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April - Cassidy UMC


									                                                                                                                        April 2011

                     Cassidy Chronicle
               CHURCH OFFICE HOURS:
                                                                                                             Rev. Robert E. Burlingham
         8:00AM—5:00PM Monday thru Friday
              (closed 12-1PM for lunch)

             C   A   S   S   I   D   Y   U   N   I   T   E   D   M   E   T    H   O   D   I   S   T     C   H   U   R    C   H

                                     Holy Week Services
While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread,                          the focus was family, life and unity. Today, food
and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to his disci-                     merely fuels our busy lives. Busy is our focus. We
ples and said… Matthew 26:26                                                 have little time for the table. The dining room and
                                                                             kitchen tables are relics of a bygone era. I see wit-
Christians recognize this scene as Maundy Thurs-                             ness of this at our Wednesday meals. Attendance
day. Our Hebrew sisters and brothers still gather                            is based on the menu not fellowship.
on this night to celebrate how God delivered them
from the slavery of Egypt, through the Wilderness                            This Maundy Thursday you are invited to gather at
of Sin, and finally into the Promised Land.                                  the table of our ancestors and hopefully reclaim
Two ideas leap out of the scene. First ‘they were                            the most basic principles of the Christian faith. We
eating ‘a meal with Jesus. Second, as the meal                               ask that you remember one dish that comforted
came to a close Jesus said a ‘blessing’. Eating in                           you when you were sick or out of sorts. For exam-
God’s presence and blessing are the foundations                              ple: when I was sick my grandmother always made
of life. The Christian life is not based on some                             me a cherry pie. The pie comforted my body while
deep philosophy or set of rules. It is based on the                          her presence and attention healed my soul. Fur-
most basic principles of community gathering for a                           ther, she made sure that the pie was shared with
meal and the celebration of God’s presence, this                             everyone at the table.
we call the blessing. Friends, the blessing is living,
while good food and drink sustains our ability to                            Jesus takes a loaf of bread and after blessing it he
live.                                                                        shares it with everyone at the table. For the long-
                                                                             est time Holy Communion made no sense to me.
Do you nurture your life and family with eating and                          Then one day I made the connection. All my life
blessing? Does your family daily gather around a                             my grandmother had done the same thing with
table to share a daily meal? Do you say a prayer of                          her cherry pie that Jesus does with the loaf of
thanksgiving at every meal? You know that fewer                              bread. Suddenly the Communion Table made
and fewer families practice these foundations,                               sense.
                                                                             Who wants to stay away from good food, conver-
I remember when supper was a celebration of the                              sation, blessings and the celebration of life? I hope
day’s events. We shared good food and drink but                              you will accept the invitation. Sign up for our
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      P a g e   2

