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									WELCOME TO THE SEPTEMBER 2007 ISSUE OF THE UPDATE!!                                                 SEPTEMBER
As always, we welcome all kinds of submissions including health related arti-
        cles, information, announcements, cool pictures and stories.

CEO News
Submitted by Mary Lessing-Turner

The fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The summer heat starts to fade but the win-
ter cold has not taken a foothold on the Town. It is a time when our employees start return-     Allison Long
ing from their summer holidays with renewed vigor to continue working throughout the   
coming year. It is a time for the students to return to school and bring more normalcy to        (204) 675-8374
home schedules. We look forward to the opening of the new Duke of Marlborough School
and congratulate the school and staff on their new surroundings.

You will note that there has been some construction going on at the back of the Centre
over the summer. We have switched the ramp from Dancing Sky to the North side of the
building. There were two reasons for doing this; the main one, to facilitate easier access for
our Dancing Sky residents to the Medicine Wheel on the Bay side of the Centre and sec-
ondly, to alleviate the need to plough snow away from one of our exits during the winter.
The old ramp needed to be constantly shoveled as the snow swirled around that area and
created drifts that needed immediate attention.
                                                                                                    Publication Schedule
This September will also mark the ending of the Centre’s contract with ARAMARK. Senior
Executive has decided to provide our kitchen, laundry and housekeeping services in               Future issues of the UPDATE will
house. The transition should be transparent and seamless to our staff and patients. Basi-
cally the only difference will be that we will be managing those areas ourselves. Our food                be published in:
and supplies will continue to be provided by the same company as in the past.
                                                                                                       NOVEMBER 2007
This September the Board of Directors of the Churchill Regional Health Authority will hon-              JANUARY 2008
our a very special individual. On September 27th the family of the late Dr. J.A. Hildes will             MARCH 2008
unveil a plaque in honour of this physician who has been a pioneer for health care in the
North and a special friend to Churchill. You will note later on in this edition of the Update
that staff and the Town are invited to the unveiling ceremony at 5:30 on the 27th.

The CRHA is also gearing up for our upcoming CCHSA accreditation scheduled for May               UPDATE Committee Members:
2008. This will be a new experience for all of the staff as the process has changed quite
dramatically since our last accreditation in May of 2005. This year all of our staff will be
asked to complete surveys on patient safety. As well, the majority of the staff will also be              Allison Long
asked to complete surveys on the standards related to their specific teams. The education
                                                                                                       Brenda Atkinson
and training for this new process will begin shortly.
                                                                                                      Elizabeth Kondratuk
                                                                                                        Lenore Johnson
The CRHA Annual Report has been approved by the Board and will be ready for distribu-
tion this month. Please make sure you have an opportunity to read the report, as it is a
comprehensive review of the work and accomplishments of the Region over the last year.

The last comments I will make are to remind all of our patients, clients and residents that
we have made parking space available to you in a convenient location directly to the left of
                                                                                                 Churchill RHA Inc.
                                                                                                 162 Laverendrye Avenue
the Centre. This was a request from our stakeholders identified at the Strategic Planning
                                                                                                 Churchill, MB R0B 0E0
session last March. Please make sure that you use that space when visiting the Centre.           Fax: (204)675-2243
          In This Issue
                                                            Welcome New Employees
CEO News ...............................1
Welcome New Employees.......2
Employee Recognition.............2
                                                                      Brad Brodziak, EMT
Getting to Know You................4                              Ryan Schenk, EMS Supervisor
Where Am I?............................4
Gift Shop..................................5               Jennifer Baker, Early Childhood Educator II
ER User Guide.........................5                      Michelle Hauri, Clinical Resource Nurse
Dancing Sky PCH ....................6
Children’s Centre .....................7
Dietitian News..........................8
News from the Kitchen.............9
                                                          If you are interested in employment at the CRHA, please see the
Vital Monitoring ........................9
Ethics .....................................10       Human Resources bulletin board located outside of the Finance Office or visit:
Exercise Reduces Diabetes...12
Oral Health.............................13                                       Ron Sweeney
Farewells ...............................14                              Director of Human Resources
Summer Highlights ................14
Advertisements ......................15                                      Phone: 204-675-8307
                                                                              Fax: 204-675-2243

