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					Cat Tales
F    r i e n d s                   o F          C    a t s         , i    n C        .
Vol. XXXVIII, No. 1                San Diego County, CA                Spring 2012

    New Memorial
    Rock Garden
    Honors FOC’s
     Top Donors
                              F   riends of Cats has unveiled its
                               Memorial Rock Garden, honor-
                               ing the generosity of those whose
                               cumulative giving has equaled or
                               surpassed $200,000—substantial
                               contributions that have had a major
                               impact on the Shelter’s maintenance,
                               goals, and future sustainability.
                               This is a significant recognition
                               opportunity. Over the years, such
                               legacy gifts have provided needed
funding for shelter improvements, daily operating expenses, as
well as offset the $200,000 veterinary bills incurred annually.          Mrs. Helen Bouris (top left), whose generosity inspired the Memorial Rock
  Tiered levels of giving are Silver ($10-75K), Gold (between $75-       program in 2008. Her rock and that of Mr. and Mrs. John McCool are placed
100K), Platinum ($100K-200K) and Diamond (over $200K). For               along the entryway to the Shelter—with more to come.
the Diamond level, each donor’s name is distinctively inscribed
on a large rock, to be placed in the landscaped area along the
Shelter’s main walkway—one of the first things visitors see upon
their arrival.                                                             The late Betty and John McCool were also recently honored
  Helen Bouris, who donated the double-wide trailer which                with a stone for their estate bequeath after many years of
serves as the home of our Lifetime Care kitties, was our first           support as well as service as Shelter board members. Their gift
honoree. Mrs. Bouris left a large sum to FOC upon her death in           has been timely during the past year of financial uncertainty,
2008, and a rock commemorating “Helen’s Cozy Cottage” has                and we owe them a debt of gratitude.
been a fixture in the courtyard ever since. Her generosity continues       We look forward to seeing our garden grow! Adding FOC
posthumously; this past year, Helen’s daughter presented a check         to your estate plans will provide an enduring legacy as well as
for $107,000 to Friends of Cats.                                         help ensure that we can continue our mission for years to come.

                      Get Ready For Open House 2012
                              This September – Details Coming Soon!
                                                  Shelter News
                                                                                 New Website Features—
                                                                                  Including Kitty Kam!
                                                                             If you haven’t checked FOC’s website recently, you may not know
                                                                             about some new features:
                                                                                • We’ve added a tab exclusively for donations via PayPal.
                                                                                • We have two separate Wish Lists. An Amazon wish list appears
                                                                             near the bottom of our home page. Here you can browse and purchase
                                                                             new items to be shipped directly to FOC from Amazon.com. Then, a
              “Challenges” Update:                                           Wish List button on out Volunteer Page specifies desired supplies and
                                                                             items that are always welcome on a continuing basis. Be sure to check
     A Note to Our Members                                                   this page often as our needs sometimes change.

          and Friends                                                           • Welcome to Kitty-Kam! Beginning in late June, we’re turning on
                                                                             the cameras 24/7 so you can tune in anytime to watch the antics of
                                                                             our cats on the web. With a moveable camera circulating throughout
Friends of Cats has been overwhelmed by your response to our article         the cat corrals and kitten cottage on a regular basis, new plots will
in the winter issue of Cat Tales which detailed the financial difficulties   unfold daily. What do cats do at 3 am? You can find out by clicking
we’ve faced during the past year, and the hard decisions that may still      the link on our website, or going directly to http://www.ustream.tv/
lie ahead. We are pleased to report that your generosity has made            channel/kittykam22.
the outlook for 2012 much brighter. So many of you responded with               We are seeking camera sponsors to offset the ongoing cost of con-
concern about our future that we would like to allay fears of any            tinuous webcast. Corporate sponsors or individual donors who’d like
imminent changes or closure; while challenges still remain in this           to participate are invited to contact Janet Bianchini, Shelter Manager,
economy, your donations have helped to sidestep any major                    at jbianchini@friendsofcats.org or at 619-561-0361.
changes for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013.
   We want to assure everyone who cares about FOC—particularly
those considering or already enrolled in our Future Care Program—that
cats entrusted to Lifetime Care will always be looked after. As one of the
only shelters in our region offering this program, we take our mission
seriously and will honor our agreement to care for these cats even if
other changes to the Shelter’s operation were implemented.
   As we move forward, we thank you—our members, donors, adopters,
 and volunteers—for coming to our aid, and for your continued support.

