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					                                                   Volume 2, Issue 7                                                                     April 2, 2009

                                                   MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY

                                                   ITSO Good
    Be Sure to Check Out       Explore Your Potential
  • The impact of              With a mix of good people                      dent and graduate of the
    community service          and good food, Explore Your                    Homeboyz Interactive (a Jes-
    on victims of              Potential was a very success-                  uit founded group focused on
    Hurricane Ike              ful event. Hosting this sort of                bringing sophisticated tech-
  • Romke de Haan’s            event for the first time, I was                nology training to inner city
    evolution with             very nervous as to whether                     youth) in Milwaukee. These
    Homeboyz                   there would be enough inter-                   two individuals exemplify how
    Interactive                est but there was and that                     service towards other can be              Romke de Haan and Lisa Hensch
  • Details about              helps to exemplify the well-
    Hunger Clean-Up            rounded students in the IT                       “Lisa and Romke highlighted not      Throughout her life, Lisa has
                               program. The purpose of this
                               event was to help and guide
                                                                                    only their very interesting      been open to her faith and to
  • 2009-2010                                                                                                        where God is guiding her in
                               students to transfer the Mar-                    experiences, but how we can give     order to be where she is to-
    Executive Board
                               quette Ideals of excellence,                        back to the community once
    Elections coming up                                                                                              day. She is now in the corpo-
                               faith, leadership, and service
    soon!                                                                          graduated; their advice was       rate world making a huge im-
                               into their professional ca-
                                                                                                                     pact. With the support of GE,
                               reers.                                             constructive for any student.”     she helps with clinics, pro-
                                                                                                                     vides medical support to
    Inside this issue:         The evening began with din-
                               ner, graciously provided by                                      - Melanie Fraenkel   those in need, and holds pre-
Romke de Haan:             2                                                                                         mature babies in the NICU.
                               the Manresa Project, and an
A Closer Look                                                                                                        Lisa has been able to success-
                               opening prayer encompassing                    balanced with work in their
                                                                                                                     fully balance her work life with
                               the mood and purpose of the                    professional careers. After
Global Technology          3                                                                                         her passion for service and is
                               event, by Father Ronald                        dinner, each guest spoke
Experience: India                                                                                                    an amazing mentor for stu-
                               Bieganowski. There were two                    about their service experience
                                                                                                                     dents transitioning into the
Company Spotlight          4   young professionals who were                   and current goals and aspira-
                                                                                                                     “real world”.
                               the special guests for the eve-                tions. It was truly inspiring
                               ning: Lisa Hensch, a Mar-                      being in the presence of
Ubiquity                   5                                                                                         Romke’s story is completely
                               quette graduate, and Romke                     these two individuals.
                                                                                                                     different but just as inspira-
                               de Haan, a Milwaukee resi-
Spring Break, an           6                                                                                         tional. Romke was a high
                                                                                            Lisa began the eve-
Alternative Way                                                                                                      school drop-out who became
                                                                                            ning with her inter-
                                                                                                                     successful with the help and
Tips for Landing           7                                                                esting and moving
                                                                                                                     guidance of Homeboyz Inter-
the Job                                                                                     stories of service
                                                                                                                     active, a program to help chil-
                                                                                            while at Marquette.
                                                                                                                     dren with troubled lives find a
Election                   8                                                                From being in India
                                                                                                                     skill in which they can use to
Announcement                                                                                to Kenya to Ja-
                                                                                                                     lead successful lives.
                                                                                            maica, Lisa has
                                                                                            worked in HIV/AIDS
                                                                                                                                         (cont. on p. 2)
                                                                                            clinics, spoke to a
We are on the Web:              Captivated students listen in awe as Lisa and Romke share   women’s group,
                                   their motivational experiences of being helped and       and much more.
                                                      helping others.
                  ITSO Good

