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									                Concluding an Essay
A good conclusion does more than just repeat the introduction. There
should be more to say now that you’ve given supporting evidence and
explained your ideas in the body of the essay. A good conclusion reminds
the reader what they have learned from reading the whole essay – not just
the intro paragraph!

In fact, a really good conclusion does more than summarize – it takes the
essay in a new direction. Here are a few good ways to end an essay.

     Strategy One: Tell the reader why they should care. Connect
     your topic to a big problem in the outside world, or talk about
     how it affects your life. Make sure the reader understands why
     the topic is so important to you.

     Strategy Two: Identify areas for more research. What do you
     still want to know about your topic? How could you find out?

     Strategy Three: Extend your thinking. When you were
     brainstorming for your essay, did you have some good ideas
     about your topic that never made it in to your body paragraphs?
     The conclusion can be a great place to bring up these “extra”

     Strategy Four: Describe what happens next. If your essay is a
     narrative: what happens after the main events of the story or
     over? What are the main characters like a month later? A year
     later? Has anything changed?

If you use these strategies properly, they should give you an interesting way
to review the points you’ve made in your essay.

                     Happy writing!

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