                Future Care
Friends of Cats would like to acknowledge participants in Future
Care and/or those who are including Friends of Cats in their Estate
Planning. However, we understand that some of you would prefer to
keep this information private. Please contact us by calling the Shelter
at (619) 561–0361, e-mailing us at info@friendsofcats.org, or sending us     Meet the staff of Friends of Cats—the wonderful people who run the
                                                                             day-to-day Shelter operations and look after the 290-plus cats in our
a letter to P.O. Box 1613, Lakeside, CA 92040, to let us know whether or     care. Back: Liz, Robin (Head Veterinary Technician), Drake, Brent,
not you’d like us to publish your name as a Future Care and/or Estate        Mary Jane, Janet (Shelter Manager); Center: Carol, Nicole, Ashley,
Planner member.                                                              Cora-Ann; Front: Heidi, Shawna

2            Cat tales                                                                                                              Spring 2012
                    • Remembering Gabe •
The invitation read:                                                   gone, and as my children were ready to have their own lives, Gabe
                                                                       remained part of mine. And when Gabe died at age 17, he took part
   Dave Humphries & Friends Present Friends of Cats                    of my young adulthood, but he left so many memories of those
     and Second Chance Dog Rescue Benefit Show.                        sweet times.
  March 31, 2012 @ Rebecca’s Coffee Shop in South Park.                   Over the years, I continued to visit the shelter that Maude had
                                                                       started. I told everyone about it, and donated whatever I could.
There is something special about those times when singers,
                                                                          There would be many more cats (and dogs) in my life. But on
musicians, and appreciative audiences find themselves sharing an
                                                                       that April day, as Dave & I presented the benefit check to Friends
experience together—being connected and committed to a cause.
                                                                       of Cats, Gabe was the one I remembered. I was so proud that we
This was our 3rd annual Animal Benefit, and it was definitely
                                                                       could give something back to an organization that had given so
another big success.
                                                                       much to me—it’s for this that we do the benefit show. I have met
   We presented a check from that benefit to Friends of Cats in
                                                                       some of the amazing people who care about the cats—both those
April 2012. As soon as we arrived at the Shelter, I had a feeling
                                                                       who work at the Shelter and those who come to our concerts and
of peace, and was happy that my husband Dave and I were about
                                                                       want to be part of something wonderful, a chance to help them.
to give a special gift from a generous community that cared
                                                                       I am lucky to have found my husband, Dave, who believes in the
about these animals. What I didn’t expect were the emotions that
                                                                       cause and has the talent to keep these benefit shows successful.
overtook me as I approached the door to the Shelter. My mind
                                                                          Thank you, Friends of Cats, for the great job you’ve done carry-
and soul took me back in time, 40-some years ago, when I was a
                                                                       ing on the Foundation that Maude started. We will be continue to
young girl who had left her family and was about to set up her
                                                                       be there with you.
own home.
                                                                                                                           —Robbie Taylor
   I have had cats my whole life. My family named each one of
them Mike. (“Mike 1,” “Mike 2,” and so it went.) My father was in      Editor’s note: Dave Humphries is a well-known San Diego musician
the Navy and traveled a lot. The one constant was the cats. They       who, with his wife Robbie Taylor, holds an annual benefit for animal
comforted me as we traveled. I knew I could depend on them to          welfare. This year’s benefit brought in a $600 donation to Friends
be there as we moved from state to state. They were family.            of Cats. We wish to thank Robbie and Dave for their generosity and
   But now, as I walked through the door of Friends of Cats, it was    ongoing support.
a different cat I remembered. It had been the beginning of a love
affair with a kitten whom I would name Gabe. My very own angel
cat—for he was named after an angel I’d always loved.
   The Shelter had a different name at that time: the Maude Erwin
Foundation of Cats. It was located in Bonita, California. It would
grow and become Friends of Cats. The Foundation would con-
tinue to be a no-kill shelter, and offer the cats a safe place.
   As I walked through Maude Erwin’s, I knew I was on a mission. I
would find a cat that would complete my own home. I saw so many
cats that day, and wanted them all, but I knew I had to find the one
special cat that needed me. I couldn’t decide—the cats all looked
like they were comfortable and happy living with Maude. When I
told her this, she described one little male kitten that had come
to the Shelter the previous week. It was very young, and seemed a
little sad. She wasn’t sure what would become of the kitten, since
he wasn’t eating. That was the moment that I fell in love. He was
to me the most beautiful cat in the world—a cat with a mustache,
and so tiny that he fit into the palm of my hand. He had now
found his Forever Home.
   Gabe lived with me for 17 years—through marriages, the birth
of my son and daughter, and several moves. He recognized my
mother and father when they visited, and knew all my friends
and many aunts and uncles. He would comfort me for many years
as my constant companion; after husbands, parents, friends were        Robbie Taylor’s beloved Gabe