Romke de Haan: A Closer Look                                                                           Fortunately for Romke, his involvement
                                                                                                       with Homeboyz Interactive allowed him
After concluding his presentation along-                                                               to break the traditional mold. He uses
side Lisa Hensch on April 1, 2009,                                                                     his own experience in the business
I was privileged enough to conduct a                                                                   world to help others pursue self-
one-on-one interview with Romke de                                                                     development and a spiritual evolution.
Haan. I gained tremendous insight as
to where he came from, and where he                                                                    He talks to young men and women and
is looking to go.                                                                                      digs deep to determine what realistic
                                                                                                       route they would like to pursue in life. “I
                                                    Homeboyz?                                          ask them ‘What do you really want to
Romke, what about computers kept your interest      “Yes. In high school I was told ‘You               do?’ and I show them the path to these
as opposed to the traditional schooling that you    aren’t going to college. You’ll get a blue         things.”
did not enjoy?                                      collar job and we’ll prepare you for that.’
                                                    In low-income areas, you’re conditioned
“When I was six, my dad got me a com-                                                                  How will your faith help you to reestablish
puter. I programmed the keyboard to                                                                    Homeboyz?
work like a piano. I was a natural com-                                                                Romke responds with few words that
puter nerd. Also, my dad was an artist,                 “The whole reason I’m doing [Homeboyz          have immense power: “The whole rea-
which is how I got into graphic design.”                                                               son I’m doing this is because of my
                                                      Interactive] is because of my faith. I have to
                                                                                                       faith. I have to give back.”
Have your own personal experiences, particu-                            give back.”
larly with Homeboyz Interactive, influenced                                                            What advice can you offer students who are
your potential to make a difference in the lives                                                       struggling to find their passion?
                                                    to believe that. I met Judge Mathis one
of others?                                          time. He shared with me a story about
                                                                                                       “That’s one of the hardest things. For
“Yes. It’s hard for someone to under-                                                                  me, my passion fell into my lap. I was
                                                    baby elephants. When elephants are
stand when they haven’t had these                                                                      hungry for it and I kept on learning and
                                                    babies, they’re chained to a post that
experiences. There are things that                                                                     learning. I relate it to love: when you
                                                    they can’t pull out of the ground. They
some people are not sensitive to in the                                                                find love, you don’t let it go. It gets hard
                                                    get older, and they keep on thinking that
beginning, but there are styles and                                                                    but you still love it. Those bad things
                                                    they can’t pull the post out and just go
emotions you pick up from experienc-                                                                   are miniscule compared to your overall
                                                    on their merry way.”
ing it.”                                                                                               goals.”
                                                    He continues:
                                                    “In low-income areas, people are con-
Has your business experience affected your abil-                                                       ~ Allison Cooney
                                                    vinced they won’t get out of that
ity to help these young men and women in            neighborhood.”

Explore Your Passion (cont.)
(from p. 1)                                         start the Homboyz Interactive program in           ance to students instructing them to
                                                    Milwaukee. This program is for youth               find an organization that will support
Now, Romke works at Razorfish in Chi-               with parents of any income level who are           who you are and what you want to do.
cago and is using his spare time to re-             troubled and headed for lives in jail.             Romke added on by saying “find your
                                                    Romke said he had “no future, no direc-            passion installed within yourself. The
                                                    tion” without this program and he wants            2.0 version of yourself.”
    “It was encouraging to hear the stories of      to give others in his situation the same
                                                    opportunity.                                       In these “techy” words is a good mes-
  two people who have been able to bring their                                                         sage in which students can fulfill their
  passion for helping others together with their    After listening to these motivating stories        aspirations. I personally was very in-
                                                    and experiences, the evening ended with            spired by the event and hope I can do
               corporate career.”                   a Q&A session. Students were really en-            half of what these two have done in
                                                    gaged and focused on how their faith               their lives.
                               - Nicole Steinmetz   can help to guide them towards paths of
                                                    service. Lisa gave some insightful guid-           ~ Erica Gelvan

     Page 2
                                                                                                     Volume 2, Issue 7

Global Technology Experience: India
             Learn how companies develop software virtually across national and cultural boundaries. Visit
              leading software developers, educational institutions, and policymakers. Understand a global
                                                business environment.
Locale and Corporate Visits: New Delhi and one from Hydera-
     bad or Pune; Sightseeing in Jaipur and Agra. Potential
     Corporate Visits: HCL, Microsoft, Pacific BPO, Qual-
     comm, SpiderLogic (if Pune), Indian School of Business.

Academic Credit: Qualifies for MBA e-business/IT core elec-
    tive requirement as well as IT elective for the IT speciali-
    zation and undergraduate IT elective. Credit toward
    other majors requires approval by the individual depart-
    ments. Undergrad INBU 181. Grad BUAD 280.

Class size: Minimum 10, maximum 15. Approval subject to
     application and interview.

