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									                                                              From the

                                                              A publication of the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House ®

                                                                                                             Winter 2008
The Miracle that Keeps on Smiling
                                                                                           The medical team told our family
                                                                                      that they weren’t sure if he would
                                                                                      survive. Michael was suffering from
                                                                                      ketoacidosis, which is swelling of the
                                                                                      brain due to his electrolytes being out
                                                                                      of control. Doctors said his brain was
                                                                                      being pushed down in to his neck.
                                                                                      As a result of this, Michael suffered
                                                                                      severe Brain Damage.
                                                                                           During this difficult time my family
                                                                                      stayed at the Ronald McDonald
                                                                                      house for a few months. We were
                                                                                      very grateful to stay there seeing that
                                                                                      I lived almost two hours away, my
    My brother Michael Alexander Tafoya was born on Oct                               family lived two hours away in the
7, 1999. He has always been the cutest outgoing kid with      opposite direction and my oldest brother (who was on
a heart of gold! He loved swimming, karate, amusement         his way to Iraq) had to be flown back home. The Ronald
parks and his favorite holiday was Christmas. He gave the     McDonald House brought us together in our time of need.
best bear hugs ever and always made sure to say “I love       Instead of sleeping in a car or staying in hotels and eating
you”. He was all boy but had a special kind of love for his   take out, if eating at all, we were able to stay in warm beds
mother.                                                       and eat home cooked meals made by volunteers. The
    On Friday January 20, 2006 our family went out            Ronald Mc Donald House staff was amazing, friendly and
to celebrate our mother being cancer free. Later that         hospitable. Words can’t explain the feeling of someone
evening Michael wasn’t feeling good and stayed in bed         listening to you or
that whole weekend with what our mother thought was           just giving you a smile
the stomach flu. That Sunday Michael wasn’t talking and       in what feels like the
was delirious so our parents rushed him in to St. Mary’s      worst time of your life.
Hospital in Apple Valley, CA. The Doctors immediately         My family and I still
discovered that he had type 1 Diabetes and his count          remember the bonds
was high. As they tried to bring his count down Michael       that we built with the
had a seizure, stroke and he stopped breathing. They          families who stayed
had to intubate him and during the process knocked            there at that time,
his two front teeth into his lungs which resulted in          there was an unspoken
emergency surgery to remove the teeth. Shortly after he       understanding that
was medivaced by helicopter to Loma Linda University          we all had for one and
Children’s Hospital.                                          other, knowing we
                                                              were not alone.
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    Notes from our
    Executive Director Two Eagle Scouts
    Dear Friends,
                       Praised For Their
    This year has been monumental for the Loma Linda

                       Charity Work
    Ronald McDonald House. Our hearts have been
    touched by the amazing families and children we
    serve and the stories they share. Their strength
    and ability to endure in spite of unimaginable            Eagle Scout, Matt Lester, from Temecula, Ca., chose
    circumstances has also inspired gracious community        the Loma Linda House for his Eagle Scout Project.
    members to step in and help us make our House the         On August 16,, Matt and a group of other young
    safe and comfortable “home away from home” our            scouts worked on designing a tranquil sitting area for
    families deserve.                                         families on the west end of the yard. This was an area
                                                              where families rarely used and Matt thought is would
    Our hearts are humbled and uplifted by the                be the perfect place for families to sit and relax. He
    kindness of our generous sponsors, volunteers,            and other scouts built two, 9x9 brick patio areas for
    Board of Trustees and our many community partners         additional seating for families to enjoy for years to
    and friends. We greatly appreciate your continued         come. The work was done to perfection and we are
    support of our mission.                                   so proud of Matt for receiving the highest award in
                                                              scouts – The Eagle Scout Award. Congratulations Matt
     From our House to yours…Happy Holidays,                                                    for a job well done.

