You can reduce your auto insurance premiums significantly by by xiangpeng


									            Common Automobile Insurance Discounts Checklist
You can reduce your auto insurance premiums significantly by taking advantage of
discounts. Listed below are the most common automobile insurance discounts.

       Accident free. 10% discounts on most coverage after three years without a
       chargeable accident. After six years, the discount rises to 15%.
       Multiple Automobiles. 15% discount for insuring more than one car with the
       same company.
       Low Annual Miles. 15% discount if you drive fewer than 7,500 miles per year.
       Automobile and Homeowners Together. 5% to 15% off both policies if with
       the same company.
       Low “Damageability.” 10% to 30% off collision and comprehensive premiums
       if the car is statistically less likely to result in an expensive claim because it is
       cheaper to repair or less appealing to thieves.
       Good Student. Up to 25% discount for unmarried drivers under 25 who rank in
       the top 20% of their class, have a B average, or are on the honor roll.
       Over 50. 10% discount off the usual adult rate if you are over 50.
       Defensive Driving Course. 5% discount if you complete a defensive driving
       course (many times only applies to drivers 55 or older).
       Passive Restraints. Up to 40% on some coverages if you have airbags or
       automatic seatbelts. Antilock brakes also add a 5% discount.
       Noncommuter or Carpooler. 15% discount if you drive less than 30 miles to
       and from work each day.
       Antitheft Devices. 15% discount depending on where you live and the type of

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