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					                       HOPE IN ACTION
Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association • www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208   Winter 2009 • Volume 27 • Number 4
    MIFA Board of Directors
        Executive Committee
            Price Ford, Chair
   Jef Feibelman, Vice Chair
        Judy Royal, Secretary
       Ward Mayer, Treasurer
     Rev. Steve Montgomery
               Peggy Brewer        Dear Friends,
                    Paul Berz
                                   Thanks to all of you for helping spread the word about Something Good in Memphis! The community’s
                  Jordan Barré     response to our campaign has been overwhelming, and we have heard wonderful stories about the
                Otha Brandon
          Rev. Don Feuerbach       many good hearts and hard-working hands in Memphis.
               Mark Finestone
              Yvonne Madlock       It is really no surprise that Something Good in Memphis has caught the attention of so many people in
                 Wilma McGee       the community – in times of trial, we look for positive and uplifting examples to remind us why we’re
               Kojo McLennon       here. And Something Good in Memphis has certainly provided inspiration – from prominent local leaders
                 Snow Morgan
                     Amy Poag      to honest passersby, people are doing good things in our city every day, and we are grateful.
           Rev. Ollie Rencher
                 Chris Suhoza      I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the stories of a few nominees featured in this issue of Hope in
                 Peter Tosches     Action. If you haven’t already nominated someone – or even if you have – please be sure to recognize
               Blanchard Tual      the people you know who make Memphis better. You may submit your nomination online at
           Cathy Polk VanLeit      SomethingGoodinMemphis.org or by completing and mailing the form on page 5.
                David Waddell
                Russ Williams      Thanks to each of you for being something good in Memphis!
               Emily Woodside
            Executive Director
          Margaret Craddock        Sincerely,

          Hope in Action staff
         Ellen Whitten, Editor
          ewhitten@mifa.org        Margaret Craddock
              (901) 529-4507       Executive Director
      Jessica Jones, Designer
                 James Seacat,
      Communications Director
Sally Heinz, VP of Development
              sheinz@mifa.org      Cover photos by Hank Word. Left to right: Alec McLean & Ollie Rencher,
              (901) 529-4523       Kris Kourdouvelis, Jennifer Fearn & Kembree Darakshani.
2 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                            www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
   Something Good in Memphis takes off!
      In September, MIFA set out to recognize the good in our community by
   creating Something Good in Memphis. Memphians from every corner of our
   city have responded in a huge way, sharing their stories about the kindness
   of friends, neighbors, relatives, and strangers. Sometimes it seems easier to
   focus on the negative, but we want to thank everyone who has reminded us
   how much good there is in our community!
     We hope you enjoy a sampling of nominations in this issue of Hope in
   Action – to see more or to nominate someone you know, visit

   Gretchen Kirk is an inspiration!
   Nominated by Barbara Olson.
   Gretchen joined our faculty at St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School
   in August, 2006, and immediately made an impact on our students and
   teachers. She and her husband recycle notebook paper and containers
   from school events, reminding us that nothing is wasted and that we must
   respect our environment. Gretchen developed a program in which our
   sophomores work prepare and serve lunch monthly at the St. Vincent de
   Paul Soup Kitchen in Midtown. She led the upper school class chaplains
   in a blessing for pets and worked with the chaplains to place a prayer for
   safe driving on all autos on campus. She is a visible and vocal supporter
   of Race for the Cure in Memphis and coordinated prayer services for
   those with cancer. Making a difference on our campus as an administrator,
   teacher, mother, spouse, and friend, Gretchen is respected for her giving
   nature, her care for each member of our school community, and for her
   energy and smile for all.

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                        HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 3
  Something Good in Memphis nominees from across the city!

  Checkmate. Sheun Aluko               Doug Harpell helps a                   Jenni Helms is an Autism            Natalie Jalenak is
  shares the joy of chess              stranger                               Angel                               Something Good!
  Nominated by Scott Moore.            Nominated by Jessika Jordan.           Nominated by Katie Steinbrecher.    Nominated by Judy Royal.
  Sheun Aluko is a junior at White     I am nominating my dad because         Jenni created a place in Memphis    Natalie Jalenak is a devoted
  Station High School who heads        a couple of weeks ago he helped        where children on the Austism       Meals on Wheels volunteer, feeds
  up a Chess Club for kids in the      a total stranger pull his car out of   Spectrum can learn, laugh, play,    newborns at the Med, and visits
  Binghampton       neighborhood.      the mud. He did not even know          and just be themselves. She is an   seniors at a nursing home weekly.
  They meet on Saturdays at the        this person but he wanted to do it     awesome Autism Angel! Jenni         She still finds time to bake the
  Caritas Village at Merton and        because he needed help. My dad         Helms is Something Good in          BEST chocolate chip cookies!!
  Harvard. Sheun is involved in        is always offering help to people      Memphis.                            Natalie is truly Something Good
  many activities of his own, but      in need and I just wanted him to                                           in Memphis.
  takes time to share his skills and   be recognized for his good deeds!
  gifts with the community. Sheun
  is Something Good in Memphis.

4 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                                    www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
  Witt Meloni gave his                   Delvin Lane is Something             Alim Khandekar brings                Chris Reyes exposes
  summer vacation                        Good in Memphis                      faiths together                      Memphis
  Nominated by Fr. John Pitzer.          Nominated by Rob Thompson.           Nominated by Mohammed                Nominated by Lauren Rae
  It is always great to see a young      Delvin is a former gang banger       Moinuddin.                           Holtermann.
  man or woman make a decision to        who now serves the community         Alim Khandekar and his               Chris strives to use his interests –
  do something different with his/       he once was a menace to. Delvin      committee were responsible for       film and animation – to spotlight
  her summer time off. Witt had the      works at Streets Ministries in       celebrating the third annual Iftar   the good things and good people in
  desire to not only work but to help    the Foote and Cleaborn Homes         dinner on September 10, 2009.        Memphis through his organization,
  others. As one of his priests at St.   community, and he provides a         The dinner brought together Jews,    Live From Memphis. Along with
  Peter’s, I would like to commend       ray of hope to high school kids at   Christians, Hindus, Buddhists,       Live From Memphis co-creators
  his efforts and the work he did this   Booker T. Washington who often       and Muslims with speeches from       Sarah Fleming and Brad Phelan,
  summer at MIFA.                        have very hard lives. Delvin Lane    leaders of each group.               Chris gave recognition and exposure
                                         is Something Good in Memphis.                                             to the little guys through the Flipsides
                                                                                                                   series, like Memphis Roller Derby,
                                                                                                                   local bands, Rozelle Artists Guild,
                                                                                                                   VINI, and many more.

