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					Alabama Celebrates National Men’s Health Month
     une is National Men’s Health          create promotional and informational        to the health of Alabama’s citizens was
     Month and the Alabama                 tools that support an awareness and3        in itself a wonderful experience. 1It is
J    Department of Public Health
conducted several activities to promote
                                           prevention campaign for men’s health;
                                           design a Men’s Health Committee to
                                                       Volume 45 Number
                                                                                       interesting to think of how quickly the
                                                                                       idea of working on a project related
                                                                                                                JulY 20 2

awareness and understanding of men’s       take the initiative to provide an annual    to men’s health reached consensus
health issues. Coincidentally, this was    forum/conference/workshop on these          among the group and the passion we
the focus of a year-long leadership        issues; and, finally, to prepare and        developed for the subject.
project completed in 2009 by several       present the finished project.
ADPH staff members.
                                                                                                     Brenda J. Causey, LGSW

                                           The team enjoyed support and
                                                                                                Social Work Director, PHA VI

The South Central Public Health guidance from administrators at every                  The South Central Public Health
Department Gets level of ADPH, and tremendous
Leadership Institute (SCPHLI) is‘Screams as well as Ink’                               Leadership Institute was one of the
Montgomery County Health
a regional collaboration offering assistance with the development of                   best experiences of my public health
            development for practicing       related envision Training, Proper career. Our Men’s History and Art
leadership one thinks of “body art,” he/she might visuals from ADPH’s Health Tattoo Removal, Art Ten project was
       health renditions of is joint         Marketing tans,                           developed over the year others on
public artists’professionals. Ittheahuman body, spray Division.Techniques (for tattooing), Color Portraits andby all the
effort tattoos, Tulane University’s
henna betweenor maybe even finger painting. However,                                   SCPHLI team Those of exercising
                                                                  tattooing and business operations.membersus from the
                                                                                        Health Department (MCHD) others. I
School of Public Health and Tropical takes on a whole Montgomery Countytheir gifts and learning from involved
when it comes to public health, the term     In addition to outreach and education
                                       of materials developed the reviewing, am grateful permitting process were
Medicine and the state officesin the Rules for Body Art inand proposed, inspecting, and that the Department has
different meaning. As by definition
Practices and of Alabama, Arkansas,                               Cindy possible recognized and taken action on this
public healthFacilities, “body art” is defined as “the practice outlinedGoocher, Leigh Salter, Melanie Boggan, Wes Rogers,
                                             the team also
              Mississippi and Texas. future ADPH efforts that could Lauren Lerner.
Louisiana, body adornment using invasive procedures Anna Sun andbe critical area of Public Health.
of physical
and, for is a year-long these rules, is
SCPHLI the purpose of program withan inclusive term for improve men’s
                                             implemented to
three on-site sessions per year. All tattooing, in Alabama For the MCHD staff, having been involved in the expo
any procedures utilizing body piercing, health cosmetic            should funding
                                                                                                                Carol P. Dorsey

SCHPLI work is completed above and everthat performavailable for such like we were prepared for the event and
tattooing, branding and scarification.” Facilities  become        last year, we felt
                                                                                       Mobile Division Laboratory Manager

beyond each class member’s regular, as tattoo shops. included awhat to expect when it wanted to address the issue
such procedures are commonly known projects. Those                knew “canned”        The team came to the tattoo photos,
full-time public health duties. The                               artwork and live of men’s Little because of the
                                             presentation on the 10 disparities that did we know… dire
Alabama team from the 2008-2009 facilities licensed anyone at ADPH; a
There are only six permitted body art        could be given by                         need for awareness and education.
SCPHLI class chose the topic of men’s director and/or Office of Men’s Health last year’s suspension performance, the
for permanent operation within Montgomery County,                 As a follow-up to While doing research for these men’s
         specifically that it was quite
health, can imagine the question of anwithin ADPH;to State Men’s Health
so you                                         undertaking    a                        health from Abilene, apparent that
                                                                  tattoo shop “Screamin’ Ink”issues, it was Texas, showed
how to address and decrease men’s permitting process a Stateto wow spectators. However,of information and data
oversee the reviewing, inspecting and Advisory Council; up Men’s Health                the volume this year’s show upped
premature mortality with increased                                 Health Web site; available paled in intensity.
                                             Symposium; a Men’s the intensity – and we do mean paincomparison to their
for a “tattoo expo.” The year 2011 marked the inaugural
education andTattoo Expo,”of riskyby the business now a Proclamation by
“Lost Highway awareness hosted               Men’s Health PSAs;                        counterpart.
known as that lead to Body injury
behaviors Taylor Madeillness,Art, whichthe Legislature or Governor; and Men’s
                                              donated a large     *Disclaimer: If needles and blood make you squeamish,
and death. the proceeds to support theHealth Month Events andmay want to cease reading thisof Human Resources
portion of                                     Hank Williams      you    Promotion.                Office article any further.
                                                                                                          Brent Hatcher, SPHR

