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                                           (Ms. Trinh Tu Kim)
* An independent flexible capable Translator / Interpreter of English & Vietnamese

* An active dedicated coordinator who can arrange the resource of language technicians / linguists for the
following language pairs:
     - French >< Vietnamese
     - German >< Vietnamese
     - Chinese >< Vietnamese
     - Russian >< Vietnamese
     - Japanese >< Vietnamese
     - Korean >< Vietnamese
     - Italian >< Vietnamese
     - Thai >< Vietnamese
     - Spanish >< Vietnamese
     - …
     - Other pairs upon request
but still charging at freelancer rate. This could be achieved thanks to my strong knowledge, experience and
partnership I’ve got during 07 years involved in the industry and local market.


1. Background: I have enjoyed wonderful experience in handling with translating projects and interpreting assignments
as an independent translator and interpreter. This kind of work has actually been handled during 7 years of my working
history. In particular:

* Translation : translate different kinds of documents: financial report, web content, brochures, sales & marketing
materials, sales support documents, training documents, legal documents, contracts, questionnaires, articles, financial
documents, technical documents, materials of market research projects / surveys for corporations from different
industries, e.g. pharmaceuticals, telecom firms, banks, financial institutions, oil & energy companies, automobile
corporations, UK universities/colleges...

* Interpretation : work as both in-house interpreter for my organizations as well as independent interpreter on freelance
basis, specifically:

+ Overseas study exhibitions & seminars

+ Market research surveys/interviews

+ Business meetings, business escort

+ Factory tours/visits & city tours

+ Conference interpreting

+ Internal meetings – help with interpreting for some companies to deal with their internal disputes/problems

+ Social occasions or general affairs
* Some typical projects/missions taken:

- ESP Essential Stainless Products Ltd: 3rd party independent interpreter for their internal disputes

- TRANE & its Baker Botts law firm (UK): 3rd party independent interpreter for their internal matters

- CWB (Canadian Wheat Board) Annual Seminars

 - Market research projects/interviews for some clients: NOKIA, BP, WOLKSWAGEN, UNILEVER, HSBC, Rotavirus

- Education exhibitions/fairs, UK Education exhibitions organized by British Councils

- Factory inspection/audit visits to companies at industrial parks/industrial zones

- New Life Health Products Joint Stock (short-term contract of 2 months from 1st Jan 2011 to 28th Feb 2011): In-house
interpreter & document translator cum Personal Assistant to the General Director

- Some more interpreting assignments on travel city tours, factory visits, business escorts and many document translation
projects …

2. Area of expertise: Business & Commerce, Banking, Finance & Economics, Sales & Marketing, Media & Creative,
Education, Market Research, Market Insight / Market Research / Market Survey, Legal, Medical, Cultural & Social,
Engineering, Construction, Technical & Scientific subjects…nearly dealing with all subjects upon client need.

3. Services: Translating, Interpreting, Editing, Proofreading, Review, Checking, Verifying, Subtitling, Voice-over,
Transcription, Video/Audio Transcript, Market Survey…

4. Capacity: 3,000 – 3,500 words/day or more upon request.

5. Rates: competitive, in accordance with market price.

                                                PERSONAL INFORMATION

 Full name:             TRINH TU KIM

                                                                        165/1 Tran Van Dang st., Ward 11, Dist. 3, HCMC,
 Gender:                Female                    Address:

 Date of Birth:         27 June 1982              Email address:

 Contact No.            +841669222340             Skype:                tukim.trinh

                        -To be an active member for leading corporations and get unlimited results through:
                        + to work (contribution)
 Career Objectives:     + to gain (achievement)
                        + to win (success)
                        in order to get confidence and independence in all aspects, as well as to succeed my way

                                               EDUCATION BACKGROUND
                    HUFLIT University - HCMC, Vietnam, Bachelor,
                    - Major in English & Business Administration
09/2000 – 10/2004
                    - One of the top-50 graduates of HUFLIT university ( 2000-2004 course - Foreign Language
                    Faculty) at good score: 7.3