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                                                      HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 5 • 5
Jennifer Hyatt is Something                Prabhakar and Rohini                      Trey Carter is committed to           John Boevingloh is a great
Good!                                      Parikh serve our community                Memphis                               Ombudsman
Nominated by Deborah Hyatt.                Nominated by Linda Marks.                 Nominated by Benjamin Connell.        Nominated by Rick Finkey.
As an artist, she recycles scrap           MIFA and Memphis are fortunate            Patrick (Trey) Carter III is a        John Boevingloh is Something
metal into beautiful, functional, and      to have this generous and gracious        perfect example of of a young         Good in Memphis. As a Volunteer
imaginative works of art. She is a         couple among us. In addition                                                    Long-Term Care Ombudsman,
                                                                                     entrepreneur who understands
volunteer member of Revolutions            to performing innumerable acts
                                                                                     that giving back to the community     John has developed a special
Community Bicycle Shop at First            of kindness and compassion for
Congregational Church, which               friends and the community at large,       is about more than giving money, it   connection with the residents at
provides the working poor and all          Prabhakar, a retired engineer, has        also takes time. He has organized     his nursing home. On the rare
Memphians with bikes and the tools         delivered MIFA Meals weekly for           food drives to provide dinners for    occasions when he misses his
and knowledge to keep them in good         over 11 years. He also serves as a        the homeless as well as clothing      regular visit, the residents ask the
working order. And she reads for the       volunteer in MIFA’s Long-Term                                                   facility to call MIFA and make sure
                                                                                     drives for those in need. He shows
Memphis Public Library’s WYPL              Care Ombudsman program. Rohini,
                                                                                     a strong commitment to making         he is okay.
radio station, which serves the visually   a retired pharmacist, is a frequent
impaired (and anyone who enjoys a          companion on Meals routes, and she        his community a better place, and
good read!) with daily presentations       sometimes brings their grandchildren      he is a role model for those who
of newspapers, magazines, and              along, so they will learn about service   want to have a positive impact on
books. Thank you, Jennifer!                at an early age.                          the lives of others.
6 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                                             www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
         Two ways to nominate someone you know –
               1. Visit SomethingGoodinMemphis.org

               2. Complete the form below and mail it to:
                              Something Good in Memphis
                              P O. Box 3130
                              Memphis, TN 38173-0130

          1. Your name: _____________________________________________________________________________________
          2. Your email address: _______________________________________________________________________________
          3. Your nominee: ___________________________________________________________________________________
          4. Why he/she is Something Good in Memphis: _____________________________________________________________

          5. Nominee’s address and email address (we would like to acknowledge your nominee):


www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                            HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 7
Share something good with MIFA holiday cards!
   MIFA makes giving easy and meaningful with holiday tribute cards for everyone on your list.

                                       MIFA holiday cards are unique gifts that honor your loved ones while
                                       supporting MIFA’s life-changing programs. Your choice of two original
                                       card designs will be personalized, hand-addressed, and mailed by MIFA.
                                       The requested donation per card is $10.
                                       For more information or to place an order, contact Nancy Martin at
                                       (901) 529-4525, nmarting@mifa.org, or visit mifa.org.
8 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                 www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
        MIFA Housing Opportunities                                                                    Featured program
         Stabilizing and transforming
         families in crisis

         “We were homeless and didn’t have a place to stay until
         MIFA took me and my mom in. It has made our life so
         much better. Thank you, MIFA – we love you!”

            MIFA Housing Opportunities offers eligible homeless families a
         fresh start through transitional housing and comprehensive life skills
         education. Residents work with case managers to become financially
         independent and attend classes that teach them to be better parents.
         Their children learn to cook, create, and be self-confident.
            One of this year’s MIFA holiday card designs was created by stu-
         dents like Nicholas in the Urban Art House at the Life Skills Institute.
         Through their Life Skills classes, children learn about health and nu-
         trition, teamwork, and self-expression through art.

         For more information about MIFA Housing Opportunities and the Life Skills Institute, visit
         our website: mifa.org/housing.

