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									A reprint of the UTC College of Business supplement as featured in CityScope’s Summer 2006 Business Issue,   CityScope|June 2006 
        with additional pages created especially for alumni and friends of UTC’s College of Business.
a message from dean casavant

                                                  UTC’s College of BUsiness is honored To again parTner wiTh
                                                  CitySCope in The annUal BUsiness issUe. UTC has offered under-
                                                  graduate business programs since 1923 and graduate business programs
                                                  since 1961. The College of Business now has forty-seven faculty members
                                                  and almost 2,000 students. The College of Business is a growing presence
                                                  in our community.
                                                       The College of Business seeks to partner with those who bring economic
                                                  vitality to our area. We deliver the best of knowledge, provide a source of
                                                  talent, and are involved in applied research. Education, invention, and innova-
                                                  tion are the sustaining life blood of a vibrant economy. Innovative can bring
                                                  change, even progress, if a way can be found to be accepted in the market
                                                  place. The U.S. Patent Office has issued 4,400 patents for mousetraps over the
                                                  years. However, the wooden, spring-loaded trap first made about 150 years
                                                  ago remains the best seller. An invention must not only meet a consumer
                                                  need, it must also have a champion who knows how to bring it to us.
                                                       The world is full of inventions that did not find a workable business
                                                  model that would bring them to us. The essence of management is to make
                                                  knowledge productive and to create value (and wealth for themselves) by
                                                  bringing something to us that we see as worth more than the price we must
                                                  pay to obtain it.
                                                       Throughout the world capital, goods, labor, technology and ideas are
                                                  brought together. Capitalism and globalization use these resources to bring
                                                  change, giving us new products and services often replacing the old. Some
                        see change as an opportunity, others see a threat. UTC prepares students for this environment by
                        teaching students how to learn. Eric Hofter said, “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who
                        inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer
                        exists.” Change today is certain and swift – we now consider second day delivery slow.
                            To prevail in business one depends on skill as well as luck to hopefully bring favorable conse-
                        quences. With skill you can alter the probabilities to your favor. Luck of course is what happens
                        when those who are prepared see and seize opportunity.
                            The College of Business has also seen opportunity and practiced entrepreneurship. The College
                        was one of the first business schools to trade real dollars in a finance class thanks to the generosity
                        of Clarence Harris who gave the money to fund a student portfolio. Our college was among the first
                        to have a for-credit entrepreneurship course in 1981. This course caught the eye of Clarence Harris
                        who established and endowed the UTC Chair of Entrepreneurship.
                            Our College of Business should also establish a personal finance chair and personal finance pro-
                        gram which would make UTC, one of a few, if not the only business school in the country to teach
                        the preservation of wealth, along with the creation and management of wealth. We would continue
                        to teach how to start and run an organization, but add a thorough program on how to manage one’s
                        own personal assets.
                            The personal finance opportunity awaits a benefactor who will enable us to grow in this area.
                        Indeed, it is the College’s friends and benefactors who provide financial support who will define our
                        future. They make the difference between what is envisioned and what is possible.

                        Richard Casavant, Ph.D.

 CityScope|June 2006
contents                                                                     Utc college of BUsiness facUlty

                                                                                       COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
                                                                           Richard Casavant, Ph.D., Dean and John Stagmaier Chair of Business
                                                                           John G. Fulmer, Ph.D., Associate Dean and First Tennessee Professor
Business                                                                           Lisa Pinckney Flint, MBA, Director of External Affairs
Bulletin Board                                                                Kimberly Gee Turner, MBA, Executive Director of Graduate Programs
A brief look at some notable                                                      Kristy McManus, MBA, Director of Graduate Programs
news and information about                                                                    Nikki Ownby, Undergraduate Adviser
UTC’s College of Business.                                                                  John Riddell, Executive-in-Residence
                                                                                            Judith Stone, Executive-in-Residence
4                                                                                   Spencer Wright, Executive-in-Residence Emeritus

0                                                                                    ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE DEPARTMENTS
                                                                                  Kaye F. Sheridan, DBA, Accounting and Finance Head
Student Athletes Have Success                                                                     Accounting Faculty
With a UTC                                                                           John M. Alvis, Ph.D., George M. Clark Professor
                                                                                  Deborah S. Archambeault, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Business Degree                                                                   Thomas A. Gavin, DBA, Joseph F. Decosimo Professor
                                                                                       Kathleen G. Long, MBA, Assistant Professor

                                                                             Melanie G. McCoskey, Ph.D., Brice L. Holland Associate Professor
                                                                                     Marsha Scheidt, DBA, UC Foundation Professor
                                                                              Joanie E. Sompayrac, JD, UC Foundation Associate Professor
Learning Extends                                                                         Gregory M. Thibadoux, Ph.D., Professor
Beyond the                                                                    Richard A. Turpin, Ph.D., UC Foundation Associate Professor
                                                                                        Marilyn Willis, Ed.D., Associate Professor
                                                                                                     Finance Faculty
47                                                                                Christopher M. Brockman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

6 50                                                                        J.R. Clark, Ph.D., Scott L. Probasco Jr. Chair of Free Enterprise
                                                                                     Linda P. Fletcher, Ph.D., R.L. Maclellan Professor
Special Alumni Section                                                                   Bento Lobo, Ph.D., Associate Professor
                                                                                     Michael D. Long, Ph.D., UBS Associate Professor
                                                                         Dennis Pearson, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Center for Economic Education

4 50                                                                                 Jeanie Weathington, MBA, Assistant Professor
                                                                                          MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING/
Advisory Boards                                                                            ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEPARTMENTS
                                                         Lawrence P. Ettkin, Ph.D., Management and Marketing/Entrepreneurship Head and Marvin E. White Professor
                                                                                                     Management Faculty
                                                                                         Mohammad Ahmadi, Ph.D., Guerry Professor
                                                                                             Obasi Akan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
                                                                                  Richard S. Allen, Ph.D., UC Foundation Associate Professor
                                                                                             Beni Asllani, Ph.D., Associate Professor
                                                                                           Gail A. Dawson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
                                                                                       Parthasarati Dileepan, Ph.D., Henry Hart Professor
                                                                                              Karen Ford Eickhoff, MBA, Instructor
                                                                                                    Sam Goh, MBA, Instructor
                                                                                    Mark E. Mendenhall, Ph.D., Frierson Chair of Excellence
                                                                                                  Harriet Neely, MBA, Instructor
                                                                                           Judy C. Nixon, Ph.D., Henry Hart Professor
The College of Business is housed in Fletcher Hall,
                                                                                      Farhad Raiszadeh, Ph.D., Professor of Management
once the home of the John Storrs Fletcher Library of                                                 Sue V. Stacy, Ph.D., Professor
the University of Chattanooga.                                                              Molly Takeda, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
      UTC’s College of Business is accredited by AACSB                           Kathleen Wheatley, Ph.D., UC Foundation Assistant Professor
International - The Association to Advance Collegiate                                    Charles S. White, Ph.D., Henry Hart Professor
Schools of Business. AACSB accreditation requires that                                           Cindy R. White, MBA, Instructor
business programs meet rigorous standards related                                              James C. Wyatt III, MBA, Instructor
to faculty, students, curriculum, community relations,
                                                                                        Marketing and Entrepreneurship Faculty
and support infrastructure, e.g. technology, library,
                                                                                  Richard C. Becherer, DBA, Harris Chair of Excellence
and building resources. Schools must show that they
meet standards over time. They must                                                    Beverly Brockman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
monitor and continuously improve the                                          Diane Halstead, Ph.D., UC Foundation Professor of Marketing
programs and the related outcomes.                                                  Paula J. Haynes, DBA, George L. Nation Professor
Of the 3,000 plus business schools in                                               James A. Henley, DBA, UC Foundation Professor
the world, approximately 500 are ac-                                          Michael A. Jones, Ph.D., Alan Lorberbaum Associate Professor
credited by AACSB. Likewise, only 169                                                  Samuel Spralls, III, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
of the 3,000 accounting programs                                                Valerie A. Taylor, Ph.D., Frank Varallo Associate Professor
have received accreditation. UTC’s College of Business
                                                          For more information about the College of Business, call 423-425-4313 or go to
is proud to be among those schools receiving both
accreditations from AACSB.
                                                                                                                                                CityScope|June 2006 
BUsiness BUlletin Board

  Becherer, Coker, Frost named to
  Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

 D   r. Richard C. Becherer, Harold L. Coker, and Jack L. Frost have been named
     the 2006 inductees to the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. In 1999, the
 College of Business created the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame to honor the
 entrepreneurial heritage of Chattanooga with both contemporary and pioneer-
 ing local entrepreneurs. The Hall serves as a lasting tribute to the inductees
 and as an inspiration to current students who may have aspirations toward
 owning their own business.
     Wall photos and biographies of those inducted into the Entrepreneurship
 Hall of Fame are located on the third floor of Fletcher Hall.

Dr. Richard C. Becherer                           left home for Tennessee Technological Univer-
      Dr. Richard C. Becherer has had a unique    sity in Cookeville, graduating in 1951 with a
career as both an academic and as an entrepre-    bachelor of science degree in chemistry.
neur. The holder of the Clarence E. Harris Chair        Mr. Coker and his wife, the former Lil-
of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurship    lian Thomas, were married in 1953 while he
at UTC came to Chattanooga in 1995 from           was pursuing a career with B.F. Goodrich. His
Wayne State University in Detroit where he        business dedication led to a most unique retail
established the first entrepreneurship courses    enterprise.
in the College of Business.
While an academic, his
extensive consulting ex-
perience with health care
organizations led him to
start one of the first for-
profit HMOs in the US in
1978 along with six other
individuals who had been
his clients. That organiza-
tion, Independence Health
Plan, grew to over $100
million in revenues. The
firm went public in 1983
and was named the sev-
enth fastest growing small Nearly 300 people attended the 2006 Hall of Fame induction at the
public company in 1984 by Chattanooga Golf and Country Club.
Inc. magazine. Dr. Becherer sold his interest
in Independence Health Plan to pursue other Jack L. Frost
entrepreneurial activities in 1986. He was also        Jack L. Frost helped launch Tuftco Corpo-
involved in several other entrepreneurial pur- ration of Chattanooga in 1969. Tuftco manu-
suits, including a biotech company, real estate factures carpet making machinery and sells its
development, and several marinas.                 products in over 40 countries. Mr. Frost served
                                                  as president of Tuftco for 24 years and now
Harold L. Coker                                   serves as chairman. In addition to Tuftco, Jack
      Motivated by a strong sense of entrepre- Frost started Professional Industrial Tire Co. in
neurship, Harold Coker founded Coker Tire 1981, and in 1992 his family company, Trade-Fi-
Company in Athens, TN in 1958. In 1961, the nance International, bought Mitchell Industrial
opportunity arose to sell the Athens business Tire Co. Jack has been involved in the start-up
and move south to start Coker Tire Company and operation of several other businesses in-
of Chattanooga. Today, the business distributes cluding the manufacturing of mobile homes and
tires for antique cars worldwide.                 modular houses and real estate development.
      Mr. Coker attended public schools in Mc- He also served as a director of Bank of America,
Minn County and graduated from Tennessee Tennessee board, and as director of Commerce
Wesleyan College in Athens in 1949. He then Union Bank for many years.

