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					                   A R B I T R A T I O N        &    M E D I A T I O N       (ARyME)
                                         Dispute Settlement Resources

General Terms & Conditions                                 SUBSCRIBER(s):
                                                           A VISITOR who fills out an online form for the
                                                           purpose of advertising and promoting the
Directory > Institutions                                   services of an ADR services provider in the
Established in 1996, Arbitration & Mediation
(ARyME) is a private institution dedicated solely          INSTITUTIONAL RECORD:
to providing specialized information on                    Data and information sheet which describes the
international ADR, and to promoting a better               various services offered by the ADR services
understanding and use of alternative dispute               provider.
resolution mechanisms to resolve civil and
business disputes.                                         THIRD-PARTY(ies):
                                                           Any individual who is not the actual SUBSCRIBER.
ARyME is NOT a case administrator. We provide
the most comprehensive source of information               MANAGEMENT PANEL:
and documentation on international ADR on the              An online, secure, private and interactive area
internet. ARyME is also a meeting point where              from where a SUBSCRIBER publishes the
the international business and legal                       INSTITUTIONAL RECORD in the DIRECTORY, and
communities, and the general public, can offer             accesses his/her personal information record.
and find specialized ADR-related services
throughout the world.                                      ACCESS CODES or CODES:
__________________________________________                 An array of numbers and/or letters (username &
                                                           password) with which the SUBSCRIBER accesses
DEFINITIONS                                                his/her MANAGEMENT PANEL.
Arbitration y Mediation (ARyME)                            1. OBJECT OF THESE CONDITIONS
                                                           This document establishes the CONDITIONS under
WEBSITE(s):                                                which VISITORS may subscribe to, access, and
Internet-based pages and services accessible               use the DIRECTORY.
from the top-level domain names,,                               2. ACCEPTANCE OF THESE CONDITIONS. or                   AMENDMENTS
owned and operated by ARyME.                               The VISITOR who subscribes to the DIRECTORY
                                                           must accept these CONDITIONS in their entirety
DIRECTORY:                                                 as a precondition to complete the registration
Advertising and promotional service for ADR                process.
services providers.
                                                           ARyME may amend these CONDITIONS from time
MATERIAL(s):                                               to time. Any amendment shall be communicated
Information and/or documentation published in              to the SUBSCRIBER, either by electronic mail to
ARyME’s DIRECTORY.                                         the email address having been entered in the
                                                           registration form, or by publishing the
CONDITIONS:                                                amendments in the MANAGEMENT PANEL.
Agreement under whose terms ARyME provides
its DIRECTORY service.                                     The absence of an express rejection of any
                                                           amendments by the SUBSCRIBER shall imply the
VISITOR(s):                                                SUBSCRIBER’s acceptance of the amended
Any individual who accesses the WEBSITE to                 CONDITIONS which shall take effect upon
consult the information published within its               renewal of his/her subscription.
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                  A R B I T R A T I O N        &    M E D I A T I O N     (ARyME)
                                       Dispute Settlement Resources

