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					July–August 2003                                                                                                           Westernite

 Official Publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers                    July–August 2003 Vol. 57 No. 4

President’s                                    New PPLT
Message                                        Recommendations
      This year’s                              Findings and                                   cided that PPLT control is appropriate.
District 6 An-
                                               Recommendations of                             Instead, the goal of this research project
nual Meeting
                                                                                              was to identify the “best” or most appro-
will be held in                                NCHRP 3-54:                                    priate signal display, including arrange-
conjunction                                    Evaluation of Traffic Signal                   ment and indications.
with the Inter-
                                               Displays for Protected/                             As part of the project, the Research
national ITE
                                                                                              Team coordinated, supervised, and re-
Annual Meet-                                   Permissive Left -Turn                          ported on the field implementation of
ing on August
                                               Control                                        experimental flashing yellow arrow PPLT
24-27, 2003.
                                                                                              displays in cooperation with six volunteer
Once again, the                                By Chris Brehmer; P.E.; Kent Kacir; P.E.,      agencies located around the country. In
Annual Meet- Julie Townsend,                   and David Noyce; P.E., Ph.D.                   September 2000, Montgomery County,
ing will offer an District 6 President
                                                                                              Maryland, became the first agency to
outstanding                                          This article summarizes the results      implement the flashing yellow arrow dis-
technical program as well as numerous          of extensive research efforts to identify      play as part of the research project. Mary-
networking opportunities and social ac-        the “best” traffic signal display for pro-     land’s participation in the implementa-
tivities. Discounted registration fees are     tected/permissive left-turn (PPLT) con-        tion study was subsequently followed by
available to those registering before July     trol.                                          other agencies including the City of Tuc-
24, 2003. Remember that District 6 mem-
                                                                                              son, Arizona; Jackson County, Oregon;
bers will want to check the additional box     Research Objective                             the Oregon Department of Transporta-
on the registration form to register for the
                                                                                              tion; the City of Beaverton, Oregon; and
District 6 portion of the meeting as well        The objective of Project 3-54 of the
                                                                                              Broward County, Florida. Figure 1 illus-
as the International portion. For more      NCHRP was to evaluate the safety and
                                                                                              trates the flashing yellow arrow display in
information and registration material,      effectiveness of different signal displays
                                                                                              use on Highway 99E in Woodburn, Ore-
please visit the ITE International website  and phasing for protected-permissive left-
at:      turn (PPLT) control through laboratory
I look forward to seeing a great District 6 and field studies. Study activities were          The Flashing Yellow Arrow
turnout!                                    designed to gather, analyze, and inter-                 The research study and field imple-
      A new Student Sponsorship Program     pret data that would serve as the basis for       mentation effort identified several bene-
is underway for this Annual Meeting.        recommending a uniform display for                fits of a four-section vertical, all arrows,
Your help is needed to insure the pro-      PPLT control. The study considered all            flashing yellow arrow PPLT display.
                     (Continued on page 10) current applications of PPLT control in           Benefits of the display include:
                                            the United States including arrangement,          •     The “yellow trap” is eliminated (see
                                                             indications, and place-
                                                               ment, both leading and                                        (Continued on page 4)

       What’s In This Issue                                     lagging operations,
                                                                and safety considera-
                                                                tions including situa-
  Fixed Radar Driver Feedback Signs                      2
                                                                tions where the yellow
  A Comparison of Specialty Retail and Shopping                 trap occurs.
                                                         2      This project did not
  Center Trip Generation
                                                                develop any guide-
  Beta Test the Next Version of Synchro                  3      lines, warrants, or
  Seattle ITE Meeting Information                        6      recommendations for
                                                                the use of PPLT con-
  One-Day Seminar for Intersection Safety               13      trol; it was assumed
                                                                that the traffic engi-
  Legislative News                                      13
                                                                neer has already de-        Figure 1: Four-section vertical flashing yellow arrow
                                                                                            PPLT display in Woodburn, Oregon

                                                                                                                Page 1
 Westernite                                                                                                                                                        July–August 2003

Driver Feedback/Active Speed Monitor
Signs May Reduce Vehicle Speeds
                       Active speed monitor                  speed. This matches closely with other
                       signs are fixed                       research completed in Milwaukie, Oregon,
                       mounted signs that                    in 1998, for performance of speed trailers
                       provides drivers feed-                in traffic calming, which demonstrated
                       back on the speed they                (when the trailers were present) a 4- to 5-
                       are traveling, similar                mph reduction in speed. Some general
                       to the portable speed                 findings from the Phoenix study were that
                       trailers utilized by                  the curb lane (nearest the sign) had greater
                       many communities.                     speed reduction than interior lanes adjacent                           This preliminary study discusses sign visi-
  Randy McCourt       The City of Phoenix is                 to the median (the streets in this study are                           bility needs, and based upon this it may be
                      reporting preliminary                  rather large – five and six lanes). The influ-                         that larger signs (than the stock sign) are
experience with several test sites (Paradise                 ence of the speed monitor location may not                             important for larger streets to achieve de-
Village Parkway near 46th Street and 19th                    be the only factor in this speed reduction,                            sired results. MUTCD discussion is under-
Avenue adjacent to Orangewood Elemen-                        since slower motorists tend to drive in the                            way regarding these types of signs—
tary School). While the results of the two-                  curb lane. The City of Phoenix is currently                            whether they should be warning signs
year test are not complete and the sites                     evaluating four sites, focusing most of the                            (yellow background) and how/if they will
included more than just the active speed                     effort on elementary and high schools on                               be approved for application and what sizes
monitor signs, some initial before-and-after                 high-volume streets. For more information                              are appropriate for the speed and number
findings indicate that the signs may play a                  regarding the Phoenix test cases, contact                              of lanes.
role in a 3-to 5-mile per hour reduction in                  Dennis Stringer at the City of Phoenix.

                                                                                                                                    trip generation rate should be used. County
A Comparison of the Trip Generation of the                                                                                          staff studied small retail "strip malls"
Specialty Retail and Shopping Center Land Uses                                                                                      within the county to determine which land
                                                                                                                                    use category best predicted the trip
By Richard Gamble, Concurrency Engineer III,                 ranges from approximately 18,000 square                                generation rate. The local data were also
Clark County, Washington                                     feet to 215,000 square feet and only has                               compared with ITE rates to evaluate how
                                                             three data points within this range. (Both                             the definitions of retail uses actually
     The ITE Trip Generation book lists                      the PM peak hour and the ADT data have                                 matched the uses in the field.
two uses with similar definitions, but with                  this limitation.) In comparison, the
different trip generation rates, during the                  shopping center's data set ranges from                                 Data Collection
PM peak hour of the adjacent street traffic:                 approximately 1,700 square feet to
Specialty retail (ITE land use code 814),                    2,200,000 square feet and has 401 data                                       Ten sites were analyzed. It was very
and shopping center (ITE land use code                       points.                                                                difficult to find a "strip mall" that only
820). Inspection of the data shows the                             A study was performed to determine                               included merchandising facilities. All of the
specialty retail use has substantially fewer                 which land use category should be used to                              trip generation information that was
data points than the shopping center use.                    estimate trip generation within Clark                                  collected by staff included some other uses
For example, specialty retail's data set                     County, Washington; or whether a special                               that weren't purely merchandising

Figure 1: Trip Generation for 10 Retail Sites in Clark County                                                      Figure 2: Refined Trip Generation (Seven Sites)
                  900                                                                                    120

  PM Peak Trips

                                                                                         PM Peak Trips

                  600                                                                                    80

                                                                y = 8.5x

                  100                                                                                    20                                                                y = 4.01x

                        -           20       40        60        80           100
                                                                                                               -           5.00       10.00        15.00        20.00       25.00      30.00
                             Gross Leasable Area (Thousands of Square Feet)
                            Gross Leasable Area (Thousands of Square Feet)                                             G r o ss Leasab le A r ea ( T ho usand s o f Sq uar e F eet )
                                                                                                                     Gross Leasable Area (Thousands of Square Feet)

             Page 2                                         
 July–August 2003                                                                                                        Westernite

facilities. These other uses included office      Results                                         site trips with the ITE estimated trips, the
spaces for chiropractor, dental, and real                                                         ITE specialty retail rate under-predicts trips
estate uses, along with uses such as high-              Using the entire data set of ten          by 40%, the ITE shopping center rate
turnover, sit down restaurants and                locations, the average weighted trip rate for   under-predicts trips by 14%, and the ITE
convenience stores. Although the data             all of the uses analyzed in the field is 7.5    shopping center equation over-predicts
included these other uses, the data               trips/KSF of occupied area during the           trips by 178%. This staff-estimated rate
comparison to ITE should be valid based           weekday PM peak hour of the adjacent            appears to be best to about 25,000 square
on the definitions for each ITE category.         street traffic. This trip rate was calculated   feet.
By definition, the specialty retail use           using sites that ranged from 4,320 square             The ITE weighted average rate of 3.74
contains "a variety of retail shops and           feet to 82,826 square feet. In comparing the    trips/KSF represents all 401 data points in
specialize in quality apparel, hard goods,        actual site trips with the ITE estimated        the ITE shopping center land use. In
and services such as real estate offices,         trips, the ITE specialty retail rate under-     addition, this rate is relatively close to the
dance studios, florists, and small                predicted the trips by 51%, the ITE             staff-estimated rate of 4.38 trips/KSF. If
restaurants." In addition, the definition for     shopping center rate under-predicted the        the ITE rate is used, rather than the
shopping center includes "non-                    trips by 30%, and the ITE shopping center       County estimated rate of 4.38 trips/KSF,
merchandising facilities such as office           equation over-predicted the trips by 119%.      the maximum difference is calculated at
buildings, movie theaters, restaurants, post      Figure 1 is a plot of the collected data.       25,000 square feet, at which the ITE rate
offices, banks, health clubs, and                       Upon inspecting the data, it appears      would estimate 16 fewer trips than the
recreational facilities.                          that three sites are outliers. Two data         staff-estimated rate.
      Another distinction in the data is          points, greater than about 25,000 square              No relevant distinction with regard to
made with respect to the age of the facility.     feet, have a higher average rate than the       the age of the facility and the trip
Staff speculated that older facilities may        rates shown for the lower eight data points.    generation rate was found.
have a greater proportion of uses that are        In addition, of the remaining eight data
economically depressed, such as barber            points, the data point at 7,500 square feet
                                                  appears to be an outlier and should be
shops, TV repair, or re-upholstering shops.
If the newer facilities had more                  removed from the data set. In comparing               For retail uses equal to or less than
economically active uses, such as video           the remaining seven sites, a more realistic     25,000 square feet, use the ITE weighted
rental stores and fast-food restaurants, then     average weighted trip rate is 4.01 (See         trip generation rate. In addition to the
the trip generation may be higher, and thus       Figure 2). This trip rate was calculated        relatively small difference between ITE and
would be better represented by the higher         using sites that ranged from 4,320 square       the County rates, there is greater
trip generation rate of the shopping center       feet to 25,370 square feet.                     acceptance in the traffic engineering field
land use.                                               The remaining seven sites generate a      for the ITE data. For retail uses greater
                                                  more realistic average weighted trip rate of    than 25,000 square feet, use the shopping
                                                  4.38 trips/KSF. The sites composing this        center equation. The specialty retail rate is
                                                  rate range from 4,320 square feet to 25,370     not recommended for use.
                                                  square feet GLA. In comparing the actual

