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Spring 2008

                                    BOTTOM LINE IS EXPANDING
                                         TO WORCESTER!

                                  On July 1, 2008 Bottom Line will open an office at 600 Main Street in Worcester,
                    Page 2        Massachusetts. We are excited to be growing and we have been overwhelmed by
                                  the positive response from the Worcester community. We have been working hard
The Back to School Auction is
                                  over the past six months meeting with staff from the Worcester Public Schools,
Coming this September             admissions officers from the local colleges, the leaders of many youth-serving
                                  organizations in the area, and the political and business leaders of the
                                  community. We are looking forward to working with members from all parts of
                                  the community to bring our important services to the young people of Worcester.

                                  We expect to work with 75 Worcester high school seniors this year and we have
                                  already received more than 35 applications from eligible students. This is before
                                  our office has even opened! We are confident that there is a need in Worcester
                    Page 3        that we will be able to meet.

Bottom Line - Boston is                                       We are even more confident because of the excellent
Getting a Bigger, Better Office                               leadership of Ginette Saimprevil, who will be the
                                                              Director of this new office. Ginette moved to Boston
                                                              from Haiti in 1992. Speaking no English and leaving
                                                              her 5 brothers behind in Haiti because her family
                                                              could not afford to bring them over, it was her job
                                                              to get an education. Ginette successfully learned
                                                              English, served as a translator for her parents, and
                                                              graduated from New Mission High School in 2000.

                     Page 4                                    Ginette came to Bottom Line for help with the
Profiles in Persistence           application process, was awarded the Posse Scholarship, and attended Bowdoin
                                  College. After graduation, Ginette worked in the Residential Life department at
                                  Bowdoin and then returned to Bottom Line as a counselor, where she has
                                  supported hundreds of students. As a former Bottom Line student and counselor,
                                  Ginette understands the obstacles that our students face, and she knows how to
                                  overcome those obstacles. Under her leadership, Bottom Line's Worcester office
                                  will maintain the same level of excellence that we uphold in Boston.

                     Page 6
Inspiring Stories at Bottom
Line’s 3rd Annual Dinner
                 Pathways         | BOTTOM LINE

              PROGRAM STAFF                       WHAT’S NEW AT BOTTOM LINE
              Greg Johnson
              Executive Director
                                                  10th Annual Recognition Night - June 26, 2008
              Dave Borgal                                                               Ever since our first class of college students
              Founder, Director of Operations
                                                                                        completed their first year of college in 1999,
              Lauren Davis                                                              we have celebrated the strength and
              Director of Student Services
                                                                                        persistence of our students at Recognition
              Ginette Saimprevil
              Worcester Site Director                                                   Night. Now in 2008, we will be holding our
              Mike Wasserman                                                            10th Annual Recognition Night to celebrate
              Director of Development                                                   the persistence of 470 current college students
              Sarah Hedges                                                              and the graduation of more than 50 students
              Senior Counselor                                                          who we are proudly welcoming to our growing
  2           Claudine Johnson                    list of alumni! In the past we have held Recognition Night at a hotel and
              Senior Counselor
                                                  conducted the evening like an awards ceremony. This year, instead of a hotel, we

              Ramon De Jesus                      are inviting all of our students, college graduates, and alumni to Vinalia

