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									                                                                THIS REPORT RELATES
STIRLING COUNCIL                                                TO ITEM
                                                                ON THE AGENDA

STIRLING COUNCIL                                                 ASSETS, PROPERTY AND
                                                                 FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

24 June 2010                                                     NOT EXEMPT



      1.1      The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the public convenience
               service as currently provided by the Council and to make recommendations to
               change service provision to match the needs of local communities, improving
               overall service provision and reducing costs.

      1.2      The report notes that the method of service, particularly in the rural areas
               requires significant change and that failure to change will mean that a poor
               standard of service is all that can be achieved within the resources available
               now and likely to be available in the future recognising the need to reduce
               costs as available budget reduces. The report also forms part of a wider
               review of the utilisation of assets by the Council, which is being undertaken as
               one of the major budget workstreams.

      1.3      The report recommends that a number of the Council owned public
               conveniences should be closed and replaced by Comfort Partnership
               Schemes where there is sufficient demand and where opportunities exist. A
               reduction in the number of public conveniences owned and operated will then
               allow the budgets available for cleaning and maintenance to be used more


      2.1      It is recommended that Council agree:-

               2.1.1   That the public convenience at Station Road, Stirling is closed at the
                       end of the current tourist season (October 2010) due to lack of
                       demand/already existing suitable alternative;

               2.1.2   That the Assets, Property and Facilities Management Service seek to
                       introduce Comfort Partnership Schemes to replace the public
                       conveniences listed in Appendix A, thus allowing for their closure from
                       the end of October 2010 onwards;

               2.1.3   That the Assets, Property and Facilities Management Service engage
                       with communities where Council owned public conveniences will still
                       operate with a view to encouraging local keyholding where a desire for
                       extended opening hours exists;
                2.1.4   To instruct Assets, Property and Facilities Management Services to
                        consult with local communities on proposed changes to service
                        provision as noted in 2.1.1 to 2.1.3 above;

                2.1.5   To agree to a four week closure of public conveniences (non heated),
                        during the mid December to mid January period, to alleviate the
                        possibility of bursts; and

                2.1.6   A further report will be brought back to Council in early 2011 updating
                        on progress made against the recommendations noted in 2.1.1 to
                        2.1.3 above.



        3.1     Following the restructure in autumn last year the responsibility for public
                conveniences transferred from Environment Services (Streetscape) to Assets,
                Property and Facilities Management (APFM). This report provides details of
                the current provision of toilets and makes several recommendations for
                changing the nature of service delivery to ensure that the delivery of public
                convenience services can be as sustainable as possible into the future.

        3.2     The provision of public conveniences is a discretionary service and not a
                statutory requirement for Local Authorities to provide. Appendix B shows
                information from other authorities on the number of facilities they have and
                where available information on the strategies that they are adopting in relation
                to public conveniences.

        Current Provision & Information

        3.3     The Council own and maintain 30 public conveniences sited at various
                locations throughout the area. Appendix C provides details of the locations of
                each of the public conveniences and also highlights where the Council have
                other publicly accessible buildings in similar locations that provide toilet
                facilities - although at present these facilities are not advertised as available
                for general public usage. Of the 30, two public conveniences are within
                cemeteries namely Bannockburn Cemetery and St Thomas Cemetery.

        3.4     At Plean Country Park the public are provided with portacabin toilets sited
                adjacent to the public car park. There are also staff public conveniences
                situated within the building/yard area.

        3.5     The Council also have an agreement with the National Wallace Monument for
                toilet provision. This agreement has been in place since 1996.

        3.6     Appendix D provides basic information on each public convenience including
                the property address, the floor area, the current status of the toilet ie whether
                it is operational or currently closed, the visitor numbers, the opening hours,
                whether it is seasonal or permanent, how it is staffed/cleaned, its condition
                and its Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance rating along with
                information on its outstanding condition and DDA costs.

        3.7     The Council has no set standard template of toilets and as can be seen from
                Appendix D the size of the facilities vary greatly and is not necessarily
                dependent on usage or geographical location. The majority of toilets are
                purpose built as a toilet and have a range of facilities (male/female and
File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
        3.8     All of the toilets are operational with exceptions:-

                   The Bridge of Allan public toilet is structurally unsafe and will be
                    demolished during the summer and a replacement facility built.
                    Portakabin facilities are current available on the existing site. The new
                    toilet will be completed at the end of summer 2010.

                   The toilet at Laighills Park has been closed for some time due to
                    significant condition issues.

                   The toilet at Thistle Park in Stirling is also currently closed, has been
                    declared surplus and was marketed by Strategic Asset Management with
                    a closing date set of mid March 2010. A suitable offer for the property has
                    been received and missives have been concluded for a May sale.