 Trafficware Announces Beta Test                        “The Synchro plus SimTraffic 6 beta       nentially increase delay and reduce capac-
 for Version 6 of Synchro Plus                    represents a key milestone for Traf-            ity.”
 SimTraffic Software                              ficware,” said David Husch, Trafficware's             Other improvements included in the
                                                  CEO. “It allows us to put the product           beta test software are:
 Testing period allows participants to evaluate   through its paces by users in a variety of
 new features including queue interaction,        companies and public agencies. Addition-        New in Synchro 6
 roundabout, and curved link modeling             ally, this release—the first since 2001—        •   Queue interactions: modeling of
                                                  delivers the features that customers have           spillback, starvation, and storage
      Albany, California—Trafficware®             been asking for, while giving them the          •   Undo
 Corporation, a leading developer of trans-       opportunity to influence the final product.     •   Curved links
 portation analysis software, today an-           With the help of our beta testers’ detailed
 nounced its plans for a public beta test         feedback, we’ll be on track for a produc-       New in SimTraffic 6
 period for version 6 of Synchro® plus            tion release of version 6 this fall.”           •    Simulate roundabouts
 SimTraffic®, its traffic analysis software             Version 6 adds users’ most desired        •    Right turn islands
 suite. The 60-day beta test, set to start at     features. The most significant enhance-         •    Batch processing and reporting of
 the end of May, gives existing software          ment is queue interaction modeling. “This            multiple runs
 users the opportunity to preview the prod-       is a great addition to the science of traffic        Trafficware Corporation invites exist-
 uct and suggest changes.                         engineering,” says John Albeck, Traf-           ing users to join the beta test Beta test
      Trafficware’s software suite is a com-      ficware’s senior transportation engineer.       participants will receive substantial dis-
 plete solution for optimizing and model-         “Until now, there really hasn't been a          counts on the final production release of
 ing urban traffic networks. The suite com-       software program to assist with coordina-       version 6 and be the first to access the
 prises Synchro, a signal timing and analy-       tion of congested links. Synchro 6 ad-          new features. Please visit http://
 sis program, and SimTraffic, a fast, easy-       dresses this and not only allows the user for complete
 to-use, microscopic simulation and ani-          to model good signal coordination, but          program details.
 mation package.                                  show how queue interactions can expo-

                                                                                                           Page 3
 Westernite                                                                                                               July–August 2003

                                                 •    The display can be used for right                 rate display face for the left-turn move-
                                                      turns.                                            ment). This exclusive display face
                                                                                                        reinforces the association between the
New PPLT Recommendations                                                                                left-turn movement and its corre-
                                                 NCHRP 3-54 Research Findings
                                                                                                        sponding signal indications (display
(Continued from page 1)
                                                      The research activities resulted in               face).
       discussion below).                        many significant findings related to the          •    Only one indication shall be illumi-
•      The confusion of shared heads is          operation and design of PPLE control.                  nated at any time.
       eliminated.                               Specific to the project recommendations,          •    The flashing yellow arrow permissive
•      No supplemental sign is required.         the research team offers the following key             indication should be logically tied to
•      All types of phasing can be operated      findings:                                              the opposing through movement green
       by time of day (protected only, permis-   •    The flashing yellow arrow and circular            indication/display (rather than the
       sive only, protected/permissive, or            green indications are equally under-              adjacent through movement green
       permissive/protected).                         stood by drivers in both simulator and            indication.) See discussion below.
•      The display works at all unusual inter-        field environments (even though most         •    No supplemental signing is needed.
       sections.                                      drivers had never seen the flashing
•      No louvers or precise head placements          yellow arrow before).                        Recommendation #2: Conduct a Follow Up
       are required.                             •    The flashing yellow arrow showed             Study
•      The display can be mounted by pole,            fewer fail-critical responses (driver             The follow up study should do the
       span wire, or median mount.                    incorrectly assumes right-of-way),           following:
•      The display can use a dual-mode
                                                      compared to the standard circular            •    Analyze all available crash data for
                                                      green indication.                                 the experimental flashing yellow ar-
       (green or flashing yellow arrow) indi-
       cation in a three-section head.           •    The flashing yellow arrow display was             row displays implemented as part of
                                                      successfully implemented in the field             this study;
                                                      in five geographic locations with little     •    Identify whether the flashing yellow
    About the Authors:                                to no technical or political problems.            arrow display should become the only
    Chris Brehmer is a                           •    The majority of practicing traffic engi-          display allowed in the MUTCD for
    Senior Engineer with                              neers contacted during the study en-              PPLT operation; and
    Kittelson & Associ-                               dorsed the flashing yellow arrow dis-        •    Identify an implementation plan.
    ates, Inc. in Portland,                           play.
    Oregon. He was the                                                                             Recommendation #3: Restrict the Use of the
    Project Engineer for                         NCHRP 3-54 Study                                  Flashing Red Indications
    the NCHRP 3-54                                                                                       While the flashing red indications did
    research project. Chris                                                                        show a high level of driver understanding
    is a member of ITE.                               In January                                   and low fail-critical rate (lowest of all dis-
                                                 2003, the NCHRP 3-                                plays considered), they were not recom-
    Kent Kacir is a Senior                       54 study team sub-                   Red          mended for further implementation. Field
    Associate with Sie-                          mitted the Final                                  studies showed that drivers, including law
    mens ITS in Portland,                        Report to NCHRP                                   enforcement, treated the flashing red indi-
    Oregon. He was em-                           for publication. The                 Yellow       cations identically to the flashing yellow
    ployed by Kittelson &                        report documented                                 indications; they yielded rather than
    Associates, Inc. dur-                        the findings and                                  stopped. Dilution of the meaning of red
    ing much of this study                       conclusions of a                     Flashing     was the primary reason that the flashing
    and served as Princi-                        multitude of re-                     Yellow       red indications were not considered for
    pal Investigator for                         search activities                                 further implementation. There are situa-
    the research project.                        spanning seven                       Green        tions that the traffic engineer may desire
    Kent is a member of                          years. The report                                 the more restrictive operation, therefore,
    ITE.                                         identified three rec-                             the Research Team recommended re-
    David Noyce is an Assistant Professor at     ommendations,         The four-section flashing
                                                                                                   stricted use of flashing red indications. The
    the College of Engi-                         which are:            yellow arrow display        flashing red indication for PPLT should
    neering at the Univer-                                                                         only be used following an engineering
                                                 Recommendation #1:                                study that has concluded that all motorists
    sity of Wisconsin-
                                                 Incorporate the Flashing Yellow Arrow Display     must come to a complete stop before pro-
    Madison. He was
                                                 into the MUTCD as an Alternative to the Stan-     ceeding on the permissive interval.
    initially employed as a
    Ph.D. student at                             dard Circular Green Indication
                                                 •     The recommended display is an all-          Discussion
    Texas A&M Univer-
                                                       arrow four-section display. A three-             The Research Team recommended the
    sity and then an Assis-
                                                       section display with a dual-mode            allowance of the flashing yellow arrow
    tant Professor at the
                                                       (green or flashing yellow arrow) lens       display (as opposed to the replacement of
    University of Massa-
                                                       could also be allowed since it conveys      the current MUTCD standard) because
                                                       similar information to the four-section     many existing PPLT displays remain that
    while serving on the
                                                       display.                                    could not be easily replaced due to right-of-
    project as a researcher and advisor. David
                                                 •     The display arrangement should be           way and cost prohibitions. Additionally,
    is a member of ITE.
                                                       located over the left-turn lane in an       post implementation crash statistics will
                                                       exclusive signal arrangement (a sepa-       become available over time (per Recom-

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July–August 2003                                                                                             Westernite

                   Figure 2. Sequence of indications using the four-section, all-arrows left-turn display.
                                                                                        Page 5
 Westernite                                                                                                              July–August 2003

mendation #2), and only after such data         during the green interval of the opposing        Future Implementation of the Flash-
are analyzed and reported could such a          through phase. Operationally, this recom-        ing Yellow Arrow Display
wholesale replacement be considered.            mendation assures that when the permis-
      The Research Team expanded their          sive display terminates, the opposing                 If you are interested in implementing
recommendations to address specific dis-        through phase will terminate simultane-          the new display, please contact one of the
play arrangements to be used. The four-         ously and completely eliminate the yellow        authors. They can provide you with a
section all-arrow display was recom-            trap in all circumstances (including those       “ready-made” template for requesting ap-
mended because the arrow display identi-        associated with skipped phases, preemp-          proval for experimentation from the Fed-
fies the directional movement for which it      tion sequences, conditional service, and         eral Highway Administration.
is intended (left-turn or right-turn applica-   overlap green extensions). Figure 2
tion). Over the course of the research pro-     (previous page) illustrates how the flashing     Documentation Availability
ject, there were extensive discussions          yellow arrow display would operate with-
within traffic engineering forums that left-    out creating the yellow trap.                          As mentioned above, the NCHRP 3-
turning drivers need to know that there is a                                                     54 Final Report will be published in Sum-
change in right-of-way permissions. It has                                                       mer 2003. Included with the final report
                                                Current Status of the Project and                will be a CD-ROM that will contain all of
been proposed that a new display was            Proposed PPLT Display
needed that would change in color, mode,                                                         the working papers produced during the
position, and shape. When in operation,              In early June 2003, the Research            study. The following working papers are
these separate changes would ensure that        Team met with the following groups:              currently available:
drivers would be alerted to new informa-        •    The AASHTO Traffic Engineers Sub-           •     Engineering Assessment (WP 1)
tion on the signal face so they could align          committee,                                  •     State-of-the-Practice (WP 2)
their movements with the correct right-of-      •    The National Committee on Uniform           •     Photographic Driver Study (WP 3)
way permissions. Compared to the stan-               Traffic Control Devices Signals Tech-       •     Field Traffic Operations Study (WP 4)
dard circular green display, each of these           nical Committee, and                        •     Field Traffic Conflict Study (WP 5)
four criteria is incorporated into the pro-     •    Section 4D (MUTCD) Traffic Control          •     Crash Data Analysis Study (WP 6)
posed four-section flashing yellow arrow             Signal Features (Task Force of the          •     Conduct Confirmation Study (WP 7)
display as follows:                                  Signals Technical Committee).               •     Conduct Implementation (WP 8)
•     Indication color changes from green to         The June meetings addressed many                  For more information, animated illus-
      yellow                                    questions related to the findings and con-       trations, implementation applications, and
•     Mode changes from steady to flashing      clusions of the research project. The Sec-       copies of the project reports, visit the pro-
•     Position changes both from a lateral      tion 4D task force responsible for traffic       ject website at http://
      change in display placement and a         signal operations is currently identifying
      vertical change in the display arrange-   potential language for vote regarding de-              Kittelson & Associates, Inc. performed the
      ment                                      ployment of the flashing yellow arrow in         NCHRP 3-54 research project reported described
•     Shape changes from a circular green to    PPLT operations. The committee voted on,         above in association with the University of Mas-
      a yellow arrow.                           and approved, the four-section all-arrows        sachusetts—Amherst, the Texas Transportation
      Further, the Research Team recom-         display for use in exclusive PPLT applica-       Institute, and Siemens Intelligent Transporta-
mended that the flashing yellow arrow           tions (as an alternate to the circular green     tion Systems.
permissive indication be logically tied to      indication). The Research Team is working
the opposing through movement green             with the committee to evaluate potential
indication/display (rather than the adja-       ways to implement the flashing yellow           Discuss this article at—
cent movement through green). Logically         arrow in shared head applications.              Visit the Tech Board feature of the District
tying a phase means that the traffic signal          The NCHRP Project 3-54 Final Re-           6 Web site to comment on, or otherwise
control software outputs the flashing yel-      port will be published by the NCHRP in          discuss this article.
low arrow indication (permissive turn) only     summer 2003.

