        ·    fs-ece5
                        ·    fs-ece6
                        ·    fs-me6
                        ·    fs-me7

    c. Web Server migrate off Unix:
               1.     Transition to Linux web services complete. Unix web server is shut down.
               2.     Reduced the number of Web Server in our pool from 5 to 2.

    d. Printing migrated off Unix:
                           1.   Plan to have this done in the fall of 2011.

   e. Back End file servers support (VLDB, Kerberos) migrated off Unix:
                         1. Plan to have the KDC services running off Linux this by Sept 30,2011.
   e. Oracle servers migrated off Unix:
                         1.    Plan to have this done in Spring 2012
   f. MySQL Serves migrated off Unix
                         1.    Plan to have this done in Dec of 2011
   g. Tape data Backup server migrated off Unix:
                1.    Plan to have this done in Dec of 2011

        Here is the Windows planned release forecast:
                Application                    Staff           AppID               Sysremove        Scheduled
EES License Update                               AV
                                                 TE                           spdesigner2007
GeoMagic 12                                      AV       gstudio12           gstudio11
Hyperworks 11.0                                  TE       hyperworks11        hyperworks9
Algor Simulation Professional 2010               TE       asp2010
MathCad 15                                       AV       mcad15              mcad14
Visual Modflow Pro                               TE
TeamViewer QuickSetup                            TE
SPSS v. 19                                       AV
                                                 AV                           Removal of
VirtualBox 4.0.8                                 TE       vbox408
VirtualBox Guest Additions                       TE
    VirtualBox Extensions                            TE
    Firefox 5.0.1                                    AV         firefox501         firefox3615
    Thunderbird 5.0                                  AV         tbird50            tbird20
    Office plug-in for Moodle
    Google Cloud Connect
    Emergency Notifications RSS Feed

                   Tested Mosaic Health Monitor that Shane is developing. We plan to release this in Sept
                    to all Mosaic Windows and Linux systems.
                   Highway capacity (HCS Plus) –Working with vendor to get better way to manage
                    deployment. They have offered a solution I have proposed this Civil to get them to buy
                    in to this (added expense of $1000).
                   I am working with for Jeff Raquet to get info on ProE and Solidworks products that
                    provide Data Management when teams are working on projects (DMS) . Have also
                    started a conversation with Steve Patterson. He is suggesting using Alfresco. Working
                    with Solidworks re-seller vendor (Trimech) and Steve Patterson to get a proposal in
                    place for DMS.

Migration to Windows 7
            Efforts continue with our Windows 7/Mosaic II strategy. A Google doc is being
               maintained that contains the overall progress of our efforts.
            The current projection is to have a limited deployment of Windows 7 in Smith in summer
               2012 with full deployment by summer of 2013.
            Under review is: dealing with Mosaic Anywhere access; identifying the list of product
               installs and how to deal with apps that still need to be on XP; dual-mode systems.
            We have set up a Windows 7 test lab in Smith 202a with desktop systems ranging from
               Dell OptiPlex 745,755,980 and Apple iMac (late 2009). These systems rebuild
               themselves nightly to help test changes and ensure build stability. Driver development is
               being performed on these systems as well.
            The backend server infrastructure has been setup and configured. No issues so far.
            The automated build is mostly complete; driver installation is currently being
               implemented. [Nathan]
                    o Requires modifications to the Device Database before driver installation can be
                         completed. [Dave]
            The maintenance update that handles software installation is currently being
               implemented. [Crystal]
                    o Projected to be completed by October 1st.
                    o Requires modifications to the Device Database before software installation can
                         be completed. [Dave]
                    o Patching and Printing will be added once software installation is complete and
                         verified working. [Rodney / Nathan]
            The user environment is roughly halfway complete; several bugs need to be worked on,
               and some scripting needs to be completed. [Nathan]
                    o Pre-Profile Logon scripting needs to be implemented via a special DLL.
            Software installation will begin sometime in October.
    We received from HP the HP 6000 AIO. We have tested this with Windows XP . HP sent
      us a 9300 model AIO but it is not the one we configured. HP is sent us another one that
      matches our specs. It came in on July 28. In the meantime, Nathan benchmarked the
      HP9300, HP6000, iMac and Dell Optiplex 980 with Windows XP installed. We have a
      Linux build for the 9300. We bench marked this unit with Linux.          Keep in mind that all
      these systems claim no support for Windows XP, just Windows Vista and Windows 7. The
      HP 9300 benchmarks have been compiled and they are great. We installed the 9300 in Smith
      102c on Wed Aug 17 for Tony Brizendine to look it over. On August 18 HP announced that
      they are exploring how to off load the PC organization. This has put the entire HP 9300
      strategy in jeopardy. We need to box up and return the 9300 by Sept 15. I have made the
      recommendations that we go forth with the 9300.
    Trying to get information from Dell on the Dell Vostro 360 All in One. A conversation has
      started with Dell about the All in One. Met with Dell and held a conference call (Nathan
      joined us) to review their All in One solution. It is not coming out until spring 2012 and it
      will not have the discrete graphics in the Optiplex line – this is a non-starter for us.

Other Initiatives:
      Conducted CSW sessions Mon – Fri with Armando; Compiled list of attendees. We have
         good attendance.
      PCS is working on an Android Screen capture.
      Complete the review of the PCS Customer Service Manual for Sean to update
      The MSDN Academic Alliance member ship with all the COE members was loaded to the
         eAcademy site

       The Labview member ship with all the COE members was loaded to the eAcademy site
             COE F/S (load file had 403 records)= added=52; updated=351; de-activated=43
             Students (load file had 3881 records)= added=1113; updated=2768; de-

       The VMWare member ship with all the COE members was loaded to the eAcademy site
             COE F/S (load file had 403 records)= added=43; updated=360; de-activated=32
             Students (load file had 3881 records)= added=949; updated=2932; de-

       Assessing the impact of HP strategic changes in direction on our laptops recommendation.
        At this point we are staying with the HP laptop recommendations.
       Andrew Poindexter demoed the HP WebJetAdmin software to monitor our printers and
        plotters. In use in the Mosaic Help desk from a laptop. Needs installed on Mosaic Windows
        in the Help Desk.

