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					Volume XXXIII, No. 3                                                            August, 2010

            55th Annual Convention Begins
                    August 21, 2010
         “Navigating Through 2010 and Beyond”

  Response has been excellent for               Sunday evening rounds out with the “Members
  registrations for the upcoming                Only MAC-PAC Chairman’s Club Reception” for
                                                attendees who have contributed $250 or more to
                                                the MAC-PAC 2010 Campaign. As of publica-
                                                tion we have 82 Chairman’s Club Members.

  You asked for, you got it! The Convention The MAC-PAC Reception will be followed with
  Committee worked hard to respond to your an open reception for all attendees.
  suggestions and requests for conference
  content.                                    Monday, Aug. 23rd begins with Clebe McClary
                                              and breakfast. Following that is the annual
  In addition to key note speaker, Clebe      business meeting when new officers and direc-
  McClary; networking expert, Amy Kilpatrick; tors will be elected. Special guest, Michael Ber-
  and motivational trainer Bill Early, MBAC   man, CMB, MBA Chairman Elect will address
  members have stepped up to provide ex-      the audience. Agency updates will be given.
  pertise on many topics.                     Sponsors will be recognized.

  Saturday, August 21st is filled with Board,   The Syd Stickley Golf Tournament and pool-side
  President’s Council and Committee meet-       relaxation fill Monday afternoon. Then there is
  ings.                                         the 7 p.m. reception which will be followed by
                                                the MBAC 55th Annual Installation of
  Sunday, August 22nd, the program begins       Officers and Directors and awards presenta-
  in earnest with 5 educational sessions        tions. The 2010 Pope Scholarship recipients will
  requested by the members.                     be with us during the convention. See page
                                                10 to view our presenters.
                              President’s Message
                             and MAC-PAC Update
                                                           Legislative needs are more important than
                                                           ever. Our lobbyists, Sharon Wilkerson and
 Lisa T. Dahlgren                                          George Teague along with the Legislative
                                                           Chairs, Sam Waters and Hank Cunning-
                                                           ham are working so hard for all of us. They
                                                           are supporting us by doing their jobs with
We are together again and already summer is                excellence. We need to show them the
half over.                                                 same support.

We are moving quickly through 2010 and we                  Local associations are doing their best to
seem to be moving slowly out of the recession.             get contributions. I have reached out to the
The possibility of a double dip seems to be                past presidents and other leaders in our
slowing. We see slow growth in the economy.                industry for their contributions and support.
Rates are extremely low and we see the market              Please, please, please, if you have not con-
coming back slowly. Hard to believe the melt-              tributed to MAC-PAC, send in your contri-
down was over 2 years ago! Now Financial Re-               bution today. We need everyone to help.
form has passed and Obama has signed the
2300-page bill. The bond market has priced in              Our lobbyists have taken a pay cut for two
lower inflation and slower growth for the next             years, but are working even harder. We
12-18 months. The Fed is not expected to raise             are currently close to $40,000 in contribu-
rates until sometime in mid 2011. There are a              tions. We need to have $60,000 to have a
lot of legislative challenges and changes for all          successful year. They are our eyes, ears
of us to face and adapt our business practices             and voices in Raleigh and Columbia. They
around.                                                    are critical to our industry health and to our
                                                           personal success.
August brings us all together for the Fall Con-
vention. I hope you plan to attend to gather in-           I look forward to seeing everyone at the
formation, and gain insight from others within             55th Annual Convention. Please make
the industry. It is a great convention to attend           your reservation today. You can do it all
and I would really appreciate your participation.          online.
Please plan to attend August 21-23rd at the
Marriott Hilton Head. Registration is a breeze             Let’s have a wonderful August weekend in
now that we have a new website.                            Hilton Head. Please plan to attend and
                                                           have a fun, educational time.
Please take time to visit this site. It is very user
friendly and has a wealth of information. Thanks           Lisa
to Rhonda for taking the time to get it up and
running. Check out the details of the conven-                                      The Bottom Line
tion sessions on line. Register today…                         Official Publication of The Mortgage Bankers Association of the
                                                                                        Carolinas, Inc.
                                                                           PO Box 2588, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465
MAC-PAC still needs YOU!!! As we have dis-                                    (704) 557-0204 FAX (704) 625-7195
cussed in the past editions, we need to partici-                               E-mail address: rbm@mbac.org
                                                                                Web Site: http://www.mbac.org
pate in MAC-PAC.
                                                                               Lisa T, Dahlgren President
                                                                          Rhonda B. Marcum, Executive Director

Nominating Committee Report:
The MBAC Nominating Committee has recommended the following slate of officers and directors
for 2010-2011. The names will be presented at the MBAC convention in August.

