FROM THE HEART - Ronald McDonald House of Dallas by yaofenjin


									SPRING/SUMMER                          REPORT OF GRATITUDE               2012

                  FROM THE HEART
     Your generosity keeps the doors open to the House that Love Built.

                                       Underneath the mask is a
                                       real-life hero — a brave child
                                       with the need for a warm,
                                       comfortable place to rest
4707 Bengal Street, Dallas, TX 75235   when not in battle.

            Thank you for your support! We couldn’t do it without you!
 Your Impact in 2011

No child should have to               An Ordinary Toddler With an
fight illness alone.                  Extraordinary Fight
Because of you,
                                        Olivia Heindl, age 2
they don’t have to.                     Juvenile Myelomonocytic
                                        Leukemia (JMML)

 families served

 individual guests served

 30                                   The Heindl family entered the overwhelming
 states served                        world of central lines and chemotherapy when
                                      Olivia was just one year old. The young toddler

                                      suffers from a form of Leukemia so rare it took
                                      months to diagnose accurately.
 countries served
                                      A week before Christmas 2011,
                                      Trina Heindl left Hot Springs, Arkansas

                                      to bring her daughter to Children’s
                                      Medical Center of Dallas for a bone
                                      marrow transplant. An RMHD
 days is the average length of stay   isolation suite was their temporary
                                      “home” until the end of April 2012.
                                      Olivia didn’t feel well most of the

                                      time but enjoyed spending time in
                                      the craft room.

 occupancy rate
                                            “It’s the distraction of
                                            so many family activities

 over   90%                                 and interaction with
                                            other families like us that
                                            helped us get through
 of our operating budget is
 raised locally                             the long days of Olivia’s
                                            recovery,” Trina told us.
Message from Vera

                    “The journey of a thousand miles begins
                    with a single step.”          —Chinese Proverb

                                      The Ronald McDonald House of                  times, when it must be an effort to simply
                                      Dallas (the “House”) has been on a            put one foot in front of the other, these
                                      journey of more than three decades            amazing families summon the courage
                                      that began when a group of selfless,          and grace to support others. I received
                                      community minded people came                  an email from a family member who
                                      together to take that fateful first step      recently stayed at the House and he said,
                                      to create the “House that Love Built.”        in part,“… the rare opportunity to be a
                                                                                    part of RMH Dallas was nothing short of
                                      Many steps and a capital campaign later, amazing. …It was a privilege to hear and
                                      a beautiful new House welcomes                be a part of the stories of so many other
                                      families with seriously ill or injured        families… . We will forever treasure those
                                      children who seek treatment in a              conversations and relationships… .”
                                      Dallas-area hospital. Change and
                                      growth have strengthened our resolve to When I agreed to become Board Chair for
                                      continue the rich legacy of the House.        this incredible collection of individuals who
                                                                                    serve the House, I committed to lead
                                      On behalf of the Board of Directors for the group through an exciting period of
     Vera R. Bangs                    the House, I humbly thank each member of change. As we continue to “settle in” at
     2012 Board Chair                 the staff, all of our volunteers and the vast the new, beautiful House, we know that
                                      number of donors who make it possible to change is part of the journey. Let us hold
                                      accomplish the mission of the House.          up the families we serve as examples of
                                                                                    strength, courage and grace. With our
                                      The families we serve are on journeys of wonderful staff, volunteers and donors,
                                      their own. For many, the stress associated we are ready for any challenge—one step
                                      with a child’s treatment is compounded        at a time.
                                      by being far from the comforts of home,
                                      family and friends. The House provides
                                      a nurturing atmosphere of support from
                                      dedicated staff and volunteers, as well
                                      as other families. During their darkest