4 CityScope|June 2006
CityScope|June 2006 5
BUsiness BUlletin Board

     The Honorable

     he UTC College of Business and the Pro-
     basco Chair of Free Enterprise hosted a
     campus visit by the Honorable Mercer
Reynolds III, former U.S. Ambassador to
Switzerland and Liechtenstein at noon on
Monday, October 10, 2005. He discussed
his professional career and friendship with
President George W. Bush.
     Reynolds is co-chairman of the Cincin-
nati-based investment firm Reynolds, DeWitt
& Co., and Chairman and CEO of Reynolds
Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia, a 12,000-
acre lake and golf community.
     Reynolds, a Chattanooga native, re-
ceived his undergraduate degree from the
University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill, and his M.B.A. from the University
of Tennessee at Chattanooga. During the
Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign, the Honorable
Reynolds served as a member of the National Left to right: Dr. Richard Casavant, Dr. Jeff Clark, Mercer Reynolds, Joe Decosimo, Chancellor Roger Brown,
Executive Committee and as chairman of the Scotty Probasco
campaign, and in August 2001, he assumed
the post of U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland
and Liechtenstein.                              Finance Chairman of the Bush/Cheney ’04 Committee Victory Program. After the election
     When Reynolds returned to the United campaign to re-elect the President and later as he was asked to co-chair the 55th Presidential
States in April 2003, he served as National Finance Chairman of the Republican National Inaugural Committee.

6 CityScope|June 2006
                                                                                                             BUsiness BUlletin Board

                                                Business students hear John Thornton’s
                                                       thoughts on negotiation
  Three MBA
                                                      lthough he rarely speaks to groups these days, John C. Thornton agreed to share several
     students                                         tips with UTC business students at the Negotiation Forum, sponsored by the College of
                                                      Business. “When you negotiate, listen four times more than you talk. While you are listen-
  place well in                                ing, someone may share their hot button. Just listen,” Thornton said.
                                                    The Negotiation Forum was initiated by andrew dipaolo, a current entrepreneurship student
      global                                   who saw a need to offer students a unique opportunity to learn about the art and science of
                                               negotiation. Students learned and compared negotiation styles based on real-life stories from
   invitational                                successful business people.
                                                    Thornton, a developer, is chairman of Thunder Enterprises. He is also the founder and former
                                               chief executive officer of American Rug Craftsmen. The company is the leading manufacturer of
                                               machine-made rugs in the United States, and it also is the largest producer of decorative floor
                                               mats. In 1994, Thornton founded American Weavers, a Calhoun, Georgia-based manufacturer of

       team of three UTC MBA students          afghan throw blankets and tabletop products.
       performed well in the Best-Strategy          Thornton, who also serves on The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees, was inducted
       Invitational, a Best Strategy Game      into the UTC Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 1999.
Online global competition that tested their         Thornton enthusiastically approved of the concept of the forum. “I don’t care if you’re a
business acumen against students at other      brain surgeon, you still have to negotiate, you have to sell.” He told the students the relation-
universities. The group managed a mock         ships built early in life are most important in business. “Surrounding yourself with great people
tennis shoe company. Business decisions        is the most important point in business.”
included borrowing money and buying and             Following Thornton’s speech, an interactive panel discussion followed. Students had an
selling stocks.                                opportunity to question panelists including Kurt faires, Counsel with Chambliss Bahner and
      dr. richard Becherer, Clarence E.        Stophel; hugh sharber, attorney with Miller and Martin; and Jim Teague, Executive Vice Presi-
Harris Chair of Excellence in Business         dent of Enterprise Products Partners of Houston, Texas. Charlie ragland, The Ragland Group and
and Entrepreneurship, commended the            adjunct professor in UTC’s College of Business, was the panel moderator.
students for their efforts.                         Tom Bissonette from UTC’s Career and Counseling Center discussed power and personalities
      “You competed with the best under        with the students to close the event.
chaotic market conditions and ended up         Pictured left to right: Kris Rhea, Bonnie Berge, John Thornton, Bill Staley, Andrew DiPaolo, Tim Schneller,
a small fraction behind first place. You       John Harris
represented all of us very well, “ Becherer
      The UTC team of Jeff allara, sharon
harris, and Clark luckmann qualifed
for the world championships by finishing
in the top 20 among 2,500 teams. Teams
from nine countries participated: Australia,
Canada, France, Lithuania, Mexico, New
Zealand, South Africa, Thailand and the
United States. Those participating in the
Best-Strategy Invitational represented
roughly three percent of the total number
of registered teams, making them a truly
elite group.

                                                Market for Financial Services Seminar

                                                      r. Thomas Cunningham, Vice President and Associate Director of Research at the Federal
                          Dr. Thomas                  Reserve Bank of Atlanta, was the keynote speaker on Monday, November 14, 2005, at
                         Cummingham                   “The Market for Financial Services” seminar, hosted by the UTC College of Business.
                                                    The seminar focused on trends and career opportunities in commercial banking, asset
                                               management, insurance and risk management and financial planning. Cunningham spoke on
                                               the links between the Federal Reserve and the economy.

                                                                                                                                            CityScope|June 2006 7
BUsiness BUlletin Board

FACULTY NEWS                                                     efficiency of the inserting operation of the      John Baldwin, Jennifer Chastain and Sarah
• Several faculty serve on the Board of Directors                newspaper mailroom.                               Stevens) published an article in the Chat-
  of not-for-profit associations. Some examples                                                                    tanooga Times Free Press titled “Uneasiness
                                                           • The Riverbend Technology Entrepreneurship
  are: obasi akan--Hospice of Chattanooga,                                                                         grows as dollar feels debt strain.”
                                                             Technology Certificate Program was offered
  gail dawson--Girls, Inc, Cindy white--Chat-
                                                             by several business faculty; this program is        • Bento lobo attended the 12th Annual Con-
  tanooga Community Kitchen, and paula
                                                             completing it fourth class.                           ference of the Multinational Finance Society
  haynes--The Better Business Bureau.
                                                           • Six UTC student teams competed in the                 in Athens, Greece.
• Beni asllani, parthasarati dileepan, and
                                                             Business Strategy Invitational during the           • Tom gavin coordinated the 32nd annual
  larry ettkin developed a point of distribu-
                                                             Spring 2006 semester. One team was from               Accounting Lecture Series. The speaker was
  tion (POD) simulation for the Chattanooga/
                                                             steve white’s class, one was from Karen               Scott Taub, the Deputy Chief Accountant
  Hamilton County Health Department.
                                                             ford eickhoff’s class, and four were from             for the US Securities and Exchange Com-
• gail dawson accompanied three manage-                      Kathleen wheatley’s classes.                          mission.
  ment students who competed in the Society
                                                           • Beverly Brockman attended the PriceBabson           • Jeff Clark was successful in attracting the
  for Advancement of Management Annual
                                                             Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators.             Southern Economic Journal to UTC; this
  Conference in Orlando, Florida.
                                                             This seminar is the premier program for               prestigious journal will now be published
• Under the direction of Beni asllani, four                  educators in the entrepreneurship area. Over          at UTC.
  students (Jessica Baker, Andy Darley, Charles              the years, more UTC faculty members have
                                                                                                                 • Melanie McCoskey had two alumni, Kim
  Sereebutra, and Ashvini Somasundar),                       been invited to attend than from any other
                                                                                                                   Greene (Corporate Controller at Chattem) and
  completed a time study project for the Chat-               university.
                                                                                                                   Christian Bennett (Manager at Hazlett, Lewis
  tanooga Times Free Press. They studied the
                                                           • Bento lobo and four students (Adam Jones,             & Bieter) speak to four accounting classes.
Pictured left to right: Dr. Beni Asllani, Andy Darley, Gary Webb, Production Manager - Times Free Press, Frank   • Melanie McCoskey guided a “Low-Income
Anthony, Vice President - Times Free Press, Jessica Baker, Ashvini Somasundar, Charles Sereebutra                  Tax Clinic” at the Brainerd Recreational Com-
                                                                                                                   plex. It was operated by nine students; a total
                                                                                                                   of 339 tax returns were prepared, and they
                                                                                                                   generated over $600,000 in refunds.
                                                                                                                 • Chris Brockman coordinated a breakfast
                                                                                                                   with Jeff Diermeier, International President
                                                                                                                   and CEO of the CFA Institute. Those attending
                                                                                                                   were faculty, students, and members of the
                                                                                                                   professional community.
                                                                                                                 • Kaye sheridan was appointed to the AICPA
                                                                                                                   Tax Policy and Legislation Committee.
                                                                                                                 • Under the guidance of rick Turpin, Beta
                                                                                                                   Alpha Psi was recognized as a “Superior
                                                                                                                   Chapter” by the national organization.

    First Tennessee
        he College of Business recently received the
        final payment on a pledge for the First Ten-
        nessee Bank Distinguished Professorship.
   This professorship was established in 1996, and
   is held by Dr. John Fulmer. His scholarship and
   research have resulted in numerous articles in
   national banking journals.