                                                                                                Eagle Scout,
                                                                                                Jonathan Goldman,
                                                                                                from Corona, Ca.,
                                                                                                also selected the
    Dee Feldmeir                                                                                Ronald McDonald
    Executive Director                                                                          House for his Eagle
                                                                                                Scout project. Matt
                                                                                          ®     and his family are
    Around the House                                                                            no strangers to the
                                                              House. The Goldman family has had close ties to the
                                                              House since 2005. The Goldman’s ten year old son,
    More than fifteen members of the Foresters from           Matthew, had
    Temecula Valley volunteered to lend a helping hand        undergone heart
    during the months of July and September at the Loma       surgery in 2005
    Linda Ronald McDonald House. The group previously         and returned
    purchased three                                           again in 2006.
    beautiful cast                                            While young
    iron patio ta-                                            Matt was in the
    bles, chairs and                                          hospital the
    umbrellas for                                             Goldman’s stayed
    the House. Vol-                                           at the Ronald
    unteers spent                                             McDonald House.
    the day putting                                           Supervised by
    the furniture                                             Matt’s father, Jonathan, Matt spent two weekends at
    together for the                                          the House prepping and painting the wrought iron
    families to enjoy. The work weekend project was orga-     fencing in the back yard giving it a much needed fresh
    nized by Talya, and her husband, Derek Sloan. After the   look for a long time. Thanks Matt for thinking of the
    work crew was finished, they prepared a delicious BBQ     children and families here at the House.
    lunch for families. In September, the Foresters brought
    back their work crew to clean windows, screens and        The Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House salutes
    ceiling fans and remove old mini blinds from guests’      these two find young men for their service and
    bedrooms and replace them with new wooden blinds          dedication.
    purchased by the Foresters. Our sincere thanks for all
    they have done for the Loma Linda House.
                                                    What’s New?
                                              Upcoming Fundraisers & Save the Dates

November 2008                                                          March 6, 2009
Calendar Kids                                                          Collect A Million (Annual Recycling Day). Join us at the University
Purchase your 2009 calendar, featuring kid’s of the LLRMH!             of Redlands for our annual recycling day where we will collect
                                                                       pull tabs as well as cans, plastics, and bottles.
December 3, 2008
Holiday Open House & Candle lighting ceremony                          May 17, 2009
                                                                       14th Annual Relay for Kids.
January 1, 2009                                                        Sylvan Park, Redlands
Tournament of Roses Parade                                             Visit for more information!
*Volunteer to help with the Ronald McDonald House
Charities float by visiting                            November 2009
                                                                       Pennies From The Heart Day!
                                                                       More details coming soon!

                                                     November 15th – December 21st
                                                 Bass Pro Shops Toys for the Kids toy drive
      Visit Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga and enjoy their FREE Santa’s Wonderland and bring in a new unwrapped gift.
                                 All gifts will be donated to the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House.
                          For details on any of the above events, please call 909-558-8300 or visit

               Susan Mendoza, Relief                               DeShea Markham, Relief                             Cindy Cox, Relief
               Manager: Susan joined our                           Manager: Our newest staff                          Manager: Cindy joined
               staff on October 9, 2008.                           member DeShea started on                           our staff on August 27,
               She previously worked at a                          November 1, 2008. She is a                         2008. She previously
               local Christian school as a                         graduate of CSU San Bernar-                        worked as a Principal
               substitute teacher and we                           dino with her Bachelor of Arts                     for a local Christian
               look forward to having her                          in Human Development.                              School.
               on our team.

                                                         Board of Trustees
                                                         Eric Goodman, President                     Jay Brand                Ron L. Vervick, J.D.
                                                         Janet Palomino-Howard, Vice President       Richard Chinnock, M.D.   David M. Wilson
        Mission Statement                                                                            Joe DiPrima              Henry Gonzalez
                                                         Jennifer Mangione, Secretary
                                                         David Tuttle, Treasurer                     Janel Isaeff, R.N.       Carolyn Miller
    The mission of the Loma Linda Ronald                 Nicole Rubin, CEO-RMHCSC                    T.J. McCree              Robert Sims
                                                         Patty Haggard                               Janice Spencer           Diane Storms
 McDonald House is to provide a “home away

  from home” for families of critically ill and
                                                        House Staff                                  Relief Managers
 injured children receiving medical treatment           Dee Feldmeir, Executive Director             Cindy Cox                Jason Pellegrin
                                                        Karen Hooper, Director of Operations         Richard Eap              Jessica Trujillo
 at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital           Karen Van Horn, Event Manager                                         Michaela Roper
                                                                                                     Marilyn Field
        and nearby medical facilities.                  Danielle Walters, Event Coordinator          Mariya Macdougall        Kristi Turner
                                                        Neil Wiltshire, Facilities Manager           Deshea Markham           Monica Webb
  Visit our website:                      Christie Bayless, Administrative Assistant   Susan Mendoza
                                                        Gwen Terry, Volunteer Coordinator
                                                        Kathryn Harris, Bookkeeper
                                                        Raquel Castillo, Housekeeping Supervisor

                                                  Design anD printing DonateD by

                  Thanks for Caring!
                  We wish to thank all of those who participated in our 2008 Care Bears™ Toy fundraiser!
                  Thanks to the generous support of our community, we raised more than $7,000 and
                  delivered 500 Care Bears™ Toys to children in area hospitals.