                                  2012 Board of Directors
Chair Emerita      Carrie Crossman    Randy Lasley            Advisory Board            Susan Palma             Chief Executive
JoAnn M. Cornet, M.D.
                   Bert Crouch        Elizabeth A. Lenz       Cynthia B. Bassel         Norma Pearson           Officer
Chair              Gary R. DeLong     Pete Lerma, Jr.         William C. Collins        Pam Perella             Jill Cumnock
Vera R. Bangs      Bryan L. Diers     Alan L. Miller          Carol Dalton              Edward P. Perrin, Jr.
Past Chair         Natalie Musgrave   Cynthia Craft O’Brien   Chris Durovich            Jacob N. Pollack        Chief Development
Mike C. McWilliams     Dossett        Carol Podolsky, M.D.    Mrs. Randy Engstrom       Rod Sager               Officer
Secretary          Jerome Elenez      Karl Rathjen, M.D.      Dale Fuller, M.D.         Nancy Skochdopole       Laura Leach
Leslie Kennedy     Aaron J. Enrico    David M. Rosenberg      Nancy Gottsacker          Mersina P. Stubbs
Treasurer          Sandra Estess      Barbara Glazer          A. Michael Hainsfurther   Melissa W. Utley        Chief Financial
Margaret C. Shouse Sharilyn Getz            Rosenblatt        Lawrence B. Hawkins       Robert Walker           Officer
                   Linda Golden       Georgia Scaife          Peggy Hill                Gary B. Wood, Ph.D.     Whitney Newell
Board of Directors Joe M. Graham      Douglas C. Smellage     Gwen Irwin
Michael F. Alessio Tim B. Greaves     Trent C. Smith          Cile Crouch Jolly                                 Chief Operating
John R. Allums     Cecilie Holman     Bryan Turner            Carol A. Kilman                                   Officer
Patrick H. Arthur  Nancy L. Kerr      James R. Wales          Dan E. Martens                                    Amy Hatfield
Christine Cook     Michele Kyle       Sheryl Wylie            JoAnne Moore
Volunteers Give their Time for Free
                                          That’s What Makes
                                          Them Priceless
                                          In February, the House was filled with
                                          over 70 community volunteers who
                                          were honored for their service to
                                          the RMHD -- many who’ve been with
                                          us for years. The delicious food was
                                          catered by Thornhill Catering and the
                                          beautiful flowers were by Southern
                                          Botanicals. Co-chairs of the event were
                                          Young Friends members, Carrie Crossman
                                          and Barrett Van Zandt. Thank you to
                                          everyone who made this event a success.

                                           over   100
                                           weekly volunteers served families

Thank You —                                80
Your Service is                            Junior League of Dallas volunteers
What Makes the                             served families

House a Home!

5 Years              Jerry Lane
                                           over   13,000
Ashley Allen         Beth Malloy           volunteer hours were donated
Nakia Burns          Emma Succar
Sherrill Carr        Sharilyn Getz
Allison Fainter
Ruth Gilgenbach
Carolyn Grune
                     Margaret Holmquist
                     Glenna Wilkinson      $281,952
                                           dollars were saved because of
Julie Ha             15 Years
                                           volunteer support
Connie Karnstedt     Cyndi Taylor
Caroline Llewellyn

Sylvia Mayo          20 Years
Debbie Simurda       Gay Brinkerhoff
Maria Wallingford    Nancy Dickey          over
Greg Wallingford     Carol Hayes           cooking groups purchased, planned, and
Kim Wilson                                 prepared 3 meals a day, every day
                     25 Years
10 Years             Sally McWilliams
Beverly LeMaster
Libby Lenz
                     Shirley Drennan
                                           over   150
                                           volunteer groups hosted and organized
                                           family activities at the House
                                                                                                        Dallas Cowboys
                                                                                                        Running Back
                                                                                                        Murray joined
                                                                                                        friends Allison
                                                                                                        McDaniel and
                                                                                                        Katherine Tranum
                                                                                                        in the kitchen and
                                                                                                        took time to pose
                                                                                                        for a few pictures

Kay Cox is shown helping an RMHD
guest create a mask for a school project
in the craft room.

Kay works in the craft room 2 days a
week. Her goal is to recruit enough
volunteers to keep it open every day.

Thank you Kay!

                                              The Easy Slider food truck visited RMHD at lunch time Sunday May 6. The
                                              families enjoyed the fun atmosphere and the excellent food. Thank you
                                              to the Foresters for making this happen!

  The First Baptist Christian
  Academy Daisy Troop visited
  and toured the House after donating
  over $500 of Girl Scout Cookies.They
  also donated 65 cents from every
  box of cookies they sold this year,
  which totalled $1,164.00.Thanks to          A big thank you to William Borus who completed his Eagle Scout
  all the girls and their parents for these   project by raising $4,900 and using that money to purchase 700 books and
  fabulous donations.                         2 rolling carts. He donated those items to the RMHD and spent an evening
                                              reading some of the books to our families.
Ways to Help

Dr. JoAnn Cornet becomes
the newest member of the
The Beacon Society.
contributed by Barbara McDermott
                                                   House. Shortly after arriving at Children’s
                                                   Medical Center in Dallas, she began
                                                   exploring the idea of a Ronald McDonald
                                                   House for Dallas. She enlisted the help
                                                   of her good friend Dr. Peggy Sartain, the
                                                   administrative staff at the hospital, several
                                                   parents of children being treated for
                                                   cancer at Children’s, and a volunteer
                                                   Sandra Estess, who ultimately chaired the       Tee off and support the
                                                   first capital campaign.                         Ronald McDonald House.