                                                                                                 uled Family
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 Seattle Meeting Early Registration                                                              Seattle is still a
                                                                                                 very family-
 Deadline Approaching!                                                                           friendly city!)
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your registration fees for the ITE Interna-     With the District's Annual Meeting being        for the full Dis-
tional Meeting, which will be held August       held in conjunction with the International      trict 6 package
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 July–August 2003                                                                                                       Westernite

Section and Chapter Activities
                                                analyze the operational, demographic, and        Traffic Relief Act, which sets the policy
                                                policy variables, and develop models.            direction the Master Plan will follow.
                                                     “A Theory on Capacity Drop” was
                                                presented next by Jorge Laval of UC              Rich Haygood, Co-Scribe
                                                Berkeley, who started with the observation
                                                that as traffic volume builds during the day

San Francisco/                                  on a roadway, it can initially reach a very
                                                high flow rate for a short time, but then the    Washington State
Bay Area Section                                capacity drops and a queue forms. Mr.
                                                Laval then stated the claim that this loss of    Section
      April meeting—The April 17 meeting at     flow is caused by the inability of vehicles
Hs. Lordship's restaurant in the Berkeley       changing lanes to accelerate instantly to the    Washington ITE
Marina featured Bay Area university stu-        speed of the faster lane. He mentioned           Student Night
dents presenting their transportation re-       some limitations of the standard kinematic       Meeting
search project findings to the 45 attendees.    wave flow model, and proposed extensions               Fourteen
Natasha Goguts from the University of           of this model to account for moving bottle-      students wit-
California at Berkeley presented informa-       necks, such as slow vehicles and lane            nessed the student paper competition at the
tion developed in “Transit-Oriented Devel-      changes, and multiple-lane factors, such as      annual Washington State Section Student
opment: State of the Practice and Future        different speeds in each lane and driver         Night on May 15. The event was held adja-
Benefits,” a project sponsored by the           demand to change lanes. Based on com-            cent to the University of Washington at
Transportation Research Board. This pro-        puter simulation runs using the proposed         Ivar’s Salmon House and drew a total at-
ject is investigating transit-oriented devel-   kinematic wave model extensions, Mr.             tendance of 39. Seventeen ITE members
opment (TOD) policies and programs to           Laval developed graphs depicting the ca-         graciously sponsored a student dinner for
determine which succeed and why, based          pacity drop for various heavy vehicle per-       the event. Some members were generous
on ten case studies from throughout the         centages and roadway grades.                     enough to sponsor two students!
United States. TOD is defined as being               Posterboards for two other projects               At the conclusion of the excellent din-
located at transit stations, physically ori-    were also on display at the meeting:             ner (your scribe recommends the salmon),
ented to the stations with pedestrian-          “Assessment of the Impact of Incidents           Section President Mark Madden (KDD &
friendly access and amenities, and consist-     near Bottlenecks” by Monica Menendez,            Associates) acknowledged those who spon-
ing of a mix of land uses. While transit        and “Study of Platoon Dispersion” by Yu          sored the student dinners. Mark made a
agencies seek projects that will provide        Zhang and Dianhai Wang.                          strong point to the students that due to the
revenue, governments generally wish to                                                           recent passage of a 5-cent increase in the
reduce congestion and enhance economic               May meeting—The annual joint meet-          Washington gasoline tax for transportation
development. The various social, eco-           ing of the San Francisco Bay Area Section        construction, their future professional ser-
nomic, and environmental goals converge         and the South Bay Chapter was held at the        vices were going to be badly needed in the
to a shared objective, to increase transit      Blue Chalk Café in downtown Palo Alto            region to help build new transportation
ridership. Arlington County's case study        on May 15. The Master Plan for Norman            facilities.
proved particularly successful, and the         Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport               Sherman Goong (Perteet Engineering)
apparent key was the planning, which was        was presented to the 50 attendees by the         discussed the upcoming Section Annual
facilitated by: the County's managerial         Airport's Deputy Director, David Maas.           Meeting (June 9-10) in Yakama. Sherman
government (no individual cities/towns          This $2.8 billion plan will include the fol-     was excited with the quality of the program
involved), early recognition of the benefits    lowing surface transportation improve-           and activities for the event and encouraged
of TOD, planning before transit started         ments:                                           members to respond to the registration
operations, and sticking with the plan. The     •    People-Mover connection to First            announcement being sent out the following
results were increased development and               Street Light Rail Station and/or Cal-       day. Separately, he noted that enforcement
increased ridership. The project team is             train Station                               had been recently increased on Seattle’s
now gathering time-sequence data on this        •    Reconstruct Interstate 880/Coleman          freeway express lanes. Jeff Webber (The
development and ridership experience, to             Interchange                                 Transpo Group), Chairman of Seattle’s
                                                                                                 Local Arrangements Committee for the
                                                •    Two Grade-Separated Intersections at
                                                                                                 August 24-27 ITE Annual Meeting and
                                                     Entrance Roadways
                                                                                                 Exhibit, discussed the benefits to the stu-
  Attention Scribes:                            •    Two-Level Circulation Roadway               dents of volunteering to assist with presen-
  Publication Deadline                               A new Central Terminal will be con-
                                                                                                 tations at the meeting, including a free day
                                                                                                 of conference registration for each day
                                                structed, as well as modernized Concourse        volunteered. Jeff noted that the conference
  The deadline for submitting Scribe
                                                areas. The Master Plan incorporates per-         was going to be an exciting event for the
  reports is the 25th of the odd-
                                                manent solutions for federally-mandated          local transportation profession and was
  numbered month prior to the date of
                                                security directives. Several political hurdles   excited with the quality programs being
  the issue. For example, Scribe
                                                were faced by the Plan, but last March, San      arranged.
  reports are due by March 25th for
                                                Jose voters passed the Airport Security and            The Washington Section awarded this
  publication in the May-June issue.

                                                                                                          Page 7
 Westernite                                                                                                             July–August 2003

year’s student paper competition with                  Five student groups, representing           were announced. The awards were as fol-
prizes of $500 for first place, $400 for sec-     three ITE student chapters, presented re-       lows:
ond, and $300 for third. Venky Shakar,            search projects. The groups represented Cal     •     1st Place: “The City of Claremont
Student Chapter liaison, introduced the           Poly Pomona (three teams), University of              Traffic Signal Synchronization Pro-
three students and their papers. The distin-      California, Irvine (one team), and Califor-           ject,” $500
guished judges, Jeff Highley (HNTB),              nia State University, Long Beach (one           •     2nd Place: “Temple Ave Traffic Analy-
Wayne Wentz (City of Everett), and Don            team). The five groups were competing for             sis,” $300
Samdahl (Marai Associates) selected Xia-          scholarship awards presented to the school      •     3rd Place: “Integration of REACT and
oping Zhang’s paper “Development of a             chapters by the ITE Southern California               TRACER,” UCI, $200
System to Collect Loop Detector Event             Section, and it was agreed by the Board         •     4th Place: “LOS and Field Safety Sur-
Data” as the best presentation. The paper         that each school would receive at least one           vey on SR-1,” $100
reviewed the effort to develop a system to        student chapter award to be sure to support           Following the student presentations,
accurately collect traffic information using      all participating schools. Additionally, for    Richard Romer, Orth-Rodgers & Associ-
single- and double-loop detectors in the          the first time in several years, a student      ates, presented The Zen of Romer, career
freeway environment.                              from California State University, Los An-       advice for both students and professionals.
      The second place paper was presented        geles, also attended. The group acknowl-        His presentation began with an overview of
by David Rosen, “Travel Time to Evening           edged this and warmly welcomed him.             the facts facing the engineering profession
Shopping Activities: An Exploratory                    Robert Wheeler, David Garcia and           workforce. Engineering graduations are at
Analysis.” The paper was a very interesting       Catvu Quash, representing Cal Poly              a 20-year low, while 50% of the engineer-
statistical quantification of several individ-    Pomona, presented the “Cal Poly Pomona          ing workforce will be eligible for retirement
ual factors influencing the frequency of PM       Parking Structure Design.” The students         in the next five years. Current engineering
shopping trips. The paper presented many          discussed their effort in designing a parking   students will be the future core of the engi-
interesting results.                              structure for the campus, including their       neering workforce, and in his presentation
      The winner of third place was Songrit       evaluation of the parking structure layout      Mr. Romer provided tips for students who
Chayanan and his paper “School sprawl             and pedestrian and vehicle circulation.         will be graduating soon, and professionals,
and Travel Choices – Walking and Biking                Jeff Summers, representing California      too! He described the differences between
to School.” The paper did an excellent job        State University, Long Beach, described         working in the public sector versus the
in statistically exploring the factors contrib-   the Level of Service and Safety Field Sur-      private sector and how policy is developed
uting to the mode split in school trips re-       vey on SR-1, which he is conducting for         for each. Mr. Romer also discussed the key
sulting in the significant reduction in non-      the City of Redondo Beach in the heart of       skills that are required in both sectors of
motorized travel to schools in the vicinity       the City’s Specific Plan development. He        engineering: communication, effective
of Gainsville, Fl. The Chapter also               discussed his efforts in evaluating the im-     management, ethics and liability. He em-
awarded $800 for excellence in transporta-        pacts of the increased residential density on   phasized how a “can-do” attitude by engi-
tion to outstanding un-                           three Pacific Coast Highway intersections,      neering professionals is key to success in
dergraduate students                              including a review of both the safety and       the workplace.
Brooke Chesterfield,                              capacity of the intersections.                        The two headliner presentations fol-
Jeremy Metzler, Sarah                                  Gerry Hernandez, Jay Liew and Ed-          lowed the theme of “Who’s Been Working
Moore, Chris Park,                                mund Chew, representing Cal Poly                on the Railroad.” Lou Cluster, ACE, pre-
Maher Joudi, and Grif-                            Pomona, presented the “Temple Avenue            sented “The Status of the ACE Project.”
fin Thornock.                                     Traffic Analysis,” an analysis of an arterial   The ACE Project is part of a larger trans-
                                                  highway adjacent to Cal Poly Pomona.            portation corridor known as the Alameda
Dave Alm, Scribe                                  They provided an overview of traffic vol-       Corridor East Trade Corridor that was
                                                  umes on Temple Avenue, the circulation          created by the State of California. The
                                                  pattern of the campus and then presented        trade corridor also includes rail improve-
                                                  the outcome of their study.                     ment projects in San Bernardino, Riverside
                                                       Arwa Aweiss, representing the Uni-         and Orange Counties.
                                                  versity of California, Irvine, presented              The ACE project will extend the rail
                                                  “Integration of REACT and TRACER.”              transportation system improvements re-
                                                  This project is integrating TRACER GPS          cently constructed on the Alameda Corri-
                                                  in-vehicle data with the REACT web-based        dor for 35 miles from its terminus near
Southern                                          travel planning and updating system. The
                                                  project is an evaluation of the integration
                                                                                                  downtown Los Angeles through the San
                                                                                                  Gabriel Valley to San Bernardino County.
California Section                                of both technologies and the consumer
                                                  interface with the devices.
                                                                                                  It consists of multiple construction projects
                                                                                                  including median improvements, traffic
                                                       Eric Maya and Pablo Para, represent-       signalization, roadway widenings and
April meeting                                     ing Cal Poly Pomona, presented “The City        grade separations. It is intended to relieve
     The Joint ITE Southern California            of Claremont Traffic Signal Synchroniza-        traffic congestion in the San Gabriel Valley
Section and Orange County Traffic Engi-           tion Project.” The students discussed how       caused by longer trains, running at higher
neering Council (OCTEC) meeting was               they combined a planning and traffic engi-      frequencies, resulting from the completion
held on the evening of Wednesday April            neering effort using Synchro software to        of the Alameda Corridor Project. Studies
16, 2003, at the Knott’s Chicken Dinner           coordinate the City traffic signal network.     show that without it, traffic jams at rail
Restaurant in Buena Park. Approximately                At the conclusion of the meeting, the      crossings will double and traffic delays will
73 members were in attendance, including          scholarship awards for the presentations        increase by 300%. The project is also in-
31 students.
                                                                                                  creasing safety around rail crossings, im-