OFFICERS                                              DIRECTORS - North Carolina

President             Lisa T. Dahlgren                Chris Cope
                      Wells Fargo Home Mortgage       Allen Tate Mortgage
                      Charlotte                       Charlotte, NC
President-Elect       Kenneth R. Cox
                      First Reliance Bank             Rick G. Washburn
                      Lexington, SC                   Shelby Savings Bank
                                                      Shelby, NC
Vice-President        Travis A. Minter                2008-2011
                      Crescent Bank
                      Myrtle Beach, SC                Terry L. Davis
                                                      RBC Bank
Secretary/Treasurer   Tommy Saunders                  Asheville, NC
                      Wells Fargo, Charlotte          2009-2012

Immediate             Philip R. Mahoney               DIRECTORS - South Carolina
Past President        American Security Mortgage
                      Charlotte, NC                   Harry M. Smith
                                                      Bank of America
ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS NC                                Charleston, SC
William Jackson
Genworth Mortgage Insurance                           Eugene H. Gaulin
Cary, NC                                              BB&T
2010-2012                                             Greenville, SC
Gena Baxley
PMI Mortgage                                          Candice L. Nicodin
Charlotte, NC                                         The Bank of South Carolina
2009-2011                                             Charleston, SC
                                                      PRESIDENTS COUNCIL DIRECTORS
Bonnie S. Kamaris
Radian Guaranty, Inc.                                 Kevin Rodriguez - NC
Columbia, SC                                          American Security Mortgage
2010-2012                                             Fayetteville, NC

Karen B. Irwin                                        Laura Evatt
MGIC                                                  Allen Tate Mortgage
Charlotte, NC                                         Columbia, SC
2009-2011                                             2010-2012

         (Below are CURRENT contributors at the $250 and above level..
                     They are members….you can be too!)
Jane Wright            Steve Morse            Monica Foley       Lisa Rogers
Michael Liles          Connie Hawkins         George Teague      David Allred
Bryan Wright           Gena Baxley            Cathy Russell      Carla Wilson
Chris Cope             David Cunningham       Jon C. McBride     Bryan Baldwin
Laura Evatt            Hank Cunningham, CMB   Lynette Schehr     Amy Congdon
Brian Pearce           Jeni Long              Terry Davis        John Askew
Charles Grigsby        L. Diane DeGarady      Dwight Bennett     Lisa Dahlgren
Charles Wentz          Pamela Carroll         Ed Brown           Lisa Glenn
Dale Shue              Dawn Burton            Joan Sherwood      Vickie Wilkinson
Donald Cunningham      Bruce Berry            Ken Pack           Kevin Rodriguez
James A. Abbott, CMB   Kathy Bickett          Kevin Martini      Jimmy King
Lori Couick            Steve Powell           Pat Polson         David Bates
Michelle Gregory       Don Cupit, CMB         Tricia Hilton      Gary Cooper
Phil Mahoney           Sam Waters             Candy Nicodin      David Gulledge
Scott Jones            Matthew Melvin         Karen Kiefer       Peter Wehman
Burke Barbee           Paul Jaber             Rob Melton         Carol Addy
Harry Smith            William Jackson        Danny Deaton       Travis Minter
JoAnn Terrell          Rhonda Marcum          Trasi King         Eddie Bean
BB&T PAC               Charles Kelly          Bryan Parker       Bob Weber
David McDonald         Charles Hazlett        Linda Winstead     Melanie Orlando
Otway Wallace          Gene Gaulin            Mary Beth Gillis   Tommy Saunders
Donald C. Lampe

                                   MAC-PAC CHALLENGE 2010

Providing Legislative Representation in support of our member companies and our industry overall is a key mis-
sion of our association. We continue to successfully accomplish this mission through the efforts of our Legislative
Committee leadership and the employment of lobbyist firms in North and South Carolina. The cost of this advo-
cacy supporting our livelihood is paid for through the voluntary contributions from you and me!

                                  Top 10 Reasons for Supporting MAC-PAC - 2010

1.             It’s like going to the dentist. No one likes it but it is critical to avoid more serious future problems!
2.             No one else is representing your mortgage specific legislative issues in North and South Carolina!
3.             It is critical to have someone telling “our” side of the story – not the side they hear in the news!
4.             Someone has to commit the time and be prepared with the knowledge and facts to advocate on
              our behalf before proposed legislation becomes law!
5.            Political Advocacy and Representation is even more important in today’s climate where many
              believe based on what they hear or read in the news that only our industry is at fault!
6.            All lenders, affiliates, and associates are represented – everyone pledging their “fair share” is
7.             Who has the time, the experience, or the legislative contacts to represent themselves?
8.             If I don’t support the representation and advocacy of my own livelihood – who will?
9.             Someone has to make sure our legislators understand that while we understand their goal is to
              solve the perceived and or real problems of our industry impacting consumers – excessive legislation
              of licensing, appraiser management, fraud liability, high cost loans, and or limiting of loan products
              etc can have unintended negative consequences on our ability to help consumers with their home
              loan needs.
10.           In an industry that continues to shrink – our individual commitment and pledge is more important
              than ever!