                                                               been upstairs in the Lighthouse. It has been an
    From the Program                                           amazing experience – first to see an upstairs apart-
                                                               ment become an unbelievable space for children to
     Director’s Desk                                           learn and grow and now to realize that we have out-
                                                               grown the space! How great is it that the downstairs
                                                               area is available to us now?! Some of the workshops
                                                               will move to a downstairs area and some will remain
Children’s Ministry has a special place in my heart. I don’t
                                                               upstairs. We are making room for more children to
know why, I guess God just put it there! I’m so thankful
                                                               experience Learning In God’s House Today!
that God also put me here, at Cassidy, where ministry to
children is a priority. April is a busy month for the Chil-    There is a lot of work to do but I know that many of
dren’s Ministry Team! Just read how this ministry is striv-    you will want to help. We will be removing carpet,
ing to meet the needs of children, their families and the      wallpaper and vinyl flooring. We will be painting, til-
community. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to watch     ing, remodeling for each workshop and cleaning. We
our children and, often times, literally see their spiritual   will be giving thanks for all the good times, wonderful
growth as they put into practice what they have seen,          fellowship, study and service opportunities that the
heard and experienced in God’s Word!                           Lighthouse has already provided; praying for the new
                                                               ministries that will be occupying this space and the
Just today I got word that Cassidy’s Trustees approved the
                                                               children they will bless, enjoying fellowship, getting
renovation plan that was submitted to extend Children’s
                                                               dirty and loving every minute of it! It is a huge under-
Ministry space to include the first floor of the Lighthouse!
                                                               taking – especially since our goal is to be in it by
There is a lot of work ahead, but there is also a lot of en-
                                                               Easter Sunday, April 24! But as the children have
thusiasm, commitment, love and care for the little ones of
                                                               learned, “With man it is impossible, but with God,
our Cassidy family. Renovations will be made so that Cas-
                                                               all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26.
sidy’s children’s worship – Power Source – will have a
dedicated space for worship. Worship is the most im-           Did I say April is a busy month? It is and I haven’t
portant element in church life – it’s where we sing our        even mentioned Lenten Fair…. Mother’s Day…. or
praises, offer our thanksgivings, share our joys and sor-      VBS! God has been so good. He continues to bless
rows – come together as the body of Christ. It’s no wonder     Cassidy’s ministry to children. I pray that you see it,
the Children’s Ministry Team would want to provide an op-      too, and will support the work that will be done this
portunity for our children to experience worship in a space    month with your prayers, your presence, an encour-
and order that is designed just for them. Power Source is      aging word, a paint brush, a plate of brownies …
just that - children learn about the seasons of the church
year, the meaning behind paraments and banners, why we         See you at Cassidy – where we believe all things are
light candles before service and the significance of carry-    possible!
ing the light out. Each aspect of worship is explained. The
sermon they hear is based on the lectionary – just as it is
in the sanctuary. Every Sunday our children are not just       Elizabeth
spectators, but active participants.

You may not be familiar with our children’s Sunday School
program at Cassidy called L.I.G.H.T. Keepers. Learning In
God’s House Today. The model we have adopted is
called Rotation Sunday School. Children rotate through a
series of workshops as we study God’s Word. Our model
has five workshops: – computers; Cap-
tain’s Galley/Gallery – cooking or art; Lighthouse Temple
School – storytelling and games; Lighthouse Theater –
drama; and Sonshine Studios – video. Until now, we have
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                                                                 April Birthdays
Maundy Thursday meal. Bring the dish that re-
minds you of comfort and healing. Bring the dish
and, if you are willing, share your story.

While we are eating and sharing our stories of         April 1      Glenn Harr
comfort Jesus will once again take a loaf of bread     April 2      Robert Appleton
bless it and break it…and hopefully we will remem-     April 3      Richard Millhorn
ber how to heal our marriages, families and na-                     David Depew
                                                       April 4      Alleen Culbertson
Then on Good Friday we will gather in the sanctu-                   Janice Hutsell
ary for a Service of Candles. Here we will listen to   April 6      April Mason
the real meaning of “this is by body broken for        April 7      Margaret Eldreth
you…” One by one the candles will be extin-            April 8      Kyle Krull
guished as the Light of God is snuffed out in Word     April 12     Kaitlin James
and deed.                                              April 14     Tanner Arnold
                                                       April 15     Jewell Pendergrass
 Friends, Good Friday will never make sense if you
fail to understand the comfort and healing of                       Jim Vicars
Maundy Thursday’s table! That relic sitting in our     April 17     Lisa Anderson
homes is a place of comfort and healing. Come          April 20     Mike Depew
discover why. Come let us eat and be blessed!                       Allison Egan
                                                                    Cade Campbell
One in Christ                                          April 21     Joyce Beverly
Robert                                                              Christen Holt
                                                                    Rebecca Burleson
                                                       April 22     Wendy Gordon
                                                                    Bonnie Blazer
                                                       April 25     Creg Bishop
NEW EMAIL                                                           Katie Carey Humphries
ADDRESSES                                              April 26     Tina Godsey
                                                                    Susan Arnold
FOR CHURCH                                             April 27     Kristen Lantz
STAFF:                                                 April 30     Zula Butt
                                                                    Larry Kaufman