                  Individuals from all over the country purchased personalized Care Bears™ and
                  supported the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House. Look for these little bears again
                  next year!

                  Thank you ALL for your support!

                  Special thanks to Jakks Pacific™ for generously donating
                  the Care Bears™ toys!

                                               Calendar Kids
              The Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House is pleased to bring you our first Calendar!
                Help support LLRMH and celebrate the families that we serve all year long by
        purchasing one of our calendars featuring children and families that have stayed at our House.

        Thanks to our friends at Loma Linda University Printing Services and Nanci Kassel Photography
          All proceeds from calendar sales will benefit the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House

       YES, I would like to purchase a 2009 LLRMH Calendar.
    Please mail my order to:                                                       $15.00 (x               )=$
                                               Please mail this order form
                                                and payment to:

                                               Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House   Shipping & Handling $5.00
                                               Attn: Calendar Kids
                                                                                   Please include $3.00 S&H per
                                               11365 Anderson St.
                                               Loma Linda, CA 92354                each additional calendar
                                                                                   Additional S & H $
    Phone:                                     Please charge my credit card:

    Card Number                    Exp. Date         Signature                            TOTAL: $

       I do not wish to purchase a calendar at this time, but would
       like to make a donation in the amount of $                 .                Thank you for your support!!

                                                   Please join us for the
                                                  Annual Loma Linda
                                                 Ronald McDonald House
                                                  Holiday Open House
                                                  & Lighting Ceremony
                           Wednesday, December 3, 2008
                              4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
               by                             Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House                              Space is l
 Pleas e RSVP 8                                      11365 Anderson Street                             reserve yo
           24, 200                                                                                               ur spot ea
 November                                           Loma Linda CA 92354                                                     rly!

                                          Keep the Light Shining
        We invite you to Keep the Light Shining at the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House during the holiday season.
                                     If you have someone special you would like to remember during
                             the holidays please complete the form below and return with your contribution.
                  For each $5.00 donation a personalized “light bulb” will be placed on our special tree in the House.

                                         Happy Holidays from our House to yours!
       Yes, I would like to Keep the Light Shining at the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House with my enclosed gift in
the amount of $
         Please charge my credit card:

Card number                                Exp. Date                  Signature

Name                                                   I dedicate this gift in honor/memory of:       Please include this form with
                                                       1.                                              your donation and mail to:
                                                       2.                                         Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House
City                                                   3.                                            Attn: Keep The Light Shining
State             Zip                                  4.                                                  11365 Anderson St.
Phone                                                  5.                                               Loma Linda, CA 92354