              Art classes at the Life Skills Institute teach formerly homeless children in MIFA’s
                           transitional housing the value of self-expression. Photo by Jim Seacat.
www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                           HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 9
               Holiday Opportunities                                                      WAYS TO HELP FAMILIES IN CRISIS
                                                                                          Emergency Services/MLGW Plus-1: MIFA’s Emergency
  The holidays can be difficult for many of the people we serve. Seniors are alone
                                                                                          Services serves the working poor who have had their employment
  in a season when they should be surrounded by family, and families struggle to          hours cut, been laid off, or experienced illness or injury that caused
  keep the lights on and afford gifts for their children. You can make a difference for   them to miss work without pay. MIFA administers the funds collected
  a lot of people during the holidays by giving to MIFA. Your gifts for children and      through MLGW’s Plus-1 program to help these individuals and
  seniors go directly to our clients, and your support for our programs provides relief   families with utility payments during the coldest months of the year.
  for those who need it most.                                                             Your donations are vital during the winter months because they go
                                                                                          directly to the people who need them most. For more information or
         Corporations, please contact Anna Kathryn Word at                                to make a donation, visit mifa.org/donate or plus1memphis.org.
         aword@mifa.org or (901) 529-4560.
         Congregations, please contact Linda Marks at                                     Holiday Hope Chest: Each year, Holiday Hope Chest provides
         lmarks@mifa.org or (901) 527-0208 x218.                                          gifts for the children in MIFA Housing Opportunities. New,
                                                                                          unwrapped gifts valued at $15 or more for children up to age 12
  WAYS TO HELP SENIORS                                                                    or gift cards for teens are needed. We also accept donations of
  Christmas Day Meals Delivery: Each year on Christmas morning,                           wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape. The volunteer date for sorting
  volunteers deliver MIFA Meals to seniors in the Memphis area. These                     and wrapping gifts is Saturday, December 19. To donate, contact
  volunteers may be a client’s only human contact on this family-oriented                 Ellen Whitten at ewhitten@mifa.org or 529-4507.
  holiday. Make MIFA Meals a Christmas tradition for your family! To
  reserve a route, call the Christmas Hotline at (901) 529-4529.                          The MIFA Store: Your donations of new or gently used clothing
                                                                                          and household items to The MIFA Store are more important during
  Holiday Gift Bags for Seniors: Holiday Gift Bags for Seniors:                           the holiday season than any other time of year. Many shoppers rely
  Volunteers deliver gift bags to seniors with their meals on Christmas                   on the store for affordable holiday gifts, but more importantly, colder
  Day. If you are interested in donating gifts, please consider the following             days require warm clothing, which we provide at modest prices. All
  items: blanket, stationery, postage stamps, winter cap, sweater, t-shirt,               proceeds benefit MIFA’s programs. For more information or for a
  socks (regular or non-skid), mittens or gloves, puzzle/crossword puzzle/                complete list of drop-off sites, visit mifa.org/mifastore or call (901)
  dominos, lotion, flashlight, lap robe, hygiene products. Gift bags may be               529-4504.
  assembled, secured with ribbon, and decorated. All donations must be
  received by December 11 at 4:30 p.m. For more information, contact
  Angela Scott at (901) 529-4551 or ascott@mifa.org.

10 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                                               www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
  OTHER WAYS TO HELP MIFA CLIENTS                                           posters are available for participants. For more information or to sign
  Holiday Cards: MIFA Holiday Cards are unique gifts that honor             up, contact Linda Marks at lmarks@mifa.org or (901) 527-0208 x218.
  your loved ones while supporting MIFA! Send us a list of your friends,
  family members, or associates, and we will mail each of them a card       2010 Madonna Circle Memphis Antiques, Garden &
  with a hand-written, personalized message. Two card designs are           Gourmet Show: Madonna Circle will hold its annual antiques,
  available (see page 8), and the requested donation per card is $10. For   garden, and gourmet show at Agricenter International February 25 –
  more information or to order, visit mifa.org/holidaycards or contact      28, 2010. This year, Madonna Circle supported MIFA with a $2,500
  Nancy Martin at (901) 529-4525 or nmartin@mifa.org.                       grant from the show’s proceeds. For more information, contact event
                                                                            chair Pam Callahan at pcallahan1@hotmail.com.
  Volunteers are needed to prepare MIFA Holiday Cards for mailing
  December 1 – 23. Volunteers are welcome Monday through Thursday               *Please note that MIFA cannot accept donations of perishable food items.
  between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Wednesdays between 4 and 6 p.m.                Nonperishable items may be delivered to the Emergency Services department
  For more information, contact Charlie Nelson at cnelson@mifa.org              inside our headquarters at 910 Vance Ave.
  or (901) 529-4514.

  Saturday Volunteer Opportunities: On certain Saturdays
  throughout the year, MIFA is open for a number of volunteer
  opportunities, including but not limited to MIFA Meals delivery,
  Handyman training, MIFA tours and volunteer orientation, and                                    Thanks to MLGW for
  congregational liason training. The MIFA Store is also open on these
  dates. The remaining volunteer Saturday this year is December 19.                               supporting MIFA since 1982!
  For more information, visit mifa.org/volunteersaturdays or contact                              Plus-1 is made possible through the cooperation
  Charlie Nelson at cnelson@mifa.org or (901) 529-4514.                                           and generosity of Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

  Coming Soon:
  2010 Souper Bowl of Caring: Local congregational and campus
  youth groups are invited to help raise money for MIFA Meals on
  February 7, 2010, through the Souper Bowl of Caring. Participating
  groups collect donations following church services or during Super Bowl
  parties. Every $6 raised provides one meal for one senior. T-shirts and

