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Youth Sermon -
 Following the

    Christ is our

You’ll need three or four blindfolds
and several objects to set up a
small obstacle course.

Ask one or two adult assistants to
help you set up the course.
Alternatively, blindfold everyone
and lead them about the church. As
you begin your message, have your
assistants set up an obstacle course
in front of the area where the
children sit.

1. Has anyone here ever gone
through an obstacle course? Let
children respond. We’ve set up a
little obstacle course here today.
Describe the course you’ve set up.
2. Could I have three or four
volunteers to try my obstacle
course? Choose three or four
children. Let them begin the course
and then stop them.

3. Oh, I forgot to tell you. You have
to do this obstacle course
blindfolded. But don’t worry, I’ll
lead you.
4. Have the volunteers hold hands.
Then lead them through the
obstacle course.
5. Other children may call out
directions or encouragement.
6. When children have completed
the course, remove their blindfolds
and have them sit down.
7. Congratulations! Lead children in
applause for volunteers.

1. What would have happened if
the blindfolded volunteers had
to go through the obstacle
course without a leader?
2. Without a leader, they might
have stumbled and fallen.
3. The Bible says Jesus is the
way. He shows us and guides us
to God. He is the only way to
reach God. Without him we are
lost forever, stumbling in the

Scripture Text
John 14:5-14

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