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   as of April 16, 2013
                                   Monday - May 20th
                              A Whole Day Dedicated to You!

                                        Business Partner Forum Checklist
We’ve never done this before! A full      Special Guest Speaker
                                          Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
day Business Partner Forum                Reading the Tea Leaves: Building a More Agile Business
dedicated solely to you and the
                                          Key IBM Leadership Speakers
topics you want to hear.
                                             Steve Cowley, Vice President, WW Sales, Industry Solutions
Be sure to arrive a day early to join
                                             Mark Register, Vice President, WW IBM Software Business
us for this exciting day on Monday,          Partners & Midmarket Sales
May 20 – before the main
                                             Shaun Jones, Vice President, WW IBM Software Business
conference begins.                           Partners & Midmarket Marketing
This day is complimentary - provided         Melinda Matthews, Director, WW Industry Solutions Sales,
to you at no charge when you                 Business Partners
register for the Smarter Commerce         Breakout Session Highlights
Global Summit scheduled for May              Growing your Business by Understanding Smarter Commerce
21-23.                                       Adjacencies for traditional:
The Forum focuses on how to make a           • B2B Business Partners
market, leverage the Smarter                 • Commerce Business Partners
                                             • Enterprise Market Management Business Partners
Commerce initiative, and capture
that market with IBM’s portfolio of          For newer Business Partners: Smarter Commerce Foundations -
                                             Understanding IBM Sales, Marketing and Operational benefits
supporting solutions.                        for increased
We start the day at 9:00 a.m.,               Next Steps and Actions Plans - A Deep Dive for:
featuring key IBM leadership                 • Enterprise Market Management Business Partners
presentations, a special guest               • Systems Integrators
speaker, lunch, and breakout sessions        • Value Added Distributors & Resellers
throughout the day.                          • Independent Software Vendors
We’ll top the day off with a Business        Smarter Commerce Overview for Technical Pre-Sales
Partner Networking Reception where        BP Café
you can network with IBM                  Talk 1:1 with experts on the latest programs, your PartnerWorld
Executives, Channel Sales team, and       profile, and many other topics.
other Business Partners.                  Networking Reception
This is a day you can’t miss!             Great opportunity to network with IBM Executives,
                                          Channel Sales team, and other Business Partners.
                                        Tuesday - May 21
                                        Smarter Commerce Architectural Assets –
      Register Now!                     Technical Pre-sales Roles
                                        See slide 11 for details
                                        Wednesday - May 22
                                        EMM Competitive Strategies Workshop
                                        See slide 11 for details
                            Special Guest Speaker

Reading the Tea Leaves: Building a More Agile Business
Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Sales Strategies & Channel Innovation

Tiffani Bova is a Vice President with Gartner Research, where she covers IT sales strategies and
channel innovation. Ms. Bova's area of specialization includes the development of comprehensive
indirect channel strategies, including program development and optimization, go-to-market sales
coverage models, the impact of cloud on the traditional channel, and trends in wholesale IT
distribution. The last two years have included new research in the area of cloud services brokerage
(CSB) as a new role for the indirect channel to play in its quest to stay relevant with cloud services.
This year, she will lead the Gartner special report on the Future of Sales, which will look into future
selling scenarios for IT providers. In addition, Ms. Bova conducts significant public speaking at major
industry events and publishing in leading industry periodicals on these topics. Her job would not be
complete without significant interaction with the channel partners to ensure she understands what
they need and expect from their vendor partners to be successful in today's market.
Business Partner Forum Agenda
Opening General Session – Part 1 of 2                                     Location: Delta Ballroom
9:00 to 10:30 a.m.                                                        Session 3661

       Sales Execution: IBM Smarter Commerce Differentiation
       Steve Cowley, Vice President, WW Sales, Industry Solutions
       Steve will share his personal insights gained from talking to prospects and clients from around
       the world about the Smarter Commerce 2013 sales opportunity. He will explain how IBM
       Smarter Commerce enables customers to uncover and realize new (sometimes hidden) revenue
       and efficiency opportunities, primarily due to:
       •   Meaningful innovation - allowing clients to explore and extend the boundaries of their
       •   Unmatched breadth and depth of our market leading products and services across the
           commerce cycle (buy, market, sell, service) to meet specific client needs;
       •   Demonstrated success working with our Business Partners across technology, strategy and
           implementation initiatives.