    Page 8                                      
 July–August 2003                                                                                                      Westernite

proving traffic mobility, and ensuring the      how issues can be solved with a positive        ing of signs. Based on the testing con-
continued economic expansion in the San         approach and determination to find a vi-        ducted by the LADOT Signs Division,
Gabriel Valley.                                 able solution and by returning to the basics.   many sign vendors have improved the
      In his presentation, Mr. Cluster dis-     Once the specific design criteria were          quality of their signs.
cussed the various “Jump Start” improve-        looked at more closely, the solution be-              Mr. Mustafa also pointed out that,
ments that are underway, including the          came apparent by identifying how to meet        although sign vendors will state that the
installation of pre-signals at four grade       the underlying needs of the criteria through    graffiti protective layer must be made by
crossings and four-quadrant gates at five       innovation, while maintaining its intended      the same manufacturer of the sheeting, the
locations. This project presents the first      safety requirements.                            City has found that you can mix and match
instance in California where four-quadrant           It was a very informative evening and      the vendor of the graffiti protective brand
gates will be installed exclusively for heavy   some questions from professionals to the        with the sheeting brand.
rail (freight and commuter rail). The Union     students were asked to give the student               Mr. Rock Miller, Katz Okitsu and
Pacific Railroad Company (UPRR) will            chapter members a sense of future “real-        Associates, presented “What You Need to
install and maintain the vehicle detection      world grilling” forthcoming in their excit-     Know to Cross the Street.” This presenta-
system and the exit control system for the      ing careers!                                    tion described three projects underway in
four quadrant gates, setting precedent for                                                      the City of Santa Ana: a 1998 study of
future installations in California. He con-     May meeting                                     marked uncontrolled crosswalks, a 2003
cluded his presentation with an announce-             The May meeting was held on               marked crosswalk study, and the 2003
ment that an Invitation for Bid (IFB)           Wednesday May 21, 2003, at the Monterey         Safety and Awareness Campaign.
should be advertised within the next two        Hill Restaurant in Monterey Park. Ap-                 The 1998 study looked at 162 marked
months for the installation of field traffic    proximately 60 members, including 2 stu-        crosswalks in Santa Ana. It found that
devices including traffic signal controllers,   dents, attended this meeting.                   traffic volume played a factor in accident
variable message signs, CCTV cameras and              Mr. Zaki Mustafa, LADOT, presented        rates at marked pedestrian crossings. Cross-
the related fiber optic communications for      “Lab Results of Various Sign Reflectivity       ings with higher ADT had higher risk than
the network in the City of Pomona. The          Options.” The City of Los Angeles Depart-       locations with lower ADT. In addition, it
IFB, which will be advertised through           ment of Transportation Signs Division is        was found that multilane roadways had
ACE, is in its final preparation stages         responsible for maintaining over 750,000        higher accident rates than two-lane road-
awaiting Caltrans funding approval. Addi-       signs in the City of Los Angeles, and they      ways (one lane in each direction). One
tionally, Mr. Cluster mentioned that the        purchase approximately 4,500 signs a year       surprising find was that marked pedestrian
CPUC is working on changes to the exist-        for new and replacement signing needs.          crossings with high pedestrian volume did
ing local agency versus railroad responsi-      Mr. Mustafa presented an overview of the        not have a substantially worse rate than
bilities at rail crossings.                     various types of signs as defined by the        marked crosswalks with low pedestrian
      Ken Ackeret, Kimley-Horn & Associ-        ASTM (American Society for Testing and          volumes. The study also found that over
ates, presented the “Twain West Connec-         Materials), from porcelain signs (used for      half of all pedestrian accidents in the City
tor – The Railroad Underpass That Some          parking restrictions) to Type-9 signs (used     occurred at mid-block locations, not at
Said Could Not Be Built.” His presentation      for traffic control signage). While porcelain   intersections. The study developed an aver-
was an excellent real-world execution of        signs have a 20-30 year life span, their re-    age accident rate for marked crosswalks; an
Mr. Romer’s “can-do” career advice. Due         flectivity can be reduced dramatically after    accident rate of 1 accident per million pe-
to the physical constraints of the project      one year. Other signs have a 10-year life       destrians per year was average at marked
area, this project was seen by many as im-      span, which include a 10-year warranty          crosswalks.
possible to implement. However, when one        from the vendors.                                     The City conducted additional re-
of the major technical design challenges              Many of the 4500 signs which are          search in 2003. This study evaluated only
was overcome, the project moved forward         being purchased annually by LADOT are           multilane roads at unmarked, uncontrolled
smoothly. The challenge at hand was to          bought as replacement signs. As such, the       crosswalks. The purpose of the study was
meet the AASHTO requirements for sag            City wanted to begin a testing program for      to compare attributes of accident sites with
vertical curves, which is based on motorist     the signs to evaluate the reflectivity of the   randomly selected similar sites.
sight distance and the illumination emitted     signs purchased. They started the testing             The 2003 study evaluated 52 accident
by vehicle headlights. The solution in-         program in 1996, and from this testing          locations and 45 random locations, and
volved using the comfort level curve found      program, they found that some of the new        determined that the following factors were
in the AASHTO’s “A Policy on Geometric          signs that were purchased from the vendors      significant at the accident locations:
Design of Highways and Streets” guide-          did not meet current reflectivity standards.    •     Pedestrian volume - Accident sites had
lines book, and the implementation of           The signs were returned to the vendors for            an average of 80 pedestrian crossings
fixed illumination at the underpass. Since      replacement, but the replacement signs                per day, while random sites had an
the project was built in Las Vegas, adjacent    were also not meeting the reflectivity stan-          average of 29 pedestrian crossings per
to the Las Vegas Strip, obtaining power for     dards.                                                day.
illumination was no problem, and the gen-             Mr. Mustafa emphasized the point          •     Medians–Accident sites tended to
erators that were required for the pump         that City Engineers need to check what is             have less median facilities.
station associated with the underpass were      being purchased from their vendors. Just        •     Lighting–Accident sites had less light-
used as back-up power for the underpass         because a sign is approved by Caltrans,               ing than the random sites.
illumination should commercial power fail.      does not mean that each sign purchased by       •     Bus stop facilities–There was a greater
      From concept, through approval, land      an agency will actually meet these require-
                                                                                                      chance that an accident site had a bus
acquisition, railroad coordination and con-     ments. To be sure, an agency must actually            stop nearby.
struction, the project was completed in         test the sign themselves. For this reason the
                                                                                                •     Adjacent controlled intersections–
only four years. The project demonstrated       City of Los Angeles conducts its own test-
                                                                                                      Accident sites found to not have con-

                                                                                                        Page 9
 Westernite                                                                                                             July–August 2003

     trolled intersections nearby.                    In the third segment of his presenta-      which has reached many school children
     The results of Mr. Miller’s study have      tion, Mr. Miller described the 2003 Pedes-      within the City. Additional information
been used by some cities as warrants for         trian Safety and Awareness Campaign in          can be found at
when a marked crosswalk may be consid-           the City of Santa Ana, entitled the             While it is difficult to measure the effec-
ered at an uncontrolled intersection. He         “Moving Violator Campaign” which uses           tiveness of the campaign directly, it has
indicated that the study provides a good         an “orange person” as the spokesperson.         reached many people
framework of what factors should be evalu-       The campaign is targeted at school children     and has increased aware-
ated when identifying locations for marked       and included many private/public partner-       ness of pedestrian safety
crosswalks. The study also allowed for a         ships and innovative marketing, including       in the City.
revision in the average accident rate previ-     Southern California Automobile Associa-
ously developed. The revised accident rate       tion (AAA), street light banners, OCTA          Joaquin Siques, Co-Scribe
of 1 accident/330,000 pedestrians was de-        bus and FM radio ads. The Moving Viola-
termined from the random sample sites.           tor Campaign is an OTS-funded program

                                                 increasing this effort to have the best stu-    at
President’s Message                              dent turnout yet! This is your opportunity            A huge thank you to the Washington
                                                 to support the ITE student members from         Traffic Safety Committee. They have con-
(Continued from page 1)                          District 6. Single or combined contribu-        tributed a $10,000 grant! This grant will be
gram’s success. This particular program is       tions of $1000 would provide a student          utilized to offset the full cost of Annual
aimed at increasing the attendance of ITE        airfare, hotel, and International conference    Meeting registration for 13 ITE members
student members at the Annual Meeting            registration (District registration for stu-    from an array of different public agencies
from all of the Districts. Individual Dis-       dents is free) and contributors will be rec-    within Washington. If you or your organi-
tricts and Sections have been working on         ognized at the conference. Please help in-      zation would like more information on
financing students to attend the Annual          vest in the future of our profession by spon-   how to fund and set-up a similar type of
Meeting. Currently, our District as well as      soring a student representative from our        program or would like to sponsor a portion
many of the Sections within the District         District. For more information about spon-      of the Annual Meeting, please contact Jim
will be funding student travel to the An-        sorships, please contact Jim Ellison at         Ellison.
nual Meeting. However, we are looking at         Pierce County at (253) 798-7250 via email

                          Positions Available
             LSA ASSOCIATES                      ing firm listed in Fortune Magazine’s “100            We have engineered the blueprint for
      Transportation Planner/Traffic Engi-       Best Companies To Work For” in 2003!            much of the Northwest’s infrastructure by
neer—Environmental consulting firm in            Join the “best”, and put your talents to        delivering state-of-the art transportation
Riverside, California is seeking a Senior        work in delivering an exciting mix of inno-     systems that move the people, goods, and
Transportation Planner/Traffic Engineer          vative and diverse transportation projects      services that fuel our region’s economy.
for General Plan circulation studies and         with our team of professionals in Bellevue,     Join the “best”, and put your talents to
traffic analyses for development and road-       Washington.                                     work in delivering an exciting mix of inno-
way improvement projects. Responsibilities            Responsible for signal design, ITS         vative and diverse transportation projects
include business development, proposal           planning and deployment, geometric de-          in our Portland, Oregon office:
preparation, client contact, public meet-        sign, corridor studies, and signal system       •     Senior Transportation Engineers
ings, project review, and quality control.       analysis. You will manage traffic projects;     •     Transportation Design Engineers
Eight to 10 years of experience plus a de-       provide quality control, and participate in     •     Aviation Engineers
gree in transportation planning, traffic engi-   business development activities. Requires       •     Traffic Engineers
neering, urban planning, or a related field      BS in Civil/Transportation Engineering                In addition to excellent benefits
required. Must be able to show a proven          (MS preferred), Washington PE, and 10+          (including stock options, incentive pay,
record of accomplishments and increasing         years Traffic Engineering work history.         tuition reimbursement, and more!), CH2M
levels of responsibility. Must have working      Must have excellent knowledge of traffic        HILL offers the opportunity for personal
knowledge of various traffic analysis soft-      analysis techniques and related computer        and professional growth, challenging pro-
ware and procedures. Registration as a           programs. Effective project management          jects, and the latest technology. To apply,
Civil or Traffic Engineer desirable. Candi-      and communication skills, and team orien-       submit your resume to
date needs to think critically and communi-      tation needed. Roadway design skills a          For more information on CH2Mand our
cate effectively. Must be able to work inde-     plus.                                           career opportunities, contact Jonda Frank-
pendently and with other professionals in             To apply, indicate job code 3955BR         lin at (425) 233-3208, or visit our web site
transportation, environmental, and plan-         and submit your resume to                       at
ning functions. Fax resume and samples to Visit our web site at               EEO/AA employer
H/R (909) 781-1084.                     EEO/AA employer
                                                      Opportunities in Portland—CH2M                     CITY OF VICTORVILLE
              CH2M HILL                          HILL is the only engineering firm listed in          The City of Victorville (population
   Senior Traffic Engineer, Bellevue,            Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies          70,961) is one of the top 10 employers in
Wash.—CH2M HILL is the only engineer-            To Work For” in 2003!                           the Victor Valley and offers generous bene-