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1st Centennial Bank               Barbara Oliver                    Carolyn Cadlono                   CRY- ROP
A-American Self Storage           Becky Hiroto                      Carolyn Lay                       Crystal Amend
Academy Booster Club              Bekki Munoz                       Carrie Pincott                    Crystal Rasch
Adam Alvarez                      Belinda Zasio                     Carrie Tatum                      Cynthia and John Ward
Adela Banawis                     Ben and Gloria Antrobus           Cassandra Bergero                 Cynthia Hedahl
Adrian and Terri Canela           Ben Robertson, M.D. and Shirley   Catherine Neeley                  D San Nicolas
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Renae Reiswig                   Sandy Suarez                     Steve Bigelow                  Bryant
Renard & Regina Hamilton        Sandy Westphal                   Steve Engelgau               United Food & Commercial
Rhonda and Jeffrey Haynes       Sara Amend                       Steve Mortensen                Workers Union
Rhonda Cook                     Sara Hernandez                   Steven and Adelle Leber      United Way Inland Empire
Rhonda Corey                    Sara Jewett                      Steven and Carol Clouse      United Way, Inc.
Richard & Deanne Ruby           Sara Mccallum                    Steven and R.A. Busby        Upland Contracting, Inc.
Richard and Francis Keller      Sara Saenz                       Steven and Tracey Simmang    USA Fact, Inc.
Richard and Hazel Frick         Sarah Boyer                      Steven Hartman               Valley Baptist Church
Richard And Lois Stringham      Sarah Capalla                    Steven Ho                    Vanessa Smith
Richard Chinnock                Sarah Schooley                   Steven L and Kaye L Glass    Venecia Jacobs
Rick Dorrough                   Scott Bayless                    Stuart Johnstone             Vera Isbell
Rick Martinez                   Scott Fiedler                    Suan Elizarraras             Vera Porter
Rigoberto and Concepcion        Scott Frisbie                    Sue Farley                   Vermeer Pacific RDO Equipment
  Aldana                        Scott Norgard                    Sumikie Ngariyan               Co.
Riki Phelps                     Sempra Energy Community          Susan A. Beedle Garduno      Veronica Garcia
Rita And Bill Scherping           Relations                      Susan Adamiak                Vesta Guggisberg
Rita Julian                     Sergio Avila                     Susan Hartman                Vicki Baas
RMHCSC                          Service Solutions Group          Susan Parti                  Vicky Fournier
Rob Wallace                     Shan Cavoretto                   Susan Reid                   Victor Gonzalez
Robert and Cathryn Keaton       Shana Hansen                     Susan Rubini                 Victor Valley Wings
Robert and Cynthia Leon         Shane Curtis                     Susan Schuler                Victoria & Rene Arvizu
Robert and Janet Kircher        Sharon Freitas                   Susan Sell                   Vincent and Rosie Cox
Robert Corbitt                  Sharon MacDonald                 Susan Sluka-Kelly            Vista Verde Vipers Relay Team
Robert Deutsch                  Sharon Macgillivray              Susie Parker                 Wachovia Securities Indian Wells
Robert Gross                    Sharon Mansfield                 Suzette Winn                   Branch
Robert Hill                     Sharri Carroll                   Sylvia Sudds                 Wade and Mary Hamm
Robert Huckins                  Sheila Bush                      Syreeta Morales              Wally And Carol Haussamen
Robert Miller                   Sheila Hock                      T. J. McCree                 Walmart Foundation
Rod and Patricia Paidel         Shelby Leonhardt-Andrews and     Talya Rogers                 Walter and Carol Broeland
Roger Core                        Jerry Andrews                  Tamco                        Walter Morehouse
Roland and Melba Lu             Shelli Chernesky                 Tamra and Andre Bowlin       Wanda Eaton
  Zimmermann                    Shelly Cifelli                   Tamra Shotts                 Wanda Wild
Roman Catholic Bishop Diocese   Shelly Peck                      Tara Sullivan                Wells Fargo Community Support
Ron & Pat Macaulay              Sheri Sanderson                  Tawni Gunn                     Campaign
Ron Harris                      Sherry Fults                     Taylor Freezer’s             Wendel Tucker
Rona Reeves                     Sherry Weed                      Team Hope                    Wendy Costello
Ronald Olson                    Sheryl Blickhan                  Ted and Adriane Vecchione    Wendy Mcdonald
Ronaldo Cunningham              Sheryl Harder                    Terri Canela                 West Coast Copper & Supply, INC.
Rosalinda Canedo                Sheryl Plumley                   Terri Canele                 Whiteside Manor
Rose Colum                      Sheryl Wardle                    Terry Jenkins                Will Hill
Rose Lyons                      Shirely J. Campbell              The Bama Companies, Inc      William and Patricia Brier
Rose Mary Betancourt            Shirley Bishop                   Thomas and Karen Kaney       William and Patricia Gardner
Roseanne Sparacino              Shirley Jean Dawn                Thomas and Mary Flatley      William Andy
Rosemary Burnett                Shirley Titus and Elizabeth      Tiffany Starks               William Arthur and Anita Irwin
Ross Nakatani                     Norman                         Tiifni Hall                  William Barton
Ross Pollard                    Silvia Fanning                   Tim Felcyn                   William Chatman and Adriane
Rossana Teeples                 Sirrah Bass                      Tim Hugeback                   Miranda
RSP & Associates                Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians   Timothy and Debra Hoffman    William Dodge
Ruben Luna                      Socorro Rocha                    Tina Gwisdalla               William Guggemos
Russ Johnson                    Sofia Garcia                     Tina Shaffer                 William Hiepler
Ruth Martinez                   Soren McAdam Christenson LLP     Tom and Cathy Stafford       William Slattery
Ryan Maloles                    South Coast Steel                Tom Bazemore                 William Smith
Sally Campbell                  Southern California Edison       Tom Harshman                 Womens Club of Big Bear
Sally Nasman                    Southwest Airlines Culture       Tom Wards Precision Towing   York & Lilly Wang
Sally Westbrook                   Committee                      Tommy Marshall               Yucaipa Valley High Twelve #405
Salvador Miranda                Stacey Burke                     Tony Benigno                 Zoeie Walker
Sam Gutierrez and Carrillo      Stacey Easley                    Tracey Nesdale               Zoraida Caltitla
  Amanda                        Stacey Price                     Traci Smoyer
Sam Peterson                    Stacy Burke                      Tracy Miller
      After 10 Months!
      Michael Moreno Goes Home
                                                  When we first arrived at the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House (LLRMH) we did
                                                  not know what to expect. We had just learned that our two year old son needed a
                                                  heart transplant. The night manager welcomed us with open arms and the most
                                                  comforting voice I had heard in awhile. As time went by we grew very close to the
                                                  LLRMH staff and the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital staff. We consider them family.