Spring 2012                                                                                                Cat tale s                    3
                                                     Molly                 Maynard

           Confessions of a Cat-aholiC
    I have always had cats. As a child, my parents brought            extrovert. She will greet strangers, hop onto unsuspecting
    kittens to our home from my grandparents’ farm, when              laps, and plop her wide body onto tabletops to ensure
    all farms seemed to have a weary mother cat and her count-        she is the center of attention. I adore her.
    less offspring. Though my mother never seemed to take to              Maynard is a grey-and-white shorthair, with the pretti-
    our adopted pets, and my sister was seemingly indifferent,        est emerald green eyes I have ever seen. We call him our
    my father and I delighted in them.                                “character,” and he is—talking in blatt-like meows when
        Our cats seemed to sense my unreserved dedication             he needs attention, and draping himself awkwardly on the
    to them. They pretended affection to my mother, their             arms of chairs, just out of reach. He loves being pet, his
    primary source of food, seeming to rub against her ankles,        whole body wiggling in anticipation of the next stroke. He
    though always a few inches distant from actually touching         is irresistible.
    her. They played with my father and accepted his joy at               Rocky, named in honor of the cartoon character “Rocky
    their attention. But they liked me. I pet them forever, let       the Flying Squirrel,” is playful with a generous nature. He is
    them jump on any tabletop no matter what meal was being           jet black, with one nearly undetectable patch of white on
    eaten, ignored the tufts of fur seeming to permanently swirl      his chest. He plays with Maynard, jumping to seemingly
    about. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could resist their           unreachable heights, and and curls up with Molly, letting
    softness, their warmth, their rewarding purrs, and their          her mother him and enjoying every minute. His purr is
    satisfied smiling expressions. A cat’s affection was not easily   round and loud and full. Petting Rocky and touching off
    won; you had to work for it. And to me, it was well worth it.     his incredible purr is a treat like no other.
        My husband and I now have three cats that we met                  So, in summary, I’m a cat-aholic. But I do not want to be
    at Friends of Cats. Molly is a too-big, lush, and beautiful       cured. And I’m very thankful to Friends of Cats for being
    Siamese. With to-die-for blue eyes and the cream-and-             there with the perfect cats to treat my condition.
    dark-brown coloring of a seal point, she is an unashamed                                                         —Lynne Ward


4   Cat tales                                                                                                                     Spring 2012
Letters to Friends
                               Cat tales welcomes letters and photos from readers. Because of
                               limited space, we can publish only a representative selection, some
                               of which may be edited or condensed.

                Hi everybody—Danny here! (My new mom has named me “Crystal”,
                because she says my fur is white like snow crystals, and my blue eyes look
                like blue topaz crystals.)
                    I’m having a great time at my new home. I have an elderly sister
                named Little Girl. She’s a 15-year-old grey tabby who looks a lot like
                Winter. She’s pretty relaxed, and we get along fine. However, my new
                brother, a short-haired black kitty named Ebony, still hasn’t fully
                accepted me. He’s about my age, and Mom says he was a street kitty
                when she took him in. At first he really yowled at me and wanted me
                to leave, but Mom explained to him that I’m here to stay. So now he
                only hisses at me a little bit, and at other times we nap on Mom’s
                bed together.
                   My mom cuddles me a lot and gives me chin skritches and tummy rubs;
                she keeps wanting me to sit on her lap, though, and I keep trying to tell her
                that I’m not a lap cat. I get to sleep on her bed every night, pressed right
                up against her legs. I like to follow her from room to room, and I’m always
                waiting at the door when she comes home from work. On weekends we all
                get gushy food, and she has taught me to stand up on my hind legs and
                paw the air when she has the food dish in her hand. She also has a lot of
                tall bookcases that I like to climb, and a hallway where I like to race up
                and down, pretending I’m chasing a very fast mouse!
                   I miss you guys a lot, but it sure is nice having a real home of my own now.
                   Tell everybody hello for me, and give extra nuzzles to all my roommates
                (I hope they all find fur-ever homes too!), and I will write again later.
                                                —Lots of love,
                                                   Danny (Crystal) and mom Susan Dundas