              College Counselor
                                                  Restaurant in Boston so we can celebrate with a party. We will recognize all of our
              Erica Emery
              College Counselor                   college graduates and give them an award for the impressive feat of graduating
              Jesenia Gervacio                    from college. But once we do that, the best gift we can give is a fun, lively party
              College Counselor                   where our students can celebrate together. Recognition Night is our favorite event
              Zachariah Hicks                     of the year because we can see the results of the 4, 5 or 6 years of hard work that
              College Counselor                   our students have put into studying, working, and achieving their dream.
              Oneda Horne
              College Counselor
                                                  2nd Annual Back to School Online Auction - September 2008
              Amy Markarian                                               Bottom Line’s Back to School Auction is back by popular
              College Counselor
                                                                          demand! Last year, we decided to put together a small
              Ruth Thompson
              College Counselor                                           online auction in September as a fun way for our
              Stefanie Blechman                                           supporters to bid on exciting prizes and help Bottom Line
              Operations Assistant                                        at the same time. The auction was so popular that we sold
              Kaitlin Meelia                                              every item and raised $20,000. With so many bidders and
              Part-time College Counselor                                 so much energy, we are excited to begin the planning for
                                                                          our 2nd Annual Back to School Online Auction. Pepsi
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                          Bottling Group has already generously donated 4 tickets
              Margaret Andrews                    to watch a 2008 Patriots Game from the Pepsi Luxury Suite!! This is a once in a
              Mind and Hand Associates
                                                  lifetime opportunity. Make sure to check out that prize and more at:
              Peter Bishop              
              Goldman Sachs
              Troy Botts
              State Street                        2008 Boston Marathon Team Raises $75,000!
              George Chu                                                                   14 members of Bottom Line’s 2008
              Citizen Schools                                                              Boston Marathon Team (Team Go Far)
              Patrick Day                                                                  ran the 112th Boston Marathon on April
              UMass - Boston                                                               21, 2008 and crossed the finish line. To
              Emerson Foster                                                               get to the finish of the marathon took
              Viola Morse                                                                  more than 26.2 miles of running. For 6
              C. Sura O’Mard Gentle
                                                                                           months, our team members trained in
              Boston Public Schools                                                        the early morning, every weekend, in
              Peter Pavlina                                                                snow and rain, in freezing cold. And our
              Hamersley Partners                                                           team members asked their friends and
              Peter Pedro                                                                  family to support Bottom Line. In the
              The Bostonian Group
                                                  end, the team was able to raise an amazing $75,000! We are proud of every team
              The Hon. Patti Saris                member and we are grateful for their commitment to our organization. Thank you
              Federal District Court
                                                  Jen, Lisa, Jenna, Leigh, Veronica, Erin, Vinny, Lori, Clara, Ed, Tim, Andrew,
              Dave Terry - Board Chair            Tony, Polly and Jon!
              Salvectus Healthcare
              Mike Volo
              Fidelity Investments
                                                                                         Get in      Graduate        Go far


If you drive by Bottom Line’s office this summer, you     even a kitchen with a long counter where students can
may notice two concrete towers rising out of the parking meet with counselors, do work, or enjoy a soda while
lot next to our building. While those two stacks of       they wait for a meeting. By equipping our office with wi-
concrete might not look like much right now, they will    fi and providing laptops for our staff, we will be able to
be a stairwell and an                                                               utilize the entire space for
                                           Bottom Line’s New Office...
elevator shaft for Bottom                                                           comfortable and productive
Line’s new office, which        How it looks now                                    meetings between students and
should be finished in                                                               counselors.
                                                                                    In 1997, Bottom Line’s first
We are thrilled to be moving                                                        office was a room in New                          3
into a new office, which will                                                       Mission High School. But the

                                                                                                                                    SPRING 2008 |
have twice as much space as                                                         space was quickly outgrown
our current location. Not                                                           and in 2000, Bottom Line
only will we have some                                                              moved to our current location
more personal space for our     How it will look in November                        at 555 Amory Street. During
staff members, but we will                                                          the last eight years, we have
have room to continue                                                               continued to grow. We even had
growing until we are                                                                to build a loft in 2006 to add
supporting 500 high school                                                          much needed additional office
seniors and 1,000 college                                                           space, and in 2007 we added a
students from our Boston                                                            small room for private
office.                                                                             meetings.

