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					         How does the Accident, Sickness & Hospitalisation claim process work?
                    Fill in the Claim Form                        Post the form                         Assessing your Claim
                                                                   back to us
                        If you are not sure
                      about what you have
                       to do, please phone
                       us on 0500 500 700.
                                                                                                                                    We will send you a
                                                                                                     If your claim is
                                                                                                                                 ‘continuing claim form’
                                                                                                      successful we
  PLEASE DO                                                                                                                         every month. You,
                                                                                                       will pay the
 ONE OF THE                                                                                                                        your doctor and your
                                                                                                    money straight
 FOLLOWING:                                                                                                                       employer must fill this
                                                                                                         into your
                                                                                                                                in. You need to post the
                                                                                                    account within
   If you are                                                                                                                     form back to us so we
                                                                                                    4 working days.
  employed,                                                                                                                     can continue to pay you.
make sure your
employer fills in                                                   When the form
  section B1.                                                       has been filled
                                                                      in, post it to                              If your claim is
      OR                                                                               We will assess
                                                                     us at Barclays                               not successful,
                                                                        Insurance       your claim                 based on the
                          Please make
 If you are self-                             Make sure your         Dublin. If you    based on the                 information
                         sure you fill in
employed, fill in                              doctor fills in     post it using the   policy Terms               you have given
                          sections A, D
    section B2.                               ALL of section C.      envelope we       & Conditions               us, we will tell
                               & E.
                                                                   have provided, it     within 3                  you within 5
      OR                                                            should take 2-3    working days.               working days.
   If you are                                                      working days to
unemployed, fill                                                        get to us.
 in section B3.

                                                                                                    If you have not
                                                                                                    given us all the
                                                                                                    information we
                                                                    If you gave us                   need, we may
                                                                      your mobile                    phone you or
                                                                    phone number                     post the form
                                                                   we will send you                  back to you so
                                                                    a text message                   you can finish
                                                                       to confirm                      filling it in.
                                                                     that we have
                                                                      received the
                                                                       claim form.

                                                                                                                                          VW03126 0003 04/08

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