        3.9     Opening times vary dependent on location, target market and availability of
                resources to open, close and service each facility. Full details of opening and
                closing times are contained in Appendix D. The only staffed toilet is at Station
                Road, Stirling. Opening and cleaning of toilets is carried out by a mix of full
                time and part time attendants, some fixed and others mobile. Appendix D
                highlights those facilities which are attended facilities, those that are opened
                and cleaned by mobile cleaners and those which are cleaned by Village
                Officers. All toilets are open throughout the year, except Inversnaid which is
                opened on a seasonal basis.

        Condition, Suitability and DDA Compliance

        3.10    Appendix D also provides information on condition, the costs to bring the
                facilities up to a basic minimum standard and information on compliance with
                the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). As can be seen from the table
                significant resources are required to bring the properties to a basic minimum
                level and this is undeliverable within the current revenue budget.

        3.11    In terms of assessing condition, each of the facilities have been surveyed and
                given a rating as per the standard reporting methodology whereby “A” rating is
                good and “D” ratings being sub-standard. Overall the public convenience
                portfolio rates as a B (acceptable) using the new elemental method or a
                borderline C (poor) using the former cost method.

        3.12    In 2009/10, Environment Services carried out works to the Station Road,
                Callander facility at a cost of £20,000. While the works have substantially
                improved the condition and aesthetic appeal of the toilets the condition survey
                suggests a further £3,850 needs to be spent to achieve an “A” rating and it is
                proposed that this will be addressed from within the 2010/11 Capital
                programme allocation. If the Council aspires to substantially upgrading all
                facilities to the standard adopted at Callander, it is envisaged that a total of
                £207,157 would be required to bring the facilities up to a satisfactory condition
                (i.e the maintenance backlog from condition surveys) and a further estimated
                £180,000 would be required to bring the facilities up to a good condition (ie a
                total of £387,157).

        3.13    Each building has also been assessed in terms of accessibility and
                compliance in terms of the DDA. The Council as a public service provider has
                a duty of care to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. Given the
                nature of the service provided, it is considered that the Council should
                wherever possible provide facilities that are fully accessible. Appendix D
                highlights that five premises are unsuitable, that 18 require adaptations
                costing in the region of £41,000 and five require surveying to further ascertain

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                DDA requirements.       These adaptations are not achievable within existing
                revenue budgets.


        3.14    In 2009/10, the annual budget for the toilets was £316K. In 2009/10
                expenditure was on budget. A summary of the budget is enclosed in Appendix
                E. Of the £116,810 budget allocated for property costs, £62,300 is required to
                meet rates, water and energy costs leaving less than £55,000 available to
                meet other property costs. These include planned maintenance, reactive
                maintenance and repair, vandalism, grounds maintenance, insurance, toilet
                rolls and cleaning materials. The revenue budget for property issues is
                therefore not able to address the outstanding backlog of maintenance repairs
                that were indicated in paras 3.10 to 3.13 above.

        3.15    The budget is further broken down in Appendix F to show a cost per toilet and
                an estimated cost for use. This indicates that in some cases toilets cost the
                Council over £1 per use and that in one case this figure if in excess of £5 per

        3.16    In terms of capital expenditure, £150K per annum has been allocated for
                2009/10 and for 2010/11. For 2009/10, £20K has been spent on the
                upgrading of Callander Station Rd car park and the remaining £130K has
                been allocated to the replacement of the Bridge of Allan toilet, which is
                currently going through the tender process after extensive community
                consultation. Apart from further improvements at Station Road, Callander, the
                2010/11 allocation has not been provisionally allocated as yet until AP&FM
                are clear on the future for the portfolio and the outcome of this report.

        Facilities Management Issues

        3.17    The opening, closing and cleaning of toilets is managed using a small core of
                four full-time staff supplemented by a number of part-time staff, with Village
                Officers also dedicating a proportion of their hours to the service. The details
                of these arrangements are summarised in Appendix E. A full-time member of
                staff is employed to operate the toilet at Station Road, Stirling and one other
                to operate the four toilets in Callander (2), Aberfoyle and Thornhill. The two
                other mobile operatives open, close and clean at least nine toilets at various
                locations in and around Stirling, Doune and Dunblane as well as providing
                some holiday and weekend cover for other toilets.

        3.18    The current arrangements can mean that the cleaning operatives can spend
                as much time, if not more, travelling between the various locations rather than
                cleaning. In addition, with nine toilets to open and close within working hours,
                some public conveniences can close as early as 3.15 p.m. and not open until
                10.35 a.m. Both management and the staff themselves are concerned that
                the current arrangements do not provide adequate time to engage in proper
                cleaning duties at each facility. It is generally recognised that a poor cleaning
                regime in properties can lead to longer term maintenance problems and this
                may well be reflected in the condition surveys reported in Appendix D.