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                                                       HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 11
thanks to all
                                     Presenting sponsor: SunTrust                         Davis & Russ Wigginton, Perry Dement, Amy &         Special thanks to: Amerispan Tents, Hicks
                                                                                          Joey Dudek, Amy Beth Dudley, Jennifer & Carlos      Convention Services, Kris Kourdouvelis &
                                     Supporting sponsors: Harrah’s Entertainment,         Fearn, Minta & Price Ford, Kat Gordon & Thomas      Sharon Gray, Margaret McLean, Michael
our feed the                         ServiceMaster, Thomas & Betts
                                     Soul sponsors: Americhoice by UnitedHealthCare,
                                                                                          Robinson, Sharon Gray & Kris Kourdouvelis, Amy
                                                                                          Greer, Jonathan C. Hancock, Yvonne Joiner, Alex
                                                                                                                                              McPherson, Memphis Grizzlies Dance Team,
                                                                                                                                              Nike, ServiceMaster Clean, Hank Word, WUMR
soul supporters!                     Autozone, Comcast, Elvis Presley Charitable          & Chad Lopes, Maggie & Milton Lovell, Jane
                                                                                          & Ward Mayer, Genesha McCraven & Marcus
                                                                                                                                              91.7 & Tanya Bowley, MIFA staff and Volunteers •
                                                                                                                                              Food & beverage: Another Roadside Attraction,
                                     Foundation, FedEx Solutions, Fred’s, Inc.,
                                     Grinder, Taber & Grinder, Inc., Memphis Grizzlies,   Dorris, Margaret & Alec McLean, Anne-Morgan         Catering for U, Chattanooga Bakery, Inc., Circa by
                                     NewSouth Capital Management, Inc., Pfizer, Inc.,     & Michael Morgan, James Nelson, Kate Pera,          John Bragg, The Blue Monkey, The Brushmark at
                                     Speak Creative, Valero Memphis Refinery              Lauri & David Prather, Terry Reeves, Jerry Roach,   The Brooks, Ernestine & Hazel’s, The Inn at Hunt
                                                                                          Shannon & Lisa Robinson, Wendy & Cary Rotter,       Phelan Restaurant, Lickety Split Ice Cream, Pa Pa
                                     Rock ‘n’ Roll sponsors: archer>malmo, Church         Elizabeth Saxton, Erin & Hugh Shackleford, Mae      Pia’s, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Swanky’s Taco
                                     of the Holy Communion, Coors Light, Dixon            & Ed Stanton, Becky & Chris Suhoza, Norma           Shop, Coors Light, PepsiAmericas, Inc., Victor L.
                                     Hughes PLLC, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken        Upshur & Jeff Farmer, Cathy & Mark VanLeit,         Robilio Company, Swanky’s Taco Shop, Buster’s
                                     (Downtown and Collierville locations), Hog Wild      KC & Jeff Warren, Dr. Skip Watson, Monica N.        Liquors & Wines • Raffle prizes: Amro Music
                                     BBQ, Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau,           & Andre C. Wharton, Mary Wilder & Chuck Fox,        Stores, The Blue Monkey, Buckman Performing
                                     Memphis Dermatology Clinic, P.A., Norma Upshur       Hope Wilkinson, Neville & Warfield Williams, Pat    Arts Center, Chick-fil-A, Custom Gifts & More,
                                     & Jeff Farmer, Swanky’s Taco Shop, Thomas Chu,       Mitchell & Billie Worley                            Dabbles Hair Co., Davis-Kidd Booksellers, Inc.,
                                     M.D., P.C.                                                                                               Henley Glassworks, Kevin Barré Photography,
                                                                                          Steering committee: Jordan Barré, Tanya             Lenny’s Sub Shop, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art,
                                     Honorary co-hosts: Merry & Johnny B. Moore, Jr.      Bowley, Elisabeth Callihan, Maysey Craddock,        Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Pizza Café, National
                                                                                          Amy Beth Dudley, Katie Foster, Nicole Gates,        Civil Rights Museum, Pearl’s Oyster House, Pet’s
                                     Honorary host committee: Jordan & Kevin Barré,       Suzanne Henley, Karen McClarty, Christina Ross,
                                     Jennie Bledsoe, Toni Boland, Mary Allison & Andy                                                         Choice Animal Clinic, Ruth’s Chris Steak House,
                                                                                          Chris Suhoza                                        Sauces, Sole, Soul Fish Café, Young Avenue Deli
                                     Cates, Nancy Cheairs & Jim Buchman, Anita

   D ays               of           Hope              The following individuals, organizations, and businesses have sponsored a Day of Hope at MIFA with an annual
                                                      gift of $5,000 or more. (Reflects Day of Hope designations from FY09 and FY10 received by October 22, 2009)
   January 8                                        February 14                                    March 27                                       April 17
   Elvis Presley Charitable                         Andrew Blake Scoggin                           Mr. and Mrs. Fred Montesi                      FedEx
   Foundation                                       in honor of Lemma Schwendimann                 in memory of Mr. Wendell Palmer
   in honor of the birthday of Elvis Presley                                                                                                      May 1
                                                    March 4                                        April 4                                        EXXONMOBIL Foundation
   February 6                                       Jeanne and Frank Jemison                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Powell                       in honor of 26 years delivering meals -
   Fischer Lime & Cement Co.                        in honor of the anniversary of Peggy and       in memory of Gladys H. Justice                 Exxon Annuitant Club of Memphis
   in memory of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Walters     Dick Bodine
                                                                                                   April 15                                       May 6
   February 11                                      March 7                                        First Tennessee Foundation                     Catherine (Cathy) Dunn
   Mrs. David G. Williams, Sr                       Constance Shelton                              in honor of First Tennessee Volunteers         in memory of Kenneth John Hagenback
   in memory of David G. Williams, Sr. on his       in memory of Irving Shelton
   birthday                                                                                        April 16                                       May 20
                                                                                                   Gerre Gourley                                  Glenna Flautt
                                                                                                   in memory of Dr. Robert D. Gourley
12 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                                                                      www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
  June 3                                           June 29                                           August 30                                        October 11
  Memphis Restaurant Association                   Emily Woodside and Bill Falvey                    Rose Johnston                                    R. Brad Martin Family Foundation
                                                   in honor of their 35th wedding anniversary        in memory of Tom Johnston                        in honor of Dina and Brad Martin
  June 4
  Kenneth Clark                                    July 4                                            September 7                                      November 18
  in honor of the birthday of Ellen Clark          Orgill, Inc.                                      Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Smith                      In memory of Nancy H. Fulmer
                                                                                                     in honor of the anniversary of Linda and
  June 14                                          July 6                                            Herbert Rhea                                     November 23
  Gwen and Chris Beard                             Memphis Grizzlies Charitable                                                                       The Speer Family
  in memory of Marian L. Blumenfeld                Foundation                                        September 7
                                                   in honor of the establishment of the Foundation   Edna and Pat Bomar                               November 25
  June 22                                                                                            in memory of Mrs. Lisa Bomar Krampf              Jean and Frank Norfleet
  Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kaye                        July 10                                                                                            in honor of Jim McGehee
  in memory of Laura H. Kaye                       Ladine Housholder and Don Bennett                 September 14
                                                   in memory of Dorothy and D. C. Bennett            Mr. Peter Formanek                               December 1
  June 23                                                                                            in memory of my father, Paul P. Formanek         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Edwards
  Commercial Bank and Trust                        July 16                                                                                            in honor of Nancy Welsh
  Company                                          Kay and Tom Whitman                               September 15
  in honor of the board and staff of MIFA          in memory of Kathleen Handwerker                  Elizabeth T. Caldwell                            December 6
                                                                                                     in memory of John W. Caldwell                    Laurie and John Tucker
  June 26                                          July 29                                                                                            in memory of Buz Waddy
  AutoZone                                         Loeb Properties                                   September 28
  in honor of the 30th anniversary of                                                                Jeanne and Larry Bloch                           December 25
  AutoZone                                         August 3                                          in honor of Phyllis and Paul Berz                Sara and John C. Dobbs
                                                   MIFA Employees
  June 27                                                                                            October 10                                       December 30
  SunTrust Bank Memphis                            August 14                                         Anne and John Stokes                             R. Andrew Taylor
  in honor of the diversity council                Sylvia G. Marks                                   in honor of their 50th anniversary               in honor of Susan and Mac McWhirter
                                                   in memory of Elias J. Goldsmith Jr.                                                                on her birthday