                                                     CURRENT EMPLOYEMENT OPPORTUNITIES
          CRHA Vision
                                                                       Community Wellness Worker, Fulltime
 To develop the Churchill                                                    Social Worker III, Fulltime
 RHA Inc. as a recognized                                             Laboratory Technologist, 6 Month Term
 Centre of Excellence for                                                 Receiving Home Parents, Casual
our model of Northern and                                                 Dietary / Housekeeping, Casual
 Aboriginal Health Care.
                                                       For more job opportunities please visit the Human Resources
         CRHA Mission                                      bulletin board located outside of the Finance Office
  Working together for the
  better health of everyone
          we serve.
                                                                Employee Recognition
Editorial Policy:
It is the policy of UPDATE to                    Not only does the CRHA acknowledge long-time service employees and new em-
invite the participation of all                  ployees, we also recognize all employees by department, all year long.   Em-
readers by your submissions of                   ployees receive a certificate and a meal in the cafeteria, compliments of the
articles etc. however we                         CRHA during their departmental recognition week. The following departments
reserve the right and the                        will (or already have been) recognized over the next few months.
responsibility to exclude or edit
prior to publication. Tasteful
articles excluded will be
reconsidered for later editions                               SEPTEMBER                                    OCTOBER
and the editing will be for
reasons of clarity and/or size,                         Receiving Home (10-14)                       Children’s Centre (1-5)
but not to change the content.                         Human Resources (17-21)                Kivalliq Liaison/Interpreters (15-19)
Where articles are taken from
other publications, we may
require written permission to
use them.

                                   UPDATE FEATURES
Getting to Know You….
Over the years the Churchill RHA has seen a number of staff members pass through our doors so I wondered
what their first impressions were when they first arrived in Churchill. Here's what they said . . . . .

                                                                                     Jennifer Baker, Early Child-
                        Kim Kowalchuk, Licensed
                                                                                     hood Educator II arrived from
                        Practical Nurse moved from
                                                                                     Toronto, Ontario in August
                        Deloraine, Manitoba and first
                                                                                     2007 and she said that Chur-
                        noticed the lack of trees.
                                                                                     chill is really friendly.

                                                                                     Chris Kirouac, Registered
                        Ryan Schenk, Emergency
                                                                                     Nurse came to Churchill as a
                        Medical Services Risk & Qual-
                                                                                     student in January 2006. He
                        ity Officer said that when he
                                                                                     noticed that there were no trees
                        came up as a locum in June
                                                                                     and it was windy. When he re-
                        2007 he couldn’t see the town
                                                                                     turned to a fulltime position in
                        from the airport. He liked
                                                                                     the summer he noticed that the
                        swimming and the ice bergs.
                                                                                     days were really long.

                                                                                     Michelle Hauri, Clinical Re-
                        Brad Brodziak, Emergency
                                                                                     source Nurse found it hard to
                        Medical Technician from Pi-
                                                                                     believe that she will be living
                        nawa, Manitoba said that
                                                                                     next to the Hudson Bay. Mi-
                        Churchill was nice and small.
                                                                                     chelle is originally from Stein-
                        It’s a friendly place.
                                                                                     bach, Manitoba

      Where Am I?
                                          The CRHA UPDATE is asking our readers “Where
                                          Am I?” If you can identify where the picture on
                                              the left was taken, send your answer to:         This issue’s ‘Where
                                                                                                Am I’ is a reprint
                                                  Email:              from the July issue.
                                                     Phone: 1-204-675-8374

                                         Be as specific as you can. The first person to con-   Will you be the first
                                          tact us with the correct answer will have their       person to discover
                                           name published in the November 2007 issue.            “Where Am I?”

        Do you have a unique photo that you would like featured in “Where Am I?”


