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ICT Equipment Room - University of Bristol

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					                                                                                                         ROOM DATA SHEET
 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL                                                                                   REFERENCE              RDS 06
 Project Title - Generic Briefing & Outcome Specifications                                               REVISION          5.0 (DRAFT)
 Location - To Suit                                                                                      DATE            09    10   09

Room Name           ICT Equipment Room                                     Room Reference CFIT01                     FIS Code:2

Complete shaded boxes and add additional notes below as required.

Time of Use:                 1                  Hours per day 1            Days per week                            Days per year
Population:                  People                Animals (specifiy) None
                                           1 ( part )
Room Area:                           Sqm (min / max)       Minimum plan dimensions 3200mm          w 3800mm                           d
Room Height:                 Suspended No Suspended Ceiling.          Structural  3000mm Clear Height 2250mm door
                             ceiling     Room ceiling >2700mm Soffit
Classification:              EG ACDP or other classification None
Security:                    Electronic       Electronic lock and   Mechanical                           Physical    Door
                                              card reader
Other / Special Requirements:
      Minimum dimensions quoted provide a room to support two network equipment cabinets only, scale room to suit
       observing minimum clearances required at the working face of cabinets.
      Local loop emergency exit device to room interior adjacent to access door(s).
      Prohibited materials within room – schedule:

Wall:                      Finish        Plasterboard lining / plaster to masonry           Decoration   Emulsion paint - vinyl matt
Floor:                     Finish        Screed or raised access floor           Covering           Anti-static heavy duty vinyl
Skirting:                  Material        Timber / MDF gloss painted            Sit-in / planted   Planted
Ceiling:                   Grid     N/A
                           Ceiling tiles        N/A
                           Soffit               N/A
                           Ceiling/ floor slab and walls sealed/ painted in a light colour to enhance room lighting. The
                           product used shall minimize dust and static electricity
Doors:                     Solid core veneered or painted plywood doorsets, FD30(s) minimum, full width x 300mm high
                           kickplates, closer, signage
Joinery / trims:           Timber / MDF gloss painted
Windows:                   N/A
Internal Screens N/A
Other / Special Requirements:
    Walls to carry up to true soffit for fire resistence / security benefits

Fixtures and Fittings:
Contractor Supply and      Equipment racks containing patch panels for structured cabling and structured cabling
fit                         where required. Cabinet clearances to meet BS EN 50174-1:2009
Employer supply and contractor fit    N/A
Employer supply and fit                Local area network and computer equipment, and data cabling to patching panels
Other / Special Requirements:

Key Relationships:
To other rooms                         Adjacent to vertical riser / distribution system for cabling purposes
To external walls                      Not located against external wall, no external windows
To ground level / roof                 Preferrably located in-board at ground floor level or above
Other / Special Requirements:
      One or more cable access routes into the room as required on an individual basis allowing access to primary
       containment routes. Where multiple routes are required these are to be separated by a minimum of 3 metres. All
       cable entries are to be fire stopped, fire stop material is to be checked and reinstated after each occasion where
       additional cables are added.

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                                                                                                                              ROOM DATA SHEET
 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL                                                                                                        REFERENCE              RDS 06
 Project Title - Generic Briefing & Outcome Specifications                                                                    REVISION          5.0 (DRAFT)
 Location - To Suit                                                                                                           DATE            09    10   09

1. Environment and Lighting
Summer room temperature                 23                ±2      ºC                      Summer room humidity                           N/A       ±     %
Winter room temperature                 23                ±2      ºC                      Winter room humidity                           N/A       ±     %
Filtration Level                  EU    7        Supply                                   EU             Extract
Occupancy                               1        number of people                         Occupancy time           varies Hrs ,    00:00 am to         11:59 pm
Mechanical ventilation rate             12       l/s/p or                  ac/hr
Relative pressure                        Pos.                 Neg.        10       %
Noise rating                             NR 40
ACDP containment level                       1               2         3      N/A
Average lighting level                  400 lux             Working Plane Height          0.8        m        Uniformity    0.7 - 0.8
VDU use                                  Yes                No            Local task lighting required               Yes          No
Emergency lighting (to BS5266)  Yes                        No
                                        All light fixtures to be aligned to maximise light levels to the working faces of equipment cabinets and
Other special requirements
                                        room access routes

2. Mechanical & Public Health Services
Gases Tick or add number of outlets          Natural gas                    Other(s)

Ventilation description                 Mechanical supply and extract from central system.