                                                  Even though our son was the primary focus for everyone, the staff at Loma Linda
                                                  Hospital and LLRMH showed genuine concern for the entire family. They always
                                                  included us in events which helped us to remember that there was another world
                                                  out there even though there were times we just wanted to be alone; it actually did
                                                  help us get out and do something productive, it helped us to be stronger for our
                                                  son. Our future with our son is very precious, so precious that Michael Sr. and I are
                                                  just taking it day by day with him. I think that is all we can do, take it day by day
                                                  to make sure he will be normal little boy able to enjoy life and whatever obstacles
                                                  come at him. We are very excited to be home!

     Continued from cover

         As time went by we weren’t sure
     how Michael would awake, or if he
     would he be able to talk or walk again.
     Doctors told our Mother he would be
     a “vegetable” for the rest of his life and
     asked what home she would like to
     put him in. My mother kindly said “I’m
     taking my baby home”. After many
     months we were finally approved to
     take him home.
          The very next morning of our first
     night home, we lied on the couch and
     listened to music, my cell phone went
     off and Michael smiled and laughed!
     It was the first smile we had seen in
     months. He had an angelic glow to
     him and we all knew that this was the
     first of many miracles yet to come.
         It’s been almost three years and
     Michael has exceeded the Doctors               that he may be in pain, we believe in      youth group do our best to give back
     expectations. One of the many                  our hearts that he will be able to walk    to the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald
     blessings has been when my mother              on his own one day, and we believe         House by volunteering as we cook
     holds Michael up to help him balance           we will hear him speak again. He has       for the families who are staying there
     his body, and he steps one foot in             shown everyone to “never say never”        now. Also, we are all collecting the
     front of the other. The Doctors are            and to “never give up”. He is a fighter    pull-tabs and Pennies from the Heart.
     speechless as my mother shows them             and we know there is no such word as       Michael and our family will also be at
     what Michael can do, because they              impossible, but there is such a word as    the Relay for Kids on May 17, 2009 and
     know they are witnessing a miracle             Miracle.                                   hope you will be there to witness a
     in their own eyes. Though Michael                 You will see my family, friends and     miracle as Michael walks a few steps!
     can still not talk or give us any sign
A Four Year Old’s Spirit of Giving
When four year old Hannah Bahri’s mother explained about collecting pull tab for the Loma
Linda Ronald McDonald House, Hannah was diligent collecting pull tabs to support the
families that stay at the House. When Hannah and her mother visited the House this year
to deliver her sizable collection of pull tabs she also learned of our Pennies from the Heart
fundraising program. Just like she did with the pull tabs, Hannah took a special interest in her
coin collecting. She set aside her Cinderella piggy bank and began collecting loose change in
her new Ronald McDonald House penny can. Within four months she collected over $50!!

“Hannah’s spirit of giving is instilled; she makes me proud that she is always thinking of giving”
said Hannah’s mother.

We thank Hannah for her generous efforts and invite everyone to be part of our 2009 Pennies
from the Heart fundraiser. Let’s all follow in Hannah’s footsteps and make this the biggest year
yet for Pennies from the Heart!

For more details or to get your penny can and start collecting, please call 909-558-8300.