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            POLAR FLEECE

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                      September 2007
         Sun        Mon          Tue         Wed           Thu           Fri         Sat


    2          3           4            5            6             7            8
                    WALK        GAMES        BINGO        CRAFTS        SHOP

    9          10          11           12           13            14           15
                    WALK        GAMES        BINGO        CRAFTS        GAMES

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                                The Benefits of Eating Breakfast
    Have a balanced breakfast every day. Eating breakfast is linked with having a
    healthy weight. Skipping breakfast may lead to snacking and greater food intake
    later in the day. Eating breakfast every day can also help improve concentration
    and reduce hunger. Look for fast and easy choices such as whole grain breads
    and muffins, cereal with milk, fruit, yogurt and yogurt shakes, cheese, and eggs,
    or be creative with last night's leftovers.

    Individuals who eat breakfast perform better at school, work, or daily tasks; have healthier weights;
    and eat more essential nutrients. Everyone should start the day with a good breakfast to feel and do
    their best. Aim to include foods from at least 3 of the 4 food groups from Canada's Food Guide to
    Healthy Eating. Try these quick and easy breakfast ideas:
    • Keep the kitchen stocked with breakfast staples such as cereals, milk, yogurt, whole grain breads
    and muffins, frozen waffles or pancakes, fruit and fruit juices, bagels, eggs, peanut butter and cheese.
    • Spend a few minutes each evening preparing for breakfast the next day. Set out cereal boxes and
    the toaster, set the table, cut up fruit.
    • Wake up a little earlier so that everyone has time to eat breakfast. This is also a good time to talk
    about everyone's plans for the day.
    • Involve everyone in choosing the foods, preparing breakfast, or cleaning up.

    Liven up breakfast with these fun ideas:
           Waffles, cut into sticks and dipped in apple sauce, milk
           Fruit smoothie (milk, ice, yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit), whole grain muffin
           Grilled cheese sandwich, melon slices, 100% fruit juice
           Leftover pizza, 100% fruit juice
           Whole wheat tortilla or pancake rolled with peanut butter and banana, milk
           Dry cereal or trail mix stirred into yogurt, piece of fresh fruit

    It is also important to note that many popular breakfast cereals contain four to six teaspoons of sugar
    a serving, as much as in some chocolate bars, according to research commissioned by The Globe and
    Mail and CTV News. The data revealed that:
    • A bowl of Sugar-Crisp contains as much sugar as a Mr. Big bar.
    • Starting the day with a serving of Corn Pops, Honeycomb or Lucky Charms is about the same as
    eating a Kit Kat bar.

                        However, it is important that parents focus on the overall nutritional value of
                        cereals and not fixate on sugar content. The focus should be on fibre and
                        whole grains. Finally, simply including a balanced breakfast daily, for both
                        children and adults, can help improve concentration, aid in maintaining en-
                        ergy and blood sugar levels, and maintain a healthy weight and help kick-start
                        the day.

                                                                         Adapted from Dietitians of Canada

                                              See how much you know about keeping your
                                                   heart healthy. Take this quick quiz.
                                     1. True or false: The heart healthiest fruits and vegetables are
                                        citrus fruits and colourful vegetables that are dark green
                                        red or orange.
                                     2. True or false: A diet low in saturated fat is heart healthy.
                                     3. True or false: Maintaining healthy habits such as exercising
                                        and eating well may be more difficult while under stress.
                                     4. True or false: If you don’t have time to exercise in a 30-
 We’re always interested in what you    minute block, you can get the same benefits from three 10-
think Recipes, Comments, Suggestions    minute sessions.
           are encouraged.           5. Some risk factors for heart disease and stroke are within our
                                        control, while other are not. Which of the following risk fac-
  Please approach any of our Dietary    tors can be controlled?
      Team or call us directly at            (Check all that apply.)
          675-8333 or e-mail                 A) high blood cholesterol              b) high blood pressure
                                             C) diabetes
                                             D) smoking
                                             E) stress
                                             f) all of the above

                                                                        5. f   4. True   3. True   2. True   1. True

                                    Vital Monitoring
    Churchill EMS will be providing free Vital Monitoring to the Public on the following Days
                                               September 5th
                                            1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
                                            @ the Northern Store

                                              September 14th
                                            1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
                                   in the Overpass of the Town Complex

                                              September 19th
                                            1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
                                            @ the Northern Store

                                              September 28th
                                            1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
                                   in the Overpass of the Town Complex
     Churchill EMS Staff will be providing the attending public with their blood sugar levels,
                  their heart rate, their oxygenation levels & blood pressure.

