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Youth Sermon - One Way


Jesus is the one way to know God personally

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    Youth Sermon -
       One Way

         Jesus is the one
           way to know
         God personally

   An illustration or photo of the
   moon; an illustration or
   photo of a space rocket or
   the space shuttle

  Q: “Do any of you know how
  far the moon is from the
  A: 238,860 miles.. The moon
  looks close, but it is very far!

  Q: Has anyone ever been to the
  A: In July 1969 the US
  spacecraft, Apollo 11, landed
  two men. Five more visits took
  people to the moon between
  1969 and 1972. Now the United
  States wants to send people to
  the moon again!

   Q: Would any of you like to go
   on a trip to the moon?
   A: (Let kids raise their hands)

   Q: What does it take to go to
   the moon?
   A: A rocket, a spaceship,
   oxygen, food, a spacesuit, etc.

   Q: Does anyone sometimes
   feel that God is a very far
   away, like the moon?
   Q: Is reaching the moon
   difficult or easy? Does it seem
   easy or difficult to reach God?
   Q: Can anyone reach God or
   only a few selected people,
   like those that have visited the
   Q: How can we reach God?

   The way to God is easy.
   Anyone can go to God.

  Read the Scripture Text: John
  Jesus said: ‘I am the way, the
  truth and the life. No one can
  come to the Father except by or
  through me.’
  If we want to reach God, we
  have to put our faith and trust in
  Jesus. Anyone can do it!

   Jesus identifies himself as “the
   way, the truth, and the life.” All
   have relevance. The “way”
   speaks of a connection, of the
   link between God and man.
   Jesus not only shows us the
   way, but he IS the way.


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