     Trying to work with Rick Ellis to get in to see the Motorsports II building and the computer
     Meeting with Tony, Patty and Armando is planned for Sept 12 to discuss renovations of
         Smith hall and other areas.
     Working with ITS to make sure the EPIC wireless and wired networking plans are nailed
         down. A list of action items were defined with due dates by end of June. Working with John
         Saccomanno. Received the network topology for EPIC from John Saccomanno of ITS.
          Identified what rooms/areas will need to be beefed up with Access Points for sufficient Wi-
         Fi strength.
       The Smith renovation projects is moving full speed ahead: Office for Armando in Smith
        249; desk for additional workstation in Smith; counter space and chairs in Smith nook across
        from 249; Move the thin clients and tables from Smith lobby; 3rd floor nook area re-work;
        add extra table for students in the 3rd floor corridor.
       Preparing with Terry and Armando for a scheduled meeting on Sept 14 with Dr. Johan Enslin
        to review our recommendation for the EPIC Mosaic Labs and server room. There are some
        legitimate concerns that we have raised: lack of Linux workstations; insufficient
        classroom/labs – just one CAD room on the first floor; workstations that are planned to be
        moved over from CARC and Woodward which is old and will be out of warranty; logistics of
        moving to server room, labs and all the offices from Woodward and Cameron. Met with
        Terry and Armando to review our lab and server room strategy prior to our meeting with
        Johan Enslin.
       A meeting was held with Dan, Terry Rhodes and EPIC project manager for planning of the
        EPIC layout of Terry’s office and storage room. A draft document itemizing the strategy for
        the server room deployment in EPIC is being compiled.
       We went with Dan Rowe, Colby Hietbrink, Sean, Terry R, Eric R, Dave Young on a walk thru
        the EPIC building to review and address computing needs. A summary of the tour was
        compiled. We reviewed the lab locations and computer seats in each floor:
        1.     No computer labs or classroom with computer on the ground floor.
        2.     Room 1140 1 floor 44 seat teaching classroom with computers;
        3.     Room 1223 1 floor 12 seat work space with computers.
        4.     Room 2218 2 floor 48 seat computer lab – no teaching lab
        5.     room 3236 3 floor 42 seat computer lab – no teaching lab.
       Worked with Colby Hietbrink (student hired by Dean to look after COE interests in the EPIC
        building). We have some more work to do to address LCD displays interface mechanism,
        location of power and networking; location of card access system.
       Armando is working with Colby on the various issues with the EPIC labs. A draft document
        itemizing the strategy for the lab deployment in EPIC is being compiled.
       Degradation of the Wi-Fi strength in Smith and Duke has been confirmed by ITS. There is a
        software fix to the WAP that was applied and now we are doing an assessment of the impact.
        We are still working with ITS about the Smith and Duke Wi-Fi audit we did after the software
        update. The audit is still showing weak signal areas.
       Wi-Fi audit for Smith Mosaic labs was done by Sean to make sure we have good coverage
        for the upcoming CSW.
       Smith 253 electrical panel work is under discussion with facilities and ITS. We reviewed
        electrical panel location in Smith 253 server room. A plan has been put together by John
        Blas and Terry Rhodes.
       The Dlink web cams we have been using are end of life. We are assessing replacement web
        cams from Dlink. Met with Armando and Sean and the Dlink web cam rep to see what we
        will use going forward for the web cam. Sean compiled a list of action items for follow up.
        To support the new web cam from Dlink we need to upgrade our Dlink software on Mosaic
        Windows to version 3.x

    Processed all the web time entries for August from the student tech specialist
    Met with Shenen Chen and others to review a proposed project to Federal Highway
    Worked with Time Warner campus housing and the tech liaison in Hawthorn to address the
       dismal to non-existent Wi-Fi in the basement where we had student show up with laptops and
       attend the CSW.
    Working with HR to try to get my arms around the new web based HRMS – not going well so
       far. Worked on HRMS with HR This will be going forward in late Sept.
         I have been invited to the HP Higher Education Conference in Houston, TX Sept 19-21.
          Will be going.
         The Lenel door access system software has been switched. Raised concerns about impact.
          Lack of training is another issue. Armando is spending considerable amount of time dealing
          with students who are not able to access the labs. Have raised this to Jay Dominick.
         The restricted data policy is now official and I will be scheduled for a training session so I
          understand what my role is for the college.
         Working with Classroom Support (Lee Perkins) to see if we can make the podium based
          Mosaic workstation lock out users from changing the audio controls.
         Working with Classroom support on possible new version (4.0) of PanOpto software.

     Will be meeting with the following new faculty members:
         a.   Dr. Parminder Juneja
         b.   Dr. Wesley Williams         (May 16,2011 - done)
         c.    Dr. Rodney Handy         (in Dec 2011 or Jan 2012)
         d.   Zia Salami              (in August 2011)
         e.   Jianwei Wang
         ·    Robert Latta               (May 18,2011- done)
            New director Johan Enslin – Mosaic PC; printer; laptop; iPad; Armando handled this on
    my behalf while I was in Germany

             Tony Schmitz - Mosaic PC; printer; laptop; iPad; Armando handled this on my behalf
    while I was in Germany

    OSDS: new hires (2) in progress

         Need to attend departmental faculty meetings once a semester to get more feedback from
          them on technical strategy.
         Completed the read of the following books which will be integral to the Mosaic and PCS Help
          Desk as well as to the staff:
               o Delivering Knock Your Socks Odd Service
               o Coaching Knock Your Socks Odd Service
         Followed up with Dr. Terry Xu on FOM server that was put in place for prototyping and
          testing of 6 months.