            Pictured left to right: Dr. John Fulmer, Associate
            Dean and First Tennessee Professor; Frank
            Schriner, President, First Tennessee Bank

 CityScope|June 2006
                                                                                                                BUsiness BUlletin Board

    UTC marketing students mimic “The Apprentice”                                                               Student group receives

     hey did not have to face Donald Trump                 days to bring in as many customers and as much        support from Hazlett
     in the boardroom, but UTC Marketing                   revenue as they could using their promotions.           Lewis and Bieter

     students were challenged by Kristy Mc-                      When the promotion period was over and
                                                                                                                       azlett, Lewis & Bieter, PLLC recently
Manus in the classroom for the UTC version of              the dollars were tallied, The Trumps team pre-
                                                                                                                       presented a check to Beta Alpha Psi,
“The Apprentice.” McManus, Director, Graduate              vailed as the winners.
                                                                                                                       the accounting and finance honor
Programs for the College of Business, asked                      “Their coupon was designed in such a
                                                                                                                society at the University of Tennessee at
student groups to come up with their best                  way that the customer could use the coupon
marketing plan to promote La Altena Mexican                on the front and then fill out the back portion
restaurant.                                                with their name and address information to
     Their first task was to create a mission              be entered into a drawing to win a $20 gift
statement for the business, and team Marketing             certificate to the restaurant. The Trumps felt
Muchachos’ version was selected the winner by              like their unique coupon design gave them an
La Altena’s owner. The mission statement read:             advantage in the competition. Not only did
“Our mission is to be the best Mexican restau-             the coupon encourage redemption, but it also
rant in Chattanooga that introduces American               allows La Altena to create a database for future
people to Mexican culture by providing and                 promotions,” McManus said.
serving home cooked, native Mexican food that                    The end result: for the duration of the
exceeds any expectations.”                                 project, student marketing efforts paid off
     Students then analyzed and chose viable               with increased sales for La Altena; the College
target markets for the restaurant, according               of Business received media attention for the
to McManus.                                                class, as WRCB Eyewitness News covered the
     “I chose ‘Holy Guacamole!’ as the team                students’ progress while also promoting the
that I felt had most carefully analyzed the                NBC show that inspired the class; and students
market,” McManus said. “They had chosen to                 learned a lot.
target the Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry Plant across                  “All of the students had excellent ideas and
the street from the restaurant. I felt this was            each team got to experience a bit of real-life
definitely the most well-defined and creative              marketing,” McManus said. “They also learned
                                                                                                                Pictured from left to right are: Sharon Atwell,
target market plan.”                                       to better understand the importance of each
                                                                                                                President of Beta Alpha Psi, Dr. John Fulmer,
     The real fun began when students designed             decision as though they were a business owner.
                                                                                                                Associate Dean, UTC College of Business, Warren
promotional materials and distributed them to              I believe that the competition helped to make        McEwen, partner with Hazlett, Lewis & Bieter,
their chosen target markets. Each team had 10              the project more fun and interesting.”               PLLC and Becky Fingerle, partner with Hazlett,
                                                                                                                Lewis & Bieter, PLLC.

                                     005 Entrepreneurial Forum
        he 2005 Entrepreneurial Forum was held on
        November 3, 2005 and featured edgar M.
        Jolley, UTC business alumnus and founder
   of EMJ Corporation. Nearly 500 students,
   faculty, alumni and community members at-
   tended the event. After the kick-off breakfast,
   participants attended one of two breakout
   sessions including Pitfalls in Entrepreneurial
   Startups - How to Avoid Them ( Moderator: dr.
   diane halstead; Panelists: Kurt schaffer and
   Ken Smith from episode49) and The Role of In-
   novation in Entrepreneurship (Moderator: dr.
   Kathleen wheatley; Panelists: Jayesh doshi
   - eSpin Technologies, Inc; Jim Frierson - Kruesi
   Center for Innovation; Missy whitaker - Print-
   A-Scent, Inc.; Kelly williamson - Aquashield
   TM, Inc.).

                  Left to right: Nancy Jolley, Ed
                  Jolley, Dr. Richard Casavant, Dr. Rich

                                                                                                                                              CityScope|June 2006 
                    Student Athletes Find Continuing
                     Success with Business Degrees
                               from UTC
                                                                  BY MikE HASkEW

                                 hen Mary simpson hughes received her accounting degree 17 years ago, graduation day marked the culmination
                                 of an outstanding career in both the classroom and on the volleyball court.
                                      The challenges faced by the student athlete require a strong level of commitment and an effective support
                   system. Mary found both at UT-Chattanooga. A magna cum laude graduate of UTC’s College of Business, she was also an All
                   Southern Conference volleyball player. The overall experience prepared her for continuing success in the professional world.
                        “Looking back, I realize I had the best of both worlds. I received an excellent education that prepared me for my future and
                   a very rewarding and fun volleyball career. My personal experience at UTC was that the professors cared, and the classes were
                   small enough that I was comfortable raising my hand,” Mary remembered. “As a student athlete, the professors worked with
                   me when I had to travel. I was allowed to turn in homework or take quizzes early, and it was never a hindrance. I figured out
                   quickly that during volleyball season when I was traveling it was best to take the minimum number of hours to remain full-time
                   and then to take more classes in the spring.”
                        After entering public accounting, Mary returned to UTC and obtained her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree
                   with a concentration in finance. While working with major insurers Provident and CIGNA for 12 years, she and husband, Hunter,
                   opened a Great Clips hair salon franchise, which has grown rapidly since its beginning in 1997. At first, she worked with the
                   family enterprise in the evenings, but the success of Great Clips eventually required her attention full time.

0 CityScope|June 2006
      “One big piece of managing the salons         continues to pay dividends.                    “i have worked with
is understanding how to run a business,” she             “The classes were very challenging,
reasoned, “and one of the hardest things for        and I was prepared when I sat for the         businessmen and
franchisees to do is understand the operational     CPA exam,” she said. “The accounting
side. With my MBA I got more in depth in terms      and all the business classes were very        women from across
of financial analysis. You have to work with bal-
ance sheets and profit and loss statements and
                                                    applicable to what you do in the real
                                                    world, whether you are working for a
                                                                                                  the country, many of
understand where the money is coming from.          large company or a public accounting          them with ivy League
You also have to be able to do bank presenta-       firm. I have worked with businessmen
tions, and that is my thing. It isn’t difficult     and women from across the country,            educations , and felt
for me because of my background and educa-          many of them with Ivy League educa-
tion at UTC, but it is harder for some people.      tions, and felt like I have always held       like i have always held
Other franchisees will call me with questions
about budgeting, cash flow, and forecasting.
                                                    my own with them.”
                                                         Jon long was raised in the Boston
                                                                                                  my own with them.”
They tell me how lucky I am to understand           area, but his family has a special con-
                                                                                                                 —Mary Simpson Hughes
that process.”                                      nection to UTC and to Chattanooga. Now
      This summer, the Hughes’ Great Clips          serving as executive vice president and
franchise expanded to 10 salons in a territory      head of the commercial group for Sun-
                                                                                                           “I came to Chattanooga because my dad,
stretching from Dalton to Cleveland and across      Trust Bank here, Jon graduated from the College
                                                                                                       Charles Long, played football here in the
Chattanooga. The mother of daughter Gabby           of Business in 1987 with a degree in economics.
                                                                                                       1950s,” Jon recalled. “He was on the 1958
and son Wyatt, Mary also serves as a member of      He played football as an offensive and defensive
                                                                                                       team that beat Tennessee and was a Little All
the Department of Accounting Advisory Board         lineman and was a member of the 1984 Southern
                                                                                                       America in 1960. He was drafted in 1961 by
at UTC. Her experience as a student athlete         Conference championship team.
                                                                                                           the Boston Patriots of the NFL and played
                                                                                                            with them for 10 seasons. My older
                                                                                                             brother, Charles, Jr., was an All Southern
       Pictured below left to right: Benton Hood,
                                                                                                             Conference golfer at UTC and majored in
       Mary Hughes, Jon Long, Brandon Born
                                                                                                             management. Dad had fond memories of
                                                                                                             his experience in Chattanooga, and my
                                                                                                             brother was getting a great education
                                                                                                              here, so I decided to walk on and have
                                                                                                                 an opportunity to play football.”
                                                                                                                           Jon continued his educa-
                                                                                                                        tion, obtaining his MBA from
                                                                                                                         the Wharton School of Busi-
                                                                                                                          ness at the University of
                                                                                                                           Pennsylvania. He spent sev-
                                                                                                                            eral years with NationsBank
                                                                                                                            (now Bank of America)
                                                                                                                            before joining SunTrust and
                                                                                                                           returning to Chattanooga
                                                                                                                          in 1997.
                                                                                                                               “For me, UTC was small
                                                                                                                      enough to care about the stu-
                                                                                                                   dent athlete,” he commented.
                                                                                                                  “This built a great bridge between
                                                                                                                    the dual responsibilities of the
                                                                                                                     classroom and athletics, help-
                                                                                                                      ing athletes to stay eligible by
                                                                                                                      NCAA standards and to have a
                                                                                                                      transcript they can be proud of.
                                                                                                                      At Wharton, I was with class-
                                                                                                                      mates who had degrees from
                                                                                                                      places like Harvard, Stanford,
                                                                                                                     and Princeton, and I realized that
                                                                                                                    UTC had equipped me to compete
                                                                                                                   with those people.
                                                                                                                       “When you look at the courses
                                                                                                                taught and the textbooks used, you