We are not just excited about the space, we are excited            Despite these expansions, we are bursting at the seams.
about the design. We were able to take some time and               And so, while we are sad to say goodbye to our current
think about the ideal layout for a Bottom Line office.             office, we are looking forward to a little more leg room,
The result will be a modern computer resource room,                and a lot of space to grow.
private and public meeting space for counselors, and

MEET OUR STUDENTS                                                                HOW ARE WE DOING?
                          Coreen St. Jules began working with
                          Bottom Line in September. She was         Comparing 6-Year Graduation Rates*
                          excited to begin the college
                                                                  Salem State College
                          application process, although she was
                          concerned that her education at the
                                                                  Minority Grad Rate: 19.6%, BL Grad Rate: 83%
                          Burke High School would not prepare     UMass-Dartmouth
                          her for college level classes. In       Minority Grad Rate: 38.5%, BL Grad Rate: 100%
                          November, an unexpected death in
                          Coreen's family forced her to leave
the country and miss the deadlines for most of the colleges       Minority Grad Rate: 55.8%, BL Grad Rate: 80%
on her list. Emotionally overcome by the situation, she           Northeastern University
considered not applying to college for the 2008-2009 year.        Minority Grad Rate: 63.8%, BL Grad Rate: 92%
However, after returning home in January she came to Bottom *College Data from The Education Trust’s
Line and it didn't take long before she had a new college list,
a plan of action, and a restored conviction to become the first in her family to attend college. She completed and
mailed in her applications quickly, and her dedication paid off when she was accepted to UMass-Boston. Coreen's
strength to overcome the emotional hurdles she faced while dealing with school and college applications was
remarkable. And because of her drive, she will begin attending UMass-Boston this fall studying in a health-related
program. Bottom Line will continue to be there for her in case anything else gets in the way of a college degree.
                  Pathways    | BOTTOM LINE


                Every student that comes to Bottom Line has a unique story. Below are the stories of four of our
                students. These students have faced difficult and sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and
                they have persisted. We are proud of these students and we look forward to remaining a source of
                support for each one of them.

                GETTING IN
                                         Yong Liang came to the United                                    Lisa Garcia is a humble student
                                         States from China when he was                                    from English High School who will
                                         10. Since arriving, he has focused                               begin attending Suffolk University
                                         on school and providing for his                                  this fall. Lisa is the first in her
                                         family. When his father lost his                                 family to attend college, and she
SPRING 2008 |

                                         job, Yong began working to help                                  has decided to live at home and
                                         support the family. He shoulders                                 commute to Suffolk so she can
                                         some of the load by paying for                                   continue to help support her
                                         the utilities and buying groceries.                              family, especially her sister. Lisa's
                His reasoning, "I just want my mom to have the chance to       sister, Karina, was born with Angelman Syndrome and is
                rest." His caring and compassionate demeanor is present        not able to care for herself. Almost every day for the past
                regardless of the circumstance. With a strong GPA at John      four years, Lisa has returned home immediately from
                D. O'Bryant High School and an impressive SAT score, Yong      school to take care of Karina. Her dedication to her sister
                will begin attending UMass-Amherst in the fall. He plans       has meant that she has not had the opportunity to join
                to major in International Politics and Business                any clubs or participate in extra-curricular activities.
                Management.                                                    Although Karina is unable to talk, Lisa has tried to be an
                                                                               inspiration and teacher to her sister. Motivated by her
                                                                               bond with her sister and the role she must play in Karina's
                                                                               life, Lisa decided that living at home and commuting to
                                                                               Suffolk would make the most sense for her.

