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									     Traditional delicacies
     Nothing tells the story of any ethnic heritage better than its traditional foods. During your stay, you
     should try to sample as much of traditional Icelandic food as possible and look at is as an integral
     part of your travel experience.

                                                 Vínarbrauð / Danish
                                                   Vínarbrauð / Danish
                                                 Brought to Iceland late 19th century by Danish merchants
                                                   Brought to Iceland late 20th century by Danish merchants this
                                                 this deliciously tender buttery pastry is irresistible with its
                                                   deliciously tender buttery pastry is irresistible with its flaky crust
                                                 flaky crustand layers of fillings that absolutely melt in your
                                                   and layers of fillings that absolutely melt in your mouth. The
                                                 mouth. The ender crust is sometimes brushed with egg-wash
                                                   tender crust is sometimes brushed with egg-wash and generously
                                                 and generously sprinkled with sliced almonds and sugar.
                                                   sprinkled warm from the bakery sugar. Fresh probably the
                                                 Fresh and with sliced almonds and this pastry isand warm from
                                                   the on the planet.
                                                 best bakery this pastry is probably the best on the planet.

                                                 Dairy products
                                                 Dairy products
                                                   Skyr CurD
                                                 skyr / / Curd
                                                   An integral part of Icelandic diet since the 11th century Skyr
                                                 An integral part of Icelandic diet since the 11th century Skyr is
                                                   probably most notable of Icelandic dishes. Made Made from
                                                 is probably most notable of Icelandic dishes. from skimmed
                                                 skimmed milk it resembles yogurt somewhat only much
                                                   milk it resembles yogurt somewhat only much thicker and
                                                   creamier. It is loaded It is loaded and vitamins and protein,
                                                 thicker and creamier. with vitamins with protein, but at the same
                                                 but at the same time, it is low in calories making it the ulti-
                                                   time, it is low in calories making it the ultimate breakfast of
                                                 mate breakfast of champions. Served in a variety of ways it
                                                   champions. Served in a variety of ways it is fed to infants at
                                                 is fed to infants at home, children at school, old people for
                                                   home, children at school, old people for lunch and athletes after
                                                 lunch and athletes after workout. It can even be used as a lo-
                                                   workout. It can even be used as a lotion to cure sunburn! Last,
                                                 tion to cure sunburn! Last, but not least, it makes a absolutely
                                                   but not least, it makes a absolutely wonderful dessert.
                                                 wonderful dessert.

                                                   Maltöl / Malt ale
                                                 Maltöl / Malt ale
                                                                                             is has become sort of
                                                 Produced in Iceland for over 50 years is has become sort of a
                                                   Produced in Iceland for over
                                                    national drink especially among the older generation who
                                                 anational drink especially among the older generation who still
                                                   believe it has some kind of of supernatural healing qualities.
                                                 still believe it has some kindsupernatural healing qualities. The
                                                   texture of Maltöl resembles Guinness Beer a Beer         is but it
                                                 The texture of Maltöl resembles Guinness bit butaitbit without
                                                   alcohol, much sweeter and with just and with just a touch of
                                                 is without alcohol, much sweeter a touch of liquorish in it. It is
                                                   very refreshing to have a bottle of ice-cold bottle of ice-cold
                                                 liquorish in it. It is very refreshing to have a malt. It helps your
                                                   digestion, makes you look fresh, healthy, and cheerful healthy,
                                                 malt. It helps your digestion, makes you look fresh,and eases
                                                 and cheerful and eases your trouble....at least it says so on
                                                   your trouble….at least it says so on the bottle!
                                                 the bottle!

                                                  Fast food
                                                 Fast food
                                                  Pylsa hot Dog
                                                 Pylsa / / Hot dog
                                                 Most people know that the words “Open Sesame” granted the
                                                  Most people          that the words “Open Sesame” granted
                                                  thieves entry into the the robber’s den world world Arabian
                                                 the thieves entry into robber’s den in the in the of The of The
                                                  Nights. In Iceland, the similar expression “Eina med “Eina med
                                                 Arabian Nights. In Iceland, the similar expression ollu” unlocks
                                                  the unlocks great Hot Dog. Literally, the Literally, the ex-
                                                 ollu” door to athe door to a great Hot Dog. expression means
                                                  “Give me one with the me one with the to a hot dog with fried
                                                 pression means “Give works” and refers works” and refers to
                                                    hot dog with fried and fresh onions, ketchup, remoulade
                                                 aand fresh onions, ketchup, remoulade sauce, topped off with
                                                  mustard. Hot dogs mustard. Hot dogs good, and sold
                                                 sauce, topped off withare inexpensive, veryare inexpensive,
                                                  everywhere. As a quick bite, they As a quick bite, very light
                                                 very good, and sold everywhere.are unbeatable andthey are
                                                 unbeatable and very light on the pocket.
                                                  on the pocket.

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                                                         rESTAurANT OF THE MONTH

I f you were to ask an Icelander which restaurant
  to go to for Icelandic cuisine, he would prob-
ably name a few places worth visiting. If that
same Icelander were taking you out for Icelandic
cuisine, he would only think of one place - res-
taurant Lækjarbrekka.