 Tested MOTD web application that Mark is developing.
 Working with Dave Whisler and Mike Hermann on the transition of the Student organizations to
   using WordPress.
 Ticket System enhancements: Released to Mosaic on July 12. Additional enhancements were
   released on July 24. Working with Shane on fixup and enhancements to the ticket system.
   Tested the ticket system fixes that Shane has been making. Update to be released in Sept 2011.
 Printer/Plotter Management Web App: in production use by Will Gortney and the Mosaic Help
 Raven has completed the inventory of Mosaic network printers and plotters - tracking this in a
   Google doc. This will be used in the printer management web application.
 Device Data Base will be updated by Armando to accurately reflect Mosaic printers on the
   network that we support; All other printers will be reviewed before removed. Dave Whisler to
   make changes to Device Data Base to capture more info on printers.
       Researching use of SNMP for probing the Mosaic network printers. For release 2.
       Shane is re-building the existing WO and Shop inventory apps (Access and Oracle based) to be
        web based an use MySQL.
       Senior Design Admin web app: Testing the Senior Design Admin web app from Mark. Met with
        Bill Heybruck and Mark Plover to review the Senior Design Administration web application.
        Released to Bill Heybruck July 11. Meeting with Bill and Mark on July 18. Testing has started.
        New features requested and some bugs have been found. Mark has completed these on July 29.
        Tested the Senior Project Management web app when Bill Heybruck reported problems. Tested
        Senior Design Project Management Web app fixes that Mark has been making. Released to Bill
        for his test efforts. Issues that are discovered are fixed by Mark and I tested the fixes before it is
        released to production.
       COEConnect II: working with Shane to manage the application. Plan to release to the college
        Sep 30. Working with Andrew Poindexter on the web app for COEConnect II.
       ACL/Group Manager version 1.0004 from Travis. A comprehensive test plan is in Google doc.
        Project on hold due to other priorities.
       Dave Whisler and Dave Weber is working with faculty who have a personal web site and
        assisting them with conversion to Wordpress.
       Dave Whisler and Dave Weber has been working with many of the Student Organization (web
        maintainers and faculty sponsor0 to migrate them to using Wordpress. See for all the sites that are now in play.

Special Projects:
         Digital Displays
                o Met with a Civil student to review mechanism to handle ticket for an event on CARC
                   display. Waiting on their contents to display.
                o Working with Nexus on College Calendar. Worked on digital display to have the
                   College Calendar show up on all displays.

           Coordinating the work efforts of Andrew Stein for Shenen Chen on NCRST and ISRV
            research project. A Bridge Locator Android based application is being developed. Testing and
            providing feedback to Andrew as he fixes the app.

     One of the Linux X-servers is having a hardware failure with the disk (lxs-sm3). We are
       monitoring this.
     Linux projects/initiatives that are underway for Sept –Nov 2011:

            o    Printer support for Windows and Linux. Printing off Linux is working from Windows. I
                 am testing it. Only need to have accounting working.
            o    Kerberos KDC on Linux – for Sept 2011
            o    MySQL migrated to Linux
            o    Move volumes to Duke from Smith so when we have a power outage our web access is
                 not affected
            o    NX USB Drives - sharing of USB devices when using X-Server; likely to be solved via
                 running a VM version of Linux Workstation under Windows. This is just a work
            o    Working on preparation for Linux skill workshop for faculty/staff
            o    Cluster Job Scheduler (not started yet)
            o    Convert our data backup system to be Linux based
            o    Provide temperature sensing of the server from the Linux server in the server room
            o    Provide a better interface to the managed power strips in the server room

       Applications released on Linux:
                QtiPlot                                                                    9/1/2011

Applications planned for Mosaic Linux:

                                                                   Last updated   September 7, 2011
      Application + version                            Status                          AppID             Waiting on whom?          S

                                   talk to Travis. windows VBox scheduled
VirtualBox                                                                                               Windows
                                   for Oct 14 (4.1.2)

Comsol 4.2 update 3                                                                                                                N

Teamviewer                                                                           teamviewer6         Daniel
                                   in AFS. Tested as working by Bradlee.
                                   I think it needs the qt4 plugin. trying to                            Daniel
                                   find where to get that (low priority)
Mosaic health checker              waiting on Linux rewrite                                              Shane
Firefox 6.0.2                                                                          firefox62         Daniel & Bradlee

                                                                                                         waiting on weldon for
Cadence Custom IC bundle           ready . waiting on digital IC                                         list of executable that   W
                                                                                                         will be run

                                                                                                         waiting on weldon for
Cadence Digital IC bundle          Eugene is working on it with Bradlee                                  list of executable that   W
                                                                                                         will be run

Synplicity 2011                    ready for testing                                                     Eugene                    S
                                   on hold. lower priority. can't edit over the
ikiwiki                                                                                                  Eugene                    E

         a.    Will need to set up a schedule to backup of all Active Directory, license, probe, and build
         b.    Will need to schedule an upgrade to our AD servers and other Microsoft Server to
             Windows Server 2008 64 bit
         c.    Need to determine why the AFS folder appears mysteriously in directories.
         d.    Need to remove applications and volumes.
    e.        Need to plan for upgrade to MySQL version
    f.        Need to plan for upgrade to Joomla version

