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					  Newsletter of the Mid-Western Artifact Society
  MWAS – Member FMDAC
  July 2010
                                                                    Annual Hunt
                                                 Our annual hunt has been scheduled for Sunday Sept. 12
                                        We start the weekend activities with a cookout Saturday evening serving,
                                    not our usual hotdogs but grilled hamburgers, pot luck side dishes, and
                                    homemade cobbler sometimes with homemade ice cream. Let Dan know
                                    (816- 853-0476) if you are planning to attend, he needs to know how many
                                    hamburgers to bring, and how many coins, and prizes he will need for the
                                    night hunt.
                                        After dinner when it gets dark, we have a non-club sponsored night hunt.
                                    Dan can come up with some very ingenuous rules for this hunt.
           Remember                    There’s plenty of room for tents and some members camp out over night
        Club Raffles Support        to keep an eye on the seeded fields.
          our Annual Hunt.              Sunday morning we have 2 seeded hunts for silver coins and tokens. In
If you have items you would like to between the hunts, we have a FREE kids hunt for children, grandchildren or
donate for our monthly raffles just any child that shows up. The kids hunt is funded by coin and prize donations
bring them in.                      from club members. If you want to donate a prize for the kids hunt, please
                                    contact a club officer.
                                        After the second hunt, we have a potluck lunch followed by the awarding
                                    of prizes and the Gold raffle drawing.
 The next club meeting will
        be July 18                  The club is running very short this year for the silver needed for the Annual
                                    Hunt. We need to purchase a few silver dollars yet, but the vast majority
                                    needed is other 90% silver, mainly dimes and quarters in a total amount over
   Club Meeting Dates
                                    $100 face, that must be obtained by September. If you can provide any silver to
        August 15                   the club at a rate of 10x face on 90% and $14 per silver dollar, you would be
   The Annual hunt will be          greatly helping out the club in keeping this year’s hunt as economical and rich
        September 12,               as in year’s past. Please contact the Treasurer, Daren Sommers, (913-268-
                                    8674) as soon as possible if you are selling silver to the club, or to let him know
                                    if you plan on paying your hunt fee in silver. The hunt fee will be set at the end
                                    of this month and the price will largely be impacted by how many people in the
                                    club are contributing silver to the hunt.
 Club Dues for the 2010             At the Nov 2009 meeting, it was voted that $5 per meeting could be deducted
 club year are now past             from the hunt fee for every meeting you attended up to 5 meeting or a total of
 due. Club due are still $20        $25. If you want to know how many meeting you have attended, give me a call
 ($15 for MWAS dues and             at 913-755-4341, or email me at gagpnoz@yahoo.com. For those of you that
 $5 for FMDAC Dues).                have not made the 5 meeting, it’s not too late; we still have 2 meetings left.
 However, a late fee of $10
 per month will be added to                                      Members attendance
 the hunt fee until dues are                    8 meetings - 7 members          7 meetings - 2 members
 paid. Club dues can be                        6 meetings - 4 members           5 meetings - 7 members
 paid by check, cash or in                     4 meetings - 6 members           3 meetings - 6 members
                                               2 meetings - 12 members          1 meeting - 9 members
 90% silver ($2.50 Face
                                                                0 meetings - 2 members

                                 Please support our Club Sponsor
 Our Club Founder Bill Proenza and his son Robert own and operate American Detector Distributors
  and have been very kind to our club with discounts and donated prizes for our hunt. If you need
   anything that pertains to Metal Detecting, please contact them for a great deal. Make sure you
                                mention you are a member of MWAS.

                                          DETECTOR DISTRIBUTORS
                                               Toll Free: 1-800-933-2897
                                     email: rproadd@att.net (new Email address)

                           Mid-Western Artifact Society Club Officers

        President                      Vice President                   Secretary               Treasurer
   Dan Spielbusch                     John Irby                     Sandy Kerr               Daren Sommers
   (913) 236-5668                  (913) 206-7776                 (913) 755-4341             (913) 268-8674
      Librarian                  Police Coordinator              Sergeant At Arms              Webmaster
      Bob Kerr                       Roger Ring                     John Henre                 Don Vickers
  Founder / Sponsor                   Historian                      Research
     Bill Proenza                 Marvin Andrews                      OPEN

                           Members of the Federation of Metal Detectors & Archaeological Clubs Inc.

                                      MWAS Members Holding Office in the FMDAC
    Southwestern Chapter President                  Chapter Secretary                 KS State Representative
            Don Vickers                              Becky Vickers                           John Irby

For those of you that have not visited the MWAS website, Don Vickers, has announced that he will run for the
office of President in the FMDAC. Good luck, Don! You have our support!

Mowers Needed
Members are needed to mow around the house at the annual hunt site throughout the summer months. The
Wiswell so gracefully allow us to use the site we don’t want them having a problem because it’s not mowed,
Dan will have a signup sheet at the meeting. Please signup to take your turn!

Outdoor hunt sites
If anyone has ideas as to where we can hold our outdoor hunts, please let Dan know.