                                                   The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas             The 21st Annual Addison Rotary
                                                   opened in 1981, and the first chair of the      Open presented by GLM DFW, Inc.
                                                   board of directors was Dr. JoAnn Cornet.        will be held September 10, 2012.
                                                   When Dr. Cornet retired to Austin, she          This four-man team scramble tees
                                                   became active at the Austin RMH and             off at 12:30 p.m. Once you’ve
                                                   served on its board. However, her heart has     completed 18 holes, you can relax
   Except when rooting for her alma mater          stayed true to the RMHD, and she proudly        amid the fun and excitement of our
   Stanford against the University of Texas,       displays her collection of railcars at          After Tournament Party at the
   Dr. JoAnn Cornet is an ardent Longhorns
                                                   Christmas from the Trains at NorthPark.         Gleneagles Clubhouse. Dinner
   fan. After retiring as a pediatric oncologist
   at Children’s Medical Center, Dr. Cornet                                                        and beverages will accompany a
   moved to Lakeway in Austin to pursue her Looking back on her career, Dr. Cornet                 raffle and the presentation of
   second passion golf and became an        says she is most proud of the fabulous new             prizes, awards, and a live and silent
   enthusiastic supporter of all things UT.                                                        auctions. Visit
                                            RMHD and the advances that have been
                                            made in the treatment of children with                 for more information and to sign up.
Dr. Cornet’s first passion was medicine.    cancer. So that the Ronald McDonald House
Her father was a physician, and she knew    of Dallas will always be a beacon for the
from an early age that she wanted to be a   children and families who need the House,
doctor.She graduated from medical school at Dr. Cornet has included the RMHD in her
Case Western Reserve and chose pediatric estate planning. Long-time friends Dr. Dale
oncology as her specialty. While working    Fuller and Peggy Hill, co-chairs of The
at a children’s hospital in Chicago, JoAnn  Beacon Society, are delighted to welcome
was introduced to the Ronald McDonald       JoAnn as a new member!

  Thanks to Everyone Who Sponsored and Attended our Spring 2012 Events,
                    They Were a Spectacular Success!
2012 Moonlight Ball                  Young Friends Studio 54 Party
Thank you to the                                                                                                   Thank you to the
Dallas Country Club,                                                                                               Ritz-Carlton, DJ Lucy
the band Cuvée,                                                                                                    Wrubel, Todd Events,
Chairmen Betty and                                                                                                 and Co-Chairs of the
Michael Bullington, and                                                                                            event Bianca Colgin
Honorary Chairs                                                                                                    and Amy McEvoy.
Mersina and Phin Stubbs.

                              Be sure to check for fun event photos.
Ways to Help

“I don’t feel like I’m working, I feel like I’m helping.”
                                                                                                                   — Maison Vasek
Maison and Ashley Vasek
agree, “It’s not what
we were expecting – it’s
ground level. It feels
good when you go home
at night. The best part is
when you’re stopped on
the way to the dumpster
by a family who thanks
you and tells you how
great you are.”
With busy jobs and lives, it can be
challenging to find the time and energy
to show up for a three-hour shift after a
long day at work.“Once I get here, I feel
energized immediately,” said Maison. “I       Maison had such a sense of pride about the House that he couldn’t wait
never regret it.”                             to show it to his parents, Rick and Jennifer Vasek. Now they cook dinner a
                                              couple times a year. Thank you Vasek family!
They enjoy getting to know new people        understand the volunteers play a very        “We are the brand of RMHD, the interaction
and admit their Thursday night group is very important role in the operations of the      with the customers. It’s what makes RMHD
close — like family. Once you’re here, you   House. Ashley said it best when she told us, more of a House versus a hotel.”