                      Fax to MBAC MAC-PAC at (704) 366-8822 (fax for Jeni Long)

             Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas Political Action Committee (MAC-PAC)
     I wish to join with other sales leaders and support MBAC’s Legislative Committees through a voluntary contribution.

     (Please print legibly)

     MAC-PAC Contribution: ___$25 ___$50 ___$100 ___$250 Chairman’s level ___$300 Sales Leader/Big Shot ___Other $______

     Contribution will be ___Check ___ Cash ___ Credit Card    Please Charge to: ___Visa ___ MasterCard ___AMEX

     Credit Card # ________________________________ Card Verification # ______ Expiration Date ________

     Signature _______________________________________________________ Date ________
     The following Information is required:

     Your Name _____________________________________ Company

     Home Address _________________________________________ City __________________ State ______ Zip

     E-Mail ___________________________________________ Phone with Area

     Local Mortgage Lenders Association ________________________________________

              MAC-PAC -
      What are the Numbers Now?                                      Correction

We are still behind with the MAC-PAC 2010                In the May edition of the Bottom Line,
Campaign goal. Members and friends of MBAC are           Chairman’s Club members were
rallying and the numbers continue to improve.            listed.

As of July 23, 2010 we have received a total of          Resulting from an oversight in page
$42,308 from all sources.                                layout we failed to reflect the mem-
                                                         bers listed below had made contribu-
The 2010 Campaign ends at the 55th Annual Fall           tions of $250 or more prior to the May
Convention. Approximately 345 individuals or compa-      newsletter.
nies have contributed through the July 23 reporting
period. Approximately 655 people who receive regu-                 David McDonald
lar legislative updates from MBAC have not contrib-                   Gene Gaulin
uted.                                                               Charles Hazlett
                                                                    Mary Beth Gillis
It is not too late to make a difference. We are asking              Linda Winstead
if you receive this newsletter, or receive other MBAC                Lisa Dahlgren
updates on issues that impact your profession, and if              Tommy Saunders
you have not made a contribution, please do so today.
Just $36.50 from each person who has not contrib-        We apologize for the error and
uted would bring us to $66,200. A contribution of        appreciate the contribution of these
$36.50 is just 10¢ per day. A contribution form is on    Individuals.
page 5.

