Justin Washington – Chaplain Nominee by babbian


									                              Justin Washington – Chaplain Nominee

        When I received notice of my Chaplain nomination, I was indeed ecstatic! I was also

scared, nervous, anxious, fretful, angry, and a whole heap of other emotions that I need not go

into detail. I also began to ponder, “How can I be Chaplain? I’m not even perfect! I’m only a

sophomore.....”(etc.). There were countless excuses that ran across my mind. However, through

this process, I have seen some things in myself that I’ve never seen before. I stand today, with a

new mindset that I was more prepared than I thought I was. Upon joining MGC, I began to

picture myself in the Chaplain position, but not this early. I knew that I wanted the position, but I

didn’t really understand the full meaning behind it, and all of the work that it entailed. I knew that

I wanted to be a leader in some way, and sharpen my spirit man at the same time. My nomination

confirmed these feelings, and I then knew that I was meant to do something great for this


        If there’s one lesson that I’ve learned in this process, it’s to BE YOU! I now know that it

is impossible for me to be anything that I am not. I can assure you all, that if I am appointed

Chaplain for the ’07-’08 school year, you will see a change, but it will only be spiritual. I will

bring the same humor, and seriousness that I trust you all have grown to know over the past year,

and I will also know when to channel the two. Leadership is not even an issue. All of my life, I’ve

performed well under pressure, and I’ve led many groups/teams to success academically and

professionally (High School Sports, Honor Societies, Campus Ministry). I realize that none of my

strengths/abilities come from within, but from on High. I have great confidence in myself and in

the other nominees as well. My prayer has been not that you vote for me in particular, but that

you have been prayerful, and mindful of what God wants for this ministry. I know that I am

capable of helping in leading God’s people on to perfection. I’ve learned to not focus on being

seen or heard, because being Chaplain is much more than that. I know that I must be an example.

I’ve also learned that humility is the way, and that He will exalt me in due time. I love and thank

God for you all, and with all that said, LET GOD’S WILL BE DONE!

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