On Saturday February 25, the Dallas Junior Forum brought more than 150 members from around the state of Texas to the RMHD
to complete three service projects.They cut material and created 60 vibrantly colored “no-sew blankets”, stuffed complimentary
“Welcome Bags” with necessities, and prepared and packed box lunches for the families. Thank you for everything you do!
You don’t have to be perfect or                                                                 The 2011-2012 Teen Board
famous or even grown up to                                                                      had an amazing year!
make a difference.
                                                                                                  over   90
                                                                                                  teens comprise the Teen Board of the
                                                                                                  Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.

                                                                                                  the number of different area high
                                                                                                  schools represented on the Teen Board

                                                                                                  the number of years the Teen Board
                                                                                                  has existed

Throughout the last year, these enterprising
teens served RMHD families in many
meaningful ways, including . . .
                                                                                                  the amount of dollars raised for the
                                                                                                  2011 Trains at NorthPark event
•   bingo, movie and craft nights,
•   “Chore Saturdays,”
•   a family car wash,
•   monthly donation drives,
•   working more than 70 shifts at the
    Trains at NorthPark, and
•   raising $500 to secure a Trains at
    NorthPark sponsorship.

It was teen Ellie Skochdopole, who started the T Board with approximately 20 Teens
and it’s the teens themselves that have made it was it is today. Applications to join for the
2012-13 school year are being accepted until July 2 on our website. Please contact Missy
Bailey at 214-631-7354 with questions or visit to download an applica-
tion packet. We are looking forward to another fabulous year!
Thank You - You Gave Generously                                                                                  October 2011 - March 2012
$100,000+                                              The Eugene McDermott Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Hubert J. Crouch
Addison Rotary Foundation, Inc.                        Thompson & Knight Foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crow
The Perot Foundation                                   Miss Whitney Toeller                                 Dance to Live Inc.
Southwest Airlines LUV Classic                         Travis, Wolff & Company, LLP                         Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Danner
                                                       Mr. Michael S. Turner and Mrs. Geneva Leeds-Turner   DAVACO, Inc.
$50,000 - $99,999                                      Mr. and Mrs. John T. Walter, Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. Brad Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Phineas W. Stubbs, Jr.                    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Winn                     Ms. Jane Demars
                                                                                                            Denton Round Up Club
$10,000 - $49,999                                      $2,500 - $4,999                                      DFW Paving, LLC
Anonymous                                              Anheuser Busch                                       Mr. and Mrs. David Dick
Anonymous                                              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Arthur                       Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Diers
Ms. Lisa T. Bearden                                    Mr. and Mrs. Josh Ayers                              Mr. and Mrs. LaRoye Drennan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bullington                        Mr. Douglas Bailey                                   Duke Realty Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company                                  Capview Partners, LLC                                Ms. Pam Dyer
Communities Foundation of Texas                        Casa Rita’s Mexican Grill                            Mr. and Mrs. David Emmons
Credit Suisse Americas Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Conley Cathey                           ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Elliott, III / Little Bean       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cheatham                        Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Filgo
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Engstrom / Prairie Creek Partners   Mr. and Mrs. James Chiles                            Fischer & Company
Ms. Caroline T. Gehan                                  Combined Federal Campaign of North Central Texas     Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Fuller
Mrs. Peggy S. Hill                                     Dallas Junior Forum                                  Mr. Thomas Fusco
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kerr                                 Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Diaz                             Gaedeke Group
Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. /                       Element Enterprises                                  Gehan Homes, Ltd.
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Hainsfurther               Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Emanuelson, Jr.               Girl Scouts Daisy Troop 2765
Neiman Marcus                                          Enterprise Holdings Foundation                       Give with Liberty
North Texas Nebraskans                                 FelCor Lodging Trust, Inc.                           Golf & Tennis Pro Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. O’Brien                          GE Capital Corporation                               Graham Investments
Mrs. Pete H. Pappas                                    Mr. David Glatstein                                  Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Griege
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pearson                         Halliburton Giving Choices                           Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Groth
Dr. and Mrs. Karl E. Rathjen                           Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Hatfield                       Harold Simmons Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Raynor                            Honda Financial Services                             Haynes and Boone, L.L.P.
Select Product Group L.P.                              Mr. and Mrs. Porter Hull                             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Head, Jr.