            EMS will be conduction Vital monitoring Clinics the third Friday of every month in the
                         Overpass of the town Complex from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

     On July 4 and 5th the CRHA Ethics Committee was pleased to host a one and a half day workshop entitled,
     “Thinking about Ethics? A Workshop for Health Care Providers and the Community.” Overall the event was a
     success. The speaker was excellent, the turn out of interested CRHA staff and board members and Churchill resi-
     dents was commendable. Even the weather was on the bright, warm side. We had 16 people attend, of this there
     were 7 different departments of the CRHA represented.

     Dr. Reynolds, an Ethicist and Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba shared his expertise as
     he gave us an overview of bioethics. He stressed moral courage that, “health care is a moral enterprise not a busi-
     ness” and courage is needed to take an ethical stand despite your fears on difficult issues and cases which require
     closer examination. By doing what is right wrong doing may then be avoided. Dr. Reynolds got the group in-
     volved in the steps of ethical problem solving thus making the material practical and useful. Everyone was
     stretched in their thinking to analyze cases outside of their own view point to deeper thinking of the overall goal
     of providing best practice for clients and a healthy work environment. A method of ethical analysis was explained
     as being threefold: 1) Observe by identifying the problem and the stakeholders, and their feelings, and gather all
     of the facts; 2) Deliberate. Consider alternatives and examine values and evaluate the alternatives; 3) Act. De-
     cide, implement a plan or recommendations, and communicate this to all the parties concerned.

     According to Dr. Reynolds, “Ethics at the core is about relationships and how they are managed or navigated”.
     Now the challenge that faces us is together to implement this valuable learning at the CRHA. The CRHA Ethics
     Committee is off for the remainder of the summer and we already have a couple of cases waiting for deliberation
     when we resume our duties in the fall. “Hope is the oxygen of the human spirit.”

     Nicole Durocher, MSW., MTS.
     CRHA Ethics Committee Chair

     An ethical problem occurs when it is difficult to do the right thing.
     -Difficult because of conflicting values
     -Relationships are at stake
     • Individuals
     • health care system
     Avoiding a Decision
     •   This is a finance decision                            •   This is a family decision.
     •   This is a medical/nursing decision.                   •   This is a Board decision.

     Ethics Consulting is Difficult
     • Standards                                               •   Track record
     • Education experience.

     Working as a Group is Difficult but Possible              •   Accepted process for ethical decision making.
     • Term of Reference.                                      •   Accepted process on how decisions are
     • Accountability.                                             shared and appeals.

        1.Identify the problem
        • What is the problem?
        • What is at stake?
        • Who owns the problem?
        • Who needs to be involved?
        2. Acknowledge the feelings
        • Anger
        • Sadness/loss
        • Fear
        • Conflict happens when people defend what
            matters to them.
        3.Gather the facts
        • What has happened
        • Learn the patient’s/family’s story

        •   Consider Alternatives
        •   Examine values
        •   Evaluate alternatives
        •   6 o'clock news test, me test

        •   Describe the decision
        •   Implement the plan
        •   Communicate to all concerned.

Your urgent treatment clinic has been chronically short staffed. You have had problems recruiting staff for years. One
of your longer term staff reports to work smelling of alcohol. What is the ethical issue and what would you do? Does
the intoxicated person appear approachable? The first line of action may to be to speak calmly to the person, first expressing
your concern for them as a person before indicating that their present state means they should not be at work. If intoxicated-
must go home and return sober. The alcohol smell has to be brought to the attention of the staff in a caring manner. Ensure the
smell is related to their physical state, not clothing from a night-before party, etc. Drug and alcohol use cannot be covered up,
regardless of connection to other colleagues who may use. If alcohol or drug is smelled there is a concern if the proper care
can be given to patients and staff. Is alcohol interfering with work competency? Is the person a good role model? Is alcohol us-
ing a pattern? Are there underlying problems the staff needs help with- can counseling or detox be recommended? First seek
their voluntary removal from the workplace. Firing is a last step if problems persist.