Museum located in downtown Montgomery.
The team identified 10 specific                                   The BURLESON
                                                          By RICHARD new spin (or should we say “hang”) on the show
                                                                                                     Recruitment Coordinator

disparities in male health to address, Alacazar Shrine in included a willing and trained volunteer being selected
The second annual event, held at the                                                   It was an honor to have been pierced
                         data available
based upon mortality6, 7 and 8, includedSCPHLI Participants’ the back, to participate in the SCPHLI hooks
Montgomery on April                           17 booths out of through                  hands and legs with giant 2008-
        time: heart art operators represented their own resembling those used by commercial fisherman and then
at the 26 total body disease, cancer,
which                                                                                  2009 class. It was a very rewarding
                    homicide, diabetes,
accidents, stroke, art facilities and fought for the right to
hometown body                                                     hoisted into mid-airexperience for me as a young public
                                                                                        for a real life marionette display. We

         disease, respiratory disease, SCPHLI facilities
kidneyand pierce incoming patrons. Most of the was a pleasure and privilege. health professional. I am thankful for
tattoo                                                            envision even Pinocchio in a lot of pain! The volunteer
hypertension and suicide. They then there were several opportunity to meet through the skin on his back and thighs
represented were from Alabama, but It offered a great             was then pierced the opportunity to have collaborated
studied three highly preventable Georgia.                         and swung who with other public health
from other states - namely Texas and and work with clever colleagues as if on a children’s swing set. constituents.
causes of male mortality in much were selflessly invested in finding ways Being able to share the knowledge and
greater detail: accidents, homicidesbody art operator’s Asand quality of enough, he was lowered, unhooked,
The requirements for a temporary             to improve the health if that wasn’t information that we gained during
and suicides.                                                                           nails where a concrete way we are
permit and facility license from the health for all Alabamians,” laid on a bed of our year of study is onecinder block
                                             life department      and
                                                    Ronada Anderson, MSW, LGSW hisable to give back. mallet. Within the
include verification of the operators’ training in bloodborne     was broken over        abdomen with a
pathogen prevention, the year-long
Their objectives forproviding items for sterile technique same Prevention trained volunteerM. Hooper, body art
                                                   Adult Viral Hepatitis show, another           Chastsie and fellow MSHRM
effort were to identify risksanitizer, alcohol wipes, etc.),
(such as gloves, surface behaviors                                                                          ALL Kids tolerance
                                                                  operator from the Texas-based shop displayed his Program
that lead to increased illness, injury
providing conveniently located handwashing facilities,            of pain by pulling a full-sized pickup truck using a chain
and premature mortality; develop Iof waste such as the opportunity hooks piercing his back (think “World’s

equipment sterilization, proper disposal am so grateful for connected to to            The observance of Men’s Health Month
          campaign messages that
unified and gauze, and general cleanliness of each booth.Getting to know thebut by thea lot more pain involved).
needles                                      attend SCPHLI.       Strongest Man”        with department indicates the strong
In order to host such an awareness other participants
could be used to increase event, the ADPH requires that from Alabama and Maury West, LGS
the expo causes educational classes. the educational
of the topprovide of male mortality; Pastvital role they play in contributing pain tolerance were used to show to what
                                                                  These displays of
sessions included Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogen                   lengths some will go for a rise, figuratively and literally.
                                                                                                           continued page 4
JUlY 2012                                                                                        A l A b Acontinued lpage 1
                                                                                                          m A’ s H e A t H    4
Dr. Donald Williamson Receives ANR
Smokefree Indoor Air Challenge Award
                                                                                               tate Health Officer Dr. Donald Williamson, left, looks
                                                                                            S  on as Cynthia Hallet, Executive Director, Americans
                                                                                            for Non-Smoker’s Rights (ANR), presents Alabama
                                                                                            representatives the 2011 ANR Crystal Smokefree Indoor
                                                                                            Air Challenge Award. Also pictured at the presentation
                                                                                            May 30 at Birmingham’s Railroad Park are Ashley Lyerly,
                                                                                            second from left, Director of Advocacy, American Lung
                                                                                            Association, Plains-Gulf Region, and Ginny Campbell,
                                                                                            right, Tobacco Free Alabama President and Government
                                                                                            Relations Director, American Cancer Society. The award
                                                                                            recognizes states that achieve the greatest number of
                                                                                            strong local smokefree laws each year by either passing
                                                                                            new ordinances or strengthening existing laws. Alabama
                                                                                            tied with California as a smokefee leader. After the award
                                                                                            recipients had been announced, the City of Birmingham
                                                                                            adopted a strong smokefree ordinance effective June 1.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Michael Bell

Your Questions on Breastfeeding Answered
                                                                                            cancer. Breastfeeding mothers miss fewer days from work
Six years have passed since the publication of the last policy                              because their infants are sick less often.
How long should I breastfeed?

statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
regarding breastfeeding. In the recent policy revision,
                                                                                            Source: The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support

the AAP reaffirms its recommendation of exclusive

breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by continued

breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced,
with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer
                                                                                            Do mothers have to follow a special diet while

as mutually desired by mother and infant.                                                   There are no particular foods that you have to eat or

                                                                                            special diet to follow. Try to eat a well-balanced diet with
                                                                                            a variety of foods. Breastfeeding mothers should drink
Source: Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk http://

                                                                                            enough fluids to satisfy their thirst. Water is a great choice.

                                                                                            Most mothers find that they can eat anything they like in

                                                                                            moderation. If a mother does find that a food she has eaten
Research continues to support breastfeeding benefits.                                       seems to make her baby fussy, she can avoid that food.
Why should I breastfeed?