  Lækjarbrekka is a classic restaurant situated in the
heart of reykjavík in one of the oldest buildings in
town - a perfectly kept example of a 19th century,
Icelandic upper class residence, built in 1832. On
the lower floor is an a la carte restaurant seating
up to 60 people and a special room the so called
President room which seats up to 11 people. On the
upper floor there is a dining room which seats 30
people for a la carte or groups.

 Through the years the Lækjarbrekka restaurant has
earned itself a distinguished reputation for culinary
perfection and its extraordinary ambience. A trip to
Lækjarbrekka is satisfaction guaranteed and a true
delight to all your senses.

  Lækjarbrekka has an incredibly diverse menu from
lunchtime to evening, seven days a week. At lunch-
time they specialise in light, fresh dishes, such as
soup or salad as well as fish and chicken dishes. In
the afternoon the restaurant takes on a café atmos-
phere and a range of small dishes, sandwiches, cof-
fee and cakes are available. In the evening variety is
the name of the game. They have everything from
appetisers and vegetable dishes to sumptuous meat
and fish dishes and there is something for all tastes.
Lækjarbrekka has also an excellent wine list with
bottles from all the major wine-producing countries.

                                                                  Bankastræti 2
                                                                  101 reykjavík

                                                                  For reservation
                                                                  please call: 551 4430
                     � � � � �� �
     � � � ��

                                    � ��

                     ����                                                 �������������������������

                                                                                                             thorvaldsen bar
                                                                                                             Restaurant with a twist
                                                                                                             Thorvaldsen is one of the hottest spots in central
                                                                                                             Reykjavík. We serve an eclectic collection of a la
                                                                                                             carte Asian and Italian bistro offerings in a laid-
                                                                                                             back environment.
                                                                                                             Try combinations like kangaroo salad teriyaki,
                                                                                             Mojito nights

                                                                                                             egg noodles pina colada, or monkfish with
                                                                                                             peaches and coca cola sauce.
                                                                                    thursdays are
                                                     Asia de Cuba style

                                                                                                                          Sushi days

                                                                                                                                              Thorvaldsen Bar
                                           wednesdays are

                                                                                                                   sundays are

                                                                                                                                              austurstræti 8-10
                                                                                                                                              tel. +354 511 1413
                                                                                                                                              sunday to thursday 11- 01
                                                                                                                                              friday and saturday 11- 03
                 BAR                                                                                                                          the kitchen is open 11- 22

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                                               EATING OuT

                                               Eating out:
                                               Thorvaldsen Bar

                                               One of the newer additions to down town restaurants
                                               and bars is the super hip Thorvaldsen Bar. Ideally situ-
                                               ated in the heart of down town it is easily accessible
                                               via all forms of transportation and in close proximity
                                               of the major attraction shops and leisure areas. The
                                               décor is contemporary minimalist and upscale featur-
                                               ing wall-to-the-floor windows with excellent view out
                                               to the buzzing street.

                                               Thorvaldsen Bar is one of those places with the wonderful
                                               quality of being all in one, bistro, café and a bar, making it
                                               perfect place to drop in from the street for a cup of coffee,
                                               cold beer or a light meal. The menu is straightforward with
                                               a great selection of light meals at some of the best prices
                                               in reykjavík.
The Food
                                               Outside the bar, facing Austurvöllur Park and the Parlia-
I recommend for…
                                               ment building, is a large sheltered area where you can
                                               enjoy people watching, eating alfresco or simply bask in
Starters                                       the sun with your favourite cocktail. On weekends, the
Parma ham and fried camembert cheese with      place undergoes severe transformation into reykjavik’s
Asian pesto, rocket and blueberry jam
                                               most amazing nightclub. The swishy line of people out-
                                               sides notorious and the only way to beat it is to show up
Main course                                    early. The bar attracts an upscale, trendy crowd ages 25
Tuna pepper steak with                         to 45. Excellent Djs spin deep house, hip-hop, r&B, rare
portobello mushrooms,                          grooves, 70s and 80s into the early hours of the morning.
dijon mustard and rocket pesto
Wine: Peter Lehmann Chardonnay

Fresh strawberries with cream, mint and wild                             Thorvaldsen Bar
strawberry sorbet                                                        Austurstræti 8-10
                                                                         Tel.: 511 1413
                                                                         e-mail: thorvaldsen@thorvaldsen.is