                                      Club Specifics for 2010
                                 (The Club year starts and finishes at the August meeting)
                                                   As of June18, 2010

      2010 Club Stats                                     2010 Master/Grand Masters
 Club Members                57                          Dana Overfield           Master         January
 Coins Found               14031                         Hugh Alexander           Master          April
 Total Silver                143                           Eric Harper         Grand Master       April
 Oldest Coin                1833                          Michael Cloe         Grand Master        May
 Most Valuable          1876 IH $150                       Roger Ring             Master           June
 Attendance                  15
 New Members                  0
                                                                MWAS 2010 Silver Club
 Precious Metals 6/04/10
 Silver          $17.41
                                                                             Last Meeting     Year Total
 Gold           $1220.00
 Platinum       $1511.00                                Hugh Alexander             0               1
                                                          Michael Cloe             0              18
      Members Present at the
                                                          Eric Harper              0              10
         June Meeting
             Moak Albritton                                John Henre              0               1
               Eric Harper                                 John Irby               3              21
                John Irby
           Michelle Johanning                              Chris Jolin             0              13
               Chris Jolin                                  Bob Kerr               1               2
              James Jones
                Bob Kerr                                   Sandy Kerr              3               4
               Sandy Kerr                              Harvey McDaniel             0              12
               John Olson
               Roger Ring                                Dana Overfield            0               8
            Darrell Sommers                              Roger Ring                0               8
            Dan Spielbusch
                                                         Fred Stevens              0              22
               Mark Taylor
               Don Vickers                               Don Vickers               2              20
               Ron Worley                                 Jack Teeter              0               1
                                                       Lester Henderson            0               1
   If I’ve missed anyone please let me know
                                                            Totals                 9             143
Reminder: Hats and Tee Shirts
We still have light & dark blue hats
with the club logo for $10 each and
2 dark blue club tee shirt size XL for
$20 each.

                                        2010 Contest Corner
                       Members competing for Grand Master must win 5 of the 6 contests.
                       Members competing for Master Hunter must win a total of 5 contests.
 Month      Most Coins         Most Silver       Most Valuable       Oldest Coin           Best             Most
                                                                                         Jewelry           Unusual
Oct 09     Hugh Alexander       Don Vickers        Don Vickers       Dana Overfield   Sid Cumberland       Bob Kerr
             796 Coins           14 Coins          1876 IH $150         1860 IH       1994 Class Ring       Pendant
                                                                                        Eric Harper
                                                                                      1981 Class Ring
Nov 09     Hugh Alexander      Michael Cloe         Chris Jolin      Dana Overfield    Michael Cloe       Michael Cloe
             679 Coins           9 Coins          1922D Cent $23      1854 Quarter      Silver Ring      Ruptured Duck
Jan 10       Eric Harper       Dana Overfield     Dana Overfield     Dana Overfield     Sandy Kerr         Roger Ring
             571 Coins            4 Coins         1833 Cape Bust     1833 Cape Bust   Gruen Diamond     Rattle Snake Eggs
                                                  Half Dime $45        Half Dime          Watch

Feb 10       Roger Ring         Eric Harper          Bob Kerr          Jim Maley       Roger Ring       Roger Ring 1907
                119               2 coins         1916 Wheat cent       1899 IH        Gold Locket        Great Seal of
                                                         $1                                             Oklanoma button
Mar 10       James Jones      Harvey McDaniel        John Irby         John Irby      Hugh Alexander        Bob Kerr
                187                1 coin             1889 IH           1889 IH        Silver Pendant        Ox Nut
                                 John Irby             $12.50                                               John Irby
                                   1 coin                                                                 1890 Buggy
Apr 10          Hugh            Fred Stevens      Eric Haper 1935     Sandy Kerr      Hugh Alexander       Eric Harper
                717                  22            Mercy Dime            1882          Police Class      Cow Serum Tag
                                                   Michael Cloe      Shield Nickel         Ring
                                                 1939 Mercy Dime
May 10       Craig Yerby         Chris Jolin        John Henre        Michael Cloe      Craig Yerby       Craig Yerby
                 593                 2           1916 Lincoln cent      1887 IH        10K gold ring    1877 IH Pendant
Jun 10       Roger Ring         Sandy Kerr          Sandy Kerr        Don Vickers      Ron Worley         James Jones
                148                 3                 1888 IH          1899 IH        Ornate Broach       Railroad Key
                                                        2.75                                              Don Vickers
 Jul 10
Aug 10

                    Did you ever wonder how long it would take to detect an entire acre?
Well the members of the Rogue Valley Coin Shooters in Oregon did. Their findings are below.

Area of an 8 inch coil = 50.24 inches
Area of a acre of ground 6,272,640 square inches (522,720 square feet)
Given 1 sweep covers 6 liner feet, or about 576 square inches.

That means that there are at least 10,890 sweeps of the coil in an acre, an that is with no overlap! Say you
sweep at a rate of 1 ½ seconds per swing. At that rate, it will take 16, 335 seconds, or 272.25 minutes or 4.53
hours to cover an acre. Again with no overlap, and no stopping to dig anything!
If you add dig time for 400 target at a rate of 1 ½ minutes per target (60 minutes or 10 hours) and break time at
a rate of 5 minutes per half hour( 3 hours), and double the sweep time to account for sweep overlap, then that
come up with 22 hours total search time.

                             The MWAS July 18 Meeting Site
                                    The July meeting will be in Swope Park.
               Hunting will start at 10 am with a potluck lunch at 12 pm bring a dish to share.
                                  The meeting will immediately follow lunch.
                                         Remember, fill your holes!

From I-435 take Hwy 71 North to E Meyer Blvd. Turn R (east) on E. Meyer blvd. that will turn into Swope
Park. We will meet near the shelter located a block east of the main pavilion that is just inside the
Westside entrance. Look for Dan’s van. If you have a problems find the location call 816-853-0476.


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