 Church—
 Robert Burlingham—
 Elizabeth Carey—
 Susan Gamble—
 Treasurer (Walt McConnell) -
 Preschool—
   P a g e   4
                                                IN HONOR OF: Haynes & Jewell Pendergrass’ 50th
                                                               Wedding Anniversary

                                                       Given by: Carl & Nancy Barger
                                                                 Joyce Beverly
                                                                Backpack Ministry
                    General Budget              IN HONOR OF: Haynes & Jewell Pendergrass’ 50th
                                                               Wedding Anniversary
IN MEMORY OF: Bonnie Harr                              Given by: Margaret Eldreth
      Given by: Haskell Harr                                     Eula Barger Pendleton
                Helen Steadman                                   Robert & Freida Appleton
                Gail Macbeth                                     Dale & Virginia Harr
                                                                 Nancy Hickman
      Given by: Ron & Jo Ann Yeatts             IN HONOR OF: Cassidy’s Middle School Youth
                                                       Given by: Nancy Hickman
IN MEMORY OF: Ruby Lawson
      Given by: Ron & Jo Ann Yeatts                              Adkins Property
IN MEMORY OF: Daisy Glenn                       IN HONOR OF: Haynes & Jewell Pendergrass’ 50th
      Given by: Ron & Jo Ann Yeatts                            Wedding Anniversary
                                                       Given by: Robert & Sandra Eaton
IN MEMORY OF: Molly Worley                                       Nancy Hickman
      Given by: Carl & Nancy Barger                              Betty & Wayne Campbell

                  Backpack Ministry             IN HONOR OF: The Holt Family
                                                       Given by: Jennifer Krull
IN MEMORY OF: Bonnie Harr
      Given by: Ben & Faye Nottingham           IN HONOR OF: The Gordon Family
                                                       Given by: Jennifer Krull
IN MEMORY OF: Martha Kidd Moore
      Given by: Eula Barger Pendleton           IN HONOR OF: Bill & Freida Stuart
                                                       Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Helvey
                    Adkins Property
IN MEMORY OF: Bonnie Harr                       IN HONOR OF: Jim & Elizabeth Carey
      Given by: Seeker’s Sunday School Class           Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Helvey

IN MEMORY OF: Bradley Brock                     IN HONOR OF: Randall & Allison Egan
      Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Helvey                Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Helvey

IN MEMORY OF: Ed Barger                         IN HONOR OF: Robert & Andrea Burlingham
      Given by: Eula Barger Pendleton                  Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Helvey

                 Youth Special Projects                       Youth Special Projects
IN MEMORY OF: Bradley Brock                     IN HONOR OF: Haynes & Jewell Pendergrass’ 50th
      Given by: Jennifer & Kyle Krull                          Wedding Anniversary
                                                       Given by: Sue Holt

                                                               Children’s Ministries
                                                IN HONOR OF: Haynes & Jewell Pendergrass’ 50th

     Honorariums                                               Wedding Anniversary
                                                       Given by: Elizabeth & Jim Carey

                    General Budget
IN HONOR OF: H. A. & Wanda Shelton
       Given by: Judge Edgar & Billie Calhoun
                                                                                                    P a g e   5

   Prayer Opportunities
                                                                     Marsh Regional
Remember in Your Prayers:                                             Blood Drive
NURSING HOME: Ethel Leininger—Wexford House                           Wednesday, April 13, 2011
                                                                          4:00-7:00 p.m.
AT HOME: Estelle Austin, Dalton Bass, Zachary
Beachley (grandson of Jim & Connie Burleson), Shirley       The Marsh Regional Bloodmobile will be at Cassidy
Bishop, Charles & Betty Boyer, Zula Butt, Raymond           on Wednesday, April 13 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. You
Byington, Judge Edgar Calhoun, JoAnn Carter, Don            must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 120 lbs.
Culbertson, Sarah Davis (niece of Annis Bass), Virginia     and be in good health. If you are able, please donate
Emmert, Dale Harr, Fred Harr, John Harr, Virgiinia Harr,    as there is always a need for blood. The sign-up
Charles & Marjorie Horton, Melinda James, Charlie           sheet is on the 3-F/Adult bulletin board.
Killen (brother-in-law of Joyce Beverly), Mary & Richard
Millhorn, Dorothea Porter, Vertie Price, Ruth Rodgers,      WOW!!!! Betty Sue Bright has given
Betty Sager, June Sutherland (sister of Eula Barger         8 gallons of blood!
Pendleton), Tina Taylor (daughter of Iris & Johnny
Brown), Mittie Tomlinson, Jim Vicars, Max & Jerry           Can you sign up to help
Weaver, and Myrtle Wine                                     those in need??