       The Shared CIO / CXO Agenda
       Maria Winans, Vice President, WW Software Industry Solutions Marketing

       IT decisions aren't limited to the CIO's office anymore. Increasingly, heads of marketing, human
       resources, or finance are turning to technology to drive "front office" transformation — and
       rethinking systems, business processes, and ways of working. In fact, some predict CMOs will
       soon spend more on IT than their CIO counterparts. We’ll discuss the ways we can help leaders
       across the C-Suite build a shared agenda for IT adoption in partnership with their CIO, paving the
       way for enterprise transformation.

       Understanding each customer as an individual – and creating a system of engagement to offer
       value in all interactions
       Melinda Matthews, Director, Industry Solutions Business Partners, WW IBM SWG
       Consistent with the results of our CEO study, CMOs believe market and technology factors are
       the two most powerful external forces affecting their organizations. And, like CEOs, they feel
       anxious about the demands created by new business economics. Another consistent finding,
       four out of five CMOs anticipate a high or very high level of infrastructure complexity over the
       next five years, but only half feel ready to handle it.
       Learn how one firm with the help from its IBM Business Partner has begun a journey of
       transformations in today’s digital age and what you should expect and prepare for.

       2013 Channel Announcements, Strategies & Priorities
       Melinda Matthews, Director, Industry Solutions Business Partners, WW IBM SWG

       Melinda will conclude the session sharing an update on critical channel strategies, priorities
       and the many IBM resources and incentive programs available to help you
       win your fair share of the IBM Smarter Commerce market opportunity.

    Don’t miss Part 2 of our General Session at 1:30 pm!
General Session – Part 2 of 2                                             Location: Delta Ballroom
1:30 to 2:30 p.m.                                                         Session 3662

       Investing in Business Partners to Seize the Smarter Commerce Opportunity
       Mark Register, Vice President, WW IBM Software Business Partners and Midmarket Sales
       Mark will share the strategic view of our partner ecosystem and how IBM is investing in high
       value programs to help Business Partners grow revenue and exploit IBM Smarter Commerce
       opportunities. Learn about the new announcements to enable you to create and expand earning
       potential. Hear about the latest tools and resources available to help you extend your reach,
       drive demand and gain a competitive advantage to turn opportunity into profitability.

       Reading the Tea Leaves: Building a More Agile Business
       Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
       The IT ecosystem is changing in profound and powerful ways requiring a new approach to
       designing and delivering solutions in an increasingly user-centric IT world. IT integrators must
       understand how to connect today's social, mobile, cloud and information solutions to new
       buying centers. This session will explore the nexus of those unstoppable forces and how solution
       providers must focus on delivering IT value and positive business outcomes to survive and thrive.

       Accelerating Your Success Using Marketing in 2013!
       Shaun Jones, Vice President, WW IBM Software Business Partners & Midmarket Marketing
       During this part of our session, you’ll discover ways to enhance your ability to deliver value to
       your clients while increasing your firm’s profitability. Shaun will share his perspective on the
       year’s priorities and areas of opportunity for growth. He’ll provide insights in how you can be
       successful in your marketing strategies.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions – 1
10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Growing your Business by Understanding Smarter Commerce
Adjacencies - For Traditional B2B Business Partners                   Speakers:
This session is designed for Business Partners familiar with at       • Dianne Blankenbaker -
least one B2B/MFT product who are interested in understanding            Channels Readiness,
how to grow the value of their overall offering to customers             Product Line Management,
through adjacent products. Gain better understanding of the              B2B and Commerce
B2B and Managed File Transfer portfolio, key product offerings        • Patrick Barry - IBM
(including new ones), and how to leverage your B2B expertise to          Integration Executive,
extend your offering further into the portfolio.                         Worldwide Portfolio
                                                                         Solutions, Industry
Location: Tennessee A                                                    Solutions Group
Session 3651

