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Fall 2012 Bulletin - the California Dietetic Association_


									                                                                 A Word From The President
                                                                                                  Opp or tu nit ies /E vents/         We have several oth-
                              October 2012                       Hello CTC Members!               Seminars, 40% were inter-      er new exciting ventures
                                                                                                  ested in the Professional      for this year. We are go-
                                                                     I am honored to serve        Networking Opportunities       ing to send an Eblast (i.e.
                                                                 as your CTC President for        and 35% were interested        a quick update) after each
                                                                 2012-2013. We are plan-          in Job Opportunities. The      event highlighting the
                                                                 ning several fun and edu-        majority of survey re-         event and a local RD.
                                                                 cational events for mem-         spondents enjoyed past         We are also setting up a
                                                                 bers and we are excited          events and felt that 2011-     PayPal account for mem-
                                                                 about the year ahead!            2012 events met the ob-        bership and event regis-
                                                                     First I would like to        jectives. We also noted        tration to make things
                                                                 thank the 54 individuals         all the great suggestions      easier.
                                                                 who responded to our re-         for this upcoming year.             There continues to be
                                                                 cent member survey.                   One of the most com-      many benefits of CTC
                                                                 From those that respond-         mon challenges to our          membership, such as in-
                                                                 ed, 47% were from San            members in attending           clusion in our roster
                                                                 Luis Obispo County, 17%          events is our geography.       (membership must be
                                                                 were from Santa Barbara          To address this member         paid before 10/1 to be

                                                                 County and 37% were              concern, we previously         included), job postings
                                                                 from Ventura County. The         added a Fall Networking        emailed immediately, fun
                                                                 majority of survey re-           Event in each county and
                                            Fall 2012 Bulletin

                                                                                                                                 events for CEUs and, of
                                                                 spondents, 44%, have             this year we’re going to       course, networking and
                                                                 been members for 10 or           try a Summer Social in         meeting new people. We
                                                                 more years while only 6%         each county for members,       hope that you join us this
                                                                 of respondents have been         friends and family. We         year and I look forward
                                                                 members for 1 or fewer           try to rotate the county       to meeting you at one of
                                                                 years. Dietitians have di-       where other events are         our events.
                                                                 verse employment experi-         held and put out calls for
                                                                 ences and we are no ex-          carpooling.                    Sincerely,
                                                                 ception. The top five are-            Also, new for this
                                                                 as of employment for             year we are going to use       Laura Hall
                                                                 CTC members were: Con-           Evite as a tool to set-up      CTC President
                                                                 sultation/Private Practice       carpools, improving car-       2012-2013
                                                                 (15%), Clinical Nutrition        pooling opportu-
                                                                 (General) (14%), Commu-          nities for mem-
                                                                 nity Nutrition (12%), Edu-       bers. Carpooling
                                                                 cation (10%), and Diabe-         is a great way to
                                                                 tes Care (9%).      When         efficiently net-
                                                                 asked about the benefits         work and meet
                                                                 of being a CTC member            new people. I
                                                                 we found that exactly half       have enjoyed car-
                                                                 of respondents, 50%, were        pooling to events
                                                                 interested in CTC’s CEU          in the past.
                                                                                                                         Photo: Laura with husband Jon & son Tyler

                                                                 Inside this issue:
                                                                 2011 Fall Networking Event Recaps                                                                 2
                                                                 2012 Winter Workshop Recap                                                                        2
                                                                 2012 National Nutrition Month Recap                                                               3
                                                                 2012 Spring Fling Recap                                                                           3
                                                                 2012-2013 CTC Leadership Board Information                                                 4 , 5, 6
                                                                 Past CTC Event Photos                                                                          6, 7
                                                                 Fundraising Information & Upcoming Events                                                         8
                           2011 Fall Networking Event Recaps
Ventura County:
Great wine is best enjoyed with great food and good friends, which is why we decided to have our fall net-
working event for Ventura at The Cave. The Cave is a little hole-in-the-wall wine shop, cave and kitchen
located inside the Ventura Wine Co. The Cave has 32 wines available by-the-ounce for tasting on their
state of the art Enomatic Machines. We had a blast getting to know each other while trying all the different
wines that interested us! We hope to have an even bigger turnout this year!

