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									Website: www.dpharm.com Headquarters: Israel Founded: 1993

Corporate Profile D-Pharm (TASE:DPRM) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative proprietary drugs for the treatment of central nervous system disorders and cancer. D-Pharm is a leader in design and development of lipid-like medicine. The product pipeline derived from D-Pharm's platform technology includes two products in advanced clinical development in acute ischemic stroke, epilepsy and migraine and a number of pre-clinical and R&D stage products targeting Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration and cancer. The company’s headquarters and research labs are based in Rehovot, Israel. D-Pharm is an integrated drug development organization and it's research team is a small but highly trained and motivated. Key expertise includes: medicinal chemistry and manufacturing, lipid biochemistry, cell biology, pharmacology and clinical development. D-Pharm was established in 1993 as a technological incubator by Dr. Alex Kozak Ph.D. Management Team Dr. Alex Kozak PhD, CEO & President Gilad Rosenberg MD, VP Clinical Development Ofra Yamin, VP Finance and Human Resources Peter Geffen, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager Business Strategy D-Pharm’s strategy is to maximize products’ value through advanced clinical studies and then to seek a Pharma or Biotech partner for worldwide development, registration and marketing. Platform Technology D-Pharm’s Lipid-Like technology has been utilised to develop three proprietary platforms that enable the discovery, rapid design and development of novel drugs:  MAC (Membrane Active Chelators) – buffer metal ions across membranes maintaining homeostasis for cell survival. The breakthrough is restriction of drug action to the site of pathology, the membrane, whilst limiting drug toxicity. D-RAP (Regulated Activation of Prodrugs) - optimizes drugs’ safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetic profile and thereby lowers the risk related to drug development. New enhanced generations of drugs or drug candidates are created resulting in novel, superior medicine. LipidoMimetix - generates a new category of safe and effective drugs that are stable and selective mimics of naturally occurring bioactive lipids.



Intellectual Property All of D-Pharm's products are ‘New Chemical Entities’ (NCEs) and are protected by issued or pending patents as novel compounds. D-Pharm’s patent portfolio currently comprises eightyone (81) granted patents, of which twenty (20) issued in the U.S. and thirty-three (33) in Europe.

D-Pharm Fact Sheet

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Product Pipeline D-Pharm’s products are New Chemical Entities (NCEs), fully synthetic small molecules.

Key Products D-Pharm has products in early Phase III, advanced Phase II, four early-stage Phase II programs and several products that can enter clinical development within 12 to 18 months. DP-b99, our most advanced product, recently successfully completed a Phase IIb study wherein a two-fold increase in complete recovery following stroke was observed in the drug treated group compared with placebo. The FDA has accepted D-Pharm's IND application to commence a pivotal Phase III clinical trial in acute ischemic stroke patients and a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) package is under review. DP-VPA is a Phase II drug-candidate for treatment of epilepsy, with therapeutic potential in migraine prophylaxis and bipolar disorder and DP-460 is a preclinical candidate for Alzheimer's disease, which reduces amyloid plaque load and improves cognition and behaviour in transgenic mouse models for Alzheimer's disease. DP-388 is a promising new candidate for pancreatic cancer. Current Licensing Opportunities D-Pharm is actively seeking licensing partners for its clinical products and for its early stage programs. Financials D-Pharm recently completed an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for 23M NIS on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). This was combined with a rights offering which raised an additional 57M NIS. D-Pharm's securities appear under the ticker symbol DPRM. D-Pharm is also supported by the Chief Scientist's Office in Israel. Recent Corporate History 08/2009 85M NIS raised in rights offering and IPO on TASE 06/2009 FDA clears IND application to commence DP-b99 Phase III study 03/2009 Awarded grant from Chief Scientist's Office for DP-b99 program 03/2008 D-Pharm to receive EU FP7 funding via the Plasticise consortium 05/2007 DP-b99 Phase IIb study results presented at European Stroke Conference 10/2006 Signed license for DP-b99 development and marketing in S. Korea Contact: Tami Horovitz, Business Development, D-Pharm Ltd. Tel: +972-8-9385100 email: thorovitz@dpharm.com
Disclaimer: Statements in this document that are not historical facts are forward-looking information, as defined in the Securities Law, based on information available to D-Pharm at the time. The estimations could, some or all, be unrealized, or could be realized in significantly different ways than expected.

D-Pharm Fact Sheet

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