                                                                    North Carolina Legislative Update

                      By Hank C. Cunningham, CMB, Chair, North Carolina Legislative Committee

                                                                        The cost of the annual renewal fee for licensed
The General Assembly in North Carolina has adjourned
                                                                        mortgage loan originators also increases to
and the Mortgage Bankers of the Carolinas took a very pro-
                                                                        $125.00. While we would all have preferred not to
active role in helping to craft legislation that will be effective
                                                                        increase the cost of renewal, it is a responsibility of
for the industry and consumers. At the conclusion of this
                                                                        the industry to fund appropriate oversight by its
update, I have provided a list of the bills that have become
                                                                        regulator and we worked with the Office of the Com-
law; however, I want to focus this update on Senate Bill
                                                                        missioner of Banks to reach a compromise that
1216 which was a joint effort between the Mortgage Bank-
                                                                        works for both parties.
ers of the Carolinas, the Office of the Commissioner of
Banks, the Center for Responsible Lending and the North
                                                                        Finally the third provision of this bill reduces the
Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals.
                                                                        points and fees threshold for high cost loans from
                                                                        five percent to four percent; however, it also ex-
Senate Bill 1216 incorporates three primary areas of inter-
                                                                        cludes from the calculation all upfront fees paid to
est to the mortgage industry: (1) expands pre-foreclosure
                                                                        the Federal Housing Administration, the Veterans’
counseling from only rate spread mortgages to all mort-
                                                                        Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture
gages (2) increases annual renewal fees for licensed lend-
                                                                        to insure or guarantee a home loan that exceed
ers, brokers, servicers and mortgage loan originators (3)
                                                                        1.25% of the total loan amount. It also excludes
revises the threshold for points and fees in our High Cost
                                                                        from the calculation the portion of the up-front pri-
statute and excludes a portion of the mortgage insurance
                                                                        vate mortgage insurance premium that exceeds
premium in the calculation of points and fees.
                                                                        1.25% as long as the fee is refundable upon notifi-
                                                                        cation of satisfaction of the mortgage loan. With
This bill demonstrates the value of relationships within the
                                                                        impending increases in the upfront fee for USDA
industry and the ability to work collectively with industry
                                                                        loans, it was important to find a solution to allow
voices, the Office of the Commissioner of Banks and our
                                                                        these loans to continue to be an option for financing
legislators to craft a bill that produces positive results for
                                                                        in North Carolina.
the industry. Foreclosures in the state continue to in-
crease. This bill expands the pre-foreclosure notice provi-
                                                                        I think the groups mentioned initially worked well
sion of existing law to include all home loans. It imposes a
                                                                        together to craft a reasonable approach to the issue
responsibility on the servicer to provide a notice to the
                                                                        and to improve our existing law.
homeowner 45 days prior to filing a notice of foreclosure to
make the homeowner aware of options and counseling and
                                                                        Below is a listing of bills that would be of interest to
to provide contact information at the Office of the Commis-
                                                                        the industry and the effective date.
sioner of Banks. A State Home Foreclosure Prevention
Trust Fund is established, managed by the Office of the
                                                                        Senate Bill 1216    Sections 1-3 become effective
Commissioner of Banks and funded by a fee of $75.00 paid
                                                                        November 1.2010 and expire May 31, 2013 and
by each servicer as the notice is filed.
                                                                        sections 4-8 become effective September 1, 2010.
The goal will be to provide information to the Commissioner
                                                                         Senate Bill 1015 Act to Enact the Homeowner
of Banks who will assist in trying to help the homeowner to
                                                                        and Homebuyer Protection Act to Prohibit Home
avoid foreclosure where possible. The State Home Foreclo-
                                                                        Foreclosure Rescue Scams. This act becomes ef-
sure Prevention Trust Fund will provide funding to non-
                                                                        fective October 1, 2010.
profit counseling and non-profit legal service firms.
                                                                        Senate Bill 35 Act to Provide that Transfer Fee
The second portion of this bill increases the cost of an an-
                                                                        Covenants Do Not Run with the Title. This is effec-
nual renewal fee for licensed mortgage lenders, lice3nsed
                                                                        tive when it becomes law.
mortgage brokers and licensed mortgage loan servicers to
$625.00, to $300.00 for licensed exclusive mortgage bro-
                                                                        Senate Bill 1400 Act to Prohibit Foreclosures
kers and to $300.00 for each branch location for mortgage
                                                                        While Mortgagors or Trustors Are On Active Duty.
lenders and mortgage brokers.
                                                                        The bill becomes effective January 1, 2011.

                         The Gunter-Wilkinson Report -
                                South Carolina Legislative Update

After a busy two-year session, the South Carolina Legislature
adjourned Sine Die on June 29th. The legislature will convene
the second Tuesday in January 2011 to begin a new two-year
session. Next session, we will be working with a newly elected
Governor and a large new contingent in the House of Representatives.

During the 2009 and 2010 legislative sessions, MBAC monitored over 36 bills which
had a direct or indirect impact on the mortgage industry. It was a busy two years for
MBAC, as South Carolina legislators continued to show an interest in the mortgage
industry. The 2009 session brought the passage of the Omnibus Mortgage Lending
Act, and the 2010 session brought the introduction of several more bills directed at the
mortgage industry. MBAC was opposed to much of the legislation being monitored,
and fortunately, that legislation did not make it through the entire legislative process.
By working closely with legislative staff and professionals from other industries, MBAC
was able to ensure that legislation that could be dangerous to the mortgage industry
did not receive attention beyond the committee level. As is common at the beginning
of every new two-year session, much of the legislation that did not pass this year will
likely be re-introduced next session.

One very important issue that is getting a lot of attention at the national and state
levels is the PACE program. At least 22 states have passed legislation regarding
loans for energy efficiency improvements on property, often referred to as PACE. A
group of Lowcountry lawmakers in South Carolina, along with the Coastal Conserva-
tion League, are pushing similar legislation in South Carolina. The PACE program
was originally introduced in legislation this past spring, but due to several unresolved
issues, including the effect on mortgages, the legislation did not make it past a sub-
committee meeting. Members of MBAC were present at the subcommittee meeting
and have been working with all key parties on this issue since it was brought to our at-
tention. New questions have arisen over the last few weeks regarding PACE pro-
grams in other states, and MBAC must remain on top of this issue to ensure that any
legislation introduced does not have a negative impact on the mortgage lending com-
munity. All interested parties have been given September 30th as the deadline to have
a final draft of the newly revamped legislation ready for review by several Lowcountry
                      Sharon Gunter-Wilkinson serves as MBAC’s South
                                    Carolina Lobbyist.

