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									   Replacement lcd screen for HP/ htc/Palm
            treo/O2/Dopod etc
       Keco Technology Co., Ltd offers various PDA LCDs , GPS LCDs, PSP LCD, NDS LCD, NDSL LCD,
       Ipod Series LCD, and other PDA accessories, such as touch screen, stylus, etc.

Company: Keco Technology Co., Ltd
Web: www.kecotech.com

LCD models with their compatible device are as following, if you are interested in, please
feel free to contact us.
Acx533akz-7: treo 600
Acx544akn-8:treo 800
ACX502BMU/W: HP1935/1940/4150/4155/4350/4355/6315/6365, HP ipaq193x/194x
ACX502AKN: Dopod 696(1st gen)/696i/699, HP2200, ipaq HP2210, Orange SPV
M1000, O2 XDA
ACX502BMV-7: Dopod D700(2nd gen), 02XDA Iis, Qtex9090, Orange SPV M200,
HTC Blueangel, I-mate PDA 2000, Siemens SX 66, vpa 1620,
Audio Vox PPC 6600, Sprint 6600
ACX706AKM: Dopod 686,Qtek 1010
ACX526AKM:          Dopod D900, I-mate jasjar, Loox720, MDA Pro, Orange SPV
M5000,Qtex9000,XDA Exec, XDA Executive
ACX525AKM: Sony Ericsson P9xx, P900
ACX501AKM: HP H3970
ACX502ALM: Lenovo XP618,PSC FALCON 4220
ACX523AKM: HP ipaq hx47xx
ACX533AKM: Treo 650
ACX538AKM: HP 6515/6510
ACX544AKM: Treo 680
ACX357AKM: Dopod C858/HTC P4350/dopod c800/HTC P4351/O2 Xda Terra
ACX342BKM8: Orange SPV C600, Cingular 2125, Qtek 8310 (Tornado-Douton)
ACX342AKM8: Blackberry 8700 cc
ACX362AKM-8: Dopod S620 (Excalibur)
ACX346AMK/Z-8: Blackberry 8700c
ACX357AKN-8(60H00061-00M): HTC P3300(Aritemis)
ACX357AKM-8(60H00062-00M): HTC P4350(Herald)
ACX357AKQ: HTC P4550 (Kaiser)
ACX507ALQ-3: Sony Clie PEG-TJ27
ACX557AKM: Treo 750v(Cheetah)
ACX709AKM-2: Sony Clie-n750c
ACX704AKM-7: HP 3760/3760/3650/3600/3670

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ACX566AKM: Palm 500
ACX517AKQ-8: Zire 71/72

LTP217QV-F01: Blackberry 8100
LTP256QV-F01: Blackberry 8700
LTP234QV-MF: Blackberry 7100G/7100V
LTP234QV-F01: Blackberry 7100i
LTP243QV-E01: Palm Treo 650/700p
LTP241QV-F02: Dopod S730 (Wings)
LMS283GF01: Dopod S1
LMS283GF01: Dopod P860
LMS283GF04: HTC Cruise Dopod P860
LMS283GF06: Dopod S1 CDMA XV6900
LTP280QV-E01: Dopod818/828/838, HTC Wizard (Cingular8125), 02XDA 11 Mini, Orange
SPV M500
LTP283QV-F01: Qtel G100 (Galaxy)
LTP243QV-E01: Treo650
LTP283QV-F01: Eten G500
LTP300QV-E01: Zire 71/72
LTE400WQ-E01: Mio710/910
LTP500GV-F01: Dopod X7500/U1000 (Athena)
LMS350GF04: Mio c220

TM038QV-67A03: HP ipaq h3850/3950/3835

NL2432HC17-01B: ipaq 6818/6828, mio A700, O2 ATOM
NL2432HC17-02B: Sony Ericsson P1000, GPS medion PNA210
NL2432DR22-12B: Toshiba e310/e330/e740/e300
NL2432DR22-11B: ASUS A600
NL2432HC22-23B: mio336/339
NL2432HC22-22B/25E: PDA/Tomtom Go300
NL2432HC22-37B: mio336/339
NL6427HC19-01B: MIO 810

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