        Other Public Convenience Arrangements and Current Upgrades

        3.19    The Council has previously had two agreements with partner agencies
                whereby the Council paid significant sums to the partner agencies to provide
                toilets. The agreement with Visit Scotland has been terminated and the
                Council now directly provides the toilets at the Discovery Centre in Aberfoyle
                but the agreement with Stirling District Tourism (SDT) for the Wallace
                Monument continues. AP&FM will be opening a dialogue with SDT about this

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                during 2010/11 with the intention of reviewing the agreement, which currently
                costs the Council £11K per annum. The current arrangement will be reviewed
                to bring it in line with proposals under the Comfort Partnership Scheme and
                addressed financially and operationally within the wider review of SDT
                currently being carried out.

        3.20    A number of community groups have expressed an interest in taking over the
                running, assisting with key holding, etc for public conveniences in their local
                area. This is particularly the case where communities are interested in having
                facilities open for longer hours. It is intended that meaningful discussions can
                commence in 2010/11 with these groups to ensure the continuing
                sustainability and ongoing service improvement for the future. This is dealt
                with further below.

        3.21    As is noted in para 3.17, the toilet at Bridge of Allan is currently being
                reprovided following discussions with the Community Council (CC) and local
                business association. The size of the replacement toilet has being significantly
                reduced to align to the historic user figures for the facility and improvements
                are being made to ensure that the facilities are DDA compliant. During the
                appraisal process/discussions, other sites and types of provision, including
                Automatic Public Convenience were considered, but ruled out on cost issues.
                The cost of operating an APC is between £17-20K per annum. As part of the
                ongoing dialogue, the CC/business association are considering ways in which
                they could work in partnership with the Council to increase the opening hours
                for the new facility, which will be open at the end of the summer.

        Requirements to Carry Out Review

        3.22    Environment Services commenced a review of public conveniences in 2008
                following concerns on the continuing sustainability of the portfolio and have
                shared this information with APFM as part of the handover of responsibilities.
                It is apparent from this previous work and APFM’s current work that there are
                significant issues as follows:-

                   Disparity in terms of coverage/accessibility to PC facilities – some areas
                    have multiple facilities.

                   Historic locations and opening times do not always match the areas of
                    demand/customer requirements.

                   Seasonal demand and closures could be linked more closely to usage.

                   Duplication of PC locations with other Council facilities - access to PC
                    facilities could be made available within existing properties with
                    adjustments to existing service delivery.

                   PC are not fully DDA compliant, require significant revenue expenditure to
                    address maintenance backlog and even greater sums to enhance the
                    facilities to make them facilities fit/attractive for 21st century aspirations.

        3.23    In view of the above, APFM believe that a radical review of facilities is
                required that effectively reconsiders how the service is delivered. Local
                Authorities are no longer seen as the sole provider of public conveniences
                (see Appendix B) as other publicly available facilities have emerged. It is
                therefore recommended that the Council considers a role whereby it acts as
                enabler, co-ordinator or provider of facilities, depending upon the best-fit
                solution in each community.

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
        3.24    Many local authorities in Scotland (see Appendix B) and the UK have
                embarked on Comfort Partnership Schemes (CPS) for the deliver of PC
                facilities – some for the complete replacement of PCs, others to augment
                existing facilities and some are a mixture. CPS involves a formal agreement
                between the Council and private sector partners (who are already providing
                toilets for the use of their patrons) in an area and the agreement enables
                these conveniences to be publicly available. For this “open” usage the partner
                is recompensed by the Council, using a sliding financial scale, dependant on
                a number of factors such as usage, facilities available, number of CPS in
                area, etc. The partners also benefit in that these CPS sites are publicised by a
                CPS sign on the property, advance signage, publicity on Council/tourist
                websites and ultimately the expectation that they get extra patronage of their
                facility. Perth & Kinross Council have used other Council premises, a garage,
                tearooms, hotels, public houses, etc for their CPS. As a pilot, discussions are
                already ongoing with the National Park Authority in relation to their suggestion
                to stop duplication of facilities at Balmaha where they would like to integrate
                the public toilet into their Visitor Centre thereby increasing the service offered.

        3.25    Under a Comfort Partnership Scheme, a Comfort Partner would receive a
                payment from the Council based on a number of key factors. These would

                   Anticipated footfall

                   Position within settlement/easy to find

                   Facilities offered, and in particular DDA compliance, opening hours,
                    number of cubicles, baby changing facilities, provision of sanitary and
                    waste bins.

                Payments would be made on a sliding scale depending on the standard of
                facilities and would range from £600 to £2,000 per annum.