   Page 10                                     
 July–August 2003                                                                                                          Westernite

fits including: 9/80 work week and last           tremely important. Good oral and written
week of December off/paid, a $596 flexible        presentation skills are necessary. The appli-                 KING COUNTY DOT
spending account and 2.5% @ 55 PERS.              cant should also demonstrate familiarity                Traffic Engineer II—Prepare and review
The City is currently seeking applicants for      with design analysis and project manage-          traffic studies and level of service analyses.
the following positions:                          ment administrative software tools.               Identify and recommend intersection and
      Assistant Director of Planning and Devel-         Senior Traffic Engineer for San Bernar-     corridor improvements to improve safety
opment—Requirements include Bachelor’s            dino Office—Our San Bernardino office is          and capacity. Assist in the development of
degree with a major in Urban Planning,            seeking a Senior Engineer to manage the           the Regional Network Studies Pro-
Geography or closely related field and five       day-to-day operations. The candidate              gram.Develop and implement coordi-
years of professional-level planning experi-      should have a B.S. in Civil Engineering,          nated/ Optimized and Transit Signal Prior-
ence including at least two years in a divi-      P.E., T.E., and/or PTOE. 10 years of ex-          ity (TSP) signal timing plans. Coordinate
sion level supervisory capacity. Salary           perience in traffic and civil project manage-     work efforts between King County and
range: $65,064 up to $79,272. After 7-1-03        ment and scheduling, traffic analysis, re-        other jurisdictions. Knowledge of traffic
$67,596-$82,368.                                  port preparation and knowledge of princi-         engineering principles equivalent to a
      Original applications for each position     pals and standards for traffic engineering.       bachelors degree in civil engineering or in
along with a valid unrestricted California        Candidate should have supervision and             closely related field and two(2) years of
Class “C” driver’s license is required by the     business development experience. Candi-           progressively responsible experience at a
closing date of Friday, June 13 @ 12:00           date should have good oral, written and           level equivalent to an Engineer II required.
p.m. in the Human Resources Department            presentation skills.                              For complete job announcement, visit the
at 14343 Civic Drive, Victorville, CA                   Associate Engineers/Associate Transporta-   following web address:
92392. Jobline (760) 261-1508 Phone (760)         tion Planners—Positions requires a bache-     
955-5051.         lor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Urban          jobs/assets/6-2-03/03SB3415.pdf
                                                  Planning or a related field, and five years             Transportation Planner IV—Job No.:
     KATZ, OKITSU & ASSOCIATES                    of professional engineering or planning           03CY3229, Annual Salary: $68,453.42 –
      Katz, Okitsu & Associates is a special-     experience. Typical experience would in-          $82,754.88, Closes 7/3/03—This position
ized traffic and transportation engineering       clude: project management, traffic analysis       will develop multiple programs and plans
firm with offices throughout Southern             (including simulations), traffic design           while developing transportation policy
Calif. We offer excellent salaries, competi-      (including traffic signal, signing and strip-     using highly specialized technical expertise.
tive benefits, and a challenging and profes-      ing, and street lighting design) and report       Provide leadership and serve as a unique
sional work environment. Currently we are         preparation. Writing skills are a must. Cer-      resource for Transit’s long term transporta-
accepting applications to fill openings for       tification from AICP is a plus.                   tion needs. Projects include: Downtown
senior and associate traffic engineers, civil           Please visit our website at                 Seattle Transit Tunnel closure, Metro’s Six-
engineers and transportation planners in for more information           Year Development Plan, Link Light Rail
our Los Angeles, Tustin, San Bernardino,          about the company and the positions. E-           and coordination with the Seattle Mono-
and San Diego offices. We have immediate          mail salary history with your resume and          rail. See our website at
openings for an Associate Engineer or             cover letter and address it to Susan Grabiec      for a complete job description and applica-
Planner in our San Diego office, a Senior         at with                   tion or call (206) 684-1179 for more infor-
Engineer in our Los Angeles (Monterey             “Employment” in the subject line.                 mation.
Park) office and a Senior Traffic Engineer                                                                King County is an equal opportunity
for our San Bernardino office.                                   OREGON DOT                         employer. Job announcements are avail-
      Senior Engineer—The position in our              Traffic Engineer 2 (Traffic Devices Engi-    able in alternative formats for persons with
Monterey Park office requires a B.S. in           neer)—Located in Salem Oregon, this posi-         disabilities. 1-800-833-6388 TYY. Applica-
Civil Engineering; P.E. or T.E., plus 10          tion will assist the State Sign Engineer by       tions request line: 206-205-8782.
years experience in traffic or transportation     directing the sign and pavement markings
project management and knowledge of               of the Traffic Design Unit. Position will                  CITY OF SCOTTSDALE
principles and standards for design of traf-      provide leadership and training to engi-               Traffic Engineering Director— Scotts-
fic facilities. Supervisory experience is ex-     neers, prepare contract plans, specifications     dale, Arizona, one of the nation’s premier
                                                  and estimates, and recommend revisions to         communities, is seeking a Traffic Engineer-
                                                  sign and pavement marking policies and            ing Director. The City is a vibrant full-
                                                  use of their interpretations in traffic engi-     service community with a population of
 Positions Available Ads:                         neering. Registration as a Professional En-       215,000 and a workforce of over 2,200.
                                                  gineer (PE) is required. Salary $3661-            The Traffic Engineering Division has a
 To place your ad, e-mail your ad to              $5242/month plus excellent benefits. For          current operating budget of $1.5 million, a
                                                  more details about this position, minimum         five-year CIP of $31.4 million, and full- The
 deadline is the 28th of the previous odd-        qualification requirements, how to apply          time staff of 10 employees.
 numbered month. The cost is $6.00 per            and supplemental requirements, please visit            Ideal candidates will be empowering
 line, with a minimum cost per ad of     or call
 $100.00. Ads are also posted on our              (503) 986-4030 (TTY 986-3854 for the
 web site at More             hearing impaired) for Announcement
 information is available on our Web site.        #OCDT3164 and application. Application
                                                  and required supplements must be received              Tell them you saw
 Coming soon… Credit card payment!                by 5:00 p.m. PST: May 30, 2003. ODOT is              their ad in WesternITE!
 Pay for your Positions Available ads             an AA/EEO Employer, committed to
 conveniently, using a credit card. You’ve        building workforce diversity.
 been asking for it, so we’re doing it!

                                                                                                            Page 11
 Westernite                                                                                                             July–August 2003

leaders with excellent communication and         two years of supervisory experience. A           the 15th largest city in California. This is
team building skills, and proven traffic         certificate of registration as a Professional    an excellent career opportunity for an ex-
engineering professionals. A Bachelor’s          Traffic or Civil Engineer in the State of        perienced and progressive leader to man-
Degree in Traffic Engineering, Civil Engi-       California is required. To apply, submit a       age the Traffic Engineering Unit of the
neering or a closely related field and sub-      completed City of Moreno Valley applica-         Engineering & Transportation Department
stantial management experience in a com-         tion to the Human Resources Department           for the City of Modesto. This position re-
plex traffic engineering environment are         at 14177 Frederick St., P.O. Box 88005,          ports to the Deputy Director of Engineer-
required. Registration as a Professional         Moreno Valley, CA 92552-0805. This posi-         ing and Transportation, oversees a staff of
Engineer in the State of Arizona or the          tion is open until filled. Applications and      19 and will be responsible for the develop-
ability to obtain within one-year is re-         more information can be found on our             ment, operation, and maintenance of the
quired.                                          website at or            City’s traffic system and facilities. The suc-
      Salary highly competitive and negotia-     call (909) 413-3045 EOE                          cessful candidate will possess a blend of
ble, position is open until filled. The City                                                      technical ability combined with superior
offers an attractive compensation and bene-                AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF                     supervisory skills. Minimum requirements
fit package. Submit cover letter with cur-               SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                      include a Bachelor’s degree, as well as four
rent salary, resume, and three work-related                       Traffic Engineer                years of increasingly responsible profes-
references to:                                         About the Position: We are seeking ex-     sional traffic engineering experience, in-
John Shannon                                     perienced Traffic Engineers to contribute to     cluding supervisory or lead responsibility.
SHANNON EXECUTIVE SEARCH                         a variety of public policy, safety and legis-    (A Master’s Degree in Transportation is
241 Lathrop Way                                  lative initiatives including our new School      desirable.) Requires a valid Certificate of
Sacramento, CA 95815                             Site Traffic Safety Program. The successful      Registration as a Traffic Engineer issued by
(916) 263-1401, Fax (916) 561-7205               candidate will be able to articulate and         the California State Board of Registration
Email:                        represent organizational and member inter-       for Professional Engineers. Salary range is
Website:                  ests, maintain close working relationships       $74,650-$90,953 annually plus an excellent
                                                 with public agencies and staff, work with        benefits package including PERS retire-
    CITY OF SAMMAMISH, WASH.                     Public Relations staff to obtain appropriate     ment. Position open until filled. Review of
     Senior Project Engineer/ Transporta-        publicity, assist staff with traffic engineer-   resumes to begin 8/8/03. Apply on line at
tion—This position assists with the devel-       ing and operational issues, perform field Request a de-
opment, administration and implementa-           inspections, and represent the Club on           tailed brochure call (916) 630-4900 or e-
tion of the City’s Transportation Program.       traffic committees and similar groups. Ex-       mail
Complete job description & city applica-         perience in designing and implementing
tion form may be obtained by calling 425-        driver, bicycle and pedestrian safety pro-
836-7916 or               grams is highly desirable.
EOE                                                    Qualifications:
                                                 •     Bachelor of Science degree in civil
       CITY OF MORENO VALLEY                           engineering or closely related field       Sponsor a Student,
      Senior Engineer (Public Works/             •     Current California registration in traf-
Transportation)—Salary $5,459-6,967/mo.                fic engineering or a closely related
                                                                                                  Support Student Chapters!
DOQ; excellent benefit package worth                   engineering discipline
$7,930/yr, and City paid PERS. If you are        •     Five or more years' experience in traf-    Help invest in the future of our
interested in working in a community with              fic engineering                            profession by joining others in
affordable housing and close the desert,         •     Excellent oral and written communi-        supporting student attendance and
mountains, beach and other local recrea-               cation skills                              participation at this year's ITE Annual
tional areas consider working with us! This                                                       Meeting in Seattle. Your financial
                                                 •     Ability to make persuasive public pres-
position serve as lead staff or supervise the                                                     contribution would help cover costs for
following: development plan checks; traffic                                                       student airfare, hotel, and conference
                                                 •     Good interpersonal skills and consen-      registration. Contributors will be duly
study review; traffic forecasting and analy-           sus-building abilities
sis; traffic safety analysis; signal coordina-                                                    recognized at the conference. Interested
                                                 •     Computer skills including Internet         firms or individuals should contact Jim
tion; signal plan checks; signing and strip-
                                                       research and MS Word, Excel, &             Ellison, Pierce County, WA, at 253-
ing plan checks; grant applications;
                                                       PowerPoint                                 798-7250 or
neighborhood traffic calming; circulation
                                                       How to Apply: Send resume to Person-
infrastructure planning, fee program imple-
                                        or fax to (714) 850-
mentation; access management; manage
consultant contracts; prepare performance
                                                                                          Sign of the Times
                                                       Reference: JD/TE
evaluations; prepare annual budgets for
division work units; prepare and make
                                                  CITY OF MODESTO, CALIF.
presentations at City Council, Planning
                                                      City Traffic Engineer—The City
Commission, and Traffic Safety Advisory
Commission meetings. Qualifications in-          of Modesto is a thriving, progres-
                                                 sive community in central Califor-                           “Something tells me this
clude a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering                                                                      mayor works odd
or a related discipline. Graduate course-        nia built upon a legacy of agribusi-
                                                 ness and vineyards. Its diversified                          hours…”
work in Transportation and Traffic Engi-
neering is desirable. Four years of profes-      economy supports a community of
                                                 approximately 203,000 residents                              Submitted by Ed Krulikowski
sional engineering experience in transpor-
tation planning or traffic engineering, and      and is the largest city and seat of
                                                 Stanislaus County. Modesto is also

