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					San Sereno
Contact details
Physical address: Fleming Street, Mill Hill, Bryanston Postal address: Private Bag X14, Bryanston, 2041 Contact numbers: 011 463 0486 Contact person: Elsa Mileti E-mail address – Fax: 011 463 0170

Type of Home
The home has been open since 1990. They fall under Sanlam and are privately funded. There are 169 cottages and 50 flats on the property where people live independently. These are purchased on life rights and there is a maximum age limit of 80 years. The waiting list for the cottages is closed until 2015. On the clinic side there are facilities for 108 people in either mid- or frail care. They do have a waiting list and people already living at San Sereno take priority over people from outside when it come to frail care beds. They do take all types of frail care residents and at present have about 30 Alzheimer’s patients. The home outsources nursing, kitchen, cleaning and gardening. Volunteers from the cottages also help out with the frail care unit.

Type of accommodation
Rooms are either singles or doubles and must be furnished by the residents themselves. Mid care rooms have bathrooms en suite and frail care rooms use communal bathrooms with shower and bath. There are no facilities for families to stay overnight. All rooms have good security with bells and intercoms to alert staff in case of a problem. The frail care unit is split into two sides – one side dealing with confused patients (i.e. Alzheimer’s) and the other with mixed patients. Patients in frail care use their own private doctors and the home provides a facility for consultations etc. There is also a hospital wing and there are two sick bays plus a clinic for changing dressings etc.

There is a good ratio of staff to patients with 30 staff overall consisting of sisters, staff nurses, ENAs and private careworkers.

Please enquire about costs. Applications for admission go through Matron Mileti and will be assessed by a social worker. Respite care is offered if a bed is available but there are no day care facilities.

Social worker Physiotherapist Biokineticist Visiting doctor – Dr Brent Tipping Hairdresser Dining room for visitors and families Shop Laundromat Library Bowling green Swimming pool Musical mornings Bus for shopping three times per week Visits to local coffee shops – this includes Alzheimer’s patients Lovely gardens throughout the property

Overall impression
San Sereno is a modern, well equipped home with excellent facilities to look after people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The buildings and gardens are very well maintained and there are lots of activities to keep patients active and busy. The long waiting list needs to be considered for people needing a frail care facility in a hurry. Jill Robson Date of visit 27.8.08

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