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                                                                           Clubs & Bars
     • Amsterdam / Pub with occasional            • Celtic Cross / Occasional live music.    • Kringlukrain / Large, popular shop-
     live music. Crowd 25+                        Crowd 25+                                  ping mall pub. Typical German-British
                                                                                             snacks and meals all day until 22.00.
       • Broadway Entertainment Hall /             • Dillon rock bar / It’s in one of the    Live music most nights. Crowd 25+
       Large nightclub featuring various kinds     oldest houses in reykjavik. There lies
       of shows and performances. Cover            this warm, wood and brick interior        • Mimisbar Hotel Saga / Located in
       charges varies. Dinner and show pack-       rock bar. Live music every week + the     the radisson SAS Saga Hotel. Pleas-
                                                   cream of rock Dj´s.
       ages available. Dress code. Crowd 25+ • Gaukur a Stong Crowd 25+
• Amsterdam                                                                                  ant and relaxed ambiance. Crowd 30+
                                                                                             • Mimisbar Hotel Saga
Pub, with occasional live music.                A place ahead of its time: a beer pub,       Located in the Radisson SAS Saga
       • B 5 / Bar and food service. Crowd         • Gaukur a Stong / A place ahead          • NASA / Big nightclub featuring vari-
                                                that opened even before beer was             Hotel. Pleasant and relaxed ambiance.
• Ari30+í Ögri                                     of in Iceland. Live music opened
                                                legalits time: a beer pub, that every        ous kind of music. One of the hottest
Named after a legendary sheriff. Café                                                        • NASA
       • Bar 11 / decor.
                                                   even before beer was legal in and
                                                evening from 23.00 weekdaysIceland.          club in reykjavík. Crowd 20+
- liquor, sharp Occasional live music.                                                       Big nightclub featuring various kind of
                                                   Live music every
                                                24.00 weekends. evening from 23.00
       Crowd 25+                                   weekdays and 24.00 weekends.              music. Bar / Bar, café and food
                                                                                             • NæstiCrowd 20+
• Broadway Entertainment Hall
                                                • Glaumbar
                                                   Crowd 20+                                 service. Crowd 25+
Large nightclub featuring the corner of
       • Barinn / Located on various                                                         One of the hottest club in Reykjavík.
                                                American-style bar with large-screen
kinds of shows and performances.
       klapparstígur. Live music and Dancing. satellite TV. Favoured by sport fans.          • Pravda / This place has been hot
                                                   • Glaumbar / American-style bar with      • Nelly´s
Cover charges varies. Dinner and
       Bar and food service. Crowd 25+                                                       since it opened onthe spring of ‘94.
                                                Loud music. satellite TV. Favoured by
                                                   large-screen                              Daily specials in liquor. Dancing.
show packages available. Dress code.                                                         Dancing. Crowd 20+
                                                   sport fans. Loud music.
       • Café Cultura / Cultura is in the heart • Grand Rokk
• Cafe Oliver - bar/club
                                                                                             • Pravda
                                                   Crowd 20+
                                                Small and unassuming with one of             This place has been hot since it
       of reykjavík on Hverfisgata 18, in the
The newest and hottest club in                                                               • Priki› / Bar, café and food service.
                                                the best selections of malt whiskies in      opened in
                                                                                             Crowd 20+ the spring of ‘94. Breezy
Reykjavík. house as the Intercultural Centre,      • Grand Rokk / Small and unassuming
       across the street from the National      Reykjavík. Live music some evenings.         decor that is trés cool.
                                                   with one of the best selections of malt
• Cafe Victor
       Theatre. Crowd 30+                                                                    • Rex / Club and bar. Crowd 30+
                                                • Kaffibrennslan
                                                   whiskies in reykjavík. Live music some    • Prikið - bar
Two floors, all in one, café, pub,
                                                   evenings. Crowd bar.
                                                Café, restaurant & 25+ Music alterna-        • Sirkus bar/club
restaurant & disco. The one of the newest
       • Café Oliver / Crowd: Varied.           tive mixed. Crowd: Varied.                   • Rex - / Pub, underground and
Dancing.hottest club in reykjavík. Bar and
       and                                                                                   alternative music. Crowd 25+
                                                   • Hressingarskálinn / Bar and food        • Sirkus
                                                • Kaffi Reykjavik
       food service. Piano Bar
• Café RomanceCrowd 25+                            service. Occasional live music. Crowd     Pub, underground atmosphere, pub,
                                                                                             • Svartakaffi / Cozy and alternative
                                                Cafe Reykjavik. Located in a historical
Located in on of the oldest houses in              20+                                       music.
                                                                                             café and light meals. Crowd 20+
       • Café Paris / Bar and food service.     house; huge space which is every-
Reykjavík and overlooks Lækjartorg
       Crowd 30+                                   • Ice once: café, in a cocktail
                                                thing atBar / Locatedpub, historical         • Svartakaffi
square. warm, intimate and featuring                                                         • Thorvaldsen Bar / Bar, café and
                                                lounge, singles bar. Live music every
                                                   house; huge space which is everything     Cozy atmosphere, pub, light meals.
live piano music.
       • Café Romance Piano Bar / Located evening. Dancing.                                  dancing. Featuring various kinds of
                                                   at once. Crowd 25+                        • Thorvaldsen Bar
                                                                                             music. Located in the heart of reykja-
       in on of the oldest houses in reykjavík
• Club 22
                                                • Kaffi Sólon                                Bar, café 25+
                                                                                             vík. Crowdand dancing. Featuring
Hip and     overlooks Lækjartorg square.
       and popular, located on the                 • of the town’s most popular
                                                OneKaffibarinn / Bar, café and food          various kinds of music. Located in the
       Warm, intimate and It is also the
corner of Klapparstígur.featuring live piano       service Crowd 25+
                                                places. Mixed crowd, hot Dj´s & open         • Vegamót / Very cool and funky.
                                                                                             heart of Reykjavík.
city’s unofficial gay bar, though fre-
       music. Crowd 30+                         until 05:30 Fri - Sat. Show up early to      Music alternative. Bar, café and food
quented by punters of all persuasions.             • Kaffibrennslan / cue.                   • Vegamót
                                                avoid the excessive Café, restaurant &       service. Crowd 20+
       • Café
Dancing. Rosenberg / Bar and food                  bar. Music alternative mixed. Crowd       Very cool and funky. Music alternative.
       service and occasional jazz and Blues • Kringlukrain
                                                   20+                                       Crowd 20+
• Dillon rock bar.                                                                           • Vínbarinn / Great selection of quality
       music. Crowd 25+                         Large, popular shopping mall pub.
It’s in one of the oldest houses in                                                          wines served in a comfortable atmo-
                                                                                             • Vínbarinn
                                                   • Kaffi Sólon / One of snacks and
                                                Typical German-British the town’s most
Reykjavik. There lies this warm, wood
       • Café Victor / Two floors, all in one,                                               sphere. Crowd 30+ quality wines served
                                                                                             Great selection of
                                                meals all day until 22.00. Live music
                                                   popular places. Dj´s playing various
       café, interior rock bar. Live Dancing. most nights.
and brick pub, restaurant & disco.music                                                      in a comfortable atmosphere.
every week 20+ cream of rock Dj´s                  kinds of music. Show up early to avoid    • Ölstofan / Pub and mixed music.
       Crowd + the                                 the excessive cue. Café, restaurant &
Open 14 to 01 Sunday - Thursday &                                                            Crowd 25+
14 to 03 Friday -Saturday.                         bar. Crowd 20+