        3.26    Internal discussions have commenced with Services regarding rolling out the
                Comfort Partnership Scheme for existing Council buildings. As can be seen
                from Appendix C there are a variety of locations where the Council operates
                buildings in close proximity to existing public convenience services. In some
                areas these facilities are potentially a duplication of existing facilities. Internal
                discussions have commenced with service management (local offices,
                community centres and libraries) to ascertain whether it is possible to make
                reasonable adjustments to the operation of these buildings to allow them to be
                signed as Comfort Partnership Scheme locations.                There may be a
                requirement to additionally clean and increase the supplies of consumables to
                these areas to assist with any increase in use. This will be monitored directly
                with the user services in the respective buildings. It is therefore now
                recommended that the Council agrees that the Service will seek alternative
                provision solutions for the public conveniences listed in Appendix A, whereby
                a Comfort Partnership solution is arranged either through a private sector
                partner (eg local hotel, pub, café) or utilisation of another Council facility.
                Where a CPS can be introduced Council public conveniences would be
                closed. A copy of a proposed draft CPS Agreement is enclosed at
                Appendix G.

        3.27    A number of communities have also indicated that they would be interested in
                partnership working with the Council in terms of public toilets. This has
                potentially ranged from taking over the responsibility for toilets to assisting
                with opening and closing of facilities. In instances where Comfort Partnership
                Schemes cannot be successfully introduced, it is recommended that the
                Council undertake consultation with each Community Council to ascertain the

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                appetite for such partnership working, with the aim of reducing costs across
                the Council area.

        3.28    APFM’s initial review of toilet facilities has revealed that there is significant
                duplication in facilities within the Stirling city centre. For example there are
                public toilets available within the railway station, the bus station and within the
                Thistle Marches as well as within a number of more major shop units. As can
                be seen from Appendix D, the opening and closing times of this facility is not
                even as extensive as those at the bus station and the Thistle Marches. It is
                therefore recommended that the Station Road toilet be closed at the end of
                the summer season (end of September). It is envisaged that the facility could
                be sold and would generate a small receipt to the Capital programme.

        3.29    The ability to close some of the Council’s public conveniences through the
                introduction of Comfort Partnership Schemes would mean that the existing
                mobile cleaning staff would be able to provide a more acceptable level of
                service as they would have less facilities to open, close and clean. It would
                also mean that facilities would be able to be open longer, with less downtime
                spent travelling between facilities during the course of the day.

        3.30    The closure of some public toilets may also give the Council the ability to
                generate some (albeit relatively small) capital receipts.

        3.31    As noted in Appendix F, there are a small number of public conveniences
                where the cost of provision, based on estimated usage is very high. It is
                therefore proposed where it is not possible to find an appropriate Comfort
                Partner further consideration on the future of these toilets (see Appendix A) is
                given subject to a further report to Council.

        3.32    Over the winter of 2009/early 2010 it became apparent that a number of
                toilets suffered bursts due to the extreme weather conditions. It is virtually
                impossible to alleviate the possibility of bursts in toilets as they are non-
                heated structures and by their very nature tend to be quite exposed. It is
                recommended that, as there was little or no public reaction to these closures,
                Assets, Property and Facilities Management put together a Christmas closure
                procedure whereby facilities would be closed for a four week period from mid
                December to mid January.


         Policy Implications (delete Yes/No as appropriate)
         Diversity (age, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation)        No
         Sustainability (community, economic, environmental)                            Yes
         Corporate/Service Plan                                                         No
         Existing Policy or Strategy                                                    No
         Risk                                                                           Yes
         Resource Implications (delete Yes/No as appropriate)
         Financial                                                                      Yes
         People                                                                         Yes
         Land and Property or IT Systems                                                Yes
         Consultations (delete Yes/No as appropriate)
         Internal or External Consultations                                             Yes

        Policy Implications

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
        4.1     A move to Comfort Partnership Schemes will lead to an improvement in the
                standard of toilet facilities in many areas, allowing limited resources to be
                spread more effectively over retained premises. This will be particularly
                beneficial in areas with high levels of tourist demand. Use of local libraries
                may also provide greater synergy maximising use of existing facilities and
                providing a further beneficial link with the provision of tourist related
                information. There is potential for local businesses to benefit financially from
                becoming Comfort Partners, both through direct payments made by the
                Council for entering the scheme and through incidental trade arising from
                greater numbers of patrons visiting their premises.

        4.2     Disability access may be improved if Comfort Partners who have good
                disabled facilities can be found. Similarly, if the Council is directly responsible
                for a smaller number of facilities, it will be more able to achieve improvements
                to disabled facilities in the remaining stock, from the limited resources

        Resource Implications

        4.3     It is envisaged that the closure of the public toilets at Station Road, Stirling will
                lead to annual savings of £20,000 and that the introduction of Comfort
                Partnership Schemes could lead to further savings of up to £80,000, reducing
                the cost of the service by up to a third. The costs of improved signage and
                information covering the new proposals will be met from service savings to be
                made in the current year and 2011/12.

        4.4     The closure and subsequent sale of any assets will generate capital receipts.


        4.5     This paper has been shared with Accounting Services and discussions are
                ongoing with a variety of property users on the Comfort Partnership Scheme
                as it could relate to internal services. A pilot scheme at Balmaha is being
                discussed with the National Park. In addition, discussions are ongoing with
                Economic Development & Tourism in relation to SDT and the locational
                review of facilities. Discussions have also commenced with Land Services
                regarding the impact on Village Officers.