                    Huy Hoang Informatics School - HCMC, Vietnam, Certificate,
05/2003 – 08/2003   MS Offices course including Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook Express, Power Point, Email,

09/1997 – 05/2000   Chau Thanh High School – Kien Giang, Vietnam, High School / Equivalent,
                    - Graduation score: 8.0 (Excellent)

                                             WORKING EXPERIENCE

                    Independent Business in Language Services, E-business, E-commerce, Business
                    Network, B2B, Trade Promotion…

                    * Interaction on Translation/Localization Agencies/Portals/Associations in Vietnam & Overseas

                    * Interaction on PTC/GPT sites & Online Survey Panels for E-business with worldwide network
                    of partnership & business friends

                    * Sales Coordination & Trade Promotion for GALLERIA DI IMMAGINI Co., Ltd.
                    Position: Independent Linguist, Language Coordinator & Trade Promoter
                    * Language Services: act as a flexible active independent translator & interpreter on freelance
                    basis and a dedicated language coordinator.

11/2010 - present   * E-business: an active dedicated members of PTC/GPT sites & Online Survey Panels
                    * At Galleria Di Immagini (Granite stone, Handicrafts & House Décor): an active member as
                    a Sales Coordinator & Trade Promoter who is able to develop its business in:
                    - producing and exporting natural Granite stone
                    - designing and promoting Vietnamese handicrafts to international market
                    - dealing with décor projects as a supplier of handicrafts, ornaments, decorative items, building
                    materials – Granite stones (interior – exterior designing projects, landscaping projects, house
                    décor projects…)

                    - trade promotion activities

                    - B2B & E-commerce
11/2009 – 11/2010   KANEPACKAGE Vietnam Co., Ltd (Japan) – Hanoi & HCMC

                    Position: Interpreter & Executive Assistant to the Head of Representative Office in HCMC

Duties:             This pure Japanese company operate in packaging industry, specializing in consulting and
                    managing service in this field, providing solutions upon customer needs regarding to packaging
                    matters or materials, e.g. corrugated / carton, paper, plastic, new or hi-tech packaging

                    Assisting work is focused on 03 missions:
                    - Take care of existing customers in the South of Vietnam
                     - Build up a network of qualified suppliers / business partners upon customer need.
                     - Expand business (customer database) in the South of Vietnam – new market
                     … and any duty to assist or coordinate with the head office in Hanoi and other branches of the
                     group from Japan, Thailand, China, Philippines and India upon business need (e.g. making
                     samples, placing order, negotiation for better price, preparing quotation, quality control, delivery
                     matter, budget control – petty cash management, etc)

                     - Interpret and translate documents upon business need
                     - Office work/secretarial duties to keep all the activities of the Rep Office always moving
                     - Weekly report to management
                     - Special care on management staff upon business travel (interpreting, travel arrangement,
                     appointment set-up with customers, business partners, take notes / take minutes in meetings...)
                     - Visit to customers and business partners on schedule or upon business need
                     - Multi-task handling and problem solving…
                    B.E.S.T. Localize Co., Ltd. (US) - HCMC
                    (This is the first and only localization consulting and management firm in Vietnam and Indochina,
07/2007 – 10/2009   specializing in language solutions on which 1,100+ clients worldwide (also from Fortune 500) have

                    Position: Client Services Officer & In-house Translator
                    - Deal with call-in, walk-in and email-in clients: qualify clients' inquiries/needs to give them proper
                    solutions on language matters.
                    - Work directly with management staff from leading international corporations/organizations,
                    - Coordinate with internal departments (Project Appraisal, Project Management, Resource
                    Management…) to proceed and finish each project successfully (e.g. website localization project,
                    interpreting assignment..)

