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July 2002 -


									Smoke and Mirrors                                                                           July 2002

A monthly newsletter for
members and friends of the
Society of American Magicians,
                                     Smoke and Mirrors

                                                                     the new officers for 2002-2003
                                 Magic Theme for                     are:
          July 2002
       Volume 6, Issue 7         July.                                      President: Al Albers
                                                                       Vice President: John Kingry
                                 Open meeting (no theme).
                                                                        Secretary: George Buckley
                                                                          Treasurer: Pete Pedersen
     Next S.A.M. Meeting                  In an effort to provide
                                                                     Congratulations to the new
        July 15, 2002            a temporary reprieve, we’re
                                                                     officers of S.A.M. Assembly
          7:30 p.m.              having an open meeting night.
                                 Specifically, you can perform
                                 anything you’d like. If you’re
                                                                     There was no additional Old
                                 game to bring in your flying
       IN THIS ISSUE                                                 Business to discuss, so the floor
2      General Interest          carpet illusion, or you have a
                                                                     was opened for any new
2      Dues Are Overdue          linking ring routine you’d like
2      Assembly Elections        to perform, we hope to have a
2      Through the Looking       room full of magicians (hint,
                                                                     NEW BUSINESS.
       Glass                     hint, hint) who will cheer you
                                                                     1. Al      Albers      reminded
2      Local Magic               on.
                                                                        everyone that dues were due
2      Future Events                     I hope you’ll come
                                                                        at the June meeting. A
                                 prepared to perform.
                                                                        reminder will also be sent
3      Magic Mumblenews                                                 via E-mail.         Assembly
3      Conventions               June’s Meeting.                        members can also mail their
                                        S.A.M. Assembly 146             dues to Pete Pedersen … his
4      Presidential Ponderings   met on Monday, June 17th. For          address is on the last page of
4      Flashback                 those compeers who were                the monthly newsletter.
4      Assembly 146 Officers     unable to attend, the following
                                 business topics and other items     There was no additional New
                                 of general interest were            Business to discuss, so the
                                 discussed.                          business portion of the meeting
                                                                     was closed.
                                 OLD BUSINESS.
                                 1. There were no additional         MAGIC PERFORMANCES.
                                 nominations       from        the   George West – Spectacle, and
                                 membership       for     S.A.M.     Fried Thrice.
                                 Assembly 146 officers, so
                                 outgoing president Al Albers        John Kingry – Amble Gamble.
                                 asked those members present to
                                 conduct a voice vote to elect the   Al Albers – performed his
                                 nominees. By unanimous vote,        variation of the “Card Player’s
                                                                     Nightmare” routine that can be

                                               1             
Smoke and Mirrors                                                                                July 2002

