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									                                                      Kitsap Transit

 To:    Rhiannon Fernandez, Deputy City Clerk
 From: Doug Johnson, Transit Planner
 Date: September 20, 2012
 Re:    Festival of Lights

 Based on my understanding of the maps included with the application, our
 buses that come down Bethel to Bay St will be able to access the Port
 Orchard ferry dock as will our buses that come down Sidney to Bay to
 Harrison. This street closure plan appears to be the same as last year. I
 trust that our buses will be able to exit the Port Orchard ferry dock via Sidney
 and either turn left onto Bay St or cross Bay St and continue south on

 If these assumptions are true, then Kitsap Transit has no objections to this
 plan for the Festival of Lights and the Jingle Bell Run, which is from 12:00 to
 4:00. We will do the necessary detours to accommodate these street


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