Prayer List—A list of our conference and our district
leaders and our church employees is in the bookrack on
each sanctuary pew. Please take these lists to your
homes and pray for each person by name.
Prayer Walkers—As you walk by the homes in your                    Notes of Appreciation
neighborhood, pray silently for the families within each
home.                                                       Thank you for your prayers, the delicious food, the
                                                            cards and visits during Virginia‟s sickness.
Prayer Warriors—We are asking all of our church                             Dale and Virginia Harr
members to pray for our country, community, and
church on a designated day. This can be done within         Dear Cassidy Church Family and Friends,
your home. Continue to remember our church members          It means so much for those whom you love to
and community. We need to thank God for our leaders         spend time with you on those “special” days. We
and members who are willing to serve God so faithfully.     appreciate all of those who came to be with us
If you need a special prayer, call Dorothea Porter at 323   and those who sent cards or gave us a phone
-2221.                                                      call. We love you all.
Upper Room Living Prayer Center                                             God Bless You,
Volunteers will pray for 30 days for each prayer request                    Jewell & Haynes Pendergrass
received. 1-800-251-2468 or
prayercenter.                                               Thanks so much to the Cassidy folks for the many
                                                            expressions of love and concern following the loss
                                                            of our home on February 11, 2011. We especially
                                                            appreciate the „pounding‟ for kitchen supplies
                                                            sponsored by the Cassidy Chancel Choir on Sun-
                                                            day, March 6. It was so good to see and visit with
                                                            all of you. Thanks for being our friends in Christ
                                                            and may God bless you.
                                                                            Best wishes!
                                                                            Max and Jerry Weaver
   P a g e   6

                                                          ►Proceeds from the Wednes-
                                                          day night Fellowship Meal of
                                                          March 16th were donated to United
►The Methodist Church Camp at                             Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR)
                                                          to help with the Japanese Disaster Relief
Buffalo Mountain has requested some help                  Fund. A total of $268 was collected.
from Cassidy to renovate the Girls Bathhouse prior
to the opening of the camp in June. Recently 6
persons from Cassidy’s Carpenters For Christ met
with Buffalo Mountain Camp Director Jason Onks
and Victor Thompson, Property Manager, to dis-
cuss the needed renovations.

The envisioned renovation will include:
 New ceiling treatment                                  Hands-On Mission Kits for
 Update 4 shower stalls and floor with ceramic
   tile                                                   Annual Conference 2011
 Update 5 water closet areas with ceramic tile                Health Kits
   and wood paneling
 Replace a non-functioning power vent                  It’s that time of year again for one of our conference-
 Replace bathhouse windows                             sponsored missions. From now until June 8, 2011, Cassi-
 Install new shower plumbing and fixtures              dy is collecting Health Kits for Zimbabwe. The Kingsport
 Paint interior walls and flooring                     District goal for this year is 300 kits.

