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      Minutes of a meeting of the Passenger Service Group held at the Airport on
      Wednesday, 24 January 2007

      The meeting commenced at 10.15 a.m.


      *    Mr R Gilbert (Chairman)   Independent
      *    Mr A Chalmers             Representative of STACC
      *    Mr T Fegent               Representative of STACC
           Mr N Harley               Representative of STACC
      *    Mrs B Hayter              Independent
      *    Mr P Odrich               Independent
           (Vacancy                  Independent)

      (* present)

      Representing Stansted Airport Limited (STAL)

           Mr J Harrison             Customer Insight Manager
           Ms D Bland                Operational Solutions Team

      Representing Secretariat

           Mr G Redgwell             Essex County Council (Secretary to the Group)


      Members were reminded of the pre-meeting tour of H M Revenue and Customs


      The Group was advised that one vacancy remained following the resignation of
      Richard Mansbridge. This would be for STAL to fill.


      These were submitted on behalf of Nigel Harley.


      The Minutes of the meeting held on 25 October 2006 were confirmed as a true

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      Recent changes were described to the Group by Barry Carter, Head of First and
      Last Impressions Team.

      The forecourt area immediately outside the Terminal could now only be used by
      airport buses (travelling to and from the long and medium stay car parks) and by
      taxis dropping off passengers. Drivers of private vehicles could drop off
      passengers in a separate lane further away from the Terminal. Drivers of
      vehicles wishing to go straight to the Radisson Hotel or to the car rental drop off
      area could now take a different and direct route, cutting down the amount of
      through traffic going past the Terminal. Security aspects of the proposal were
      also mentioned (details not reproduced in these minutes).

      The short stay car park now had defined Zones, with their own entry and exit
      barriers, and with clearer ticketing arrangements. The previous 15 minutes gratis
      period for drivers picking up passengers had been withdrawn and would not to be


      Barry Carter made a presentation on the work of this Team, which had been
      established as part of ‘Inspiring Service Excellence’ changes in 2006. The
      purpose of the Team was to provide a central focus to all public landside areas
      (the Terminal forecourt, highways network, coach station, car parks and car
      rentals return areas).

      The Team’s work covered a range of activities, including:

      -   liaison with partners and stakeholders.

      -   acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of contract performance.

      -   carrying out health and safety inspections.

      -   delivering agreed maintenance plans.

      -   contracts compliance.

      -   acting as a single point of contact.

      -   involvement in the Crisis Management Team.

      The big issues of the moment included the construction of the Public Transport
      Interchange (PTI); access off the M11 onto the airport; the upgrade of the tunnels
      from the PTI into the Terminal; planning for the extension of the Terminal; and
      joint work with other agencies on drink driving campaigns.

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      Future work in 2007 would include implementation of the national no smoking
      legislation and the Reduced Mobility Bill; and working (particularly through the
      Facilities Manager and Customer Service Teams) on specific projects to improve
      the level of service to customers.

      The Group thanked Mr Carter for his two presentations and he left the meeting at
      this point.


      The Customer Insight Manager submitted a written report on a number of
      developments, which is reproduced as Annex “A” to these Minutes. Some items
      in this report were supplemented orally and details are set out in Minutes 8-9
      below (to be read in conjunction with Annex “A”).


      It was reported that, whilst the legislation allowed BAA to ban smoking on all of
      the airport site (as it is private property), a pragmatic approach would be taken, to
      provide some smoking areas landside outside the Terminal. These would be
      clearly signed and offer an element of shelter. No smoking would be allowed in
      the Terminal building itself, by either passengers or staff.

      Officers were looking at examples of good practice in Scotland and the Republic
      of Ireland, where similar legislation was already in force.


      These Notices had been responded to, and no follow up action had been
      required by the DfT.


      On behalf of the Head of Retail Travel Services, Jeremy Harrison apologised that
      a report was not available for today’s meeting. This report would be passed to
      the Secretary as soon as possible and circulated with the minutes (see Annex “B”
      – Secretary).


      A range of QSM figures were received. The overall passenger ratings for each
      month in the final quarter of 2006 (out of a maximum of 5) were as follows:-

      Month                              Arrivals         Departures

      October 2006                         4.1                3.8
      November 2006                        4.2                4.0
      December 2006                        4.0                3.9

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      The Group noted some particular parts of the service scoring 3.5 or less. It was
      acknowledged that coach/bus transfer of passengers continued to score poorly
      but that the percentage of passengers involved was very small.