Breastfeeding offers a protective relationship reducing
risks from respiratory and ear infections, diarrhea and Type                                For more information contact Michell Grainger, MSN, RNC,
2 diabetes in infants. Research shows that breastfeeding                                    IBCLC, State Lactation Coordinator, at (334) 206-2921.
mothers benefit from a decreased risk of breast and ovarian

                                                                                                                   Alabama’s Health
                                                                                        Alabama’s Health is an official publication of the Alabama Department of Public Health,
 Alabama Department of Public Health
 To serve the people of Alabama by assuring conditions in which they can be healthy.    Bureau of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease. If you would like to receive the

                                                                                        publication or wish to submit information for future articles, please telephone requests
                                                                                        to (334) 206-5300. Articles may be reprinted provided credit is given to the Alabama
 The purpose of the Alabama Department of Public Health is to provide caring, high      Department of Public Health. The department’s website is http:// www. adph. org.
 Value Statement

 quality and professional services for the improvement and protection of the public’s
                                                                                        Donald E. Williamson, M.D. .......................................................................... State Health Officer
 health through disease prevention and the assurance of public health services to
 resident and transient populations of the state regardless of social circumstances     Jim McVay, Dr. P. A. ............. Director, Bureau of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
 or the ability to pay.                                                                 Arrol Sheehan, M.A. ..................................................................................................................... Editor

 The Department of Public Health works closely with the community to preserve           Takenya S. Taylor, J.D. ......................................................................................Contributing Editor
 and protect the public’s health and to provide caring quality services.                Noelle Ahmann ........................................................................................................Graphic Designer

2     A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H                                                                                                                                                                        JUlY 2012
Asthma Educator and Care Manager
Training Available Online At No Charge
    ne in 12 Alabama residents has asthma. Rates are
O   increasing in women, in some age groups, and are
high in minorities.

To meet educational needs for persons interested in
improving the care of patients with asthma and improving
the abilities of caregivers, a seven-part series has been

                                                                Danny Doyle photo
produced by the Alabama Department of Public Health.
The series titled “Becoming an Asthma Educator and
Care Manager” is available on the ADPH Public Health
Training Network on demand and at no charge.

University of South Alabama Department of Cardiorespiratory
Care Professor Tim Op’t Holt, EdD, RRT, AE-C, FAARC,
and Senior Instructor and Director of Clinical Education
William C. Pruitt, MBA, RRT, AE-C, served as program faculty.
Continuing education credits are available for nurses and
respiratory therapists until June 9, 2013.
                                                                                     Asthma program staff (left to right) are Melissa Dean,
                                                                                    Dr. Debra Hodges, Aruna Rikhi and Shanone Medlock of

For more information, please visit
                                                                                     the Bureau of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease.
                                                                                     Staff and coalition members throughout the state are

Program staff encourage interested people to visit the
                                                                                      available to speak on asthma, pest management, and

Asthma Program’s Facebook page,
                                                                                    indoor and outdoor air quality. The program is actively

                                                                                       working toward implementing programs designed
                                                                                      to educate and promote indoor and outdoor healthy
                                                                                          environments for students in school settings.

Health and Fitness Day                                                          Commendations
Walk Draws Crowd                                                                I f you would like to praise employees for their accomplishments,

     undreds of walkers participated in the Alabama
                                                                                  send letters of commendation to the State Health Officer or the

H    Employee Health and Fitness Day Walk on May 18.
                                                                                employee’s supervisor and a copy by e-mail to arrol.sheehan@

Gov. Robert Bentley addressed participants, and health
                                                                       for inclusion in this list. Four items are needed:

and wellness vendors provided information. The Nutrition
                                                                                the employee’s name, work unit, name of the person making the

and Physical Activity Division, the Governor’s Commission
                                                                                commendation, and his or her city and state.

on Physical Fitness, and the Alabama State Employees                            Center for Health
                                                                                Linda Bolding                      Veronica Moore-

Insurance Board were sponsors.                                                  Statistics                         Center for Health

                                                                                from Denise Nance                  Statistics
                                                                                Oshkosh, Wisc.                     from Melvin Vaughn
                                                                                                                   Travis Air Force Base,
                                                                                John Ellison

                                                                                                                   Shelby County Health
                                                                                Sandra Gallops                     Cynthia Reese-Lawson

                                                                                Communications and                 Department
                                                                                Jeff Ward

                                                                                Health Marketing                   from a patient
                                                                                from Stacey Neumann

                                                                                                                   Center for Health
                                                                                Montgomery, Ala.                   Terra Tuck

                                                                                Geneva County
                                                                                Crystal Lawrence

                                                                                Health Department
                                                                                                                   from Tony Jackson
The event was designed to encourage walking during the                                                             Atlanta, Ga.
    work day as part of a health and fitness routine.                           from a client
JUlY 2012                                                                                                        A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H    3
                                                               To finish up the daredevil of a show was none other
                                                               Screams and Ink, continued from page 1

                                                               than “The Human Puzzle Piece,” otherwise known as
                                                               the Enigma. This human phenomenon has been featured
                                                               on TV shows, movies and talk shows for his head-to-toe
                                                               covering in tattooed blue jigsaw-design puzzle pieces. But
                                                               his looks aren’t the only thing he’s got going for him. His
                                                               performance, called “Show Devil,” included the swallowing
                                                               and regurgitation of swords, pool balls and flaming fire

                                                               Needless to say, a “screamin’” good time was had by all.

                                                                           By Anna Sun, Food and Lodging Supervisor,
                                                                              Montgomery County Health Department
                                                                        Lauren Lerner, Public Health Environmentalist,
                                                                              Montgomery County Health Department

Public Health Accreditation
May Be in Department’s Future
    n June 13 the State Committee of Public Health             to deliver the three core functions of public health and
O   approved support for the department to begin               the Ten Essential Public Health Services.
exploratory activities that may lead to future accreditation
through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).          The Public Health Foundation will sponsor a workshop for
Committee approval was needed to move forward with an          bureau directors on July 16 to work toward development
accreditation checklist that is a performance measure in       of a strategic plan and state health assessment, both of
the National Public Health Improvement Initiative grant.       which are prerequisites to accreditation. The Office of
                                                               Performance Management will also provide training about
Accreditation is defined as the development of a set           the three core functions of public health, the Ten Essential
of standards, a process to measure health department           Public Health Services, the Affordable Care Act, and quality
performance against those standards, and a reward or           improvement for employees beginning in late summer.
recognition for those health departments that meet the
standards. Accreditation through PHAB provides a means         For more information, contact Valerie Cochran, M.S.N.,
for the department to advance quality and performance.         R.N., NE-BC, Performance Improvement Manager and
Accreditation documents the capacity of the department         Assistant State Nursing Director, (334) 206-5226, email