Estimated costs: $3500 includes travel, 3-star double lodg-
     ing, 3 meals, and cultural site visits NOT including tui-
     tion. This is a three-credit course. Full-time undergradu-
     ate tuition is part of fall semester (max of 19 credits)
     tuition. Graduate students’ tuition for three credits is
                                                      Tentative Calendar
       April 15-June 15, ‘09          Submit application and fee
       June 15-July 15, ‘09           Interviews held
       August 15, ‘09                 Notice of acceptance. Enroll for course
       Fall, 09                       Four introductory sessions with required assignments
       January 4, ‘09                 Travel from O’Hare to New Delhi
       Jan 4-15, ‘09                  Intense corporate visits, class sessions, cultural immersion
       January 15, ‘09                Return to O’Hare; classes start January 19th
       February -March                Two post-trip closing sessions at Marquette; paper/project
       May                            Grades submitted
                                      April 15 Nonrefundable application fee $50 due
       Payments Due                   September Accepted enrollees deposit round trip air fare*
                                      October 1 Balance due
        *not refunded if you withdraw after airfare is purchased. March 09 estimate $1375.

                                     For more information, please contact:
                    Dr. Kate Kaiser                                         Dr. Monica Adya
                   (414) 352-5025                                           (414) 288-7526
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                 ITSO Good

Company Spotlight:

Northwestern Mutual (NM) has                     •    Top 50 “Global All-Stars” in Fortune   think creatively and share their ideas.
helped clients achieve financial secu-           International (2007)                        The company focuses on individual
rity for more than 150 years. As a                                                           growth potential, total compensation
mutual company with over $1 trillion             • Computerworld’s “Best Places to           including excellent benefits, company
of life insurance protection in force,           Work in IT” (2006, 2007, 2008)              success, and workplace culture –
Northwestern Mutual seeks to share               • “American’s 50 Best Companies to          integrated factors that contribute to
its gains with policyowners and de-              Sell For” (2007) Selling Power Magazine     the company’s ranking in the top 100
liver consistent and dependable value            Northwestern Mutual’s President and         best companies to work for, as cited
to clients over time.                            Chief Executive Officer Edward J. Zore is   by Fortune magazine. Benefits in-
                                                 being honored as one of the “100 Most       clude 401K savings plan match, cus-
Northwestern Mutual's mission is to              Influential People in Business Ethics” in   tomized health care options, retire-
foster life-long relationships with cli-         2008 by the Ethisphere Institute, an in-    ment/pension plan, education & tui-
ents founded on sound guidance and               ternational think tank dedicated to busi-   tion reimbursement, home purchase
expert solutions, backed by the com-             ness ethics and corporate social respon-    program, employee clubs & organiza-
pany's exceptional financial strength            sibility.                                   tions, on-site fitness center, onsite
and the promise to be there for a cli-                                                       ATMs and credit union, along with
ent when their financial security is put         Community Contribution                      other valuable employee programs.
                                                 The Northwestern Mutual Foundation
                                                 has honored its mission — inspiring hu-
“My internship experience helped me bring my     man potential through lifelong learning
                                                 and community commitment — by grant-
 classroom knowledge to life and apply it in a   ing support in three focus areas:
    real setting. It also allowed me to make     1. Education
      contacts that I still leverage today.”     2. Health & Human Services
                                                 3. Arts & Culture
                 - Northwestern Mutual Intern    The Northwestern Mutual Foundation is
                                                 proud of the impact of its work. North-
                                                 western Mutual gives more money than
                                                                                             IT Internships
                                                 any other corporation in Wisconsin to
to the test. The company offers a ho-                                                        In its commitment to innovation and
                                                 support and develop the community.
listic approach to financial security                                                        advanced technological solutions,
solutions, including insurance, invest-                                                      Northwestern Mutual recognizes that
                                                 View the latest Corporate Citizenship
ment products and advisory services                                                          students can bring a great deal of
                                                 Report to read more about
to help people in the areas of finan-                                                        insight and intelligence to the Infor-
                                                 the ways in which the Foundation has
cial protection, wealth accumulation,                                                        mation Systems department. The
                                                 lent a helping hand to its
and estate preservation and distribu-                                                        company offers an established, repu-
                                                 nonprofit partners.
tion. Whether clients seek personal                                                          table internship program that chal-
financial security or security for their                                                     lenges students and provides them
                                                 Northwestern Mutual Careers
business or estate, Northwestern Mu-                                                         with real-life work experiences.
                                                 Northwestern Mutual is known for its
tual offers an array of solutions: in-
                                                 dynamic atmosphere that encourages
cluding permanent and term life in-
                                                 excellence, creativity and career ad-
surance, disability insurance, long-                                                                                  (cont. on p.5)
                                                 vancement. The company recognizes
term care insurance, annuities, trust
                                                 that great ideas come from everyone,
services, mutual funds and
                                                 and all employees are encouraged to
advisory services.

