WHO WE ARE          Federation Stakeholder Symposium
                    Child & Adolescent Trauma: Understanding the Effects
                    and How Community Schools Can Respond
SCHOOL?                     Friday, April 26 from 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon
                    Anyone who works in schools knows that too many of our young people exhibit
COMMUNITY SCHOOL    evidence of pending emotional, behavioral, social, and academic problems.
RESOURCES           Often these students are labeled with learning disabilities or Attention Deficit
                    and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or considered to be "problem children" who
BEST PRACTICES      simply need to "control" their own behavior. What many people may not know
SUPPORTING RESEARCH is that many of these symptoms are actually manifestations of childhood
                    trauma and the effects of exposure to violence. It's not a question of a young
EVALUATIONS         person failing to control his or her own behavior - it's a question of adults
3 QUESTIONS FOR...  recognizing the signs of larger issues, and respond accordingly.

                    The Federation for Community Schools invites you to join us in a dialogue
                    exploring childhood trauma and the ways in which community schools can be
                    structured to best support students that are exhibiting the effects. Jeff Levy,
IN THE NEWS         LCSW, CTRS, clinical social worker and expert in child trauma, will discuss
                    how children experience trauma, the differences between acute and chronic
HOW TO GET INVOLVED trauma and how both can affect a young person's development. Following his
                   presentation we will hear from a panel of individuals working in community
FORUM              schools who have each utilized different intervention strategies to help
                                ameliorate the effects of trauma on children and adolescents. Participants will
CONTACT US                      gain a deeper understanding of how trauma and exposure to violence affects
                                young people, be better able to recognize symptoms and signs of trouble and
Home                            to understand their potential origins, and learn strategies for organizing school
                                and community resources to best respond to students who are suffering from
                                the effects of trauma.

                                Registration is required. Space is filling-up quickly so be sure to reserve
                                your spot today!

                                Using Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
                                Funding to Support Community School Efforts
                                Community schools often offer academic remediation and tutoring in
                                conjunction with a whole host of enrichment opportunities and
                                supportive services to help students succeed. Supplemental Educational
                                Services (SES) is one source of funding that schools use to provide such
                                programming to low-income children in need of additional academic
                                supports. Though many community school lead partner agencies work
                                in schools alongside approved SES providers, there is an opportunity for
                                lead partner agencies themselves to become approved SES providers to
                                provide these targeted supports to students. The Federation recently
                                published this paper about SES funding and the ways in which it could
                                be used to support community school work. While it may not work for
                                every community school partnerships, considering SES funding might
                                provide some partnerships with additional ways to support or expand

 Federation Newsletter          Community Schools & Workforce Development
                                Symposium Recap
 Federation members get
                            On                                   school and
 access to our weekly eDigest Friday, January 25, communitybetween ourworkforce development professionals
                            came together to explore linkages                efforts that can strengthen everyone's
 which contains information work. During the symposium, we discussed the ways in which community schools are
 about upcoming events, bestpoised to help youth explore their interests and talents, expose them to opportunities
                            beyond their immediate cultural framework, and develop the social and interpersonal
 practices, funding         skills needed for post-secondary success. The group also talked about the ways in
 opportunities and much more.
                            which community schools can serve as an ideal infrastructure for providing adults with
View previous editions by   work readiness opportunities - either by offering programs at the school or connecting
clicking here.              them to existing programs in the community.

                            Read a recap of this symposium, including key learning, ideas for next steps, and a list
                            of resources for practitioners, students, and families here.

                            We want to hear from you! Please complete our short on-line evaluation so we can
                            continue continue to enhance the quality of the workshops, trainings, and symposia that we offer
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                            Federation Recognizes Four Outstanding Community School
                            At the 8th Annual Illinois Community Schools Forum on October 19, the Federation and its
                            members recognized the leadership of four members of our community. Marcelo Caplan, Fanny
                            Diego Alvarez, Tanika Island, and Marjory Lewe-Brady were each nominated and ultimately
                            selected as outstanding community schools leaders by their peers. Click here to learn more
                            about each of these individuals. Better yet, watch the video below to see for yourself the
                            important role each person plays in their community schools and how we can all serve as agents
                            of change in our communities.

                                 A community school is a public school that acts as the hub of its
                                 community by engaging community resources to help meet
                                 student, family, and community needs. Community schools
                                 offer a range of on-site programs and services that support the
                                 success of students and their families. Every community school
                                 looks different bceause each school works to meet the unique
                                 needs of its unique students, families, and community members.
                                 The fundamental goals -- success for all students and families --
                                 remain                          the                       same.

                                 The Future of Public Education: Community Schools brings to
                                 life the different components of a community school, and uses
                                 real-life examples to highlight the ways in which community
                                 schools throughout Illinois are impacting students, families, and
                                 the                   surrounding                  communities.
                                to see this player.

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