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How to spend
a day in                You really want to make
                        the most of your time here,
                        don´t you? Well, following

                        this simple guide will able
                        you to enjoy the city from a
                        perspective no other tourist
                        guide will provide you with.

Reykjavík city centre

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 How t o s p e n d a d a y i n R e y k j a v í k
1    Hlemmur Bus Station
     – Be there at 9 o´clock in the morning, walk there
     if you are on a hotel nearby or take a bus, most of
     them stop at Hlemmur sooner or later. Walk down
     Laugavegur street and plan tomorrows shopping
     attack on your way.
                                                             11   The Culture House
2    Sandholt Bakery                                              – Built by Icelandic craftsmen. Contains exhibition
     – On the left hand side of the street. Go in and ask         halls, meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a shop.
     for 2 “kleinur”, a delicious Icelandic sweetbread            Theme exhibitions, Permanent exhibitions,
     (the ei is pronounced like the a in baby) Also buy           souvenirs, artwork and books.
     half a loaf of bread and put it in a bag.
                                                             12   Bæjarins bestu
3    Kaffi Tár                                                    – The best hot dogs in the universe! Ask for two
     – 2nd place World Barista Champions should be                dogs and leave the last bite of the bread for the
     able to make you a decent cup of coffee, ask for             hungry birds swarming around the place.
     cappuccino to go.
                                                             13   Kolaporti›
4    Hallgríms Church                                             – Experience what is probably the world’s
     – Take a hike up the hill, check out the statue of           northernmost flea market. The trashy atmosphere
     Leif Eiríksson and climb up the church tower for             and weird name just makes you want to cry out:
     a Spectacular view of the entire city. Enjoy your            Yee-haw! Maybe you’ll stumble across that Viking
     coffee and kleina and watch the city waking up.              helmet you’ve secretly dreamed of. (On weekends only)

5    Einar Jónsson Sculpture Garden                          14   Kaffi Brennslan
     – In the shadow of the church stands a house                 – re-energize yourself with a cup of coffee or two,
     looking like a grim fortress. Go behind it (the side         and let your eyes wander the cafe and feast on all
     facing away from the church) and sneak in to the             the pretty people.
     sculpture garden. Walk around the garden’s paths
     in the peace and quiet, look for a man sitting below    15   Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús
     and beside the body of a deceased woman.                     – Check out the fascinating Erró collection.

6    National Gallery of Iceland                             16   Reykjavík City Museum
     – Definitely one of reykjavík´s most impressive              – The Settlement Exhibition
     cultural attraction, ask the receptionist to tell you        Experience Viking-Age reykjavík at the Settlement
     the remarkable history of the house.                         Exhibition. The focus of the exhibition is an
                                                                  excavated longhouse site which dates from the
7    The Pond                                                     10th century AD. It includes relics of human
     – reach into your pocket for that loaf of bread you          habitation from about 871, the oldest such site
     bought and feed the ducks.                                   found in Iceland.

