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									Chile Geotourism Comes to USA Markets –Darwin's Chiloé

New USA-Chile Tour Agency Partnership Offers Geotourism to Isla Chiloé Following Charles
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle.

Reno, NV, April 18, 2013 --( USA global travelers seeking exciting trip themes have a new
venue to explore in the enchanting Patagonia region of Chile, Isla Chiloé. Driving home a call for a
bigger experience - Don't be a mere tourist, be a Geotourist,- ToMarket's Geotourism Journeys announced
today a partnership with Chile's Darwin's Trails experts to offer a full seasonal schedule of their island
vacation exploration itinerary.

Surrounding Isla Chiloé - South America's second largest island - is an archipelago with a history by
some estimates spanning 14,000 years of human habitation and a long study by Charles Darwin during
his Voyage of the Beagle. Darwin's journal entries from 1834 to 1835 serve as a portal that opens into an
immersion experience within the surviving indigenous cultural and environmental enchantments.
Guests enjoy the beauty of preserved Valdivian rain forests, remarkable coastline, endangered flora and
fauna, UNESCO World Heritage church sites predating Darwin's visit and, most certainly, the Chilote
people. “There is also something very attractive in the simplicity and humble politeness.” - Charles
Darwin said of Chiloé customs still displayed by the inhabitants (February 43, 1835).

Whether it's riding horseback along gorgeous white sand beaches, kayaking along the waterways visited
by Darwin or engaging with the local farmers and residents at their agritourism and ecotourism locations,
the tour brings the past into the present as part of a sustainable tourism itinerary designed to preserve
while sharing. Visitors also get a chance to learn what modern development and challenges face this
historic place of natural wonders and charming people today. Choices are offered allowing for rigorous or
more sedate exploration and all guests (limit of 12 per tour group) partake of glorious Chilote cuisine that
includes the famous evening extravaganza of a genuine seaside curanto.

The recent release of two geotourism attraction web sites - Darwin's Chiloé and ToMarket Geotourism
Journeys - display fascinating information about tour points and related Isla Chiloé tourism news,
including reports about the Blue Whale Watching opportunities offshore that are gaining worldwide

"A trip worth taking while the past is still present. A chance to experience an island culture going through
the shifting directions of its future. The island had changed so much, therefore, I was happy to follow Teri
and Ken's footsteps along with Darwin's journals. I loved Chiloé in 1978 and I can say the same in 2013,"
shared Tracy Grant from Santiago, Chile.

Geotourism has gained attention through National Geographic Map Guide projects at National Park
locations around North America. International tourism venues and map guides are now also being
packaged to satisfy the demand for active tours that deliver a more interactive experience of exotic,
geographically appealing places, peoples and ecosystems.

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