                                                                                                                                   CityScope|June 2006 
will find similarities between schools,” he            Profiles of some UTC business
continued. “I think the world of my professors,
and the thing that separates UTC from other            alumni who were student athletes
schools is the level of interest that they have
in your success and the working relationships          Howard Sompayrac ‘51                             Vince Carelli ‘90
you develop with classmates. I found that the          Business Economics                               Marketing
professors made a great connection with their          Basketball                                       Football
                                                       Resides in Chattanooga, TN                       Currently residing in Chattanooga, TN
students and made the curriculum come alive.
                                                       Retired, Dupont                                  Vice President, J. Smith Lanier & Co.
After being in other environments, you do real-
ize what a special place for learning UTC is.”         Benton Hood ‘76                                  Scott McDonald ‘93
     Majoring in business management while             Business                                         Marketing
contributing to a UTC basketball program               Wrestling                                        Football
                                                       Resides in Signal Mtn., TN                       Currently residing in Lookout Mountain, TN
which won the Southern Conference regular              President, Mitchell Industrial Tire Company      First Vice President - Investments, Senior Investment
season championship five straight years and                                                             Management Specialist, and Financial Consultant,
the tournament championship three years in             Joseph Petosa ‘79                                Smith Barney
a row, Brandon Born has risen to prominence            Business
                                                       Football                                         Brandon Born ‘94
as president of Thunder Enterprises, a local real
                                                       Resides in Hixson, TN                            Management
estate development company. Born, now 33 years         Project Control Specialist, TVA                  Basketball
old, was recently inducted into the UTC Athletic                                                        Currently residing in Chattanooga, TN
Hall of Fame and is tied for second with Gerald        John Shull ‘79, ‘85                              President, Thunder Enterprises
Wilkins among the Mocs’ all-time scoring leaders.      Business, MBA
                                                       Basketball                                       Shane Neal ‘94, ‘96
He was all Southern Conference and all tourna-         Resides in Chattanooga, TN                       Finance, MBA
ment in his junior and senior years.                   Interim CEO, Gordian Health Solutions            Basketball
     “I went to UTC for an education,” Brandon                                                          Currently residing in Chattanooga, TN
remarked, “and basketball was a bonus. As an           J. Pat Murphy ‘83                                Financial advisor, UBS Financial Services
athlete on the road trying to shuffle classes and
                                                       Wrestling                                        Edward “Nicu” Nastase ‘98
study, the experience really opens your eyes           Originally from Hixson, TN                       Accounting
to prioritizing tasks for a given day or week.         Currently residing in Lookout Mountain, TN       Golf
My undergraduate experience was tremendous.            Member, Miller & Martin PLLC                     Returning from duty in Iraq
All of the tools I was exposed to at UTC are                                                            Captain, U.S. Marine Corps
                                                       Jon Long ‘87
now being applied in the management of real            Economics                                        Tiffany Gee Taglienti ‘01, ‘02
estate projects. The education I got put me in         Football                                         Marketing, MBA
a position to do the job. The staff was so sup-        Currently residing in Chattanooga, TN            Soccer
portive, and there were so many great topics           Executive Vice President - Commercial Banking,   Currently residing in Nashville, TN
                                                       SunTrust                                         Project Manager, TVA
that it made going to Statistics, Management
of Information Systems, or Theories of Manage-         Mary Simpson Hughes ‘89, ‘94                     Johann Rolf ‘03
ment interesting and fun.”                             Accounting, MBA                                  Accounting
     Born is still in contact with his UTC profes-     Volleyball                                       Golf
sors, particularly Professor Jim Wyatt, who has        Currently residing Ringgold, GA                  Currently residing in Atlanta, GA
                                                       Owner/Franchisee, Great Clips                    Senior Auditor, Ernst & Young
consulted on weighted averages and pro formas
related to real estate developments. “I would
absolutely recommend UTC,” he said. “Looking
back on my choice of colleges and classes, I         CPA certificate and returned to the classroom      small enough for you to receive personalized
would not change a thing — not one class or          at UTC, teaching accounting for a semester.        attention and large enough to feel like you
one experience. UTC put me in a great position       Interestingly, the students he taught asked        are in a university setting.”
to be where I am today. My belief is that the        many of the same questions Benton had asked             A 25-year veteran of the industrial tire
bottom line in management is getting things          years earlier.                                     business, Hood cites UTC’s recent investment
done through people, identifying the strengths             “Time was the biggest challenge for me       in facilities and technology as further evidence
and weaknesses that people have and putting          as a student athlete,” he reflected. “As far as    of a commitment to educational excellence.
them in the right spot in your company. My           I am concerned, a lot of it is work ethic, and     “There has been a tremendous makeover from
time at UTC helped me immensely with this.           being a student athlete helped to develop          a facilities standpoint, and a lot has changed
Also, I have kept up with the part of my educa-      that work ethic. I know I could have gone          with computers,” he noted. “Things have just
tion involving the management of information         anywhere and been successful because of what       gotten better and better year after year. If
systems because so much today is being done          I learned at UTC and the work ethic I developed    someone is looking for a good education, you
with digital cameras and project software.”          there. If anybody wants to buckle down and         couldn’t pick a better school.”
     Benton hood, president of Chattanooga           focus, then UTC is a tremendous place to get            The College of Business at UT-Chattanooga
based Mitchell Industrial Tire, wrestled during      an undergraduate degree, and if you want to        recognizes and supports the talents of its stu-
his career at UTC and reached the NCAA Tour-         be in business, I don’t think you can beat         dents, not only in business related subjects,
nament four straight times. A 1975 graduate          the MBA program there. For business, there         but also across a variety of endeavors. Student
with a degree in business, he also obtained a        are excellent professors, and the classes are      athletes find an environment which breeds
                                                                                                        success for a lifetime.
 CityScope|June 2006
Learning Extends
   Beyond the

                   By Mike Haskew

                                   he invesTMenT of TiMe in The ClassrooM is a CriTiCal
                                   eleMenT of The learning aTMosphere in The College
                                   of BUsiness aT UT-ChaTTanooga. While such a setting is
                                   the foundation for the educational experience, it is just one
                       aspect of the meaningful, comprehensive programs offered.
                            Acknowledging that learning extends beyond the classroom walls,
                       faculty, staff, and students of the College of Business interface with pro-
                       fessionals and experts in a variety of fields to provide opportunities to
                       expand the breadth of knowledge which students encounter. Luncheons
                       sponsored by various businesses and forums on topics such as financial
                       services, entrepreneurship, and negotiating skills bring students and busi-
                       ness leaders together for the exchange of ideas and lively discussions.
                            “The object of these programs is to enhance what goes on in the
                       classroom,” explained dr. John fulmer, associate dean of the College
                       of Business Administration. “The lunch programs are called Corporate
                       Connection, and the corporations bring four or five of their people in
                       to meet with 15 students and four or five members of the faculty. They
 Edgar M. Jolley

                                                                                   CityScope|June 2006 
Recent College of Business events open to business
                                                                                                       explain what their companies are all about,
students:                                                                                              and the students provide their résumés for
October 10, 2005                                March 1, 2006                                          inclusion in a résumé book that is given to
The Honorable Mercer Reynolds III presented     Negotiation Forum featuring John Thornton,             the Corporate Connection sponsor. A good
by UTC College of Business and Scott L. Pro-    Chairman, Thunder Enterprises                          number of jobs have been filled through
basco, Jr. Chair of Free Enterprise                                                                    the Corporate Connection luncheons. Usu-
                                                April 5, 2006                                          ally, they take place once a month, and
October 18, 2005                                Breakfast with Jeff Diermeier, President and           sometimes more frequently.”
Accounting Lecture Series featuring Scott A.    Chief Executive Officer, CFA Institute                       Companies such as Disney, Covista,
Taub, Deputy Chief Accountant, Securities                                                              and a number of large insurers and finance
and Exchange Commission                         April 6, 2006                                          industry giants have participated in the
                                                Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame honoring Dr.             Corporate Connection luncheons.
October 20, 2005                                Richard C. Becherer, Harold L. Coker, Jack                   “Corporate Connection started about
Burkett Miller Speaker Series featuring Nobel   L. Frost                                               a year and a half ago and has become very
Laureate, Dr. Edward Prescott                                                                          popular,” added lisa flint, director of
                                                Monthly                                                external affairs for the college. “These are
November 3, 2005                                Corporate Connection luncheons featuring:              different from career fairs because they
The Clarence E. Harris Entrepreneurial Forum                                                           give the students a good 90 minutes to pick
                                                • Joseph Decosimo and Company
featuring Edgar M. Jolley, founder of EMJ                                                              the brains of representatives from a certain
                                                • AG Edwards                                           industry, ask how they got started and
                                                • Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough                    climbed the corporate ladder to be where
November 14, 2005                               • BBT Huffaker Trimble                                 they are today. It’s a win-win for both the
The Market for Financial Services Seminar       • Disney Worldwide Services                            students and the firms. Students learn
featuring Dr. Thomas J. Cunningham, Vice                                                               about local business/industry so they may
                                                • UnumProvident
President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta                                                             better plan their futures and the sponsor-
                                                • Covista Communications                               ing firms get exposure on our campus and
                                                                                                       learn more about our students. Our hopes
                                                                                                       are that they will consider these students
                                                                                                       for future employment.”
                                                                                                             In addition to the luncheons, faculty
                                                                               members are heavily involved in the organization of other special
                                                                               events. “We are trying to provide students with opportunities not
               “ We want to provide                                            necessarily tied to a specific class,” observed Flint, “which opens
                                                                               the door for all students in the business school to get involved
               numerous opportunities in                                       rather than just those in a certain course. Students are always
                                                                               concerned with finding jobs so we are trying to find more ways to
               and outside the classroom                                       introduce students to business people and help them determine
                                                                               what they want to do when they graduate from UTC. When they
               for students to network                                         see a title in a textbook, they may not fully understand it, but
                                                                               when they talk to professionals and hear what these people have
               with business people and                                        to say they do get more from the experience.”
                                                                                    Last October, the Honorable Mercer reynolds iii, former
               learn more about business                                       U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, addressed a
                                                                               gathering at the college. Reynolds, co-chairman of Cincinnati-
               and industry.”                                                  based investment firm Reynolds, DeWitt & Co., and Chairman and
                                                                               CEO of Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, GA, holds a Masters of
                                                                               Business Administration from UTC. He discussed his professional
                                                — Lisa Flint                   career and his friendship with President George W. Bush.
                                                                                    “Reynolds’ first day as ambassador was September 11, 2001.
                                                                               He shared what it was like to take office on that day and told of
                                                                               the flow of terrorist money through Switzerland,” said Dr. Fulmer.
                                                                               “This type of presentation helps to broaden the students’ world
                                                                               view. We’ve also had three Nobel laureates visit UTC these last few
                                                                               years, along with the deputy chief of the Securities and Exchange
                                                                               Commission, the national president of the Certified Financial
                                                                               Analysts, and a representative of the Federal Reserve.”
                                                                                    edgar M. Jolley, an alumnus of the college and the founder of
                                                                               EMJ Corporation, spoke to a crowd of 500 last November during the
                                                                               2005 Entrepreneurial Forum, which also included breakout sessions