  Pennies from the heart
                                            Be part of our 2009 Pennies from
                                              the Heart fundraising campaign.      There a
                                                                                           re over
                               e" p 93.
                                              It’s SO easy! Penny collections Coiilnlison one-cen1t30
                          nsiv      7                                                  curr
                   t" expe nted in 1 exist   are great for schools, organizations, circulatennly in
              mos ne mi
           he re o                 to
                                wn h is                                                      io .
          T                  no
             a ra ur are k ir wort n        churches, and just about anyone who
                   fo      the re tha
            Only ay and t mo
                tod ated a 0.
                  Estim $275,0
                                0          Wants to support the Loma Linda Ronald
                                        McDonald House!!
                                     Come by and pick up your collection can today, and also
                                   join us in November 2009 for our Pennies from the Heart
            An av
                                                       collection day!!
          penni erage of 1,0
        Every es are prod 40
              seco          uced
          to 30 m nd, adding
                  illion       u
                         a day p       For more                                          Since it was first minted there have
                                                                                          been 11 different penny designs.
                                   information call                                     The penny we all know is the Lincoln
                                                                                            penny. It was first minted in
                                      909-558-8300                                              1909 to commemorate
                                                                                                   Lincoln's 100th
                                      ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE
                                LOMA LINDA RONALD McDONALD HOUSE!!
     “Cooks for Kids Program”
     F  amilies come to the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House
        from many different places throughout California, in the
     United States, and around the world. Though these families
                                                                        Question: How many families should we expect for
                                                                        the meal?
                                                                        Answer: LLRMH serves 24 families nightly with an
     have different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, they have    average of at least 2 people per family. Since the
     a very significant similarity. They are all experiencing the       number of people changes on a daily basis, it is
     burden of having a seriously ill child in the hospital.            safe to plan on preparing food for 35 to 40 people.
                                                                        Leftovers are placed in the House refrigerators for
     The Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House strives to alleviate          families to enjoy when they return from the hospital.
     the anxiety and provide a home-like setting for these
     families. Our “Cooks for Kids & Family Fun Program,” gives the     Question: When are the best serving times?
     community the opportunity to participate in fulfilling this        Answer: The “Cooks for Kids” program runs all week
     mission. Recruit a group of friends, co-workers, or even your      long including weekends. The recommended time
     own family to join you in preparing a meal at LLRMH.               to serve dinner is between 6:30 and 7:00 PM. Brunch
                                                                        may be served between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
     Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested
     in preparing a breakfast, lunch or dinner for the LLRMH        Question: Do we have to bring the food already
     families. We thank you in advance for your commitment to       prepared? Who cleans up?
     service and making a positive difference in your community.    Answer: You may bring the food already prepared
                                                                    but we prefer that you use our kitchen as you will
     Frequently Asked Questions                                     get the most out of your volunteer experience. We
     Question: What type of meal should we prepare? Are there       have a full kitchen, and all of the necessary pots,
     any dietary restrictions?                                      pans, dishes, glasses and silverware for your use.
     Answer: You may prepare any type of meal you and your          Your group is responsible for all clean-up, including
     family would enjoy. You may also choose to create a meal       bagging up leftovers and putting them in the
     with a theme such as, “A Night in Little Italy” or “Monday     refrigerator and loading the dishwasher.
     Night Football Feast.” Creativity is encouraged when
     planning a menu. There are no particular dietary restrictions. Question: How many group members can we bring?
     However, we ask that you label dishes that contain nuts. Also, Answer: We prefer that your group not exceed 10
     please prepare balanced meals including vegetables, fruit,     people.
     bread and dessert when possible. It is not necessary, but you     Contact Gwen Terry to schedule a meal.
     may bring beverages if you desire.
                                                                        Call: 909-558-8333, E-mail:

                                                                                BARBACOA RECIPE
     Ozuna Family                                                               7 lbs    chuck roast
                                                                                6        cloves of garlic
                                                 This recipe was                13       peppercorns
                                                 prepared by the                2        bay leaves
                                                 Ozuna family that
                                                                                         Salt to taste
                                                 spent weeks here              6        small cans of tomato sauce
                                                 at the House. Their           6        cans of salsa casera
                                                 son Jesus was born            1        large onion (chopped)
                                                 on June, 2008 and             2        fresh jalapeño chilies
                                                 was diagnosed
                                                 with hypoplastic              Boil meat with garlic, salt and pep
                                                 left heart. He spent                                              percorn
                                                                               and bay leaves with enough wat
                                                 weeks in the Loma                                               er to cover
                                                                               meat until done
                                                 Linda University              Add tomato sauce, salsa, onion and
                                                 Children’s Hospital,                                              jalapeños
                                                                              Cook for 30 minutes
                                                 while his parents            Serve in a bowl and add the foll
                                                 stayed at the Loma                                             owing
                                                                              optional garnishes:
     Linda Ronald McDonald House. During the family’s stay,                   Lime
     Oscar and Elsy truly felt at home. This is one of the many               Onion
     meals he prepared for families. We hope you find it as tasty as          Shredded cabbage
     we did. Enjoy!
                                Paul Ware Family Foundation • South Coast Steel • Golden State Foods - Manufacturing • The Bama Companies •
                                McDonald’s Southern California Region • Tamco Steel • Soboba Casino • Citizen’s Business Bank • McDonald’s - Mangione Family •
Taylor Freezers of California • Cargill, Inc. - McDonalds Business Unit • KRB Machinery • AT&T • Abbott Vascular • Cargill Ferrous International • J.R. Simplot Co. • McDonald’s West Division • Cal K-12 •
                                                                         • Advanced Steel • 1st Centennial Bank • HUB International • Southern California Edison • Wachovia Securities •