Sewell Automotive Companies                            Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Kennedy                          Mr. and Mrs. Scott Helbing
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons                            Kristin Lily Newman Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hemingway
Southwest Airlines                                     Lasseter Bus Company Incorporated                    Houston Academy of Medicine - Texas Medical Center
Texas Instruments Foundation                           Learning Care Group                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard
The Joe M. and Doris R. Dealey Family Foundation       McDonald’s of NETX Charities                         Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hunt
Tom Thumb                                              Moroch                                               Intuit
Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation                       Drs. Carol and Daniel Podolsky                       Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson
Western Extrusions Corporation                         Prescott Pailet Benefits                             Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kalb
Winn Family Foundation                                 Primrose School of Bedford                           Dr. and Mrs. David R. Karp
                                                       Ronald McDonald House Charities                      Mr. and Mrs. Myles Kelley
$5,000 - $9,999                                        Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Rosenblatt                   Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kelly
Anonymous                                              Barbara L. Smith                                     Kennedy Legal Firm PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bangs                                Mr. and Mrs. Trent C. Smith                          Knoll, Inc.
Benchmark Bank and Benchmark Title                     Spring Creek Barbeque                                Mr. John Lawrence
Mr. Hartford Boothe                                    Takeda Pharmaceuticals                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeMaster
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby J. Bush                            Terra Nova Energy                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lenz
Community Health Charities of Texas                    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wales                          Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lichty
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Cooper                           Ms. Meredith Woodworth / Molly Folse                 Ms. Deborah L. Light
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Crum                                                                                      Mr. Scott Lynch
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation                     $1,000 - $2,499                                      Mr. and Mrs. Brent Magnuson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dalton                                Mr. and Mrs. Ben Abbott                              Mr. and Mrs. David Marlow
Dell Corporate Giving                                  Mr. and Mrs. Billy Aguilar                           Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McEvoy, III
Dr. and Mrs. B. Henry Estess                           Ms. Catherine D. Albiez                              Mr. and Mrs. Chris McKeown
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund                          Anonymous                                            Mr. Charles McKinney
Mr. Mike Fritz                                         Anonymous                                            Mr. and Mrs. W. Casey McManemin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Graham                             AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign             Dr. Paula Miltenberger and Mr. Bay Miltenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hardage                             B&G Massey Ent.                                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Montgomery
Mr. Joe Hardt and Mrs. Marie Park                      Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Bagwell                       Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. Holman                          Ms. Lee Bailey                                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Moore
ISI Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barnett                         Mr. and Mrs. George Morgan
Leo & Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation                      Big D 56’ers                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murphree
Liberty Mutual Insurance                               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Bill                         Mr. Peter Norley
Lifetime Strategies Group                              Bishop Gorman Regional Catholic School               Ms. Dee Anne Nunley
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mattingly                            Brinker International                                Paige Chenault Events
McDonald’s Corporation                                 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brown, Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Palma
Mr. and Mrs. Mike C. McWilliams                        Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bunten                          Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin, Jr.
MHBT Inc.                                              Mr. H. Gene Burkett, Jr.                             Mr. Thomas Pisano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Penn                            Carroll - Mansions LLC                               Mr. and Mrs. J. Blake Pogue
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and          CBRE Healthcare Real Estate Services                 Prudential Foundation
    Central Texas                                      Mr. and Mrs. Bob Chambers                            Mr. Stephen Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. John Sears                                Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chenevert                         Ms. Kersten Rettig and Mr. Clark Knippers
Southwestern Medical Foundation                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cherry                            Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Staubach / The Staubach          Chubb Insurance                                      Mr. Daniel Rodriguez
    Family Foundation                                  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Collins, II                  Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rooney
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children              Jo Ann M. Cornet, M.D.                               Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ropp
The Aaron and Catie Enrico Family Foundation           Corrigan-Goddard Foundation                          Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg
 Thank You - You Gave Generously