Opportunity for Business Growth: Expand your value to
commerce clients through new capabilities                             Speakers:
As a valued Business Partner you bring commerce expertise that        • Richard Douglass – WW
clients require for their business. However, as clients aspire to        Business Development,
achieve the goals of Smarter Commerce, the business processes            Smarter Commerce -
where clients look for expertise may expand beyond your                  Distribution and Industrial
current capabilities. This session provides a review of the              Sector Lead
expanding Smarter Commerce portfolio from IBM's Commerce              • Peter Wharton -
Solutions group and identifies adjacent opportunities for                Commerce Product
growth, where you can extend your value to the client. By                Marketing Team Leader
mapping the client path to commerce for both B2C and B2B,
attendees will gain valuable insights into how and where to
expand their portfolio of client offerings to deliver Smarter
Location: Tennessee B
Session 3652

Growing your Business by Understanding Smarter Commerce
Adjacencies - For Traditional EMM Business Partners                  Speaker:
Did you know that IBM has the greatest numbers of successful         • Jay Henderson - Global
and happy EMM customers? This not only demonstrates the                 Strategy Program Director,
strength of IBM products, but also means that users of IBM              Enterprise Market
EMM products have a large community of users in their own               Management
industries to turn to for advice, best practices sharing and
collaboration. If you are using and selling Cross Channel
Campaign to your customers, you may want to understand the
benefits of the integration points our offerings in the EMM
portfolio have with each other, as well as with offerings from the
commerce portfolio and our data offerings like Big Data. These
integration points make it easier for you and your customers to
implement and deploy total solutions - from the customer data
base to campaign offerings to data analytics to commerce.
Location: Presidential A
Session 3657
Concurrent Breakout Sessions – 1 cont’d
10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Smarter Commerce Foundations - Understanding IBM
Sales, Marketing and Operational benefits for increased         Speakers:
collaboration and pipeline.                                     • Kathie Rossitto- Smarter
For newer IBM Business Partners, or those seeking a                Commerce Channel
refresher on the key benefits, programs, and systems of their      Development Manager
PartnerWorld membership. Our activation and enablement          • Amy Schade - Smarter
specialists will review sales and operations programs for          Commerce Business
submitting and receiving leads, guide you in leveraging the        Partner Enablement
latest marketing resources to drive demand and promote             Manager
your offerings, and share the latest in classes and training    • Anna Brown - Channel
workshops to educate your teams on Smarter Commerce.               Market Segment Manager -
                                                                   Industry Solutions
Location: Presidential B
Session 3658

Smarter Commerce Overview for Technical Pre-Sales –
Part 1 of 2                                                     Speakers:
This session provides technical pre-sales roles with a broad    • Tim Francis - IBM
overview of IBM's comprehensive Smarter Commerce vision.           Distinguished Engineer, B2B
Content includes a deep dive on the Smarter Commerce               & Commerce Solutions,
Reference Architecture, solution positioning with business         CTO
context, supported by architectural assets. Additionally, an    • Noel Singh - Technical
overview of IBM's technical enablement roadmap and                 Solutions Executive,
practice building offering will be presented to accelerate         Smarter Commerce
your business growth. Don’t miss Part 2 at 2:45 p.m.            • Christopher Loder -
                                                                   Worldwide Channels
Location: Presidential D
                                                                   Technical Sales Executive
Session 3659
Concurrent Breakout Sessions – 2
2:45 to 4:45 p.m.