San Luis Obispo                                         Santa Barbara

For the 2011 networking event in San Luis Obispo,     For the 2011 networking event in Santa Barbara, a
Dietitians, students and interns mingled at the Ma-   group of local dietitians met for appetizers and
donna Inn, which has been a landmark attraction in    cocktails at Reds near the water downtown. Reds is
San Luis Obispo for the past 50 years. CTC mem-       a funky wine bar along the Urban Wine Trail that
bers received their member gift, a reusable water     offers lots of fun bites too. Members who attended
canteen with our logo on it. We sold CTC t-shirts     munched, chatted, swapped contact information
and aprons. Guests enjoyed appetizers while meet-     and picked up last year’s fantastic member gift, a
ing new colleagues and friends. We Hope to see        CTC branded steel water bottle. The event was a
even more current and prospective members at the      great success which was attended by more CTC
next networking event coming up in October 2012!      members than the year before. We hope to continue
                                                      this trend and have great Santa Barbara County rep-
                                                      resentation for 2012 at the next fall networking

Winter Workshop Recap
By: Anisa Tipton, MS, RD

This year our Winter Workshop was held at the Clock
Tower Inn in Ventura, CA. The speaker was Patricia
Novak, MPH, RD, CLE, a pediatric dietitian from the
Pasadena Child Development Associates. The highly
engaging topic was titled “The Expression of Autism in
Nutrition and Feeding: Biological Challenges for the
Child on the Spectrum, Including Digestion, Allergies
and Intolerances, Diet Modifications, Supplementation
and Feeding Issues.” We had a great turnout and a deli-
cious lunch!
You can find more information about Patricia and her
work at:
2012 National Nutrition Month Recap
By: Serena M. Fuller, PhD, RD

To celebrate March and National Nutrition Month               Members were encouraged to share their National
CTC chose to embrace the spirit of community ser-             Nutrition Month food bank volunteer activities. Some
vice. The CTC Leadership Board encouraged mem-                CTC members volunteered by leading food demon-
bers to leverage their considerable food, nutrition and       strations at a Healthy School Pantry in Goleta. Other
health skills to help our three counties' food banks:         volunteers worked with Cal Poly nutrition students at
Ventura County - FOOD Share, Inc.                             a food pantry in Atascadero putting together healthy                                            food combinations and creating simple recipes to
                                                              give out in each bag. Way to go members! Your com-
Santa Barbara County - Food bank of                           munity leadership this past March made a significant
Santa Barbara County                                          contribution for these very important local non-                                           profits.

San Luis Obispo County - Food Bank Coalition of
San Luis Obispo County
                                             Left: Serena Fuller
                                             demonstrates healthy cooking
                                             at the Food bank of Santa
                                             Barbara County's Healthy
                                             School Pantry.

                                             Right: Laura Hall and several
                                             students helped the Atascadero
                                             Bible Church's staff decide the
                                              healthiest ways to create their
                                                          Food Pantry bags.

2012 Spring Fling Recap
By: Karen Pata, RD

On Saturday May 19th the CTC          cotta. We learned that ricotta         answer and had 45 minutes to
held its Spring Fling at the          means “twice cooked” in Italian. It walk around the beautiful town of
Grange Hall in Los Olivos. The        is made with the leftover whey         Los Olivos finding the answers.
morning started at 10 am with a       from making mozzarella. The whey
ricotta cheese making demonstra-      is re-heated and then vinegar is
tion by Mary Hawes of Gentle          added to make ricotta. We were
Heart Farms. Mary owns a farm         able to taste a sample of fresh ricot-
in the Buellton area and teaches      ta cheese which tasted great! After
cheese making classes to the pub-     her talk, participants ate a sand-
lic. She gave a very interesting      wich lunch catered by Panino’s of
talk on how to make various           Los Olivos, followed by a treasure
dairy products such as butter,        hunt through the town. Groups
fresh cheese, mozzarella and ri-      were given a list of questions to
                                        2012-2013 CTC Leadership Board

 Name: Laura Hall, PhD, RD                   Name: Anisa Tipton, MS, RD, CLC         Name: Serena Fuller, PhD, RD

 Position: President/Public Policy           Position: Past President                Position: Secretary/ Hospitality/
 Representative                                                                      Networking Chair
                                             Employment: Private Practice “The
 Employment: Cal Poly, SLO and               Nutrition Mama”                         Employment: The Food Bank of
 French Hospital                                                                     Santa Barbara County
                                             Area of Expertise: Pregnancy, post-
 Area of Expertise: Clinical Nutri-          partum, breastfeeding/lactation         Area of Expertise: Weight loss
 tion, Aging and Nutrition, Vitamin D                                                promotion, anti-obesity program
 Research                                    Hobbies: Camping, wine tasting,         development
 Hobbies: Walking, Hiking, Reading                                                   Hobbies: Running

Name: Lisa Nicholson, PhD, MS, RD           Name: Marcia Sack, MS, RD, CLT           Name: Rose Wagner, BA

Position: Delegate Representative           Position: Public Policy Representative   Position: Membership Chair

Employment: Cal Poly, SLO                   Employment: Private Practice/            Employment: Ventura Unified School
                                            Consulting                               District
Area of Expertise: Theory based
nutrition communications, obesity           Area of Expertise: Neurodevelop-         Area of Expertise: Nutrition Educa-
prevention, community outreach              mental disabilities, autism, ADHD,       tions
                                            food sensitivity and intolerances
Hobbies: Reading, hot yoga, wine                                                     Hobbies: Running, Hiking, Cooking
tasting                                     Hobbies: Reading, yoga, family
                                2012-2013 CTC Leadership Board