Admired Worldwide
• Named “America’s Most Ad-
mired” company in its category for an
unprecedented 25 years - FORTUNE
magazine (2008)

     Page 4
                                                                                                              Volume 2, Issue 7

                        Mozilla Labs,       for, ex: “WI Marquette Univer-
                        the people be-      sity”. You have direct access
                        hind the world's    to search Google, Wikipedia,
                        most popular        Flickr, Google Image search,
                        open-source         eBay and a few others without leaving           map to your friends? Just type “Send to”
                        web browser         the site you are currently on.                  and start typing your friend's name. If
                        (Firefox), re-                                                      you have Gmail, Ubiquity will automati-
                        cently released     Searching is fine, but what really makes        cally pull in your contact information and
                        a new experi-       Ubiquity unique is it's ability to perform      let you select your friend, and then em-
mental Firefox extension called Ubiq-       tasks based on the information you are          beds the map and site information into
uity. Ubiquity expands Firefox into         currently looking at in Firefox, and it's       the e-mail for you. Need to check your
much more than just a web-browser           ability to integrate with your personal         Google Calendar to make sure you have
through the addition of a context-          data from Gmail, Google Calendar and            nothing going on when you want to
sensitive command system. As the            Twitter. Imagine researching a spring           leave? Just type in “check march 9” and
name implies, Ubiquity brings the ability   break trip to Italy for you and some of         Ubiquity will bring up all the events you
to perform website contextual functions     your friends. You come across a page            have scheduled that day on your calen-
such as searching, translating, mapping     with some really interesting looking pic-       dar.
and e-mailing from any page that you        tures, but the text is in Italian. Simply
may be on.                                  select the text, hit Ctrl+Space and type        These are just a few simple examples of
                                            “TR this”. Ubiquity automatically know          what Ubiquity is capable of. The real
To get started, head over to http://        that by “this” you mean the text you            power of the extension is that like Fire- and     selected, and translates it for you, all        fox, Ubiquity is an open-source applica-
install the extension in Firefox. Next,     with a few keystrokes, and without leav-        tion, and is constantly evolving. With the
bring up the command panel by hitting       ing the page.                                   right skills and knowledge, you can cre-
Ctrl+Space (Windows) or Option+Space                                                        ate your own Ubiquity commands, allow-
(Mac), and start typing a command. As       Want a map of the cool new location             ing for the creation of a virtually limitless
you type, an alphabetical list of avail-    you just found? Highlight the address           amount of functions.
able commands comes up. For exam-           and type “Map this”. Ubiquity brings up
ple, you can search WikiPedia by typing     the address in Google Maps, right inside        ~ Lukas Sparks
“WI “ and then the term you are looking     the command box. Why not e-mail the

Company Spotlight (cont.)
(from p. 4)                                                                                 an information-based business, it takes
                                               “I was working with clients and solving      a thoughtful, deliberate approach to in-
Northwestern Mutual seeks interns that       problems ranging from remedial to thought-     formation technology. IT employees
are enrolled in computer engineering                                                        never lose sight of the fact that they are
programs at accredited colleges. Interns
                                              provoking. I was treated like a real team     in the “people” business, not the tech-
work full time beginning in summer and       member, not like a student, with a realistic   nology business.
part time during the school year. IS In-              expectation of my work.”
ternships typically provide the partici-
pant experience in areas such as appli-
cation development, systems analysis,                       - Northwestern Mutual Intern
business analysis, project management,
technical support, and systems admini-
stration.                                   Information Technology
                                            There is a long tradition of investing in
Contact ellenburgermeis-                    IT to help provide the kind of business if you are       solutions that have contributed to
interested in exploring employment or       Northwestern Mutual’s undeniable suc-
an internship with Northwestern Mutual.     cess. Because Northwestern Mutual is

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                    ITSO Good