                                          While some kids think about                                    This month, Melissa Rodrigues
                                          going to college while they are                                came home from studying abroad
                                          still in elementary school, Nahid                              in Chile for a semester. In the fall
                                          Abhar was not even allowed to                                  she will begin her senior year at
                                          attend school until 6th grade.                                 Syracuse University. Bottom Line
                                          Nahid grew up in Afghanistan,                                  first met Melissa in 2004. We
                                          where she and her sisters were                                 helped her with her applications
                                          prevented from receiving an                                    and once she was accepted to
                                          education because of their                                     Syracuse, we were able to
                gender. When Nahid was 11, she came to the United              recommend her for a $5,000 renewable Stephen Phillips
                States with her mother and 9 siblings. She entered the         Memorial Scholarship to help make Syracuse an affordable
                sixth grade having never attended school before. She           option. As a freshman at Syracuse University, Melissa
                learned quickly and was able to graduate from high             became immediately aware of the social reality many of our
                school. Bottom Line helped Nahid with the application          students struggle to overcome. Taking what she was
                process and she began attending UMass-Boston in the fall       learning in the classroom and combining that with her
                of 2007. After finishing her first year of college, Nahid is   understanding of the issues outside of college, she chose
                considering transferring to another school. Either way,        to major in Social Work. Melissa has progressed well during
                Bottom Line will continue to support Nahid as she works        her time in college; with her experience studying in Chile
                toward a college degree that might have seemed almost          she will return to school this fall with a deeper
                impossible to her 8 years ago. She plans to major in Early     understanding of social activism, which will serve her well
                Childhood Education in order to become a teacher and           when she graduates from college next May.
                offer others a chance to begin learning at an early age,
                something she was denied.
                                                                           Get in     Graduate     Go far


Every meeting we have with our students, every care package we mail, and every obstacle we can
overcome, is all supposed to lead to one thing: a college degree. College is not easy; it is a long
journey, and we are proud of the drive and determination that each of our students shows over the
years. Our first class of high school seniors went off to college in September of 1998. In May of 2002,
we saw our first 10 students receive a college degree. Six years later, we have a class of 51 college
graduates, each who earned their diploma. We are proud of all our students, and it means a lot that we
could play a part in each student’s success. We would like to recognize them here and congratulate them
on their accomplishment. Congratulations, Class of 2008!!


                                                                                                                SPRING 2008 |
Urline Accime - Salem State College                     Omar Phillips - Georgia Institute of Technology
Rondik Ahmed - UMass-Boston                             Waheed Pirzai - College of The Holy Cross
Reyna Alfaro - UMass-Amherst                            Lichuya Reda - Northeastern University
Ana Araujo - Lesley College                             Thomas Rodrigues - Saint John's University
Gina Balthazar - Quincy College                         Dolla Seng - Bentley College
Carine Belizaire Roxbury Community College              Geralda St. Juste - UMass-Boston
Hawa Biayemi - UMass-Boston                             Sio Tak Sun - Boston University
Cynthia Castillo - Regis College                        Serginio Sylvain - MIT
Garceline Champagne - UMass-Amherst                     Eric Telisnor - UMass-Boston
Terence Chan - Northeastern University                  Denroy Thomas - Hamilton College
Yveline Charles - Bunker Hill Community College         Jessica Tooley - Northeastern University
Reginald Charles - UMass-Dartmouth                      Zaida Valdez - UMass-Boston
Denney Chu - MCPHS                                      Xuan Vong - Northeastern University
Raquel Dean - Suffolk University
Hapsatou Diallo - UMass-Boston
Siham Erramli - Lesley College
Michelle Escarfullery - UMass-Dartmouth
Lucy Fernandes - Fitchburg State College                ONE STUDENT’S PATH TO A DEGREE
Masooda Gohari - UMass-Amherst
Mica Gustin - UMass-Amherst                                                      Reggie Charles graduated
Tuan Ha - Mount Ida College                                                      from West Roxbury High
Sabrina Haskins - UMass-Amherst                                                  School in 2002. Although he
Nancy Jean-Baptiste - UMass-Boston                                               wanted to attend UMass-
Christopher John - Boston College                                                Dartmouth, his GPA was not
Vineesha Johnson - Suffolk University                                            competitive enough and he
Jhenane Joseph - Bridgewater State College                                       was not accepted. However,
Alisha Josey - UMass-Boston                                                      that did not stop Reggie. He
Uyen Le - Northeastern University                                                attended Mass Bay Community
Cherelle Little - Pine Manor College                    College and worked hard to improve his grades. He was
Jennifer Lopez - UMass-Boston                           successful, and after two years at Mass Bay he was
Ngoda Manongi - Hamilton College                        able to transfer to UMass-Dartmouth. The road was not
Donardo Marcellus - Wentworth Institute of Technology   always easy for Reggie, who had to deal with several
Luz Mederos - Northeastern University                   family illnesses while trying to focus on school, but
Milelvis Medina - Boston College                        with his drive and determination, he persevered
Ana Maria Medina - Boston University                    through some very difficult times. Reggie graduated
Monica Ng - Pine Manor College                          with a degree in Accounting from UMass-Dartmouth
Celia Ngale - Pine Manor College                        this May. He will begin working at State Street this
Natalie Nguyen - Regis College                          summer, and we know that he will be going far.
                  Pathways   | BOTTOM LINE