        5.1     None

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
Name                              Designation                        Tel No/Extension

Lesley Malkin                     Strategic Asset Manager            (44)2597

Margaret Gilmour                  Facilities Manager                 (44)2474

Approved by
Name                              Designation                        Signature

Bob Gil                           Head of Assets, Property and
                                  Facilities Management

Date        15 June 2010                          Reference

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                                                                           APPENDIX A

List of toilets where a Comfort Partnership Scheme alternative will be sought and, if
successful, the Council’s public convenience closed

Balfron, Buchanan Street*
Balmaha, Car Park
Blanefield, Glasgow Road
Buchlyvie, Lay-by
Callander, South Church Street**
Crianlarich, A82/85 Junction
Doune, Moray Park
Drymen, Stirling Road
Dunblane, Bridgend and Chimes
Killearn, Station Road
Killin, near Falloch Bridge
Killin, Station Road*
Kippen, Fore Road
Lochearnhead, Car Park
Strathyre, Car Park
Thornhill, Orchard Mills Road
Tyndrum, A82

*    CPS solution would require to meet the needs of bus commuters.
**   Possibly part of wider solution re St Kessog’s.
                                                                                                                                                  APPENDIX B
                                           Public Conveniences – Scottish Local Authorities Comparison

Authority              Total Nos        Population Geographical      Comments
                       of Facilities               Area Covered
Aberdeenshire               87           239,160         6,313       Running community scheme (£1K for consumables) and CPS but found limited take
                                                                     up in rural areas.
Clackmannanshire            3*            49,900           159       As a result of 2010/11 budget savings target of £68K will result in one being closed
                                                                     and two replaced with APCs.
Dumfries & Galloway         62           148,300         6,426       Have reduced from 75 public conveniences.
Edinburgh                   35           468,070           264       Includes five APCs, review currently under way.
Falkirk                     18           150,720           297       Have 11 public conveniences and are currently undertaking a review about potential
Fife                        37           360,500         1,325       Closed two toilets in 2008, resulting in 37remaining of which 5 are APCs.
                                                                     Commenced CPS in 2009 and are looking to roll out later CPS for Council buildings.
Glasgow                     4*           581,940           175       All new APCs.
Inverclyde                   6            81,080           160       All new APCs.
Midlothian                   6            79,510           354       All new APCs.
Moray                       33            86,870         2,238       Two run by community scheme.
North Lanarkshire            5           324,680           470       Two APCs, considered CPS but experience was unsuccessful.
Perth & Kinross             10           142,140         5,286       Following a review in 2001, 34 toilets were closed leaving the 10 they currently have.
                                                                     CPS in operation.
Stirling                   27**           88,190         2,187
West Dunbartonshire         4             91,090           159       Currently have four toilets of which two are APC. From 1 April 2010 the two non APC
                                                                     facilities will close.
West Lothian                14           167,770           427       All new APCs.
Shetland                    41            21,950         1,466       All new APCs.

** Does not include parks/cemeteries.

Responses to the survey were not received from the other Scottish Councils.
                                                   APPENDIX C

Map of Public Conveniences and Location of Other
      Council Facilities which Have Toilets
        (amenity not publically available)
File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     APPENDIX D

                                                                                                                 Opening Time

                                                                                                                                                                                        Cost to Bring

                                                                                                                                                                         Rating (Note
                                                                                                  Nos (Note 1)

                                                                                                                                          Seasonal or

                                                                                                                                                                                        Condition A
                                                                          (if possible)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To Comply

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         DDA Cost
                                          GIA (m )

                                                                                                                                          the Year



                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Note 5


                                                                                                                                                                                        Up to

Property Address/Location                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Comments