                                          Schnucks                 has provided an easy way for people in our community to support MIFA!
     1. Visit your local Schnucks and request a Schnucks eScrip Customer Card.
     2. Activate your card by calling (800) 931-6258 or visiting www.escrip.com/schnucks.jsp. (To register online, click Schnucks Customer Card, then click Register Online Now. Type “MIFA”
     into the search box. Click on the yellow MIFA link. Click NEXT to proceed, and then enter your personal information. Choose the eScrip Schnucks card from the drop-down menu. You
     must confirm your registration before activation is complete.)
     3. Present your card to the cashier every time you shop at Schnucks. You can pay for your groceries any way you choose –Schnucks will contribute up to 3% of your purchase amount to MIFA.
                                                               The more you shop, the greater the contribution to MIFA!

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                                                                                              HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 13
   C o n t r i bu t i o n s                      MIFA gratefully acknowledges the following cash or stock received between July 1 and September 30, 2009.
                                                 Your donations help sustain seniors, support families in crisis, and guide urban teens in our community.

   Circle of Hope Level Gifts              Mr. Max B. Ostner, Jr.                   $250 - $499                              Congregations
                                           Judy Royal                               Anonymous
   $100,000+                                                                                                                 $25,000 - $30,000
                                           Drs. Melissa & Timothy H. Self           Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Abernathy
   Anonymous                                                                                                                 Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
                                           Carol & Glenn Sigman                     Jane Antrobus
   $25,000 - $50,000                       Mr. & Mrs. John W. Tucker                Mr. & Mrs. Neil L. Brackley              $5,000 - $9,999
   Ellen R. Simmons Irrevocable Trust      Mr. & Mrs. Willis H. Willey              Dr. Daniel Canale                        Germantown Presbyterian Church
   The Estate of Jacqueline W. Hanes       Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Williamson, Jr.      Ms. Sarah M. Carpenter                   Philippians V Multi-Ministry
                                                                                    Mr. Michael F. Curtis
   $10,000 - $15,000                       Cornerstone of Hope Level                                                         $2,500 - $4,999
                                                                                    Mr. Marshall A. Depka
   Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Morton                Gifts                                                                             Calvary Episcopal Church
                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. John Gaskill
   Jean & Frank Norfleet                                                                                                     Northeastern Minnesota Synod - ELCA
                                           $500 - $999                              Sally & Brad Heinz
   $5,000 - $9,999                         Anonymous                                Mrs. Carolyn L. Jennings                 $1,000 - $2,499
   Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Gerber            Mr. & Mrs. George Cates                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Kerwin             First Baptist Church, Lauderdale
   Mary & Lucian S. Minor                  Margaret & Bill Craddock                 Jean Lightman                            Second Presbyterian Church
   The Estate of Helen E. Hardin           Mr. Robert L. Crawford                   Ms. Jane M. Lovelace                     St. John Orthodox Church
                                           Gerre W. Gourley                         Dr. Richard Magid                        St. Patrick’s Church
   $2,500 - $4,999                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Cecil J. McGee
                                           Bruce Kahn                                                                        Temple Israel
   Gwen & Chris Beard                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Kojo McLennon
                                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Large                                                       United Methodist Church,
   Dr. & Mrs. Roger J. Cunningham                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Robinson
                                           Dr. & Mrs. Roland N. Lee                                                             Memphis Conference
   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Francis                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Colin James Ruthven
   Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Thornton III         Judge and Mrs. H.T. Lockard                                                       $500 - $999
                                           Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Moore                Mrs. Jean W. Sights
                                                                                                                             Balmoral Presbyterian Church
   $1,000 - $2,499                         Beverly & Bill Rogers                    Ms. Sandra L. Smegelsky
                                                                                                                             Buntyn Presbyterian Church
   Anonymous                               Suzanne Satterfield & John Pickens       Caprice & Art Snyder
                                                                                                                             Central Church
   The Estate of Matilda E. Clarke         Mr. & Mrs. John T. Stout                 Dr. & Mrs. Donald Webb Tucker
                                                                                                                             Community of Faith Christian Church
   The Estate of Virginia I. Worthington   Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Terry              Ms. Elaine Tuomanen
                                                                                                                             Cumberland Presbyterian Church
   Mrs. Dorothy K. Gerwin                  Ms. Norma I. B. Upshur &                 Mr. Henry Wetter III
                                                                                                                               of Germantown
   Grace Katz                                Mr. Jeff H. Farmer                     Mr. & Mrs. Thax Whitten
                                                                                                                             Emmanuel United Methodist Church
   Dr. & Mrs. Jesse E. McGee                                                        Mr. & Mrs. William R. Wilson
                                                                                                                             Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist
   Dr. & Mrs. Alan M. Nadel

14 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                                                www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
   Idlewild Presbyterian Church          $50,000 - $74,999                       $2,500 - $4,999                          The Flora Belle Moss and Bessie
   Munford Presbyterian Church           AutoZone                                Comcast                                    Abigail Moss Foundation
   St. Peter Catholic Church             H. W. Durham Foundation                 Exxon Mobil Foundation                   Graham’s Lighting Fixtures, Inc.
   White Stone Missionary Baptist                                                Fred’s, Inc.                             Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                         $25,000 - $49,999
     Church                                                                      Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation         Memphis Dermatology Clinic, P.A.
                                         Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation
                                                                                 NewSouth Capital Management, Inc.        Wurzburg, Inc.
   $250 - $499                           MCR Safety
                                                                                 Pfizer, Inc.
   Castalia Baptist Church                                                                                                $250 -$499
                                         $10,000 - $24,999                       Valero Memphis Refinery
   Cathedral of Hope Outreach Ministry                                                                                    The Feinstein Foundation
                                         Affinity Lawnscapes, LLC
   Cherokee Baptist Church                                                       $1,000 - $2,499
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Church         $5,000 - $9,999                         FedEx Solutions                          Groups
   Memphis Friends Meeting               Ameriprise Financial                    Hoops, LP                                $80,000+
                                         Bank of America Foundation              Meals on Wheels Association of           MLG&W - Plus-1
   Corporations and                      Combined Federal Campaign of              America
   Foundations                             Memphis                               MGM Mirage Voice Foundation              $7,000 - $9,999
                                         Plough Foundation                       Southern Steel Supply Company, Inc.      United Way of The Mid-South
   $75,000+                                                                                                                 Donor Choice
   The Irvin Lansky Foundation           SunTrust Banks, Inc.
                                                                                 $500 - $999
                                         Thomas & Betts Corporation                                                       $500- $999
                                                                                 Dixon Hughes PLLC

