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									        Updates on States – for 12/9/08 Conference Call

AR – nothing new to report
CA – nothing new to report

CT – Nothing new to report

HI – Have held a couple of conf. calls with tv manufacturers. They have come up with proposals
for the state legislature for the state legislature to consider in terms of how they wan tto be
regulated. It appears there is s difference in philosophy between electronics people who are
looking at return sharev vs. tv people who are looking at market share. For the electronic manuf.
side, we have a website up informing them of their requirements and we’ve also done a mil-out.
Some questions have come in from them. Some have actually paid the $5,000 registration fee

IL – They are working on notifying retailers of their responsibilities right now. After the first of the
year they will be sending out notifications to manufacturers that they are responsible to register
by April 1st of next year.
-David Walters

ME – nothing new to report
MD – nothing new to report

MN – They are currently in the middle of enforcement action against non-reporting retalers – two
major retailers are amongst that group. They are also working on getting in final reports from the
manufacturers, so they are still amending their returns. They are getting those numbers together.
The numbers they are reporting are barely below what the national numbers are, they think. So
they are working on buying the national sales data and will use that to help with the
manufacturers who haven’t properly reported. They are holding a meeting coming up next week
for recyclers to go over the R2 guidelines and to talk about the CRT rule. Unfortunately, some
recyclers and collectors have decided to charge because the manufacturers are over goals and
aren’t paying. They have 10 manufacturers less this year than last - 60 or so companies total and
just over 110 brands. Some still haven’t paid though (about 10 of them). A couple of new
companies just came out, one with a digital picture frame. And a lot of brands have gone away
because they don’t make the digital tvs. Announcement: Lisa’s position will be opening – she is
currently transitioning to a new position in the same agency, different section.

MO – nothing new to report

NC – Nothing has really changed because the effective date of the new law is still not until Jan. 1,
2010. Next fall they will be gearing up, so they don’t anticipate any changes/updates until then.

NJ - When NJ's Electronics Recycling Act was originally signed it included a provision wherein
Governor Corzine asked the bill’s sponsors and the NJDEP to work together to further craft and
refine this measure to address technical concerns.

The pending legislation still calls for original equipment manufacturers to establish a collection,
transportation and recycling system, either independently or jointly, for the recovery of covered
electronic devices (desktop or personal computer, computer monitor, portable computer or
television) however, it pushes forward the implementation date of this requirement to January 1,

Simply put, the updated bill pushes forward all dates, universally by one year so this means that
the TV manufacturers have to register and pay the $5000 annual fee by Jan. 1, 2010 and the
other CED OEMs must register and pay their annual fee by Feb. 1, 2010.

The bill is awaiting the governor's signature (which will happen sooner than later).

There are other changes but I think the dates info is the most important to know since the original
bill had manufacturer registrations due next month-which is definitely not happening.

-Dana Lawson

NYC – The comment period closed on their rules, but the rules have yet to be issued.

OK – nothing new to report

OR –

11/17 Update from DEQ:

    1. OregonECycles.org is live!
       Packed with information, resources and toolkits for everyone. Check it out!

    2. Manufacturer Recycling Plans Submit Collection Networks by Deadline; State
       Contractor Program Leader of the Pack
       All four manufacturer plans (Dell, HP, IPR and MRM) met the Nov.15 deadline to submit
       their collector network list. DEQ is planning to complete its review and approve/reject
       plans within a week.

        The State Contractor Program team, which had a longer timeline to submit its collector
        network list, not only beat their own deadline by several weeks, but was also the first to
        submit their collector network list.

    3. Possible Dates for Next Advisory Work Group—Stay Tuned
       This will be the last meeting before the collection program launches and a chance to go
       over final details. We are checking with the Advisory members for the following possible
       dates: Thurs, 12/4; Wed, 12/10; or Tues, 12/16. We will finalize this at the end of the
       week—please stay tuned.

12/5 Update from DEQ:

1. DEQ approves manufacturers’ plans for Oregon E-Cycles program

DEQ has approved plans for three electronics manufacturers, MRM, IPR and Dell, to operate
independent collection and recycling programs in 2009. These programs, together with the
State Contractor Program, will provide a robust network of sites and services to Oregonians
under the Oregon E-Cycles program.
DEQ reviewed each plan and their list of service providers to ensure that each plan was
complete and designed to operate in accordance with the Guide for Manufacturer Programs, the
Environmentally-Sound Management Practices (EMPs) and the Collection System Standards,
which were established by DEQ for the Oregon E-Cycles program.

A new program such as this allows for creative approaches to manage this targeted waste
stream and to expand the state’s recycling opportunities. As we move through the first year of
operations, DEQ, along with the Advisory Work Group, will monitor program performance,
assess what practices are successful, and make improvements.

The State Contractor Program, Dell, MRM, IPR and their service providers will be finalizing
logistics before collection and recycling begins in January.

If there are questions or concerns, please contact Kathy Kiwala.

2. Next Advisory Work Group meeting reminder

Oregon E-Waste Advisory Work Group Meeting

Date:    Tuesday December 16, 2008

Time: 10am-3 pm (this meeting may be shorter, agenda will be sent next week)

                                        th        th
Location: DEQ Headquarters, 811 SW 6 Ave, 10 floor -- Room EQC A


Conference Call-In: (877) 475-9235, Participant Code: 793721


RI – nothing new to report
TX – nothing new to report
VA - nothing new to report
WA - nothing new to report

WV – Registration forms were sent out via email and snail mail over the last week of November
and first week of December to manufacturers on a comprehensive list provided by Jason Linnell.
Emergency rules were filed on November 20 and the actual legislative rule is expected to be
filed on December 9 allowing a 30 day comment period from the public.
The registration form was copied after Maryland’s form since our law mirrors Maryland’s law.
-Sandy Rogers, WV-DEP

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