4 CityScope|June 2006
on “Pitfalls in Entrepreneurial Startups” and “The Role of Innovation in Entrepreneurship.”
     Flint asserted, “We want to create an environment of active involvement by providing
numerous opportunities in and outside the classroom for students to network with business
people and learn more about business and industry. We are also genuinely interested in helping
them find jobs. Hopefully, by taking advantage of what we provide them, the light bulb will
go off, and students will say, ‘This is what I want to do,’ or ‘I get it!’”
     While numerous classes in the college touch on the topic of negotiation, one student
took it upon himself to suggest that the College host a forum to provide students with more
in-depth information on the topic. When Andrew dipaolo of Houston, Texas, a senior majoring
in entrepreneurship, approached the administration with the idea for such an event, it was
readily apparent that he wanted to take the lead in its organization. With the help of Fulmer,
Flint, and dr. richard Becherer, Andrew fleshed out the agenda, which included inviting local
businessman John Thornton to deliver the keynote address.
     “It was a half day event, and we had about 60 students sign up for it,” Flint remembered.
“The college was behind it 100 percent, and we even had some alumni call and ask to attend.
The fact that a student thought of this program is a real indicator of their overall level of
     Andrew praises his business professors, including Dr. Becherer, dr. Mark Mendenhall, dr.
Bento lobo, and dr. Beverly Brockman. After attending a number of special events and finding
them time well spent, he was encouraged to explore the idea of the Negotiation Forum.
     “They have been really open,” he said. “I love my major, and the teachers have been really
helpful in allowing me to pursue my own ideas. If you show an interest in the classes, they are
willing to bend over backwards to help you in any way they possibly can. I had a tremendous       John Thornton
amount of help with the negotiation forum in the planning phase,
and that came from a number of professors who took time out of
their busy schedules to organize the event.”
     According to DiPaolo, attendance at the entrepreneurial and
finance forums, as well as taking classes on sales, sparked his interest
in negotiation. He had become familiar with Thornton’s success in              “You get out of college
the business community and his ability to close real estate develop-
ment deals.
     “Putting the event together was a great experience,” said An-
                                                                               what you put into it —
drew. “It was the first time a student initiated an event like this. I had
taken a class with Dr. Becherer and approached him with my ideas.              so a lot depends on me.
He was the first person I talked to, and he gave me some pointers.
I came up with a plan and submitted it to Dr. Fulmer, and then met
with a number of professors for a brainstorming session. We ended up
                                                                               I pursued these
with a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, and a workshop session
based on the psychological side of negotiations.”                              opportunities and was
     Taking advantage of the educational enhancements offered
through UTC’s College of Business, has deepened the educational                passionate about them.”
experience for others like DiPaolo. “I am absolutely pleased with the
education I have received,” he said. “It has been a successful time,                                 — Andrew DiPaolo
and I have really enjoyed it. You get out of college what you put into
it — so a lot depends on me. I pursued these other opportunities and
ideas and was passionate about them. It has been a tremendously
rewarding experience.
     “Personally, right now I am looking at a number of different
companies to work for,” he continued. “Having a degree in entrepre-
neurship is like being a jack of all trades. You get a little of everything
and can focus on small business. It sets you up to go into a number
of different fields, such as sales, marketing, or management.”
     By opening doors of opportunity for its graduates, the college
accomplishes its primary mission, providing the skills, confidence,
and connections which result in an array of career options. Truly,
such an educational experience extends beyond the classroom and
adds value for a lifetime.

                                                                                                             CityScope|June 2006 5
letters from alUmni

dear dr. TaYlor:                                    dear College of BUsiness,                             wants me to work on economic development. I
     I just wanted to let you know that I did,           Thank you for the alumni golf tournament.        will finally get to use my degrees!
in fact, get the job at Caterpillar Financial in    I don’t think my teammates are all that happy
Nashville, so the job you emailed me about is a     with whoever put the teams together but I             Sincerely,
mute issue. However, I do still really appreciate   again enjoyed the day immensely.                      David Huddleston ’01, MBA ’04
you looking for me and investing your time                                                                Pineville, LA
into my career search. I appreciate it more         Doug Peters ‘00
than you know!                                      Ringgold, GA
                                                                                                           dear dr. fUlMer,
Thanks again!                                                                                                  Thank you for helping me find this amaz-
Aaron Murdock ‘05                                   dear dr. fUlMer:                                      ing new job opportunity. It is very special for
Nashville, TN                                            Thank you for the opportunity to speak           me as a student to know that professors would
                                                    to a few of your accounting classes yesterday.        go out of their way to help students find op-
                                                    I consider it a distinct privilege and a pleasure     portunities like this in the community.
dear College of BUsiness:                           to share with upcoming professionals the op-               I have been very involved with UTC for
     I enjoy receiving information about the        portunities presented to me as a result of my         several years, and if you ever need anything
UTC College of Business and I’m very proud of       education at UTC. I would put the education I         in the future, please feel free to contact me
the College’s recent accomplishments. Keep up       received at UTC against that of other institu-        anytime.
the good work.                                      tions any time.
                                                         Dr. Fulmer, it is difficult to believe that it   Thanks again,
Regards,                                            has been 20 years since I graduated from UTC.         Brandon Abney ’02
Ed Cordell ‘83                                      As college students, we tend to be a bit self-        Ooltewah, TN
Norcross, GA                                        consumed, and sometimes forget to thank those
                                                    who assist us along the way. Thank you for your
                                                    contribution to my education. My education,           dear College of BUsiness:
dear John (fUlMer):                                 along with hard work and some long hours, have              I received my undergraduate and gradu-
     I enjoyed our Corporate Connection lunch       allowed me to enjoy going to work each day, to        ate accounting degrees from UTC and want to
with the faculty and business students at UTC. I    know a sense of accomplishment, to provide for        express my gratitude for receiving an excellent
hope to be able to work with them in the near       my family and to save for the education of my         education. The professors at UTC are passionate
future. We have reviewed the resumes that were      own son. You and your colleagues continue to          about teaching and are exceptional at provid-
given to us and I believe we will talk further      provide an institution anyone would be proud          ing students with both technical and practical
with some of the students.                          to attend. Congratulations.                           skills needed after graduation. They bring the
     Thanks for allowing us to sponsor the                                                                real business world into the classroom through
lunch yesterday and tell the students about         Regards,                                              personal experience and the use of relevant
our firm and field of work.                         Kim Greene ‘85                                        case studies. The curriculum prepared me to
                                                    Cleveland, TN                                         use accounting, communication, and research
Daniel Sheets ‘92                                                                                         skills that gave me a distinct advantage over
Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough                                                                        my peers when I started my career in public
Chattanooga, TN                                     dear dr. long,                                        accounting. I am proud to say I am a UTC Col-
                                                         I apologize for not keeping in touch. I          lege of Business alumnus.
                                                                want to thank you for being an
                                                                excellent professor. I had a great        Brent Goldberg ‘01, MAcc ‘03
dear College
                                                                time managing the TVA portfolio           Kraft CPAs
of BUsiness:
                                                                and loved your classes both as an         Nashville, TN
       Thanks to
all who helped                                                  undergraduate and graduate stu-
make the 3rd                                                    dent. I also wanted to thank you
Annual Alumni                                                   for calling me about the adjunct          dear dr. TUrpin,
G o l f To u r n a -                                            finance professorship in August                I just wanted to thank you for being such
ment a success.                                                 of 2004.                                  a great professor. You were able to push me
I thoroughly                                                         The LSU Tigers are winning           to levels that I didn’t think was possible for
enjoyed the                                                     and I am doing great! I miss the          myself. Your instruction, along with the de-
day, the golf,                                                  beautiful city of Chattanooga             termination that I gained while in your class,
and the fellow-                                                 though. You may remember that             helped me pass the Financial section of the
ship. I look for-                                               I moved to Louisiana after gradu-         CPA Exam. I just received the CPA test results
ward to hearing                                                 ation. A family friend who worked         back this past weekend. I passed all four parts
about upcoming events and, of course, next                      as a tribal administrator for the         on the first try!
year’s tournament.                                  Jena Band of Choctaw Indians called and inter-
                                                    viewed me for an accountant position. He left         Thanks!
Thanks again for all of your hard work,             four months after I was hired and I resumed           Scott McCoy ‘04
Mark Dowling ‘78                                    many of his responsibilities. The tribe now           Hixson, TN
Chattanooga, TN
6 CityScope|June 2006
                                                                                                                          alUmni tailgate party

Don Adkins ‘94 and Jeff Turner MBA ’94 took their children to the Homecoming          Kim Turner MBA ’98, Fred Flint MBA ‘96, Dr. Valerie Taylor, and Dr. Gail Dawson
festivities.                                                                          enjoy catching up in the First Tennessee Pavilion.

College of Business student volunteers Mark Jolley, Philip Taylor, Tyler McElhaney,   Business alumni speak with Dr. John Fulmer, second from right, about their
and Katie Welch greeted alumni and sold football tickets.                             memories as undergraduates.

UTC Sugar Mocs, cheerleaders, and band lead a parade of spirit through the            Scrappy spreads some school spirit to students, alumni, faculty, and friends.
pavilion to the field before the game.

                                                                                                                                                    CityScope|June 2006 7
  alUmni golf toUrnament

Bob Benjamin, Jeff Greeson ‘00, Tony Mullinax, and Steve Holmes ’79 took the         John Dyer ’83, MBA ’95 won the prize for closest to the hole.
honor of winning first place in the tournament.

2nd place went to Paul Fitzgerald, Chancellor Roger Brown, and Jonathan Frost        Jeff Greeson ’00 was the alum who won the prize for longest drive.
‘04. Missing from photo is Shane Neal ’94, MBA ’96.

Eddie O’Brien ‘87, Eddie Stone ‘94, Tim Daniell ‘93, and Dr. Diane Halstead were a   Kevin Quinn 89‘ also won closest to the hole.
great team, taking 3rd place.