Rumsey Site Construction                           Fannie Mae SERVE Matching Gift Donations               Amy T. McEvoy
Ms. Nancy O’Connor and Mr. Steve Rush              Mr. and Mrs. Neal Feibel                               Artech Stone Design
Mr. Brandon Rys                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Figari                              Ashley Williams
Ms. Anita Sabinske                                 FM Global Foundation                                   AT&T Performing Arts Center
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Saustad, Sr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy B. Ford                  
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Schaufele                    Foresters                                              Axxys Technologies
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Semple                 Mr. Scott B. Frenkel                                   Baby Lou Pooch Couture
Sidney Powell Counsellor at Law                    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Goodwin                        Barton Creek Resort & Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Skipworth                  Mr. and Mrs. Justin Grissen                            BCBGMAXAZRIA
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Skochdopole                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary Guion                                Benchmark Bank
Sleep Experts                                      The Robert A. and Marianne S. Gwinn Family Found       Beyond Baroque
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Smellage                   Ms. Melanie K. Hackett                                 Beyond Pedaling
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sowden                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Halpin, Jr.                     Billy Bob’s Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Sussman                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hamilton                          Branching Out Events
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sutherland                  Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Hammer                            Cafe Pacific
Mr. Phil D. Swatzell                               Mr. and Mrs. Denny Holman                              Calligraphic
Ms. Teri Taylor                                    Horn-Barlow Companies                                  Camp Gladiator, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. John Tessier                          Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Howard                         Caribou Club
Texas Pocket Springs                               Invest in Others Charitable Foundation                 Carly Allen-Martin
The Attic Self Storage                             JP MorganChase                                         Carrie R. Crossman
The Coca-Cola Company                              Ms. Carol A. Kilman                                    Centennial Beverage Group
The Westerman Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kistler                            Classic Pilates
Mrs. Billie Thomas                                 Kline Family Foundation                                Coty Prestige
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thomason                        Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leiser                                Coushatta Casino Resort
Tolleson Wealth Management                         Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lent                                CrossFit Deep Ellum, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Turner                     Mrs. Margaret Leonard                                  Dallas Arboretum
Tycoon Energy, Inc.                                Mr. and Mrs. Sam Loughlin                              Dallas Auction Gallery
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vannorsdel                       Mario Sinacola Companies                               Dallas Mavericks
Mr. and Mrs. Robb L.Voyles                         Mr. and Mrs. David Martineau                           Dallas Summer Musicals
WCS Oil & Gas Corporation / Vicki & Bruce          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Matthews                          Dallas Theater Center
    Stensrud / Kathy & Bill Shuford                Mr. and Mrs. Tracy W. Matthews                         Darioush Winery
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Winn                            Mr. and Mrs. Scott McDonald                            Emily Clarke Events
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Woldert                           Ms. Mary Meier                                         Equinox Fitness Clubs
Mr. James Wu                                       Mr. and Mrs. Alan Moore                                Exhale Spa - Dallas
                                                   Ms. Nancy Perot Mulford                                Farrow & Cobb
$500 - $999                                        Ms. Fara Murray                                        Fete des Fleurs
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams                            Musicmaker Dallas LLC                                  Ford Nassen & Baldwin, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Jehan Akhtar                          Mr. James C. Musselman                                 Forty Five Ten
Allen Investments                                  Mr. and Mrs. Aiman Naguib                              Four Seasons Resort and Club
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Altizer                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Novak                             Frontiers of Flight Museum
Altschuler and Company                             Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Nunes                             Galleria Ice Skating Center
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Altshuler                     Mr. and Mrs.Vin A. Perella                             Kathryn Beach
American Flood Research, Inc.                      Ms. Janet B. Quisenberry                               Gittings
Anderson Cox Salon                                 Richard D. Eiseman Jewels                              Gold Crown Valet
Andrews, Barth & Harrison, PC                      Mr. and Mrs. Billie Dan Richards                       Gold’s Gym Uptown
Anonymous                                          RMHD Teen Board                                        Granada Theater
Axxys Technologies                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ritch Roberts                             Hall Family Restaurants
Ayco Charitable Foundation                         Ms. Diane Rojas                                        Hemline
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Baldwin                       Safeway Inc.                                           Hotel Paisano
Miss Hannah Ball                                   Mr. Thomas D. Salanty                                  Hunton & Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Bame                             Schwab Charitable Fund                                 International House
Bank of America Foundation Matching Gift Program   Mr. and Mrs. Neal Sharma                               J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barrow, Jr.                       Dr.Victoria R. Shinn and Mr. Gregory B. Shinn          James Carroll Investments LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bassel                           Mr. and Mrs. Clint Shouse                              Jan Hill
bauhaus                                            Steve Beckett Consulting, Inc.                         JD’s Chippery
Ms. Jennifer Bowes                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Swann                          John Derryberry Photography
Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty      Texas Association of College and Technical Educators   K Bakes
Mr. and Mrs. James Browne                          The Clifton Foundation                                 Kage Handbags
Mr. David Campbell and Dr. Tamara Campbell         The Dallas Foundation                                  Katy Trail Ice House LP
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carlin                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Troutt                          Kendra Scott Dallas Boutique
Carmax                                             Mr. Bryan Turner                                       Kevin James McCrea Photography
Mr. and Mrs. B. Gene Carter                        Ms. CeCe Turner                                        Kidville Dallas
CF Electric, Inc.                                  United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.                La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, A Rock Resort
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cohn                             Mr. and Mrs. Trey Velvin                               Little Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Byron C. Cook                         Wells Fargo                                            Little Cupcakes Company
Cooper Independent School District                 Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign                 Local Restaurant
Ms. Helen B. Davis                                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wiley                                Lone Star Park
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis                             Ms. Pamela Wilkes                                      lou lou
Donna Quirke Hornik Fund                           Mr. and Mrs. David L. Winn                             Madison
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Dossett                        Mr. and Mrs. Bret J. Zimmerman                         Marianne Lynn
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dross                                                                                    Mary Jurek Design Inc.
Mr. Tim Dumois                                     Gifts In Kind                                          Megan Adams Designs
Mr. Matthew D. Dyer                                505 Ranch Club on Cedar Creek Lake                     Meghan Looney
Ms. Cathy A. Elkins                                Alexis Badami                                          Mersina P. Stubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Etcheverry                      Ali Wood Photography                                   Mine Boutique
Eventbrite                                         Allison C. Stensrud                                    Moving Memories Video & Photo
                                                                                                                October 2011 - March 2012

