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5509-B W. Friendly Avenue Suite 304 Greensboro_ NC ... - Prymak


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									                                                           Prymak LLC
                                              5509-B West Friendly Avenue, Suite 304
                                                 Greensboro, North Carolina 27410

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                           July 12, 2010

CONTACT: Peter Fugaro
PHONE: 877-977-9625


GREENSBORO, NC – Prymak LLC is taking the banking regulation bull by the horns with a new offering for financial institutions.

With pending financial reform, ever-increasing instances of fraud, and consumers concern about data security and identity theft,

the Greensboro based lending and financial technology firm is offering banks, credit unions and lending institutions a no-cost

technology check-up. The Risk-Free Initial 90™ Technology Risk Review is intended to appraise the technological health of

financial institutions.

         “Lending and banking is as volatile now as I have ever seen it in 25 years in the industry,” explains Peter Fugaro, Presi-

dent of Prymak. “Uncertainty with what is going to be required of technology in order to comply with regulations and provide

adequate security has everyone a bit nervous.” There is cause for concern. A recent study by the LexisNexis® Mortgage Asset

Research Institute shows reported mortgage fraud and misrepresentation increasing dramatically over the last several years.

“New legislation is going to set regulations in an attempt to prevent such issues,” continues Fugaro, “While Prymak has been

providing advice to financial institutions on how to leverage technology for just this kind of thing for over 10 years now, our new

Initial 90™ Technology Risk Review is designed to address the specific technology risks that confront these organizations today.”

         Prymak offers the Risk-Free Initial 90™ Technology Risk Review at no charge to companies who want to find out where

their current processes may be at risk. “We first sit down with their team and ask questions about their current systems and

processes, which can typically be done in around 90 minutes, “ explains Fugaro. “Our industry experience and knowledge of

current technology issues allows us to ask the right questions to see where there may be risk.” The Prymak team then takes that

information and performs an even more comprehensive analysis. The end result is a customized report on the specific risks that

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5509-B W. Friendly Avenue
Suite 304
Greensboro, NC 27410-4280
Phone: 877.977.9625
Fax: 336.510.2017
Lenders Review Risk
07.12.10, continued

organizations may face in regards to technology. Everything up to that point is completely free of charge to the lender. If Prymak

and the organization determine that more action is needed to address any issues, the technology consulting company has a host

of experienced solutions for consideration. “In many cases,” concludes Fugaro, “ we can make adjustments to existing processes

that will increase efficiency and add value, while increasing security and compliance at the same time.” If new technology

solutions are needed, however, Prymak takes an objective approach to finding the best vendor or solution. “We do not sell any

particular solution, and take pride in a strict, impartial approach to selection.”

        Prymak is currently making appointments for Initial 90™ Risk Reviews with banking and lending institutions that want to

see how their current systems and processes can be improved to produce greater value. For more information, logon to


Prymak is an experienced business information technology services firm that provides both strategic leadership and tactical
technology expertise to banking and lending institutions. Founded in 2000, Prymak understands that in this complex market
of regulatory compliance, data security, and fraud prevention, companies confront enormous challenges in finding, deploying,
and maintaining systems that best match their unique business models. With no affiliation to any particular software or
packaged solutions, our assurance is to take an objective and unbiased approach to each customer’s unique technology
needs. For more information, contact Prymak at 1-877-977-9625, or logon www.prymak.com.

5509-B W. Friendly Avenue
Suite 304
Greensboro, NC 27410-4280
Phone: 877.977.9625
Fax: 336.510.2017

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