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					Zarafa Archiver
Email has quickly evolved into one of, if not the       therefore cheap storage. Once assage is archived        messages. Zarafa Archiver archives all email
most important communication and business tool          it can be deleted from the original store saving        messages based on their delivery time.
in use by organizations all over the world. The         space on the more expensive primary storage
growth of email use has created security and            servers and thus increasing performance.                Benefits
storage issues. Email archiving has proved to be the    Switching to a high performance primary server          The Zarafa Archiver provides a Hierarchical
way forward for businesses while dealing with           running on SSD's with a low cost NAS-server to          Storage Management (HSM) solution for the
storage. Zarafa Archiver is a new product within the    archive older message can optimize e-mail usage         Zarafa Collaboration Platform, with the following
Zarafa ecosystem, addressing the need for email         on daily basis.                                         features and advantages:
archiving.                                              Optionally a stub to the archive can be created
                                                        that allows a user to actually see the archived            • Improved messaging server performance
Zarafa Archiver: Performance & Usability                email and open it as if it were a normal message.          • Seamless End User Experience by Stubbing
Zarafa Archiver originates from the performance         When opening the stubbed message the body                  • Use less expensive storage tiers for
and usability point of view. Using Zarafa Archiver      and attachments are retrieved from the archive              long-term archiving
can open up ways to improve performance for the         server on the fly.                                          • More rapid recovery from downtime
same cost using its basic features.                     An alternate way of opening archived messages               incidents
By using Zarafa Archiver, mail store sizes are          is to open the archive as a shared store in                • Flexible PST Migration
minimized by moving old messages to slow and            Outlook or the Webaccess revealing all archived

                                                                                                              Zarafa Primary Server

                                                                                                                           Stores all new incoming mail,
                                                                                                                           including attachements. Fast access
                                                                                                                           time required so expensive storage is
                                                                                                                           used, e.g. SAS disks.

                                                                                                                           Mail older than x months can be
                                                                                                                           archived. A stub is created containing
                                                                                                                           just the header and stored on the
                                                                                                                           primary server.

                                                                                                              Zarafa Archive Server
                                                                                                                           Stores the complete archived mail,
                                                                                                                           including attachements.

                                                                                                                           Since archived mail is accessed less
                                                                                                                           often than current mail, slow storage
                                                                                                                           can be used, e.g. SATA disks.

  Address                                                                                             Downloads & Reviews
  Zarafa Headquarters                 Zarafa Germany                          OPEN           |
  Elektronicaweg 20                   Schiffgraben 13                       COMPATIBLE      
  2628 XG Delft                       30159 Hannover
  The Netherlands                     Germany                               ENTERPRISE      
Next steps: Deployment & Features
                                                                                                                 Archiver Phases
Zarafa's archiving solution leverages existing technology used
by Zarafa; once installed on the server, it requires no
                                                                                                                Primary server            Archive server              Example
additional software rollout and uses existing Zarafa configura-                                                                                                          age

tion and setup procedures for setting up the archive. This also            0. No archiving
includes support for compressed attachments, single sign-on
and off-line mode. Zarafa Archiver also enables to search in                1. Archive copy                                                                         10 sec - 2 d

parallel by using the resources of multiple servers arranged in            2. Stubbed msg                                                                              60 d
a cluster. Therefore this solution is typically interesting for
enterprises with hundred+ to thousands of users.                           3. Fully removed                     Removed                                                1 yr

                                                                           4. Archive purged                    Removed                     Purged                      7yr
Zarafa Archiver is a standalone product and comes with its
own subscription model. Zarafa Archiver will enhanced its
                                                                   The full archiver functionality can be seen as a phased process, where timelines, and phases can be customised.
feature set the coming years to a highly customizable product,
ranging from a mail storage platform to a full government
compliant digital signed archive solution.                                              Zarafa Primary Server                                    Zarafa Archive Server

For organizing, creation and rollout of an archiving strategy,
Zarafa offers deployment documents and use cases.
                                                                                                            Virtual de-stubbing connection
Engineering and consulting services to aid in these matters                                                          (through client)
can be ordered from Zarafa Business Partners. These                                 Primary connection                                                     Archive connection
                                                                                        (user store)                                                          (shared store)
specialized partners can, when required, include Zarafa
Professional Services in the project.