Elana Parker Merriweather Recognized
    ealth Equities Program Manager Elana Parker
H   Merriweather was honored as one of Montgomery’s
Top Most Influential Women in the Women of Influence
program at a breakfast on May 25. Since 2009, the program
sponsored by South East Small Business Magazine has
recognized top women professionals “for business acumen,
mentoring and community involvement.” The program’s
honorees are selected by a judging committee and receive
an award at the breakfast attended by business leaders.
Ms. Merriweather is with the Office of Minority Health,
Bureau of Professional and Support Services.

4    A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H                                                                             JUlY 2012
AlPHA Honors Outstanding Leaders in Public Health
     epartmental employees and           inclusive yet somewhat informally          was awarded the Ira L. Myers Award
D    others were honored as the          organized group.                           for Excellence in Public Health. Retired
Alabama Public Health Association                                                   from the Alabama Department of Public
recognized persons, groups and           “The coalition has been bold and           Health after serving for 14 years in the
organizations from across the state      taken on issues such as crime, literacy,   Center for Health Statistics, Quinney
who demonstrated exceptional merit       emergency medical services, nutrition,     continues to be involved in public
during the past year in the public       and medication availability,” Ms. Brant    health at many levels. Currently, he
health field. Awards Chairperson         said. Some of the accomplishments          serves as the executive director of the
Viki Brant presented plaques to the      of the coalition include fluoridation      Alabama Rural Health Association
recipients at the association’s 56th     of public water systems in Escambia        along with giving part-time service
Annual Meeting and Health Education      County, increasing access to health        to the Alabama Office of Primary Care
Conference at the Wynfrey Hotel May      care for children and pregnant women       and Rural Health. He also provides
10. Award recipients are as follows.     through the Wheels of Wellness van,        consultation and evaluation services
                                         and most recently, persuading the          related to health care for many entities.
The Ira L. Myers Award for               City of Brewton to turn the vacated        Quinney is also known for his many
Excellence in Public Health was          Brewton Middle School into a               health statistics publications and his
established to honor Dr. Myers for       community center where exercise            devotion to advocating for the needs
his accomplishments by recognizing       classes can be made available to the       of the state’s rural residents. Quinney
an individual, group or organization     community along with many other            is reported as being instrumental in
that, through excellence in work, has    valuable resources. Through their          establishing a viable voice for rural
made a significant impact on some        combined and dedicated efforts,            health in Alabama. A close colleague
aspect of public health in Alabama.      the coalition will continue to fight       described him as “the consummate
                                         to lower infant mortality rates, reduce    professional and a champion for making
This year’s recipient, the Coalition     obesity, promote healthy lifestyles,       life better for the citizens of Alabama.”
                                         and improve the quality of life and
exemplifies the intent of this award.    public health in Escambia County.          The Frederick S. Wolf Award
for a Healthier Escambia County,

The coalition’s mission is to improve                                               recognizes an individual who has been
the quality of health for the citizens   The D.G. Gill Award is intended to         active in public health at the local level
of Escambia County. For 18 years, this   honor an individual who has made           and who has demonstrated efficiency,
group has met on a monthly basis         an exceptional contribution to public      dedication and professionalism in
to discuss strategies and actions to     health in Alabama. This year’s winner      delivery of public health services, and
address issues that directly impact      of the Gill award, Dale Quinney, has       who has provided unselfish community
the overall health of the citizens       given over 26 years of public service      services in areas unrelated to public
of Escambia County. The coalition        to the citizens of Alabama. Quinney        health. This year’s award winner, Tim
represents a broad array of agencies     received degrees from the University of    Hatch, now works for the Center
and individuals, and the agreement       Alabama and the University of Alabama      for Emergency Preparedness of the
that “no one cares who gets the          at Birmingham. He received the Ira L.      Alabama Department of Public Health,
credit” has contributed to the amazing   Myers Scholarship to pursue public         but began his public health service
accomplishments achieved by this         health studies in 1990, and in 1999        career almost 17 years ago as an
                                                                                    environmentalist at the Montgomery
                                                                                    County Health Department. As a
                                                                                    veteran of environmental health, Hatch
                                                                                    has made it his goal to learn all he
                                                                                    can about the environmental impacts
                                                                                    on human health. Even though his
                                                                                    latest career position has taken him
                                                                                    out of the Bureau of Environmental
                                                                                    Services, he is learning the value of
                                                                                    environmental health as related to
                                                                                    disaster preparedness and response.
 Pictured, left to right, are Viki

                                                                                    In addition to his work at the
Brant, Ricky Elliott, Tina Findley,

                                                                                    health department, Hatch served
 Dr. Marsha Raulerson, Dr. Dan
 Raulerson, Ruth Harrell, Jamie
  Manning, Phyllis Redmon and
         Sheryl Vickery.                    Dale Quinney and Viki Brant
                                                                                                  continued page 6
JUlY 2012                                                                                    A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H   5
                                                                                      This year’s recipient, Samarria
as the president of the Alabama                                                       Dunson, has had a substantial impact
AlPHA, continued from page 5

Environmental Health Association in                                                   on the health and safety of Alabama’s
2007-2008 and served on the board                                                     citizens as she carries out her duties
for eight years. Currently, he serves                                                 in the Office of General Counsel of the
as an adjunct instructor for FEMA’s                                                   Alabama Department of Public Health.
Center for Domestic Preparedness                                                      In her current position, she serves as
and supports AlPHA by chairing the                                                    the HIPAA Officer for the department
                                                                                      as well as managing cases for Certified
Bylaws Committee and is the 2012-
                                                                                      Nursing Assistants, unlicensed facilities
2013 vice president. Ms. Brant said,
                                                                                      and vital statistics.
“Co-workers and colleagues agree that
Hatch is energetic about his work and
works tirelessly to ensure success at
whatever task is given to him.”

