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					The Common Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a science of healing that has been existing for
several hundreds of years now. This is the typical resort of people who
want to be free from their daily stressors. People from all walks of life
see this as an ultimate solution to their aching muscles and as an escape
from the pressure which their busy lifestyle imposes on them. For sure
you have already tried one after the other. In reality, there are more
than eighty recognized kinds but this article is about to cover ten of
the popularly used types of massage therapy. Read on and find out what
they are and what they are comprised of.

The first one is called the Swedish massage. This is a typical find in
the United States. It is known to be done in such a relaxing and gentle
way. With this kind of massage therapy, the masseur or masseuse makes use
of the long strokes that are basically made up of the circular and
kneading movements on the muscles by using either oil or lotion for a
more relaxing effect.

The next one is termed as Aromatherapy. This is the term used simply
because the professional masseur or masseuse uses one or more of the
known scented plant oils in the execution of the massage session. You
will be asked to choose the oil of course. Among the many plant oils, the
lavender is one of the most sought-after because of its recognized effect
in the alleviation of stress, both physically and emotionally.

Have you heard of the hot stone massage? Well, this is another kind. With
this, smooth stones are heated and then placed on particular points of
the body which need to loosen up the tight muscles. The stones also help
in balancing the energy centers of the body. If you experience muscle
tensions, you may request the professional to apply some gentle pressure.

The deep tissue massage is known to heal the deeper muscle layers and the
connective tissues. Slow strokes are used across the muscles. The
strategy is also referred to as the friction technique. This kind is
employed on people who experience painful or chronically tight muscles,
repetitive muscle strain, problems with the posture, and to help those
who are recuperating from serious injuries.

Then you also have the Japanese massage therapy that is called Shiatsu.
This therapy utilizes the localized finger pressure following some
rhythmic sequence as what is done in acupuncture. The points are held for
about 2 up to 8 seconds because the massage is meant to enhance the
energy flow within the body.

Thai massage actually resembles Shiatsu in such a way that it re-aligns
the energy in the body by applying the gentle pressure on some points.
Stretches and compressions are done as different postures are followed.

The pregnancy massage is perfect for the expecting women. It is crafted
to lessen swelling, aches, stress, depression, and anxiety.
Reflexology or foot massage includes the use of pressure as applied to
particular areas on the foot. The practitioners believe that every point
on the foot is associated with an organ in the body.

Sports massage is used on the athletes who need to get their physical
injuries treated and prevented.

The back massage is of course another popular one. It is applied to
relieve the tension in the back as caused by improper posture, lifting of
heavy objects, and long sitting.

There you go with the types of massage therapy. Choose one which best
applies to you!