8    National Museum of Iceland                              17   Dinner time
     - Connect with past generations in Iceland and               Check out restaurants Apotek or Sjávarkjallarinn
     experience how a single nation came into being               just few steps apart.
     over the period of nearly 1200 years.
                                                             18   NASA
9    City Hall                                                    – round midnight you can join the swishy line of
     – Check out the gigantic 3D map of Iceland.                  people waiting to get in. A night at NASA demands
                                                                  some deep pocket digging - but hey, when are you
10   Back on Skólavör›ustígur street                              going to be in Iceland again?
     – By now shops have opened. Check out the
     various galleries and workshops on both sides of
     Skólavör›ustígur street.
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           Practical Information
Tourist Information                         Finland, Túngata 30 reykjavík. tel. 510
                                            0100, E-mail: finamb@finland.is                           Important
The Centre
                                            France, Túngata 22 reykjavík. tel. 551                  phone numbers
reykjavík´s official Tourist Information
Centre in Að­alstræti 2, 101 reykjavik.     7621. E-mail: amb.fran@itn.is
Tel. 590 1550. Open daily 09:00-18:00       Germany, Laufásvegur 31 reykjavík. tel.                           112
june to Sept. & Sept. to May Mon-Fri        530 1100. E-mail: embager@internet.is                Emergency, Police, ambulance,
09:00 to 17:00. Buses 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.                                                             fire department, medicine.
                                            Japan. Laugavegur 182, (6th floor) reyk-
City Hall Information                       javík. tel. 510 8600. E-mail: japan@itn.is                           118
Located in the City Hall by lake Tjörnin.                                                                    Information
                                            Norway, Fjólugata 17 reykjavík. tel. 520
Tel. 411 1000 / 800 4900. Open May to
                                            0700. emb.reykjavik@mfa.no                                       Police
Oct. Mon-Fri 08:20 to 16:30, Sat 12:00 to
                                                                                                    General number 444-1000
16:00. Buses 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.               Russia, Garð­astræti 33 reykjavík. Con-
                                            sular Section tel. 551 5156. E-mail: rus-                    Emergency ward
Iceland Visitor                             semb@itn.is                                         National university Hospital, 24 hrs
Through Iceland Visitor booking and in-                                                        service, tel. 543 2050 and 543 2000.
formation office you can conveniently       Sweden, Lágmúli 7 reykjavík. tel. 520
organise your whole stay in Iceland.        1230. E-mail: sveamb@itn.is                                Doctors on duty
Situated at Lækjargata 2, 101 reykjavik.                                                         National university Hospital, 24
                                            United States of America, Laufásvegur
Open hours are: june through August                                                                hrs service, tel. 543 1000.
                                            21 reykjavík. tel. 562 9100. E-mail: con-
09:00-22:00 daily. Sept. through May
                                            sularreykja@state.gov                                          Dental ward
10:00-18:00 Monday through Saturday.
Tel: 511 2442 www.icelandvisitor.com        United Kingdom, Laufásvegur 31 reyk-                  For information on dentists on
                                            javík. tel. 550 5100. E-mail: britemb@                      duty call 575 0505.
Hafnarfjörður – The town in the lava
- only 15 minutes from Reykjavík Tour-
ist Information, Strandgata 6. Tel. 585
5500, e-mail: info@hafnarfjordur.is Open                                                    formation office you can conveniently
Mon to Fri 8:00-17:00 and at weekends
                                            Phone & Internet Services                       organise your whole stay in Iceland.
in june, july and August 10:00-15:00        Phone booths                                    Situated at Lækjargata 2, 101 reykjavik.
                                            Telephone booths at Austurvöllur telegraph      Open hours are: june through August
Cintamani, Centre for Adventure             office (near The Parliament House) are          09:00-22:00 daily. September through May
Located in a friendly environment on the    open weekdays 08:15-19:00, and Saturda-         10:00-18:00 Monday through Saturday.
main shopping street in reykjavík. There    ys 10:00-18:00. You can use coins or pho-       Tel: 511 2442 www.icelandvisitor.com
you can book your Icelandic Adventure       ne cards. Fax services are also available.
with the help of experienced guides and
                                                                                            Gsm / Cell phones
at the same time shop for necessities       Calling Cards                                   There are two GSM / Cell phone oper-
and Icelandic design outdoor brand Cin-     With a prepaid Atlas Calling Card you           ators in Iceland. Iceland Telecom and Og
tamani. Free internet access.               can call anywhere in the world via a toll       Vodafone. Both telephone companies sell
Situated at Laugarvegur 11. 101 reykja-     free number (800 number).                       pre-paid GSM phone cards, which visitors
vík. Tel.: 562 7000
                                                                                            may find convenient to use with their own
Opening hours: june - August 08:30-         Phone Centres                                   GSM phones. Pre-paid cards are availa-
20:30 daily. Sept. - May 10:00-18:00        An International call centre is situated in     ble at petrol stations around the country.
Mon.- Sat.                                  the Tourist Information Centre at Adal-         GSM phones may be rented from Iceland
                                            straeti 2, down town reykjavik. Calling         Telecom, Ármúli 27, reykjavík.
Embassies                                   cards can be purchased at the Tourist
                                            Information Centre’s main desk                  Domestic calls
Canada, Túngata 14 reykjavík. tel. 575                                                      Phone numbers in Iceland are seven-digit
6500. E-mail: rkjvk@dfait-maeci.gc.ca       Internet Centres                                numbers. No area codes are necessary,
                                            You can access the internet on prepaid          you dial the number directly. The Iceland-
China, Víð­imelur 29 reykjavík. tel. 552    time at the Tourist Information Centre at       ic phone book, lists names alphabetically
6751. E-mail: chinaemb@simnet.is            Adalstraeti 2, down town reykjavik and          by Christian names, not family names.
Denmark, Hverfisgata 29 reykjavík. tel.     Iceland Visitor in city centre, Lækjargata 2.
575 0300, E-mail: rekamb@um.dk                                                              International calls
                                            Iceland Visitor                                 When calling outside Iceland, dial without
                                            Through Iceland Visitor booking and in-         interruption the international code (00), then