                                                                 Blackwood Retires from First National
BB& T Hires Tim Strom as Regional                                Bank
Mortgage Manager
                                                                 Rhonda Blackwood retired on June 30, 2010 after
Timothy Strom returns to BB&T after serving                      19 years of service to First National Bank, Shelby,
with the bank in the mid-1990s. He is BB&T’s                     NC. Rhonda was in the mortgage loan depart-
Upstate Region mortgage manager.                                 ment.

He is a Greenville native who earned his                         She was honored at a bank-wide reception on
bachelor’s degree in financial management                        June 30th and again on July 15th at a dinner with
from Clemson University. He is the 2010 chair-                   her co-workers from the mortgage department.
man of Greenville Housing Futures, which pro-
vides housing for low-income families. Tim                       Her future plans include cruising and shopping.
and his wife, Harriett, live in Greer.


First Reliance Bank Employs
Trasi King

Trasi G. King has accepted a position as Resi-
dential Lending Specialist with First Reliance
Bank. She is located at the 800 S. Shelmore
Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC location.

                                                                         Rhonda Blackwood at her retirement
Barry Habib Returns to the Carolinas                                         celebration, surrounded by
                                                                          Butterfingers. her favorite candy.
The Piedmont and Winston-Salem MLA’s are
co-hosting Barry Habib on October 4th from
11 a.m.until 12:30 p.m. at the Deep River Event                   Weber and Orlando Announce Opening
Center in Greensboro, NC.
                                                                    of Envision Mortgage Corporation
The event includes a ninety minute presenta-
tion by Habib and a box lunch. Members of the                    Robert H. Weber, Jr. (Bob) and Melanie Orlando
Piedmont and Winston-Salem MLS’s can attend                      have formed Envision Mortgage Corporation lo-
for $20. Non-members may attend for $40.                         cated at 2004 Eastwood Road, Ste 201, Wilming-
                                                                 ton, NC.
The two associations are working together to
use the event as a MAC-PAC fundraiser. Non-                      Weber and Orlando most recently were with Wa-
members are encouraged to attend to experi-                      chovia Mortgage Corporation where Weber served
ence the quality of programs offered by the lo-                  as Mortgage Banking Executive and Business
cal associations.                                                Unit Coordinator and Orlando served as Key Rela-
                                                                 tionship Executive.
Additional information will be provided by the
local associations and through MBAC.                             Envision Mortgage Corporation as joined MBAC
                                                                 as a Regular Member. Welcome back!

                 MBAC 55TH ANNUAL CONVENTION
                                                           Bill Early -
                                                           PlumDog Financial
                Mary R. Caskey -
                Haynsworth Sinker Boyd, PA                 “Navigating Through Third Party Originations”
                “Setting Sale with RESPA”                            “Become Your Client’s GPS”

                                                Pat Cutler -
                                                Cutler Consulting Group
              Amy D. Kilpatrick -
              Nspired                           “When the Storm Passes - Will there
                                                Be Good Sailing?”
              “Connect the Dots - Networking”

              Penny Paplanus -
              Cognitive Options
              Darren McElroy -
              The Turning Point

              “Staying Clear of
              Stormy Weather -
              Complying with the

                Clebe McClary -
                Clebe McClary, Inc

                “Giving What it Takes”

Michael Berman, CMB -
MBA Chairman Elect

MBAC Annual Business
Meeting and Installation and
Awards Banquet

                   2010/2011 Committee Sign Up! Get Involved !
           The Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas would like
                      YOU to become a committee volunteer!

MBAC is your association. It is driven by the work of member volunteers.

Members are encouraged to participate and to contribute, to make a difference.
Without that participation the Association cannot flourish. It cannot meet your
needs without your involvement. Become a doer, not just someone who wants to
see it done! Ownership in MBAC comes from being a part of MBAC in action and

We have a rich history of members who have guided us and our industry for 55
years. Become part of the present, the future, and what others will see one day as
the history of YOUR ASSOCIATION..

Committees will meet almost exclusively via conference calls throughout the year to
make it easier for you to participate. Your voice, your ideas, your insight are the
things that move the association forward and it is important for you to be involved.
Don't just be a member. Get involved. Lead our association into the future.

Visit www.mbac.org for a list of the 2010/2011 committees. The chairs will be selected and
announced by November 1, 2010. (the beginning of the MBAC fiscal year)

If you have signed up in the past, PLEASE SIGN UP AGAIN THIS YEAR. We are starting with
a new slate of committee members and have some new ideas for making committee work
more satisfying and engaging.

You can view full committee descriptions by visiting www.mbac.org.

