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In “DOings_” The DO reports on peo- ple and projects in the


									            DOINGS                 APPOINTMENTS, HONORS, GRANTS

In “DOings,” The DO reports on peo-         family medicine at Loretto Hospital in      during the 1950s through the 1970s.
ple and projects in the osteopathic         Chicago from 1972 until 1980 and                In the article, which emphasizes the
medical profession. “DOings” is             then joined what is now St Alexius          need for cultural sensitivity on the part
                                            Medical Center. Dr Fischer is also the      of physicians, Dr Dekker recounted
intended to be a compendium of
                                            medical director of the Grace Com-          how he treated one Native American
announcements, whereas readers              munity Christian Healthcare Clinic in       patient who had symptoms of psy-
will find more in-depth profiles of         Carpentersville, Ill.                       chosis. “When she refused to take med-
individuals and coverage of events                                                      ication—she called it ‘the white man’s
in the “In the Field” and “Newsbriefs”      Anne Z. Hoch, DO, who has a degree in       medicine’—[Dr] Dekker asked her to
sections of The DO.                         physical therapy from Marquette Uni-        consult a traditional healer,” the arti-
                                            versity in Milwaukee, was profiled in       cle reported. “‘The medicine man lis-
    Readers can submit announce-
                                            the cover article of the summer 2005        tened to her and said, ‘You live in a
ments of job appointments, awards,          issue of Marquette magazine. A 1992         white man’s world and you have a
scholarships, media coverage and            graduate of the Michigan State Uni-         white man’s disease and you need to
other professional achievements—            versity College of Osteopathic Medicine     take the white man’s medicine,’” Dr
along with candid action or portrait        in East Lansing, Dr Hoch is the founder     Dekker told the reporter, noting that the
photographs—to DOings Editor,               and director of the Women’s Sports          woman then agreed to take the med-
                                            Medicine Program, which is part of          ication. “If I said, ‘Don’t go to the med-
The DO, 142 E Ontario St, Chicago,
                                            the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery       icine man—he has never been to med-
IL 60611-2864, or send e-mail to            of the Medical College of Wisconsin         ical school’—that would alienate 90%                in Milwaukee.                               of my patients.” DrDekker, who is on
                                               The article mentions that Dr Hoch        the speakers bureau of the American
                                            has a doctor of osteopathic medicine        Osteopathic
The Illinois Academy of Family Physi-       degree and describes osteopathic med-       Academy of
cians (IAFP) has honored Calvin H.          icine’s “holistic approach” to treat-       Addiction
Fischer, DO, as its 2005 Family Physician   ment. “Osteopathic medicine focuses on      Medicine,
of the Year. Dr Fischer practices at        the unity of all body parts and looks not   served as the
Poplar Creek Family Medicine in Hoff-       just at a patient’s physical symptoms       guest editor
man Estates, Ill, and he chairs the         and features, but also examines his or      of the June
Department of Family Practice at            her psychological and nutritional well-     2005 sup-
St Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman        being, functional capacity and lifestyle,   plement to
Estates.                                    with a focus on the musculoskeletal         JAOA—The
   “Family physicians by definition are     system as a key element of health,” the     Journal of
dedicated, hard-working, compas-            article reports. Dr Hoch is this year’s     the Ameri-
sionate professionals—Dr Fischer is         recipient of the Marquette Distinguished    can Osteo-
the gold standard,” emphasized Karole       Alumna Award in Physical Therapy.           pathic Asso-
Lakota, MD, the IAFP board mem-                                                         ciation,
ber who presented the award to Dr           Anthony H. Dekker, DO, the associate        titled “Pain
Fischer at a luncheon ceremony, US          director for ambulatory care and com-       M a n a g e - Anthony H. Dekker, DO
Newswire reported on May 6. The             munity health at Phoenix Indian Med-        ment: Part (Photo by Patrick Sinco)
IAFP received many letters of support       ical Center, was interviewed in an arti-    2—Break-
from Dr Fischer’s patients, including       cle appearing in the June 25 edition of     ing Down Barriers to Effective Pain
Hoffman Estates Mayor William      Titled “Healers         Control.”
McLeod.                                     Prescribe Tribal Medicine,” the article
   After graduating from the Mid-           explored the reluctance of American         Gov Matt Blunt of Missouri has
western University/Chicago College of       Indians with psychiatric problems to        appointed Richard D. Schooler, DO,
Osteopathic Medicine in 1969, Dr Fis-       trust western medicine because some         to the Missouri State Board of Regis-
cher completed an internship at Detroit     feel that Native Americans were used        tration for the Healing Arts. A gradu-
Osteopathic Hospital. He practiced          as guinea pigs in drug studies conducted    ate of the Kansas City (Mo) Univer-

26 DOings                                                                                                    THE DO September 2005
sity of Medicine and Biosciences          of St Luke’s Hospital. A graduate of      sity of North Texas Health Science
College of Osteopathic Medicine,          the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic   Center at Fort Worth—Texas College
Dr Schooler is the medical director       Medicine, Dr Briglia specializes in       of Osteopathic Medicine, and his wife,
of Freeman Health System in Joplin,       otolaryngology.                           Lori Muscanere Dao, who is a fourth-
Mo. His state board appointment                                                     year student at the University of Texas
is subject to Missouri Senate con-        Good Shephard Health System of            Southwestern Medical School in
firmation for a term ending on Sept       Longview, Texas, has added Isaac K.       Dallas.
3, 2007.                                  Kwarteng, DO, to the staff of its Fami-      Married in April, the couple has a
                                          ly Health Center. Dr Kwarteng pro-        combined student loan debt of
Gov Sonny Perdue of Georgia has           vides acute care and preventive medi-     $202,500 and will likely have a house-
reappointed Roger E. Hill, DO, to         cine services to walk-in patients. He     hold income of only $55,000 next year,
Georgia’s Composite State Board of        earned his DO degree from the New         USA Today reported.
Medical Examiners. A graduate of the      York College of Osteopathic Medicine         “Even though you can defer [the
Kirksville College of Osteopathic         of New York Institute of Technology       student loan] debt until you’re done
Medicine of A.T. Still University of      in Old Westbury.                          with your training, I’d just as soon get
Health Sciences, Dr Hill practices at                                               started on it,” Dr Dao told USA Today.
Wellstar Health System in Marietta,       An osteopathic medical student was        He recently began his specialized train-
Ga, and is a member of the Georgia        quoted in the May 16 edition of USA       ing in pediatrics at Arkansas
Osteopathic Medical Association.          Today in an article on the challenge      Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.
                                          of repaying student loans. The new-
Jeffrey M. Briglia, DO, RPh, has joined   spaper profiled Vuong D. Dao, DO, who
the staff of the Bethlehem, Pa, campus    graduated this year from the Univer-

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