   t       r i b u t e s
                                          MIFA gratefully acknowledges the following cash or stock received between July 1 and September 30, 2009.
                                          Your donations are meaningful to the people you honor and the people we serve.

   Honorariums                           Rosene Bloom                            Grandchildren of Phyllis &                JoAnn Grear
                                           Jeanne & Bruce Alpert & family          Tom Francis                               Sybil & Donald Tucker
   Mr. & Mrs. G. William Albright        Madelyn Brock                             Phyllis & Tom Francis                   Rae & Sam Grosman
     Flora & David Bratten                 Helen Ryan                            Teresa Frisbie                              Ann & Felix Caldwell
   Ridley Anderson                       Susan Calman                              Rosemary Boydston                       Miriam Heine
     Margaret Craddock                     Janet Kisber                          Maria Fuhrmann                              Max Heine
   Jackie Bernatsky                      George Collier III                        The MIFA Family                         Dana Henking
     Janet Kisber                          Mrs. Lawrence L. Cohen                Aimee Ginsburg                              Steve Kisber
   Ken Billings                          Mr. & Mrs. Lewis R. Donelson              Carolyn Pinsel                          Anna Belle Kaplan
     Sybil & Donald Tucker                 Jean & Frank Norfleet                                                             Janet Kisber

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                                                               HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 15
   Minette Kochman                   Richard C. Raines                   Evelyn Ayres                  Eleanor M. Calhoun
     Alvin Salomon                     Julie & Jim Raines                  Jane Sharpe                   Kelly Bolton
   Connie Loeb                       Jennifer & Trey Robison             Joe Barnwell                    Laura, Jim & Hays Bynum
     Hollie Federman                   Dottie Sachritz                     Margaret & Bill Craddock      Gallery Study Club
   Charles H. Lofton                 Lynn Ryder                            The MIFA Family               Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Garner
     Charlie Nelson                    Helen Ryan                        David Berger                    Jane W. Hobson
   Love & Laughter Ladies            Mr. Jay Schwartzberg                  Mrs. Murray Reiter            Madeleine Jehl
     Harriet Nolan                     Harriett & Don Schaffer           Rosene Bloom                    Lou Jones
   Lucy Loveless                     Andrew Blake Scoggin                  Dr. & Mrs. David Usdan        Ms. Virginia H. Kleffner
     Curt & Jeffrey Ward               J. Allen Scoggin                  Ms. Billie Bogart               Sherri Mallett
   Mr. & Mrs. Woody Marshall         Price Smith                           Mr. & Mrs. James Veirs        The MIFA Family
     Christopher M. Marshall           Thomas Robinson &                 Dr. Bobby Bowie                 Julie & David Miller
   Mr. & Mrs. Lawson D. Maury, Jr.        MIFA Development Staff           Patsy & Harold Bowie          Mary & Gene Richardson
     Flora & David Bratten           Katy & Joe Spake                    Mr. Skeets Boyle                Elizabeth & John Stout
   Missy & Jim McDonnell               Gail Murray & Joe Hawes             Connie & Lou Adams            Jane & Maury Strauss
     Jean & Frank Norfleet           Nancy Trussell                        Dr. Burton Bodan              Bill Wilson
   The Meals Program                   Sybil & Donald Tucker               The MIFA Family             Harriet Charak
     Mark A. Williams - Ohio State   Ron Walter & the WREG Plus-1 Show     Jerome Morrison               Janet Kisber
        University                     Margaret Craddock                 Pearl Breedlove                 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Lerner, Jr.
   Betty & Jack Moore                Shelia & Steve Warner                 Rebecca Argall              Benjamin R. Chirls
     Kemmons Wilson Family             Sybil & Donald Tucker             Mrs. Elizabeth Brower           Dr. & Mrs. David Usdan
        Foundation                   Park W. Wong                          JoAn & Frank Adair          Mary Patricia Gallagher Clarkson
   Donna Nathan                        Charlie Nelson                    Hazel L. Brown                  Mary & Jerry Sharp
     Helen Ryan                                                            Margie & Harold Steinberg   Mrs. Barbara Collins
   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Norfleet
                                     memorials                           Katherine Reid Brown            Mrs. Theda D. Richards
     Lucian S. Minor                 Floy Allen                            Louise & Jeff Mann          Polly Cooper
   Mrs. Marcia Notowich                John Allen                        Jeanne Roberds Burrow           Carol Beachey & Don Voth
     Linda & David Usdan             Esker Lee Anderson                    Janie & Bill Bobbitt        Sara Craft
   Ethel Pearl                         Curt & Jeffrey Ward               Josie Burson                    Ruth & Charles Cobb
     Connie Shelton                  Donald Argall                         Kathy Junkin                Nancy Crosby
   Betty Pittman                       Rebecca Argall                    Dr. Shed H. Caffey              Janie & Bill Bobbitt
     Bettie M. Campbell                                                    John Klettner                 Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Cates