Please identify the committee(s) which best fit(s) your volunteer interests and talents. It’s
that simple!

                       CALL TO MBAC PAST PRESIDENTS

In June, several MBAC Past Presidents held an informal meeting to focus on
ways of identifying and nurturing future leaders within MBAC. We recognize
that the wisdom and guidance of Past Presidents has great value in defining
how we go forward.

Past Presidents if you are interested in participating in MBAC Leadership
Development please contact Rhonda Marcum at (704) 557-0204; (843) 303-5705
or by e-mail at rbm@mbac.org.
                                                    WNC Continues Tradition

                                                    The Mortgage Bankers Association of
                                                    WNC participated in its annual Ramp Fes-
                                                    tival Project, May 8, 2010. The group built
                                                    its 16th ramp in connection with Mountain
                                                    Housing Opportunity’s Ramp Festival.

                                                    Ramps are an odiferous cousin of the leek,
                                                    and emerge in the high mountain coves in
                                                    early May. This annual event began in
                                                    1995, as a “play on words” alternative to
                                                    several community local ramp festivals in
in WNC. However, MHO was building wheelchair ramps, not eating the plant. The event has
continued for 16 consecutive years, building 9-10 ramps per year. The MBA of WNC is the
only organization to have built a ramp for all 16 years. This year the ramp was constructed
for a woman who had polio as a child, and needed improved access to her manufactured
home in western Buncombe County.

The project affords fun and fellowship for the participants while helping local residents and
remains a favorite annual “Community Service” project.

       Lower Cape Fear Hosts 5th
          Annual Tournament

Texas Hold’em , barbeque, and a focus on
MAC-PAC and local charities made the 5th
Annual Tournament a huge success. Held
in May at the banquet hall at Captn Bill’s on
Market St, Wilmington, 46 players and inter-
ested on-lookers played a little poker, won
some phenomenal prizes, ate a lot of good bar-
beque and had a really good time.

Lower Cape Fear raised $3,572.31 after ex-
penses. Of that, $560 was donated to a local
charity, WARM. WARM works with making
needed repairs to homes that are owner occu-
pied but are in severe need of maintenance.
Over $3,000 was donated to MAC-PAC -

             Awards and Recognition

The Charlotte Regional Mortgage Lenders recognized
two of its members for their dedication, service and
leadership in the Association. The annual recipients
were announced at the May luncheon meeting of
CRMLA at Myers Park Country Club.

Bill McConnell, with Cunningham & Company, received
the Thelma Proctor Mortgage Banker of the Year
Award, along with the President’s Award. Janet
                                                              Bill McConnell
Gaglione, with South Carolina Bank and Trust, received
the group’s Outstanding Service Award.

CRMLA was established in 1954.

                                                             Janet Gaglione

    CRMLA Past Presidents attending the Installation
    and Awards luncheon are from left to right: Jeni
    Long; Cathy Russell; Steedman Lyles; Bruce
    Berry; Dawn Burton; Ronnie Giberson; Leb
    Dixon; Carla Wilson; Robert Goodling and Lisa
    Dahlgren                                             Outgoing President Dawn
                                                             Burton presents
                                                          President’s Award to
                                                              Bill McConnell

MLA of Hilton Head Island raised
$18,187 for charities June 12th, at Colle-
ton River Plantation. 112 golfers, 26 ten-
nis player and 35 close and personal
friends joined in the project. Fifty percent
of the funds will go to housing initiative and
the balance to other charitable organiza-

Sponsors, Colleton River Plantation, and
the Special Events Committee worked
together to make the event a success.

                                                          Tennis players at MLAHHI Fund Raiser, June 12,
                                                                      Colleton River Plantation

                                                      MLA of Greater Charleston retuned to the Mt.
                                                      Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park for its
                                                      Summer Social.

     Golf tournament winners from left to right:
                                                      The annual summer event is totally a social with
Rick McDevitt, Chris Sandders, Frank Kulbertis and    a few efforts to raise additional MAC-PAC
  Mickey Price posed together after the MLAHHI        funds. This year members and friends enjoyed
          Annual Charity Golf Tournament              Lowcountry BBQ and spirits and a view of the
                                                      harbor that will keep the association coming

                                                                                     Rhonda Marcum and
                                                                                     Harry Smith joined
                                                                                     forces in efforts to raise
                                                                                     money for MAC-PAC at
                                                                                     the July 22, MLAGC
                                                                                     Summer Social.