   Page 12                                     
July–August 2003                                                                                                                   Westernite

Good Practices for Improving                      tion conflicts and crashes                  engineering and has held positions in
                                              •   Safety at signalized and non-               cities and counties in California.
Safety at Intersection Locations                  signalized intersections                          Philip Demosthenes, Colorado Depart-
A One-Day Safety Workshop                     •   Safety and design of access points          ment of Highways—Mr. Demosthenes is
                                                  (driveways)                                 an expert in traffic safety and access man-
     About 65% of all crashes in urban        •   Safety, design, and use of modern           agement.
areas, and 40% of all crashes in rural            roundabouts
areas, occur at or near intersections or      •   Accommodation for pedestrians and           Workshop Registration and Fee
driveways. Safety improvements at these           bicyclists
locations have always been a priority and                                                          Seating will be limited to confirmed
                                              •   Land use designs to reduce crashes
pose a challenge for most transportation                                                      registrants only. Pre-registration is re-
                                              •   Good safety practices and case-
agencies in California. Because crashes                                                       quired. Early registration is strongly rec-
are typically complex events, a great di-                                                     ommended. Classes fill quickly.
versity of mitigation measures have been                                                           There is a fee of $50. To register,
tried with varying degrees of success,        Instructors                                     please contact Jo-Elaine Morgan at
including the so-called modern round-              Nazir Lalani, P.E., Principal Engi-        (510) 231-5673 or
about. This one-day workshop offers a                                               
                                              neer, Transportation Department, Ven-
range of guidelines, solutions, and strate-   tura County Public Works Agency—Mr.
gies for decreasing conflicts and crashes     Lalani has won many awards in traffic
at intersection locations, drawing on
experiences in California, North Amer-                                              Locations:
ica, and Europe. The workshop explores
                                              San Diego                                      Richmond
safety implications for motorists, pedes-
trians, and bicyclists in both urban and      Thursday, October 9, 9 am–4 pm                 Thursday, November 6, 9 AM–4 PM
rural areas.                                  Holiday Inn Mission Valley Stadium             Richmond Field Station
                                              3805 Murphy Canyon Road                        1355 S. 46th Street, Building 454
Topics include:                               San Diego, CA 92123                            Richmond, CA 94804
•   Understanding sources of intersec-        (Lunch is not provided)

Legislative                                                                                               SUPPLIERS
                                                                                              COUNTS UNLIMITED
                                                                                              Traffic data collection specialists serving Southern California.
                                                                                              Manual, machine counts of types customized to your needs:
                                                                                              Speed, Classification, Volume ● Radar ● Travel ● Video
                                                                                              Barbara N. Sackett, President
 by Walt Stringer, ITE District 6                                                             Tel (909) 247-6716           Fax (909) 924-8604
 Legislative Committee Chair
                                                                                              TRAFFIC RESEARCH & ANALYSIS, INC.
                                                                                              Specializing in all types of traffic data, including machine and
      In California, the state TCRP fund-                                                     manual counts, speed, classification, video logging, road meas-
 ing freeze basically continues, with some                                                    urements, GPS. DBE CERTIFIED
                                                                                              3844 E. Indian School Rd.             (602) 840-1500
 emergency items funded recently, and         was also lowered), increasing annually          Phoenix, AZ 85018                     FAX (602) 840-1577
 CTC agenda items requesting either reve-     by about 2%. The proposal also revises
 nue neutral and/or innovative funding,       the structure and identity of programs
 plus administrative plan updates as well.    and formula categories, and adds pro-
 The May 2003 “Revise,” or budget office
 deficit estimate, showed that the overall
                                              grams such as 'New Freedom' (ADA-                       PROFESSIONAL
                                              related), Indian Rural Transit, Intermo-
 fiscal picture has not improved over prior   dal Passenger Facilities, and National                    SERVICES
 estimates.                                   Parks Legacy. The debate will continue
                                                                                              2R ENGINEERING
      A key focus over the past few weeks     over the next few months, with the goal         Traffic & Transportation Engineering ● Traffic Impact Studies ●
 was the May 14 release of the SAFETEA        of passage by September.                        Litigation Consulting & Testimony ● Neighborhood & School
                                                                                              Traffic Management ● Parking
 (or TEA-21 reauthorization) budget pro-            In keeping with the federal emphasis      2971 Brimhall Drive
 posal by the administration, which trig-     on security, a total of $2.2B in funding to     Los Alamitos, CA 90720
                                                                                              (562) 430-9685             e-mail:
 gers the legislative involvement by key      state and local governments has been
 House and Senate Committees with their       made available by the Department of             AAE INCORPORATED
                                                                                              Civil Engineering ● Surveying Services ● Traffic & Transportation
 own proposals, modifications, or both.       Homeland Security, focusing on airports,        Engineering ● Construction Management ● Program Manage-
 Reportedly the initial proposal has met      bridges, tunnels, ports, highways, and          ment ● Municipal & School Facilities Engineering ●
 with largely negative reaction in both       urban transit. The grant criteria include       Orange County, CA          (714) 940-0100
 houses. The new legislation would ex-        high population density and critical in-        Los Angeles, CA            (626) 657-6000
 tend from FY2004 through FY2009,             frastructure, and District 6 cities eligible    ABRAMS ASSOCIATES
 since TEA-21 programs expire on Octo-        for funds, after completing internal secu-      Traffic Planning & Engineering ● Development Services ●
                                                                                              Litigation Consulting
 ber 1, 2003. In the aggregate, transit       rity assessments, include Los Angeles,          2815 Mitchell Drive, Suite 120
 funding would be authorized $45.8B           Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and Port-        Walnut Creek, CA 94598
                                                                                              (925) 945-0201              FAX (925) 945-7966
 over the entire period (roadway funding      land.

                                                                                                                         Page 13
 Westernite                                                                                                                                                          July–August 2003

ADVANTEC CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC.                               CCS PLANNING AND ENGINEERING, INC.                               FEHR & PEERS ASSOCIATES, INC.
ITS ● Communications ● Systems Engineering ● Traffic              Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Highway          Traffic Engineering ● Transportation/Transit Planning ● Parking ●
Engineering ● Signal Design ● Traffic Control ● Traffic Impact    Design ● Traffic Signal Systems ● Modeling/GIS ● ITS ●           Signal Design ● Bikeway Studies
Studies ● Parking Studies (DBE/MBE)                               ATMS/ATIS ● Parking ● M/W/DBE                                    Denver, CO                 (303) 296-4300
21700 Copley Drive #350                                           San Jose                   (408) 544-2477                        Lafayette, CA              (925) 284-3200
Diamond Bar, CA 91765                                             Oakland                    (510) 267-1800                        Las Vegas, NV              (702) 221-4327
(909) 86006222             FAX (909) 860-6722                     San Ramon                  (925) 314-1220                        Reno, NV                   (775) 826-3200                        Sacramento                 (916) 646-5650                        Roseville, CA              (916) 773-1900
                                                                                                        San Francisco, CA          (415) 369-0425
ALBERT GROVER & ASSOCIATES                                                                                                         San Jose, CA               (408) 278-1700
Signal System Design ● Coordination ● Operations ● Impact         CRAIN & ASSOCIATES OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                        Salt Lake City, UT         (801) 261-4700
Studies ● Modelling ● Design/Build ● Parking & Access ●           Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning
Inspection ● Implementation                                       2007 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 4 ● Los Angeles,California        HEXAGON TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS
211 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 208                                90025 ● 310 473-6508 ● Fax: 310 444-9771                         Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Travel Demand
Fullerton, CA 92835                                                                                                                Forecasting ● Traffic Simulation ● Traffic Operations ● Environ-
(714) 992-2990            FAX (714) 992-2883                      ROBERT CROMMELIN & ASSOC., INC.                                  mental Impact Studies ● Traffic Impact studies ● Parking Studies
                                                                  Consulting Traffic Engineers, Experienced in Traffic Engineer-   ● Transit Studies ● Signal Design
ASSOCIATED TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERS                               ing Evaluation and Testimony as part of Litigation               40 South Market Street, Suite 600
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic Signal    73-255 El Paseo, Suite 9       (760) 568-6838                    San Jose, CA 95113         (408) 971-6100
Design ● Parking Studies                                          Palm Desert, CA 92260          FAX (760) 568-9850
100 North Hope Avenue, Suite 4                                                                          HIGGINS ASSOCIATES
Santa Barbara, CA 93110-1686                                                                                                       Traffic Engineering ● Signal Operations ● Comprehensive Trans-
(805) 687-4418             FAX (805) 682-8509                     CTS ENGINEERS, INC.                                              portation Planning ● Geometric Design ● Signal Design ● Park-              email:                  Traffic ● Transportation Planning & Design ● ITS ● Transit       ing
                                                                  Facilities ● Highways ● Bridges ● WBE/DBE                        1335 First Street, Suite A, Gilroy, CA 95020
AUSTIN-FOUST ASSOCIATES, INC.                                     Washington                         Oregon                        (408) 848-3122              Fax: (408) 848-2202
Traffic & Civil Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic   1412 112th Avenue NE Ste 102       3300 NW 211th Terrace         email:
Signal Design ● Parking Analysis and Design                       Bellevue, WA 98004-3760            Hillsboro, OR 97124
2020 North Tustin Avenue                                          (425) 455-7622                     (503) 690-8080                HNTB CORPORATION
Santa Ana, CA 92705-7827                                          FAX (425) 462-1374                 FAX (503) 645-5930            Transportation ● Traffic ● Planning ● Bridges ● Airports ● High-
(714) 667-0496              Fax (714) 667-7952                      ways ● ITS
                                                                                                                                   200 E Sandpointe Avenue, Suite 200
BOYLE ENGINEERING CORPORATION                                     DARNELL & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                       Santa Ana, CA 92707
Transportation & Traffic Engineering ● Highways ● Structures      Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering & Design Ser-      Phoenix                     (602) 528-4300
● Transit Signals ● Traffic Control                               vices ● Traffic Control Signal Systems ● Impact Studies ●        Denver                      (303) 839-8300
1501 Quail Street                                                 Bikeways ● Parking ● Air Quality Analysis                        Seattle                     (206) 455-3555
Newport Beach, CA 92660                                           1446 Front Street, Suite 300                                     Las Vegas                   (702) 365-9334
(949) 476-3300              Fax (949) 721-7141                    San Diego, CA 92101                                    
                                                                  (619) 233-9373              FAX (619) 233-4034
BKF ENGINEERS                                                                                                                      IBI GROUP
Traffic Engineering ● Signal Design ● Traffic Impact Studies ●    DAVID EVANS AND ASSOCIATES, INC.                                 ITS ● Traffic Engineering ● Traffic Control Systems ● Transporta-
Geometric Design ● Parking                                        Celebrating our 25th Anniversary, in 16 offices throughout the   tion Planning ● Public Transportation ● Civil Engineering ●
540 Price Avenue                                                  west!                                                            Architecture ● Urban Planning
Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 482-6300                               Corporate Headquarters:                18401 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 110
San Jose, CA               (408) 467-9100                         415 118th Ave SE          2828 SW Corbett Ave                    Irvine, CA 92612           (949) 833-5588
Walnut Creek, CA           (925) 940-2200                         Bellevue, WA 98005        Portland, OR 97201                     Seattle                    (206) 521-9091
Pleasanton, CA             (925) 396-7700                         (425) 519-6500            (503) 223-6663                         Denver                     (303) 713-1013
                                                                  (425) 519-5361 fax        (503) 721-0870 fax                     Toronto                    (416) 596-1930
BUCHER, WILLIS & RATLIFF CORPORATION                              Transportation ● Water Resources ● Telecommunications ●
Providing Innovative Solutions Since 1957                         Land Development                                                 INNOVATIVE TRANSPORTATION CONCEPTS, INC.
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering/ Operations ●                                                                        Transit and Traffic Engineering ● Simulation Consulting Software
Travel Forecasting ● Intelligent Transportation Systems ●         DKS ASSOCIATES                                                   ● Transit Planning
Communications Systems ● Bridge/Roadway/Highway Design            Traffic and Transportation Engineering and Planning ● Intelli-   Corvallis, OR              (541) 754-6836
Pleasanton, CA              (925) 463-2730                        gent Transportation Systems                                      Wilmington, DE             (302) 654-4384
Seattle, WA                 (206) 448-2123                        Oakland CA (510) 763-2061                                        Somerville, MA             (617) 776-7630
                                                                  Offices in: Phoenix, AZ; Irvine, San Jose, and Sacramento,
CALIFORNIATRAFFICCALMERS                                          CA; Tampa and Tallahassee, FL; Dallas, TX; Las Vegas, NV;
RTCP ● Speed Humps ● Traffic Calming Warrant Analysis ●           Portland, OR; Seattle, WA                                        JONES & STOKES
Neighborhood Traffic Management ● Traffic Commision and           Web page:                                  Transportation Planning ● Air Quality and Noise Studies
City Council Reports ● Neighborhood Meetings ● Round-             email:                                     Oakland, CA                 (510) 433-8962
abouts ● Stop Signs ● School Speed Control Studies                                                                                 Sacramento, CA              (916) 737-3000
P.O. Box 72208 ● Davis, CA 95617-6208 ● (530) 758-1727            DMJM+HARRIS                                                      Bellevue, WA                (425) 822-1077                                      Full range of transportation services: Planning ● Highways ●     Other offices in Portland, OR; San Francisco, San Jose, Irvine,
                                                                  Rail/Transit ● Bridges ● Traffic Engineering ● ITS ● Freeway     CA; Phoenix, AZ
CAMBRIDGE SYSTEMATICS, INC.                                       Surveillance Systems                                   
A National Leader in Transportation Planning ● Travel De-         Orange:                     (714) 567-2501
mand Forecasting & Analysis ● Freight Modeling & Planning ●       Los Angeles:                (213) 593-8200                       KAKU ASSOCIATES, INC.
ITS & CVO Products & Services ● Transportation & Land Use         Sacramento:                 (916) 929-3124                       Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Parking
Analysis ● Transportation Finance                                 Oakland:                    (510) 645-4490                       1453 Third Street, Suite 400
Oakland, CA                             (510) 873-8700                                                                             Santa Monica, CA 90401
Seattle, WA                             (425) 837-1450            DOWLING ASSOCIATES, INC.                                         (310)458-9916              FAX (310) 394-7663
Cambridge, MA (headquarters)            (617) 354-0167            Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Research ●                                                    Traffic Software ● Computer Models                               KATZ, OKITSU & ASSOCIATES
                                                                  180 Grand Avenue, Suite 250       (510) 839-1742                 Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signal Timing ●
CARTER & BURGESS, INC.                                            Oakland, CA 94612                 Fax: (510) 839-0871            ITS ● GIS                                             (DBE)
Comprehensive transportation planning and engineering:                                                 1055 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 300
Denver, CO               (303) 820-5240                                                                                            Monterey Park, CA 91754         (323) 260-4703
Las Vegas, NV            (702) 938-5600                           ENTRANCO, INC.                                                   San Diego, CA                   (619) 683-2933
Los Angeles, CA          (818) 784-7585                           Full service planning, design, and environmental analysis,       Tustin, CA                      (714) 573-0317
Phoenix, AZ              (602) 263-5309                           services for Traffic and Transportation projects. Offices in     San Bernardino, CA              (909) 890-9693
Salt Lake City, UT       (801) 355-1112                           Bellevue, WA; Portland, OR; Boise, ID; Phoenix and Tucson,
Oakland, CA              (510) 465-8400                           AZ; Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA; Helena,          KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES, INC.
                                                                  MT; Salt Lake City, UT; and Fort Collins, CO                     Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS ● Communi-
CATALINA ENGINEERING, INC.                                        For numbers call 1-800-454-5601                                  cations ● Software ● Civil engineering
Traffic Engineering ● Roadway Design ● Research ● Traffic         email:                              Regional offices in: San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Long
Operations ● Civil Engineering ● ITS                                                                                               Beach, Pleasanton, Oakland, Sacramento, CA; Las Vegas,
180 W. Magee Road, Suite 140                                      FALCONI CONSULTING SERVICES                                      Reno, NV; Tucson, Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO
Tucson, Arizona 85704                                             Creating transportation solutions for communities. Services      Regional Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ (602) 944-5500
(520) 544-4067            FAX (520) 544-9616                      include the development of access management plans, trans-                                       portation system plans, traffic impact studies, corridor plan-
                                                                  ning, neighborhood traffic management plans, traffic safety      KORVE ENGINEERING, INC.
                                                                  studies, bicycle and pedestrian master plans, and project        Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil Engineering
                                                                  management.                                                      ● Land Development ● Multimodal Facilities ● Rail Planning
                                                                  Oregon MBE/DBE certified.                                        155 Grand Ave., Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 763-2929
                                                                  Email:                           Offices in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Salt Lake City