found in the Magic Menu,                     If you have not yet paid,   August 19th.    Thumb         Tip
Years Six through Ten.               please do so as soon as possible.                   Magic
                                     We accept cash, or a check
                                     made out to S.A.M. Assembly         September 16th.
General Interest.                    146.
Harry Houdini’s Water Torture                If you are unable to        October 21st.
Cell Exhibited At The Center         make it to the July meeting,
For Jewish History                   please mail your dues to Pete       November 18th.
                                     Pedersen. His address is:
CENTER         FOR       JEWISH                Pete Pedersen             December 16th.
HISTORY (Jun 25, 2002).                  648 Copper Kettle Drive
         An exhibition featuring       Virginia Beach, VA 23464          January 20th 2003.
Harry Houdini’s world-famous
water torture cell opens at the                                          February 17th 2003.
Center for Jewish History, 15        S.A.M. Assembly
West 16 Street, in New York
City on Wednesday, July 3,
                                     146 Elections.                      Local Magic.
2002.          The     exhibition,          The following nominees          st
                                                                         July 1 ; I.B.M. Ring 103 meets
sponsored by the American            were elected at the June 2002       at Virginia Wesleyan College,
Jewish Historical Society, has       meeting.                            in Norfolk, VA.
been scheduled to coincide with      President:    Al Albers
the Centennial Convention of         V. President: John Kingry           July 9th; Elders East meets at E.
the Society of American              Secretary:    George Buckley        Raymond Carlyle’s home, at
Magicians, which is being held       Treasurer:    Pete Pedersen         7:30 p.m. Call (757) 427-3235
in New York City. This will be                                           for directions.
the first “appearance” by the        Through the
water torture cell in New York.                                          July 15th; S.A.M. Assembly 146
         The water torture cell      Looking Glass.                      meets at Unity renaissance
will be located in the Paul S.              For those who like to        Church, in Chesapeake, VA.
and Sylvia Steinberg Great Hall      plan ahead, here’s a listing of
at the Center for Jewish History.    future S.A.M. Assembly 146          July 18th; I.B.M. Ring 180
The center is open Monday to         meetings, for the year 2002.        meets at Hatcher Memorial
Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,                                              Baptist Church in Richmond,
Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and        March 18th.    Ambitious Card       VA.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The                       Workshop
exhibition will remain at the                                            July 24th; S.A.M. Assembly 226
Center throughout the summer         April 15th.    Video Night          meets at the Williamsburg
and admission to the Great Hall                                          Presbyterian     Church,    in
is free of charge.                   May 20th.      Quick       Trick    Williamsburg, VA.
Dues are Overdue.                    June 17th.     Tricks        with
                                                                         Future Events.
       Assembly 146 members                         gimmicked       or      On Thursday, September 5,
were requested to pay their                         special cards        2002, I.B.M. Ring 103 will be
annual dues ($10.00) at the June                                         hosting a lecture by Troy
2002 meeting.                        July 15th.     Open Meeting         Hosier. Time and admission
                                                    (no theme)           will be forthcoming.

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Smoke and Mirrors                                                                                  July 2002

       ============                   Jason Linett reports that he is       stamp also “contains a hidden
    On Saturday, September 14,        part of Imaginique, which is a        image that, when viewed
2002. I.B.M. Ring 103 will be         theatre presentation at Busch         through the official U.S. Postal
sponsoring an all day Magic           Gardens and part of the French        Stamp Decoder, appears to
Workshop by David Ginn,               Festival located in the New           wrap Houdini in chains.” They
Steve Taylor and Sammy                France section of the park.           will be available in blocks of
Smith. Pre-registration will be       Performances begin at 7:30 p.m.       four, blocks or 10, and a full
$35.00; however, it will be           Additionally,        Jason       is   pane of 20 (with a plate
higher (at least $10.00 more) at      performing during the day in          number).
the door.                             the Irish section and working         (Courtesy of MagicTimes)
    This event will be held in the    behind the counter selling
Hospitality Suite at Virginia         magic in the magic area of Pot
Wesleyan        College      Batten   of Gold.
Student Center. (Take a left at               ============                  July.
the Guard House, go to the                Patrick Slaughter and Harold      3-6. SAM             National
traffic circle and take a hard left   Wood       are     the    featured           Convention; NY City.
towards the VERY large                performers on the 24th Street         3.6    IBM            Annual
building there. The Hospitality       stage at the beach. I don’t have             Convention; San Diego,
Suite is on the 2nd floor at the      times for the shows, but if it’s             CA.
top of the stairs.)                   like last year there are probably     11-13. Funarama        Clown
    I believe the event will start    at 7, 8 and 9 p.m.                           Convention, Timonium,
about 9 a.m.                              Shows are weekly through                 MD.
       ============                   August on Thursday, Friday,
    On Sunday, October 13,            Saturday and Sunday.                  August.
2002 there will be a magic                If you anticipate catching the    15-17. The Midwest Magic
auction      in     Williamsburg.     show, why not stop in at Steve                Jubilee will be held at
Members of I.B.M. Rings 103           Proescher’s             restaurant,           the Airport Marriott
and 180, and S.A.M. Assembly          Ellington’s. (I can speak from                Hotel in St. Louis,
226 will be in attendance and         prior experiences that the food               MO. Register before
it’s anticipated that a lot of        and service are excellent!)                   July 15 and pay $90.
magic items will be on the                    ============                          If you register after
selling block.                            The official information                  that, it’s $105. For
    S.A.M.      Assembly       146    about the new Houdini stamp                   further    information
members are cordially invited to      appeared in a United States                   check out their web
participate in this event as a        Postal service press release that             site
seller or buyer.                      gave all of the pertinent           
    I believe the auction is          information       from       David
planned for the early afternoon,      Copperfield’s dedication of the       October.
but as soon as I get additional       stamp at the SAM Convention           4-5. The Magicians Alliance
information, I’ll pass it along.      on July 3rd, to how non-                    of     Eastern    States
                                      attendees can get their own first           (MAES), Carlisle, PA.
                                      day issue postmarked Houdini                (If anyone is interested
Magic                                 envelopes. The stamps will be               in      joining     this
                                                                                  organization I have
Mumblenews.                           available at New York Post
                                                                                  some application blanks,
  S.A.M.  Assembly     146            Offices on July 3rd, and the rest
                                      of the country on July 5th. The             and as a member of
member and college student,