                                                                                     Efforts were successful
                                                                                     and approximately
                                                                                     $1500 was contributed
                                                                                     at the event.
 From left to right : Scott Mason , Candy Nicodin
 and Mikell Richards

 Winston-Salem Mortgage Lenders                  CRMLA Elects Board
    Association and Habitat for                  and President
   Humanity of Forsyth County
                                                 Matt McDonald, a
Winston-Salem MLA joined with Habitat for        Charlotte appraiser
Humanity to construct a home for the Moore-      was elected President
field family. The project was long, required     of the CRMLA.
on-going effort on the parts of all involved     Also elected were Kip
and finally was completed.                       Byrne, President-elect; Bill
                                                 McConnell, Vice Presi-
                                                 dent; Janet Gaglione,               McDonald
Winston-Salem MLA and Habitat jointly
hosted a dedication service for the Moore-       Secretary; Karen Irwin, Treasurer;
head Family at 1410 Garfield Avenue,             Gay Tallent, director; Gena Baxley,
Winston-Salem on June 10, 2010.                  director; Lisa Gallimore, director; Mary Anne
                                                 Young, director; Dawn Burton, Past Presi-
This was a “Community Service” project for       dent; and Ralph Harris Legal Council.
the association. Congratulation on a job well
done.                                            Monthly meetings are held at Myers Park
                                                 Country Club, Charlotte.

 Kent Lamm represents landlords, tenants, buyers and seller, with particular emphasis on of-
 fice & industrial leasing. He began his career as an attorney for Alston and Bird in Atlanta
 and later moved to Charlotte where he practiced law with Kennedy, Covington, Lobdell and
 Hickman. From law, he moved simultaneously into real estate brokerage and investment in
 1991. Kent joined McGuire Properties in 2003. He is licensed to Practice Law in North Caro-
 lina and Georgia. He is licensed to Broker Real Estate in North and South Carolina. He is a
 member of the Charlotte Region Commercial board of Realtors.
 He received his BA, Business, at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC and his
 Juris Doctor, at Columbia University School of Law, New York, NY.
 We are pleased to have him as a guest writer.

                               The Silver Lining for your Bottom Line

First, examine your current lease carefully. And then, have a trusted commercial real estate expert review your 
lease. If you have two years or less to run on your current office lease, you are in a great position to do an early re‐
newal of your lease. We have assisted several clients recently with this “blend and extend” strategy, creating a win‐
win for both , you and your landlord. You get a lease rate TODAY that is lower than your current rate. Your landlord 
gets a longer term lease, giving him greater certainty for the future. And while you are negotiating a new lease to 
stay in place, you can also negotiate for those additional terms and clauses that you’ve also always wanted 
(expansion rights, termination rights, new carpet, exclusivity as to use in the building, etc.) and have those put into 
your new deal. 

Does your current lease have an early termination clause? Even with a penalty? If you are open to making a move, 
there are landlords that will gladly buy out your current lease in order to move you to their building. Likely you’ll get 
new carpet, new paint, and other new finishes, too, as well as a lower lease rate, or a better building and space for 
the same amount that you are currently paying. 

Look for sublease space. Great deals can still be had on sublease space. This is office space currently leased by an‐
other tenant, who does not need the space any longer. Big discounts are the rule. Furniture and phone systems are 
often included, too, for another significant cost savings. We are still seeing deals for sublease office space at 30+% 
discounts. Subleases can be useful if you need a shorter term lease. Perhaps you want to open a second office loca‐
tion to see how it works. A short term sublease could help limit your exposure. 

Get some space planning help. How well is your current office configuration working for you? Could you operate in 
an office that is smaller through better space planning? That could free up space in your current office that you 
could offer into the market as a sublease Or, if it is renewal time on your current lease, make sure that you look 
carefully at what space you really need now. Perhaps reduce your footprint for more cost savings in the short term. 
Then, make sure you secure expansion options for the future growth that you’ll likely have in a year or two. 

Explore an office purchase. There are also great deals out there on offices for sale, too. You need to do a careful 
analysis to see if this is the right move for your firm, but under the right conditions, it could be a real cost savings. 

These are just a few of the many strategies that we’ve successfully implemented for clients in the current market. 
While we are still having endless debates on when the economy will improve, when the mortgage business will im‐
prove, and when commercial real estate leasing will tighten, I can offer one bit of certainty. Today’s office rates rep‐
resent tremendous bargains. Savings can be realized today in many cases, giving you a quick boost to your bottom 
line. I encourage you to call your commercial broker to explore the possibilities. Just like you, I’m advising clients to 
act now – we may not see rates this low again in our lifetimes. 

Kent Lamm is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Charlotte with Percival McGuire Commercial Real Estate, with a 
particular emphasis on office leasing. Kent can be reached at klamm@pmcre.com and 704‐632‐1014. 

        MBAC AND YOU

                                                                      Kenneth R. Cox

Since 1954, the Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas
has provided its members numerous opportunities for professional
and personal development.