                                                        Kits should include:
Work will be completed during the months of April        1 bottle of shampoo (12 oz. or less—leave in wrap-
and May. If you would like to help with this effort,         per)
contact Frank Buck.                                      2 tubes of toothpaste (6 oz.)
                                                         1 bottle of children’s cough syrup (small)
                                                         2 bars of soap (leave in wrapper)
                                                         1 small bottle of Listerine
►Last week the church raised                             2 toothbrushes (leave in wrapper)
$442 to buy treated mosquito nets                        1 bottle of roll-on deodorant
to help eliminate malaria in Africa at our ‘Nothing      1 bottle of Equate tablets for diarrhea
                                                         1 bottle of multi-vitamins (adult or child)
But Nets’ project. Prior to the March 16th
                                                         1 wash cloth
Wednesday night fellowship meal, 72 folks                1 hand towel
attempted to swish the basketball net in the back
parking lot of the church with 37 successful shots.     NOTE: Pack all items in a 2 gallon Zip-loc bag or secure
The money collected from these attempts plus            plastic bag. A $5.00 donation for packing and shipping is
money donated by the church for each successful         to accompany each kit. Do not put money in bag!
                                                        Cassidy will write one (1) check for total kits to their dis-
shot resulted in the total that will be sent for this
                                                        trict office. This is not an UMCOR kit.
effort to save lives. Thanks to everyone who
attempted a shot, to the youth for overseeing the       Drop-off Dates at Crossroads UMC: June 7 & 8—times to
game and to everyone in the church who gives to         be announced.
the budget which allows us to support our friends
in need in Africa.
                                                                                         P a g e   7

  Cassidy 3-F Members Join
     Kingsport District                              think about!!

         Roots and Shoots                            The program featured Jim and Ann Putnam tell-
                                                     ing how God is still on duty even when events
                                                     in our lives make us feel that there is no hope.
                                                     Ann is author of If All Things Work Together
Cassidy registered 11 members to join with           for My Good, Why Am I So Miserable?
fellow Kingsport District Churches at the spring     Ann began by sharing that when her two parents
Roots & Shoots held at Colonial Heights United       were in a nursing home and the administrator
Methodist Church on March 10. Annis Bass,            told her they would be fortunate to live another
Joyce Beverly, Bob                                   few days, she returned home to the announce-
& Sandy Eaton,                                       ment from her husband that he was leaving and
Margaret Eldreth,                                    moving in with a 22 year old office friend. After
Nancy Hickman,                                       the divorce, she received a call from an old
Berniece Holt,                                       friend who told her he was on his way to visit
Doris & Sam                                          her and “I will show you there is life after
Jones, Betty                                         divorce,” he said. On his way, he was in a car
Mumpower and                                         wreck and didn‟t survive. On the way to a
Barbara Ruth                                         funeral, Ann hit a man on the interstate and was
pre-registered for                                   told he would die—but he survived. Ann‟s sister
the event. BJ‟s                                      -in-law was murdered, and Ann shared the
Catering provided a wonderful meal with a choice     hatred in her heart for the man who was con-
of roast beef or chicken casserole with multiple     victed on the murder. Sounds like a heavy load
vegetables and salads—and a choice of at least a     to carry, right?
dozen desserts—all made by the caterers.
                                                     Ann‟s story reminds us that we all carry heavy
Reports were given on Buffalo Mountain Camp,         loads, and we are also reminded that the poem is
where 4,882 people benefitted from the camp          true—when we see only one set of footprints—
offerings in 2010 and on Jubilation, a seniors‟ 3    those are the times when God quits walking
day worship program sponsored by the Holston         beside us—picks us up and carries us.
Conference. This year‟s theme is HOPE (Health,
Opportunity, Promise and Expectations), and the
conference is being held at MeadowView Resort
and Conference Center. It‟s not too late to regis-
ter. Brochures are on the 3-F/Adult bulletin

Those who attended the Roots & Shoots were
encouraged to bring health kits as a means of
focusing on Mission at the event. Thanks to
those who contributed items that allowed Cassidy
to take 4 kits.

