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									e-Tech for Tots

   Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
                           CS590 - Ashok Sahu
Introduction and Motivation

   Develop and evaluate a disseminable Distance Learning
    model, to help personnel serving young children with
    commnn disabilities.
   Synthesize state of the art-multimedia, interactive and
    simulation strategies.
   Build an e-workshop for trainers and and other
    personnel, to interact with each other, provide feedback
    on the simulations and train children to use devices.

                         Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
Software to imitate a computer hardware platform

                   Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
            Assistive Technology
   Assistive technology products are designed to provide additional accessibility to individuals who
    have physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments, and disabilities.

Different Kind of Products:
   Braille embossers transfer computer generated text into embossed Braille output.
   Speech recognition or voice recognition programs,
    allow people to give commands and enter data using their voices rather than a mouse or keyboard.
    Voice recognition systems use a microphone attached to the computer, which can be used to
    create text documents such as letters or e-mail messages, browse the Internet, and navigate
    among applications and menus by voice.
   Text-to-Speech (TTS) or speech synthesizers receive
    information going to the screen in the form of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and then
    "speak" it out loud in a computerized voice. Using speech synthesizers allows computer users who
    are blind or who have learning difficulties to hear what they are typing and also provide a spoken
    voice for individuals who can not communicate orally, but can communicate their thoughts through
   Talking and large-print word processors are software programs
    that use speech synthesizers to provide auditory feedback of what is typed. Large-print word
    processors allow the user to view everything in large text without added screen enlargement.

                                           Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
         Scope of MS-Project
 Limitless –
 Develop emulators for at least two
  hardware devices
 Make them available to therapists across
  the web.
 Provide content in an ease to use and
  modifiable manner.
 Provide an animated and interactive
  teaching module
                  Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
     Probable technologies
 IBM’s interfaces and framework for
  developing Assisitive devices.
 GWT for building a very rich user interface,
  on the web.
 JMF to help provide audio and image
 Java Free-TTS library to help in speech
There could be more technologies that we
  may use in the course of time.
                   Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
Platforms to be supported
 Build primarily for desktops, running
  LINUX and Windows platforms.
 Try porting the application to any phone
  supporting the Android platform.
 Try porting the application to the i-phone,
  once Apple releases the SDK and the
  development environment.

                   Lets Talk 9+ Emulator
Project Guides
 Will be working under the supervision of
  Dr. Kang.
 Dr. Aller Sonia will be the project guide as
  this was her vision.
     Communication    Disorders Director,
     Tech for tots, at USC UCEDD at
     Children's Hospital Los Angeles

                      Lets Talk 9+ Emulator

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