Aberfoyle         Part of Discovery                   48    Yes           Ladies – 10 cubicles    No data        Note 2         Note 2    OTY           Mobile                A             £5,069             A          £1,450          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  Centre                                                  Disabled – 1 cubicle                                                          Staff                                                                             compliant
                                                                          Gents – 2 cubicles
                                                                          and 3 urinals
Balfron           Buchanan St, next                   17    Yes           Ladies – 2 cubicles      3,484         08:00          15:30     OTY           Village               B             £8,688             N                      0   According to the building survey report
                  to Local Office                                         Gents – 1 cubicle and                                                         Officer                                                                           there is insufficient space for disabled
                                                                          1 urinal                                                                                                                                                        adaptations within the existing premises.
Balmaha           In car park                         29    Yes           Ladies – 2 cubicles     33,687         24             24        OTY           Other                 B             £6,176             A          £1,140          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                          Disabled – 1 cubicle                   hours          hours                                                                                                     compliant
                                                                          Gents – 1 cubicle and
                                                                          1 urinal
Blanefield        Glasgow Rd                          13    Not since     Ladies – 1 cubicle       2,563         09:00          17:00         -         Note 3                A             £4,156             N                      0   According to the building survey report
                  Campsie Dean Rd                           last Aug      Gents – 1 cubicle and                                                                                                                                           there is insufficient space for disabled
                  Junction                                                1 urinal                                                                                                                                                        adaptations within the existing premises.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Burst pipes have been repaired.
Bridge of Allan   Well Road                           57    No – temp     Unisex – 1 cubicle      No data        09:45          15:30     OTY           Mobile               NA                     NA       NA                       0   Currently Closed. New public
                                                            portakabin    Disabled – 1 cubicle                                                          Staff                                                                             convenience being developed. Will fully
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          meet DDA requirements.
Buchlyvie         In lay by to east of                47    Yes           Ladies – 3 cubicles     18,750         07:30          16:00     OTY           Village               B          £19,989               A          £1,900          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  village                                                 Disabled – 1 cubicle                                                          Officer                                                                           compliant
                                                                          Gents – 1 cubicle and
                                                                          3 urinals
Callander         South Church St                     63    Yes           Ladies – 4 cubicles     23,623         09:00          16:30     OTY           Mobile                A             £5,515             A          £2,685          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  next to Local Office                                    Gents – 3 cubicles                                                            Staff                                                                             compliant
                                                                          and 1 urinal
                  In Station Rd car                  107    Yes           Ladies – 9 cubicles     64,806         09:10          17:00     OTY           Mobile                A             £3,850             A          £1,250          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  park                                                    Disabled – 1 cubicle                                                          Staff                                                                             compliant
                                                                          Gents – 4 cubicles
                                                                          and 8 urinals
Crianlarich       At A82/A85 Junction                 45    Yes           Ladies – 4 cubicles     50,949         24             24        OTY           Village               A             £2,025             A          £2,500          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                          Disabled – 1 cubicle                   hours          hours                   Officer                                                                           compliant
                                                                          Gents – 2 cubicles
                                                                          and 4 urinals
Doune             Moray Park                         21.6   Yes           Ladies – 2 cubicles      4,276         10:35          15:15     OTY           Mobile                A             £6,560             N                          According to the building survey report
                                                                          Gents – 1 cubicle and                                                         Staff                                                                             there is insufficient space for disabled
                                                                          1 urinal                                                                                                                                                        adaptations within the existing premises.
Drymen            Stirling Road private               29    Yes           Ladies – 2 cubicles     14,606         24             24        OTY           Village               B             £8,917             A          £2,030          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  car park                                                Disabled – 1 cubicle                   hours          hours                   Officer                                                                           compliant
                                                                          Gents – 1 cubicle and
                                                                          2 urinals
Dunblane          Bridgend                            43    Yes           Ladies - 3 cubicles      6,680         10:00          15:15     OTY           Mobile                A          £12,565               A          £3,000          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                          Gents – 2 cubicles                                                            Staff                                                                             compliant
                  Chimes                              52    Yes           Ladies – 5 cubicles      6,931         10:20          15:20     OTY           Mobile                B          £18,783               A          £3,025          Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                          Disabled – 1 cubicle                                                          Staff                                                                             compliant
                                                                          Gents – 2 cubicles
                                                                          and 1 urinal
                  Laighills Park                      17    No                       -            No data                                                                    NA                     NA       NA                      NA   Closed – may be marketed after review of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Laighills Park completed.
Inversnaid        Adjacent to car park                18    Yes           Ladies – 2 cubicles      4,691         09:00          17:00     Seasonal      Seasonal              B             £6,347             N                          Survey not carried out to ascertain
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubicle and                                   Staff                                  adaptation costs.
                                                                    1 urinal
Killearn          Station Rd                   8     Yes            Ladies – 1 cubcile      7,328     24      24      OTY   Village   B     £4,687   N             According to the building survey report
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubicle and             hours   hours         Officer                                there is insufficient space for disabled
                                                                    2 urinals                                                                                      adaptations within the existing premises.
Killin            Adjacent to Falloch         36     Yes            Ladies – 2 cubicles     25,458    07:00   17:30   OTY   Mobile    A     £3,268   A    £4,360   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  Bridge                                            Ladies disabled – 1                                     Staff                                  compliant
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubicle and
                                                                    2 urinals
                                                                    Gents disabled – 1
                  Station Rd car park         28     Yes                                    7,184     08:00   17:00   OTY   Mobile    B     £4,004   A    £2,175   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                                                                            Staff                                  compliant
Kippen            Fore Road                   15     Yes            Ladies – 1 cubicle      4,210     24      24      OTY   Village   B     £2,146   N             According to the building survey report
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubicle and             hours   hours         Officer                                there is insufficient space for disabled
                                                                    2 urinals                                                                                      adaptations within the existing premises.
Lochearnhead      In car park                 27     Yes            Ladies – 4 cubicles     21,743    24      24      OTY   Village   B    £14,175   A    £3,975   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                    Disabled – 1 cubicle              hours   hours         Officer                                compliant
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubicle and
                                                                    4 urinals
Stirling          Causewayhead                19     Yes            Ladies – 2 cubicals     8,724     09:20   15:40   OTY   Mobile    B     £3,350   A    £2,350   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  Park                                              Disabled – 1 cubical                                    Staff                                  compliant
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubical and
                                                                    2 urinals
                  Thistle Park               NA      No                                     No data      -       -      -       -     NA       NA    NA      NA    On market for disposal.