Next Steps and Action Plans - A Deep Dive for Enterprise
Market Management Business Partners                                   Speaker:
For marketing services providers, digital agencies or Customer        • Chris Wright - Senior
Relationship Management Business Partners interested in                  Product Strategist,
learning about IBM's latest research in the marketing arena.             Enterprise Market
Following discussion on this detailed research, you will hear            Management
IBMs plans to address market needs outlined in the study, with
an opportunity to ask detailed questions on strategy from our
key development executives.
Location: Tennessee A
Session 3663

Next Steps and Action Plans - A Deep Dive for Independent
Software Vendors (ISVs)
                                                                      • Rita P. Jackson - Director,
Find out where the biggest market opportunities are for ISVs.
                                                                         Worldwide Industry ISV
Learn how to take advantage of available marketing, selling, and
                                                                         Business Development and
technical resources to support your business growth and
maximize return on your alignment with IBM. Gain marketing
insights specific to ISVs, resources available to accelerate your
selling, and best practices from a panel of your peers.
Location: Presidential B
Session 3664

Next Steps and Action Plans - A Deep Dive for VADs and
Resellers                                                             Speakers:
First hour: VADs & Resellers will participate together in a central   • Josh Hardy - Sterling
breakout: B2B Business Partner money making opportunities                Integration Portfolio
have never been better, "What's New in B2B“, new resources for           Product Marketing Leader
marketing, training, support and SaaS offerings. The recently         • Amy Schade - Smarter
introduced IBM QuickFile product. Market growth projections,             Commerce Business
where you can find the new resources in PartnerWorld and "5              Partner Enablement
Ways to Get More Leads".                                                 Manager
Location: Presidential A                                              • Christopher Loder -
Session 3665                                                             Worldwide Channels
                                                                         Technical Sales Executive
Second hour for VADs & Resellers on next page.                        • Don Davis - Worldwide
                                                                         Channel Sales Executive,
                                                                         B2B Solutions
Concurrent Breakout Sessions – 2 cont’d
2:45 to 4:45 p.m.
                                                                       Reseller Speakers:
                                                                       • Josh Hardy - Sterling
Next Steps and Action Plans - A Deep Dive for VADs and Resellers          Integration Portfolio
(cont’d)                                                                  Product Marketing Leader
Second hour:                                                           • Amy Schade - Smarter
  Resellers will discuss action plans for 2H                              Commerce Business
  Location: Presidential A                                                Partner Enablement
  Session 3665                                                            Manager
                                                                       • Christopher Loder -
  VADs Roundtable:                                                        Worldwide Channels
  • This unique and targeted roundtable session is a must for all         Technical Sales Executive
    IBM VAD Business Partners. It includes a collaborative and         • Don Davis - Worldwide
    action oriented discussion, 2H strategic focus from key IBM           Channel Sales Executive,
    channel leaders, new and planned marketing and support                B2B Solutions
    tools, and critical enablement programs to ensure your
    competency and success. Network with peers and provide             VAD Roundtable Speaker:
    your personal feedback to the team on how to better work           • Irene Wong - WW Channel
    together and what more you need to jointly grow our                   Sales Leader, Industry
    business.                                                             Solutions, SWG - VADs &
     Location: Jackson A                                                  ISVs
     Session 3666

Next Steps and Action Plans - A Deep Dive for Systems Integrators
(SIs)                                                                  Speaker:
                                                                       • John Davidson - WW Sales
Explore IBM's new flexible deployments around cloud for                   Executive - Smarter
commerce and marketing applications, including innovative                 Commerce, IBM Software
licensing options. Hear how IBM helps with competitive                    Group
differentiation in this fiercely competitive market. We will combine
these topics to help SI Business Partners create programs in a way
that offers the best available array of solution options for clients
and prospects.
Location: Tennessee B
 Session 3667

Smarter Commerce Overview for Technical Pre-Sales – Part 2 of 2        Speakers:
Note: Part 1 Morning Session is a prerequisite. Concepts will build    • Tim Francis - IBM
upon content presented in Part I. Content includes a deep dive on         Distinguished Engineer,
the Smarter Commerce Reference Architecture, solution                     B2B & Commerce
positioning with business context, and supported by architectural         Solutions, CTO
assets. An overview of IBM's technical enablement roadmap and          • Noel Singh - Technical
practice building offering will be presented to accelerate your           Solutions Executive,
business growth.                                                          Smarter Commerce
Location: Presidential D                                               • Christopher Loder -
 Session 3660                                                             Worldwide Channels
                                                                          Technical Sales Executive
Tuesday, May 21
3:00 to 5:30