                    - Handle all things related to clients, including customer complaint handling, objection handling,
                    problem solving
                    - Assist marketing dept. to make plan for marketing or promotion campaigns
                    - Make sales plan for assigned target markets (e.g. Hotel & Resort, Finance & Banking, FMCG,
                    MNCs, etc) This is done through a logic analysis and approach via both offline & online channels
                    (online marketing, telesales, email marketing, e-dialogs, e-newsletters, etc)
Duties:             - Search and develop for more new clients/accounts
                    - Remain and warm up relationship and loyalty from old and existing clients
                    - Provide data for Admin to make quotation
                    - Get involved in training and motivating new staff
                    - Translate training/sales support materials upon business need
                    - Daily/weekly report in internal meetings , then accordingly discuss solution/action plan on what to
                    be done…

                    ---> Achievement:
                    + Only within the first 5 months: get more than 20 contracts including the one valued at over USD
                    + A network of clients from many sources have been built and developed
                    + Get more knowledge localization industry, skills of sales, marketing, project management
                    + Get trust to take care of more mission - being an assistant for overseas companies who have
                    business in Vietnam by providing our ready-made services and consultation.
                    AMCO Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) - HCMC
12/2004 – 06/2007
                    Position: In-house Translator/Interpreter & Executive Assistant to Managing Director
Duties:             Assisting in 02 divisions: Study Abroad and Market Research
                      * At Study Abroad div. (mainly for UK Education):
                      - Provide clients - students with information about studying programs, full service of overseas study
                      - Instruct and help clients complete the overseas study procedure from UK universities and the
                      - Translate documents
                      - Manage and update client database and business transactions in software base
                      - Be in charge of developing client database
                      - Filing, documentation management
                      - Act as an interpreter at Education fairs/exhibitions or any occasion needed
                      - Assist partner universities/colleges in recruiting students
                      - Coordinate with the manager to organize seminars, meetings between colleges/universities rep.
                      and clients (students, parents, visitors, etc)
                      - Get involve in training and motivating new staff
                      - Any other assignments from the Managing Director …

                      * At Market Research div.:
                      - Translate required documents for each market research project or interpret upon need
                      - Data entry / data processing
                      - Assist in recruiting and supervising part-time staff upon requirements of each project
                      - Get involved in coordinating and organizing for each market research project, including logistics

                      ---> Achievement:
                      + Appointed to the position of group leader at Study Abroad div.
                      + Get more knowledge of market research & project management
                      + Improve translating, supervising skill

                                                    LANGUAGE SKILLS

Language               Listening        Speaking      Reading        Writing        Notes

                                                                                    - English is the major

English                Excellent        Excellent     Excellent      Excellent      - Spoken & written at proficiency
                                                                                    - Confident in pronunciation
                                                                                    - Keep improving time to time

Chinese & French       Basic            Basic         Basic          Basic          Conversational

                                                          IT SKILL

- Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Internet, Email: at proficiency

                                                      OTHER SKILLS

    -     Communication skills: confident, well-trained from working environment
    -     Customer-care oriented: at proficiency
    -     Sales/Business development/E-business/E-commerce/B2B: at proficiency
    -     Building relationship/Business Networking: at proficiency
    -     Telephone & Interviewing skills: at proficiency, doing it in easy way
    -     Think to do, think to write including creative thinking: good habit and also the interest
-   Writing: confident; able to write well in good logic structure & marketing style.
-   Translating & Interpreting: improving time to time
-   Teamwork as well as independent working: much developed
-   Some more, e.g. Work under pressure, Leadership, Organizing, Planning, Coordinating, Time Management,
    Multi-task handling, Problem solving, Objection handling, etc: experienced well during working period

                                         ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

-   Viewpoint of work: Work is not only work but also career which bring about the future and personal
-   Manner for work: passionate, active, independent, hard working, responsible, tough for difficulty/challenge of
    work, open to the new, learning spirit everytime & everywhere…
-   Ambition: desired, patient and tough to achieve goals
-   Self-motivation: go back, go forward, go around but never give up
-   Good habit: learning foreign languages, thinking, reading; self-study; research… to enrich knowledge always
-   Moral, ethical in all relations…

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