                On March 19, 2008 we held our                                Ginette is not only a successful Bottom Line alum, she is
                third annual Get In, Graduate                                also a college counselor at Bottom Line and she will be
                and Go Far Dinner. With the                                  the Site Director of Bottom Line’s new Worcester Office
                generous support of more than                                starting this summer.
                600 attendees and sponsors, we
                were able to raise an outstanding                            The stories of our students communicate the importance
                $476,000 for Bottom Line. We                                 of Bottom Line better than anything else can. Rafael,
                were truly moved by the                                      Vineesha, and Ginette are just three examples of more
                generosity of everyone who                                   than a thousand students who have come to Bottom Line
                came, and our attendees had the opportunity to be            for support.
   6            moved by the inspiring stories of three Bottom Line
                students.                                                                            As inspiring as these stories are,
SPRING 2008 |

                                                                                                     they would not be able to make
                                        Rafael Jimenez, a high school                                our annual fundraising dinner a
                                        senior at Brighton High School,                              success without a full room of
                                        spoke about the challenges he                                generous supporters, and for
                                        faced when his father went to                                that we have our Leadership
                                        jail and his mother was left to                              Committee and our Board of
                                        raise three kids. Vineesha                                   Directors to thank. With their
                                        Johnson, a senior at Suffolk                                 support, we were able to bring
                                        University, told a very personal     almost 600 individuals to the dinner, and introduce
                                        and inspiring story about having     Bottom Line to many more. We are especially grateful for
                a child during her junior year of high school and her        the dedication that our Event Chair Denise Kaigler of
                determination to support herself and her son, finish         Nintendo and Charlie Baker, CEO of Harvard Pilgrim
                high school, and earn a college degree. Finally, Ginette     Health Care, showed in the planning of this event.
                Saimprevil, a 2004
                graduate of Bowdoin                                          Finally, we were honored to have
                College, told her story                                      Lt. Governor Timothy P. Murray
                about coming to the                                          as the keynote speaker at our
                United States from Haiti                                     dinner. As an advocate for
                with her parents, leaving                                    education and a local Worcester
                much of her family                                           resident, he understands the
                behind, so that she could                                    importance of Bottom Line.
                get an education.

                                                                                For four years, Miguel Mendoza has been an integral
                                                                                part of Bottom Line. He brought a love of rice and
                                                                                beans, an ability to translate orders at the Dominican
                                                                                restaurant down the street, an inexhaustible
                                                                                knowledge about Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, and
                                                                                an amazing ability to help students get in to and stay
                                                                                in college. Miguel worked with hundreds of students
                                                                                during his four years, and he was without a doubt
                                                                                one of the best counselors we’ve ever had. Although
                he has never been a fan of the spotlight (in fact, he would definitely not have wanted this note in the newsletter),
                Miguel had a major impact on Bottom Line. He will be missed by students and staff alike. Miguel is leaving Bottom
                Line to attend law school and continue on his journey, so we can’t hold that against him. We wish him luck with his
                future endeavors!
                                                                              Get in     Graduate      Go far


