ExMo s Disney Trip Orlando_ Florida by yaofenji


									ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Orlando, Florida
•Non-school-sponsored field trip
•Approved by Laurie Norton, Principal
•Educational Tours, Inc
  •Company used for 5th grade DC trip
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
An end-of-year opportunity for ExMo
students to expand on
  •Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)
  •Language Arts
  •Social Studies
knowledge by providing a hands-on learning
experience related to 6th and 7th grade
learning standards.
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
May 31 – Tue morning departure
June 4 – Sat evening arrival

      •Parent drop-off and pick-up at DFW
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
$1584.00 per participant
{$130.00 Refund Guarantee Protection}
$1714.00 grand total

•Sorry! No airline miles, upgrades, or hotel
points may be applied to this package.
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Cost includes
  •Lunch on Day 1 through Dinner on Day 5
•4 nights Hotel Stay + Security
•Sightseeing Bus
•Lectured Sightseeing Guide
  •Accompanied by ET Staff
•All Admissions
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Cost does not include
•Checked luggage fee
  •Carry-on luggage only
•5 t-shirts for daily dress code
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Dress Code
   •Safety = top priority
   •Represent Highland Park, TX
•Same color t-shirt
•Comfortable shoes for walking
•Rain gear
•ET lanyard
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Sample Day Itinerary
•½ day Disney Y.E.S. Program at Theme Park
•Afternoon at Theme Park
•Dinner arrangements
•Evening time at Theme Park
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Disney Y.E.S. Programs
Youth Education Series
•Language Arts & Humanities
Program Video
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Disney's World of Physics:
Properties of Motion
Explore the physics concept of mechanics
at select Magic Kingdom® Park
attractions. This interactive program casts
students into the role of Theme Park
scientists as they enjoy hands-on
examinations and activities of the basic
properties of force, motion and gravity.
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Wild by Nature
Experience the world of Disney's Animal
Kingdom by exploring the fascinating and
surprising world of animal behavior!
Through data collection, animal
observations, select attractions and hands-
on activities, students learn how a vast
array of animals utilize their natural
adaptations to help them survive.
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Universal Studios
•Educational program relating to Language
Arts standards for 6th and 7th grades
•Details to be announced
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Tampa Day Trip
•Private coach bus trip to Tampa, FL
•Students learn about life science standards
related to body structures and adaptations
•Beach dissection of a marine animal
•Guided kayaking and snorkeling
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Hotel Accommodations
•Embassy Suites
•Room Assignments will be completed
approximately 1 month prior to the trip
•Quad Assignments
•Occupancy surcharges
  •Triple-$49, Double-$129, Single-$369
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Teacher Chaperones
•ExMo Teachers

•<1:10 Student-Teacher ratio
•Limited to 30 students
•Wait list with possibility of adding students
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
•ExMo Students (includes out crossteamers)
•Students must be in good standing with MIS
•No ISS (In-School Suspension) served
•If asked to un-register, cancellation fees will
be assessed
 ExMo’s 2011 Trip
•Cancellations for ANY reason will be
subject to fees:
•More than 60 days before tour          $150
•59-31 days before tour                  50%
•30 days before tour to departure day   100%

•Refund Guarantee Protection (RGP)      $130
  •Guarantees a full refund, less RGP
ExMo’s 2011 Trip
Additional Meetings
•“Disney Days” meetings will be scheduled
for trip participants to prepare for traveling

•Parent meetings will be held in the Spring to
go over important travel information.
 ExMo’s 2011 Trip
•Opens Tuesday, Oct 26 at 6:00 pm
•Registration Closes after 30 students are
•Additional students will be added to a wait list
in the order of registration
•Booking I.D. will be available on the team
website at 6:00 pm
 ExMo’s 2011 Trip
 Thank you for coming!
•We are excited about this opportunity and
look forward to learning, Disney-style, with
your child!
                          ExMo Teachers

  •Rina Almarez          almarer@hpisd.org
  •Jennifer Melson       melsonj@hpisd.org
  •Shannon Taliaferro    taliafs@hpisd.org
  •Sarah Stutts          stuttss@hpisd.org

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