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Fenwick _ West LLP Attorney Benefits


									attorney benefits
Fenwick & West provides a broad range of benefits that promote health, wellness, financial security
and work/life balance.

insurance                                            professional aid
ƒ Medical, dental and vision care                    ƒ Bar exam stipend and fees
  (same-sex and opposite-sex partner                 ƒ Bar membership dues
  coverage available)                                ƒ Judicial clerkships bonuses and credit
ƒ High deductible health plan
ƒ Accidental death & dismemberment
                                                     ƒ Employee referral bonuses
                                                     ƒ Mountain View transportation
ƒ Life insurance
ƒ Long-term care insurance
                                                     ƒ Relocation reimbursement
ƒ Long-term disability insurance
                                                     ƒ Discounts for amusement parks, lodging,
ƒ State disability (CA) insurance
                                                       rental cars, retail etc.
ƒ Worker’s compensation insurance
                                                     ƒ Vacation
ƒ Auto & home insurance discount
                                                     ƒ Firm-paid holidays
ƒ Pet insurance
                                                     personal services
                                                     ƒ Backup childcare services
ƒ 401(K) plan
                                                     ƒ Dependent care referrals
ƒ WageWorks (SF/Seattle only)
                                                     ƒ Emergency travel assistance
ƒ Health care spending accounts
                                                     ƒ Employee assistance program
ƒ Dependent care spending accounts
                                                     ƒ Onsite car detailing and dry cleaning
ƒ Banking services (mortgage and
  comprehensive financial solutions)                 health and wellness
                                                     ƒ Fitness & wellness reimbursement
leave of absence
                                                     ƒ Fitness membership discounts
ƒ Pregnancy leave—paid and unpaid
                                                     ƒ Firm-sponsored Weight Watchers meetings
ƒ Paternity leave—paid and unpaid
                                                     ƒ On-site massage therapy
ƒ Bereavement leave
ƒ Family care leave                                  work/life balance
ƒ Parenting leave                                    ƒ Community service program
ƒ Medical disability leave                           ƒ Reduce work schedule
ƒ Personal leave                                     ƒ Weekend getaway program
ƒ Adoptive leave—paid and unpaid                     ƒ Work/life referrals
ƒ Military leave
ƒ Organ/bone marrow donation leave


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