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					NSW PSG Team                                       June Newsletter
Well Done
Again, congratulations on your recent selection in the NSW team to participate at the 8 Pacific School Games.
You join an illustrious group of students who have represented NSW at past Pacific School Games including Ian
Thorpe and Jana (Pittman) Rawlinson. Enjoy the journey and experience.

Competition Schedule / Program
At this time the organising committee in Canberra have not finalised the competition programs in Basketball,
Diving, Hockey, Swimming and Track & Field. As soon as these programs become available they will be available
on the organising committee’s website –

NOTE: All team members in the Basketball, Diving and Hockey teams will need to be in Canberra by at least 12
noon on Saturday, 29 November to participate in the competitor accreditation procedures at the indoor halls at the
National Hockey Centre. Permission has been given by the Canberra Organising Committee for NSW Swimming
and Track & Field team members not to participate in the accreditation procedures on the 29 November, however
all NSW Swimming and Track & Field team members will have to go through the accreditation procedures prior to
participation. Competitors must allow at least three hours to be processed for accreditation at the National Hockey
Centre before proceeding to competition venues.

The Opening Ceremony for the PSG is on the morning of 30 November and all NSW Basketball, Diving, Hockey
team members plus accredited swimming and track & field team members will take part in this ceremony.
Competition will begin in the afternoon of 30 November.

The Closing Ceremony for the PSG will take place in the twilight of Saturday, 6 December. All NSW Basketball,
Diving, Hockey team members and available swimming and track & field team members will take part in this
NSW PSG Team Newsletter and Communication
The NSW PSG management will be providing updates on information relating to the 2008 PSG via the School
Sport Unit website at
A confirmation letter regarding your selection in the team has recently been sent to your School Principal.

NSW PSG Team Uniform
All members of the NSW team will receive as part of the team levy:
Tracksuit                          Polo Shirts x 2                         Sport Shorts
Sports Bag                         Socks x 2 pairs                         Water Bottle
Cap                                Swaps – transfers, wristbands, badges   Towel

Each sport will also have competition uniforms ie swimsuit etc.

All selected team members hopefully have been sized at the respective selection trial. If for some reason you
missed being sized or have qualified for the Track and Field team, a sizing day will be held on Monday, 18 August
from 1pm to 9pm. Appointments should be made by phoning Lucette Meekins on 9707 6931.

Distribution of Team Apparel
Collection of team uniforms for the Diving / Swimming teams will occur prior to the end of Term 3 from the School
Sport Unit, Office located in Bankstown Nth PS, cnr Beresford Rd / Hume Hwy, Bankstown. Centralised
distribution points will be available in country regions. For the team sports of basketball and hockey distribution will
occur at a team training session.

Tickets for the 2008 Pacific School Games for all events other than swimming will go on sale as from the 1 October
2008. Swimming tickets (very limited) will be available from the 20 October 2008 after the close of entries.
Information about PSG ticketing can be found on the organising committee’s website –

Competitors Levies and Payments
A tax invoice covering – team levies, compulsory team uniform, competition uniform and optional items will be
forwarded to all team members (except track & field) by 15 September, with payment due by 13 October 2008.
Additional / Optional Apparel
A limited amount of additional team apparel is available. If you wish to order anything additional ie another towel,
please download and complete – Additional Order Request Form which can be found at , this form should be faxed to (02) 9707 6999 or posted to
the School Sport Unit.

The following items of optional apparel are available and can be ordered via the Additional Order Request Form.

        Back Pack                        Singlet                  Polo Shirt - White                   Jersey

          $30.00                         $15.00                         $30.00                         $60.00

Fund Raising
To assist parents / caregivers in raising the levy, the NSW PSG management has organised a Guessing
Competition. Each competitor has received 600 x $2 tickets. This is a self help scheme. You may wish to buy the
tickets and pay the levy. The confirmation letter to your School Principal will also highlight this fundraising activity.
All ticket butts must be returned to the NSW PSG office by Tuesday, 25 November. Remember, all non sold tickets
should be returned with your name on them.

Team Photos
Arrangements are currently underway for team photos to be taken in Canberra for the Basketball and Hockey
teams. These photos will hopefully be available for distribution in Canberra, if not they will be mailed out to each
competitor on their return to New South Wales.

Withdrawal from the Team
If for any reason, parents or caregivers wish to withdraw their child from the team, please contact Mr Ross Morrison
on (02) 9707 6950 immediately.

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