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 July–August 2003                                                                                                                                                            Westernite

LANCASTER ENGINEERING                                                 NBCE, INC.                                                          ED RUZAK & ASSOCIATES, INC.
Traffic and Transportation Engineering ● Light Rail ● Traffic         Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil Engineering   Traffic & Transportation Engineering ● Consulting for
Control ● Traffic Impact & Planning Studies                           ● Surveying & Mapping ● School Facilities Engineering               Litigation
Union Station, Suite 206, Portland, OR 97209                          17501 E. 17th St, Suite 270, Tustin, CA 92780                       10061 Talbert Avenue., Suite 200 Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(503) 248-0313             FAX (503) 248-9251                         Tel. (714) 573-9999        Fax (714) 573-9877                       (714) 964-4880             FAX (714) 964-7219
email:                                                                                           999 Green Street, Ste 1103, San Francisco, CA 94133
                                                                                                                                          (415) 929-8745
LEE ENGINEERING, LLC.                                                 ORTH-RODGERS & ASSOCIATES, INC.
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS                   Traffic Engineering ● Highway and Traffic Design ● Traffic Sig-     SIEMENS ENERGY & AUTOMATION, INC.
3033 N. 44th Street, Suite 375                                        nals ● Signal Systems Design ● Intelligent Transportation Sys-      GARDNER TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS BUSINESS UNIT
Phoenix, AZ 85018          (602) 955-7206                             tems ● Environmental Science and Planning ● Municipal Ser-          Transportation Systems Engineering ● ITS Planning & Design ● email:                        vices ● Landscape Architecture and Urban Design                     Traffic Control Systems ● Freeway Management Systems ●
                                                                      Southwest Office              Corporate Headquarters                Advanced Controller Systems ● Communications
LSC TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                                  1140 N Town Center Dr,        230 S Broad St, 16th Floor            1355 Willow Way, Suite 275, Concord, CA 94520
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Transit Planning      Ste 190                       Philadelphia, PA 19102-2141           (925) 691-9524 ●
& Facilities ● Signal/Roundabout Design ● Resort Planning ●           Las Vegas, NV 89134           (215) 735-1932                        Offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Port-
Parking                                                               (702) 233-4060                FAX: (215) 735-5954                   land, Tucson, and Salt Lake City
Tahoe City, CA             (530) 583-4053                             FAX: (702) 233-4560
Denver, CO                 (303) 333-1105                             Principal: Richard T. Romer, P.E., PTOE                             SMITH ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT
Colorado Springs, CO       (719) 633-2868                             Managing Principal: Robert M. Rodgers, P.E., PTOE                   Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil ● Parking ●
                                                                         Transit ● Engineering & Public Works Management ● Litigation
LIN CONSULTING, INC. (DBE/MBE)                                                                                                            Consulting
Traffic, Civil, and Electrical Consulting Engineers                   P&D CONSULTANTS, INC.                                               5311 Lowry Road, Union City, CA 94587
ITS Design ● Signal ● Lighting ● Studies ● GIS                        Specializing in Surface Transportation and Aviation Planning and    (510) 489-9477             FAX (510) 489-9478
21660 E. Copley Drive, Suite 270                                      Engineering ● Western Region: Orange, San Diego, Oakland,
Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (909) 396-6850                                  San Francisco, CA                                                   STEVENS-GARLAND ASSOC., INC. FAX (909) 396-8150                              Lew Garber, P.E. (714) 835-4447                                     Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Parking Studies                                                                                    16787 Beach Blvd., Suite 234
                                                                                                                                          Huntington Beach, CA 92647              (714) 840-9742
LINSCOTT, LAW & GREENSPAN                                             PAT NOYES & ASSOCIATES
Engineers & Planners ● Traffic ● Transportation ● Parking             Public Process Design & Facilitation ● Neighborhood Traffic         TJKM TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS
Costa Mesa, CA           (714) 641-1587                               Management ● Traffic Incident Management Programs                   Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signals ● Impact
Pasadena, CA             (626) 796-2322                               1566 County Rd. 83 ● Boulder, CO 80302                              Analysis ● Corridor Studies ● Parking ● Traffic Counts ● Soft-
San Diego, CA            (619) 299-3090                               (303) 440-8171                            ware Development
Las Vegas, NV            (702) 451-1920                               e-mail:                                            Pleasanton, CA 94588       (925) 463-0611
                                                                                                                                          Santa Rosa, CA             (707) 575-5800
LSA ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                  PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF
Transportation Engineering and Planning ● Parking Studies ●           Planning ● Design ● Construction Management of                      TMODEL CORPORATION
Capital Project Development                                           Highways ● Bridges ● Transit Systems ● Airports ● Parking           Transportation Planning & Analysis Software Training, Applica-
20 Executive Park, Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92614                         Facilities ● ITS ● Offices in Principal Cities                      tion & Support
P (949) 553 0666 F (949) 553 1670                                     Western Headquarters: 505 South Main Street, Orange, CA             Call (800) T2MODEL or (206) 463-3768                                             92668 ● (714) 973-4880 ● For your Transportation Planning and       Fax (800) T2MODLR
Riverside, CA              (909)781-9310                              Traffic Engineering needs contact James G. Douglas, AICP, or        email:
Ft. Collins, CO            (970) 494 1568                             Adnan Hindeyeh, PE, TE, PTOE                                        PO Box 1850, Vashon, WA 98070
Pt. Richmond, CA           (510) 236-6810
Berkeley, CA               (510) 540-7331                             PARSONS TRANSPORTATION GROUP                                        TRAFFIC REASEARCH & ANALYSIS
                                                                      Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Highway Design      Specializing in all types of traffic data, including machine and
MEYER, MOHADDES ASSOCIATES                                            ● Civil/Structural Engineering ● Parking Studies ● Project Study    manual counts, speed, classification, video logging, road inven-
ITS ● Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic         Reports ● ITS Engineering ● ITS Architecture ● Planning ●           tory, GIS mapping, and GPS data collection. DBE CERTIFIED.
Control Systems ● Communications ● Transit ● Parking ● Con-           ATMS                                                                Arizona        (602) 840-1500         email:
struction Management                                                  Newport Beach, CA           (949) 263-9322                          California     (916) 772-0872         email:
1515 S. Manchester Avenue                                             Pasadena, CA                (626) 440-6100                          With offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Arkansas.
Anaheim, CA 92802          (714) 780-7243                             San Diego, CA               (619) 685-0085
Los Angeles, CA            (213) 488-0345                             San Francisco, CA           (415) 495-6060                          TRANSCORE
Long Beach, CA             (562) 432-8484                             San Jose, CA                (408) 289-8949                          Traffic Engineering/Operations ● Traffic Control Systems ●
Sacramento, CA             (916) 772-7976                                                                                                 Transit ● Parking ● Highway Design ● Roadway Lighting ●
Oakland, CA                (510) 832-4662                             PENFIELD & SMITH                                                    Environmental Forecasting ● Travel Forecasting ● Transportation
Boise, ID                  (208) 345-4630                             Traffic & Transportation Engineering Parking ● EIR Preparation      Planning ● ITS ● Toll Systems ● CVO ● Port of Entry Systems
Idaho Falls, ID            (208) 528-8538                             ● Civil Engineering ● Surveying                                     9480 Carroll Park Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
Las Vegas, NV              (702) 384-2525                             PO Box 98, Santa Barbara, CA 93102                                  (858) 826-3400
Denver, CO                 (720) 898-0265                             Santa Barbara, CA          (805) 963-9532                           Offices nationwide.
Reno, NV                   (775) 847-7243                             Oxnard, CA                 (805) 983-7499
Minneapolis, MN            (612) 379-3885                                                                                                 TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES
                                                                      RAJAPPAN & MEYER CONSULTING ENG., INC.                              TSM/TDM Planning ● Management ● Evaluation
MINAGAR & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                            PSR/PR Preparation ● Traffic Engineering ● Corridor                 234 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 400
ITS Planning, Engineering & Deployment ● Signal System De-            Studies ● LRT Operations ● Freeway Operations ● Parking ●           Pasadena, CA 91101         (626) 796-3384
sign, Coordination & Timing ● Traffic Engineering, Transportation     Signal, Bikeway, Street Design                                      FAX (626) 796-2425
Planning                                                              60 S. Market St #510 San Jose 95113
6 Venture, Suite 315, Irvine, CA 92618                                (408) 280-2772                 FAX (408) 280-6803                   TRANSPORTATION PLANNING & ENG., INC.
(949) 727-3399              FAX( 949) 727-4418                        San Francisco, CA              (415)433-3303                        Victor H. Bishop, P.E., President
email:                                             Oakland, CA                    (510) 986-1996                       Signal System Design & Traffic Operations ● Transportation
                                                                      Ontario, CA                    (909) 980-9758                       Planning ● Parking & Access ? Project Impact Analysis
MIRAI ASSOCIATES                                                                                                                          2223 112th Avenue NE, Suite 101
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Travel Demand         RBF CONSULTING                                                      Bellevue, WA 98004          (425) 455-5320
Forecasting ● Growth Management                                       RBF Provides Comprehensive Transportation Planning ● Traffic
19110 Bothell Way NE, #202, Bothell, WA 98011                         Engineering ● Design Services ● Highway Design ● Traffic            TRANSTECH ENGINEERS, INC.
(425) 415-0905            FAX (425) 415-0935                          Signal Systems                                                      Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Construction                                               Twelve offices located in California, Arizona, and Nevada           Management ● Highway Design ● Municipal Engineering
                                                                      (800) 479-3808                                 624 Brea Canyon Road
THE MOBILITY GROUP                                                                                                                        Walnut, CA 91789           (909) 595-8599
Transportation Planning ● Transit Planning ● Parking ● Traffic        RICK ENGINEERING COMPANY
Planning & Engineering ● Management                                   One City Blvd. West, Suite 1285 ● Orange, CA 92868                  TRANSYSTEMS CORPORATION CONSULTANTS
18552 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 345, Irvine, CA 92612                    (714) 939-1440             Fax: (714) 939-1441                      Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering ● Road & Bridge
(949) 474-1591            Fax (949) 474-1599                                                             Design ●                                                                                                                       Civil/Structural Engineering ● Transit/Rail Engineering ● Environ-
                                                                      RK ENGINEERING GROUP, INC.                                          mental Planning
MULTITRANS TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                           Transportation Planning—Traffic Engineering                         Seattle, WA       (206) 448-4200
Traffic Operations ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic Impact         Acoustical and Transportation Demand Management Studies             Denver, CO        (303) 740-8900
Studies ● Speed Limit Studies ● CMP Projects ● Parking and            20201 S. W. Birch Street, Suite 250                                 Oakland,          (510) 835-2761
Transit Studies ● Collection of all types of traffic data including   Newport Beach, CA 92660                                             Phoenix, AZ       (602) 277-7800
machine and manual counts.                                            (949) 474-0809             Fax (949) 474-0902                       More than 30 offices throughout the US.
1280 Boulevard Way, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94595                                               
(925) 930-0500              FAX: (925) 935-9710