      STAL officers undertook to clarify what was meant by the term ‘Bussing Service’.


      The Group received the monthly feedback statistics for the final quarter of 2006.
      Statistical information obtained was as follows:-

                          Total complaints       BAA related         BAA complaints
                                                 complaints          related to number
                                                                     of passengers

      October 2006               792                    750                 1:2,763
      November 2006              299                    279                 1:5,937
      December 2006              197                    157                 1:11,100

      The Group noted the continuing repercussions of the strict security arrangements
      implemented from 10 August, which had now begun to be alleviated to some


      Figures for the final quarter of 2006 were submitted for both companies providing
      baggage-handling facilities – Servisair and Swissport (split between Ryanair and
      non Ryanair handling).


      Figures for August 2006 were submitted in respect of the four major southeast
      airports (for departures only).

      The figures for Stansted could be summarised as follows (rounding up and down
      may mean figures do not add up to 100%):-

                       Percentage of Flights departing within x of time

      Month               0-15     16-30 min      31-60 min    61-180 min    180min
                          min                                                plus

      August 2006          58           20            15            6             1

      These were poorer than usual, but did reflect delays bought about by the
      implementation of new security arrangements during the course of the month.

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      A number of issues of concern and interest had already been covered in reports
      submitted by STAL’s officers and by comments made by members. Additional
      points were now raised by Group members and are dealt with in Minutes 16-21
      below. Where possible, responses were given, as indicated in italics. Other
      issues would be pursued and progress reported at the next meeting.


      Members raised concern about the level of cleanliness in a number of areas at
      the airport.

      The Facilities Manager was aware of these concerns and would be pursuing the
      issues with the appropriate contractors.


      Signage in some car parks was confusing.

      It was agreed that the standard of way finding did need improvement in some
      areas. This would be done as the last element of the car park upgrades.


      In response to a question, it was confirmed that signs would not normally display
      languages other than English – using more than one language tended to make
      them over complicated and presented issues about which other languages to
      use. STAL tried to use signs with ‘obvious’ symbols which were recognised

      Consideration would be given to producing leaflets in a range of languages.


      Points were raised about the lack of shelter for passengers waiting for taxis; the
      standard of brakes on trolleys; and internet facilities landside.

      STAL would follow up the first two issues.

      STAL had looked at expanding the internet facility but the operator had
      expressed little interest in doing so. Some expansion might be possible in the
      future when the Terminal was enlarged.


      In response to a question, it was confirmed that this Guide was available at the
      main Information Desk.

d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc    5

      In response to a question, it was confirmed that the passes held by Group
      members could be used to obtain discounts at concessions on the airport site on
      the same basis as they were used by staff.


      Subject to speakers being available, or facilities being open for visiting, the Group
      agreed that the following tour and presentations be included in the programme for
      future meetings:-


      Visit to Fire Station.

      Presentations on supply of fuel to the airport, and to individual aircraft; and the
      project undertaken to resurface the runway.


      Presentation by representative of car rental company.


      This was confirmed for Wednesday, 25 April 2007, starting at 10.00 a.m. (or at
      the end of the tour if later).

      Members asked that information be provided at that meeting on the ‘middle
      managers’ Group members would be likely to meet during their visits to the

The meeting finished at 12.40 p.m.


d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc     6
                                                                        ANNEX “A”
                                                                        (Minute 7)

                        Report by the Customer Insight Manager


The following is an update of issues raised at the meeting on 25 October 2006:-

                       Issues                             Action/response
       Forecourt – observed motorists            The new project is under a review
       ignoring 20 mph speed limit – how         period, in which speed
       could this be better controlled?          measurements have been taken.
                                                 This review period will continue for
                                                 some months to come. In the short
                                                 term it has been decided (by the
                                                 First & Last Impressions Team) to
                                                 purchase two solar powered speed
                                                 detectors, with installation due in
                                                 February 2007.
       Security queues.                          See update below.