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Goforth & Marti Business Interiors
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Atkinson, Anderson, Loya, Ruud &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5th Annual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Charity Golf Tournament
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      One-hundred and forty-two golfers teed-off at the 5th Annual Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Charity Golf Tournament held October 9, 2008 at the Redlands Country Club.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This year’s participants were given the opportunity to sharpen up their game before taking a swing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      on the course, as Senior PGA player Dave Stockton gave golf tips at the morning’s golf clinic followed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      by a Ryder Cup presentation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                • LLU Printing Services • Davis Elen Advertising • Loma Linda University Medical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Romo • Soren McAdam Christenson LLP • Rebar Engineering Co. • Loma Linda
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “We have been honored and fortunate to have PGA player Rich Beam as our honorary chair for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the last five years, as well as Senior PGA player Dave Stockton this year, who donated his time and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      expertise at the clinic”, said Tournament Chairman Jason Cartie

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      After tallying their scores from the day, the participants headed inside the clubhouse for a night
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      of fun. Cocktails in hand, they circled the silent auction tables looking for the perfect item to take
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      home. With great items including trips, sporting event
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      tickets, jewelry, and autographed memorabilia
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the auction quickly turned into a competition to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      get that final bid. Some however, waited to bid on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the anticipated live auction items including a ride
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      on a Goodyear Airship, first class tickets to Hawaii,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      fine jewelry, and more. One gentleman excitedly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      raised his hand for the all-inclusive Anaheim
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ducks Suite before Auctioneer Tom Kaney could
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      finish describing it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “This tournament has been a great success
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      because of the generosity of its sponsors, not only
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      monetarily, but for the time and effort they put into
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      this tournament as well,” said Co-Chairman Tom

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The organization of the day’s events could not have been possible without the help of our many
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      volunteers. “It is always fun to annually volunteer at this tournament,” said Julie Cartie. “And
                                         • Upland Contracting, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      hearing the story of a family who is provided care by the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House is so
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      meaningful and heartwarming. It certainly brings me back each year.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      LLRMH Executive Director Dee Feldmeir was very pleased with this year’s tournament, “We had a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      great committee and an army of wonderful volunteers that really helped the day run smoothly.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Center •

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Presenting Sponsors:                                         Title Sponsors:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mutual of
Larry Jacinto Construction Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Diamond Sponsors:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Omaha Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                of Pediatrics

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Porter Pools and Spas, Inc. • Service Solutions Group • Kennedy & Kennedy • Industrial Masonry, Inc. • Ned Fine
                                                                                                                                                                                                              • Lopez Foods • McDonald’s - Nibeel Family • John Barna (Girard’s Salad Dressings) • Crown Printers • Epstein Family Foundation
     The 3rd Annual Keven J. Hooper
     Memorial Run
     Karen Hooper, Director of Operation
     at the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald
     House (LLRMH) and her family,
     husband Clint and three daughters
     -- Kelly (age 23),and twins Kaitlyn
     & Kristen (age 16) believe in the
     importance of giving back. Karen’s
     involvement with LLRMH began as a
     volunteer for the house when it first
     opened in 1996, working with staff for
     years on two of the charity’s largest
     fundraisers and her family volunteering
     around the House as well. Annually,
     Karen and her family host a “Motorcycle
     Run” in memory of their son Keven.
     This year’s ride was made possible
     by the generous support of the
     presenting sponsor, Wilden Pump &
     Engineering, LLC, along with four stop
     sponsors, Renegade Classics, Redline
     Motorsports, Laid Harley-Davidson and
     Floyds Place and vender support.

     Keven, was born (in 1987) with multiple
     congenital heart defects. After 5 open
     heart surgeries, 2 transplants, multiple
     infections, hospital stays, and doctor
     check-ups, he passed away in 2003
     at age 15 from complications of the
     Epstein Barr Virus. Keven enjoyed a        his memory and for the past three years family, friends and
     life full of love, family, friends, and    sponsors have raised nearly $10,000 benefitting LLRMH.
     fun, and left a legacy of volunteerism
     This event has been held annually in               Presenting Sponsor: Wilden Pump & Engineering