HVAC terminal units                          Fan Coil Units                                     Radiators                                     Underfloor heating
                                             Natural convectors                                 Fan convectors                                Unit heaters
                                             Radiant heaters                                    VRV Units                                 Split DX units
                                             VAV boxes                                          Electric panel/storage heaters                CAV Boxes
                                         Other                  Independent system. No redundancy.

Automatic Controls                      Local hard wired controller. Common split DX unit alarm to be linked to BEMS.

Hot & Cold water and                                           Mains cold water         Domestic cold        Domestic hot water     Conventional
                                          Quantity                                                                                                      Chemical drainage
Drainage                                                             fed                  water fed                 fed              drainage
Wash Hand Basin
Drinking fountain
Vending machine
Washing machine
Cleaner’s sink
Fume cupboard
Other (eg outside tap, bath)

  Specialist water or                 All water services are to be diverted away from the room if possible. If not then a drip tray should be
                                       installed beneath the pipework for the length of any pipe run in / over the room. Rooms with transiting
                                       pipework or adjacent to a room with water/ wet services shall be provided with perimeter leak detection
     drainage requirements
                                       linked to the building management system. Consideration shall be given to providing a bund between the
                                       communications room and adjacent rooms with wet services.

    Fire Protection / Suppression                  Sprinklers              Class/Hazard
                                                   Inert Gas System                Water Mist               CO2                                with specialist extract

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                                                                                                                     ROOM DATA SHEET
 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL                                                                                               REFERENCE              RDS 06
 Project Title - Generic Briefing & Outcome Specifications                                                           REVISION          5.0 (DRAFT)
 Location - To Suit                                                                                                  DATE            09    10   09

3. Electrical Services
Miscellaneous Power Supplies                 24V DC                                    110V DC                                 400V 3 Phase
(Specify purpose)                       As required by equipment loads

Emergency Power                              Lighting                                  Computer Power                             HVAC
                                             Fume cupboards                            UPS                                        Other power
Power Outlets (230V)                         Wall (low level)                    3     Wall(Dado)                             ** Ceiling
(add No. twin outlets)                  3    Floor box                                 Wall(worktop/desk)                         No.Outlet/m²
                                             ** Ceiling mounted commando sockets shall be provided 1 per designed equipment cabinet position.

TV/FM/Radio                                  Wall (low level)                          Wall(Dado)                                 Ceiling
(add No. of outlets)                         Floor                                     Wall(worktop/desk)                         No.Outlet/m²

RJ45 Structured Cabling
                                        3    Data                                1     Telephone (recommended minimum 1 at room entrance)
Outlets (add No. of outlets)
                                             CCTV / Access Control / BMS / SDN (indicate systems supported)
Assume location as per small
power unless otherwise stated

Lamp Type                                    Compact Fluorescent                  Linear Fluorescent                             Tungsten Halogen
                                             SOX/SON                                   Metal Halide                               Other
Lighting Control                         Local Manual                                 Dimmable                                   PIR / Occupancy Sensor
                                             Daylight Linked                           Timeclock                                  Photocell (External)
                                             BEMS                                      Programmable Scene setting

  Fire Detection                        Smoke                                        Heat                                       Manual Call
                                         Xenon Beacon                            Remote Indicator                               Door Hold Open Device

    CCTV                                     Fixed                                     Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  Access Control                        Card                                         Mechanical Digilock                       Keypad
                                             Key Fob                                   Other
  Intruder Alarm                        PIR                                          Window Break                              Perimeter
                                             Door Contact                              Panic Alarm     (local sounder / strobe Y / N )
    IT Equipment Theft Alarm

    Public Address                          Speakers                                  Microphone                                  Hard of Hearing Loop

IP Rating                         IP         Lighting                       IP         Small Power                       IP       Other

 4. Equipment
                                                                  No.   Weight       M&E Services Requirements
                                               New       Exg            (kg)         Heat output/ Overall dimensions/ Miscellaneous details

                  Local “in-rack” UPS to be provided with the equipment.
                  Clean earth bar located within room, sized to allow a unique termination point per equipment cabinet or other item
                   requiring an equipotential earth bond.
                  Clean power supply required for IT equipment from dedicated distribution board.
                  Raised access floor.

5. Prohibited Materials
 Prohibited Materials                               Liquids, food, drink

(Please specify any Prohibited Materials)

                                                                                                                                     Tick if further sheets used

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