Smarter Commerce Architectural Assets for use by
Technical Pre-Sales Roles                                    Speaker:
This session will provide technical pre-sales roles within   • Noel Singh, IBM Software
IBM Business Partners with an overview of the IBM               Group Worldwide Sales,
architectural assets for use in Smarter Commerce sales          IBM
pursuits. While there is no pre-work for attendance, it is
a follow on from the “Smarter Commerce Overview for
Technical Pre-Sales, Parts 1 and 2”on Monday, May 20.
Location: Govenor’s Ballroom D
Session 3670

Wednesday, May 22
1:45 to 2:45
IBM Enterprise Market Management (EMM) -
Competitive Strategies Workshop                              Speaker:
As marketing technology evolves and markets converge,        • David Haucke - Senior
IBM and its Business Partners are tasked with                   Product Strategist,
understanding the rapidly changing landscape, its players       Enterprise Market
and their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing the             Management
importance of staying one step ahead, IBM invites its
Business Partners to attend this EMM Market Insights
roundtable session, where we will review the
competitive landscape across digital marketing, cross-
channel campaign management, customer experience
and the solution sets that make up IBM's Enterprise
Marketing Management suite. Subject Matter Experts
will engage directly with our Business Partners to discuss
winning strategies for competing with SAS, Adobe,
Oracle, Teradata and others.
Location: Ryman Studio D&E
Session 3668
                                                              Sponsored by:   Ingram Micro Inc., a Fortune 100
                                                                              company, is the world’s largest
                                                                              technology distributor and a leading
                                                                              technology sales, marketing and
                                                                              logistics company for the IT industry
                                                                              worldwide. Learn more about
                                                                              partnering with Ingram Micro, and
                                                                              how it can benefit your IBM
                                                                              business. Visit us in the Business
                                                                              Partner Café!

The Business Partner Café at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit
is the perfect place for Business Partners to network with other
Business Partners, meet with your IBM team to build future plans,
and conduct one-on-one meetings. Gain access to IBM program
experts to discuss technical enablement, Business Partner benefits,       Expert Tables
recent announcements and much more. Get all your questions
answered at our Expert Tables, and new for our Nashville Summit,          •   ISV and Developer
our Business Partner Resource Center!                                         Relations: Building a
                                                                              Smarter Planet with IBM
                                                                              Business Partners
Business Partner Resource Center                                          •   Business Partner
Do you have questions? We have answers! Take advantage of the                 Marketing Planning to
Business Partner Resource Center in the café to self-navigate                 Accelerate Success
through a selection of important IBM Business Partner topics.             •   Smarter Commerce
Topics include how to build your skills, understand the incentive             Technical and Sales
programs, leverage the PartnerWorld business tools, and how to                Enablement
drive demand with marketing, as well as review any recent                 •   SaaS Offerings and
announcements. Visit us to get answers to your questions and                  Options for Business
meet with our experts standing by.                                            Partners
                                                                          •   Smarter Analytics
Explore the Possibilities!                                                See next slide for more details
•   Build your skills                                                     on these Expert Tables.
•   Understand incentive programs
•   Leverage PartnerWorld business tools
•   Drive demand with marketing
•   Recent announcements

BP Café Hours
Tuesday: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                                  BP Café Expert Tables