Name: Susan Swadener, PhD, MS,           Name: Arlene Grant-Holcomb, Ed.D,     Name: Rachael Willey, MS, RD
RD                                       RD
                                                                               Position: Employment opportunity
Position: Direct Media Spokesperson      Position: National Nutrition Month    chair and email coordinator
Employment: Cal Poly, SLO, Private                                             Employment: Atascadero State
Practice                                 Employment: Cal Poly, SLO, faculty    Hospital
                                         and director, didactic program in
Area of Expertise: Dietetic intern-                                            Area of Expertise: Community
ships, eating disorders, developmental                                         nutrition and education
disabilities                             Area of Expertise: Foodservice
                                                                               Hobbies: Reading, movies, fitness
Hobbies: Going to the beach                                                    walks, baking scrumptious desserts
                                         Hobbies: Sewing, quilting

Name: Beth Ciuffini, MBA, RD             Name: Andrea Hughes, MS, RD,          Name: Jessica Gust, RD
Position: Website Coordinator                                                  Position: Newsletter editor & social
                                         Position: Hospitality/Networking      media coordinator
Employment: Private Practice             Chair (SLO)
                                                                               Employment: Villa Maria Healthcare
Area of Expertise: MNT, Wellness         Employment: Community Health          Center, Private practice
and Prevention Seminars, Modern          Centers of the Central Coast
Day Food and Cookie Strategies                                                 Area of Expertise: Foodservice
                                         Area of Expertise: Diabetes, Gesta-   management, long term care, pediat-
Hobbies: Girl Scout Leader, Wine-        tional Diabetes, Weight Management    ric nutrition counseling
making, Skiing, Baking Cookies
                                         Hobbies: Badminton, walking her       Hobbies: Fitness, volleyball, travel-
                                         dogs, wine tasting, reading, movies   ing
                      2012-2013 CTC Leadership Board Continued..

                                                                              (Picture Unavailable)
Name: Shelly Matson, MS, RD           Name: Angela Fissell, MS, RD           Name: Natasha Fravel, MS, RD

Position: Treasurer                   Position: Fundraising                  Position: Hospitality/Networking
                                                                             Chair (Ventura)
Employment: Marian Regional           Employment: French Hospital
Medical Center                                                               Employment: Ventura Unified
                                      Area of Expertise: Clinical Nutri-     School District
Area of Expertise: Clinical Nutri-    tion, Clinical Nutrition Management,
tion, Bariatric Nutrition             Oncology, Outpatient Nutrition         Area of Expertise: School Nutrition,
                                      Counseling                             Culinary Arts, Foodservice Manage-
Hobbies: Yoga, hiking, dogs,                                                 ment
friends, cooking                      Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, hik-
                                      ing, being outdoors                    Hobbies: Going to the beach, family,
                                                                             cooking, trying different cuisines

                                     Photos from past events
Photos from past events
                                                           CTC Fundraising Projects

                                                           Support CTC and get your
                                                             shirt or apron today!!
                                                    Tee-Shirts*…………………………………… $20
                                                    Aprons*......…………………………………… $21

    Coastal Tri-Counties Dietetic
            PO Box 4644
     San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

        Visit us on the web:

          Our Mission:
       Coastal tri-counties is the                        Front                                      Back
         advocate of the dietetic           *Please make checks payable to CTC. Tee-shirts for board members $14, Aprons
     profession serving the public                   for board members $15; Small, med, large, X-large available.
   through the promotion of optimal
    nutrition, health and well being.
                                                 Save the Dates! Upcoming Events:
October 6-8, 2012: Food and Nutrition Conference January 26, 2013: Winter Workshop: CEUs for re-
and Expo (Philadelphia)                          view of Celiac Disease with published author Melinda
                                                 Dennis, MA, MS, RD, LDN, a gluten free lunch and
October 17, 2012: Fall Networking Events         cooking demo (Santa Barbara)
(all counties)
                                                 March 2013: National Nutrition Month

       San Luis Obispo County                           March 11, 2013:              Public Policy Education Day
       Time: 6-8 PM                                     (Sacramento)
       Location: MANROCK BREWERY
       ● 191 S. Oak Park Blvd Grover Beach, 93433       March 13, 2013: RD Day!

       Santa Barbara County                             April 11-13, 2013: CDA Annual Meeting
       Time: 6-8 PM                                     (Santa Clara)
       Location: UNION ALE
       ● 214 State Street Santa Barbara, 93101          April TBD, 2013: Spring Fling: Botanical Tour and
                                                        Cooking with Herbs (San Luis Obispo); Annual Busi-
       Ventura County                                   ness Meeting (Reports from board members, Installa-
       Time: 6-8 PM                                     tion of new board members)
       Location: BRENDAN’S IRISH PUB
       ● 1755 East Daily Drive Camarillo, 93010         June 22, 2013: Summer Social/Picnic in Each County
                                                        (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura): Bring your
                                                        friends and family!

                                                                               Newsletter Created By: Jessica Gust, RD

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