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									Questions you need to ask catering company before hiring!

Undoubtedly, planning for a wedding is a matter of joy but also quite a stressful task.
Right from the preparation of cards, bride and groom entrance, seating arrangements,
food, all things are needed to be prepared beforehand.

However, apart all other things food is the most imperative thing in a wedding, which is
counted by the guests. So in order to impress the guests, it’s must for you (host) to hire
a good catering service company for weddings. Though, before hiring one such
company you need to be prepared with questions in advance that would help you
choose a reliable catering company.

Now let’s have a look at those questions:

      How long has been the catering company in the event catering business?

       This is the first and foremost question one must ask to a catering company.
       Through this one can get to know the experience of the company and able to
       judge whether they are good in handling the events or not. In regard to this you
       can check their website testimonials or ask from their previous clients.

      What kind of food do you offer?

       The second most important think to be asked is about the food due to, which one
       thinks of hiring catering company. So, make sure that the catering company
       serves you wide variety of food such as continental, Italian, Mexican, Indian and
       more. This would let your guests give a choice to choose from the wide variety of
       food menu, as well as enjoy the wedding.

      Do they have health and safety hygiene certificate?

       Apart from serving wide variety of food, it’s must that a company is known for
       providing hygienic food to their guests. In regard to this one must ask for health
       and safety hygiene certificate for, which they are known for.

      How many guests can company caterer?

       Motive of catering services providing companies for weddings is to serve food to
       the guests. Thus one must surely ask caters that how many guests they can
       cater. This would give you an idea whether the company is cable of serving your
       wide list of guests or not.
   Can I taste the food?

    To know the quality of the food one must surely ask the catering company to
    allow them to taste the food they would be preparing for your wedding.

   How many servers would be there and will they be dressed?

    To serve the guests it’s quite important to have those servers that are well
    dressed and have good ethics. So, you must ask cater to provide best of servers
    for your wedding that would eventually make your party look happening!

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