 RAM structural Steel a new version from Bentley that needs to be rolled out.
 Moving to support only Cadence Encounter 10.0 on Linux
 Comsol RF for Dr. Fiddy has been set up on Linux
 Awaiting Catalyst CD software from ME
 Many renewals are in the queue:
            a. Oracle Kerberos support – expires 5/27/11; $1600; Submitted request to vendor for
               renewal. Working with Robin Weaver to sort this out.
            b. EXA Powerviz – expired 4/31/11 – contacted Mesbah Uddin. He is trying to get this
               in place at no cost. Uddin will decide on this by week of Sept 5,2011
            c. CFD ACE (expired 1/15/11) - Mesbah Uddin gave ok to remove it from the Linux
               menu. EOL process started. It is off the menu and not showing up in the list of
               software we publish on the web.
            d. HCSPlus – annual support expires 6/2/11; working with Univ. of Florida for renewal
               of support. Lori Brown in Civil has completed the renewal. Proposed to Civil Eng
               the migration of the Highway Capacity software to be floating licensed based.
               Waiting to hear back from Civil.
            e. FBMultipier expires 8/26/11 – asking CFAC if it is needed; will require an update to
               the software and license. Need answer by 9/9/11
            f. Hyperworks expires 8/31/11 – Working to get it on release for Sept 2011 with the
               normal update. This required a migration to version 11.
            g. Solaris Maintenance expires 8/31
            h. SPSS V 19 on Mosaic Virtual XP for Patty
            i. EES expires 9/1/11 - we have the new license file; Released this new version and
               license file. Need to make this available via FTP for student to download to laptops.
            j. LS-Dyna expires 9/30/11; Howie Fang is sponsor; need to get this updated on
               Mosaic with license file – see Chuck Price. Asked Howie if he plans to use it and he
               indicated he is.
            k. Ensight expires 10/1/11 ; Mesbah Uddin is sponsor; asked Mesbah if he wants to
               renew. He requested that we get a new license file. Jason is pursuing this.
            l. Zencrack expires 10/18/11; Harish Cherukuri is sponsor; probed him to see if he
               plans to renew.
            m. Updates to AppDB for all new software, upgrades.
            n. Installed license for new Intel Fortran compiler and C++ for 64 bit Linux – 2 seats.
               Need to remove older 2 seat 32 bit Fortran
            o. Linux Red Hat Support renewal

          o     We are assessing how we handle remote access for Windows and Linux users. Proposal
                to modify Device DB and other back end processing.
          o     We will be evaluating a bug tracking system (web based). Bugzilla and JIRA are 2 of the

 Customer Support:
       1. The Telehealth server is now being monitored by Nagios. Waiting on access thru the
       2. The Panopto Coursecast software was loaded by Sean into the Smith 225 podium for
       3. Worked with WCU to address their questions about the Woodward 140 Distance Ed
       4. Worked with Dave to address the ISERRT issue when searching COE WEB
             5.    Worked with Steve Patterson to address the clickers transition to Turning Point. He was
                   not aware of this and is now faced with how to deal with it.
             6.    Worked with Steve Patterson on questions about ProE for his home use.
             7.    Worked with John Ziegert to address his questions and legal implication when using the
                   software from Mosaic for consulting. Working with Ron Smelser to get some advice.
             8.    Shane released the option to let the Mosaic TA see the Disk Quota option in the TA
                   Tools Product.
             9.    Working with Steve Patterson, Jeff Raquet and Travis to address issues with ProE
                   version 5.
             10.   Working with ITS and Sean on Duke WiFi issues
             11.   Working with Armando to make a Knowledge Base article on Office 2007/2010
                   compatibility pack
             12.   Working on determining if we need to have Respondus on the VM - so far no one needs
                   it so we will remove it from the VM image. To remove:
                         Respondus 3.5
                         Respondus Equation Editor 4
             13.   We plan to keep the following on the VM
                        a. StructurePoint spBeam 3.12
                        b. StructurePoint spSlab 3.12
                        c. StructurePoint spColumn 4.6
                        d. StructurePoint spMats 7.02a
                        e. StructurePoint spWall 3.6
                        f. StructurePoint spFrame 1.5
             14.   Dr. Soliman is having issues with email being rejected by General Motors. Working to
                   resolve this with ITS.
             15.   Robin Moose continues to have issues with Banner and Eprint from the Opti 980 – had to
                   roll back the 780 to her office
             16.   Working with others to address why some USB mass storage devices are not visible on a
                   Mosaic Windows system. We thought it was the BIOS but that didn't pan out.
             17.   Work continues to address the ProE/Geomagic issues from Jeff Raquet
             18.   Other customer issues were addressed.

Help Desk Support Management:
    Approved hiring additional Mosaic TA as we are planning for future needs and current attrition.
       We are looking or 3 Mosaic TA ; 1 PCS Ta; 1 TA for Windows 7; 1 TA for Terry Rhodes.

    Need to test Cell Server DB outage and impact on Windows client (Terry and Rodney). Need
      most current version of AFS client [Need the most current version of AFS client on Windows]
    Large file copy in AFS needs tested (Rodney) [Need the most current version of AFS client on
      Windows on our AFS servers]
    Upgrade to latest OpenAFS client 1.5.7xxx.[ In Process]
    Rollout fix for OpenAFS client performance issue. [On Hold]
    Need to figure out why AFS folders magically show up on our system.
    AFS testing with Outlook and OST files - installed latest client build [Need new client and testing]
    Rodney is scheduled to work with ITS to make sure our Mosaic component for logging into
      Netware is covered. An email conversation with ITS has started. This project is delayed due to
      resources issues at ITS.
    Lab views charts on our web - need to see if we show the LWS and MWS usage
    Looking into adding more power strips in labs (where feasible) so students can take out their
      laptops and work right on the table where the workstation is located.
    Work on the Business Continuity Plan document continues but slowly.
      probe of cx-xxx needs support (Rodney, Dave)
      Digital Signage - add labmap and virtual tour to the slide show (Jack);
      Dept of Insurance Equipment coverage needs to be addressed on our vehicles. (Terry, Armando)
      Need to get added feature to Nagios – who to call for resolving problems
      Handling of special rooms in Device DB (Help Desk, Lecture Capture)
      Web Analytics