16 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                        www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
     Dr. & Mrs. Albert J. Grobmeyer III   Stephen Faulkner                   Laurie Grover                          Dr. Jaswant Lal Kahanna
   Mr. Gene Dellinger                       Rebecca Argall                     Linda Walter                            Madelyne Daneman
     Mr. & Mrs. Fred Montesi & family     James O. Ferguson                  Larry Hall                                Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh
   Jeanne Dreifus                           Reynolds, Bone & Griesbeck PLC     Dr. Alan Salomon                        Lyda Parker
     Deborah & Sam Brackstone             Mrs. Ann Fortner                   Louise K. Hays                            Mr. & Mrs. Don Schaffer
     Margaret & Bill Craddock               Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Abernathy        Mary Dean Richards Laird             Pauline Kay
     Donna & Bob Goodman                  Jack B. Frazer                       Jerome Morrison                         Mrs. Murray Reiter
     Karen & Murray Riss                    Lea C. Davis                     Lori Heider Hisky                      Mrs. Hazel Hae Sun Lee Kim
     Peggy Seessel                        William Thompson Fuller              Laura, Jim & Hays Bynum                 Rebecca Argall
     Dr. & Mrs. David Usdan                 Ann & Walker Uhlhorn               Cindy & J. L. Pendergrast            Frank J. Knotter, Jr.
   Betsy W. Earp                          Linda Garcia                         Barbara Wilson                          Dr. & Mrs. Steven Roney
     Paige M. Blankinship                   Brin & Dale Baucum               Mr. Horton                             Sara Rich Larkey
     Ann Marie & Dan Canale               Austin Gordon                        Burleigh Consulting Group, Inc.         Emily & Jerry Gay
     Dr. Daniel Canale                      Dr. & Mrs. David Usdan           Susan M. Houston                       Irene Lewis
     Peggy & Bill Geralds                 Mother of Darlene Loprete &          Marietta & Robert Burleigh              Corrie H. Hawkins
     Dr. & Mrs. John Holmes                  Jack Greene                       Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Butler III          Naomi Brantley Littrell
     Sara M. Holmes                         Gail Murray & Joe Hawes            Elaine & Jim Crews                      Louise & Jeff Mann
     Mr. & Mrs. Will Magruder             Mrs. Geraldine Greg-Horton         Herbert Hunt                           Dorothy Locardi
     Deborah Matthews                       Mrs. Frankie W. Taylor             Peggy & L. R. Jalenak, Jr.              Mr. & Mrs. William Buie
     The MIFA Family                      Charles Griesbeck, Jr.             Asbury Hunter, Sr.                     Sajjad Mahm
     Mr. & Mrs. William E. Penland, Jr.     Mrs. Frances K. Averitt            Sharon & Pam Taylor                     Deborah & Sam Brackstone
     Suzanne Ragsdale                       Margaret Craddock                Bunny Jappe                            Mr. & Mrs. James B. Markham, Sr.
     Helen Ryan                             Susan & Jerry Davis                Sally Jones Heinz                       Ruth McClain
     Frances H. Smith                       Emily Woodside & Bill Falvey       The MIFA Family                      Sylvia Manis
     Dr. & Mrs. G. Randolph Turner          Steven Fracchia                    Jerome Morrison                         Shara & Sidney Lehman
     Billie Anne Williams                   Macie McNabb Houston             David Voss Johnson, Jr.                Mrs. Kathleen Mayo
   Mrs. Lillian Engelberg                   The MIFA Family                    Lucy & Ceylon Blackwell                 Mrs. Theda D. Richards
     Shirley & Sidney Abraham               Jerome Morrison                  Mr. Joseph Johnson                     John R. McCabe, Jr.
   Mr. Bill “Pop” Erwin                     Barbara & Allie Prescott           Beate & Bill Griffin                    Alice Wood
     Donna & Michael Malone                 Julie & Jim Raines                 Suzanne Satterfield & John Pickens   Woodrow A. McCulley
   Patrick Fahy                           William Grissom                    Jasper Jones                              The MIFA Family
     Mr. & Mrs. Guy Massey                  Janet Kisber                       The MIFA Family

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                                                      HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 17
   Brother of Barbara Michel               Mary Salky                           Hall Tacket                           Constance Williams
     Helen Haas                              Janet Kisber                          The MIFA Family                      Elaine & Marvin Klein
   Lou Moffatt                               Shara & Sidney Lehman                 Sybil & Donald Tucker              James Edgar Williams
     Janie & Bill Bobbitt                    Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Lerner, Jr.   Patricia Taylor                         Jessie K. Williams
     Mr. & Mrs. Fred Montesi                 Courtney & Aaron Shemper              Mr. & Mrs. Fred Montesi & Family   Robert Williams
   Frank Montesi                             Dr. & Mrs. David Usdan                Ann & Walker Uhlhorn                 Marietta & Robert Burleigh
     Peggy & Fred Ivy                      Josephine Santi                      Gwen Terry                              Margaret & Bill Craddock
   Mother of Bobby Nuckolls                  Jack Bisno                            Margaret & Bill Craddock             Cynthia & Don Jordan
     Rebecca Argall                        Mrs. Arnie Saurenman                    The MIFA Family                      Billie Anne Williams
   Cynthia Patterson                         Elaine & Marvin Klein                 Mary Wilder                        Pauline Wilson
     Harold Brooks                         Frank Schriner, Sr.                  Celine Thomas                           Rebecca Argall
   The Father of Steve Perry                 Suzanne & Al Montgomery               Mrs. Murray Reiter                 Victoria K. Hyrka Wilson
     Shirley Manis                         Jim Seacat                           Thomas H. Todd                          Cindy & J. L. Pendergrast
   Dr. Willie Ren Phillips                   Donna & Michael Malone                Connie & Dunbar Abston             James L. Wottle
     Jane Plunket                          David Simpson                           The MIFA Family                      Mr. & Mrs. David Wottle
   Mrs. Addie Pirtle                         Marietta & Robert Burleigh            Jerome Morrison                    Lucy Boren Wunderlich
     Dr. Derene Akins                        John Klettner                      Dora Evelyn Vaughn                      Ann & Walker Uhlhorn
   Oscar Plunket, Jr.                        Dr. Gina Prigoff                      Elaine & Marvin Klein
     Jane Plunket                          Mr. Wazir Singh                      Mary Welsh
   Roselle Poag                              Dr. & Mrs. D. D. Sidhu                Janie & Bill Bobbitt               Jeanne Alpert
     Alesia Kempe                          Mrs. Doris M. Sisco                     Alice Wood                           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bearman
     Mary Ellen White                        Dr. Burton Bodan                   Jane West                             Ron Belz
   Pastor Shirley Marie Owens Prince       Dr. Jerome Smith                        Mary & Charles Cape                  Gail & Russ Petty, National
     Philippians V Multi-Ministry Center     Jane Sharpe                        James Wetter                              Security & Trust
   Katherine M. Rather                     Rexie Smithart                          Jerome Morrison                    Rohan Ericson Blume
     Belinda Rubens                          Tommye Adams                       Betty Kellogg Wilbourn                  Asan G. Tejwani
   Mrs. Kay Reed                           Arlene Stamm                            Emily & Jerry Gay                  Nia Bowley
     Ann & Walker Uhlhorn                    Lyda Parker                        Irving Wilenzick                        Friends of Nia Bowley
   Mother of Lyn Reed                      Heard Sutton                            Lynn & Dr. Robert Kline            Kay Carey
     Timna Myers                             Helen Ruth Weisburd                   Shirley Manis                        Cynthia Ham & Jeff Sanford
   Mrs. Barbara Rowlett-Lewis              Uncle Syd                            Annabelle Wilk                        Hazel Cohen
     Mrs. Frankie W. Taylor                  Janet Kisber                          Shirley Manis                        Sylvia & Stuart LaVene

