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   Job information as shown on organisation chart
Job Title:                   Post No:                                 Grade:
Field Support Engineer                                                HC6/Band 5

Directorate: Deputy Chief             Division/                       Section/
Executive                             Department: ICT                 Location: ICT Operations
All candidates will be          Essential criteria                  Desirable          Method of
considered on their
ability to meet the                                                  criteria         Assessment*
requirements of the                                               (Infrequent use –
person specification                                             maximum of two on
                                                                     any person

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Experience              Proven and demonstrable experience in      Knowledge of         S / AF
                        providing enterprise level front line      ISO27001 standard
                        desktop support
                                                                   Good working         AF
                        Experience in using IT Support software
                                                                   knowledge of using
                        to log and manage support requests
                                                                   remote access
                        Proven experience of working in a          technologies such    AF
                        customer focussed environment and          as terminal
                        direct customer contact                    services, VPN,
                                                                   RDP                  AF
                        Experience of complex IT system fault
                        analysis, diagnosis and resolution
                        Relevant experience of hardware and                             S / AF / I
                        software desktop installation,
                        maintenance and upgrades
                        Demonstrable experience of supporting                           AF
                        the MS Office suite in an enterprise
                        (business) environment (Office 2000,
                        2003 and 2007)                                                  S / AF / I
                        Evidence of supporting Microsoft
                        operating systems Windows XP, Vista
                        and 7                                                           S / AF / I
                        Proven experience of network and
                        email account administration in Active                          S / AF / I
                        Directory and Microsoft Exchange in a
                        enterprise setting
                        Able to demonstrate knowledge of
                        Local Area Network topology,                                    S / AF / I
                        configuration and support, as well as
                        knowledge of TCP/IP networking
                        protocols and services
                                                                                        AF / I
                        Experience of desktop client imaging
                        and patching technologies
                        Good working knowledge of client
                        device encryption and data loss

                        Experience of configuring,
                        commissioning and rolling out
                        Blackberry, Smartphones and PDA

 ICT Services/ICT Operations             739cfcdd-37ec-43e0-9066-839ec21ba0b8.doc                Page 2
Skills and               An ability to use Microsoft Office to at least an   Working knowledge     AF
Abilities                intermediate level                                  of Linux OS

Including personal       Advanced working knowledge of Microsoft
                         operating systems                                                         AF /
attributes                                                                                         I
                         Excellent working knowledge of PC hardware,
                         operating systems and applications software                               AF /
                         The ability to install, maintain and use desktop
                         IT equipment
                         Ability to solve complex technical problems                               AF
                         Good skills in recognising fault trends and                               AF /
                         identifying or researching appropriate solutions                          I
                         Ability to analyse and assimilate information
                         Good written and oral communication skills,
                         including the ability to communicate and deliver                          AF /
                         in a clear and concise manner                                             I
                         Ability to advise, guide and communicate                                  AF /
                         technical issues to non technical staff                                   I
                         Ability to convey the messages in an                                      AF /
                         authoritative yet polite and cooperative manner                           I/P
                         and exercise political awareness at all times
                         Ability and commitment to provide customer
                         focused services                                                          I/P
                         Ability to adapt ways of working in response to
                         changing circumstances
                                                                                                   AF I
                         Ability to log and maintain accurate records
                         Ability to follow documented processes and
                         procedures                                                                S/
                                                                                                   AF /
                         Prioritise and productively undertake allocated                           I
                         workload in an organised, logical manner
                         Ability to work well in a team or under own
                         Ability to work under pressure and in complex                             AF
                         and demanding environments
                         The ability to present oneself well

                                                                                                   AF /
                                                                                                   AF /


 ICT Services/ICT Operations             739cfcdd-37ec-43e0-9066-839ec21ba0b8.doc                Page 3
Qualifications                 Educated to degree level or have              Customer           S / AF /
and Training                   equivalent level of relevant knowledge        Services           References
including professional         and experience                                qualification or   Certificates
qualifications                                                               equivalent
                                                                             customer service   S / AF /
                               the relevant professional qualifications:     experience         References
                                    Industry standard ICT                                      Certificates
                                        qualifications such as CAN,
                                        CNE, MCP, MCSE, CompTIA
                                        or an equivalent qualification or                       AF / References
                                        have relevant experience                                Certificates
                                    ITIL v3 Foundation certificate
                                    Customer Services qualification
                                        or equivalent customer service                          AF / References
                                        experience                                              Certificates

Other Factors                  Flexible working pattern to cover all                            AF / I
e.g. ability to work shifts,   business hours
physical requirements
(with adaptations where
appropriate), ability to
                               Ability to work shifts outside of normal                         AF / I
drive, agility to travel       business hours
around county etc.
                               Ability to travel to other locations within                      S / AF / I
                               the county, to visit customers under
                               exceptional circumstances, as the
                               business dictates
                                                                                                S / AF / I
                               Able to lift and carry computer
                               equipment                                                        AF / I

                               Able and willing to work to the
                               exceptional demands of the businesses
                               supported including outside of normal                            AF / I
                               working hours working

                               Full driving licence

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            *Method of Assessment: AF = Application Form; I = Interview; S = Selection Method; P=

              Date Person Specification last reviewed               02/03/2010

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