Linux Compute server usage (LXS-ME1):

Linux X-Server usage LXS-SM1; LXS-SM2; LXS-SM3; LXS-SM4; LXS-ME2; LXS-ME3 (without the
Compute Server):
COEConnect usage statistics (combines COEConnect and COEConnect II):
Customer Support data ticket statistics:
Personal Computer Support Work Orders Statistics:
Jason Edgecombe:

Comp time: 2 hours

       Worked with Terry & YFS to examine why the AFS backups on two servers take longer after the
        cell servers were switched to Linux – in progress
       Shows Eugene how to swap a hard drive on a Dell Poweredge R510.
       Shows Shane where the code for the TA tools was
       Tested the Mosaic health app on Linux
       Analyzed an error with the AFS ACL tool. It doesn’t like the underscore “_” character.
       Reset the ENGR1201, MEGR1202, MEGR3231, and MEGR3999 courses in WebPE
       Blocked the directory listing of files in David Binkley’s web folder.
       Created an AFS volume for teamviewer on Linux
           Added Eugene to the nagios alerts
           Told Dave how to run the Joomla ACL checker script by hand.
           Ran some benchmarking and load tests on coe-web2 and coe-web3
           Fixed Deb sharer’s ACL issue
           Reviewed Bradlee’s documentation for Telehealth. Documentation is done.
           Set up an ESXi machine for Bradlee to test on.


Migrating our infrastructure from Solaris to Linux:
    File Servers:
             1. All AFS volumes migrated.
             2. Update File servers to RHEL 5.7 with latest patches
    Web Server migration off Solaris: (Solaris server is off. Monitoring and fixing Linux issues)
             1. End goal: 2 Linux web servers, load balanced; 2 Linux test servers.
             2. Update Web servers to RHEL5.7 with latest patches.
             3. Monitoring the web servers, review logs for any odd errors that can be indicative of an
                  issue – ongoing
             4. Investigate load spikes that might be related to livehelp. Livehelp causes a high CPU load
                  because of mod_security. I have to isolate the rule or rules that cause the high load.
             5. Investigate how to use the PHP APC module without segfaults.
    Printing migrated off Unix:
             1. Plan to have this done by end of summer.
             2. (Eugene) print server testing is in progress
    Back End file servers support (VLDB, Kerberos) migrated off Unix:
             1. Vldb servers are done. Monitoring and solving issues.
             2. Kerberos is planned for September.
    Oracle servers migrated off Unix:
             1. Plan to have this done in Spring 2012
    MySQL Serves migrated off Unix
             1. Plan to have this done in Fall of 2011 (before Christmas)
    Provide training and documentation for the college on Linux. – ongoing
    PHP5.3 waiting on fixes for apps. Deployed on test machines.

    ITS to open firewall for telehealth
    ITS to open firewall for coe-web3

Plans for the coming week:
     Create a Linux Kerberos server build
     Troubleshoot web server performance issues
     Train Eugene

Plans for September:
     Create a Kerberos server build on Linux
     Set up a test print server without accounting (Eugene)
     Deploy Linux Kerberos servers
     Upgrade sqlplus (oracle driver) on Linux (Eugene)
     Port Solaris printer accounting to Linux (Eugene)
     Prepare for upgrade of servers to RHEL 5.7
     Create a mysql server build on Linux
Low priority:
    Look into bigfix alternatives (puppet?)

Dave Whisler:
          Resolved Mosaic user account issues, disk quota, etc.
          Reviewed the results from the bad acl web-scanner script
          Reviewed the results from the web-scanner file change script
           Will setup the OSDS scanner for Karina
           Handled some questions/issues Crystal had about the Listserver
           Modified the Oracle procedure that generates the MSDN-AA files as Sean
           Generated the new MSDN-AA files for Sean
           Removed a former Mosaic TA’s Mosaic and oracle account
           Alerted Shane of an issue with his new Mosaic Health App – was not closing out connections to
oracle – it’s fixed now.
           Added some new oracle privileges to the APPDB_TA role and DEVICEDB_TA role per Jack
           Found an issue with Eugene and Wendy Meier Accts. They are in Banner with new acct code
for EPIC.
           Added new account code for EPIC to the Dept/Acct Code mapping table in UserDB, so they map
over to ENGR dept.
          Re-ran daily process, reloaded COE lists on Listserver. Notified Crystal.
          Updated some DE weblinks on the ET website – DE overhauled their website, which caused the
links to change.
          Mock Interview – purged last semesters data, loaded students in 3295 for this semester per Linda

         helped out Sharon with several end-user issues with Joomla
          Fixed a broken weblink for Sireli
          Researched an student account issue for Sharon

COEFS / WordPress
           Created a WP site for faculty member: Chung-Suk Cho and basic setup of it.
          Created a WP site for faculty member: Charles Lee and basic setup of it.
           Setup WordPress stats for Don Chen.
           Setup WordPress status and Askimet for Dr. Cecchi
           Discussed setup of a Lab site for her and Dr. K in ECE
           Showed her some new things in WordPress, answered her questions
           Created a WP site for faculty member: John Zeigert and basic setup of it.
          Created a WP site for faculty member: Dr. Ebong and basic setup of it.
           Built a webform for David Binkley’s site for the download of spreadsheets.
           Zipped up the spreadsheets into a zip file and set it to download upon successful submission.
           Uploaded some missing photos and created the last pages of content for him.
           Made more enhancements to Binkley’s new WP site. Waiting for Binkley to do final review.
           Need to change menu for Dr. P (CEE) so AP020 portion of site has different menu system /
different look.