Another bit of interesting information: Did you
know that the MEDIAN AGE of United
Methodist Members is 66? That‟s something to
     P a g e   8

      Cassidy’s Lenten Fair
                                                                              Music Notes
           is Coming!
                                                            Come and Worship!
The start of the Lenten season means that Cassidy‟s          Celebrate the good news of His resurrec-
Lenten Fair is coming. The Lenten Fair is always a           tion with the Praise Team as we present “As
successful outreach ministry, witnessing to several          Sure As My Redeemer Lives” on both Palm
members of our community, and it is a lot of fun,            Sunday and Easter Sunday at 8:45 ALIVE!
                                                            Special Rehearsal Dates…
The celebration is scheduled for Saturday, April             Praise Team
23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Activities will          Saturday, April 9—10:00 a.m.
be provided for children 2 years old through 5th             Saturday, April 16—10:00 a.m.
grade. This year, the Lenten Fair activities will            Saturday, April 23—4:00 p.m.
mirror the information that Robert is introducing to         Handbells
the congre4gation, and it will be a wonderful learn-         Wednesday, April 20—will rehearse at 7:30 p.m.
ing experience for children and parents alike.               with the Chancel Choir instead of 4:30 p.m.
                                                             Chancel Choir and Handbells
Don‟t forget to bring your                                   Saturday, April 23—3:0 p.m.
Easter baskets. The younger
children will have a traditional                            Special Easter Music!
egg hunt, while the 2nd-5th                                  On Palm Sunday the Children’s Choirs will
graders will take part in an
                                                             be presenting special music at the 11:00
exciting treasure hunt.
                                                             a.m. service.
If you are interested in helping with the Lenten Fair,       On Easter Sunday at the 11:00 a.m. service,
please contact Elizabeth Carey or Chrissy Pierce.            the Chancel Choir, the Cassidy Ringers and
We can always use extra hands the day of Lenten              several instrumentalists will be presenting
Fair when last minute emergencies arise. We also             special music to celebrate the Resurrection
need some help on the clean-up crew when the event           of Jesus Christ.
is over.                                                     We hope you will be present to worship
                                                             with us at these two services.
Another easy way to help is to donate candy-filled
eggs. We ask that the candy be wrapped candy, in
case the egg breaks open and the candy spills out.
We need 400-500 eggs. Please place your eggs in              Community Mission Center
the basket in the vestibule no later than Sunday,                  Donations
April 17th.                                              The Mission Center is located at the old Sunnyside
                                                         Baptist Church building and is open each Monday
Be sure to spread the good news by inviting your         6-8pm and Wednesday 10am-1pm. The items
friends and family to share in this special event.       needed for donation are soap, toilet tissue and
We‟ll see you there!                                     toothpaste. You can leave your items in the brass
                                                         container under the cabinet in the vestibule. Thank
                                                         you for your help!
                                                                                              P a g e   9

   God’s Promised                                  would mean today just as we cannot envision
                                                   what God’s Promised Land will mean some time

                                                   in the future.

                                                   Please prayerfully consider your continued or
                                                   new support to the Adkins Fund. It is only
The Adkins Property was purchased by Cassidy       through our congregational full participation we
in 2009 with a Vision of one day expanding         will be able to occupy God’s Promised Land.
God’s Ministries throughout Indian Springs.
                                                   May God continue to bless as we seek his guid-
Since this was the only property contiguous to
Cassidy, we believed it providential to obtain
these 4.8 acres when it became available so        Doug Barnett
soon after acquiring the Fusion House              Finance Committee
(Bellamy) property.
                                                   Frank Buck
We purchased the property with a 5-year loan       Stewardship Committee
of $122,500 at an interest rate of 6.75%.

Cassidy has made good progress in reducing
the loan balance to $85,500. This reduction in     Office Volunteers Are a
principle is already saving us $200 per month of
                                                       True Blessing!
Contributions in 2009                $42,384       God has a special place for each of us to serve.
Contributions in 2010                $11,738       There are many areas at Cassidy that you can offer
Needs beginning March 1 for 20ll     $26,000       your special gifts. We are so blessed to have some
                                                   wonderful volunteers that help in the church office
You may have noticed contributions were            answering the phone, helping with the bulletins
strong in 2009. To remain on track for a 5-year    and folding, assembling, labeling the monthly
payoff of the loan, contributions from March 1     newsletter. You are the hands, the feet, the voice
will need to be $26,000 for the remainder of       and the love of God expressed in many different
the year. Cassidy has always responded when        ways. You have chosen to honor him as you serve
the need arises and undoubtedly we will again.     in his name. Thank you—you bless many lives.
                                                   Dianne Anderson has graciously offered to coordi-
Our loan agreement with the bank allows us to      nate volunteers to help assemble the newsletter
make payments anytime to loan reduction            each month. If you would be interested in helping
which will immediately reduce monthly inter-       for a couple of hours maybe twice a year, please
est. The Finance Committee is committed to         contact Dianne.
insuring to the extent possible all monies given
will immediately go to reducing the loan bal-