Nasher Sculpture Center                               Dallas Area Paralegal Association                    Paychex - Dallas
Neiman Marcus NorthPark                               Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS)   Philips and Krueger Family
Nonna                                                 Dallas Junior Forum                                  Power of Miracles Ministry
Olmstead-Kirk Paper Company                           Dayspring Family Church                              Razzoo’s Cajun Café
Osgood O’Neil                                         DentalOne Partners                                   RC Williams Lodge 2120 & Martha Chapter 2022,
Panini Bakery                                         DeSoto ISD - DAEP                                        Order of Eastern Star
PaperCity                                             Dickey Family & Friends                              RealFoundations
Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc.                          Doubletree Campbell Centre                           Reniassance on Turtle Creek
Peter Stettner                                        Edwin J. Kiest Masonic Lodge, Order of               Rhona’s Group
Pink Slip Gourmet                                         the Eastern Star                                 RMH Board
Pinkberry - Uptown                                    El Centro College - Culinary Student Association     Rolland Safe Company
Pokey O’s Cookies and Ice Cream                       Embassy Suites Dallas - Park Central                 Ryan, Inc.
Posh Couture Rentals                                  EZ Corp                                              Sanchez Family
Pure Barre Dallas                                     Fannie Mae                                           Sanford Brown College
Rahr & Sons Brewing Company                           Fed Ex                                               SAP America, Inc.
Ranch Royalty                                         Firewheel Church                                     Scentsy, Inc.
Re-Finery                                             First Baptist Church - Farmers Branch                Schneider Electric
Renee Rouleau Skin Care Spa                           First Baptist Church - Lewisville                    Senior Source
Richard D. Eiseman Jewels                             First Thursday Friends                               Service King Collision Repair
Smiley’s Studio Inc.                                  Freedom Life Church                                  Shelton School
Society Bakery                                        Friends4Change                                       Single Friends of St. Mark’s
Sonyarenée Jewelry                                    Frito-Lay                                            Sladek Group
Southwest Airlines                                    GE Capital                                           South Dallas Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc
Southwest Airlines Pilot’s Association                GenNext                                              Southwest Airlines
Stella & Dot                                          Greater Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church -      Southwest Airlines - Central Baggage Services
Switch Creative Group                                     Hannah Circle Mission Society                    Southwest Airlines - Technology
Sunshine Laundry & Dry Cleaners                       Greenhill School                                     Southwest Securities
Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company                        Greystar                                             SPAC Community Outreach
Texas Motor Speedway                                  Hainsfurther Family                                  Sungard Global Services
Texas Rangers Baseball Club                           Harvestree Apartments                                SWA - Airport Performance Improvement
The Attic Self Storage                                Hearts Of Servants                                      Airport Solutions
The Richards Group                                    Hearts of Service                                    SWA - Attendance & Leave
Time Out Tavern                                       Heather Duge and Campbell Family                     SWA - Flight Ops Training Center
Times Ten Cellars                                     Height’s Baptist Church                              SWA Maintenance
Trapeze Austin                                        Hill & Wilkinson                                     Swiss Re Life & Health America
Truluck’s                                             Hilton Anatole                                       Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Two Sisters Catering                                  Hilton Worldwide                                     Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Uptown Country Home                                   Hudson Advisors                                      The Darling Cooks
Ussery Printing Company, Inc.                         Hutcheson Family                                     The Dixon Family
Western Extrusions Corporation                        Hyatt Regency Dallas                                 The Epting Group
Yard Candy                                            Immediate Consumption Agency                         The Gals at Glen Garry
Zoe’s Kitchen                                         Insperity                                            The Lamar Family
                                                      Iron Chefs                                           The Neiman Marcus Group
Cooking Groups                                        Jesuit Alumni Association                            The Remnant Dance
Allison McDaniel and Katherine Tranum & Friends       Jewish Federation of Dallas                          The Rucker Family
Alpha Delta Kappa (Dallas Baptist University)         JLD Cooking Team                                     The Stanners Family