52          www.whatson.is
                                                               Practical Information
the country code, the area code, and finally    Central Bus Stations                            Car Rentals
the number. If you need help to reach the       Hlemmur, Lækjartorg and Mjódd.
number, you can call 115 for assistance. If                                                     Budget Car Rental
                                                Airport transfer / Flybus                       Vatnsmýrarvegur 10, 101 reykjavík by the
you need help in finding a phone number
                                                Flybus operates daily from keflavík Airport     bus terminal. Tel 562 6060. Fax 562 6061.
abroad, you can call 114 for information.
                                                to reykjavík in connection with all arriving
                                                flights. Arriving passengers are taken to the   National Car Rental
                                                reykjavik Excursions / Flybus service desk
Pharmacies                                      at the BSÍ bus terminal. From there passen-
                                                                                                Skeifunni 9, 108 reykjavík.
                                                                                                Tel. 568 6915, fax 568 8663.
Lyfja Apotek                                    gers are taken to some of the major hotels      Akureyri: Tel. 461 6000, fax 462 6476.
Lágmúli 5, by Hotel Nordica, tel. 533           and guesthouses in reykjavik. Stops will be     keflavík airport: Tel. 425 0300.
2300. Open daily 08:00 to 24:00. Buses          made at the Hotel Viking in Hafnarfjordur       After hours emergency phone
2,15,17 and 19.                                 and at the Aktu-Taktu shop in Gardabær.         Tel.: 840 6042
                                                                                                e-mail: nationalcar@nationalcar.is
Lyfja Apotek
                                                BSr, tel. 561 0000. Borgarbíll, tel. 552        Hertz Car Rental
Laugavegur 16, tel. 552 4045. Open Mon-
                                                2440. Hreyfill, tel.: 588 5522. Besides reg-    Flugvallarvegur, 101 reykjavík. Near Hotel
Fri 09:00 to 18:30, Sat. 11:00 to 16:00.
                                                ular fares most stations also offer various     Loftleið­ir. Tel.: 5050 600, fax: 5050 650.
                                                excursions & short trips.                       www.hertz.is / hertz@hertz.is

Transportation                                                                                  Avis Car Rental

Greater Reykjavik Transport / Buses             Terminals                                       knarrarvogur 2, 104 reykjavík.
                                                                                                Tel.: 591 4000. Fax 591 4040.
Buses operate from 07:00 until midnight,
                                                BSÍ Coach Terminal                              www.avis.is e-mail: avis@avis.is
apart from Sundays when they start at
                                                Buses to destinations all around Iceland.       At keflavík airport: Tel.: 421 1690,
10:00. On weekdays, the buses in general
                                                Vatnsmýrarvegur, tel.: 562 1011. Buses          e-mail: keflavik@avis.is
are driving with intervals of 20 minutes, un-
til 07:00. Evenings and weekends interval       1,3,4,5,6 and 14 .                              Rent-a-bike
is 30 minutes.                                                                                  It is possible to rent a bike to go sight-
                                                Domestic Air Terminal
                                                                                                seeing around the city at Hótel Loftleið­ir by
Single bus fare costs ISk 250,- ISk 75,-        Air Iceland domestic flights at reykjavík
                                                                                                Öskjuhlíð­ hill. Bus 16.
for children 6 - 12 years. A block of 10        Airport, 101 reykjavik offers a domestic
tickets can be bought from the driver for       route network of 9 destinations and links
                                                                                                Petrol / Gas Stations
ISk 2.000. reykjavik Tourist Card is also       to the Faroese Islands and Greenland.
                                                                                                Most service petrol stations are open daily
valid as a bus ticket.                          Tel.: 570 3030. Bus 15.
                                                                                                from 07.30-23.30. After regular hours,
N.B. The Bus drivers don’t give any                                                             most self-service petrol stations accept
                                                Domestic Air Taxis
change so always have the right amount                                                          ISk 500, 1000 and 2000 banknotes, credit
                                                Next to Hótel Loftleið­ir, reykjavík Airport.
ready for the single bus fares.                                                                 and debit cards.
                                                Bus 16.