(a)   In the table below are the new routes that are due to start in the next few

          DESTINATION            AIRLINE            COUNTRY           START DATE
             Antalya            SunExpress            Turkey           8 February
             Deauville            Ryanair             France          28 February
               Izmir            SunExpress            Turkey               26 March
             Bremen               Ryanair            Germany                1 April
        Toronto (Hamilton)      Flyglobespan          Canada                 May
             Brussels             Ryanair             Belgium               1 June

(b)   The latest figures for January 2007 show:-

      Total number of Airlines (Scheduled and Charter)                34
      Total number of Destinations (Scheduled and Charter)           158
      Total number of Countries Served                                35

(c)   STAL is currently working with airlines on the implications the collection of the
      new airline tax will have on passengers from February 2007. As has been widely
      reported, there is still some confusion on how this will be handled by individual

d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc     7
(d)   From 1 February 2007, STAL has been given permission by Immigration to
      depart any domestic flight from any gate, rather than just via the domestic gate.
      This gives more flexibility to the aircraft stand planning process; it also allows
      STAL to alleviate pressure on the Domestic Lounge that can at times get
      crowded. All arriving passengers will continue to use the Domestic Lounge.

      A number of signs have been placed on the way to the lounge and within the
      lounge itself, to inform frequent flyers. STAL is also expecting the check in staff
      to make it clear as and when appropriate.


(a)   The PTI project works continue – the completion date of the shell and core works
      had to be pushed back from the end of November 2006 to January/February
      2007, due to the adverse weather experienced (high winds). There will then be a
      period of fit out works by the transport providers, before it is operational.

(b)   The improvements to the two inner tunnels continue – completion date will be
      beginning of March 2007.

(c)   A project to improve all the wayfinding in the Mezzanine area is due to be
      completed in March/April 2007.

(d)   A project to improve a significant amount of wayfinding within the Departures
      landside area is due to be completed in April/May 2007.

(e)   The FIDS project, which has approval for the installation of four more FIDS tree
      structures within the Terminal, is estimated to be delivered at the end of March

(f)   The project to open up the Gate 83 area in the Domestic Lounge, by removing
      the Belfast Lounge wall, is due to be completed by the end of March 2007.

(g)   STAL is working closely with Immigration on providing a new look to the
      Immigration area. As well as providing additional desk capacity, which should
      hopefully address some of the congestion issues, Immigration want to make the
      area become a visible Border, and will do this with changes to the wayfinding and
      Immigration Officers uniform. All this is envisaged to be achieved by the end of
      March 2007.

(h)   In line with UK legislation, BAA will be banning smoking from all of its buildings
      from 1 July 2007. A working group has been set up to co-ordinate all the
      necessary activities that will need to take place to meet the deadline.


Accident statistics for staff and passengers have shown a continued downward trend
over the last year, which is excellent news considering the increasing passenger

d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc    8
During the next month STAL is running with Uttlesford District Council a ‘don’t drive
tired’ campaign for staff and the public. This will be done in a roadshow style format,
and STAL will be handing out free coffee to drivers!

At the end of this month there will be a Fire Safety and Police awareness roadshow for
staff. This will be focusing on fire safety in the home, and driving awareness by the
traffic police.


(a)   Passenger numbers increased by 3% in November 2006, bringing the moving
      annual total to 23.6 million.

(b)   Although STAL has been working under the August 10 imposed ‘heightened
      security measures’ for a while now, the impact on the Security Process has been
      significant, with September and October being the worst months by far. With the
      increased number of security officers and other measures that have been brought
      in, STAL started to notice an improvement during November, which has
      continued through to December. Whilst the airport is still under the restrictions,
      improvements to the process have meant that a good level of service is again
      being provided to passengers.

(c)   STAL had a very busy week in the run up to Christmas as forecasted. However,
      due to a number of initiatives, forward planning and the large number of
      volunteers, it again provided a good level of service to all departing passengers.
      The airline community complimented BAA on providing the service level it did, in
      what was expected to be a very challenging week.

(d)   As a result STAL has started to see a return to normality in terms of the amount
      of adverse feedback about the security process and other areas that was seen in
      September and October. Whilst there are still the occasional challenging days, it
      is now a much more manageable issue.


(a)   STAL has had two deficiency notices from the DfT over the period, which were
      related to the enhanced measures.

(b)   The Security SLA for October was 88.2%, November was 98%, and December
      was 93.2%, against a target of 95% and above.

(c)   As mentioned, due to the increased number of security officers recruited and the
      various initiatives, STAL had returned to a good level of service being provided.
      An example of some of the initiatives are that STAL installed an additional x-ray
      machine in the Domestic Reclaim Hall and, with DfT approval, was allowed to
      process passengers through this facility and directly in to the Departure Lounge.
      This meant that, at peak times during the Christmas week, an effective call
      forward process was implemented, with a couple of separate processing areas.

d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc     9
(d)   The DfT is proposing to introduce liquid testing as an additional security measure
      over the next month. STAL is currently working with the DfT to understand the
      new process and assess the impact it may have on the process.


