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					By way of divine redirection, Kitchen953 is thrilled to present Broward County’s Premier Shared-Use
Commercial Kitchen. In a charming stand-alone building fronting on East Oakland Park Boulevard, a
culinary cornucopia of venues awaits the aspiring or established food entrepreneur. The most important
of these venues would be our 700 square foot air-conditioned open kitchen.

Our fully equipped and commercially licensed kitchen beckons bakers and caterers and all sorts of food
vendors too, but sorry no butchers or candlestick makers (if you are too young to remember this classic
nursery rhyme please see Mother Goose’s Quarto).

The Essential Equipment List:
        Montague 8-burner LP gas stove with dual lower ovens / Hood vent system with fire
        suppression system
        Blodgett 4-door Deck Pizza Oven, gas
        Hobart Single Deck Convection Oven, electric
        Hobart 25 qt. Mixer (on order)
        Hobart Slicing Machine
        Panini Press Machine
        1200 Watt Amana Commercial Micro-Wave Oven (on order)
        ECO-LAB high-powered dish washing machine
        KitchenAid Pro Line Blender
        Mobile Pan Rack
        Food Processor
        Walk-in Commercial Coolers (3)
        Walk-in Commercial Freezers (2)
        Stainless Steel Three-Compartment Sink with dual side boards
        Stainless Steel Food Prep Sink basin with right side board
        Hand Sinks (2)
        Ice Maker (Compressor) for Crushed Ice
        Stainless Steel Work Table with commercial can opener
        Multiple Stainless Steel work surfaces and shelving units
        Abundant Prep Surface Areas
        Rubber floor mats
        Mop sink, Cleaning Equipment, Trash Bins

Features of the Facility:
       Ease of access and ample parking, well lit for late-night users
       Rear Access for easy loading and unloading directly into the kitchen
       Wireless internet access
       Handicap bathroom with ante room for freshening up and changing into your culinary wardrobe
       Storage plus + available for your packaging, food and shipping containers, etc.
       Chef’s Table/Wine/Cooking Demonstration Table - private venue area available for 20-25
       Retail Storefront Component with Bakery, Wine, & Refrigerated Display Available for
       Tenant/User Creations (in progress)
       Keypad entry system (in progress)

                              Kitchen953® – Your Culinary Community™
                   953 East Oakland Park Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
                                954.390.0953 •

Our Kitchen953 rental rate schedule reflects a sliding scale. As your usage increases, our rates decrease.
We want to help your business grow!

                                                                       Package       Hours Used Monthly     Effective Rate
Our kitchen is available 24 hours, 7 days a week
on hourly, weekly or monthly terms.
Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.                        A       10-19 hours per month $ 30.00 per hour

Kitchen and Chef's Table/Private Event Venue                               B       20-39 hours per month $ 25.00 per hour
with seating for 20 guests is available for a $75
package rate.                                                              C       40-79 hours per month $ 20.00 per hour

          10 hour monthly minimum                                          D       80-119 hours per month$ 17.00 per hour
20% Discount for Off-Peak Hours from 10PM-5AM!
                                                                            E      over 120 hours a month $ 14.00 per hour

• In order to receive the volume discount, hours must be purchased in advance, by package.
• To encourage the responsible use of utilities and resources, a small utility supplement is assessed to all clients,
based on hours used. The current assessment rate is 6%.
• Kitchen use will not be permitted unless rental has been paid in advance.

To avoid schlepping your things to and fro, we offer additional long term storage as follows:
• For a single 2 x 4 Shelf in the freezer, cooler, or designated dry storage area the rate is $ 35.00 per month.
• If your storage needs require an entire shelving unit, the rate is $ 100.00 per month.
• All long term storage options require you to provide your own locking tubs/bins.

Our list of Initial Requirements is short because we want you creating in our kitchen ...pronto!
• Executed Licensing Agreement
• Certificate of Liability Insurance with Kitchen953 LLC as additional insured (see Insurance Requirements)
• Copy of Current Food License/Food Handler Certification
• One-Time Start-up/Processing Fee of $ 200.00
• Signed Copy of our Policy & Procedure Guidebook
• A valid credit card on file as a security deposit
• If you would like to book an event where food will not be produced for sale, the requirements listed above are
not necessary.