                                                        This is Lucy (Firehouse) when I got her
                                                        from you . . . she had been a stray and
                                                        was quite the challenge. She’s now my
                                                        spoiled brat :) She thinks she’s a dog
                                                        and loves car rides and begging for
                                                        food, and I mean any kind of food!
                                                                             —Hayley Widdes

Spring 2012                                                       Cat tale s                    5
Thank You!
Monetary Donations                                                               Joel Kaminsky, Rebecca LaMar, Ronald MacPherson, Ann Madison,
Deborah Adatto, Shauna Aiken, Robert Alden, Bonnie Anderson, Janis               Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mahaney, Carol Martinez, Sidney & Eileen Metcalf,
Anderson, Mary Anderson, Nancy Anderson, The Art Leboe Founda-                   Tevas Papas, Alison Potter & David Motlagh, Catherine Nicoloff, Linda
tion, Curtis Awbrey, Alison Bardo, Elaine Barrett, Keith & June Barron,          Ramos, Zach & Emily Rochler, Dr. John Smith, Lois Smith, Joan Waite,
Dolores Bartlett, Ingeborg Beltz, Barry Berkov, Patty Berry, Lois Beyer,         Sue Wright, Zoey Youtsey
Yvette Biddle, Laurie Bishop, Jill Black, Frank Boschan, David Bower,            ReNewiNG—Curtis Awbrey, Lois Beyer, Jill Black, Genevieve Botez,
Lt. Margaret Boyce, Shell Bridges, Eldridge Briscoe, Diana Brotherton-           Ed & Rebecca Brown, Kimberly Chubb, Paul Clay, Ingrid Coffin, Claudia
Ware, Shirley Brown, Sarah Burns, Lillian Burt, Mrs. T.D. Carpenter,             Davis, Heather Dean & Jeff Presnall, Manuel Demetre, Dana Denson,
Lynda Casper, Kathleen Caufield, Martin Chevalier, Frances Ciaolo, Paul          Kimberly Dotseth & Kerry Garrett, Karen Dwinell, Ann Ellis, Jill Everton,
Clay, Ingrid Coffin, Marion Connaughton, Mark Cookingham, David                  S.L.Finch, Judy Fox, Catherine Frazier, Annette Friskopp, Marilyn Fulton,
Craig, Carol Culkin, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Curry, Robert & Eleanor Darron,           Ellen & Ed Gonzales, Kathleen Harris, Jacqueline Hart, Peggy Hartman,
John C. Davis II, Claudia Davis, Fred Dawn & Donna Mancuso, Elaine
                                                                                 Richard & Olivia James, Marjorie Johnson, Nancy Jones, Geraldine
DeLaVega, Manuel Demetre, Vera Dolansky, Suzanne Dollar, Patricia
                                                                                 Kalencik, Laurene Kallstrom, Glendella Karl, Patricia Keliher, Sheila
Donovan, George Drain, Carl Dustin, Norma Eaton, Jim Edwards,
                                                                                 Kennedy, John & Mary Kern, Mary Kern, Cindy Kibbee, Faith Kleven,
Loretta Eicher, Janette Elliott, Ann Marie Ellis, Dennis Exline,Lili Feingold,
Linda Fetch & Tim Scott, Christopher Field, Jack & Terry Fitzpatrick,            Karen L., Deborah Lancman, Lois Larsen, Michelle Lemarie, Lisa Lightfoot,
E. June Fogle, Elizabeth Foley, Sharon Frank, Catherine Frost, Marilyn           Nancy Lilliott, Jacquelyn Longinotti, Fritz Ludwig, Christine Madsen,
Fulton, Nell Garrett, Carole Gase, Gretchen Geib, Carol Genovese,                Christine Manzella, Betty Matrovich, Michelle Merrill-Long, Marion
Judith Gibb, Diane Goostree, John & Janice Griffis, Donald Hagstrom,             Mettler, Patricia Olafson, James Orr, Livia Coming Peterson, Mary Lou
Daniel Hall, David Hall, Francis & Alison Harding, Jacqueline Hart,              Peterson, Wayne & Karen Peterson, Jane Potter, Sarah Powell, Kathleen
Nancy Hawley, Mrs. G. M. Heim, Sue Heim, K. Helseth, Lauren Hierl,               Prior, Mary Raver, Fred Reinstein, Leah Retherford, Beverly Roth, Caro-
Linda Hitney, Lucille & Don Hodges, Robert Hoffman, James Holland,               line Sammons, Ron & Karen Santschi, Dean Schlagel, Meredith Scott,
William Huff, Mary Hurley, Juanita Jacobson, Richard & Olivia James,             Sylvia Shaffer, Grace Shotwell, Christine Sickler, Bobbie Showman, James
Geno Jenkins, Nancy Jenson, Marjorie Johnson, Connie Johnson, Hank               Skelly, Janice Stanger, Victoria & Catherine Summers, Jessie Swanstrom,