 CityScope|June 2006
                                                                                                         wright-Bentley scholars

      The Wright-Bentley Foundation supports scholarships for students that have demonstrated strong
  academic skills and service to the community and university. Students selected as Wright-Bentley Scholars
  have proven themselves to be highly motivated, intellectually strong and civic-minded.
      You can make a difference in a student’s life by supporting the Wright-Bentley Scholarship program.
  The Wright-Bentley Foundation will match, dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000, donations made to this group
  of students. You may make a gift today by calling the UTC Development Office at (423) 425-4232 or mak-
  ing an online donation at
      The Wright-Bentley scholars are the College’s premiere students. For the 2005-2006 academic year,
  they are:

Taiesha Brown                                       college experiences at UTC.”                         Amanda LeRoy
Management and Marketing                                 Cassie is president of Sigma Kappa sorority.    finance
      “Being involved in campus                     She is a member of the Mortar Board, Golden               “The College of Business has
organizations at UTC is helping                     Key, and Beta Alpha Psi honor societies at UTC.      an active interest in its students
me make the most of my college                      She enjoys swimming and reading. After gradu-        inside the classroom and out.
experience. I have grown as an                      ation Cassie plans to enroll in law school and       I have several professors and
adult by obtaining leadership                       return to Chattanooga to practice family law.        other leaders in the College who
skills, enhancing my creativity and establishing                                                         are approachable about important topics such
friendships.”                                       Amber Henderson                                      as career options. I graduate in six months and
      Taiesha enjoys activities that are related    accounting                                           already have several job offers, all of which I
to her majors, including the Society for the             “I have found the professors                    received through contacts in the business school
Advancement of Management and American              in the College of Business to be                     at UTC.”
Marketing Association. She enjoys the outdoors,     very helpful in preparing me for                          Amanda is a member of Beta Alpha Psi,
meeting people and organizing activities.           my future career as a teacher.                       Golden Key, and Mortar Board honor societies.
Taiesha is an athlete; she competed in the          They have given me several ideas                     She was a Walt Disney World intern during the
Junior Olympics and likes to stay physically        as to how I might structure class, help students     Spring 2004 semester and has served as a Disney
fit. Taiesha’s credo is to “never settle for less   learn better and be active participants.”            College Program Campus Representative. She is
in life.” After graduation she plans to pursue           Amber is active at the Children’s Church        currently interning at Morgan Stanley in down-
a graduate degree in business.                      at Temple Baptist Church. She appreciates the        town Chattanooga. After graduation Amanda
                                                    many opportunities to interact with UTC ac-          will continue working at Morgan Stanley and
Lori Ann Clark                                      counting professors. Amber enjoys water skiing,      pursue a Master’s of Business Administration
finance and economics                               snow skiing and scrap booking. After gradua-         at UTC.
     “UTC has given me con-                         tion she plans to work in public accounting
fidence to pursue my dreams.                        and would ultimately like to teach accounting        James Wheeler
This university has exceeded all                    at the college level.                                Management
my expectations! I do not regret                                                                              “UTC possesses a world-class
one minute of my college experience and will be     Zachary Latham                                       faculty that actually cares about
really sad to leave UTC.”                           finance and                                          teaching, not just research. They
     Lori Ann is an active member of Alpha          entrepreneurship                                     are constantly making me think
Delta Pi. She is president of the Economics               “I find UTC to be the perfect                  outside-the-box and everyday
club, a charter member of UTC’s Institute of        size; it is small enough for me                      there is a new challenge. The College of Business
Management Accountants, and a member of             to receive one-on-one attention                      goes the extra mile to make sure its students are
the UTC Honors Program and Mortar Board.            from my professors, and large enough for me to       prepared for the workforce.”
Lori Ann enjoys running, dancing, baking and        be able to find things to do in my free time. I           James is a member of the UTC Catholic
scrapbooking. She recently spent 10 days in         am extremely happy here and would not consider       Student Center, Vice President of Students in
Italy with UTC’s Honor Program. After gradua-       going anywhere else.”                                Free Enterprise and Assistant Resident Director
tion Lori Ann would like to travel abroad and             Zachary is active in Students in Free En-      for UTC Housing. He is also a member of Sigma
ultimately pursue a career in finance.              terprise and the Residence Hall Association. He      Iota Epsilon, the honor society for management
                                                    is a Resident Assistant at UTC Place. He enjoys      students. He enjoys watching UTC basketball
Cassie Cooper                                       water sports including swimming, boating, and        games and playing volleyball. James has in
accounting                                          wakeboarding. Zachary also has an interest in        interest to work in the health care industry
    “Choosing to come to UTC                        autos and has recently rebuilt two Volkswagens.      and is preparing to do so by studying both
was one of the best decisions I                     After graduation he plans to pursue a career in      business and science. After graduation he
have made so far in my life. I                      real estate and would ultimately like to start his   plans to pursue a graduate degree in business
have loved every minute of my                       own real estate development company.                 or pharmacy.

                                                                                                                                      CityScope|June 2006 
distingUished stUdent awards

    The College of BUsiness disTingUished sTUdenT award was presenTed for The firsT TiMe dUring The spring 2006
    seMesTer. The award will be presented annually to students in the College of Business and seeks to recognize high potential business
    students who have made significant and meaningful civic contributions to UTC and the College while maintaining a strong academic
         Recipients of the Distinguished Student Award have provided evidence of exceptional extracurricular leadership and community
    service, strong leadership skills, self-motivating initiative, exceptional presentation skills, and a strong academic record with minimum
    GPA of 3.0. The 2005-2006 Distinguished Students are:

Sharon Atwell                                     Bus Marketing Company, Southern Champion          Diane Loyd
B.s. Business administration: accounting          Tray and Stethen-Smith Construction Com-          B.s. Business administration: accounting
                                                  pany. As an undergraduate, Rob was one of
      “The driving                                the College’s first Wright-Bentley scholars. He        “My commit-
force behind all                                  was a member of the American Marketing As-        ment to volunteer-
of my goals and                                   sociation; Alpha Mu Alpha, the honor society      ism began when I
objectives is my                                  for marketing majors; Golden Key International    was in high school,
desire to have a                                  Honor Society; and Beta Gamma Sigma, the          and I believe it will
solid reputation for                              honor society for business students at AACSB      continue for the rest
competence, integ-                                accredited schools. Rob played a key role in      of my life. There is
rity, and exemplary                               the creation of two new campus organizations,     no greater feeling
character.”                                       UTC’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity and the     than the feeling
                                                  UTC fan club, Mocs Maniacs.                       you get from help-
     Sharon is the recipient of the Ernst &                                                         ing others.”
Young Outstanding Accounting Student Award,
the Tennessee Society for Certified Public Ac-    Lori Ann Clark                                         Diane has completed a nine-month intern-
countants (TSCPA) Scholarship, Association        B.s. Business administration: finance             ship with the Accounts Department of Marriott
of Government Accountants Scholarship and         B.s. economics                                    Hotel in London, England. She has worked the
the Andersen Scholar Award. She served as                                                           last 12 months as an intern in the Business
President of Beta Alpha Psi and is a member             “The old say-                               Services Department at TVA in Chattanooga,
of a TSCPA, American Institute of Certified       ing “If there’s a                                 TN. Diane also served as assistant director for
Public Accountants, the UTC College of Business   will, there’s a way”                              one of UTC’s resident dormitories. She has held
Strategic Planning Committee and the Trail of     best describes my                                 several leadership positions on campus includ-
Tears Corridor Association. Sharon is also a      character. I am                                   ing president of Students in Free Enterprise and
member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Golden Key         the type of person                                president of national convention delegate for
International honor societies.                    that will not accept                              Omega Phi Alpha National Service Organiza-
                                                  defeat, especially                                tion. Diane is a member of Beta Alpha Psi and
                                                  if Laziness or In-                                Coxswain, UTC’s rowing team.
Rob Bettis                                        difference is my
Master of Business administration                 competitor.”
B.s. Business administration: Marketing                                                             Tyler McElhaney
                                                       As a member                                  B.s. Business administration: general
     “One of the                                  of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Lori Ann held many    Management and human resource Man-
biggest challeng-                                 leadership positions including Vice President     agement
es I’ve faced has                                 and Recruitment Chair. She served as president
been discovering                                  of the Economics club and was a charter member         “A l l of t he
the art of passing                                of UTC’s Institute of Management Accountants.     activities I have
the torch – to find                               Lori Ann was also a member of the UTC Honors      participated in or
peers who share                                   Program. She recently spent 10 days in Italy      volunteered for, I
your passions and                                 and completed an honors thesis on “Predicting     pursued with a goal
then equipping                                    Success in Principles of Economics” as part of    to help others, but
them to take on                                   the Honors Program requirements.                  found often that I
leadership roles.”                                                                                  have been the most
     Rob completed a marketing degree at UTC
in 2005 and will complete the Master’s of Busi-                                                          Tyler has been involved with the creation
ness Administration program in May 2006. He                                                         and implementation of several training and de-
has worked for UTC’s College of Business, The                                                       velopment programs including those developed

0 CityScope|June 2006
                                                                                            distingUished stUdent awards

for the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, TN    and vice president of programs for the Society    healthcare costs in the United States.”
and Horwath International of Sydney, Australia.    for Advancement of Management. She has
He was an intern for the Creative Discovery        worked every summer the last four years as a           Ashvini worked for several years as an
Museum and resident assistant for Hiwassee         patient financial representative for Memphis      architect in Bangalore, India before pursuing
College. Tyler has served as president of the      Pathology Laboratory in Memphis, TN and on        a Master’s of Business Administration degree
Society for Advancement of Management,             the UTC campus since 2005 in the Office for       at UTC. She has also worked for UTC, the Col-
vice president of Mortar Board, and a student      Students with Disabilities. These roles have      lege of Business and Orthopaedic Institute of
representative on the UTC College of Business      provided Sequoia with valuable lessons in         Chattanooga. She assisted Drs. Asllani and
Strategic Planning Committee. He is also a         customer service, meeting management, and         Ettkin with writing Sharing Knowledge with
member of the American Marketing Associa-          office operations.                                Conversational Technologies: Web Logs Versus
tion and Society of Human Resource Managers,                                                         Discussion Boards. This article is currently un-
and Golden Key International and Beta Gamma                                                          der review for publication in the International
Sigma honor societies.                             Shamya Sermons                                    Journal of Information Technology Management.
                                                   Master of Business administrationB.s.             Ashvini has formally presented examples of
                                                   Business administration: finance                  her graduate work to the College of Business
Amy Prevost                                                                                          Dean’s Advisory Board and the Chattanooga
B.s. Business administration: Marketing                  “It has always                              Times Free Press. She is a member of UTC’s In-
and entrepreneurship                               been my duty and                                  ternational Student Organization. Ashvini has
                                                   privilege to carry                                demonstrated her dedication to volunteerism
     “Administra-                                  myself in a moral                                 by teaching conversational English and reading
tors know how stu-                                 and ethical manner.                               to the visually impaired.
dents feel because                                 As team captain, it
of the opinions I                                  was a great feeling
share with them.                                   to know I served as                               Jennifer Thomas
I have been told I                                 a role model and in-                              B.s. Business administration: Marketing
am one of the best                                 fluenced the lives of
student body presi-                                so many girls.”                                         “My career ob-
dents UTC has had                                                                                    jective is to be like
in a long time.”                                        Shamya completed a finance degree at         a sponge. I want to
                                                   UTC in 2005 and will complete the Master’s of     absorb everything
      Amy has held many leadership positions on    Business Administration program in May 2006.      around me and con-
campus. She has served as student trustee for      She has worked for UTC’s College of Business,     tinually look for
the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees,     Sermons Quick Food Store and Valdosta State’s     more to soak up.
president of the Student Government Associa-       Right Track program. As an undergraduate,         I want to expand
tion, and president of the American Market-        Shamya played on the UTC women’s basketball       my mind and my
ing Association. Amy is also a member of the       team for four years, serving as team captain      opportunities.”
University of Tennessee Board of Governors,        and participant in the team’s mentorship and
Chancellor’s Roundtable, and Chi Omega soror-      community outreach programs. She received              Jennifer has worked as a financial assistant
ity. As an intern at Daniel Douglas Norcross and   the 2006 Outstanding Graduate Student Award       in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department
student assistant at UTC, she has experience in    and was a recipient of the Fellowship of Chris-   since 2004, working closely with the Metham-
event planning, marketing research, meeting        tian Athletes Scholarship Award. Shamya was       phetamine Drug Task Force. She also completed
management and media/public relations.             event chair for UTC’s Relay for Life and has      an internship with University Directories in
                                                   been involved with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,    Chapel Hill, North Carolina and worked as a
                                                   UTC’s Pre-Law Club, the Southern Conference       production specialist for Rivercity Foundation.
Sequoia Randolph                                   Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. She is        She served as vice president of membership for
B.s. Business administration: Marketing            also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Golden      the American Marketing Association and held
                                                   Key International honor societies.                the offices of vice president of alumni relations
      “Being a men-                                                                                  and house manager for Sigma Kappa sorority.
tor has enabled me                                                                                   Jennifer is a member of Mortar Board, Beta
to bring hope and                                  Ashvini Somasundar                                Gamma Sigma, and Golden Key International
c a m a ra d e r i e t o                           Master of                                         honor societies. She is a member of the Finan-
young ladies so that                               Business                                          cial Management Association and recipient of
they will strive to                                administration                                    the 2006 Wall Street Journal Award.
better themselves. I
want them to know                                       “I am inter-
that anything is                                   ested in pursuing                                     For complete resumes of these distin-
possible.”                                         a D o c t o ra t e i n                            guished students, visit
                                                   Healthcare Manage-                                ness/DistinguishedStudents
     Sequoia served as executive committee         ment and to find a
officer for the American Marketing Association     solution to rising