The professional development takes place through the educational conferences and
seminars; through serving on committees and interaction with industry professionals;
through access to MBA certification programs and through association leadership

Significant personal development also occurs through the solid relationships that are
built with no doubt, some of the finest individuals in our industry. Events such as
fundraisers to benefit those in need provide a platform where we can rally around a
common cause and give back to the communities we serve. For those who are
involved in the MBAC, the rewards are significant.

If you are an MBAC member and have not been involved in a committee or a project, I
encourage you to reach out and discover your new opportunities. If you are consider-
ing membership and would like to know more, give us a call. There are plenty of
avenues to get involved and meet future customers, interact with industry
professionals, participate in community service projects and yes…even make new
friends. Your talents and your passions are needed by MBAC. Visit our website at
www.mbac.org for more detailed information on committee opportunities. We have
begun the process of establishing committee membership for the 2010-2011 year.

Please be sure to join us in Hilton Head August 21-23. Plan on attending all the excit-
ing sessions and be prepared for an exceptional Installation and Awards
Banquet on Monday night. At the banquet you will see individuals who have exercised
the opportunities for professional development. We will name the Mortgage Banker of
the Year; the Associate/Affiliate of the Year; The James Jeffery Wood, CMB President’s
Award recipient; Associations of the Year; and MAC-PAC Cup recipients. Invite a col-
league to join you. It’s an event you will not want to miss. See you there!

REGULAR                                SPONSORS

Envision Mortgage Corp.
Robert H. Weber Jr. (Bob)              Lisa Dahlgren
2004 Eastwood Road                     Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Suite 201
Wilmington, NC 28403                   Phil Mahoney
(910) 509-2030                         American Security Mortgage

Pinnacle Bank of South Carolina        Lisa Dahlgren
Kevin Jones                            Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
937 B, Pleasantburg Dr.
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 244-1700                         Rob Melton
kjones@pinnaclebanksc.com              United Guaranty


C.A. Mullen Company
Carson Mullen                          Ken Cox
PO Box 4634                            First Reliance Bank
Emerald Isle, NC 28594
(252) 354-3039                         David Green
Carson.mullen@streetlinks.com          The Stonehill Group

Merchants Credit Bureau
Brian McKinney                         Ken Cox
955 Green St.                          First Reliance Bank
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 823-6233                         John Girardeau
mckinney@mcbusa.com                    Southern Mortgage Company

ASSOCIATE                              SPONSORS

Prymak                                 Hank Cunningham, CMB
Peter Fugaro                           Cunningham & Company
5509-B W.Friendly Ave
Greensboro, NC 27410                   Tim Dale, CMB
(336) 510-2010                         BB&T

INDIVIDUAL                             SPONSORS

PHH Mortgage                           Jane Wright
Sara Ward                              Advantage Mortgage
1061 Garden Club Way
Leland, NC 28451                       William Jackson
(866) 664-2862                         Genworth Mortgage Insurance


Convention soon, Great information to be shared!
The convention in Hilton Head is right around the corner! I am excited and look forward
to seeing you there. MBAC has been listening to your ideas and concerns and with the
efforts of Rhonda Marcum and a few volunteers your ideas and suggestions are moving
forward and very quickly I might add.

When we meet at the end of August please plan on attending our President’s Council
meeting to learn more about the following:

• New and improved MBAC website – you have been asking for links to local associations.

• You have been asking about the potential of your local association becoming a chapter of

• You have been asking for better functionality of the website. DONE!
And much more!

The President’s Council is designed for local association leadership, but our meeting are
open. If you are not on a local association board as an officer or director and you want to
attend, we welcome you. Come on in.

I would also like remind you that the Annual Reports/Yearbooks are due by August 1. Okay,
get them in by August 10. The report is a crucial item that helps to determine the association
of the year. If you have forgotten, there is a cash prize of $500 to the Association of the
Year winners. There will be a North Carolina and a South Carolina association recognized.

Lastly, this will be my last column as your NC President Council Director. As we move for-
ward to installing new directors for North Carolina and South Carolina I want to thank each of
you for your time, efforts and support. I have been honored to help you move ideas and im-
provements forward for both MBAC and our industry. Don’t worry; you can’t get rid of me.
You’re stuck with me for at least two more years as your Public Relations Chair which means
Rhonda will probably have me doing a column for Public Relations. (Oh, the President’s
Council is part of Public Relations….guess I will be writing again!)

I hope everyone is having a great, productive summer. I look forward to seeing you in Hilton
Head; in our meetings and by the pool!

Bryan Parker

 See You in Hilton Head
  August 21-23 for the
55th Annual Convention


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