                                                                                                 www.whatson.is                         53
             Practical Information

Shopping in Reykjavík                            Tax Free cheques. The refund amounts to
                                                 approximately 15% of the purchase price.
City Centre
The area around Austurstræti and Hafnar-         Supermarkets                                   Money
stræti streets has lots of shops carrying        The krambúð­ supermarket on Skóla-
souvenirs, woolens and handicrafts. You          vörð­ustígur street, carries the basic ne-     Currency exchange
will also find info centres, cafés, restau-      cessities like fruit, bread, milk, yogurt,     All major banks exchange foreign cur-
rants, pubs & bars.                              toothpaste, soda etc. Skólavörð­ustígur        rencies. FOrEX Bank on Bankastræti
                                                 42, 105 reykjavík.Tel. 551 0449.               2 accepts more than 70 currencies and
Laugavegur street                                                                               travellers cheques.
Main shopping street leading up from             Liquor stores
the city centre. Designer clothes, street        The state runs liquor in stores called         Wire transfers
wear, music, eye wear, cafés, restau-            Vínbú›. The shops are open Mon-Thur:           FOrEX Bank on Bankastræti 2 is agent
rants & bars.                                    11:00-18:00, Fri. 11:00-19:00 and Sat.         for Moneygram. Moneygram sends and
                                                 11:00-18:00                                    receives money within 10 minutes from
Skólavörðustígur street                                                                         most countries in the world. Moneygram
Leading up from Laugavegur towards Hall-                                                        is a very safe transferring system com-
grímskirkja church it is lined with galleries,                                                  pared to many other competitors.
workshops & showrooms selling various
kinds of art.                                                                                   Cards
                                                 Opening Hours                                  Visa, EuroCard, MasterCard, Diners
Kringlan Mall                                    General offices                                Club and American Express are widely
A short distance from the city centre sits       Weekdays from 09:15-17:00.                     accepted.
kringlan Mall with 36,000 sq.m. of shops,
catering and services. Buses 1,2,3,4,5           Public offices                                 ATM´s/Cash machines
and 6                                            Weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00 or 16:00.         You can get cash advances from your
                                                                                                credit and/or debit card at cash ma-
Smáralind Mall in Kópavogur                      Banks                                          chines widely available in reykjavík.
A modern shopping Mall specially de-             Normally open 09:15-16:00 Mon. to Fri.
signed to provide guest with a comforta-         Extended hours on Fri. Some branches
ble shopping experience. Buses 2, 24             stay open weekends 24 hour banking is
and 28.                                          available at Landsbankinn bank at Leifur
                                                 Eríksson Airport Transit Lounge.
Skeifan area                                                                                    Other
Near Laugardalur Valley recreational area        Shops & supermarkets
                                                                                                Post Offices
Skeifan is the home of discount & barga-         Open Mon.-Thu. 10.00-18.00, Fri. 10.00-
                                                                                                Icelandic Postal Service main branch is
in stores, markets, electric equipment           19.00 & Sat.10.0-16.00. Malls usually
                                                                                                located on Posthússtræti 5, 101 reykja-
and home appliance stores.                       stay open a bit longer on Thu. & week-
                                                                                                vík street, next to the main branch of the
Tax-Free Shopping                                                                               National Bank of Iceland. Tel.: 580 1101.
Visitors can reclaim value-added tax (VAT)                                                      Open Mon - Fri. 09:00 to 16:30.
                                                 24 hour shopping
on purchases exceeding ISk 4,000 in each         Major gas stations stay open 24 hours
shop. Look for the “Tax-Free Shopping”           as well as the 10-11 grocery store chain.
                                                                                                Letter / postcard inside Iceland, up to
logo and ask the shop assistant for a re-        Both carry the necessities of everyday life.
                                                                                                20g, ISk 55, letter up to 50 g, ISk 65 and
fund. You will be given a refund cheque or
                                                                                                letter up to 100 g ISk 75. To other Eu-
coupon whereby you can cash in at the air-       Pharmacies
                                                                                                rope-an countries airmail letter/postcard,
port on leaving the country. You no longer       Pharmacies are generally open 09:00 to
                                                                                                up to 20 g, ISk 75, letter up to 50 g, ISk
have to wait with your Tax Free refund until     18:00 / 19:00 but some stay open longer.
                                                                                                130 and letter up to 100 g ISk 170.To
you get to keflavik Airport just visit FOrEX
                                                 Restaurants, pubs, bars & discos               countries outside Europe, letter/postcard
Bank in Bankastræti 2 for your refund with
                                                 See wining & dining section and reykja-        up to 20 g, ISk 95, letter up to 50g, ISk
Global refund cheques and The Centre in
                                                 vík by night.                                  175 and letter up to 100 g, ISk 280.
Að­alstræti 2 for your refund with Iceland

54            www.whatson.is
                                                               Practical Information