Spring Break, An Alternative Way
When you think of current events within                     with a bus tour around the Houston           see not-for-profit organizations planting
the past six months many of you proba-                      area to see the devastation from Hurri-      gardens to give residents fresh produce
bly think of the historical presidential                    cane Ike. We were also taken through         along with non perishable food items.
election that happened in November or                       the 5th Ward, a town started by freed        On the last day of our work the commu-
our current economic turmoil. Although                      slaves after the Civil War around 1866.      nity center had a ribbon cutting cere-
these are important issues in our na-                       Today, the 5th Ward is a poverty             mony for the track that our teams had
tion’s history are you aware that the                       stricken area. round 58% have not re-        built. The young students and seniors
third largest natural disaster in US His-                   ceived a high school diploma and 53%         of the center thanked us and gave us
tory hit the Houston area in that time                      of the population makes less than            each a handmade card in appreciation
as well?                                                    $20,000 annually. On our tour we             of the work we had done.
                                                            stopped to hear of two different not-for-
                                                            profit programs that are working to          Of course the week would not have
                                                            change and improve the community of          been complete without some great
                                                            the 5th Ward.                                food to fill our hungry stomachs. From
                                                                                                         Texas style barbeques to seafood at
                                                            The rest of the week was devoted to          Joe’s Crab Shack, to delicious desserts,
                                                            working on our community service pro-        Deloitte was well prepared to feed an
                                                            jects. All of the students, Deloitte, and    army. It goes to say that no one left
                                                            United Way professionals were divided
Abigail traveled to Houston, Texas to participate in com-   into teams to work on various projects
munity service projects to help victims of Hurricane Ike    around the area such as housing, com-
                                                            munity gardens, wheel chair ramps,              “Even if you don’t have a large service
Hurricane Ike damaged 34 zip codes in                       playgrounds, and tax preparation. I
the Houston area and left 2.8 million                       was on the playground group which got        project to go on, I think volunteering is about
people without power. Over spring                           the chance to work with a local group            improving lives, even if it’s just one.”
break week I had the privilege of par-                      called Neighborhood Community Inc.
ticipating in an Alternative Spring Break                   We spent a week on many projects
sponsored by Deloitte and United Way                        including construction of bleachers, a
in which eighty college students along                      baseball diamond, a garden, and a            Houston hungry. The week also had
with Deloitte and United Way profes-                        quarter mile gravel track for the seniors    many fun activities including a kickball
sionals from around the country came                        to walk on for daily exercise.               tournament, karaoke, ice cream social,
together to participate in community                                                                     and a game room. Each night the
service projects to help with Hurricane                     I spent my first two days of work on the     game room was open and had Nin-
Ike repairs. Along with meeting other                       three sets of bleachers which were           tendo Wii’s, Guitar Hero, and various
business students like me, the week                         filled with rotten wood and in no way        board games. Also, throughout the
was also filled with networking with                        functional. The bleachers will be used       week, each team was given a video
Deloitte professionals from around the                      to watch football and soccer games at        recorder to create a video of our experi-
country.                                                    the community center. In that time I         ence. Each team entered a video of
                                                            gained a new appreciation for carpen-        their projects into a contest in which
The week long expense paid trip began                       try as I learned how to use a power drill    the team who has the most views wins.
                                                                          and found that much of
                                                                          carpentry is about measur-     On a personal level the experience got
                                                                          ing. The rest of the week      me to thinking how important every
                                                                          was filled with many trips     volunteer opportunity is, no matter how
                                                                          with the wheel barrel filled   big or small. Even if you don’t have a
                                                                          with gravel for our quarter    large service project to go on, I think
                                                                          mile track. Our group also     volunteering is about improving lives,
                                                                          had a couple other smaller     even if it’s just one. When you take a
                                                                          projects as well. We filled    look at the world we live in it’s so easy
                                                                          a baseball diamond with        to get caught up in life; just think about
                                                                          dirt and also cleaned up       how many hours a week you are on
                                                                          the small garden that is       your cell phone or checking email.
                                                                          used to grow produce. In
                                                                          Houston it was common to                                      (cont. on p. 7)
     Page 6
                                                                                                                    Volume 2, Issue 7