& Bonnie Jones, L. R. Jorgenson, Nancy Olmstead Kaehr and Michael                Chuck Sweeney, Lea Torregiano, Nancy Varah, Jeff & Julie Walker, Mary
Kaehr Fund, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kane, Brian Kantor, Janet Keller, Karly            Wasemann, Bobbi Weaver, Zelda Webb, Carine Winter
Kelley, Bob Kern, Mel Kern, Shizuko Kluge, Cindy Klong, Jeff Kronen,
Ed & Sally Krosky, Merrie Lamb, M. Lane, Marian Laret, Chris Latta,
Lisa Lightfoot, Dorothy Lee, Jack Lester, Paul & Lea Levine Foundation,          Monthly Pledges
Mr.& Mrs. William Lilliott, Dorothy Little, Sally & David Loucks, Daniel         Pledge Club Members are a very strong and important part of our
Lough Sr., John Low, Fritz Ludwig, Birgit Luehrsen, Dennis Lymons,               donation program. We are very much aware of all that you do. FOC
Vicki Mabry, Sandra MacPherson, Gwen Manganiello, Elaine Man-                    staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and, of course, our kitties all extend
ning, Betty & Roger Mantanus, Christine Manzella, Tim Mathewson,                 sincere thanks for your generosity: Rob & Caroline Abrom, Elaine Barrett,
Betty Matkovich, Carol McGriff, McGrath Family Foundation, Michelle              Cecilia Berg, David Bower, Terry Carpenter, Barbara Cefalu, Kathleen Coe,
McKenney, Erica McKeown, Dolores McPherson, Christine Mellen,                    Ann Crouch, Carol Culkin, Nanette Donnelly, Melinda Fisher, Stephen
Loralee Merrill, James Miles, Janice Mittelmark, Maureen Moore,                  Foreman, Rita Forshey, Mr. & Mrs. Jasper Giamanco, Joanne Henderson,
James Mullin, Elaine Murray, Karlene Newman, Scott & Laurie Norton,              Jan Howard, Rose Keene, Mary Kern, Jeannette Landis, Marcia Lane,
Dorraine Offerman, Karen & Gregory Orr, Todd Orr, Tevis Pappas,                  Katherine Lazzaro, Christine Lee, Dorothy Lee, Dave & Sally Loucks,
Delores Paredes, Robin Parks, Wallace Pehrsson, Pfizer Foundation,               Bob Martin, , Robert McClellan Dolores McPherson, Patricia Ray, Alice
Janelle Pinardi, Paul Plotts, Jane Potter, A. T. Potts, Maxine Quinn,
                                                                                 Singleton, Charlotte Spahn, Angelique Spieler, Jacqueline Valenzuela, Jeff
Christina Respess, January Riddle, Will & Linda Riddle, Douglas
                                                                                 & Julie Walker, Elizabeth Walters, Clark West, Darlene Whorley, Elizabeth
Robbins, Janice Rogers, Delia Rose, Jeanene Ross, P.W. Rubenstein,
                                                                                 Wrisley, Lee Young
Ramia Sabherwal, Eva Sandvik, R.W. & Nancy Schwab, Meredith Scott,
Joyce Settle, Trenton Smith, Raymond & Lucinda Smith, Michael
Standerfer, Janice Stanger, Steele Canyon Veterinary, Chuck Stultz,              In-Kind Donations (i.e., artwork, office supplies, food,
Martha Stultz, Tom Summer, Chuck Sweeny, Sycuan Tribal Nation, The               medical supplies, soap, linens, books, cat pads, litter boxes, toys, reats,
Tennell Family, Frances Thompson, Gary Toomer, Barbara Trenton, Ann              furniture, and other miscellaneous items):
Utterback, Barbara VanHorne, Nancy Varah, Laurel Vaughn, Teresa                  Pat Beck, Paul Bliss, Jace & Sandra Buxbaum, Suzanne Dollar, Catherine
Ventura, Kristine & Glenn Vickery, Anne Von Benckendorff, David Webb,            Frazier, Linda Gove, Faith Halterman,Alison Harding, Jim Henk, Virginia
Charlette Wedge, Kimberly Weimer, Jan Weiss, Mr & Mrs. Ronald Weiss,             Henkels, Rick Johnson, Loretta Rose Jorgenson, Janet Keller, Mary Kern,
Cynthia Windsor, Nathan Workman, Pam Worrell, Elizabeth Wrisley,                 Cindy Klong, Cammy Kruger, Jeff & Jennifer Long, Sally & David Loucks,
Lee Young, Sue Young                                                             Karlene Newman, Natalie Neyenesch, Maxine Quinn, Rancho Coastal Thrift
                                                                                 Store, Ann Roth, Beverly Roth, Spartan Sage, Karen & Ron Santschi, Rachel
Memberships:                                                                     Satter, Audra Sculley, Sharn Sexton, Gerald Sheperd, Jennifer Smith, Nicole
New—Nora Briscoe, Sandra Buxbaum, Tina & Richard Cerasoli, Alice                 Smith, Angelique Spieler, Julie Tandon, Joan Tapper, Teresa Ventura, Anne
Cohen , John Gillespie, Susan Griffith, Robert Hoffman, Joe Hypnarowski,         Von Benckendorff, Jan Weiss,Teresa White, Jeremy Zullo