                                           Support letters for her nomination
                                                      Sandra Blakely

                                           state that Ms. Blakely “provides the
                                           highest level of customer service as
                                           she assists in coordinating local, state
                                           or national training programs.” She
                                           is also described as being “astute
                                           and perceptive in foreseeing issues
                                           and handles the tasks given her with
                                           efficiency and professionalism.” Ms.
                                           Blakely’s co-workers admit that
                                           her enthusiasm and excellence has          Ms. Dunson is not only a dedicated
                                                                                      Sammaria Dunson and Viki Brant

                                           been instrumental in building the          ADPH employee, but she is also
                                                                                      dedicated to helping others by
                                           successful reputation of the Video
                                                                                      supporting multiple organizations
                                           Communications and Distance
                                                                                      focusing on the improvement of the
                                           Learning Division of the Alabama
                                                                                      citizens of Alabama. Recently, Ms.
                                           Department of Public Health.
                                                                                      Dunson assisted the Montgomery
                                                                                      County Bar Association with raising
                                           Ms. Brant said, “Ms. Blakely
     Tim Hatch and Viki Brant

Hatch received his bachelor’s degree                                                  $37,500 for One Place Family Justice
from Auburn University and a Master        encompasses all the qualities one          Center, a comprehensive service and
of Public Administration degree from       desires in an employee, a co-worker and    support center which provides safety,
Auburn University Montgomery.              a friend. It is apparent to all who work   access to services, and confidentiality
Outside of work, he is a husband, father   with Sandra that she truly enjoys her      for victims of domestic violence.
and deacon at his local church. He also    work and the people with whom she
enjoys traveling and is an avid hunter     works. Her dependability, adaptability     Ms. Dunson received her bachelor’s
and follower of the Auburn Tigers.         and humbleness of character are the        and law degrees from the University
                                           qualities which make her deserving         of Alabama. She is a wife, mother and
The Virginia Kendrick Award recognizes     of such an honor as the recipient of       devoted family member. She is also
individuals who have provided notable      the Virginia Kendrick Award.”              involved in numerous professional
service to the people of Alabama                                                      and civic organizations.
while serving in a supporting role in      The Guy M. Tate Award is presented
the field of public health. This year’s    annually to a public health employee,      The recipient of the Anne M. Smith
recipient, Sandra Blakely, has provided    group or agency with 10 years or           Public Health Nurse of the Year Award
notable service in the Bureau of Health    less tenure in public health for           must exemplify the mission of public
Promotion and Chronic Disease and          outstanding current or recent service      health nursing in Alabama which
to public health workers across the        or contribution to public health.          is “to assure conditions in which
state and the country for the past 20      The service should be beyond the           individuals, families and communities
years. She is a wife, mother and devoted   job assignment and be one which            can be healthy utilizing the unique
family member.                             promotes and protects public health.       expertise of public health nurses to
6    A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H                                                                                JUlY 2012
assess, plan and implement programs
which promote health and prevent
disease.” Those working closely with
this year’s award recipient, Valerie
Cochran, feel that she exemplifies this
mission and serves as an excellent
example of public health nursing.

                                          supported AlPHA himself but as an
                                            Ruth Harrell and Ricky Elliott

                                          administrator in the department he
                                          has supported attendance and active
                                          participation by other employees. His
                                          dedication to the association can be    and has allowed the members of
                                                                                  Ruth Harrell and Dr. Max Michael

                                          further demonstrated by the many        the association to pursue advanced
                                          roles of leadership to which he has     degrees while continuing to perform
                                          been elected by his peers, including    their work-related duties. He is truly
Ms. Cochran has been a public health      AlPHA vice president, president-        a public health professional who has
          Valerie Cochran

