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									Sony Cli I.Xml Peg-Tj35G
 Stay organised and entertained at home or on the road with the new Palm OS 5 (ver 5.2) PEGTJ35G CLI handheld.
Listen to your favourite tunes wherever you are with the integrated MP3 audio player. Write with ease as Decuma
handwriting recognition software matches characters instantly for fast and easy data input. View Microsoft Word, Excel
and PowerPoint documents, or PDF and HTML files with the Picsel Viewer software. The high-resolution color display
produces over 65,000 colours and shows your documents and pictures in full detail and colour with amazing clarity. The
PEGTJ35G comes bundled with a variety of entertainment and business applications to fit both your needs and your
lifestyle, all packed into a sylish slim aluminium platinum silver body.


 -Microprocessor: 200MHz i.MXL Application Processor
 -Main Memory (RAM): 32MB (user memory approx. 23MB)
 -System Memory (ROM): 16MB
 -Display: 320x320 pixel, 65,536 colour reflective TFT with backlight
 -Interfaces: USB (Hotsync cable), Enhanced IrDA, Memory Stick Slot
 -Input Devices: Stylus, Centre Jog Dial with Right / Left Button
 -Battery: Estimated 10 days with normal use (average 30 minutes PIM use per day with backlight off, actual battery life
may vary by usage)
 -Dimensions (WxHxD): approx. 75.3 x 110.1 x 11.9 mm (projecting parts not included)
 -Weight: 140g (including stylus)
 -Warranty: 12 months
 -Operating System: Palm OS 5 ver 5.2 (English)
 -Palm Applications (Handheld): Launcher / CLIE Launcher 4.5S, Address Book 4.5S, Date Book 4.5S, To do 4.5S,
Memo Pad 4.5S, Welcome 4.5S, Prefs 4.5, Security 4.5,, Calc 4.5, Card info.4.5S, Hotsync 5.0, Graffiti 5.2
 -Other Applications (Handheld): CLIE Viewer 1.2, CLIE Files 1.1 Data Import 1.1, Memory Stick Backup 1.0, CLIE
Memo 1.2, Aeroplayer for CLIE 1.0S, Picsel Viewer for Clie 1.0, Decuma Input, Sample Data (Image), Sample Data
 -Handheld Applications (CD-ROM): World Alarm Clock, Sample Data (Image)
 -PC Applications (CD-ROM): CLIE Palm Desktop 4.1, Image Converter (NTSC) 1.1, Data Export 1.0, Intellisync Lite
for Sony CLIE 4.0, Quick time 5.0, Acrobat Reader 5.1
 -Handheld Applications (Trial): Acid Solitaire, Agendus, BalanceLog, Bejeweled, Breakout, Contacts Pro, GTS Racing
Challenge, Insaniquarium, Palm Reader & 1 Sample books, powerOne Finance, powerOne Personal, Presenter to Go,
Tak Tik, Worldmate
 -Technical Support: 3 months during business hours
 -Suggested Retail Price:
 $499.00 AUD inc. GST


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