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Bypass Oil Filters


									Bypass Oil Filters
How far do you run your oil?

Bypass Oil Filters
1) 2) 3)

What are they? Who uses them? How do we test them?

Hauff Tranfer: 200 trucks Bones Transportation: 75 trucks Kissick Construcktion: 100 + City of Olathe: 200 – 300 pcs Carroll Concrete: 300 trucks St. Louis Transit City of Orlando

89,000 trucks Testing phase

Close up of pick up tube at 266,300 mile overhaul.

215,000 miles on engine at the time of OVERHAUL.

Oil pan from a Series 50 Detroit engine WITH bypass filter. 391,800 miles on engine at time of INSPECTION ONLY. Compare this to the Series 50 Detroit without FS-2500…which engine would you prefer?

Another view of the balance shaft and pick up tube on the Series 50 Detroit engine with bypass filter installed.

How do we test?
- Install 5 systems - Analysis, analysis, analysis

Bypass Oil Filters
Will your fleet go to 70,000 mile oil changes?

Filtration Solutions Worldwide 888-440-9056 ext. 35

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