nurse for 24 years and demonstrates       elect and president, and his service    dedicated himself to the advancement
the characteristics of a nurse leader     in other capacities. He was awarded     of AlPHA, making him highly qualified
every day. She is known nationally for    the Ira L. Myers Scholarship to the     for induction to the Hall of Fame.
her nursing expertise and exhibits        University of Alabama at Birmingham
not only knowledge, but concern for       School of Public Health for two years   The Ira L. Myers Scholarship is
both patients and staff. Her colleagues   as he worked to increase his fund of    awarded annually to a student who
describe her as passionate about          knowledge further preparing him         is a candidate for a Master’s or
nursing and nursing education. She        to provide the level of management      Doctorate of Public Health degree
is also innovative in her support and     needed to advance within the field      at the School of Public Health at the
participation in public health services   of public health.                       University of Alabama at Birmingham.
and has the ability to “focus on the                                              The scholarship is given in memory of
task at hand without losing sight of      Dr. Michael has served as an active     Ira L. Myers, M.D., M.P.H., who served
the big picture.”                         participant of the AlPHA board for      as the State Health Officer of Alabama
                                          more than a decade and has done a       for 23 years.
Ms. Cochran is involved in numerous       great deal to assure the stability of
organizations and has served on the       the members of the association as       This year’s recipient is Evan Floyd. He
board of the Alabama Public Health        beneficiaries of scholarship funds.     is currently pursuing his Doctorate of
Association since 2007. Recently,         He has been an avid supporter of        Public Health with a strong interest
she was honored as the 2012               the educational programs as well        in industrial hygiene. While his main
Distinguished Nursing Alumni from         as the annual conferences, having       project is developing a new sampling
the Auburn University Montgomery          served frequently as a program          method using carbon nanotubes,
School of Nursing.                        presenter. His reputation as a public   he took time to participate in an
                                          health professional at the state and    exploratory sampling trip following
Inducted into the Class of 2012 of        national level has placed him in a      the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Floyd
the AlPHA Hall of Fame were Ricky         position to be recognized often by      is described by his professor as having
Elliott and Dr. Max Michael.              various awards and honors. His          high professional ethics, being a
                                          dedicated commitment to AlPHA           dedicated father and community
Elliott has been an active member         is demonstrated by his continued        member and a future leader in the
of AlPHA since the beginning of his       support and willingness to serve the    field of industrial hygiene. He is
public health career and has supported    membership in various ways each year.   already noted to have presented at
the association by his commitment         His continued direction at the UAB      national conferences as well as the
of time and dedication to the mission     School of Public Health has provided    AlPHA conference last year.
of the organization. He has not only      a very high quality of leadership
JUlY 2012                                                                                  A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H   7
National Clinical Laboratory Professionals Week

    Bureau of Clinical Laboratories staff members                Door prize drawings, such as this one in which an
 collected donations of food for the Montgomery Area            Auburn University back-scratcher was won, added to
Food Bank and pet supplies for a local humane society.                               the fun.
 A blood drive was also conducted onsite on April 25.

 Lab employees who purchased and donned T-shirts are                Spirited and fun events for National Clinical
  shown at the building entrance on “Feelin’ Lab-tastic         Laboratory Professionals Week included field games
 Friday.” In addition, Gov. Robert Bentley, Mobile Mayor          on Friday, and a guessing game where photos of
 Sam Jones and Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange each                employees’ noses were displayed and staff guessed
signed official proclamations for the week of April 24-27.         the identities of the people to match the noses.
                                                                Special days included Team Colors Day, Wacky Tacky
                                                                               Wednesday and Hat Day.

Webcast Raises Awareness of Bullying
     he Office of Minority Health offered a webcast program
T    on bullying in today’s society. The program was intended
to raise awareness around the impact of bullying on mental
health issues in children and adolescents. Information
was provided on signs and symptoms, characteristics of
bullying perpetrators and survivors, and types of bullying
including texting, sexting and cyberbullying. Speakers also
provided tips on how to address bullying in their schools,
churches and communities. Pictured from left to right are
Dr. Debra Hodges, Melanie Beasley of the Family Sunshine
Center, Elana Parker Merriweather and Julia Sosa.

8    A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H                                                                       JUlY 2012
Skin Cancer Booth a Success                                                              Retirees
at Mobile Bay LPGA Classic
    he Alabama Comprehensive             examined those who were concerned

T   Cancer      Control Program          about spots on their skin.                Bureau of Clinical Laboratories
                                                                                         Rena Dispennette

participated in a skin cancer
awareness booth April 27-29 at           Attendees and tournament staff were     Etowah County Health Department
                                                                                           Barbara Guyton

the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic at the       extremely enthusiastic about the
Magnolia Grove Robert Trent Jones        ACCCP’s presence and were interested     Bureau of Information Technology
                                                                                              Eugene Hill

golf course in Mobile.                   in protection from skin cancer. Some
                                         passersby stopped to talk about their   Baldwin County Health Department
                                                                                         Gwendolyn Hodges

At the booth, staff members Scott        experiences with melanoma as well
Thomas and Bret Stanfield from           as other types of cancer.                      Public Health Area VII
                                                                                             Betty Jowers

the ACCCP and Gavin Graf and Erica
Anderson from the FITWAY Colorectal      The mother of Lexi Thompson, runner-    Madison County Health Department
                                                                                            Gregory Moors

Cancer Prevention Program talked         up in the tournament, stopped by the
with arriving spectators, vendors and    booth to grab some lip balm and let         Washington County Health
                                                                                            Cynthia Odom

tournament staff on ways to prevent      the staff know that Lexi had attached                Department
skin cancer.                             a “Be Tobacco Free” carabiner to her
                                         golf bag.

The team brought plenty of                                                       Colbert County Health Department
                                                                                       Marilyn Hollingsworth

educational skin cancer material and     This year’s tournament marks the
free items, including reusable grocery   fifth ACCCP and LPGA partnership             Tallapoosa County Health
                                                                                            Tonya Hudson

bags and golf towels complete with       at the Magnolia Grove Robert Trent                   Department
the Alabama Comprehensive Cancer         Jones golf course.
Control Coalition logo. Sunscreen and                                            Etowah County Health Department
                                                                                            Rose Patterson

SPF-15 lip balm, “Red is Not Your
                                                                                       Marshall County Health
                                                            By Bret Stanfield

Color” fans and golf tees were also
                                                                                             Nancy Peters

popular items at the booth.                                                                   Department

Local dermatologist Scott Freeman,                                               Etowah County Health Department
                                                                                            Shirley Provitt

M.D., was also on hand Saturday
morning to administer free skin                                                  Houston County Health Department
                                                                                            Betty Thomas

cancer screenings to more than 20
attendees who took advantage of

                                                                                  Macon County Health Department
                                         Dr. Scott Freeman (left) of Sunrise

this opportunity. Freeman answered
                                         Dermatology helped with the skin                    Floy Crowley

questions about skin care issues and
                                           cancer booth at the Mobile Bay

                                                                                     Montgomery County Health
                                           LPGA Classic by administering
                                                                                             Jennifer Gray

                                             free skin cancer screenings.