                  Kings Park                  54     Yes            Ladies – 7 cubical      10,342    08:50   16:30   OTY   Mobile    B    £17,912   A    £1,700   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                    Ladies Disabled – 1                                     Staff                                  compliant
                                                                    Gents – 3 cubicals
                                                                    and 6 urinals
                                                                    Gents disabled – 1
                  Station Rd                  52     Yes            Ladies – 6 cubicals     21,871    08:45   16:45   OTY   Staff     B    £12,357   A    £1,025   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                    Disabled – 1 cubical                                                                           compliant
                                                                    Gents – 2 cubicals
                                                                    and 3 urinals
Strathyre         In FC car park              31     Yes            Ladies – 4 cubicles     17,389    24      24      OTY   Village   B    £13,361   A    £3,150   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubicle and             hours   hours         Officer                                compliant
                                                                    1 urinal

Thornhill         Orchard Mills Rd            28     Yes            Ladies – 3 cubicles     1,387     09:30   16:00   OTY   Mobile    B     £2,923   A    £1,425   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                                                                    Disabled – 1 cubicle                                    Staff                                  compliant (portakabins)
                                                                    Gents – 3 cubicles
                                                                    and 5 urinals
Tyndrum           On A82 next to bus          27     Yes            Ladies – 3 cubicles     12,263    24      24      OTY   Village   B     £6,520   A    £1,950   Adaptations required to make the PC fully
                  lay by                                            Disabled – 1 cubical              hours   hours         Officer                                compliant
                                                                    Gents – 1 cubical and
                                                                    1 urinal
Bannockburn       Bruce Street                 9     Yes            Ladies – 1 cubical      No data   11:10   14:20   OTY   Mobile    B     £1,045   N             According to the building survey report
Cemetery:                                                           Gents – 1 cubical and                                   Staff                                  there is insufficient space for disabled
Toilets                                                             1 urinal                                                                                       adaptations within the existing premises.
St Thomas         Douglas Terrace             57     Yes            Ladies – 1 cubical      No data   10:50   14:30   OTY   Mobile    C     £9,228   N             Survey not carried out to ascertain
Cemetery                                                            Gents – 1 cubical and                                   Staff                                  adaptation costs. Toilets combined with
Cambusbarron:                                                       1 urinal                                                                                       storeroom and waiting room.

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
National                                             Yes                                    No data                                                               N             Part of historic SDT Agreement to pay
Wallace                                                                                                                                                                         significant contribution to toilets.
Plean Country     Plean Country Park          18     Yes            Ladies – 1 cubical      No data   09:30   16:00   OTY   Mobile        B        £3,541         A             Portakabin Public Conveniences
Park: Public                                         portakabin     Disabled – 1 cubical                                    Staff
Toilet                                                              Gents – 1 cubical and
                                                                    2 urinals
                                            1015.6                                          372,945                                              £207,157             £41,090


    1)      Based on count in 2007 (counter figure/2.5). Re-measure planned for spring 2010 abandoned due to damage to counters in PCs following winter freeze.
    2)      Local keyholder – opening/closing times may vary, but will exceed 09:00 to 17:00 hrs.
    3)      In process of recruitment.
    4)      A=Good, B=Satisfactory, C=Poor, D=Sub-standard.
    5)      A=Adaptation required, N=Not possible to adapt to fully meet DDA requirements.

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                                                               APPENDIX E

                   SUMMARY PUBLIC CONVENIENCE BUDGET 2009/10

Employee Costs                            £170,180
Property Costs (inc Cleaning materials)   £116,810
Supplies & Services                         £3,500
Transport Costs                             £9,000
Third Party Payments                       £12,450
Target Savings                             (£4,550)
Expenditure Total                         £311,940

Rents                                      (£2,470)

NET EXPENDITURE                           £309,470
                                                                             APPENDIX F

                                Unit Costs Per Public Convenience

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
                                                                                       APPENDIX G

                                 Comfort Partnership Scheme
                                           (DRAFT ONLY)

                                                                MINUTE OF AGREEMENT


                                                        THE STIRLING COUNCIL, constituted
                                                        under the Local Government etc
                                                        (Scotland) Act 1994 and having its
                                                        principal office at Viewforth, Stirling
                                                        (hereinafter referred to as "the Council”)


                                                        (hereinafter referred to as “the Service

CONSIDERING THAT the Service Provider has agreed to make the Facility at the Building
available to members of the public, FURTHER CONSIDERING that the Council has agreed
to pay the Annual Payment to the Service Provider for doing so THEREFORE the parties
have agreed and do agree as follows:-

1.    Definitions

      “the Annual Sum” means the sum of                     POUNDS (£          ) STERLING

      “the Building” means [jnsert address of property]

      “the Toilets” means the toilet facilities consisting of [complete details of facilities
      available eg male cubicle, female cubicle, baby changing area, toilets accessible by
      disabled] located within the Building.