18 • Winter 2009 • HOPE IN ACTION                                                                                                     www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208
   Dorothy Cohn                                  Mrs. Jaswant Kaur                               Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh                Nan & Lee Kelley
     Harriett & Don Schaffer                       Dr. & Mrs. D. D. Sidhu                     Russ Petty                                    Carol & Bert Barnett
   Corky’s 25th birthday                         Ronald Lazarov                                  Gail Petty, National Security & Trust    Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Landau
     Peggy & L. R. Jalenak, Jr.                    Gail & Russ Petty, National                Robert Royal                                  Harriett & Don Schaffer
   Mrs. Hermine Davidson                             Security & Trust                            Russ & Gail Petty, National              Mr. & Mrs. Jack Marks
     Janet Kisber                                Jerome Makowsky                                   Security & Trust                         Janet Kisber
   Mrs. Bess Feinstein                             Donna & Bob Goodman                        Marianne Walter                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Michel
     Blanche Morris                                Janet Kisber                                  Margaret Craddock                          Barbara Michel
   Aimee Ginsburg                                Chanchala Mehta                              Ellen Whitten                               Mr. & Mrs. Herb Notowich
     Jane & Maury Strauss                          Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh                     Libby & Thax Whitten                       Mary Anne & Jim Hall
   Mrs. Sterling Hofman                          Vinaybhai Mehta                              Joy Brown Wiener                              Faye & Jack Marks
     Alvin Salomon                                 Rohini & Prabhakar Parikh                     Aimee Gronauer Ginsburg                    Harriett & Don Schaffer
     Connie Shelton                              Mary Michel                                                                              Pearl & David Pollow
   Mrs. Edith Jacobson                             Barbara Michel                             anniversaries                                 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Roman
     Shirley & Sidney Abraham                    Isabelle Moore                               Harriet & Alford Alperin                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Underberg
   Lou Jones                                       Blanche Miller                               Roslyn Karesh                               Harriett & Don Schaffer
     Bill Wilson                                 Vinod Nathani                                Mr. & Mrs. Jim Crews
   Don Jordan                                      Lina Parekh                                  Corinne & Art Nienhuis
     Billie Anne Williams                        Sonali Parikh                                  Billie Anne Williams

      MIFA always strives to cut administrative costs so that your dollars go directly where they are needed – to our programs.
   The recent redesign of Hope in Action is one example of our cost-cutting efforts. We are proud to tell you that printing, preparing, and mailing the
   September 2009 issue of Hope in Action cost 35% less than the same issue in 2008. We are smarter with our spending so you can trust that your
                                                   donation makes the greatest possible difference.

         Let your legacy live on - consider a charitable bequest to MIFA. If you have included a charitable bequest to MIFA in your will, please
                    let us know so that we can thank you. Call (901) 529-4523 to speak with Sally Heinz about your contribution.
                   We would love to hear your stories! If you would like to share a story about your experience at MIFA, contact Ellen Whitten at ewhitten@mifa.org or
                                                               (901) 529-4507, or post a message at www.mifa.org/stories.

www.mifa.org • 901-527-0208                                                                                                                               HOPE IN ACTION • Winter 2009 • 19
                                                                       Volunteer opportunities at MIFA
910 Vance Avenue • Memphis, TN 38126                                   If you are interested in volunteering for any of our programs, call or email the appropriate
                                                                       contact below for available opportunities. If possible, please review our volunteer
Private donations combined
                                                                       requirements online before selecting your volunteer opportunity, as each program has a
with funds from these partners
make MIFA’s services possible.                                         different set of guidelines for volunteers. You can also fill out a volunteer application online!
                                                                       Visit mifa.org/volunteer for more information.
                                                                       Childcare – LaShonda Lewis, 525-7766 x31, llewis@mifa.org
                                         TN Departments of Human
                                          Services & Transportation
                                                                       Facilities – Mary Wilder, 527-0208 x547, mjwilder@mifa.org
                                                                       Life Skills Institute – Tonya Crowder, 525-7766, tcrowder@mifa.org
                                                                       Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Rick Finkey, 527-0208 x230, rfinkey@mifa.org
                                                                       Meals – Angela Scott, 529-4513, ascott@mifa.org
                                                                       Senior Companion – Dennis Moy, 529-4535, dmoy@mifa.org
                                                                       Special Events/Development – Charlie Nelson, 529-4514, cnelson@mifa.org
                                                                       The MIFA Store – Charlie Nelson, 529-4514, cnelson@mifa.org
The Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association,
Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity.
                                                                       Volunteer orientation and tours are held every Wednesday at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
                                                                       Contact Charlie Nelson to reserve a spot. 529-4514, cnelson@mifa.org.

                                                                           Bring in this
                                                                      coupon to receive

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                                 $10 off
  910 Vance Ave. • Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
                                                                Exp. 1/15/09 • Coupons cannot be combined.

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