                       Last year, Bottom Line and the      Bottom Line helped Rochelly apply to 11 colleges, and
                       Charles Hayden Foundation           she was accepted to 6, including Northeastern University
                       awarded $100,000 in                 where she will begin school this fall. Rochelly is very
                       scholarships to 14 of our           excited to go to Northeastern; however, she almost
                       students who needed significant     wasn't able to attend because she did not receive
                       financial aid support in order to   enough financial aid to make Northeastern an affordable
                       attend their top choice school.     option.
                       This year, 13 of those students
                       have received the scholarship for   Bottom Line and the Charles Hayden Foundation have
a second year, and the Hayden Foundation is awarding       awarded Rochelly a $7,000 renewable scholarship to
$100,000 to 10 additional students who will begin          cover the majority of her financial aid gap, allowing her      7
college this fall!                                         to attend the school that we know will be best for her.

                                                                                                                       SPRING 2008 |
                                                           With this important scholarship, Bottom Line's support
One of those students is Rochelly Fajardo, who moved to    and guidance, and Rochelly’s drive to succeed, we are
the United States with her family 3 years ago. She has     confident that she will be able to graduate and go far.
been working with Bottom Line since the fall when she
heard about our program through her friends and
Summer Search. Rochelly is a motivated student who
has done a remarkable job learning English in the few
years she has lived here, and she has worked very hard
                                                                          DID YOU KNOW?
in order to prepare herself for college. She began
attending Boston International High School when she             Roughly 75% of the students at highly
moved here, but she transferred to Another Course to            selective colleges come from families in
College so that she could be more challenged in her           the top quartile of the socioeconomic scale

Rochelly lives with her parents, and her younger sister        Just 3% come from the bottom quartile.
and younger brother. She will be the first in her family
to go to college, and her entire family wants her to be
successful and get a degree.

DONATE TO BOTTOM LINE!                                     We are making a real difference in the lives of our
                                                           students, but we wouldn’t be able to do this without
                                                           your support! To be a part of Bottom Line’s success,
Your support will make a difference.
                                                           please consider making a donation through our website
                                                           or by mail. We have included a return envelope with this
Thank you for taking the time to read through our
                                                           newsletter for your convenience. As always, feel free to
Spring Newsletter! As you can see, there are a lot of
                                                           contact us with any questions you might have. We are
exciting things happening at Bottom Line: we are
                                                           always happy to talk about our programs.
planning a move to a bigger office in Boston, opening a
new office in Worcester, and supporting more than 1,000
                                                           Thank You!
students this year!
                                                           Bottom Line
Hopefully you also had a chance to read the profiles of
our students, which are featured throughout the            CONTACT INFO
newsletter. These stories illustrate how many obstacles    555 Amory Street, Suite 2
stand between our students and a college degree. But,      Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Bottom Line students are graduating nonetheless! They      P: 617.524.8833
are graduating because they are committed to their own     F: 617.524.9559
success and because they have the consistent,
comprehensive and caring support of Bottom Line.
   Pathways       | BOTTOM LINE

                        Yanardy Sanchez was                            Rosyana Cardoso spent                       Luz Mederos
                        accepted to 8 of the 9                         last semester in                            graduated from
                        schools where he                               Madrid. This summer                         Northeastern
                        applied. He plans to                           she will attend the                         University this May.
                        attend Syracuse in the                         Babson Business Edge                        She will begin
                        fall and major in                              Program and intern at                       working at the
                        Computer Engineering.                          Liberty Mutual.                             Steppingstone
                                                                                                                   Foundation in June.

GET IN                                           GRADUATE                                      GO FAR

                                                                                Bottom Line helps low-income and
                                                                                first-generation students get in to college,
                                                                                graduate from college, and go far in life by
                                                                                providing comprehensive one-on-one guidance
                                                                                from applications to graduation.

 This Fall, we will support more than                   1,000 students from TWO cities in MA
                                  read about what’s new inside!

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Randolph, MA
US Postage Paid
Organization                                                          Massachusetts 02130
Non-Profit                                            Jamaica Plain     555 Amory Street

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