Over 120 years ago a small group of people
started a church named Cassidy. They could
not have envisioned what that commitment
                                                       Ron Yeatts, Dianne Anderson, Jo Ann Yeatts and
                                                       Bill Anderson assembling the March newsletter.
   P a g e   1 0

Mary Martha Circle Studies                                   Are You Ready
     Who Stole My Church?                                    for Grandma’s
                                                               Attic Sale?
Sandra Eaton, Elizabeth Carey and Patsy Harrison
are leading the Mary Martha Circle of the United
Methodist Women in a study of Gordon MacDon-
                                                                                 Praise the Lord!
ald‟s book Who Stole My Church?. MacDonald has
been a minister for forty years and has written sever-                           Spring is here! So
                                                               Grandma’s         while you’re doing
al books. This book focuses on a fictional church               Attic Sale
whose characteristics are easily recognized. The                                 that spring cleaning,
name for the book came from a question that many                                 please be sure and
people are pondering as they see changes in „their‟                              set aside any items
churches, failing to realize that the church belongs to                          you would like to do-
                                                                                 nate to the annual
                                                                                 Cassidy UMW
                                                                                 Grandma’s Attic Sale!
                                                          The sale will be held on Friday, May 6 from
                                                          8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and on Saturday,
                                                          May 7 from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
                                                          Items for donation will be accepted Wednes-
                                                          day evening, May 4, after evening classes are
                                                          adjourned and Thursday, May 5, from 8:00
                                                          a.m. until 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
Sandra Eaton led session one in March. She re-
viewed chapters 1-7 and shared background infor-          If possible, PLEASE have your items price
mation on changes that occurred under Martin              tagged before delivery. We are sorry but we
Luther—and then John Wesley—and included a                will NOT be accepting TVs this year, as we
quote from the book. “Any church that has not             have no one who will remove them if they
turned its face toward the younger generation will        are not sold.
simply cease to exist,” MacDonald says. “We‟re not
talking decades—we‟re talking just a few years.”          Breakfast, lunch items and baked goods will
                                                          also be available for purchase. YUM!!
Session two will be April 11 and Session three will
be May 9. The book is the program part of the Mary        So come and shop for treasures, beautiful
Martha meetings held 9:30-11:00 a.m. in the church        plants and flowers, and enjoy wonderful fel-
Fellowship Hall. The programs start at approxi-           lowship! Be sure and tell all of your friends
mately 10:00 a.m., and you are invited to be part of      and neighbors too!
the study. Reading the book is not required; howev-
er, it provides information that would be helpful in      All proceeds are used for missions in our
understanding the concepts of how change occurs in        community and around the world!
every church. Cassidy is a loving, caring church—
and it is also a changing church. Your participation
                                                          On behalf of the Cassidy United Methodist
would be welcomed.                                        Women, thank you so very much!
                                                                                          P a g e   1 1