                                                                                                                                  CityScope|June 2006 
alUmni class notes

                                                   cial roles in private and publicly traded growth   James gregory powell ‘89 is director of finan-
                                                   companies. Ed and his wife, Lisa McCain, reside    cial planning & reporting at Knology, Inc. in
                                                   in Norcross, GA with their two children, Greg      Auburn, AL.
eugene randolph Jackson ‘73 is director of         and Katie.

the Homeless Shelter at the Salvation Army in
                                                   harold d. powell, Jr. ‘83 is the owner of Athens
Chattanooga, TN.
                                                   Insurance in Athens, TN with sales of approxi-
Benjamin Jay susman ‘74 is director of pur-        mately $30 million and a staff of 30 people.
chasing at Prebul Auto Group in Ringgold,                                                             lisa atherton Brown ‘90 is an administrative
                                                   Craig Bolton ‘84 is owner and CEO of Eagle Star    assistant at SunTrust Bank in Chattanooga,
                                                   Storage in Atlanta, GA.                            TN.
James M. reed ‘75 is the owner of Express Rx
                                                   Kendra smith Clure ‘85 is a homemaker in           Marvin greg goodman ‘91 is an investment
Discount Pharmacy and Compounding Center
                                                   Chattanooga, TN.                                   consultant at SunTrust Investments Inc. in
in McDonald, TN.
                                                                                                      Chattanooga, TN.
                                                   Mark wayne degler ‘85 is a member at Miller
Thomas hicks armor ‘76 is executive vice
                                                   and Martin PLLC in Chattanooga, TN.                america Melero Jones MBA ‘93 is a pharmacist
president of Synaxis and managing director
of Killebrew Lyman & Woodworth. Synaxis is a                                                          at Parkridge Valley Hospital in Chattanooga,
                                                   paul andy hodes ‘85 is a realtor at Keller Wil-    TN.
fully owned subsidiary (commercial insurance)
                                                   liams Realty in Chattanooga, TN.
of First Tennessee Bank.
                                                                                                      Jimmy l. foster MBA ‘95 is in sales at Cutting
                                                   patricia s Bell ‘86 is vice president of finance   Edge Packaging in Ooltewah, TN.
roger henry Brock ‘76 is the owner of Magic
                                                   and CFO at Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce
Carpets in Chattanooga, TN. Roger is the father
                                                   in Chattanooga, TN.                                James anthony Jackson ‘95 is a project
of five children: Katie, a college professor and
mother of two, is on tour of duty with Marines                                                        manager at TSYS in Columbus, GA. TSYS is the
                                                   Christopher paul Bertani ‘86 is a sales manager    world’s largest 3rd party credit card processor.
in Iraq; Rachel is an engineer at Nissan in
                                                   at The Scotts Company in Ooltewah, TN.             James graduated from Georgia State University
Jackson, MS; Rusty attends Chattanooga State;
Laura attends East Ridge High School and is an                                                        with a master’s in business administration. He
                                                   Edward Charles O’Brien ‘87 is vice president of    and his wife Susan have two children.
all-state volleyball player; and Meredith also
                                                   investments at UBS in Chattanooga, TN.
attends East Ridge High School.
                                                                                                      Marcus dewayne long ‘95 is a fire fighter at
                                                   Tim arnold MBA ‘88 is a vice president at          Chattanooga Fire Department in Chattanooga,
Mark w. Brooks ‘77 is a project manager at TVA
                                                   UnumProvident in Chattanooga, TN.                  TN.
in Chattanooga, TN.
                                                   diane d. Bullock ‘88 is works for IBM Global       linda M. Cook ‘96 is the owner of Michael’s

                                                   Services in the Atlanta area.                      Gourmet House in Dalton, GA. Linda and
                                                                                                      husband Michael are the parents of three year
                                                   donald Kenneth drumm MBA ‘88 is a senior           old triplets.
                                                   manager at TVA in Chattanooga, TN.
James stephen Ziegler ‘81 is chief financial
officer at Life Care Centers of America in                                                            Tara ann Chambers ‘97 is director of account-
                                                   shawn Kurrelmeier-lee MBA ‘88 is vice              ing at Alliance Flooring, Inc. in East Ridge,
Ooltewah, TN.
                                                   president at Public Education Foundation in        TN.
                                                   Chattanooga, TN.
sallie M. Brooks MBA ‘82 is a tax accountant
and marketing director at G.R Rush & Co. in                                                           ann Marie Kelley ‘97 is a data conversion op-
                                                   Karla Yvonne Meador ‘88 is an area manager         erator at the US Postal Service in Flat Rock, AL.
Chattanooga, TN.
                                                   at Comsys in Denver, NC. She oversees multiple     Ann has been married 15 years and has three
                                                   offices for IT staffing. Karla was president and   children, Anastasia, Michael, and Megan. She
Jim a. horton ‘82 is the owner of Scenic In-
                                                   a founding member of SAM ID.                       owns a horse farm in north Alabama.
dustries in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA.
                                                   vonda Miller patrick ‘88 is vice president         Carrie Kyriakidis ‘97 is a fixed asset/capital
w. Jack Benson, Jr. ‘83 is the owner of Benson
                                                   and controller at National Print Group in          projects accountant at M&M-Mars/Masterfoods
Law Firm in Chattanooga, TN.
                                                   Chattanooga,TN.                                    USA in Cleveland, TN.
debbie Clifford Brown ‘83 is vice president at
                                                   Jack d. pritchett ‘88 works in the human           Cara d. lee ‘97 is a sales representative at
Morgan Keegan and Company in Chattanooga,
                                                   resources department at Beaulieu of America        Bradley Pharmaceuticals in Nashville, TN.
TN. Morgan Keegan is a TN headquartered In-
                                                   in Dalton, GA.
vestment Company. She has also been elected to
the board of the American Cancer Society.                                                             alicia denise Martin ‘97 is a manager at
                                                   stephen andrew smith ‘88 is chief operating        Martin’s Oak of Cleveland in Cleveland, TN.
                                                   officer at Kenco Group in Chattanooga, TN.
ed Cordell ’83 has joined Given Imaging Inc.
(NASDAQ: GIVN) as Vice President of Finance.                                                          Mark s. Chaney ‘98 is director of aviation at
                                                   amanda Jordan Mynatt ‘89 is a revenue agent        Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated in Char-
He has 15 years of experience in senior finan-
                                                   for the IRS in Nashville, TN.
 CityScope|June 2006
                                                                                                                     alUmni class notes

lotte, NC. He achieved the Certified Aviation       etteville, TN. At his first attempt, he passed all   in Dalton, GA.
Manager designation in October 2005 and was         four parts of CPA exam in 2005 and is complet-
appointed to the Certified Aviation Managers        ing the Masters of Accountancy degree at the         Toni leeann Brock ‘04 is operations manager
governing board in June of 2005 by the National     University of Alabama-Huntsville.                    at Application Researchers in Chattanooga,
Business Aviation Association.                                                                           TN.
                                                    suthaporn Chuesattabonkot MBA ‘02 is an
Michael ethan Miller MBA ‘98 is a CPA and           underwriter at BlueCross BlueShield in Chat-         Janet f. walker Brown ‘04 is an accountant at
shareholder/director at Mann, Poarch, Miller &      tanooga, TN.                                         BlueCross BlueShield in Chattanooga, TN.
Key, P.C. in Hixson, TN. The accounting firm has
offices in Hixson, TN & Birmingham, AL.             nicole primavera ford ‘02 is a six sigma process     Joshua lee Carter ‘04 is a bail agent at Free
                                                    engineer at Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA.           Bird Bail Bonds in Chattanooga, TN.
Jennifer davis smith ‘98 is a business analyst
at Cigna Healthcare in Chattanooga, TN. She         lucretia a. freeman ‘02 is a customer service        danny lee helton ‘04 is project manager at
and her husband Todd were married in Negril,        representative at BlueCross BlueShield in Chat-      BKA Construction in Chattanooga, TN.
Jamaica on September 20, 2003.                      tanooga, TN.
                                                                                                         James andrew hill MBA ‘04 is a product
stephanie Christina sluder ‘99 is a controller at   adam lynn ‘02 is a financial advisor with            development chemist at Chattem Inc. in Chat-
Wolford Development, Inc. in Chattanooga, TN.       Ameriprise Financial in Franklin, TN.                tanooga, TN.