There were no incidents to report.


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                                                                       ANNEX “B”
                                                                       (Minute 10)

                     Report by the Head of Retail Travel Services



In response to the recent increased security measures at UK airports, the landside
Boots unit closed at the end of December 2006, to allow Central Search to grow in size.
This unit will be re- provided as an express unit retailing key lines only and will be
positioned on the site previously occupied by Hargreaves Sports. This new Boots offer
will open from March 2007. The airside Boots unit will continue to trade as normal.


At the end of January Austin Reed will close and a new retailer – Nation - will be
opening at the beginning of April. Nation is a multi brand board-sports clothing retailer
that will bring a new range of exciting brands to Stansted’s customers.


Krispy Kreme opened on 24 October and this catering offer has received positive
feedback from passengers and staff who have enjoyed this new doughnut offer.

From early April STAL will be opening a new Cranberry catering unit which will be
located opposite the Krispy Kreme unit in zone J. Cranberry offer an alternative healthy
snack concept with dried fruits and nuts.

STAL is continuing to trial new customer service initiatives across its catering facilities.
Pontis have recently introduced a 2nd serve option for those passengers who would like
to order a coffee/dessert after their meal but who do not want to leave their table and
personal belongings. The Windmill pub has also trialled a seated table service which
provides a more personal service and assistance for the independent traveller. Both of
these trials have worked well and have received positive feedback and STAL is now
working with its catering concessions on how to introduce these initiatives as a more
permanent service.

Caffe Alba won the October nomination for Food and Beverage employee of the month.


Welcome Hosts

“Welcome Hosts” continue to work well and this service initiative has been extended to

d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc     11
Colin and Justin’s Christmas Gift Guiders

On 8 and 9 December there was a personal Gift Guiding Service available to
passengers within the IDL. All Gift Guiders were personally trained by Colin and Justin
and the promotion proved a great success. Passengers were very receptive to advice
and tips on what to buy when shopping at the airport.

Nintendo WII Promotion

The Nintendo stand in the IDL has proved a great success with passengers, adults and
children alike. The WII is a new games console from Nintendo and is available tax free
in Dixon’s and HMV.

Shopping Collection

Shopping collection continues to provide great service and added value to customers.
During December transactions increased by 31% compared with last year’s levels.


Forecourt Reconfiguration

The main forecourt reconfiguration works were largely complete before Christmas, with
the final phase of works, directional way finding signage, new bus stops and customer
help points to be completed over the next few weeks. This project will now greatly
improve both forecourt operations, provides additional capacity and provides customers
with a great First and Last impression of the airport for private car set-down, car park
transfer bus and private hire/taxi services.

Short Stay Car Park reconfiguration

This project has enabled STAL to improve short stay car parking operations, service and
experience and specifically enabled it to introduce new short stay car park products -
Fast Track from August 2006 and Valet Parking from November 2006. Valet parking is
an official on-airport Valet Parking product operated by NCP as part of the short stay car
park contract. Initial demand for this product and feedback from customers following its
launch has been very encouraging.

New Car Rental Back-up Facility

Following completion of the new car rental back-up facility on Coopers End Road, which
is due to open in February, UDC Planning Officers have further given detailed planning
permission for Budget Car Rental to build a new back-up facility on the current vacant
4th site, which was always safeguarded for this further development as part of the
original development. It is anticipated that the building of the new Budget back-up
facility will commence in February and be open for Summer 2007.

d232bf1e-fc91-4c3d-9bef-9e32a360c676.doc    12
SPARK 2006 Parking and Rental Awards

Stansted was delighted to have some winners in the SPARK 06 Parking and Rental
Awards. This award scheme rewarded and recognised the staff who work in the parking
and car rental industries across all BAA airports. Customers and staff nominated teams
and individuals who demonstrated excellent customer service across several categories
between 10 April and 30 September 2006. Category winners were presented with a
trophy by Quentin Wilson (of TV and motor journalism fame) and a cheque for £1,000 at
a ceremony at the Waldorf Hilton hotel last November.

Stansted celebrated several successes at the SPARK 06 awards ceremony. Joe
McConn from Budget Car Rental at Stansted won the award for Best Car Rental
Manager, and Mick Spalding from NCP at Stansted was runner-up in the award for Car
Parking Employee of the Year. Budget built on its success from last year where it won
best new car rental initiative.

In addition, both Andy Williams and Dominic Turner from the Stansted Retail Travel
Services team were rewarded as the Best Overall BAA Location Team across all BAA


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