                                        Kitchen953® – Your Culinary Community™
                             953 East Oakland Park Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
                                             954.390.0953 •
                                                                                Submit by Email           Print Form

                                       USER APPLICATION


Name(s):________________________________                    ________________________________

Daytime Phone:_________________________ Mobile Phone: __________________________

Home Address:_________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:_________________________________________________________________

SSN:___________________________ Drivers License No.______________________________

Business Name:________________________________________________________________

Business (Mailing) Address:______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:________________________________________________________________

Business Status:        □   Pre-Venture         Projected Start Date:______________________
                        □   New (1st Year)      Start Date:______________________________
                        □   Existing            Start Date:______________________________

Legal Status:           □   Sole Proprietorship        □   Corporation         □   Partnership
                        □   LLC

Type of Business:       □   Specialty Food Producer    □   Caterer             □   Baker
                        □   Vendor                     □   Other:_________________________

Previous Business Name and Address:_______________________________________________

Previous Health Department Jurisdiction:____________________________________________

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                               Kitchen953® – Your Culinary Community™
                    953 East Oakland Park Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
                                 954.390.0953 •
1. Attach a copy of your Florida Department of Health Food Handler’s Certificate
2. Business – Professional License
   Type:___________________________________________ Expiration:_______________
3. Briefly describe your business/food product(s) and the products you wish to prepare at
4. What type of equipment do you require to prepare your product(s)?
       a. __________________________________________________________________
       b. __________________________________________________________________
       c. __________________________________________________________________
       d. __________________________________________________________________
       e. __________________________________________________________________
5. What is your target market?_________________________________________________
6. Number of employees:          Full Time_____________         Part-Time_____________
7. Where are you currently producing your product(s):

   □   Commercial Kitchen        □   Home Based         □   Church Kitchen

   □   Restaurant Kitchen

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                        Kitchen953® – Your Culinary Community™
             953 East Oakland Park Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
                          954.390.0953 •
         A minimum of 10 hours per month is required for new kitchen users.

1. What hours of the day do you wish to use Kitchen953? (For example 7:00AM-3:00PM)
2. What days of the week do you wish to use Kitchen953?

   □   Sunday     □   Monday     □   Tuesday    □    Wednesday

   □   Thursday    □   Friday    □   Saturday

3. Do you require storage space? If so, what kind?

   □ 2’x4’ Shelf □ Locked Shelving Unit with Bins       □   Refrigerated    □   Freezer

   □ Other:________________________________________________________________

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                        Kitchen953® – Your Culinary Community™
             953 East Oakland Park Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
                          954.390.0953 •
        Insurance Requirements for Access to Kitchen953’s Culinary Community

The insurance requirements are:

        $ 500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) in General and Product Liability Damage
        Coverage, for any one incident, specifically for the leased premise.

        $ 1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) Personal Injury to any one person, or any one accident.

        Kitchen953, LLC must be named as an ADDITIONAL INSURED.

Though we want you in our Kitchen working away, access will be denied if the above insurance
requirements are not met. We will need to receive an updated certificate at each renewal period.

Here are some relevant facts that may be needed by your insurance agent:

Property Address:                       953 East Oakland Park Boulevard
                                        Oakland Park, FL 33334
                                        Tel. 954-390-0953

The Building:                           2,160 square feet of Free Standing Retail

Kitchen Square Footage:                 700 sq. ft. +/-

Year Built:                             1970

Roof:                                   Brand New in August 2011 / Bar joist

Updates to Electrical/Plumbing:         Yes, some upgrades in 2006

Construction:                           Concrete Block & Stucco

Floor Cover:                            Ceramic Tile/Slate 100%

HVAC:                                   Centralized 100%

                               Kitchen953® – Your Culinary Community™
                    953 East Oakland Park Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
                                 954.390.0953 •

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