6             Cat tales                                                                                                                      Spring 2012
Donations in Honor of the Following People:                                   companion—Dolores McPherson • Bridie, beloved cat of Maxine
                                                                              Quinn—Leslie Pembroke • Ruby, 17-year companion of Karen Rivo
Dolores McPherson—Joan Kugel • Alison Potter and David Motlagh                and Tom Luttrell—Michael Rivo • Jasmine, owned by Ivette de
gift membership—Jane Potter • Roberta, Faith Ann, Francis, their dog          Santiago—Nancy Olmsted Kaehr • Truffles, kitty of my friend
Macgregor and 2 cats Amos & Andy—Laurel Vaughn • Rebecca                      —Mary Kern • Peechee—Rachael Pleet • Rosie—Martin Rath
waters, for her birthday— Sabrina Wilkerson • Julie whitney—Blakeney
Bartlett • Kerry Garnett and Kimberly Dotseth—Don Garnett
• Amanda Aycox—Andrea Gaxiola • Bill McCarty—Mary Kasimatis
• Cathy Frazier—Suzan Lerum • ethel Fowler and her kitty Missy—
Carol Martinez • Brian Kantor—Margaret Porter • Dr. Young & Staff,
Discovery Animal Hospital—Kay Price • Cory Diller—Mark Young
• Jamie Lewis and Lorraine Stokes Birthdays—Elaine Burden
• Rebecca Graul—Larry Randall • Zach and emily Rochler gift
membership—Randall Rochte • Gisela Koestner—Sue Smalley • Julie
                                                                                    In memory of
whitney as a gift— Ellerton Whitney

Donations in Honor of the Following Cats:
Schtinky’s Surgery—Chris Degurse, Barbara Fabre, Amy Hargrove, Robin
Johnson, William Linthicum, Nicole McCoy, Stephen Muckle, Christie Respess,
Robert Ross, Naomi Tarle, and Adria Torrez • Lola & Lulu—Janet Hauser,
Gerald Shepherd • CatDog aka Tiger—Joanne Simmons • Sugar, Lolli,
Oreo & Minx and a remembrance of Ms. Kafala’s mother and
Cinnabar—Rita Kafalas • Claudia—Mike Parks • Aragorn—Ed and
Denise Fleischer • BG Baby Girl—Charlotte Hajec • Kittler—Mary
Hesselbrock • Morgan, 17 year old kitty of Patty Roscoe