Tips for Landing the Job: Be Well Suited for Your Interview
                                                                                              •   Portfolio or briefcase — You want to
According to Kim Zoller at Image Dy-                                                          look professional and organized.
                                                •     Moderate shoes—just like tight
namics, 55% of another person's per-            clothes, leave the 4-inch heels for
ception of you is based on how you look.                                                             As for the men, many of the rec-
                                                the weekend. Also, they should be                    ommendations are similar:
If that person is a recruiter or a poten-       closed-toe.
tial employer, that’s a lot riding on your
fashion choices. So, if you read this arti-     • Limited jewelry—stud earrings,                     •  Solid color, conservative suit,
cle and are still in doubt about how to         a watch, maybe a ring                              preferably navy
dress for an interview, overdress. It is        • Neat, professional hairstyle –                   • White long sleeve shirt
always better to err on the side of con-        if it’s long enough to put back in a
servative and class. You know to wear a         ponytail, I highly recommend it.                   • Conservative tie
suit, but what kind of suit should you          Also, if you are going to fidget with              • Dark socks, professional
wear?                                           bangs or shorter pieces around                     shoes
                                                your face, fasten them back.                       • Very limited jewelry—take out
Ladies, here are some basic recommen-           • Tan or light hosiery—do not walk into       your earrings, please.
dations:                                        your interview or any day of work without     • Neat, professional hairstyle
                                                tights on. Bare legs are extremely unpro-
•    A suit in a solid color, preferably        fessional.                                    • Go easy on the aftershave
navy, that fits you and does not hug            • Sparse make-up & perfume                    • Neatly trimmed nails
your curves. Also, a skirt suit is still rec-
                                                • Manicured nails—Most people talk            • Portfolio or briefcase
ommended as more pro-
                                                with their hands, so your interviewer will
fessional dress than a                                                                        So in the words of Dr. Ow, look at your-
                                                  probably see your nails. Remember you
pantsuit.                                                                                     self in the mirror and consider, “What
                                                   want to put your best foot forward in
• A blouse in a solid                              every aspect, or in this case, your best   would Stacey and Clinton say?”
light color                                       hand forward!
                                                                                              ~ Emily McGough

Spring Break (cont.)
(from p. 6)                                     gether to make an impact. Service             There is no other way to express the
                                                brings people together in a way that          week I got to experience with Deloitte
I think the week was a good disconnec-          nothing else can as it is rewarding,          and United Way. I cannot begin to
tion from reality and made me realize           meaningful, and a vital part to changing      count the many times we as college
how much we can do in a short period            our world. We spent a week helping to         students were thanked for giving up our
of time. When we started the week our           improve a community center, but in that       spring breaks, although I should be the
site coordinator made a power point of          time I think everyone can say they grew a     one saying thank you for the amazing
all the work that had to be done and            lot more as a person. Volunteering has a      experience. Thank you to Deloitte,
right away I thought we would never             way of bringing out the best in people        United Way, and the Neighborhood
finish it all. To my surprise we finished       and I am so thankful for the opportunity      Community I got to work with, this was
beyond expectations. It was wonderful           to see the impact it had on the Houston       a week that I will always remember.
                                    to see      community and to every individual that
                                    so          was involved.                                 ~ Abigail Wenninger
                                    people      At the beginning of the week we were
                                    who         reminded that when volunteering you
                                    didn’t      always get more than you give. By the
                                    know        end of the week, seeing the impact we
                                    each        had made was overwhelming and hum-
                                    other       bling. What greater way to spend spring
                                    come        break than by helping a community in
                                    to-         need and making great professional ties.                   Abigail Wenninger is a sophomore
                                                                                                  majoring in Accounting and Information Technology.
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              ITSO Good

Upcoming Events:
  2009                                                                              Do you have any ideas for articles you
                                                                                    would like to see in ITSO Good?

ITSO has organized its community        ness and hunger.
service event for this semester: Mar-                                               Executive Board (2008-2009)
quette’s very own Hunger Clean-Up!      If you’re interested in joining the ITSO    Erica Gelvan: President
                                        team, the event will take place on Satur-   Calvin Tessmann: Vice President
Hunger Clean-Up began in 1989 with      day, April 18th. We’d like to gather a      Allison Cooney: VP of Communications
students from Marquette wanting to      team of 15 people, so sign up early! The    & Chief Editor of ITSO…Good
make a difference in regards to Mil-    more people who are involved, the           Stephanie Rau: VP of Community Service
waukee’s hunger and homelessness        greater the impact will be. You can join    Evan Montague: VP of Finance
problems. It has been around for 20     by contacting Stephanie Rau at Stepha-      Emily McGough: VP of Publicity
years, and has grown to be Mar- or register           John Mazurek: Editor of Publications
quette’s largest one day service pro-   online at: and        Sara Abdul Rahman: VP of Website
ject. Hunger Clean-Up has partnered     find the ITSO team under Stephanie’s        Lukas Sparks: VP of Website
with over 150 agencies to not only      name.                                       Josh Connor: VP of Programs
serve on that one day, but also to                                                  Prof. Terence Ow: Faculty Advisor
advocate and teach about homeless-      ~ Stephanie Rau

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