                                                    roni abraham ‘03 is a financial advisor for Ed-      amy l. hudson ‘04 is a marketing assistant

                                                    ward Jones Investments in Chattanooga, TN.           at General Growth Properties in Chattanooga,
                                                    Kathryn o’dell Bailey MBA ‘03 is a financial ad-
aricia Colleen gallaher ‘00 is vice president of    visor at Morgan Stanley in Chattanooga, TN.          Tara Milliken ‘04 is a Wal-Mart analyst for
operations at True North Custom Publishing in                                                            Little Debbie and Sunbelt at McKee Foods in
Chattanooga, TN.                                    Kristen appleby Bryant MBA ‘03 is project            Collegedale, TN.
                                                    manager at We Care America in Washington,
Jeff greeson ‘00 is self employed as State Farm     DC. She married Ben Bryant of Atlanta, GA on         eric C. shipley ‘04 is operations manager at
Insurance agent in Chattanooga, TN. He and          March 11, 2006 at Battery Park in Charleston,        Staples in Chattanooga, TN.
wife Christine have a son, Gavin.                   South Carolina.
                                                                                                         wesley Bennett smith MBA ‘04 is a senior
James Christopher Koch MBA ‘00 is a regional        Chris Buttram MBA ‘03 is a civil engineer at         logistics analyst at Olin Corporation in
group manager for the states of Missouri and        Thompson Engineering, Inc. in Chattanooga,           Charleston, TN. He has been married 5 years
Kansas at Symetra Financial in Wylie, TX. He        TN.                                                  to Amy Hall Smith. They have two year old
recently married the former Lisa Colleen Thorn-                                                          twin boys.
ton on the beach in Isle of Palms, SC.              Kathryn nash Copeland MBA ‘03 is a fuel sup-
                                                    ply Analyst at TVA in Chattanooga, TN.               Jesse allen Taylor ‘04 is a staff accountant at
greg lewis MBA ‘00 is a manager of engineering                                                           Ernst and Young LLP in Chattanooga, TN.
& technical training at TVA in Chattanooga, TN.     Mark engle MBA ‘03 is a program manager at
He was recently selected as commanding officer,     the Chattanooga Group in Chattanooga, TN.            Taffe nichole Bishop MBA ‘05 is a business
Naval Sea Systems Command Unit 138.                                                                      teacher and career and technical education
                                                    Jeffrey s. evans MBA ‘03 is district manager         director at Meigs County Board of Education in
amanda Croft Mabry ‘00 is an assistant con-         at Daimler Chrysler in Harrisonburg, VA. His         Athens, TN. Taffe believes “UTC is a great place
troller at Sherman and Reilly, Inc. in Ooltewah,    daughter is in the first grade and son is two        to further your education and thinks the MBA
TN. She obtained the certified managerial ac-       years old.                                           program is outstanding.”
countant designation in June 2005 and serves
on the board of directors for the Chattanooga       drew C. heisig MBA ‘03 is a project manager at       susan C. Buske ‘05 is a medical secretary at
chapter of the Institute of Management Ac-          UnumProvident in Chattanooga, TN.                    Chattanooga Ear, Nose, and Throat Association
countants.                                                                                               in Chattanooga, TN.
                                                    Jason Mark herndon ‘03 is a human re-
andrew du ‘01 is a brokerage operations ana-        sources assistant at CBL & Associates in             Matthew rush hurst ‘05 is a production tech-
lyst at Wachovia Securities in Richmond, VA.        Chattanooga,TN.                                      nician at Navaid Devices in Chattanooga, TN.
                                                                                                         Matt enjoys competing in half marathons and
suzanne Murry anthony ‘02 is an auditor at          latasha McBee ‘03 is a treasury administrator        triathlons.
Hazlett, Lewis & Bieter, PLLC in Chattanooga,       at The Krystal Company in Chattanooga, TN.
TN. Since graduation, Suzanne has been mar-                                                              Josh reed ‘05 is a field analyst at Lithonia
ried and passed the certified public accountant     Christopher ryan sparks MACC ‘03 is a fund-          Lighting in Atlanta, GA.
exam.                                               raiser at McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN.
                                                                                                         haley ann walters ‘05 is in marketing at
T. Cole Bradford ‘02 is a certified public ac-      steven Bridenstine MBA ‘04 is manager of             Hutcheson Medical Center in Fort Ogelthorpe,
countant at Putman & Hancock, CPA’s in Fay-         affiliate reporting at Hamilton Medical Center       GA.

                                                                                                                                     CityScope|June 2006 
                                        ADViSORY BOARD MEMBER LiSTiNGS
Dean’s Advisory Board                 Frank Varallo                     Raymond Ryan                          Andrea Crouch
                                         Rone Regency Jewelers            Patten & Patten                       Chattem Inc.
Ralph L. Allison, Jr.X
   Smith Barney                       Jim Vincent                       Myra Tatum                            Alnoor Dhanani
                                         Former State Representative      Pointer Management Company             Double-Cola Co.-USA
Hicks ArmorX                             Prestige Properties
   Killebrew, Lyman & Woodworth                                         Barry WatsonX                         Bob Doak
                                                                          Cornerstone Community Bank            Chattanooga Area Convention
Jim Berry                             Rudy Walldorf                                                             & Visitors Bureau
   Republic Parking System              Herman Walldorf & Company
Ronald G. Blankenbaker
                                                                        Accounting Advisory Board             Nancy HooverX
                                      Kim White                                                                 The Krystal Company
  UT College of Medicine - Chatta-                                      Mike CostelloX
                                        Luken Holdings
  nooga Unit                                                              Joseph Decosimo & Company           Chris Howley
                                      Grady P. Williams                                                         Republic Parking
Jeff Cronan                                                             David Deal
                                         Petty & Landis
   UBS                                                                    BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee   Joe Janasko
                                      Merri Mai Williamson                                                      General Growth Properties
Sue CulpepperX                                                          Jeff DurhamX
                                        Application Researchers
  SunTrust Bank                                                            Johnson Hickey & Murchison         Scott LaFoy
                                      Spencer H. Wright                                                         LaFoy Outdoor
Robert A. Farnsworth                                                    Gregory EavesX
                                        Spencer Wright Industries
  PlayCore                                                                 Electric Power Board               Donna LandryX
                                        UTC Executive-In-Residence
                                                                                                                Tivoli/Memorial Auditorium
John Foy                                                                Rebecca FingerleX
  CBL Properties                                                          Hazlett, Lewis & Bieter             Joe Moan
                                      Finance Advisory Board                                                    R & M Publications
Russell A. Friberg                    Bruce Adams                       Charles GrovesX
  Heritage Funeral Homes                 First Tennessee                  Joseph Decosimo & Company           Brian Mueller
                                                                                                                 Heil Trailer International
Steven FrostX                         Jeff BridgmanX                    Jim Harris
   Tuftco Corp                           Gateway Bank & Trust              UnumProvident                      Nancy White
John F. Germ                          Mike Brunson                      Henry Hoss
  Campbell & Associates, Inc.           Hillard Lyons                     Barto, Hoss & Company               Randy WilliamsX
                                                                                                                BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Joe Haskins                           Danny DavisX                      Mary HughesX
  Capital Bank                          State Farm                        GreatClips

R. Craig Holley                       Carla Donina                      Bill Lane                             Human Resource
   CapitalMark Bank and Trust            Merrill Lynch                     Check Into Cash                    Advisory Board
                                                                        Kathy Lane                            Don Alosi
Brenda B. Lawson                      Kenneth DyerX
                                                                          Joseph Decosimo & Company             BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
   Brenda Lawson & Associates           Regions Bank
                                                                        Ladell McCullough                     Terry BluntX
John E. Marek                         Tash Elwyn
                                                                          Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough      Olan Mills
  Cherokee Foods                         Raymond James
                                                                        Mark NeighborsX                       Steve Cleary
Paul A. McDaniel                      Paul Fitzgerald
                                                                          Petty & Landis                         US Xpress
  Second Missionary Baptist Church      Northwestern Mutual
                                                                        Mike OwensX                           T.W. FrancesconX
Warren E. McEwen                      Mike Haskew=
                                                                          Coverdell & Company                    Southern Champion Tray, LP
  Hazlett, Lewis and Bieter             Cohutta Banking Company of TN
                                                                        Vanasia ParksX                        Kevin Green
J. Patrick MurphyX                    Christopher HopkinsX
                                                                          The University of Tennessee at        UnumProvident
   Miller & Martin                      Barnett and Company
                                                                          Chattanooga                         Allen Naidoo
John Riddell                          Jay LeggettX
                                                                        Jeremy ParvinX                           BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
  Center for Entrepreneurial Growth      First Citizens Bank
  UTC Executive-In-Residence                                               UnumProvident                      Mark Newsome
                                      Jon LongX                                                                 McKee Foods Corporation
Honorable Gene RobertsX                 Sun Trust Bank                  Preston RogersX
  Former Mayor, City of Chattanooga                                        UnumProvident                      Allison PierceX
  Herman Walldorf & Company           Scott McDonaldX                                                            Resource Development Systems, Inc.
                                        Smith Barney                    Mark Thomas
John F. RymerX                                                            Ernst & Young                       Anthony Powell
  TVA                                 Ben MillerX                                                               EPB
                                        UnumProvident                   Anne WilkinsX
Carlos C. SmithX                                                          Chattanooga State Technical         Tom Sullivan=
   Miller & Martin                    Sam Moody                           Community College                     Shaw, Inc.
                                        Capital Bank
Roger SmithX                                                            Louis Wright                          Kathy WelchX
  BBT Huffaker & Trimble              Shane NealX                         Hamilton County                       TVA
Judith F. StoneX                                                                                              Lisa Whaley=
  UTC Executive-In-Residence          Bryan Patten                      Marketing Advisory Board                 Memorial Hospital
                                         Patten & Patten
Jerry H. Summers                                                        Barry AnthonyX
   Summers & Wyatt                    Ward PettyX                         McKee Foods Corporation
                                        AG Edwards
Harry E. Tate                                                           Karlene ClaridyX
  Tate and Associates                                                      EPB

                                                                                                              X—COBA    Alum       =—UTC Alum

4 CityScope|June 2006

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