Photography / processing                         May 1. Labour day May 24th Ascension            Ishestar Riding Tours
Print and film processing are readily            day / june 3. White Sunday /                    Established in 1982, Ishestar is a leading,
available in and many supermarkets               june 4th White Monday june 17th Na-             fully licensed operator, specializing in ri-
reykjavík                                        tional day / August 6th Bankholiday /           ding tours, offer riding tours of great vari-
                                                 December 24th Christmas eve December            ety with 68 departures of various riding
Storing luggage/baggage                                                                          tours form 7 different location throughout
                                                 25th Christmasday / December 26th Box-
BSÍ Coach Terminal, Vatnsmýrarvegur                                                              most parts of Iceland during the summer
                                                 ing day / December 31. New years eve.
10, Tel. 562 1011. Open daily , 07:30-                                                           time as well as year round single day to-
22:00. Buses 1,3,4,5,6 and 14.                   Electricity                                     urs form a new riding Centre combining
                                                 The voltage is 220, 50 HZ AC. Please note       riding tours, sight seeing, whale watch-
Lost & Found                                     that the prongs on equipment you bring          ing, food and entertainment. Out treks
Police Station at Borgartún 7b, Tel. 444         with you may be different from Icelandic        combine wholesome outdoor activity
1400. Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-12:00 and              standards. All major hotels provide you         with an intimate enjoyment of nature and
14:00-16:00. Buses 12 and 16 .                   with adaptor prongs for charging com-           a rewarding relationship between the hor-
                                                 puters, cameras, Gsm phones etc.                se and rider. Ishestar ehf, Sörlaskeid 26,
Laundry                                                                                          220 Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. Tel. +354 555
Laundry and dry cleaning services are            Equivalents                                     7000 • Fax +354 555 7001 info@ishestar.
available at most hotels in reykjavík.           1 kilo (kg) = 2.2 pounds                        is / www.ishestar.is
                                                 1 Litre (L) = about 1.76 pints
Weather/Clothing                                 1 kilometre (km) = 0.62 mile                    Elding Whale Watching
For weather information in English, tel.         1 metre (m) = 1.1 yards                         Elding Whale Watching is a family-ow-
(+354) 902-0600, extension 44, e-mail:           1 centimetre (cm) = 0,39 inch                   ned company. It was founded in May
office@vedur.is - www.vedur.is/english.                                                          2000 and has established itself as one
                                                                                                 of the leading whale watching operators
Radio/TV News in English                                                                         in Iceland. Elding Tours have two superb
You can listen to the BBC live 24 hours a                                                        whale-watching boats: the flagship, the
day in the greater reykjavík area on FM                                                          Elding, a 130-ton cruiser for 150 passen-
94.3 and read news in English on the na-
tional TV station ruV, on page 130 of the        Travel Agents                                   gers with 3 viewing platforms, and the
                                                                                                 Elding II, a luxurious 30-ton motor yacht,
Teletext, or log on to www.teletext.is and       Destination Iceland                             carrying up to 38 passengers. Elding
enter 130 in the space marked “Sið­a”.           Lágmúla 4, tel: 585 4270.                       Whale Watching reykjavik. Tel: +(354)
                                                                                                 555 3565, fax: +(354) 554 7420. info@eld-
Maps and information brochures
                                                 G. Jónasson Travel, Borgartúni 34.              ing.is / www.elding.is
Tourist information centres have information
                                                 Tel: 511-1515.
and brochures for the whole country.                                                             Iceland Excursions
                                                 Iceland­ic farm holid­ays, Síð­umúla 13.        A well established incoming Tour oper-
                                                 Tel: 570-2700.                                  ator that has been operating tours and
Iceland is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
                                                                                                 developing the business successfully for
throughout the year, and does not go on
                                                 Iceland­ Travel, Lágmúli 4,                     the past 12 years, (established in 1989).
daylight saving time. When it is noon in
                                                 tel: 585 4000, fax 585 4390.                    Today reykjavik Excursions offers the
reykjavík during the summer, the time is
                                                 Reykjavik Excursions                            widest possible range of services, cover-
08:00 in New York City, 13:00 in London,
                                                 One of the largest organizers of tours          ing everything from meet and greet to
14:00 in Paris, 14:00 in Oslo, 14:00 in Luxem-
                                                 for individuals and groups, as well as          snow adventures, exciting all year day
bourg, 14:00 in rome and 21:00 in Tokyo.
                                                 operating one of the biggest bus fleet in       tours as well as guaranteed roundtrips.
                                                 Iceland. On an annual basis the number          Iceland Excursions Funahofdi 17 - 110
Public holidays
                                                 of staff is around 130 persons. Operates        reykjavík. Tel (354) 540 1313. Telefax
Business, banks and most stores are clos-
                                                 day tours all year from reykjavík for indivi-   number: (354) 540 1310. E-mail: ie@
ed on the following holidays:
                                                 duals guided in English, German, French         icelandexcursions.is
April 13th The Good Friday / April 15th                                                          www.icelandexcursions.is
                                                 and Scandinavian. reykjavík Excursions,
Easter Sunday / April 16th
                                                 Vesturvör 6, 200 kópavogur, Iceland.
Easter Monday April 19th Holy Thursday           Tel. +354 580 5400 Fax +354 564 4776.
/ the first day of summer /                      www.re.is / main@re.is

                                                                                                 www.whatson.is                         55

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