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 Westernite                                                                                                                                                                      July–August 2003

        Official Publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers                                                       July–August 2003 Vol. 57 No. 4

                                                                District 6 Officers for 2002 – 2003
Transportation Planning ● Impact Studies ● Traffic/Acoustical
Engineering ● Transportation Modeling ● GIS ● TDM
41 Corporate Park, Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 660-1994             FAX (949) 660-1911                      President                                       District International Director                 International Past President                                                Julia Townsend, P.E., PTOE                      Richard T. Romer, P.E., PTOE                    Jenny L. Grote, P.E. PTOE
                                                                   kdANDERSON Trans. Engineers                     Orth-Rodgers & Associates, Inc.                 Traffic Engineer III,
URS                                                                3853 Taylor Road, Suite G                       1140 Town Center Drive, Suite 190               City of Phoenix,
Transportation and Transit Planning, Traffic Engineering,
                                                                   Loomis, CA 95650                                Las Vegas, NV 89144                             Street Transportation Department
Civil/Structural Engineering Design
Denver                (303) 293-8080                               (916) 660-1555                                  Phone: 702-233-4060,                            Phoenix, AZ 85003,
Phoenix               (602) 371-1100                               Fax (916) 660-1535                              Fax: 702-233-4560                               602-262-7597
Portland              (503) 224-4706                                                      Fax: (602)-495-2016
Salt Lake City        (801) 904-4000                                                                                                                     
San Diego             (619) 557-0580                               Vice President                                  District International Director
Seattle               (206) 727-3367
Santa Ana             (714) 835-6886
                                                                   Ransford S. McCourt, P.E., PTOE                 Ray Davis, PE, PTOE
Tucson                (520) 887-1800                               DKS Associates                                  International Director, District 6
                                                                   1400 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 500                 Public Works Director
VRPA TECHNOLOGIES                                                  Portland, OR 97201                              City of Belmont
(Formerly Valley Research and Planning Assoc.)                     (503) 243-3500                                  1070 Sixth Avenue, Suite 306
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS ● Model-       Fax (503) 243-1934                              Belmont, CA 94002
ing ● Signal Systems ● Parking ● Air Quality ● Noise Studies
Fresno, CA           (559) 271-1200                                                 (650) 595-7459
San Diego, CA        (858) 566-1766                                                                                               Annual Meeting Chair
                                                                   Secretary-Treasurer                                                                             2003 District 6 Annual Meeting/
WASHINGTON GROUP INTERNATIONAL                                     Zaki M. Mustafa, P.E.                           District International Director                 INTERNATIONAL ITE MEETING
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signal Sys-        City of Los Angeles                             Pat Noyes                                       Jeff Webber
tems ● Signal Timing ● ITS ● Environmental Studies ● Corri-
dor Planning ● Transit/Rail ● Tollways ● Civil/Roadway ●
                                                                   221 N. Figueroa St.,                            Pat Noyes & Associates                          President
Structural                                                         Suite 300                                       1566 County Road 83                             The Transpo Group
10822 W. Toller Dr ● Littleton, CO 80127                           LA, CA 90012                                    Boulder, CO 80302                               11730 118th Avenue NE Suite 600
Tel: (303) 948-4001 ● Fax: (303) 948-4010                          (213) 580-5361                                  303-440-8171                                    Kirkland, WA 98034-7120
Offices: Irvine & San Ramon, CA; Boise, ID; Las Vegas, NV;                                                   P. 425/821-3665 x 206
Dallas & Houston, TX; Bellevue, WA; Cheyenne, WY
                                                                                                                                                                   F. 425/825-8434
ALBERT A. WEBB ASSOCIATES                                          Past President                                  District Administrator                
Providing 55 years of comprehensive solutions for your engi-       Rory Grindley,P.E., PTOE                        Wes Pringle, P.E.
neering needs. ● Traffic Impact Analyses ● Traffic Signal          Pierce County P. W. D.                          WPA/Willdan
Design ● Congestion Management Plan ● Parking Accumula-            2401 South 35th Street                          27042 Towne Centre Drive, Suite
tion Analyses ● Project and Project Study Reports ● Construc-      Tacoma, WA 98409-7485                           270, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610.
tion Management and Inspection
                                                                   (253) 798-7250                                  ( 949 ) 470 8880
3788 McCray Street
Riverside, CA 92506                                                Fax (253) 798-3661                              Fax: ( 949 ) 770 9041
(909) 686-1070 Fax (909) 788-1256                                       

“W-Trans”, a certified DBE/WBE
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Designs for
Livable Communities ● Municipal Services ● Pedestrian             Managing Editor                                  Technical Editor                                 Web Master
Safety/Planning ● Traffic Calming ● Roundabouts ● Traffic         John A. Kerenyi, P.E., PTOE                      Peter J. V. Koonce, P.E.                         Jon Pascal
Signal Design/Timing
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 542-9500                     Kimley-Horn and Associates                       Kittelson & Associates                           The Transpo Group
                                                                  2100 W Orangewood Ave                            610 S.W. Alder St., Suite 700                    11730 118th Avenue NE
WILBUR SMITH ASSOCIATES                                           Suite 140                                        Portland, OR 97205                               Suite 600
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Rail ●
Highways ● Transit ● Parking ● Traffic Signals ● ITS ●            Orange, CA 92868                                 Tel: (503) 228-5230                              Kirkland, WA 98034-7120
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning ● TSM                             Tel (714) 939-1030                               Fax: (503) 273-8169                              P. 425/821-3665 x 230
San Francisco, CA       (415) 436-9030                            Fax (714) 938-9488                                                 F. 425/825-8434
Anaheim, CA             (714) 978-8110
San Diego, CA           (858) 573-9042                                                                              
Salt Lake City, UT      (801) 363-3955
Seattle, WA             (425) 821-4887                          WesternITE newsletter is the official publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Its purpose is to share information
Tempe, AZ               (480) 775-4344                          on transportation topics between members and to communicate to members the activities of District 6. Articles relating to these purposes are                                             always welcomed and may be sent to either editor. The opinions, findings, techniques and specific equipment cited by individual authors of
                                                                WesternITE newsletter articles do not constitute the endorsement of same by WesternITE. Reprint of any newsletter material (except if
WILLDAN                                                         copyrighted) for the purpose of sharing technical information is permissible given that proper reference and the above paragraph accompany
Engineers and Planners ● Traffic Engineering ● Transportation   the reprint.
Planning ● Complete Municipal Services ● Revenue
2125 E Katella Ave #200                                                                                                                                                            NON-PROFIT
Anaheim, CA 92806-6073        (714) 940-6300
Regional Offices in Anaheim, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San             Westernite                                                                                                   ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                                                                                   US POSTAGE
Bernardino, San Diego, Phoenix, Pleasant Hill, Sacramento
and Ventura                                                                                                                                                                              PAID
                                                                    ITE District 6                                                                                               LOS ANGELES, CA
                                                                    c/o John Kerenyi
                                                                                                                                                                                  PERMIT # 32365
  Positions Available Ads:                                          Kimley-Horn and Associates
                                                                    2100 W Orangewood Avenue, Suite 140
                                                                    Orange, CA 92868

  To place or modify your ad, send an
                                                                    Dated Material - Time Value
  e-mail to The
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