ISV and Developer Relations: Building a              •   Certifications and Mastery Exams
Smarter Planet with IBM Business Partners            •   Mastery Training Classes
Stop by the ISV and Developer Relations Expert       •   Classroom and Virtual Training
                                                     •   On Demand Training Assets
table to learn more about our offerings to help
you deliver greater client value within the          •   You Pass, We Pay Program
industries you serve. Learn how to maintain your     •   No Charge Technical Enablement
professional edge and stay ahead of technical        •   Education Roadmaps
trends; solve problems quickly; form meaningful
                                                     SaaS Offerings and Options for Business
connections among peers; and amplify your
leadership voice to increase your sphere of          Partners
influence.                                           SaaS is the fastest growing segment in the
                                                     market for cloud. Discuss which offerings and
                                                     programs make sense for your move to the
Business Partner Marketing Planning to               cloud with IBM.
Accelerate Success
Maximize IBM’s resources to help you build your      Consult with SaaS experts on your current and
2013 opportunity pipeline! We will review your       future Business Plans for SaaS, and how to best
marketing plan or help you get started. You will     leverage IBM’s Industry Solutions Portfolio and
learn how to navigate to the latest tools and        Partner Programs to thrive in this rapidly
access IBM marketing programs, campaigns and         growing market.
resources to reach your goals. You don't want to
miss the opportunity to learn about the new          • IBM hosted SaaS Industry Solutions
IBM Software One portfolio elements, co-             • Business Partner hosted SaaS Industry
marketing funded activities, Ready to Execute          Solutions
campaigns, social media, and more. Come with
your suggestions and we’ll help make 2013 a          Smarter Analytics
success!                                             Organizations achieve competitive
                                                     differentiation and market leadership when
Smarter Commerce Technical and Sales                 analytics are applied to transform business
Enablement                                           processes. Find out how adding business
                                                     analytics solutions to your portfolio can lead to
Maximize your revenue by utilizing the latest in     more business opportunities and more revenue
training assets and resources. Learn how to          for you.
build your skills across the Smarter Commerce
portfolio by utilizing training roadmaps, sales
kits, attending face to face training sessions and
accessing on demand training materials and
course ware. Learn about our:
                          Executive 1:1 Meeting Center
                                Your fast path to closing deals!

Take action now to schedule meetings with over 70 IBM executives, including Craig Hayman. If you are
registered for Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2013 – Nashville, ask your Channel Rep to set up a

In order to successfully request a meeting:

    All meeting attendees must be registered for           All meetings will be scheduled for 45 minutes.
    Smarter Commerce Global Summit Nashville.              Requested meetings will be scheduled as soon
    All meeting requests must state preferences            as possible.
    for day, time, and executive in order to be            Cancellations must be submitted ASAP. There
    approved. Be sure to provide your Channel Rep          will be tremendous competition for these
    with your arrival and departure schedule.              meetings so you should let your Channel Rep
    Information on your request form will be sent          know if you are no longer available or
    to the executive scheduled to meet with you            interested.
    to allow for preparation. You can also provide         After the meeting invitation has been
    your own preparation package and attach it to          approved and confirmed, your Channel Rep
    the meeting request form.                              will extend the meeting invitation to you.
    Ensure the form is completely filled out. It will      Submit your request early to ensure your
    be used to prepare the executive with whom             executive is available!
    you will be meeting - the better the                   Executive meeting requests will close on
    preparation, the more prepared your executive          Wednesday, May 15, 2013.
    will be.

The Executive Meeting Center location:
Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center
Tennessee Ballroom C-E Level 2
Convention Center
                        Link to Professional Certification Information
Certification Testing    Link to Master Certification Information
Certification Testing – Fee Schedule
Certification Testing – Fee Schedule cont’d
The Venue

                   Gaylord Opryland Resort &
                       Convention Center
                      2800 Opryland Drive
                 Nashville, Tennessee 37214 USA

            Enjoy spectacular atrium views, modern
            amenities and world-class service at Gaylord
            Opryland. Discover sumptuous dining options at
            premier on-site restaurants and indulge in world-
            class spa treatments and fitness activities at our
            famed Relâche Spa.

            You’ll find all the charm of Music City in one place
            at Gaylord Opryland. Experience country music
            history at the Grand Ole Opry and perfect your
            golf game at Gaylord Springs - our 18-hole
            Scottish links-style golf course.

            Minutes from Nashville International Airport and
            next door to the Grand Ole Opry, Gaylord
            Opryland gives you a top Music City location
            offering Nashville's best entertainment, dining
            and shopping… all under one roof.

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