                                                     3              
Smoke and Mirrors                                                                                July 2002

       MAES, I’ll be glad to         orbited an idea that seems          where he would perform the
       sponsor you.                  fantastic.                          biggest trick they had ever seen.
                                             Unfortunately, I don’t              From the stage he
                                     have a century to get this          supervised        the      orderly
Presidential                         newsletter out.                     evacuation of the theatre, one
Ponderings.                                  So much for time travel.    row at a time. The stage crew
        As I thought about this      When I have more time, I’ll put     and assistants helped usher the
month’s column, time seemed          together my list of possibilities   audience out.
to slip away and before I knew       that time travel has to offer.              There is little doubt that
it I found myself behind the         Chief among them…catching a         Mr. Blackstone’s ruse avoided
power curve. Next Monday is          few extra hours once a month to     panic and almost certain loss of
the Assembly meeting and this        get this newsletter out…on          life. In the end, the fire next
month’s newsletter is on             time.                               door was contained and the
temporary hold while I re-read                                           Lincoln Theatre did not burn
                                                                         down. Nevertheless, this was
the newsletter looking for the       Flashback.                          magic of a different kind.
gremlins that somehow manage
to make their way into this                                                      And      the     rest   is
                                             MAGIC OF A                  history….
communication. Right about                 DIFFERENT KIND
now it would be nice to have a                                                   That’s a Flashback for
time machine to allow me the                                             this month.
                                              September 2, 1942, the     
luxury of going back a day or        great Harry Blackstone, Sr. was
two to polish off this newsletter.
If only I had that magic
                                     performing his usual matinee at     S.A.M. Assembly
                                     the Lincoln Theatre in Decatur,
DeLorean with the flux               Illinois. The house was packed      146 Officers.
capacitor, the gizmo that can        with 3,200 excited fans as Mr.      President
move us back and forth through       Blackstone, Sr. began his next      Al Albers
time.                                illusion. At that moment, the
        In 1895, H.G. Wells          company’s       stage     manager
offered the idea that technology     walked out on stage and spoke
can transport a person through                                           Vice President
                                     quietly to Mr. Blackstone Sr.       John W. Kingry, Jr.
the 4th dimension. He gave no        The building next door was on
clue as to how a human being                                   
                                     fire and there was imminent
might move through the fourth        danger of the fire spreading into
dimension into the future: he        the theatre.                        Secretary
just wanted to get there.                     Harry Blackstone, Sr.,     George Buckley
        In 1905 Einstein offered     completely unruffled, walked to
his     Special     Theory     of    the footlights and announced to
Relativity. Time is not separate     the audience that they were in
from space, but bound up with        for a special surprise. He had      Treasurer
it, and flows at different speeds    created      an     illusion   so   Pete Pedersen
depending on how fast you’re         spectacular and vast that it
moving.                              could not be performed on a
        So began a century of a      theatre stage. He invited the
strong     attraction     between    audience to join him in front of
physics and fiction, as both                                             Don’t forget to pay your dues,
                                     the theatre and to look up,         please. Thanks!

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