                                                                                     Bureau of Health Provider
                                                                                            Barbara Hurst


                                                                                       Choctaw County Health
                                                                                               Alice Lyles


                                                                                       Talladega County Health
                                                                                           Lynn Phurrough


                                                                                       Talladega County Health
                                                                                         Revonda Stephens

                                           Colleagues honored Shellie F.
                                          Lyles upon her retirement from

                                                                                 Chilton County Health Department
                                           the Oral Health Program with
  Bureau of Clinical Laboratories         25 years of service. Chris Haag,                 Patricia Tidwell

                                                                                 Monroe County Health Department
    Director Sharon Massingale            deputy director of the Bureau of
presents a retirement certificate to     Family Health Services, hands her                   Fannie Watts
 Craig Wilson upon his retirement          a retirement certificate as her
   following 25 years of service.                  family looks on.

JUlY 2012                                                                                A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H   9
Trauma Care Telestroke Pilot
Project Will Advance Stroke Care
   he Alabama Department of Public Health has awarded           The public is encouraged to become familiar with the
T  grants totaling $55,000 to establish a system to help        symptoms of stroke, which are as follows:
purchase necessary equipment and training to extend
improved stroke care expertise to hospitals in the
Montgomery, Prattville and Andalusia areas.                     Stroke is an emergency. If you are among the millions of

                                                                Americans who are not yet familiar with the symptoms
In the pilot project, specialists will use videoconferencing    of stroke, here is a quick and easy way to remember how
technology to remotely examine the patient, confirm             to recognize a stroke when it happens to someone you
the diagnosis, interpret the brain images, and provide          know. Remember the word FAST.
recommendations to the hospital’s physicians. The project
follows a “hub-and-spoke” model which will be created
through a partnership with Baptist Medical Center South         Can the person smile? Has his or her mouth or eyes drooped?
                                                                F = Facial Weakness

in Montgomery as the “hub” and Prattville Baptist Hospital
and Andalusia Regional Hospital as the “spokes.”                Can the person raise both arms? Is one arm slightly lower?
                                                                A = Arm Weakness

Dr. Steve Suggs, medical director of the Stroke Center at       Can the person speak or see clearly and understand what
                                                                S = Speech/Sight Difficulty

Baptist South, says the telemedicine service will save lives    you say?
and reduce disability. “The grant monies are being utilized
to enable technology that allows hospitals that don’t have      Time loss is brain lost. Call 9-1-1.
                                                                T = Time to Act

emergency neurology coverage to treat stroke patients in
a timely manner.”                                               If a person experiences any of these symptoms or observes
                                                                them in anyone else, call 9-1-1 at once. Evaluation and
Stroke is the leading cause of disability and one of the        therapy are needed to obtain the best possible stroke
leading causes of death in the U.S. Alabama has one of          outcome.
the highest stroke mortality rates in the entire country.
A conservative cost estimate for one stroke in Alabama          For more information on cardiovascular health, visit adph.
is approximately $140,000, including hospitalization,           org/cvh or
treatment and rehabilitation.

When treating an acute stroke patient, time is foremost.
One of the most important treatments emergency room
physicians use is Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA), a
blood thinner which dissolves artery-clogging blood clots
which cause most strokes. TPA may only be administered
within three hours (and up to 4.5 hours in certain cases)
following onset of stroke symptoms. Effective use of
telestroke and timely use of tPA could decrease length of
stay, rehabilitation, and nursing home costs.

“This project has the potential to dramatically improve
quality of care given to stroke patients by saving precious
time and delivering expert neurologic care to patients
experiencing stroke symptoms,” said Dr. Donald Williamson,
state health officer.

Additional benefits include eliminating unnecessary transfers
and reducing costs through shorter hospitalizations and
                                                                   Pictured, left to right, are Melissa Davis, Patty

providing a more accurate and timely diagnosis.
                                                                 Ashworth, Amy Herrington, Ben Kelley, Jr., Ginger
                                                                 Henry, Dr. Steve Suggs, Dr. Donald Williamson and
                                                                                  Dr. Steve Selinsky.

10   A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H                                                                             JUlY 2012
School Personnel Join Scale Back Alabama 2012
     early 30,000 persons participated in the 2012 Scale        The 10-week competition for adults was held from January
N    Back Alabama weight-loss competition, and a total of       through April. Scale Back Alabama is a joint project of the
148,963 pounds were lost. The sixth annual competition          Alabama Hospital Association, the Alabama Department
was comprised of 514 teams of four persons in which             of Public Health, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.
all members lost 10 pounds; 7,649 individuals lost at
least 10 pounds.                                                The program addresses the problem of obesity in Alabama,
                                                                as summarized below.
Molly Killman, M.S., R.D., L.D., assistant director of the
Nutrition and Physical Activity Division, coordinated the
Scale Back Alabama Schools Program which targets school
personnel. In its third year, Scale Back Schools gives public
                                                                Excerpts from ‘The Cost of Obesity to You’

and private school faculty and staff the opportunity to
                                                                Fact Sheet