In Memoriam                                                                       Tommy, a longtime resident of Friends of Cats and
                                                                                  a staff favorite, recently passed away at the age of
                                                                                  17. Tommy came to the Shelter in 2004 through the
                                                                                  Lifetime Care program, and quickly made himself right
Donations in Memory of the Following People:
                                                                                  at home in the front office, where he loved to sit in
Valerie Harp—Robert Stanley White • irmagard Memorial—Roberta                     front of the computer keyboards to get everyone’s
& Faith McGee • June Mikesell by her daughter, Mary Kern • Monica                 attention. He also was very sociable and adept at
Lucs—Gisela Koestner • Sher Sila—S. S. Parry • Gladys Graul—                      greeting Shelter visitors.
Rosemary Drew, Rebecca Graul                                                        Tommy had a sweet, almost quizzical expression,
                                                                                  and liked to be brushed and catered to. He especially
                                                                                  loved food. Volunteers brought him treats and special
Donations in Memory of the Following Cats:
                                                                                  food favorites so that the staff could make sure he
Atari, Braveheart, Chris, Cosmo, George, Grace, Max, Maxine,                      was eating enough. He had a very distinct “honk”
Minou, Murphy Brown, Pumpkin, Sagtuck, Sasha, Sashimi, Sassy,                     that would let anyone within earshot know that it
Symkin, Tommy—Cheshire Feline Health Care Center • Lilli—Jane                     was mealtime.
Potter • Spook & Foxy—Shari Sitko • Taz—Elizabeth Feightner                         Tommy was quite the clotheshorse. He had an
• Vincie—Claire Marcus • Buster, assistant bed-maker—Sara Pehrsson                extensive wardrobe of sweaters, t-shirts, and even
• Cosmo— Laura Cole • Callie—Merrie Lamb • Bridie—Maxine Quinn                    hoodies, many of which were brought as gifts from
• Sammy Cat—Jennifer Reichert • Bubba-Luv—Angelique Spieler •
                                                                                  volunteers. It was always great fun to see Tommy’s
Max, beloved cat of Peter & Jocelyn August—Claire August • Mitzy,
                                                                                  outfit of the day.
beloved Cat and Companion—Becky Graul • Kashmir, Himalayan
                                                                                    He will be greatly missed.

Spring 2012                                                                                                     Cat tale s                    7
      A Word About                                                                   Membership Coupon
      Friends of Cats                                        Name__________________________________________________________________

     FrIenDs oF Cats is a private, non-profit                Street Address___________________________________________________________
     organization dedicated to providing shelter
                                                             City_______________________ State_____________________ Zip______________
     and medical care for homeless cats. Once
     their health is assured, we find homes for              e-mail address ___________________________________________________________
     as many of them as we can. the cats in our
                                                             Telephone ______________________________________________________________
     care are never euthanized except as a matter
     of compassion if they are terminally ill. We            Membership Status:
     depend primarily on membership fees, do-                ❑   “Cuddly Kitten” (Youth): $5                               ❑     “Porch Kitty” (Sustaining): $100
     nations and bequests to continue our work.              ❑   “Cozy Kitten” (Senior): $10                               ❑     “House Cat” (Supporting +): $500
     Inquiries are welcome and we are always                 ❑   “Stray Kitty” (Regular): $25                              ❑     “Plump Kitty” (Life): $1000
     eager for new members. If you would like                ❑   “Lap Cat” (Sustaining): $50                               ❑     “Fat Cat” (Life +): $10,000
     to join us or to make a tax-deductible con-             Contribution (non-membership): $_________________________________________
     tribution, please use the coupon at right.              Pledge Club: $___________ per month for a minimum of one year.
     When you become a member of Friends
                                                                      Mail to: Friends of Cats, P.O. Box 1613, Lakeside, CA 92040
     of Cats, you will receive each issue of our                  Membership does not guarantee acceptance of a cat by our shelter. Please call for details: 619-561-0361
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