Leadership Academy
         Made several updates to the online web application form for Don.
         Cleared the application records from last spring and enabled the web-form so students can apply
         Uploaded the new student reference form and linked to it per Don.
         Added the fall retreat/application schedule for Don.

          Discussed potential work on FLC site, setup meeting with Meg next week to work on it
          Helped Dr. Weggel with the site. Uploading images, setup of menu, videos, etc..
          Added the ISERRT abbreviation to the COE and CEE sites so the Joomla search would find it

Student Orgs / WordPress
          Created new site for Chi Epsilon, created an account for Jim Bowen and Emily (student
          Training Emily on using WordPress, answered questions.
          Will create Google calendars for all our Student orgs so we can centrally manage them.
          Waiting on several Student orgs to do final review: Theta-Tau, EWB,
          FAST - trying to get Jeff Kimble to assign a student to work on this site.
         Waiting on Dr. P. in CEE to do final review of his old personal site, so he can delete it and put
redirector in place.

         Met with Dr. Charles Lee about future of CBES site.
         He decided he wants to migrate his old non-CMS site to WordPress.
         Created a WP site for CBES and basic setup of it.
         Will start working on migrating the content into WordPress from their old site

Terry Rhodes:
•        Building Optiplex 620SFF for Tony's Grad Student needs
•        Delivered Apple iMac and Optiplex 980 to Smith 202A for
         Windows 7 deployment testing
•        lxs-sm3 ran in depth system diags and then rebuilt system for
         errors reported by Jason
•        Replaced defective machine for Pat Winter in ECE office.
         Installed local printer on replacement system
•        mws535 rebuilt system because of corrupt OS
•        Picked up and installed new local printer for Deb Sharer
•        mws166 checked issue with 2nd monitor not working. Monitor is defective
         and is not a Mosaic supplied monitor.
•        Replaced defective 1907 monitor on mws77 in CARC 270
•        Installed 2 Optiplex 620SFF into Smith 205 for Grad Students per Tony
•        Rebuilt mws819 in Smith 249 Lab because of corrupt OS
•        Installed 3 Optiplex 620SFF into Smith 216 for Grad Students per Tony
•        Installed secondary Mosaic computer in Woodward 465 per Charles Lee
         for the BSS in CBES
•        Replaced defective 2nd monitor for Jane Stewart
•        Working issue with backups that has started since AFS database change over
•        Attended Epic planning meeting with Jack and Armando
•        Building volumes and mounts in AFS as requested
•        Replicated volumes as requested by Mosaic Staff
•        Working to perform normal job duties
•        Performed weekly AFS backups to tape
•        Working to reorganize storage rooms

Vacation: Sept 6 - 7
         Sept 12 - 13
         Oct 10 - 14
         Oct 25 & 31
         Nov 21 - 23
         Dec 19 - 23
Rodney Dyer:
week ending 9/4/11:

* Continued work with Nathan and Chrystal Windows 7 development. Much
  discussion on the design of the next update process. Still need to
  work with Dave Whisler on this. Some discussion with Nathan on iMac
  bootcamp for Win7 and the Smith Win7 build room operation.

* Still working on the new "afsprefs" PowerShell script as a training

* 1 day off because of termite problems with my house. 1 day working
  from home also because of the same issue.

* Fixed RWS problems for rws3, rws15, rws33, and rws56.

* An examination of the TermService event logs on the RWS machines
  reveals that they are under attack from the "Morto" worm. For now,
  everything is ok, and the TermService is denying access. About

* The fix for the EES license expiring problem was pushed out a second
  time because the first fix had a bug that prevented the software from
  being updated.

* Investigated a Citrix problem.

* Discussions about the "MS Word not saving" issue with Eric Rhodes.

* Investigation of Nathan's problem with RDP access to a Win7 machine
  using a Windows 7 client.

* Patched Mosaic AD, build, and probe servers with August MS security
  patches. Did not patch the J: drive server. I will need to schedule
  a time for that.

* Some talk about Panopto in Smith 225.

* Status report.

Armando Castaneda:
    Close Mosaic tickets
    Meet with PCS to discuss workload/issues
    Open Labs
    Meet with William
    Conduct CSW classes (This will take up most of the week)
    Sent instructions to F/S on how to import the Academic calendar
    Opened work request for Smith 225 being too cold (2012010326)
    Set meeting with Don Moore from Heartland Construction for Sept. 6 at 10:30am. This is to

       provide him with a scope of the Smith 249, Smith 3 floor nook and the “niche” outside of Smith
       Contacted Environamics to come in and provide a current quote for the Smith 249 move, Smith
        3 floor nook and the “niche” outside of Smith 249
       Fixed the battery cable in COE7. This was something that should have been taken care of by the
        “mechanics” when the batteries were replaced
       Opened work request to have water stained tile replaced in Smith 249 (2012011133)
       Opened work request to have outlets in the rear wall operational in Smith 260 (2012011135)
       Opened work request to have the foot rest of the Smith lab chairs cleaned/dusted (2012011138)
       Approved time sheets
       Printed lab/class schedules
       Printed phone list
       Meeting with Jack and Terry to discuss EPIC