Antioch Christian Church                              Jorge Delius & Friends                               The Yonack, Isbell and Davis Families
Ashley Long                                           Josephson Family                                     Thompson and Friends
AT&T Connected Communities                            Junior Charity League                                True Inspirations
Auto Trader.Com                                       Kleinfelder                                          Tuesday Group Birthday
B Braun Medical                                       Knights of Columbus Council #6065                    Tunnell Community Group
Bain and Company                                      Knights of Columbus Council #799                     TWU - Student Nurses Association
Candy Man Group                                       KPMG                                                 U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Cargill                                               Lavon Drive Baptist Church                           UNICEF at UTD
Catholic Daughter Court 2337                          Linda Braly and Friends                              United Health Care
Central Point Church of Christ- Ladies Outreach       Mary Kay, Inc.                                       United Sikhs
Charles Schwab & Co.                                  Melissa Thompson                                     Unithed Healthcare
Chef Connie & Friends                                 Merriman Associates Architects                       University of Texas at Dallas - Helping Hands
Children’s Medical                                    Mildred High School National Honor Society           UNT - BGSA
Children’s Medical Center Clinical & Support Services MOM - Mission of Motherhood - Spring Valley UMC      UT Southwestern St. Paul Nutrition Services/Sodexo
Christian Child Development Center (CCDC)             Moroch                                               UTD - Chi Phi/ Tri Delta
Citi Cards                                            MultiPlan                                            UTD - Terry Scholar Program
Classic Women at Vista Ridge United Methodist Church  Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.                       Valley View Christian Church Spanish Group
Clay’s Group                                          National Honor Society of Wylie High School          Vanderbilt Spring Break Students
Coca-Cola Company- Dallas Syrup Plant                 NCL - Richardson                                     Vasek Family & Friends
Compuware Corporation                                 NCL Addison                                          Venus High School - Key Club
Congregation Beth Torah                               NCL Frisco                                           Verizon
Cooking with Loving Hands                             NCL- North Dallas                                    Westin DFW Airport Hotel
Cooper & Scully                                       New Life Worship Center - Waxahachie                 White Rock Church of Christ
CoreLogic Tax Service                                 North Dallas Mothers of Twins                        Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, LLC
Creating Heart Strings                                North Irving Baptist Church                          Wirevibe
Crosspoint McKinney Church                            October Three                                        YMSL - North Dallas
Crosstex Energy Services                              Papa Murphy’s                                        YMSL Highland Park
Crowne Plaza                                          Parish Episcopal Breakfast Prep                      Young Friends
Crowne Plaza Hotel - Addison                          Pariveda Solutions                                   Zynx Health
Crowne Plaza Suites Dallas Park Central               Park Cities Rotary Club
Your 2011 Gifts in Action

Income                                               Did You Know?

                 4%                                    over
                12%               40%                  families have called RMHD home
                                                       since opening in 1981

                                                       we’re the   12     th

                                                       Ronald McDonald House to open in
Expenses                                               the United States


                 24%                                   we were the   1   st

                                                       US House to open debt free and we
                                                       still remain debt free today


Diagnosis                                             The Ronald McDonald House
                                                      of Dallas serves as a “home-
                                                      away-from-home” for families
                                                      of seriously ill or injured children
                                                      who are hospitalized or receiving
                                                      treatment in Dallas area hospitals.
                                                      The House maintains a caring,
                                                      homelike atmosphere and
                                                      provides a place where families
                                                      receive strength and stability
                                                      from others who share similar

Hospitals                                             Stay in Touch
                                                      Visit our website to stay up to
                                                      date on House happenings.
                                                      While you’re there be sure to
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