3. PERTINENCE                                            SUBSCRIBER must personally authorize renewal
By accepting these CONDITIONS, the SUBSCRIBER            from his/her MANAGEMENT PANEL.
declares that the services provided by the ADR
services provider are related to alternative             8. ACCESS
dispute resolution.                                      To access the MANAGEMENT PANEL, he/she will
                                                         have to use ACCESS CODES. The SUBSCRIBER may
4. PRICE AND PAYMENT                                     choose his/her CODES so long as they are
The price to subscribe to the DIRECTORY will be          different from existing CODES belonging to
published in the WEBSITE and shall be viewable           another SUBSCRIBER.
at all times in the registration form as a
precondition to actual payment.                          In choosing personalized access codes,
                                                         SUBSCRIBERS commit to so choosing within the
Only credit card payment is accepted to process          law and generally accepted good practice.
a subscription. ARyME accepts both VISA and              SUBSCRIBERS may not choose ACESS CODES
MASTERCARD.                                              containing injurious expressions and, absent
                                                         authorization, no CODE may be chosen that may
5. DURATION                                              be identical to (i) established trademarks or
Subscription to the DIRECTORY lasts one year             commercial names (ii) celebrities, (iii) any
commencing on the date when the subscription             person of notorious fame.
process is successfully completed.
                                                         SUBSCRIBERS commit to making diligent use of
6. SUBSCRIPTION                                          their personal ACCESS CODES, and not to share
By subscribing to the DIRECTORY, the                     them or transfer them to any THIRD-PARTY.
SUBSCRIBER declares that no condition and no
compromise exists which may impede subscribing           SUBSCRIBERS further commit to communicating
to this service.                                         to ARyME any unauthorized use of the said CODES
                                                         as soon as this circumstance is known to
To subscribe to the OBSERVATORY, it will be              him/her.
necessary to collect certain data of a personal
nature which the VISITOR chooses to provide of           Accessing the reserved areas of the DIRECTORY
his/her own free will, and which will have to be         through means of any nature different from
entered in the appropriate subscription form. By         assigned ACCESS CODES is expressly prohibited.
subscribing, the VISITOR declares that all
information provided is complete, accurate and           9. USE OF THE DIRECTORY
truthful to the best of his/her knowledge.               The SUBSCRIBER commits to using the DIRECTORY
                                                         in conformity with these CONDITIONS, as well as
Upon completion of the registration process, the         with the law and generally accepted good
SUBSCRIBER may access his/her private online             customs.
having been previously chosen to that effect.            The SUBSCRIBER commits to refrain from (i)
Once in the MANAGEMENT PANEL, the                        making illegal use of the DIRECTORY, (ii) using
SUBSCRIBER will be able to publish the                   the DIRECTORY for purposes different from those
INSTITUTIONAL RECORD in the DIRECTORY.                   defined in these CONDITIONS, and (iii) wilfully
                                                         damaging, overloading or in any other way
The subscription to the DIRECTORY is expressly           impeding the DIRECTORY’s normal functioning.
restricted to its use by the SUBSCRIBER
individually, who may neither share nor transfer         THE SUBSCRIBER declares that the
his/her rights of use with or to any THIRD-PARTY.        INSTITUTIONAL RECORD to be published in the
                                                         DIRECTORY is complete, accurate and truthful to
7. RENEWALS                                              the best of his/her knowledge.
Subscriptions to the DIRECTORY will not be
renewed automatically. Upon expiration, each             By subscribing to the DIRECTORY, the
                                                         SUBSCRIBER commits to refrain from (i) sending | | |                          page 2 of 4
                   A R B I T R A T I O N         &   M E D I A T I O N      (ARyME)
                                        Dispute Settlement Resources

to ARyME commercial notices or advertising of             access to the DIRECTORY, as well as access to
any kind, and (ii) reproducing, modifying,                the complete personal information record
copying, or selling any MATERIAL different from           entered during the subscription process.
his own, (iii) selling the use or access to any           SUBSCRIBERS will be able to edit and update
section of the DIRECTORY.                                 their personal information record from the said
                                                          PANEL at any time and as often as they wish.
ARyME reserves the right to cancel access to the          Under no circumstance will ARyME utilize
DIRECTORY to a SUBSCRIBER who, at ARyME’s                 personal information provided by SUBSCRIBERS
sole discretion, breaches any of these                    for purposes different from those described
CONDITIONS by communicating its decision to the           herein, except after having advised them
SUBSCRIBER to the email address shown in                  expressly of any such different use, and having
his/her the MANAGEMENT PANEL.                             afforded them a reasonable opportunity to
                                                          object to a different use. Additionally, ARyME
Upon cancellation, ARyME will reimburse to the            will delete from its database files all personal
SUBSCRIBER the proportional share of the fee              information regarding any SUBSCRIBER when the
paid for the unused period of time from the date          said information no longer serves the purpose for
of termination to the contract expiration date.           which it was entered.