Sean Desgraves:
Weekly report for the week of: 8/29/11
     Went to Mosaic Staff Meeting
     Monitoring and working on Mosaic and PCS tickets and Work Orders
     Monitoring cameras, Live Help and Nagios
     Provided Brian Fruits with an update as to wireless issues in Smith – reported issues with
        connectivity in Smith 229 during CSW sessions
     Processed print quota requests
     Met with Brian Fruits in Duke for a wireless survey we conducted on the 1 st and 3rd floors
     Followed up with Ben Mohler to find out if the contact information for HP regarding the laptops
        donated by HP – still waiting on a reply
     Informed Nathan that Terry dropped of additional machines for Windows 7 testing to Smith 202a
     Reported to Rachel Louden in ITS that coepcs is not auto-forwarding received emails to our
        student TAs
     Picked up Chris McDaniel’s MacBook Pro from Rathel Goodman in Desktop Support in regards
        to a warranty issue
     Completed work on a laptop for John Ziegert regarding the installation of LabView – laptop is
        assigned to Kane Lingerfelt
     Provided John Ziegert with instructions for downloading Matlab
     Received a request from Bikash Poudel (student working under Valentina Cecchi) regarding
        resetting the Windows password for a standalone PC in Woodward 200; picked up the machine
        and opened up a work order
     Provided Andrew Melton with the ITS software download website to show him what software is
        provided by the campus
     Followed up with Sheila Medlin (parent who ordered an HP laptop for her son) and found out her
        HP order was resolved
     Followed up with Paul Tuzzolino (HP Rep) regarding laptop orders for Jacob Price and Corliss
        Johnson (both are students) – both reported that they received their order
     Finalized work on the MacBook Air for Linda Xie – Work Order Closed
     Worked with Dave to acquire the updated COE lists to upload to MSDNAA
     Provided Travis with the Panopto 3.x installer to package for Mosaic
     Installed Panopto per instructions from Travis for Maciej Noras on the Smith 225 podium PC –
        notified Maciej of the installation; tested that Panopto worked with the equipment
     The two projectors checked out to Melanie Hazely (per sponsorship by Patty Tolley) were
     Tested the Mosaic Health Monitor – reported a performance issue
     Contacted John Daniels regarding a PCS work order for a standalone PC
        Assisted Dean Johnson with his UNC Charlotte calendar on his mobile phone
        Assisted Qiuming Wei with an Microsoft Office activation issue
        Provided Matthew Kesler with a copy of his CSW confirmation email as he forgot which session
         he signed up for
        Went to Woodward 203 to reimage a PC that was reported as having a performance issue;
         provided an update to Eddie Hill
        Provided Tony Schmitz with a quote for a Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet PC
        Sent Terry the Job description for a Mosaic/PCS TA
        Picked up a Mac OS X disc from Matt Parker per arrangements made by Andrew for testing
        Provided Thomas Koch with assistance and information for the D-Link camera recording system
        Provided Yong Zhang with instructions for accessing SSL VPN from off campus
        Checked with Chris Epting to see if they have a spare wireless router that we could borrow for
         testing – he didn’t have one available
        Cart certified Eric Weinbrenner
        Assisted Dr. Cho with a disk quota request
        Working on PCS Work Orders and Tickets
        Out of the office on Friday

Andrew Verner:
-Fixed Tecplot licenses.
-Updated COMSOL license file.
-Installed Altair Hyperworks license file for version 11.0.
-Investigated possible issue with Algor license file with Travis. It’s working now.
-Started on packaging Mathcad 15.

Travis Edwards:
     Out sick Monday-Wednesday
     Installed Hyperworks 11 on MWS368 for Dr. Fang’s tester. I sent an email this morning on any
        feedback so far, but have not received a response.
     Created install package for Panopto 3.0. Update AppDB with this information.
     Updated Device Manager for MWS286, and the other podium machines which PCS installed
        Panopto 3.0 on previously.
     Investigated and responded to ticket #9451. This ticket was about EndNote trying to associate an
        account when first opening the software.
     Responded to ticket #9508 on the activation of Office products. I sent Armando two lines of
        code to set up the license server, and then activate the product. Some machines seem to have
        installed Office correctly, but did not finish activating the products. I have only seen 3 cases of
        this so far, so it is a very small percentage.
     Worked on package for Algor Simulation Pro 2010. This was a very hard install in that initially
        there was no way to create an admin image like you can with other AutoDesk products. I could
        create a silent install, but it defaulted to a Standalone license instead of the network license we
        needed, and there was no way to change that setting after installation. Finally, after playing
        around with the configuration files, I was able to change the value of “Setup Type” in the
        Setup.ini, and it allowed me to create the admin image. The Admin image is now created, and
        needs to be finished being packaged and app wrapped. After installation it currently talks
        correctly to the license server.

Eugene Labko:
# Completed tasks
 * Installed and released QtiPlot.
 * Installed and tested Synplicity2011.
 * Worked on centralized log file location for CUPS servers.
 * Fixed the issue with sending emails from accountable CUPS backend. Updated the package.
 * Worked on OpenOffice crash issue.

# Upcoming week
## Migrating servers from Solaris to Linux

 * Continue to work with centralized log file location for CUPS servers.
 * Continue to work with Windows clients and plotters with accountable CUPS servers.

## Applications

 * Work with VMware API for managing guests.

Crystal Barton:

Weekly Report - August 28-September 3, 2011

Rodney, Nathan, and I continued to work on Update. I have programmed most of the major portions, now
we are focusing in on the changes to the database and smaller things that Update performs. There was an
issue with correctly storing the log file, which I resolved by creating a PowerShell function. It was actually
quite complicated and took a good portion of the day to fix. Friday, Rodney and I also went over what I
have done so far. Some my design choices Rodney had issues with, so we came to compromise and took
notes for all the changes that will be performed next week.