You hear one of your staff praying with a patient. Is this OK what if any are the ethical issues? What might you do?
Staff praying with a patient is not necessarily inappropriate but the following items need to be considered. Is the agreement to
pray mutual, initiated by whom? Is the patients’ belief system respected? Is the praying interfering with other work duties? Can
privacy be ensured? Is the patient benefiting? The prayer is for the needs of the patient not based on the needs of the minister
or staff, be careful the patient is not dependant on staff for spiritual guidance, referral to a minister or other lay person that can
offer caring support may be necessary.

One of your case workers sees a client in the home and witnesses illegal drug use. What should she do? If a child is
present and at risk the case worker must disclosed the situation to CFS. Sharing the information with their supervisor can be
helpful to assist the client face their drug addiction and their need for treatment. Ask what can be done to best help the client?
Case workers are to work with the RCMP to educate the public about the seriousness of drug addiction to one’s health and how
it affects a community. Witnessing drug dealing has to be reported to the police.

     Reuters Health

     Friday, April 20, 2007
     By Anne Harding

     NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Resistance training may not only help to build muscle in older people, it
     may also be warding off type 2 diabetes, a new study demonstrates.
     Thirty-six men and women in their early 60s experienced significant improvements in glucose tolerance
     after a 12-week resistance-training regimen, Dr. Wayne W. Campbell of Purdue University in West Lafay-
     ette, Indiana, and his colleagues found.
     "The idea that you could actually improve your glucose tolerance by about 25 percent to 30 percent with
     12 weeks of strength exercise without having any weight loss, which is a typical therapy for this, is very
     encouraging," Campbell told Reuters Health.
     People lose their ability to metabolize sugar effectively as they age, even if they're otherwise healthy,
     Campbell and his team note in their report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. And the weight
     gain that frequently accompanies aging worsens glucose tolerance and compounds diabetes risk. One in
     five Americans older than 60 years has type 2 diabetes, they add.
     There is evidence that resistance training can improve glucose tolerance, while adequate protein levels
     are necessary for resistance trainers and may even improve changes in body composition and glucose
     tolerance that come with weightlifting, the researchers note.
     To investigate how resistance exercise and dietary protein affect metabolism, the researchers had the
     study participants work out on resistance machines three times a week for 12 weeks. Each workout ses-
     sion lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes, and included 8 exercises.
     Half of the study participants consumed 0.9 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight per day
     (low-protein group); the other half consumed 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram (high protein group). The
     current recommended amount of daily protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.
     Men and women in the high-protein and the low-protein groups experienced small but significant reduc-
     tions in total cholesterol and in low-density lipoprotein, the "bad" cholesterol. The level of reduction was
     similar in both groups.
     Changes were similar to what would have occurred with short-term weight loss. And both groups also ex-
     perienced similar increases in lean body mass and reductions in fat mass.
     However, the most dramatic effect was on glucose tolerance, Campbell said, with both groups showing a
     "profound" improvement in glucose tolerance after the 3-month training program.
     The findings are especially significant, the researcher added, because the study participants were at risk
     of developing type 2 diabetes because of their age and, in some cases, their weight.
     "Another five or ten years from now, if they follow the usual paths, they're going to become heavier and
     move into the clearly overweight category," he explained.
     Campbell emphasized that all of the study participants were getting adequate amounts of high-quality pro-
     tein, and urged anyone considering beginning a weight resistance program to do the same.

     SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, April 2007.
                   Cut along dotted line & have fun filling out your own toothbrushing chart

Place a sticker,
star or
checkmark on
the sun when
you brush in the
morning & on
the moon when
you brush at

                                                                                                                                                                Toothbrushing Tips

0-3 YEARS ~
No toothpaste
with fluoride

3-6 YEARS ~
1/2 a pea-size
                                                                                                  Remember to help children brush until they’re 8 years old
                                                                                                 Use a soft toothbrush that is the right size for your mouth

                                                                                               Any questions? Call or visit the Churchill Dental Clinic(675-8302)

6+ YEARS ~
A pea-sized
                                  Remember the 2 for 2 rule!
                        Brush your teeth 2x a day for 2 minutes

     On August 9, 2007 we said
     good bye to Kathy McGregor,                              Farewell and good luck to
     Executive Assistant. Kathy                               Ibrahim Elsahar, Human Re-
     started her employment with                              sources Officer who resigned
     the Churchill Regional Health                            his position in August. Ibra-
     Authority in 2003. She was                               him, Dr. Manal Awad and their
     involved in many things within                           three children moved here in
     the CRHA such as co-editing                              June 2006. Ibrahim worked in
     the Update Newsletter.                                   various departments including

     Friday, August 31 was the last                           Karen Price started at the
     day for Lisa May, Pharmacy                               Children’s Centre in February
     Technician. She came to Chur-                            2006 and in January 2007 she
     chill in October 2006 from                               became a Child and Family
     Ontario. Lisa agrees that the                            Services Worker . She’s had a
     Pharmacy will be a lot quieter                           great experience and is plan-
     without her.                                             ning to come back to visit with
                                                              her son Jacob.

                  On June 29, the Churchill RHA Entertainment Committee hosted the
                  annual staff barbeque. The picture on the left shows master chefs
                  Robert Penwarden and Sean Kernaghan from the Board of Directors
                  working their magic!

                  The winner of the Barbeque fundraiser raffle was also announced on
                  June 29. Congratulations Lenore Johnson!

                  Throughout the month of August the Emergency Medical Services
                  personnel have been conducting fire extinguisher training for all staff.
                  As demonstrated by Jeff Noel, Laboratory Technologist, we were
                  taught how to handle a fire extinguisher and how it’s used in the
                  event of fire.

                  Staff have also been receiving training on the new guidelines of CPR.
                  Since December 2006.

                               EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2007
                        the Ambulance Phone Number will be changed to

 Within the first 3 minutes of your call an ambulance is being dispatched to your location.

                                   Ask Rhonda

                            IMMUNIZATION UPDATE
Back to school time usually means some planning. Getting school supplies, new cloths,
gym shoes and childcare.

There are also some immunizations that children need to help pre-
vent illness and the spread of diseases. Children going into kinder-
garten need to receive 2 to 3 needles. (If they have already had
chicken pox or received the chicken pox immunization it is 2 nee-

The 14 –16 year old age group need a Tetanus and Pertussis booster
shot. This will be offered during school hours. And the Grade 4 class
will be bringing home information on all of the immunizations they


                                                                  Specialists Visits

                                                              Please call the Medical Clinic 675-
                                                                  8316 for an appointment.

                                                                     Barbara Saunders
                                                                     September 17-21
                                                                Please call the Medical Clinic
                                                                  675-8316 for information

                              s a true champion on North-
 A grateful community honor
                            work made his vision a reality
ern Healthcare whose hard                   .
              in the Churchill Health Centre                           Dr. Amar Gupta
                                                                         October 4-5
                                     end a dedication
    You are cordially invited to att                           Please call Community Services
                ceremony in honor of                            675-8322 for an appointment.

                  Dr. J.A. Hildes
                             2007 at 5:30 p.m. in the
 To be held on September 27,                                                 TBA
                               urchill Health Centre
  main entrance hall of the Ch                                 Please call Community Services
                                                                  675-8322 for information.

           Everyone is welcome to
             the Ceremony at 5:30 p.m
                                                                        Dental Clinic
                                                                        Dr. Andre Vos
                                                                      September 10-21
                                                              Please call 675-8302 or 675-2419
                                                                    and leave a message.
           Polar Bear Cinema Upcoming Movies

      Transformers                      The Simpson’s Movie

                                                                  Physiotherapy Services
                                                                     *By Referral Only*
                                                                      September 12-14
                                                               Please call the Medical Clinic at
                                                                675-8316 for an appointment

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