11. PERSONAL DATA                                         SUBSCRIBERS subscribing to the DIRECTORY will
Personal information provided by SUBSCRIBERS is           receive a free online monthly newsletter which is
confidential and protected by Law 15/1999, of             independent from the DIRECTORY. The
December 13, 1999, and other applicable laws.             expiration of the subscription to the DIRECTORY
                                                          does not simultaneously cancel his/her
The objective of the automated management of              complimentary subscription to the said
personal information resulting from completed             newsletter. While associated personal
subscription processes is not only to provide the         information will be deleted from our data files
SUBSCRIBER with a personalized web surfing                upon expiration of the service, a minimum will
experience, but also to enable ARyME to                   be stored to continue forwarding the newsletter
maintain its contractual responsibilities with            to the SUBSCRIBER.
each individual SUBSCRIBER, and to properly
administer, manage, and improve rendered                  The above policy notwithstanding, our free
services so that they may be tailored to suit             monthly newsletter contains an area from which
individual preferences.                                   SUBSCRIBERS may edit their personal
                                                          information, manage their subscription and
However, personal information requested by                request removal from the distribution list.
ARyME from SUBSCRIBERS is strictly limited to             Requesting removal from the newsletter’s
essential information necessary to provide its            distribution list will cause all residual personal
service.                                                  information to be permanently deleted from
                                                          ARyME’s automated data files.
Personal data entered by SUBSCRIBERS to
subscribe to the DIRECTORY will be automatically          12. SECURITY
incorporated into a data file whose management            ARyME complies with required legal internet
is the sole responsibility of ARyME, located in           security standards to protect its SUBSCRIBERS’
Avenida del Doctor Arce 14, 28002 Madrid,                 personal information, and has deployed within its
SPAIN. The said file will be utilized to properly         website all technical resources available within
provide the subscribed service, as well as to             its means to prevent unauthorized access of
provide commercial information regarding                  personal data files, and to prevent their
ARyME’s various other services.                           incorrect use or theft. These measures
                                                          notwithstanding, SUBSCRIBERS are hereby
SUBSCRIBERS may access the DIRECTORY from a               advised that internet security measures are not
secure, private personal services’ online                 unbreakable.
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                   A R B I T R A T I O N         &   M E D I A T I O N      (ARyME)
                                        Dispute Settlement Resources

13. COOKIES                                               DIRECTORY to satisfy a SUBSCRIBER’s particular
Cookies are anonymous bits of data transferred            objectives or expectations.
from a PC over the internet. Access to cookie-
transferred information allows ARyME to                   17. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION.
personalize the services it provides to                   ARBITRATION
SUBSCRIBERS.                                              These CONDITIONS are governed by the laws of
                                                          Spain. Any dispute arising out of or relating to
Therefore, ARyME utilizes cookies to render               applicable contractual terms and conditions may
certain services, and to ensure the correct               be submitted, at the discretion of any
functioning of its WEBSITE and its various client-        SUBSCRIBER, to either the Courts and Tribunals
based options. The said cookies do NOT send nor           of Madrid, or may be settled by arbitration in
transfer personal information of any kind to our          accordance with the arbitration rules of the
server, nor do they alter in any way a computer’s         National Arbitration Center of the Consumer
configuration. Also, cookies do not search, store,        Institute of Spain. If the SUBSCRIBER chooses to
ping or identify in any way any personal data             submit a dispute to arbitration, the parties
stored in a computer.                                     further agree to abide by and to perform the
                                                          award of the arbitrator(s) as the final decision
14. RIGHTS RESERVED                                       respecting such dispute.
The subscription to the DIRECTORY does not
cause the transfer to ARyME of any intellectual           The consumer arbitration system in Spain is a
property rights over the content of the                   service provided free of charge by the National
INSTITUTIONAL RECORD or the content or                    Consumer Institute. Regarding subscribers who
material accessible from the said record, neither         do not reside in Spain, ARyME hereby informs you
wholly nor partially.                                     that we will submit to authorized consumer
                                                          arbitral institutions in your country of residence
15. NO ENDORSEMENT                                        provided that the service is free of charge and
The listing of an ADR services provider in the            conducted in either Spanish or English.
DIRECTORY is NOT to be construed as an
endorsement or recommendation by ARyME of
the said provider.
                                                          Madrid, September, 2007
Although ARyME endeavors to make the
DIRECTORY accessible to SUBSCRIBERS at all
times, it is not possible to guarantee
uninterrupted server availability due to potential
technical failure beyond its control. ARyME
declines all responsibility for damages of any
nature that may derive therefrom. When
reasonably possible, ARyME will warn
SUBSCRIBERS of any interruption of service.

While every reasonable effort is made to protect
servers from virus or malicious attacks, ARyME
cannot and does not guarantee a virus-free
environment and, therefore, declines all
responsibility for any damage that undetected
viruses or unauthorized malicious attacks may

ARyME offers neither express nor implied
warranties respecting the usefulness of the | | |                             page 4 of 4

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