                                                In Loving Memory
                                                  The Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House
                                                 extends its deepest sympathy to the families
                                                        of these very special children.
                             Isabela Aguilar     Samantha Davis         Anthony Jones           Savanna Reese
                             Alexa Arellano      Edwin Del Valle        Juan Lopez              Amaya Richards
                             Kathleen Bailey     Baby Boy Delio         Jared Magnus            Lesly Rodriguez
                             Amani Becton        Elliot Doljanin        Carlos Martinez         Eloisa Salais
                             Haron Chavez        Anyah Glossinger       Katherine Mercer        Alejandro Serna
                             Kai Coeburn         Aidan Hartley          Delaney Pearson         Soren Shafer
                             Isabella DaRoss     Azariah Hernandez      Eduardo Perea           Jack Thrush
In Good Company – LLRMH Partners
                                                 (partial listing)

Cooks for Kids Family Fun Partners

Meal Groups                                                             Senator Bob Dutton’s Office         Restaurant Groups
ABC Ministries                     HC Architects                        She Serves Mosaic Ministries        Antonio’s Pizza
ADPi Alumni Association            Heather & Michelle                   So. Ca. Parrot Heads                Bj’s Brewery
Afrikan Student Alliance           Home Shopping Network                South West Airlines                 Café Society
Alpha Delta Pi                     Inland Empire Raiders Booster Club   Starwood Vacations Ownership        California Pizza Kitchen
Alpha Lambda Delta                 Kiwanis Club of San Bernardino       The Bridge Church of the Nazarene   Cujo’s BBQ
American Medical Students          Lambda Sigma Gamma                   The Builders Club                   Golden State Foods
Arrowhead Christian Academy        LLUCH Social Workers                 The City of Commerce Parks &        Jose’s Restaurant
Babies So Special                  Loma Linda Kiwanis Club               Recreation                         LaPasta Italia
Best Buys Store - Canyon Springs   Mestas Group                         The Comfort Zone                    Mi Tortilla Mexican Grill
 # 392                             Model - T Club                       The Groove School                   Mimi’s Restaurant
Beta Phi Delta                     Montclair Kiwanis Club               The Loma Linda Florist              Qudoba Mexican Grill
Bloomington Christian School,      Moreno Valley Optimist Group         The Outdoor Club                    Red Robin Restaurant
 Key Club                          National Charity League              The Quakes Minor League Players     Two Guy’s
Brenda & Friends                   Palmetto Ward - LDS Church           The Williams Family
Cal State Nursing Students         Parrot Heads                         United Educational Institute        Family Fun Groups
Christ The Redeemer Catholic       Quin the Therapy Boxer               Vicki Valentine                     Disney Store
 Community                         Ranch Cucamonga Kiwanis              W.S.G. Youth Group                  Golden State Foods
Corona/Norco Cool Mommies          Rancho Verde High School             Young Women of LDS Church           Stamp’n UP
Crosswalk Church                   Redlands Boys and Girls Club         Yucaipa Christian Church Youth      Sue and “Baby” the Cockatoo
CRY - ROP                          Redlands East Valley High School      Group                              The Candlelight Guitarist
CSUSB American Medical Students    Redlands Teachers                    Zonta Club of Redlands              UPS
Desert Pageant                     Rialto Sheriffs Dispatch
Eagle scouts                       Riverside Women’s Club
Faith Builders Church              San Bernardino P.O.A.
Foresters                          San Bernardino Police Dept.
Friday Night Supper Club           San Bernardino Sheriff Dispatch
Girlfriends                        SB Police Lt. Gwen & friend Candi
Hands on Inland Empire             SCE Mt. View Generation Station
              For Our Guests
              Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club,
                                                  Wish List
                                                   For Our House
                                                   Grocery Store Gift Cards *          For the Kitchen
                                                                                       Canned Foods

              Costco or Target)                    Liquid Laundry Detergent            Coffee
              Telephone Calling Cards              Liquid Fabric Softener              Sugar & Creamer
              Movie Passes                         Dryer Sheets                        Styrofoam Cups
              New Released Movies (DVD)            Liquid Dish Washing Detergent       Plastic Cups

              Amusement Park Passes                Liquid Hand Soap w/pump             Fresh Produce
              Toothbrushes                         Photocopy Paper (white & colored)   Milk, Eggs, Breads
              Combs and Brushes                    Polaroid 660 Film                   Ziploc Storage Bags

                                                                             * *
              Disposable Razors                    Stationary/Cards                     (All sizes)
              Disposable Diapers                   Postage Stamps

              Sanitary Napkins

                                                  Our Big Wish
                                              Computer Equipment

                                                                                                      Loma Linda, CA 92354
                                                                                                      11365 Anderson Street

San Bernardino, CA                                                                                           ®

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   U.S. Postage

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