                                                                • The Obesity Action Coalition states that there
work in teams to achieve a healthy lifestyle while being a        are more than 30 medical conditions that are
positive role model for their students. Schools that formed       associated with obesity. The most prevalent obesity-
five or more teams were eligible to become a Scale Back           related diseases include: high blood pressure;
School. These schools received special recognition and            high cholesterol; diabetes; heart disease; stroke;
were entered in a separate school drawing for prizes that         gallbladder disease; osteoarthritis; sleep apnea
promote good physical activity and nutrition behaviors            and respiratory problems; and some cancers
for the students.                                                 (endometrial, breast and colon).
“The Scale Back Alabama School program is a unique way          • reports that more than 80
to teach children about the importance of good health at          percent of people with Type 2 diabetes, the most
school through role modeling,” Ms. Killman said. “This            common form of the disease, are obese or overweight.
year, there were nearly 1,900 teachers, school nurses,
administrators, nutrition staff, and others from across         • According to the U.S. Surgeon General, obese
the state working to scale back and get healthy!”                 individuals have a 50 percent to 100 percent
                                                                  increased risk of premature death from all causes
Sixty-seven Alabama schools took part in Scale Back Schools       as compared to those with healthy weights.
in 2012, the third year of the program. The randomly
selected 2012 Scale Back Alabama Schools prize winners          • Individuals who are obese have 30 percent to 50
were Mary B. Austin Elementary School in Mobile and               percent more chronic medical problems than those
Grantswood Community School in Irondale. These two                who smoke or drink heavily. The effects of obesity
schools received a physical activity equipment tool kit that      are similar to 20 years of aging.
will enhance physical activity in their students. This was
made possible thanks to the support of the Nutrition and
Physical Activity Division and the Governor’s Commission
                                                                  (Roland Sturm, UCLA/RAND Managed Care Center for

on Physical Fitness.
                                                                  Psychiatric Disorders, The Effects of Obesity, Smoking
                                                                  and Drinking on MedicalProblems and Costs, Health

A special feature this year is that participants received
                                                                  Affairs, March/April 2002.)

                                                                • While being overweight and/or obese can negatively
encouragement from Biggest Loser contest winners and              impact one’s health, adopting a healthy lifestyle can
sisters Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee. The sisters lost a         improve an individual’s chances against sickness and
combined 249 pounds during the competition and now                disease.
travel the country encouraging Americans to eat less and
move more. During the contest, they shared valuable             • According to the U.S. Surgeon General, weight loss, as
advice with participants through weekly emails that               modest as 5 to 15 percent of total body weight in a
offered health tips and encouragement.                            person who is overweight or obese, reduces the risk
                                                                  factors for some diseases, particularly heart disease.
“Mission Slimpossible” from Jefferson County and                  Weight loss can result in lower blood pressure,
“Slenderellas” from Tuscaloosa County were voted the              lower blood sugar and improved cholesterol levels.
team name contest winners.

JUlY 2012                                                                                    A l A b A m A ’ s H e A l t H 11
                                    Calendar of Events

        ADPH Statewide                  Changing Paradigms in             STD Update 2012,           Caring for Obese Patients in
           July 12                             July 18                        July 25                        August 8

     Staff Meeting, 3-4 p.m.          Maternal and Child Health:            10 a.m.-noon.                Home Care, 2-4 p.m.
                                     Innovative Lessons from the
 For more information contact         Life Course, noon-1:30 p.m.   For more information contact     For more information contact
    Video Communications,                                            Thresa Dix, (334) 206-3377.            Becky Leavins,
                                    For more information contact
       (334) 206-5618.                 Video Communications,                                          (334) 393-5528, or Shirley
                                          (334) 206-5618.                                               Offutt, (334) 206-2481.

   Act Early Alabama: Early           Influenza Update for ADPH       HIV Expanded Testing at        Managing the Obese Patient;
          August 9                          August 14                       August 23                        August 29

    Identification of Autism                 Staff, 1-2 p.m.          HBCUs, 10:30 a.m.-noon.        Nutrition, Skin and Mobility
 Spectrum Disorders and Other                                                                              Issues, 2-4 p.m.
  Developmental Disabilities,
          noon-2 p.m.                   For more information           For more information
                                                                                                         For more information
                                       contact Tracey England,       contact Brenda Cummings,
 For more information contact                                                                           contact Becky Leavins,
                                          (334) 206-2047.                 (334) 206-5364.             (334) 393-5528, or Shirley
    Video Communications,
       (334) 206-5618.                                                                                  Offutt, (334) 206-2481.

       Smoking Cessation            Home Health Program, 2-4 p.m.      Healthy Aging in Livable         Home Health, 2-4 p.m.
       September 11                       September 12                    September 19                    September 26

     Coverage for Plan First                                            Communities, 2-4 p.m.
      Recipients, 2-4 p.m.              For more information                                            For more information
                                        contact Becky Leavins,      For more information contact        contact Becky Leavins,
 For more information contact            (334) 393-5528, or          Elana Parker Merriweather,          (334) 393-5528, or
 Annie Vosel, (334) 206-2959.               Shirley Offutt,               (334) 206-7980.                   Shirley Offutt,
                                           (334) 206-2481.                                                 (334) 206-2481.

        ADPH Statewide              Home Health Program, 2-4 p.m.         Diabetes, 2-4 p.m.         Home Fit for Living (National
          October 4                         October 10                     November 7                      November 8

     Staff Meeting, 3-4 p.m.                                                                         Caregivers Month), 2-4 p.m.
                                        For more information        For more information contact
 For more information contact           contact Becky Leavins,      Debra Griffin, (334) 206-2066.   For more information contact
    Video Communications,                (334) 393-5528, or                                           Elana Parker Merriweather,
       (334) 206-5618.                      Shirley Offutt,                                                (334) 206-7980.
                                           (334) 206-2481.

12   A l A b A m A’ s H e A l t H                                                                                    JulY 2012

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