Nathan Hatley:
     Jeff Altman has requested that I post my documentation of getting Windows 7 roaming user
        profiles and folder redirection working with AFS on the OpenAFS wiki, as well as in the OpenAFS
        mailing list. This is fairly important as currently no other universities are known to be using
        OpenAFS with Windows 7 roaming profiles. [current status: documentation has been posted on
        my personal website, but it needs to be submitted as a patch to OpenAFS’ documentation]
     Contacted Jeff Altman about an issue with OpenAFS; the network provider was not
        authenticating users on login. The issue has been resolved.
     Created Windows 7 test lab in Smith 202a
            o Built the iMac and OptiPlex 980; had to add drivers to the build for the 980’s network
     Working with Crystal on Update’s database needs.
     Worked heavily on driver installation during postsetup.
     Worked with Crystal to obtain the bootcamp software for the iMac.

Mark Plover:
I had done a mix of work between SPMS and MOTD. With SPMS, many bugs and a new request were
completed in a couple of days. The rest of my focus however has been on the MOTD project. The "Create
New" pages are finished and ready for use. The purge pages are under construction still and should be
finished soon. I will continue to update as work continues.

Andrew Stein:

    1.   Prepared BridgeLocator for distribution on the Android Market
             1. Signed app with private key
             2. Modified manifest file to specify version #, etc
    2.   Registered with Google as an Android developer ($25)
             1. Janet Barker is working to reimburse me
    3.   Submitted BridgeLocator to the Android Market.
             1. Figured out how to make GPS an "optional" requirement in BridgeLocator so it shows up
                  in the Android Market to more devices (but it still isn't showing up in the Market on the
                  Archos tablet for some reason: need to investigate)
    4.   Continuing to work with Jack to resolve issues with BridgeLocator on the Archos tablet
             1. Jack noticed the following: It shows at my house bridge 250193 and directions are from
                  my house to this bridge. Is it not strange that it shows the same bridge id when I am at
                  work? Is it not strange that it shows the directions to be the same from my house?
             2. I think the network location is being cached on the device when Jack uses the application
                  at home and the cached location is being used at UNCC when he tries it there a short time
                  later. Waiting for Jack to confirm this, will put in a fix and submit update to Android
                  market if confirmed.

Daniel Colson:
Set up Firefox 6.0.2. It was just released in the past few days.

Found that the Firefox rendering problem is nvidia-related. Looking for a workaround.

Added net-snmp packages to the rpmlists for lws/lxs so the pducontrol script will work.

Teamviewer needs final testing and a menu entry and it will be ready to go.

I will soon be working on making Thunderbird open URLs in Firefox by default now that I've figured out
what needs to be done there.

Worked on setting up filedrawers/modwaklog on lws43 as a test.

Bradlee Speice:
vMA / VMWare CLI - I've been doing a lot of research in this area trying to find out what we can and
cannot do, what the vMA is supposed to do, etc. What I've been finding is a bit concerning:
   -The vMA is supposed to be used a management tool, not as an automation tool. Thus, it should be used
for keeping track of running machines, grab host logging information, as well as administering the ESX
server itself.
   -The vMA is NOT supposed to be used as an automation tool. Thus, I have not found thus far any way to
create new VM's unless you have a pre-built configuration ready.
   -Beyond the above two points, I'm running into severe license restrictions. I haven't found out all of what
I can and can't do, but with the license we currently have, I am unable to power off or turn on any VM. I
haven't seen if I can register a VM yet, but the fact that I can't turn off or on a VM is a bit concerning.
As it stands, I'm not so sure we're going to get away from the vSphere client. I haven't done all the research
by any means, but it hasn't been looking good.

LVWS Project - Got the first image to Jason. I'm still working on figuring out how to automate a root login.
Currently I have been unable to due to the "su" command not accepting input from stdin. The first image is
pending review by the HelpDesk, but I have had no issues personally.

App_wrapper updates - My computer was having some funky AFS issues which have since been resolved.
I got the initial changes needed implemented, but it still needs testing.
Nagios - Still working through issues with email. I'm investigating how to disable the mail server to make
sure that people aren't getting flooded with email.

And that's been it for the week. The vMA appliance has been the big focus, and it's not looking so good for

Shane Wighton:
Last week I worked on getting phpSupport ready for production. This mainly involved fixing bugs.

I worked on the new workorder web application. I created a general purpose interface to allow
administrators to edit select tables in the backend database.

I worked on getting the Mosaic Helper ready for production by having users test it and fixing the many
bugs that they found.

I created a version of the Ta Tools that allows TA's to view a user’s disk quota but not modify it.

David Weber:
       This week I mainly worked on WordPress material for John Hudak


         On Monday I contacted John Hudak about his web page, and began work on transferring over his
         old site's content. I also wrapped up work on the ASPE student org website.

         Tuesday (8/30/2011):

         On Tuesday I worked primarily on John Hudak's site, transferring over all of his old media as well
         as redoing the layout of his faculty page.
         Shane also gave me some pointers on Java practices as well as how to properly set up
         configuration files.

         Wednesday (8/31/2011):

         On Wednesday I continued work on John Hudak's webpage and finished up most of it.

         Thursday (9/1/2011):

         On Thursday I met with John Hudak to go over his completed site (he seems to be quite pleased
         with it). I also went through addressed the QA spreadsheet for the MEES website.

         Friday (9/2/2011):

         Friday I met with Dr. Valentina Cecchi about editing her current website as well as making a lab
         website for her and another COE faculty member.
         I also made a WordPress page for Shen-En Chen. I'll get in touch with him to see if he wants me
         to add more content.

Jack M. Stein
Assistant Dean and Director of Engineering Computing

William States Lee College of Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

235 Cameron Research Center
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223
412-848-6534 (cell)
704-687-2352 (fax)


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