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UMHS-Open Wireless Network


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									                 UMHS-Open Wireless Network
PC’s, Macs and other portable devices equipped with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless
adaptors can login to the medical school wireless network “UMHS-Open”. To access the
wireless network you must login via a web browser using your uniquename and Kerberos
password. Please remember that this is an “open” network that does not use data
encryption. Using the wireless network to transfer patient data is not acceptable and using
it to transfer other confidential information is not recommended.

To set up a wireless PC laptop using Windows XP (Cisco350 example):
Enable the wireless card or built-in wireless (this is often off by default to save battery
power). Most laptops have a small LED that lights up when wireless is turned on.

       1 Make sure the client adapter's firmware and driver have been installed
       and the client adapter is inserted in the Windows XP device.

       2 Double-click My Computer, Control Panel, and Network

       3 Right-click Wireless Network Connection.

       4 Click Properties. The Wireless Network Connection Properties screen

       5 Choose the Wireless Networks tab. The following screen appears:
6 Make sure that the Use Windows to configure my wireless network
settings check box is checked.

7 Click the SSID of the access point “UMHS-Open” and click Configure.

8 Authentication is set to Open and encryption is set to Disabled.
To view the current status of the wireless connection, click the icon of the two connected
computers in the Windows system tray. The Wireless Network Connection Status screen

Setup a MAC OSX Airport Wireless Card:
In the network control panel, change from built-in Ethernet to “Airport Card”
Select the TCP/IP tab and make sure Configure is set to “Using DHCP”
If you have an airport wireless card installed in your computer, it is identified in the menu

From this dropdown menu select “Internet Connect”
For Configuration select “Airport Card” to bring up the following dialog box
Select “UMHS-Open” for the preferred network
Make sure “ON” is selected for the wireless card

To use wireless devices in the Hospital and Cancer Center require registration
with MCIT. Please refer to the following web site for more information on registration
and setting up your device.


Known Wireless Issues

A flaw has been discovered with several types of wireless card that results in poor
reception and loss of signal.

Until further notice it is recommended that the following cards no longer be purchased
for use:

Cisco AIR-CB21AG-A-K9
D-Link DWL-AG650 (HW Rev 3)
Linksys WPC-55AG V1.1
Netgear WAG511 V2
Nortel MU2202
SMC 2336W-AG


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