The Zarafa Archiver roadmap concerning future development                                                              Zarafa Client
                                                                                                                   (Outlook / Webaccess)
includes direct integration with the ZCP dAgent for direct
delivery in archive upon receipt of mail, interfaces in archiver   Diagram showing color coded connections that are made during mail retrieval

to unload the archive to other storage devices and integrated
creation of archive stores when creating Zarafa users.

                                                                   Next to stubbing and de-stubbing all archived mail can be opened as a shared folder

  Address                                                                                                  Downloads & Reviews
  Zarafa Headquarters               Zarafa Germany                         OPEN                   |
  Elektronicaweg 20                 Schiffgraben 13                   COMPATIBLE                 
  2628 XG Delft                     30159 Hannover
  The Netherlands                   Germany                            ENTERPRISE                
Zarafa Archiver feature list
Basic functionality
Email archiving                                               Archive all recieved and sent emails, including internal email.
Stubbing                                                      Leave message stubs in Zarafa, allowing transparent archive store usage
Outlook integration                                           Access the archive from within Outlook Inbox
Cost saving                                                   Use slow storage e.g. SATA for archived messages
Search inside attachments                                     Supports for multiple attachment types (e.g. word, powerpoint, ODF, RTF, PDF and ZIP)
Search and retrieval                                          Search, view and print archived emails
Web-based user interface                                      Use the Zarafa webaccess to search for emails in the email archive
Improved server functionality                                 Improved server performance by optimization for frequent accessed emails

Usability & Scalability
Internationalization                                         Archive emails and search emails in many di erent languages and codepages
Multiple server support                                       Archive emails from multiple Zarafa servers
Multiple archives support                                     Archive emails to multiple Zarafa Archive servers
Disaster recovery                                             Rapid recovery from downtime incidents by fallback to easy accessible archives
Ease of use                                                   Seamless end user experience, as stubbed emails appear transparent accessible in the mailstore
Archive listing                                               Archiving overview made manageble with the listing features mapping users to archives.
Mobile and cross compatible                                   Emails appear transparently available in mobile devices and IMAP clients

NTLM Authentication                                           Single-sign-on authentication with Windows credentials
Employee access                                               Permit/restrict employee access to the email archive, use of delegate rights on linked archives
LDAP Authentication                                           Login to the email archive store by using LDAP authentication
ACL Syncronisation to archive                                Access rights transfer of the primary mailbox on Zarafa server to the mailstore on the Archive server

Import & Export
Direct exchange import                                        Import emails from Microsoft Exchange directly using the Zarafa Migration Tool on the archivesemail
Multiple import options                                       Import email from .eml, mbox and pst
Flexible PST migration                                        Import Exchange PST’s directly in the mailstore or in the archive, allowing archive merging

Future roadmap development
Direct archiving at receipt                                   Linking the incoming email process to the archiving functionality
Archive autocreate                                            Link users to archives at creation using default settings
Archive unloading                                             Enabling the supported offloading of archive contents to external storage


Disclaimer: This feature document has been constructed with care and expresses the going concern of Zarafa, however it does not imply any warranty on delivery of items, functions and products or related timeframes.

   Address                                                                                                                            Downloads & Reviews
   Zarafa Headquarters                      Zarafa Germany                                             OPEN                  |
   Elektronicaweg 20                        Schiffgraben 13                                        COMPATIBLE               
   2628 XG Delft                            30159 Hannover
   The Netherlands                          Germany                                                ENTERPRISE               

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