                        Happening??                           Climb Aboard the 2011
                                                                  3-F Schedule
   April 17—Parent and Counselor meeting at 2:00
  p.m. in FUSION House
 April 30—Texas Roadhouse Breakfast Youth                The 2011 schedule for the 3-F Group is full
  fundraiser. We will be raising money for this           and exciting. Please take advantage of the
  year’s mission trip to South Carolina on July 17-       many wonderful opportunities to get to know
  23, 2011. Each student will receive a certain           fellow Cassidy members while enjoying
  amount of tickets to sell; they are responsible         covered dish luncheons in the Fellowship
  for either selling them and returning the money         Hall or sharing a bus ride to other locations.
  or returning the remaining they were unable to          Additional information about trips to come
  sell. We will be selling tickets through the            as well as pictorial memories of past events
  month of April.                                         is on the 3-F’/Adult bulletin board.
 YOUTH BAND NEWS—To play with the youth
  band, we are having practice on Sunday evenings            April 28: (Thursday) 11:00-5:00 Hank
  at 6:00 p.m. in FUSION House. Our first prac-
                                                              and My Honky Tonk Heroes @ the
  tice will be April 3. Bring your instruments and
                                                              Barter Theatre.
  your voices!
                                                             May 20: (Friday) Trip to visit Rev. Larry
                                                              DeVault and Velina at their new home in
If you are not receiving emails from me, PLEASE
GET CONNECTED WITH WHAT FUSION                               September 23: (Friday) Trip to Chucky,
YOUTH ARE DOING. Send me your email and                       TN, home of the famous Farmer’s
name/student or text me at 423-817-9525. You will             Daughter Restaurant.
then be signed up for the FUSION updates. Also               October 27: (Thursday) Help the group
follow us on Facebook. Please consider being a part           decide. Will it be Hiltons, VA and the
of this ministry. With your help and guidance at              Carter Fold and Museum or Pigeon Forge
home, I believe we can make a difference in your              and the Smith Family Show?
student’s life. I feel that we have the same goal—to         November 17: (Thursday) The best
get our students to love God with all their hearts,           event of all—filling gift bags for
minds, souls and strength, and to love their neigh-           Cassidy’s shut-ins followed by the best
bors as themselves. Having the same goal means we             selection of homemade soups in North-
are on the same team. I can provide what God has              east Tennessee.
taught me, but as a ministry, we need wisdom, un-
derstanding, encouragement, effort and support            Please know you would
from you as parents. God calls us to work as one
                                                          be welcomed with open
body, as our theme ministry verse states, “Just as a
                                                          arms. The bus holds
body, though one, has many parts, but all its many
                                                          25—and events that
parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthi-
                                                          require tickets are
ans 12:12
I look forward to seeing you in the near future.          limited—so sign
                                                          up today!
C A S S I D Y  U N I T E D                                                                   Non-Profit
M E T H O D I S T  C H U R C H                                                             Organization
5801 Memorial Boulevard
                                                                                           Kingsport, TN
Kingsport, Tennessee 37664                                                                     37664
                                                                                            Permit No. 5
423-323-8142 or 423-323-2108
Parsonage—423-279-0782                 RETURN
Pastor—423-863-7622                    SERVICE
Preschool—423-279-0100                 REQUESTED

SUSAN GAMBLE, Administrative Assistant
ELIZABETH CAREY, Programs Director
COREY FEAGINS, Youth Director
NANCY HOLLAND, Organist & Interim Choir
RANDALL EGAN, Pianist, Hand Bell Director
   and Interim Choir Director
TARA NANNEY, Infant Nursery
DEBORAH DOAN, Toddler Nursery
JOAN FAULK, Hand Bell Rehearsal Nursery

                             Cassidy Notes and Information
With Christian Sympathy                                                              Our Mission
We would like to extend our                                                 To make disciples of Jesus Christ
Christian love, sympathy and
prayers to Mr. & Mrs. John
Wolford and Family in the death
                                                                                     Our Purpose
of Anna‟s sister, Molly Worley.                                                       Statement
                                                Notes of Interest           Cassidy is a loving, caring church
                                                                            where God ministers to the world
We would like to extend our                    If you are interested in                through us,
Christian love, sympathy and                                                    and everyone is welcome.
prayers to Connie Treadway and
                                                purchasing the piano
Family in the death of her father,              that is now in the Light
                                                House, it will be sold at             Our Vision
Claude Fife.
                                                Grandma’s Attic Sale on               Statement
                                                                            Commissioned by Jesus Christ, we
                                                May 6th & 7th.                  proclaim the gospel through
                                               If you have dishes in the   teaching, preaching, worshipping;
                                                kitchen, please pick up       then by living what we learn we
                                                                               minister to all individuals and
                                                as soon as you can.          families as we help those in need.

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