2.    The Service Provider’s Obligations

      2.1   The Service Provider shall ensure that the Building is open and the Toilets are
            available to members of the public between the hours of [[    ] [ ] Monday to
            Saturday and [   ] and [   ] on Sunday].

      2.2   The Service Provider shall ensure that the Toilets are maintained in a safe, clean
            and hygienic condition with clutter free access and are adequately provided with
            bins and sanitary bins, toilet rolls, soap and hand dryers and/or hand towels.

      2.3   The Service Provider shall ensure that adequate signage is provided within the
            Building and on the entrance doors to the Toilets to indicate the location of the

      2.4   The Service Provider shall be responsible for ensuring that the Building and the
            Toilets comply with all applicable statutes and that all necessary consents for the
            use of the Toilets by the public have been obtained.

      2.5   The Service Provider shall be solely responsible for the repair and maintenance
            of the Building, both interior and exterior, and for the repair, maintenance and
            decoration of the Toilets.
File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
      2.6   The Service Provider shall be solely responsible for payment of all rates,
            electricity and water and sewerage charges in connection with the Toilets.

      2.7   The Service Provider shall keep the Building, including the Toilets, insured
            against loss or damage by fire and such other risks, including insurance for
            accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of third parties (Public Liability
            Insurance) and Occupier’s Liability Insurance.

      2.8   The Service Provider shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Council from all
            liability in respect of any injury to, or the death of any person, damage of any
            property, heritable or moveable, any interdict or court action or otherwise, by
            reason of, or arising directly or indirectly out of the use of the Toilets by the public,
            or from any failure or omission by the Service Provider in the implementation and
            observance of the obligations contained in this Agreement and from all
            proceedings, costs, claims and demands, of whatever nature in respect of such
            liability or alleged liability.

      2.9   The Service Provider shall ensure that access is given to the Council to allow it to
            fulfil its inspection obligations under Clause 3.2.

      2.10 The Service Provider shall give the Council the name and contact details
           (including a telephone number) of a person with whom the Council can liaise on
           any matters arising from this Agreement.

3.    The Council’s Obligations

     3.1    The Council will pay the Annual Sum to the Service Provider by way of two equal
            instalments on the First days of [ ] and [        ]. It is agreed that the Annual
            Payment shall cover the Council’s contribution towards the cost of making the
            Toilets available to members of the public including the costs of routine cleaning,
            ongoing maintenance of the Toilets, consumables used within the Toilets and any
            additional costs incurred by the Service Provider in terms of Clauses 2.5 and 2.6.

     3.2    The Council shall ensure that adequate direction signs are erected within the
            town or village where the Building is situated and shall provide a sign for the
            entrance to the Building. The signs shall indicate the location of the Building and
            the fact that the Toilets are available to the public.

     3.3    The Council shall carry out periodic inspections to ensure that the Toilets are
            being maintained and cleaned to a satisfactory standard and shall provide
            feedback to the Service Provider, if asked.

     3.4    The Council shall give the Service Provider the name of an officer who will liaise
            with the Service Provider on any matters arising from this agreement.

4.    Termination

      If the Service Provider breaches any of the obligations in this Agreement, the Council
      shall notify the Service Provider in writing, specifying the nature of the breach and a
      reasonable period within which the breach must be remedied. If the Service Provider
      does not remedy the breach within that period, the Council shall be entitled to terminate
      this Agreement immediately upon the expiry of the period without the need for any
      further notice.

5.    Duration

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc
      Subject to Clause 4 above, this Agreement shall subsist for a period of three years from
      the [     ] to [ ] unless earlier terminated by either party giving two months notice in
      writing to the other party.

Date:…………………………………………..                                 Place:………………………………………

…………………………………………………                                     ………………………………………………
Signature of Witness                                    Signed on behalf of The Stirling Council

…………………………………………………                                     Name:………………………………………
Full Name (including Middle Names) of

Address of Witness

Date:…………………………………………..                                 Place:………………………………………

…………………………………………………                                     ………………………………………………
Signature of Witness                                    Signed for and on behalf of Service

…………………………………………………                                     Name:………………………………………
Full Name (including Middle Names) of

Address of Witness

File Name: C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3ed22090-4863-498f-b982-e6b6902b485b.doc

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